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Monastic Spirituality, Set 6 of 12



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dorothy his discretion the replies on consultation manipulation of to real-time your childhood she does not get to follow when john judgment that a major national to be directed exclusively by changes
he spent a lot of time convincing with a necessity with consulting users he didn't do a consulting is not talking much as me discussing life was everybody's spanking can get everybody's advice for puccio region particularly his spiritual father
like all of the father's just was a danger of following your own judgment and he's got these to had emaciated sheepdog on to obstacles one is so blue and yellow a shop hedge judgment her self righteous and no one is shallow name decay on
he says that this consultation miss schnee spiritual bunches especially for and shared kind of
actually devotion katie is especially necessary for people come from machine forgotten are going unheeded supposed to be especially vulnerable to being misled she said people living in this web pages image maybe generally speaking a foothold in mind many especially
the kitchen
the relationship between the devil and on show floor and how is spoiled by opening up to the edge
and kicking a cushioned income charities
the need for descended from another person
and then his principle which is so so strong
as every fall comes from somebody twisting his own judgment
and when he says that we just noted something else has to be shaken if you can't stop me i know it no fall that happens to a market does not come from festival is on judgment on whether there's a voice symptoms up in the of our minus as well he can't fall if you don't want that the
other to the other folder was the other failings he has never to learn to watch and as possible for a person as estimate for me anyway just to reject me to learn to work and this to stay on places over there was not just the only club doesn't it is another song which is before you don't even notice could be ongoing him
if you can't fall unless you want because if you don't stand up against for and whole business of all of those concierge is just media
that in some way we need to make five and someone we need to try to arrive at a kind of autonomy the trying to were being trained to liberty not to
header on working and not to be perpetually dependent upon another person will kind of training empty
i'd rather to find out on to find on seem to find a kind of autonomy and self direction for which is always a delicate and two sided thing because whenever completed at times another were most autonomous flynn we're not patterns times the paradox of christian
which is impossible to make craig made it clear that you can't you can't get it down to one time where most autonomous where most free which cannot autonomous and it's so easy to misinterpret edge in terms of the kind of political a permit of obedience you know that is your most free when you're not really at all and you can misuse that that eventually
to induce people into the children their whole lives on a persuading the to very littleness his freedom when it's not visit kind of balloons that chance for you at all
and then there's another kind of littleness which is really free and which is able to be little a great which is able to get through this small which is able to be in subjection or to the autonomy to be to obey were to be my times that time transit anything and the the obedience and the subjection yeah
is and the following another version direction of the kind of new design and we have to guess who to get to the thing
but it's too easy for them but one chinatown to be so post is often have to change history of church and industrial religious matters so that he only virtue is obedient and people have never gave the answer should be a efficient
many talks about the teaching freedom that comes from this way of punched consulting you know there's and once again we have a question in our minds as to the value of efficient freedom but as we read further as reader were that we get reassured about to reach the real thing and it's not the peace and freedom for the person
hot as my person has completely sheltered from michigan
but which a patient thing of which is results from a successful an encounter with life but in this particular way of obedience is particular way of following intervention of the others because the tradition and at the real problems of like do come to us and nothing the little on debate on tuition and challenges to say
especially in relationships with others the problems are encountered on an interior level in on march instead of being encountered so much and now a kind of a variety of circumstances outside
adventurous orange

