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they found a very nice
but next time over to alex gospel
and maybe we'll have a class after the after the retreat to till next week by had a third can cannot have moved to prevent additional having kids to i can because kept urging covenant
have you tried those a day trip time to name one novel say i don't know i'm not sure yet he does that we want that he doesn't get my will probably
hey david a huge array of an expression which means seven eight
a then look out for his key
that's might be right amount of real for them you know you're going to like about
okay come and we we talk of the new testament as a new appearance that to think that wants to think which new map one and humanity and the others diversity and the new testament what you have is the simplicity and the energy of god coming into the world and and no way and somehow pulling everything into itself for
beginning to show the drug everything and with know virtually so that in occasions and collision for can speak of all things which came from god and came from the word and and drawn together again into the word and recapitulated and cried everything and i heard that means all
a living being sentient they of their all humans and finally the cosmos itself someone they all came from them and to together than to have now we're not picking up the cleaning up in a little questions about that what about the ones with to haunt them you say that from another clan
and then terms of this unity and diversity we talked about a number of images of that one is the image of the body will come back to that especially with the body and credit for the human body if an image was very nice thick can find the energy and differently
then we talked about breton and the open grit and other academic endeavors the bread a body of close to perfect connected and we talked about the crowd and how the cross with its center of them and kind of conversion character and with the other day and yet the end for them
expensive the diversity for a knife and in a way which fits into an ancient views of the cosmos
that being in four dimensional for four point in the cockpit for one that's are we talked to them so from that expression or that way of representing the unity and diversity we have all the kind of magdala thing and then we pointed out how they found the read of the fact that was in college and learn
and the diplomatic authentic with available for allegorical
the wall i probably live with that and then finally and i got of or editor
we made a revision of life and what i feel to somehow into a bunch of work and our own way
in which they filled with little was literally we refill it with the allegorical a logic or cryptologic or the out logical manner to give them our the same one we might credit for the church and the church in a fight
of that we pay them for everyone
for acknowledging or the old covenant without becoming a new cover many times
with the product very thoroughly
and some other way with a folder like growth never read the man
the type of
but then this method to retain the navy to us the dynamics that worthy a the with it was nice
dimensional over eventually like the most complicated the election of a historical progression on the third of about it like conflict dynamics and violently yemen which is the mystical sense in spirit farm in a sense that the and know if here the of concern
with i just think meaning of scripture that has disappeared into the have disappeared into the caribbean
if you'd better get revoked or visit the defense isn't a lot of like and that's the one inferior favor all and this one opening inferior next cause happening you will apply the number of further fact that being happy you're going up and as
i'm fine with third chronic low look at bringing the garden located a little gritty of like a on
first wasn't very effective like another behind the for dimension where i can see would be hard
the words are the facts
there and a great privilege to thousand
that's a document theological the which were companions is a real guess that a real form a real figures available all a constellation individuals going to show that theory and which in some senses the meaning of the figure of the that stuff that you find it
for a it's development power play
we're going to have to distinguish between the letter attributed i question the off and a computer have fallen for occasions
a lot of course they won't make that distinction noble not have to do it
so are we included occasion collusion within our treatment of the call i heard that the to include that eleven if not book of revelation
john not really knowing who's responsible for each phone but no i'm if they cannot somehow the same of say the same development the same kind of the same traditions but that's good enough to vote with that statement part of the new testament along a country
accepted as genuine mean and have felt very phone
okay so another about now
yeah the for gotham and women that time now that the way of violence has been together
smaller one
so we made him a crew making i'm like okay
i notice the fire h a and media
i was like a look at them because i've listed a number of after the good qualities that sounds first good and the on the left side if you thought us martin job which are closely related they related fan for light and knife or army but
revelation and ventilation and veiled threat but there is still over are good with him products aren't for the transfiguration and then you can kiss further their he could market including between them and another one el tiempo
if at the fire crucifix crucifixion three control yet
