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oh and i should finish that up today we're really not really been very brief with park and usually most of our subjects can split between two classes with turn and wanted to finish up in the next which is untidy from one point of view but i just realized that it's good from another point of view of and i think if you agree
them between when you're thinking about this subject now and between two
gospels or something but your rather immersed involved with one of the intervening period can be
well connected with that
so we got an introduction to for my next time a finish for today and then begin mark of a marked cause from protected and will go on with our next time and then the bathroom a book about my job matthew and luke kuechly pretty much together the three synoptic gospels
mark matthew and luke we have to talk about together to some extent but more masculine book and
i'll say more about them
so today i want to conclude with parliament i gave you the general outline before this unit revision of paul which is easy to extract because the temperature is around the place and fits wear it does a very nicely and that new jerome political commentary oregon
where he talks about the situation of humanity before christ and the other situation of the anatomy not just africa christ but encrypt so you see where it's going it's going and took direction we talked about fast participative thinking his consciousness is participative that is he thinks you can't think of the human
person without being part of some kind of image i'm kind of greater conglomerates or greater organism better there's not yet to conglomerate to that's one thing the difference between an organism an aggregate and is an organism early as one life so for paul israel for instance has one life and the israelites her part of that life
and we don't think that way all right now except my radical program
but or don't have we think of ourselves as individuals we have evolved
differentiated most extensively more than that direction than anybody else especially americans so we have to try to lose yourself into this thought of for so there's a solidarity before christ and then there's a solidarity in christ but the to are very different
the two ways that i would characterize the solidarity before christ is that first of all it's likely to be a dispersive unity in some way for instance to be in sin is to be divided even divided within yourself even though your gathered into this kind of solidarity it's a stray
solitary secondly it's slavery which means an alienation in which means it's subjection to something outside your stuff and this is the reason why it's to visit in one way or another angle another aspect of it
is that you are drawn together in an alienating way we have a lot of experienced that but today i think because what happens is that society dissolves and kind of intrinsic fabric of society of family and religious canadians on tends to dissolve in the modern world and what you get
it's not a masses of people who seem like individuals but i really almost units and a swarm or unit and of average the beyond themselves from which doesn't really have a deep calm and life in other words they're involved in some kind of humanity which alienates themselves with the same time
a nice them
so this is true and lot of mass society might say
and it's also true
of the state before christ as far as polish comes from the condition of sin to be in the old adam to be somehow alienated and somehow fragmented and opposed to other people even though your giant lizards and this condition in the states
and they lost temple and stupid of they could say that people who are having a fight card involve on you're involved with one another they're going to one another they have a certain solidarity they're interested one thing that doing something good it the meeting one another up something that's the kind of unity and that's a caricature and the state before
christ remember where paul talks about the sense of the fish and you expect them to be perhaps a sense of sexual indulgence but a lot of them are separate division record and an opinion as far as a little confusing synonyms for division when you're typing enough the flesh and the flesh of the old state so let's go through that brief inventory
now this situation before christ how first of all it's a solidarity from guidance and but that solidarity and and is based kind for based on the solidarity in the old atom because we're all descendants of a common ancestor who is out of and here it doesn't think so much about adam levy didn't think about to he doesn't think them
but he thinks about the single first individual person as if
somehow that that one where the composite of all and this is typical of patristic nick to and of ancient thinking never abraham and isaac time and israel jacob if you're an israeli like you are jacob it's on my son of jacob you are a couple of common ancestry so the
the pattern it's essential is about it between the one on the money so there's not room for to and as much now there's not room for for the wife for the mother some way that this is interesting also because it's or not a typical expression of our patriarchal thinking or i'm asked can i think which several liga has become
because actually the this solidarity as a lot want to do with the feminine and such an investment alaska
and that's another subject
so the solidarity of all human kind of senators expressed by paul image of the to average one man introduced in doesn't to the world and show in all areas of that men and the condition the human condition of the consequences this nevada cleared off
for us by a man came death by a man has come off for the resurrection of the deaf the first item in the second out of our speculation metrical for for strictly symmetrical to poor point and if we all inherit sand and dust from and that contract original standard which called and traditions and which we've had ever spent and especially in the west and highly developed in the west