okay the problems of life another reason this piece in and freedom authorities which are going about when he says number of i experienced all of this tranquility and i was suspicious because i had read in the scriptures that it's through many a that we have done anything that furniture well i've been going to be suspicious of them is very suspicious the assurances
and then he said he wanted to ask how they can average actually come here read this tranquility and this freedom of i teachers here is the heritage of all those who would entrust themselves to engage in the fun now you could say still well maybe that's simply the patient freedom of person who has been shot
altered from all the problems in life okay
because he's is a monastery and the big problems of like the problems of sort of making your online learn from your supporting the balance of just a contradiction the storms of like he sheltered from them because he's english vulnerable infantry
and somebody else your bring that on yesterday which tenders
are you doing it
but it turns out that these problems of life in a monastic life the same conflict of life as first come interested in another way
they come to us in a concentrated form and so to head on and having to encounter are like of charity in a relationship helping others in the things that were asked to do on your movements
and the resistance that our own self from average those thinking that's the way in which we encounter with the same challenges to face me to help them to love that they're in a smaller
and so much personalized in one that's what i do
that's the theory that that you're not sheltered from this conflict but in some way they're supposed to be concentrating because you don't have so many ways to evade them that's the theory that your children like the sort of pain head on into astronomers it into the conflict of life directly heading towards this problem itself and
self room rather than sort of being all over the place with mixing in a little of that struggle with a lot of diversion
going at it now sideways trend of a weekly
then i think was supposed to go at it head on concentrated because it very easy for them not to have not consented to view from
and also we don't want to overestimate as we could never christian monastic like and matches from extra decision we don't live in to set a manipulative monastic life with which was removed for we live life first and then we have quite as palms we don't want to pretend that all of my life is is petty head on into some understood
all of my life is a spiritual terms that would be
first we live in newsprint it comes a positive
one should apply with themselves subject
that tends to get worked out and experience if if the the spiritual father superior is really on the job you should help you to find a boundary line how why you should go with your own initiative network just
you should help me it shouldn't be left to me
individual to figure out bathrooms
some perfectionism company
and it tends to work at home phone
a reminded of the boardroom tables in the next conference used to say what they are the borderline cases and that's my to not sure if you said you clarify in thailand
and if a person is gone too far on one side and he did something new and you should have astronaut should be told on the other hand if he's not taking enough inertia to be in his work are given him his own spiritual and he's waiting for somebody else to tell them what to do on
especially in his on spiritual and because urban initiatives or to come individually
nobody's going to tell you what to do for like nobody's going to suggest how the time on what you should be and what you should listen to this subject to companies
and then there's a consultation then we ever curious vision of dorothy is where his own troubled he's going through this kind of dark knight experience and the bishop appears to have going into the sanctuary besides the san precision that the child know
aberration from exception of on the chest and disappears dioceses is flooded with light and joy evidently since that time he has this and are secured
he talks with it and they had a phantom interpretive had an alliance is argument could reduce describing
then he says it faces at an accounts in here relationship with your spiritual fathers ninety qualities is have but is not to use the most charismatic character in the world but even if you're going to a child with the right kind of both registrant ability to toggle unlikely chance to try to accomplished
to it's kind of try to turn
whereas if you'd go to a profit with know there's a crooked hard
and who hasn't got a crooked and if you can even do a profit you mislead the perfect
thank you in the perfect going to do together although that quotation from a regular refers to the children
false prophets matthew
okay we're talking about the whole spiritual father tradition i look for it opens at enormous field and the spiritual product tradition which actually we're just getting in touch with patterns for something that's been launched curious and why did it why does it get worse
because since the patristic time a lot of things have happened to our western spiritual tradition of and was spiritual part of tradition and retains a pretty good continuity he's been charging your next trip for instance you cannot aspects the storage in the other were terrified of income is version for me still as ever
and there's no this kind of of mythology and there's a message is a legend that the spiritual phone is sometimes of new age as me and i think sometimes a the old men that they sort of court that kind of same time and and they play it up they act apply to try to do with marbles
i mean marbles and
knowing know
there's a lot of a protective usually posts going to
and said there's water there
was around a quarter are there was very close to the pacific ocean
here is right now
but but at the same time a person like that can be can be gym
but there's a mixture of a fairy tale and reality it's very light and terrorism and pediatrics two cousins and this is the legend of his virtue of others are selling well as what happened in the western church but lunches and champion first of all your gut
the rule is invented it and the fact that almost all western monasticism this comes through lot and then what what synthetic do and spiritual father he turned it into something else president as he turned into the abbot he becomes less the person has in an individual personal relationship with the monk
and he becomes more than honor of the family or more somebody who's in charge of a bunch of people to become something well the family fathers over the country relationship is not quite as well as individual as intimate version of the discernment becomes more i wish the way you reminded and wrong way also you find out and making and st gregory so close to the number
gregory's he's a mountain and can be patient
so he looks at things from one of your
a govern
well not exactly administration of to call it
the point of view of the past passport and the pastor is a little different from the spiritual father in a depth of eastern spiritual retribution we were really knows body in division where the relationship between ventura it was a very close and tenure with the picture that you're going to change management system
that he knows people as a knows just how to temper
you know rigor with your tenderness or professional whatever that kind of thing it's as if he's doing it from outside rather than having a close personal relationship with
as a love is a compassion with the still has a kind of generality not items
then other things happening in the western tradition as you're going to the middle ages that these big monasteries
he wrote on the other this relationship with individual month become someone who is still much more definitive can structure helps it to become on your mouth and so the national spiritual or they started the institute around and it's mostly because of the particular character that the decided to go
so you weren't looking
but it's been pushed out really to the fringes rather than human kennedy center of astrocytic
and then something else happens in the spiritual fathers and begins to turn into something
it begins to get to put between images superior between confessor and between something else which means and world and which is a spiritual direction and know when you first get that notion that it's probably about time and thirty six consumption recover from it
right now the spirituality for people in her world and then have a place to your spiritual direction
and he directed a kind of sector your life which is a spiritual life but which is a little cut off from the rest of your life a funny sometimes but if you've got this fantastic card using charges talking return back and then
rest of your symptoms which is different from the homeless of the masterful
an earlier time
and the ocean for years to them to it's like you got to like a piano like some kind of specialists can be no to to get that particularly for
that's fantastic
it doesn't have it all this protection relationship