he has to fiercely and that's a very significant period remember how the heavens are open at the that as a voice and unfortunately your on the parking lot of piercing another appear thicker thing if i don't have the pleasure of our stuff that's the people credited right
you're given that the a lawyer
without penetrating but it can be the my allergies
you've got the prologue which puts you into
into the divinity of christ but when you're looking at cases of life and a pre-existing divine
if you need to have been trying to and another word they keep in touch the work i got a lot of land that the direction of on your life the world and something like a korean lot of without a credit with the goodbye and
freshman defended to be understood it
whatever they end it was the eating of that paper
that's the way to got to remember that very often with that i really know that have to of now
the was a going to need like that of a little bit better with the that was identified in the old testament not only an exit the street where the name of god revealed to moses but also to
another thing that thirty second okay
okay i could eat were under the guy from above the word make life and of the pre-existing to find work which become him you don't get that sense that all that stuff from below
by people coming to the backpack which is a very humble pie
well celebration and you go that but
he can crazy and crowd gathers the symbolism and be more transparent apple is also very mark
that means the creation narrative birth to check it out of the
it a good life market of chapel much more much more clearly now
yeah know your unit a perspective and innovative the quality of nature the garbage and stuff but it is that i am but that indicates those words come from the center of the elevator company specialising and express ultimately takes but the one who is different from the lab and the to of everything
trivago it edna the simplicity of those words i don't find him like seven
how do we early as it was
thats transparencies symbolic organism which is much more the job the president somebody's of the good john were obviously you've got a residence which caused by the on federal take the meeting of these little from atlanta the wealth
where the well as significantly outnumbered significant new in-game significant ways that you'd be father for the second level of minute you've got its there in which the flynn effect the visible thing are resonating with the words that has spoken vocals and what is loaded with the
balaclava have too many other places in on a man born blind even at the passion the passion is
contemplative illumination and
contrast between the secrecy and concealment and other than messianic secret to that the much from on that's a reality but i don't think it's really that jesus was concealing the concept for the idea that you the site was being can feel is a life
in other way the the veil which is over cases and the gospel of mark is the kind of code kind of your it's not been so much the concealment have no idea
it's a brother equipment
and instead of concealment is a function of revelation which happened nice outside your front of the gospel somewhere can use it in the narrative of it happened any of investors but we're going to that got that month
i think the same thing is true yard with is not nearly as much drama there isn't a dramatic tension of them because they look into skillman the light is there a long time
but the same that when more conclusion
it is meant to be understood
okay we look at matthew and luke to something else this incomparable god and the metaphysical accept when the and a vertical line the line of being agreement that the or between light and dark or between heaven and earth or between god and creation of they at edamame when you look
each one of the you should read it with the resonance of you could be stayed behind the other so let me get a general sensitivity for both the active and oils they work so less than one because i highlighted in florida and the like a darkened reputation from heaven whatever
this is the historical ones where you move across from the one for the medic on the you from one credit through on the christian from one thousand people to follow people than the
obama the point of first entry into a revelation to the whole world okay
but the historical progression and it was mr whatever now if we contrast matthew and luke i don't know how are they figured less than one hundred percent of it
get the matter the sense of a new rock and new a nuke israel things that have to remember that and in a what we thought like iraq the image in there are insufficient peter your luck on family trip i was particularly strong to africa
how does business in that case of else from africa again you can sense to afford to ask of the city go up or something sound and fury and it's to offer the doctrine
the fact that active the seeds of discord and these five of and five books of the furniture of looking for it's been oprah the books amount of the new car and the gospel turn on and i very much like i mean have you heard of actually you've heard that the now i think that
the which doesn't castle hill but some have many people know what were the in our what's the dynamic was a teenager coming you know we talked about that kind of simplicity and unity and university multiplicity and offensive for the moment one word from the old world and the home
the outlet
and our diagram technically at one time
you've got the you know the character that you going to the eureka we've got a great for everybody and eight the whole world of of here and look right for them
you can try and or great
on the granary hospital hope he also be acceptable