it's been a source of a lot of lot of problems in question
the idea of basically everybody is in central state basically everybody's outside of the alienated from god separated until everyone into christ okay now that's something that has carefully have you pondered and of course it's scary subject to isn't because of the question that threatens our whole theological perspective
when we have to try to understand how deeply involved africa
now does a point out that graces with everybody from the beginning that as there's an original sin perhaps the original fault and provisional flower original separation from god so there's an original creation original blessing that's not the fact an original union with god original participation that go
therefore a sin came into the world through one man and districts and so desperate to bomb and because i'll mention could not mentioned in of it's very difficult for us to conceive to think ourselves you know that kind of thinking of them that we all send an atom
and yet it seems to be that that's the way the ancient people thought
such was so intense from dance because or sense of participation that if your father's an efficient
and you'd have to bear the against the penalty for that
you find that customer management oh is that a zico contracts and no not anymore
if the the father's name the father will suffer but the message will pop up again which is developing high christ but none of that the solidarity don't come about secretion agree exists and a creation and as we will create it's about one thing they'd say that's a myth but like other it contains
the reality which is which we can let go of essential for us even though it seems alien to our ordinary was
hmm so going to for both the the jews and gentiles were understand and in the old adam before crush camelot
but out the gospel the whole human rights law both jews and greeks are under the power of simply says i promise to be not
that's really something
and you wonder if he's gone too far as and no wonder it seems that jews were christology sort of becomes so absolute i sort of becomes exclusive and you wonder if there isn't another principal fa just as we said considering everybody descended from adam when they they can eat so it might say here that in creating a crystal
logical vision of salvation the the paul does is it possible that there's another principle the principle of universality of the holy spirit if you're not taking into consideration
this isn't kind of council this and other theology that has to come up and fill us up he says an otherwise of course that the pagans who who are following god's will has a lower than their heart
so it is possible to be righteous without knowing about and therefore without nine crimes
that's impressive
but generally follows this life as dualistic
okay secondly the spirits formerly when you did not know god you are a bondage to beings that financial market you are slaves to the idolatry somehow is it is a slavery to these spirits for not simply not simply an absolute the devils were even all the time that something intimate
yeah but they turned negative when christ comes on i want to try to explain that further husband because they don't understand of much fun and now if we have received not the spirit of the world but the spirit which has from got spirit of the world is his father which which then is stadium is the enemy is the spirit of state but
pixiv it sometimes as one spirit of composers many spirits
enslavement of the spirits of this world and and also to the law judge below get to it so that's an alienation from oneself in subjection to something that's outside world so much funnier if somebody's possess the spirit is inside that the person is outside of himself in the possession is an alienation from nature
you know something seems to be india's if your dwelling in you you have to recognize different levels of that in this it's not really inner it's only psychological some someone
it's not an occupying the deepest spiritual center because no other spirits that god's spirit can get in there
they can live thirty flesh okay we've got a sin
the spirits the other spirits that many spirits or thinking of the once spirit of you look and the flesh and here's where the prepositional thing they in the flesh becomes very strong
so have according to the first set their minds are the things that are bush but those are live according to the spirits of their minds don't think that spirit and one is hostile to the those who are in the flesh he says cannot please god now it's important that you've got to interpret them as you fall into a pit mine because we're all in the flesh but what paul means those who are in this
human condition in which is hostile to god which is contrary to got in which he caused by the
the great texts on a and romans mechanics and angulation
think of is being in the flesh as somehow being in a common condition you don't on average it is an abstraction
i kind of universal time which is an infection how much it's really something concrete and trip to be in the flesh
and so far as we think about it as part of the eleven and for the humanity he one equations of my big wife well one think it's not just an abstraction
but think of that is a unity which is of the same time of fragmentation and division remember romans eight when paul talks about robin seven photos about being divided the flush against the spirit but the flesh itself somehow to be in the flesh as paul speaks of it is most being outside your
center and being divided because whenever you're outside your center your divided divided against yourself you also divided against other because you're on a level of being which is dualistic which is fragmenting which is divisive this level of the flesh and then finally number for there's the law and of course this is what data
but the jews were in an hundred reasonable and he uses that word in about four different chances that goes on and on and on the most of the texture and galatians