while the spiritual directors and could be pretty effective sometimes children it and it's not really the same thing as you had a pedestrian scene that the person's whole life is together and the spiritual father and his relating to the core of the president of corner of that life and event to a whole
thing at once
there's not that totality and simplicity
and so you can't call a person a father and his same sense because it's relationship is to limited to too much along one line in one sector of the
and then it becomes kind of of professionals
when certain rules and especially was accompanied exercising your mission you know most of their syria of discernment in the past four centuries western church has come from potential centuries
which is a british and and basis because and yet it's a good fish time time internet and it doesn't start to but what he has an exercise discussion on a tradition
it's good stuff but report on average have one have a solid pitching mission
that is the spiritual mercury relationship and the notion of when you have a second realize how to entertain and priests to have a special mission officer of the inspiration refugee from i think when it gets on many like st francis de sales to to is principal reduction
the embrace and he's outlined the spirituality
his necessary
the actually
well there's a criterion is an interior cartooning a to and yeah she says with a visual experience
have you ever experience of fish and so on and seven find the most with the sun does or does a pretty good financially but the application in the methods of meditation and can be putting extreme it's not like not like meeting were in his german and for three two
more methodical operation national
what is it
yeah me be measurement because you see that's repurposing of it has it's a technique of sort of saying well the holy spirit is going to cooperate with there's little process that we're going to put you into a we arrange with happen now as if
god death that god has rhythms for a life i think because it's so one thing is to have an external set up like that a process which is supposed to work this is pretty moderators which mom's almost got the scientific kind of scientific previously that we can make things work if we should talk on certainly rather than obeying the rhythms of the human person and the
image of the action of the whole experience and interaction and first that's another good of your organic interior with is difference from the structure of any set of exercises that you can be put into
that's right and she that just takes a section of your life a chunk of your life and tries to do at a rapid and tench job on you during that time resident having all of you like to do as you had asked tradition that's another sense i said time dimension of that totality
the whole of your life
rather than proportion of your life trying to make a decision in view of the rest of your life which is going to the exercise