you're not really into a mathematical fulfillment of about for some of the political never would have a good one
you have say that this because the side of the ultimate thirty and very well as of and then i'm from west africa
do you have to think about bowl
that's like this is the gospel of the word we can become a new law and in the church with a found is a different institution mediating factors for the word to the second over again for churchill was not an institution much of the book is an the way for
it's movement of the holy spirit out of little back and remember we identified this problem with that
look at the back
now with obama said for quality well on all the book of records and they actually caught them because that a continuation of the for looking after that awesome music got to avoid
it's the narrative of the working to develop and nurture including in the life of jesus okay the federal from work with earth from a separate room and
gospel is is largely built upon hearing is young a piece of to the yeah to be possible to sort of the than nothing i want has began to level the which concluded at home moms and provide what ten five the whole world wrong with clay center which represents the whole thing so hundred
young woman without to the end of yet
there's also a feminine quality to looks kind of just another very often we need to reflect about how to finance to have a preference or the fundamental a
have a common to the dynamism of the structure of the irrigation infrastructure we here at time
you can read those at the top and bottom using that when i look you have to and think how you connect that but that way on
the parallel movement in the for coming over from america and then when i get that and then i was correct kind the early church for the community can be activated puzzle it's a pretty convincing parallel even not married or not explicitly mentioned being yeah
have you think about that before we didn't
are you married is a pretty much know that reading railway or have you ever feel that have
i can't dance
catherine don't see any the structure who are not every not sure that's the risk of this kind of diagram is that accents the differences okay and suppresses the common on the the destruction that funny and look in a funny guy but their main thrust i say it's different that
okay because each of them is a whole gospel containing a whole cry
serving christ loaded with date and thought it's not like they filter out ninety of international scientific and then have revolution in that if you seminal up
and if money structure mercantile bank now
but it's not it's not put across from the sense something that being set up now
that's going to remain as a in an institutional ways you could not be just as think everything and the moment to for
i can't think of examples now sexually can bombing of hobby decline try offering great styling and move around one one
their overall impression of either overall impression from your video cost of friends you're really in particular passage of mathematical it's not an and every paragraph for every page after the liquid it's a pretty consistent general
in contrast in a thoughtful and as i say making this kind of diagnostic tests to suppress become an hour to come around the book or for thousand and a passionate which is an art of that now can they have a slightly different from a slightly different people off guard by the you and the other
are facing the that are interesting thing
and that's nearly a of without
so there's a lot of the trouble with it i know i could if it catches on point is as you can do convincing and i think it suppressors the other food so you need to set the diagram of side and not think it's a final answer
not expressing certain thirty years of figures
the because which really to generalize the july had to synthesize a great deal of fear information and killed and complete africa isn't it to be you an idea for for of
which means basically unlimited funds getting up and the ticket
some other analogues to this use another one
i can't find out office
from the roman catholic not know that and the
the before apart yeah
never we have another disciple have no doubt he didn't reappear in not duffel and now gospel from the beloved of vibrant and my after twenty one the one that we chose to stay at united for like how he felt good father as typically to
get the job and political authority they are
i think that is already in place for the fear of the role in the movie as a question is how they don't contain no it because over and the dynamic that we contain here is a kind of open particular kind of work
i'm difficult thing that are sensitive content there's a greater than life but it's going to remember made sense for says
if the jewish law and the jewish just ten full description and but rather than security poll the semitic code that was a christian and then there's the gentile to christianity represented by father was a therapy and a persecuted the church of the time that exactly the opposite preaching the freedom of the
as on the theory against a lot
they've got long over here to have split up here but it's not a lot of work
the logo is the revelation of described in the moment
it's important one hundred and nine a difference between fifty percent with freedom
the really exciting and dynamic
for between worth it you predicted the spirit has kind of carried out with a of for as compared to create them we haven't helped i will be to because the way i hope you fire like they say you're supported then the spirit in the word for the following holy spirit and to in order
the spirit is the conference of christianity if interact and that's what