philippians president wanted to grab him a little bit of occasions but especially relations and and roman
now before phase can we couldn't work and find under the law kept under restraint and facial different page to be revealed
now the law is not so much something you're part of in that sense it's something you're hundred and to be under it needs to be unafraid to the under it needs to be outside your own center and therefore an unfree subject to do something outside yourself this is an external law and therefore divided within yourself because divided from your own center
and so far as your subordinated to something outside yourself alienation months ago
now before phase game we were confined under the law captain dairy state but now that faith has come we are no longer under a custodian or in christ jesus you are all sons of god through faith for as many observant that were baptized into christ of put on christ is neither jew nor greek there is neither slave nor free there is neither male nor female but
on one in christ jesus the related especially to the jew and greek thing because the law was like a wall between the jews and greeks like a wall around the jewish people
member in ephesians and collisions that spoken up and those times were posts as christ is kind of broken down the dividing while the separation between the two have made you both into one no man
i've got a lot of texture but i'm not trying to pick out to read the
the law of the spirit of life and crashed christ it set me free from the law of sin and death
but you really find the word skating around when you read parlaying about a lot because he'll flip from one meaning at a to another and sometimes uses the metaphor of and sometimes a city has it quite exactly for the jewish law for the torah of our apology
the automatically love is love cooking and he says aggregators it okay humanity and christ now i'll just read your this little summary and then three figures for media
the ways in which if
united states is new york and has expressed christ how difficult activity has brought about a new union this is petsmart no union of the humanity with got comes at a new creation since it has introduced a new mode of existence of the human history in which christ and the christian enjoy as it were a symbiosis symbiosis
a prodigy cheaper kinda work as contemporary work symbiosis means a life together in which at one life that you're living
depending on how intentionally you understand it it's a sharing of life in one way or another you can be sharing the same the very same principle of life where you can just be sharing the road equality the new the medium the activity of life
human being share and there's no live by faith and baptism which incorporated into christ and corporate as that word corpus in it which is body so the body metaphor comes up again and again as the one indispensable metaphor for a symbol for there's no union there's no yana to state antichrist in his church this incorporate
can find a unique expression in the uk for the eucharist his body isn't it
and process because there's one bread where one body
so faith and baptism or the introduction into it
for encouraged you to the and of god's with face for as many as you have been baptized into christ and put on christ
we're running into those prepositions already encouraged use baptized into christ with knockabout
her baptism christian has actually identified with the death burial and resurrection of christ romans six of vs man for especially are the strongest texan on his participation through baptism we were buried there for william
by baptism into death so that is christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father we want to might walk in newness of life for if we have been united with him and just like his which will certainly be united with him in a resurrection like it
the idea is somehow you you're physically planted right into courage and and you die with him in your eyes with him and then follow say that your body is dead after that because you're going on in spirit so he said he uses these big bold faced words and he uses a someone and sometimes i want it seems like a crude way
it's only that we have to understand that he's writing to get the power of this enormous reality of growth and then we have to come along later and try to understand the nuances in the shading

this incorporation and christ as i mentioned before it explained by paths with for prepositions prepositional phrases the first one is through
and that's the beginning as it was through christ this has happened to us the second one had since finalizing a tough times higher than what he does
the second one is
is into we were baptized into his death
he'll say
and baptized into christ as a into that ace a great preposition goes with face in my baptism we believed into him a ziggler were baptized into it now that's the entering it
the third one is sin or with
and were buried with them and we rise with him and we live with them and sometimes for coins there's no word you can find out what especially in robin six months again
the like and sixty a better kind of a celebration of kind of fourth of july or a shooting off all these prepositional phrases and interaction with one another
but here's this as why and this with expression and robin six
first of all
as many as were baptized into jesus christ for baptized into his debts okay those the ace he entered
we were buried with him he adventure a word son at tougher man so now so
one out to we were buried with him kinds of or through baptism into death that we as christ rise from the ted through the glory of the father so we and newness of life and may walk in as have like for we become united with him
in the likeness of his death simcoe toy
it's another similar videos or there and then a little later because the old man or old man has been crucified with him soon as star rosie coins another verb crucified with him
so does the body of send might be destroyed