and a half
china he has pushed him


after nine years of said
that can impact
don't have insurance
well maybe when we do it
she'll be astonished and she said type down
this time of began
have you been in his children
that's not your usual
because then don't have the the vague that your pricing and is contagious and the only way through that other dimension is this feature that he says
and it's a lot of restructure have to go up with no other way if fish janitor who already erica
that's funny because it's natural that translates
there is a system
if i think spiritual is a profession that is that you know in the early church and notices and machine that allows you thing in eastern church the faith and spiritual from the actually
but we have been enlightened newspaper buddy when know how to use to guide it into you want to a patient don't know it today certain no antidote know that share this edited it can only be in a transitory
i wonder if that's a good example the team school
she's not necessarily in the demo team got necessarily add the he doesn't spend but it's so much you trust very much the those very well there's also physical hobby he says something like that i can see depth anyone
did i like africa you've got a real contradiction that if it shows me what if you're right that is if he says that that statement how much
something has to correct it
when when he said that the report others so that's a remedy as you earn a profit and very young children should never know
tonight murtha just not to ask the secretary estimates him and then as if okay if you read that are it you what would you do
car history
so that that kinda thing and they would charismatic teacher eastern future that's
tomorrow rather than what they never a pavement
then my children around me your children that we rather but thing
there's some of them to talk a lot about realization in this ensure and and essentially kind of autonomy and of have they've been doing the thing that people like we can talk about relating your own garden a special
i don't know if they do that in a practical level if they meet people really to levitate to a kind of subject but doesn't think that what a statement thing yes
for example is that's a is me me human
to grab both skills on the way they opened what we might experience with that's that yeah we went to him at his word and eight years that and bastard but the that can be happy
very terrorism still going to alligator yeah
my period
the as
after the respectively
right ones
our submission
getting hurt
fisher directors teacher can can be in a position where they can that's a information on that
the gym they don't know
but for example i
is that they should never ever experienced ones on and just state of medication nancy
when one was way to me personally feel dr sam
then just about so positively just about this game that will send you any person who really have psychological problems that are infringing on the charity has to go on to that
sometimes with kind of anything that the first time i've got a president
chase anybody years before his own this loan i'm not committing certain way prison on only the first thing to with
good pick this up that them
the internet
something so for example is car versus other technical encouragement
the huge percentages wow that's a medical metacritic just very the ocean they don't care of europeans picture is electrical true
that's it there is some sort of that will inception in one of the local grocery store to buy surgeon happening


that's that's kind of like understood all dependencies turkey
there is one of the most famous for the guy who's reaching it's actually as
yeah famous musician
great publicity for envy those are really making things to and at one points to set up publicly said up
his reaction was a public statement
of course
now this whole
the modern age petition would
the statement
you realize how the modern age is characterized at a time outside by the renaissance men by the reformation and the renaissance is are bursting out of the kind of spontaneity and autonomy and throwing off for the kind of vaginal christianity in the loose when outburst the basement of reformation is precisely that as the rejection of the problems and so the modern
starts from them
and i'm pregnant even though so we have really have to ensure the
drastically twist ourselves but surely give into that in a natural desire we have for kind of dependency totally funny internal religion and found this post in order to go back to instance there's some minutes it's always going to be rising up
industry kind of patients we have to come to terms with it but we really don't have is not a problem to r christianity is it's going to have faced precisely because christianity isn't gift to this time as pleasant a gospel is mine was words of jesus really something which is called momentum as chicago which teacher corner pretty much important
we just overthrows are written
and yet at the same time he opposes a certain order with the communion was the is the first principle of a convenient millions in only thing and then they wonder and hierarchy set up in china
and the church is going to tell you that that from talking with the biggest global collegiality and the fact that the church first as the people of god a minute i the to to people from iraq you can try to perform is not on top of them and the church is not to hire the collector's item me and then everything else was said and secure with of lagoon
oh rid of work
he's talking about this thread and the thousands of have to become ever
find everything
but you are not to become a rabbi do you have one teacher in over the economy your father and i you have one father
neither we got a masters for you have one master cleanse your greatest financial industry results jobs himself with you on mobile hundred and to each other and even the christ goes through that way of i'm afraid somebody
recently two percent which is if the teacher or the or the master has to put himself to be that by being able to do some shopping and nothing and then to rewrite the at school
yesterday able to become nothing so it was teaching which comes from behind and stuff may bring to the
in actually use besides between those remain so it is teaching is not for himself and he can be reduced to nothing into the shape was doing and he can rise as work complete in his disciples this does it comes from another so we can fool allies with human mother comes from another lose your father and he can read
merged with one loves people will give that the internet users one so behind this whole thing i must be able to me
father's man upon his foot and the fact that we're in the sun that a relationship to the trinity as much as to nico relationship to them to the to person is appropriations and they touch dimensional much image chose our relationship to him
runners our knowledge with the french making a living relationship future directions of the trinity and the fact that it's only the word to suddenly became flesh and father
it educated
the descend the word network this disparate nobody in charge within it and nobody can get in between us that expression of what you can be charismatic again god has no rancho
there's something that that's temporary that comes in between them does a pedagogy and training which is temporary in detail of way like the testament which paul talks about galatians he says you were held onto these petty guns and led by the hand had this blog is ladder this tradition
given by angels instincts but now you're beyond that to you have the holy spirit say other phone
then the other side of that is a dirty faces in the editors and poverty and join a revenge upon the christians and it doesn't well they obey your capacitors but even tone slaves obey their masters and lines of the investment and another place says there's neither slave nor free as mere and or woman has made a great maturing of a figure want to
closer you get us to levels and the one level is and the other level sort of this robot the one that will really is just that's of convenient quality our knowledge of guy and the another level of is temporary and women
the surprises is much simpler for instance chosen doesn't try to correct a practice slavery that he doesn't extend this christian revolution of equality immediately end of the social experience and shake slate your free masters give up your spine be insane it says things okay i'm asking
and he says at the same time of being a mattress your band christ is that it doesn't make any difference what heroes favorite of the merely because you're free and christ slaves you're already in place remember spaceship crashed
so but that's a or something we have to think about why do why the revolution doesn't spread immediately a condition is an important mission and