it said he said i'm gonna have interaction and i was kind of because obedience
so who really movement between me for instance remember when peter gets into trouble call you can they actually offer from nephew who ended up in one of the funny
where peter that on over to the few as okay if somebody came can prepay for thing that hypothetical and people and became so you can go to work with the existence and and that we shouldn't be in the editor for peter started in the ten thousand and i'm gonna make better use than thirty five and follow the diet
become call said he would be a platform know you're expecting the load or thinking about of the on other and us yourself at other current abandoned the human spirit to go back to about and but there were these patients in the area community and i clean out the five between
name your name and all
think of james is the head of the divisional commander
a chance
oh no
i'm saying driver stop taking your work
the kind of help we can make out here on to christ america and combat between ten and clothes everything that you pay for the following the law know extreme and i feel sorry for have enough to the ten thirty and have the freedom of moving away from above
want to talk about for now
another another way well but not get too complicated wanted to talk about corner when we talk about far we haven't talked about participate with knowledge this is something we need to be thinking about anyhow and we're talking about the new testament
contrast to kinds of understanding one has been is a contemporary scientific kind of understanding where you measure things have look at things through instruments and you do it objectively another way you're completely uninvolved from them they and they the
one involved in an average you are considering that much into a measuring your on one end of the microscope and the a paramecium that the other end of the microscope and the two of you are not interacting socially more than any other way
that's that's a dualistic knowledge of science which had become they when you got has become the model of knowledge for us and our talk because the scientists are so maybe there's another form of knowledge and who participated in which you only know by being mature enough or by in some way vibrating with and
communicating with which the have a personal matter
typical of that would be phenomenal music that's they were when you hear music and music as and you become the music that in the summer you are the music love that movie but that kind of but think of love and which can know a person by some kind of community by some kind of mingling of soul
more i think of any aesthetic knowledge if you look at a painting somehow the painting has managed to grab onto itself with communicate to you have some kind of experience which was in the imagination of the planet things like that a patricia positive knowledge now religious knowledge is essentially purchase if it because now
the only real no insignificant the religious now and ultimately but isn't you because knowledge in which you know by becoming you know by be you know by community in the and the being of the you know god by participation in the indian go
now the trouble is that most of archaeology at least in the west has not been able to and not wanted to
to say that now that would it uses ever since
the thirteenth century of the and the entrance into earth of the dominance of aristotle archaeology and it's the elegant distinction between theology of heart pounding on which is gradually approaching and i say that level of dualism of scientific knowledge modern to know in which you've got to distinguish think that president logan
because think we've got from creation you've got to distinguish gosh from the earth and heaven help you if you can kill them because they're be accused of pantheism and isn't an here
yeah but what good is about it about participation of christianity is a new participation
so that's something to think about now
according to the anthropologist early no matter a chemical society have what my comment didn't i kind of a kind of instinctive participate in other words they are part of what their and and moving around a communion with averages around them and in communion one another somebody
the tribe or family
the culture and not only that the the cosmos itself and also probably spiritual being that low living in the same world from and communicating with want to know one another today let me read something from period cousin drama he talks about the primitive
people before but it was the actual courage know that extra gravy individual personality and consciousness start to emerge and the first millennium before credit thinking about five hundred bc
prior to the axial period that is that time the dominant form of consciousness with cosmic collected tribal mythic and ritualistic with plenty of that and the old testament
there's plenty of that cause not so much because of that gets excluded suppressed and you know there's an elements of it has covered mountains in the second happened to the stone things like that but there's a very narrow channeling of participation in the old testament
collective at is funnier than america abraham you heard about abraham your turn that it will try if you're talking about all is dependent you don't that on his wife and children even probably a sheep and goats and cattle
tribal domestic and ritualistic the idea that you sprinkle been and somebody their part of the their part now of of the governor there's some kind of physical bond between them and gotten that memo day virtual with a sprinkling of the good at the time of excellent to make the cover of those things with what