if we died with christ we believe also that we will live with them says a summit with them the and other words to live a long way
so this units anchors participative thing is so important for parliament of melted words and and fuses together and creates new it
to express the intensity of this reality

and then i could go to a lot of friends is on the body of christ but what i want to stress is that the body of christ is the after another word to this unit of thing as exposure and that other approach to more than that it's a reality which is partly a for apartment symbol and partly sacramento reality
the angles to it is impossible to exhausted from anyone go
i just read a couple of balls expression of numbers
you have died to the last through the body of christ the cup of blessing which reverses that not a participation in the blood approach the bread which we makers it's not a participation in the body of christ and it means that very really
whoever therefore each the bread or drinks the couple devoted and unworthy manner will be guilty of profiling the body and lot of the boy
nobody is the historical body of jesus through the body of christ we guide to the it's the eucharistic body the bread which we break as a participation in the body of christ and finally it's the body of a church that doesn't come out right away and close knit community for years later and media ephesians and collusion
but it does appear in this sense in first corinthians twelve now you are the body of christ and individually members epic doesn't usually church that but he certainly it
to equip the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of christ insufficient that may come from greek sort of idea of the body but i'm not sure it seems to be implicit in typical cup
it's only you and can extracted from
from the thinking of adam and that way of thinking of any of the corporate figures and the old testament now
the patriarchs of time
do you not know that your bodies are members of christ
because there is one bread we weren't many are one body or we all partake of the one bread
an efficient find the churches body the husband is the head on the wife as christ is the head of the church his body
and this happens through the possession of the spirit of christ in baptism we have all been baptized and one spirit of form one body
the phone doesn't turn
didn't start talking about the church right away but he finally does the trick that word church is very rare and the new testament surprising it's mostly important
but forty four times than may be uncontested that as report fifteen time in the visuals and conclusions
as strange that is not an the gospel with the gospels are talking about the life of jesus and projecting life for jesus toy
here's a final summary of asshole
i should say one time other for were talking about paul that's making your pricing and to way to forest also forward to he it's always opposing one thing or another thing and thank you might think that he doesn't want to realizing and does unified for instance
before and after christ and a great division for him the old and and nope jews and gentiles says within the law and those outside on the spirit in the flesh he's been very realistic often grace and nature
christ the church versus this world and the already in the not yet to the average has already common under which we look forward to he's always talking to do a cause you're talking majority of got to that's one of the the few ways of the strongest ways of getting your point across as by contrast
but i think there's a single axis a single duality that runs through all those dualities and that's between the old thing but infinitely old thing there's disperse the whole thing and scattered yields and is fragmented even where it's one and the best thing is united and other news and the widest diversities which are exemplified and what jews and gentiles
i bought together into the one
so it's largely a matter of the before the after and the dualities do they disappear there overcome somehow they've transcended and this new reality which is the body of christ
maher says a pause great contribution to christian theology is the idea of the unity of these believers in one body that is in the church
now that one body his body of christ church gilchrist

and they require actually for we wind up for
china's gonna dry and presenting at this point there's sort of one great idea that you've got all these the departments of it
sees the christ mystery anjana to turn beginning with a participative consciousness which is typical of ancient peoples a typical and it's not only of israel they've got a before a narrow channel participation not a cosmic vision but a vision of
unity's somehow through the action of god and through the creation by active a particular people with its second level realities like the passover meal in song
he sees them the gospel and the word of the cross and a pastoral ministry of jesus death and resurrection of breakthrough into a new unity and non duality in christ which potentially joins all the diversity of the peoples of the world and one communion in christ as your state one hundred and sometimes in the body of christ in the church
okay so now our pass on paul to mark
before we do that
i wanted to record your mind this idea of the forecast product as
ha saturn
i'm really surprised bars
but that here
look of here
last on one of your hand remember it's h a on the first page over the left and we contrasted i think those qualities and because of the for gospel
as we go into talking about the guys close actually
i'd encourage you to consider them in this life and it's very accommodating up to take not exactly parallel parking sometimes they can pile up by for gospel friendships that the passionate accountants an all photographs of isn't even a job and basically it's the same was as you've got different countries
oh for program the trial users in and job and yet the basic core it is enough to stay you can compare passages like that and see what each of angeles is doing and this is not just over to call it's not just an academic exercise it's not just a