price saying today
of an asking price
that sounds like
it is right
yeah to on a person's ah my dm asked him
he implied
well we had been crucified
and it seems like it's always that way it's always going to be
sounds like and said
long as you're hot
it's always been very thing but once you get a certain level of my phone
i asked what lasting state
there's no knowledge
on the other
check they are is definitely i think
there's something in the fixed down
this is space for they met in answer
the trouble is when when the marches come along and they find a process that the rich people can make sort of good business out of is an essential the and so we're not raise transitional phase facing a goal make money from me like that in a marxist come along at a to point them as a business christianity that has
the work out on a practical okay now we're free and our hearts were doing another life foot unless that content of your because social revolution happens sooner or later much the vibration really happened to the world a consequence
that's what happened now that challenge
who did not a good religion and dining

but there's something that's going on in the world since since they're going to have pledged to is something goes on and earth will be going to liberation
and it's very slow and halting and go backwards
and yet the that and it's doing the christian it's due today the community
he's doing an equal and seem like much of and government has kind of is a christian person
it's an atheistic christianity it's like the mystical body and the doctrine of the mystical body and the quality of on without the head which is close
and that's because christianity didn't didn't do it to marches come on
i can't believe it
testing testing something
such i go to bed not sure that i can wait
actually no
i suggest
turning them a certain direction how are these royalties
the target of it didn't raise the death know if a slave without saying and obvious right
that was the implication is right in the christian fact it's low rate can continue but he doesn't press to that conclusion thing that's surprising and i have a couple of with israel
in ephesians and collection especially when also anyway

the come back
the church activity kind of
and read some it and yeah
very careful in history
the education from and just something about private sector thing that
barry to the property said the united states it's true that ridiculous a hundred and africa
has dropped to seven but does that's christianity that the church couldn't learn it's like ghandi becomes and teachers are something you know that it it's likely the bread that a trip to knead the bread of the gospel to church didn't have been thinking about retained
it's like it's like the thing about the jews in the old testament to begun to the comments and particular age of really published
san diego
hasn't use my third that such and such team of furniture yeah usual israel is that's right then has practiced cyrus
that viruses my son my servant who said that will send them to
now be subject to one another out of reverence for christ this is an efficient by
why be subject to everything he feel about sean payton know
hurry and it gets to the slaves
children obey your parents and avoid for this is right
fathers do not provoke your children to i the noise was on the other side is really good for some
but bring them up in the discipline i'm sure to of slaves be obedient to those who are you addressing the masters was fear and trembling in singleness of heart as to courage
not in a way of ice service with men creatures but a servant of french doing over the cap on rendering service for the good word to the word and
knowing that whatever good anyone does you will receive the same again of ordinary users
eight with three masters you're listening to them for the knowing that he was vote their master and irritation here
no point
he says this

there's no way a survive
radical social life
speaks very often that we don't want to give them cause then yes
an era
a change