but the conservation of a marriage is something like them the real bond was established by ritual this is the characteristic form of consciousness of primal people to culture provided a substratum throughout the world for david civilization and we'd survived to this day in tribal groups between these traditional cultures and the axial period and much greater
hours in egyptian and mesopotamian the consciousness and the tribal culture was embedded in the cosmos and the fertility cycles of nature for typically have then the goddess worship in these cultures often a feminine deity connected and of the fertility cycle thus there was established the rich and creative harmony between climate people's in
the world of nature of harmony which was explored expressed and celebrated in metro metro just as a help themselves part of nature so they experienced themselves as part of the tribe they have no sense of independence identity and functional try to fight for us to understand that
except when we take ourselves back to childhood and remember when we were uncertain about emerging and individual person
they had no sense of independence identity about from the tribe and it's precisely the way of than to relationships with the tribe it's the same psychologically energizing all aspects of their lives can be separated from the tribesmen them with death not only physical but psychological as well
you know excommunication and christianity used to have a very strong impact on people for that reason so as i say for that reason that it because that participated consciousness is still there whereas we lost that we started out excommunicated percent with so
a videos with salicylate we've arrived the extreme development of individual conscience ice fishing and states
however the fusion of their identity with the collectivity did not extend beyond their own tribe for the often look upon other tribes and mean the hospital
have didn't tribes i are organically related to the group as a whole to the lifecycle of the person doesn't to nature and cosmos
and then the individual consciousness can you know why because we actually have killed
now the native american culture of close to each one of the final culture as well a constant constantly
the african cultures prior to the as then of european africa and modern times and also an idiot like india they have people that they call the tribal okay
who are pre area that before the invasion of india many ago which broadly more sophisticated religious tradition to an impressive like well we call handling a preventive five
there are that's true and many other video and countries have good so yeah so there were there wasn't time one humanity that naturally participated and i had to practice a bit of consciousness and then something could happen and it has to do with this excellent development in individual countries and were like it at the apex of them
but the participative consciousness remains in all the ancient culture and its own particular way and israel
now on hill says that israel was designed to eliminate participation
i'm a bit exaggerated but in israel that such a strict limitation of participation and especially the the ruling out of of cosmic participate you must not worship in the sacred go your mother
you must not do any of those things which which are now considered idolatry and which were cosmic worship sacred stone they could grow sacred mountain relevance to is anathema that up with your railing against them
so there's a strict limitation of participation in israel and the participation of now centers in what tribe the patriarchal family your children of abraham okay your israel your sons of israel of isaac and jacob
and that the the twelve patriarch
and the cover your your part of the covenant you're physically that could be thinking bonded to one another at the gods of cover
so israel and very tightly and and the sacrifices of ritual and time they're all participants thing
and sacrifice sacrifice and now you're participating now that's something you're doing yourself with an act of your home being
you can think of the new testament as the end of the don't as a patient and the beginning of the new participation okay
what happens is that the old adage not only of the primal culture of the pagan have an effect but also israel has somehow that terminated or trans-fat so that now you have a very simple for
which begins to expand itself until it's got you include everything but a very simple bunch of the patient in lot and crept in the body of christ the new participation is and god through christ but simply input in the body of christ
so you can read paul and that way and it makes it a lot of them a lot of things that are otherwise pretty mysterious light up and your knickers club in terms of that participation of consciousness
happy to load of
you can read my any recovery either
his expression for the new participation as sp the body of christ you're given about the of working correctly
will look at that a little more closely

i am
a good to great trouble killed
to read and studied the some extent that chapter of pinch meyer and the neutral on pivot i called for like reality because i found that it gives a very good basis for your and interpretation of thought or visit the federal transportation for
since my starts out by saying what's the key to paul vision was decatur both theology
and he asked as usual he picks up several proposals that have been made by scholars part of them college most favorite not entirely in the last hundred years when he throws them out and proposes his own he said well the key is what for himself as the gospel of for and the gospel of paul is the same as the word of the crowd
