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February 18th, 1999, Serial No. 00152

Serial: NC-00152

Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s

OSB Cam, Continuous, Enthusiasm, Renunciation, Instruction, Emotions
Feb 18 1999

Greek Hesychasts and English Mystics / Our Christification

Serial: NC-00006

Session 3 & 4 of "Continual Prayer in Eastern and Western Christianity"

Talk 3: The Jesus Prayer in the Middle Ages: Greek Hesychasts and English Mystics...

OSB Cam, Duality, Continuous, Sanctuary, Renunciation, Concentration
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Camaldolese Artists: The Miniaturists

Serial: NC-00296

Part of "Camaldolese Artists"

3. The Miniaturists

OSB Cam, Greed, Continuous, Enthusiasm, lecture, Describe
Oct 13 1995
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October 13th, 1995, Serial No. 00949

Serial: NC-00949

Camaldolese Artists: The Miniaturists

OSB Cam, Greed, Continuous, Enthusiasm, lecture, Describe
Oct 13 1995
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Primitive Romualdian Spirituality / Applications

Serial: NC-00015

Part of "Romualdian/Camaldolese/Benedictine Spirituality"

1. Primitive Romualdian Spirituality / Applications

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Demons, Intimacy, Fasting, Attachment, Continuous
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Spirit of Filial Adoption and Prayer / Spirit of Mission and Charismatic Gifts

Serial: NC-00020

Session 3 & 4 of "New Life in the Holy Spirit"

Talk 3: Spirit of Filial Adoption and Prayer

Talk 4: Spirit of Mission and Charismatic...

OSB Cam, Breath, zen meditation, Continuous, Intimacy, Posture
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Contemplative Prayer: Practice of the Presence of God

Serial: NC-00931

Contemplative Prayer class. Practice of the Presence of God

Commitment, Breath, Continuous, Intention, Lovingkindness
Oct 18 1994
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Contemplative Prayer

Serial: NC-00883

Contemplative Prayer Class

OSB Cam, Ego, zen, realization, Continuous
May 17 1994
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Contemplation and Inner Experience

Serial: NC-00708

Class on contemplative prayer using Thomas Merton's The Inner Experience.

Class I

Contemplative Prayer Set 1 of 2

OSB Cam, Ego, zen, realization, Continuous
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Rule of St. Benedict

Serial: NC-01064

Rule of St. Benedict lecture series

OSB Cam, Happiness, Continuous, Observe, Anger, Intention
Dec 1987
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

1987, Serial No. 00919

OSB Cam, Emptiness, Renunciation, Continuous, Obstacles, Vows
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1986, Serial No. 00481

Serial: NC-00481

Saint John

OSB Cam, Darkness and Light, realization, Intention, Continuous, Demons

November 10th, 1985, Serial No. 00987

OSB Cam, Mindfulness, War, Renewal, Continuous, confusion
Nov 10 1985

Gospel of John and the Christian Wisdom Tradition

Serial: NC-00555

Retreat on the Gospel of John

OSB Cam, Intimacy, Intention, Hindrances, Pain, Continuous
Dec 10 1984
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June 15th, 1983, Serial No. 00405

Serial: NC-00405

Monastic Theology Series Set 1 of 3

Breath, Don't Know Mind, Intimacy, Sanctuary, Continuous
Jun 15 1983

March 15th, 1983, Serial No. 00544

Serial: NC-00544

Monastic Orientation Set 2 of 2

Two Truths, Thoroughness, Continuous, Intuition, Separation
Mar 15 1983

December 21st, 1982, Serial No. 00414

Serial: NC-00414

Monastic Orientation Set 1 of 2

Balance, Letting Go, Instruction, Money, Continuous
Dec 21 1982

January 27th, 1981, Serial No. 00794

Serial: NC-00794

Monastic Spirituality Set 2 of 12

OSB Cam, Vows, Commitment, Liberation, First Principle, Continuous
Jan 27 1981

December 3rd, 1980, Serial No. 00367

Serial: NC-00367

Monastic Spirituality Set 1 of 12

OSB Cam, Happiness, Ego, Duality, Renunciation, Continuous
Dec 03 1980

History of Christian Spirituality

Serial: NC-01206

Part of "The History of Christian Spirituality" class

OSB Cam, causation, Money, Bell, Continuous, Enthusiasm
Aug 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Unknown Date, Serial 00227

Serial: NC-00227

Archival Photo

Cultivation, Continuous, Compassion, realization, Intention

Unknown Date, Serial 00561

Serial: NC-00561

Cassian Institute

Attachment, Continuous, Fasting, Emptiness, Hate

Unknown year, June talk, Serial 00288

Serial: NC-00288

Liturgy Class

Instruction, Bell, Continuous, Echo, Fasting
Jun 01