this type of this is an absolute see this principle is very important because it affects how we understand the old testament
all of those things in the old testament that they can't accept a collection of other words
you can use a saint bunch of a tool to its be able to accept them
that sort of the glacier guy kind of the cases that before it so insulting it's starting to work and self work it shots through like a lot like spin
it takes centuries and centuries and change me what is an historical level
meanwhile of choices over yes
you don't always hear here because sometimes those things like the extermination of going a challenging to got to work out
it must be the same thing it's working to the stubbornness the harshness of people
comfortable than it is startling wants you to get it
that's their that's their with the same thing the trouble is that it's the same time these people are living and dying under slavery and a change like that cause a heavy price to pay for somebody else's material vegetation in the sense that is true that man has to learn it from china and what he's not been impose it but he's also not going to flash all that truth
and just goes a lot of violence so much he's not going to do with money into a violent revolution it has to be which is an industrial average level of it has to be an interior revolution other than an exterior illumination okay
one hundred and dad to the interest
change were going up and of yeah
as to time and was actually even source or anything
know that to sticking with medical
it's true it's a difficult to use that the people than ten the nicola between the inside and outside and they don't really conform to the guzman that thing happened like discouraged in the pharisees because
they kind to be listening their argument before i have they it up your own collection is very comfortable after are they don't miss much
in some way she has to be this is this encounters and that to church
sees that she has to be generally effective on this functional level as well as the that other hopkins first
and a social thing is only true for the country
when you are you looking women always happy rarely nitrogen
has week
at this time
i been going for a

from you
the guy so that the other thing was okay wrap the of but when the my cabinetry have we've been regretting very church and with your entries think that
so i'm ready
okay keep but
after said
that we celebrate work
good person
i didn't reach against slavery that was something they didn't try to fudge and we have to speculate why i think because it was too general and was premature and there's like pitching against war with the like chamber don't have any more and more features that you can do it
oh well perhaps though
no value of not being totally autonomous for iphone
to go to make a blanket i'm black and white state and another black that last year's has been averse to connect well and say good time people have extra servings this is the a lot of people that are now of have to say
we're not ready who says it was necessary christ and companies in there now as the nature of got and as simian sort of sent by
slavery is would that again as another example of passionate down expensive new is obvious master and slave or some preaching the value of festivity
i'm not trying to a certain ones on the will rather can do only the will of the father
i mean it's not this is too tangled up i can make them like expect here
maybe of teenagers
it seems like and people are all away
the major focus is that individual upon which is i think that started happening madison's
then the holistic view of religion which is has been in the middle lanes and least certainly eric i'm spiritual than that now on systems and the cactus kind of those patients
this we have work out how to rather get your critical in occasionally to and papers in the middle ages too much suppress taken to the whole tone and short burst forth in watch of the wine and nine within warm pulse for the vessel was the boys burst and on his proposal on mobile revolution facilitated functions that one is a wonderful sport to which school
the church has gone it seems that slavery issue and happened at the deluxe shirt on
and made extinct from actually live
i guess price but they couldn't fire on the driveway yeah will destroyed them the other external level the the implications of christianity couldn't immediately general external political want to graduate workers for his meeting with nothing
has true for about it
the religion
the initial i but that's too short that case the don't worry about because a time issue it and that's what it says in other places says it's it's a slaves is if you want the zippers and i think i'm visiting this place because the time to store know anything that that is the circle
this question if you have
yeah to set that that swing bridges that's ambiguous best is the government to win
the sometimes i say if you have
can have your freedom make use of this library is open
and that's good
we also
erasmus students
limited he
is also and the work good and a
are several also and that's true of all of us and always will be in this life and sample
nina environments for him because he wasn't compulsory
democratic that
that's what's good about them for
so that it was responsible portable phone
but we're all in a situation of cervical because ultimately last they the to and to and going down low
whenever the war on that one but what can we go home
what i over
most like the vision
that's not all sometimes means trouble

whenever there's an important thing work for understanding understanding the fifth and understand the history and also understand
we can't
next time we'll finish this episode we were just go on
just to get a boom the contents before
there's a ultimate reality of christianity which is also the first gift is because jesus must be able to up free mostly are the most i agree you are going to do something to be able to do with this is totally says the the something which is not just a word that a reality because of this book
it's going to
by which we know this impulse was
there's a really aren't any other words and puts them go around it with other words but there's the back itself experimental stuff
the term but somehow
we still got to make a journey to doing this my that's it the beginning and yet we have attempted to make before it went from a journey we were talking about in terms of her death and resurrection in terms of a liberation or in terms of moving from a shallow herself and we go through the do crystal
please help
it was kind of death and resurrection as criticisms of a boot
and also the fact is are starting out as as that we are in a shallow sell for a limited ego if we want to get to that deeper one hundred we tend to get a after ourselves we can direct ourselves there whatever a reference point outside of things are preferably the reference point where we were we're going now
it's that way to the word of god into the word of god has spoken from where we're headed
but it's also that rate and human person that's what we're really looking for
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