and that's what you'd find in first corinthians and chapter one of two
this is the first corinthians one twenty one to twenty five
for sense that the wisdom of god the world did not know about your wisdom and please go through the valley of what we paid to say those who believe for years the man signs and greek seek wisdom what we preach christ crucified a stumbling block to views and folly the gentile
but to those who are caught or killed and greek christ the power of god and the wisdom of god the foolishness of gathered wiser than men and the weakness of god is stronger than them
so the whole of this gospel somehow and little a rise as i decided to know nothing among them use sophisticated people nothing or money but jesus christ and the fuck how jesus christ crucified rafa jesus countries and there's no separation between us to but somehow it's essential to catch christ at that point of the cross when across
becomes resurrection you've got to get him at that point that's how poor knowledge and the an lg on on earth but what he's got his the whole thing somehow something subtler than this word of the crop the gospel of the the death and resurrection of jesus
i'm a first corinthians fifteen were depends on the resurrection of this is the other side for the whole gospel analysis this word in the crowd
notice the way he got hikers
you're fine
you've got an early grave concentrated another hearing them based on the year and the baker and we've had
and man
i'm fine i'm in of arrogant
breaking the red sea and
what them are breaking down to have fire something to live what they wanted that short of god's action on that
have security that comes from god fun that powerful the front of the thousand
how they want scientists that south doesn't act for them when they reply with them into father and authentic the car
but out of here with that with the cathedral and the power of of guy and there's kind of reverse the
the economic or political economy especially work but nevertheless is this fact that he's got think about the with the own bath
and the power and talking about the arrangement where we have to stop the dynamic of this works this way that is this variance that the fluid as a god is wiser than the of that it worked brilliantly in that sense
and the of god and more powerful donald out of ten years working back and forth and down to us but the figures are like of for thanks to that thinks family a guy man he thanked the fact that you the
the accused
at least amount of another whole
he's telling us before i should have a definite revolution the revolution it's revolutionary done the standard is in version turned upside down for so that both the wisdom of men and the things that cut out in the face of work
but it still worked on what action
what history the paradox the revolution and turns around that price center with great crucified with the cetera insecure as elsewhere in
i wanted to give you a couple of examples now i have we metallic form
expresses itself and for and after the careful here because the juiciest text confrontations and coverage
it's not so easy to find that different and the undisputedly authentic matters of forty for that time but here's one example where i feel the another have made a thorough search for this and another example is philippians two one wonder eleven
now read to you

this is the latter part of this there's the famous text about jesus everything and so that can host of conclusions on but before that there's a very important text which is the reason for the other into the reason for that can also think if there is any incur
it's been encouraged any incentive have been going to the flip interesting know

there are many incredible that instead of of work and he participated in the spirit and the affection and be complete by enjoy by thinking of the same like political things are different all for one month
that's not the enemy a really compelling reason for a kind of me of the one hundred ten
on the level of the ensemble globally and i'm allergic to anything
notice that accent the complete my job well being of the same month
in full accord of one five four times the it is one of them to tradition if the unit come on the part of my life specifically say between up with you will learn about a month one one like figure out this first lady who has an identical the cycle for the central powerful
the nothing from somebody that they could keep it and you know what kind of is better than yourself but each of you will not only to his own interests of the of the other members of the global dynamics this seven thirty
i'm not good enough
i'm going to last them and the thinking
the sensors at this mind among yourselves which is encrusted with all you is a lot of god
did not have equality without the thing you know but
i'm taking on the planet he lowered and felt the energy that so we can have some level of that level
so the vertical axis access to something or not does not not detected any have been a designer you can follow the spirit of the of the life that in family on the and that we cannot get to because even though he thought out
therefore find a doctor and he said i'm anything to smoke
but now they're bringing the magical william
have a god
what everybody shut down every time to focus is close to a larger version of thirty
not as well you can't actually a very common accent and why and function of the other reason why have to pay for it will do that another what it's out of his defense and ask them to thousand teachers with one guy become one us and bring authentic out that this kind of near the of up
phone users i think that's kind of war with ample invalidates the brush other
so laying down on fighting for other that the very possibility of it comes from look a problem now
the but i think that working during of
but let's look now at this and look when a few minutes but let's look now at these texts from a hash collisions and ephesians
first commercial one seventeen to eighteen if you have your new testament there has gotta open
notice how these texts were the two axes occur across will be mentioned it's almost like the geometry that they are just beginning to surface certificate for language and for consciousness and the image becomes out of she said point
this is
collections one and seventeen to twenty good
he is before all things and in him all things hold together he isn't ahead of the body insurance is the beginning first one from the bed that in everything you might be reanimate for in and all the as the government needs to drugs and threw them to reconcile them
all things whether on earth or on have to figure began to focus of making peace plan and mother with with
and you are one from strength to pass the mind talking to the sometimes i think i'm to say that naga for that's where you're going to a reality there are you
you have one for families and possible in my and youtube is now i can have audio thirty five in order to present to open plan to re-post from funny needed to fix it
he come and join heaven and earth
by joining humanity with got at today and as we know that if an on and mean of a potentially i've not been accused of canada by bringing an effort to the thought were off for thing who had no connection with god
the he brings them them to the show people and united over those people out there are virtually potentially all humanity and the ratings have another or got together and the good actually in one and
me feel for the flooded with problem has been criticized the second
if the figure and cross which which fans and this figure phone is simple
so the jesus crucified to get have ever known and then can get into people who use of the better it isn't pleasant
a strange and hostile online line with now reconciled okay
the next time
the am to eleven sixteen
going to the camera
call the uncertain shaking bath and kitchen can getting and couch with get over the years when the uncanny cases can you have the hidden you can be a huge hoopla of malicious one
maybe you were eighteen suffering from crushed alienated from the commonwealth of israel only a wall can be shoot shovel and one can you gave me on my wall these no way and it's also the understand if if you're ignorant shit god will publish a book
alienated from the commonwealth of the most famous a state governments have to shit how the device into fish the luncheon with inside in the ones who would also be used to the ones can be speaking of the for the chosen people first he was able to communicate revelation battle of the law chevy chase and only for me he punched the wall
and how participation in can tell the stuff
have you know oh my god
but now in place jesus you who for fall and what he has both us to me taking johnson ph don't know for years a piece was made a old one and broken down into buying well as photos which was shambolic in the law the jewish vote looking as the wall can eat fish the catch
she to make and due to engage years when he wrote about my world and working to put into cells are many years get cause of using everybody else all the peoples of the day
what he is occasionally manage both lot of focus on a budget one of us been the level biology in his flesh below commandments and local jewish mob if you might be a himself one new man bunch of the case so making a small fishing village for
making so much both to god in one bowl maybe approach it was leaning on a story each money can get into the age old adage he came over if you started easy making about off because much like your she's been taking the kind of a few his bible
the day which is bought from against it again and then going to come on come on my participation in mean if you wish you try
and the central thing with k with with superior of the village voice
boy toys spread out across my life
you begin to see what to figure this statistics from twenty five
there's one more texture to the occasion issue three sixteen
hiking and you when you've heard on know
and he's praying for the patient questions that according to the riches of his glory can make graduate to be strengthened with my true spirit in the a man that you were we start worrying about the central this better than a picture by the beach and five years
and in christ may dwell on arrival you take the heart which another son
the you being rooted and grounded
the as in the world
he by christ dwelling and camera you stay within the path of life
i have the power now i'm looking out for homosexual to comprehend and understand is the breadth of the in the hierarchy and pay the four dimensions now you can put right and make either death one cross for can have to function but never like it got for dimension he took return
for which represents full of course but the translates itself directly into this kind of thing and you know the love of rising and surpasses knowledge that you met you come over from the purpose of guys
he's report which is a one on the performance of our obligations i with another which was phone
where we were crushed from one a boy wants to have been judged as an interesting book
pointing out
how paul really and the following traditional education really as a this kind of geometry this kind of development of request mister yeah three at its core which will find other places and the online letters from this contract maybe not so explicitly about the weapons
initially of course marriage but eventually the current
more crime breakdown of the leverage hebrews is not attributed to follow any money so i don't know how much of a connection i've read anything about a bridge make me how much of your connection they allow between fallen but if the good news for scholars the snare issue with that you said the program
so you're left with thirteen nine okay a pinch my are divided into three categories a bunch of guys in the interview on commentary where i go for this kind of information
three categories the first category is the genuine letters which are pretty undisputed a pretty certainly a consensus written by problems so even though somebody else we have done the physical act of write them down with secretary
those are the for festival of the first fish iranians are supposed to be as fresh batteries one of your fridge then the major that isn't a romance
galatians first and second corinthians and philippians or filament and a little personal mm
so five very important letters are therefore urge
robins' first two corinthians galatians and
yeah and philippines
that's not of course the order in which they were made because romans was written by
it seems like the kind of summary kind of
recapitulation of course theology okay those are the certain ones that doubtfully genuine ones are are due to ron paulites and if you like the kind of expression program is due upon
that's an cajuns productions
second as in and generally put collisions before our agents now
thinking that occasions of an update or something to collisions rather than the way it's probably in your bible just as they put on a mark before matthew raise your bible new testament was stuck which cost providing them
i don't find out should not have pseudonymous sudan not much i like to think of pseudonymous is a second century church budget
we like hieronymus
how does it there are three of those first and second timothy and titus and that may be very comforting because that's where paul gets good so becomes a schoolmaster and the institutional
person was telling people to stay in line and be obedient obey the law on all of that but he seems to turn around from it is early message of freedom in happened this year earlier movement away from the jewish but to be showing up he wore an institution i spent of
the show which i will show not find that a or find that like changing pad fishing rod so those are supposed to have been written by somebody else and just a tribute for but i haven't read the details of her
i think we should probably quit from the david before we do that i mean one thing which you can think about your getting between to letter to the hebrews when i'm not talking about as part of the prologue for exactly
i want to point out that was an approach to the living in new bridge which is very limited you take the third and fourth trackers and then read the following chapters with that's right and that is this business that entering hannah the beatles and punctuate them to the promised land which is virtual paradise and will be entering and of jesus when can
the inner sanctuary
and the arab community for football fanatic and dynamic of entering into the final place the central place in an ebook
the key text in chapters three and four and it starts with mitch
it starts with a quoting psalm psalm ninety one isn't it
do not harden your heart today when you hear his voice can not writing your heart is a very good in
as i swear my iraq he shall never enter my wrist and when now the rest of god the siobhan my god as the sabbath establishment it's also the promised land and he goes on a typewriter people who died in the dozen couldn't enter into the palestine so the promised land and the sabah the place and the time had become one
here and as a residents also a paradigm like the rest of god is also the coastal of paradise think of it as the central place look of it as the interior of the core as the hearts and by of reality in which god dwells this rest of his place
when it goes on now there's still a sabbath that remains is still a seventh kid of your name and we have to labor and journey to enter them
magazine about and there remains a sabbath rest for the people of god let the airport version eleven checklist for strive to enter that rest that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience
then the word of god is living an active sharp and money to ensure remember the storm has its place that's paradise
the flame ensuring another bar the country the paradise because it's the some kind of residence a residences was don't quite gel and an identification and explicit connection with do that because this place the sabbath is also parents us since we have a great high priest was passed through the heavens of cages has passed through the heavens
into the sanctuary and but never got to place it comes to running shoes with his grandmother for us and so we want to with it and then throughout the rest of the better you'll find here and there these entries into have a in chapter six we have this assurance to
doctor has shown that worked in attention to the inner shrine behind the curtain were just as fun as a foreigner on behalf to the inner sanctuary the image of the sanctuary the tenth tabernacle he is offering anthony bring lesson or whatever can be able to purchase the that
so this recommends that of it with a way of finding of authorities have the insurance and and kids reading because we don't have time to
how can i can write my next time maybe a little more about paul i need really talk about that before and after which humanity before christ and him out to encourage and then we'll go on march but