technical exercise but actually something of that and that's the thesis here that there is a figure to the christ minister which manifests itself also in the diversity of the gospel and in the very fact that they're being for gospel
remember we are kind of therapy which the word is over here on the wisdom of that the spirit is over here the father or gotten himself or the ultimate units of reality the absolute your spirit in here
went down early of the creation of that kind of offering earth that we as humanity of the body you have especially the material of you know how our participation
now is that reflected in for gospel well i propose that and it is that the darkness avail nature artifacts of is somehow an expression of that
they have mentioned in the creation which divine mysteries are within unseen and good to hear that
that and yeah stuff and we have the divine mystery eighty eight aiming our host continually and how stronger
in john's gospel in the light is just beyond the light shining how to geez where whereas market only shines out of the transfiguration i'm speaking metaphorically about canada the bullet explicit and he's a word of god and the word of god and the light to enter the world or anything else has been given them was a market on the kind of gras
actually percolates through
in matthew what we have is jesus preference presented as as the wisdom of god and someone you don't have to have me believe that but with the other also turning point that much more that way but at these cases as a teacher as with moses as the one of the presumption new revelation and teaching and new instruction
creates a new church which is to distribute that teaching like life and new love and it look we have something else and look we have a movement
the spirit in the life of jesus even in the perception of you even in the infancy narratives i might say especially because that's protest looks on material fees added that scope to the of the gospel it comes from mark
right up through the internet through the absolutely possible because is kind of gospel of the holy spirit
so if there really is that contrast between word and spirit upgrade and now what i propose is that with that in the background that you look at the gospels and find passages which in some way correspond to what i said it may not have to be exact parallel cause
wedding cakes with our exact url in the form of you could find an increasing number of this research that for what i mean is how does each gospel big man what's the prologue of each best phone and how does is best for and once the for the epilogue of your festival and it gets kind of follow but the prologue of each festival as well mark began
very simply give you a title which as the jesus son of god that could potentially give you this this wilderness are check the one person one through fifteen they started moment relatives jesus comes to gets better
and it's it's almost as if the first pole therefore of mark's gospel the first thing he plants his a revelation in which is kind of didn't video revelation in the that vehicle cues
if you're go matthew what do you find you find a genealogy and then you find on infancy the counterculture but the empathy gap is america concerns joseph strength instead of merit and book you've got married in your gut saccharine extracted from the technology journalism and here cause
it is effect and a whole different flavors and you have happened kind a story about with here and then he recalled the joseph reflects the joseph of the old testament
joseph who took the israelites down into egypt for the moment
it was sort of the the caretaker of israeli passport the joseph who himself was told
and you begin to wonder if the beginning of that story just doesn't have something to do with the end of the gospel church with one jesus itself is to that's another another point and joseph as a wisdom thicket joseph is the one who understands dream is the and joseph and the nutrisystem is the one who has been
and because of the thing that he follows follows the advantage of this period and discourage other country
so joseph is the is a wise man prototype know and matthew is introduced credit the outset of his gospel music that personality just work can help you to read the rest of the gospel to make explicit would prevent what is it possible
and then the book
we've got another reference he had to work with the women and with the action of the holy spirit accent and again and again and again
number bread how the holy spirit couple of the annunciation and at the visitation
elizabeth was filming of the notice period it's not
and simeon and anna of a semiotic was have driven by the holy spirit of the the temple
and so on metabolism thing but the shape of this figure comes out there again and again and then what do we gotta tell me that the prologue and then the prologue you start out but then the beginning with the word this beginning before the beginning of genesis before the beginning of creation and the beginning was the word the world
with that it was the blazes outta right away his ultimate reality it's absolute spirit is
other comparison you can make his day the beginning of the public ministry of jesus the public appearance of users and the four gospels setting aside the bathroom and marked as it goes into designing i guess how the been
what do we understand what out about and better sort of a national map right which is a great revelation of teaching
the can see is an enormous
collection of jesus saying
numbers if manifested as teacher there's wisdom and what have you got and luke's gospel and the beginning of the public appearance you consider the synagogue okay like a mark but look as though she pushed back the exorcism he wants to put something else have fun of it and nobody the synagogue not an components and said nazareth and what happened
they gave them a scroll or a an economy and getting this girl is a magnificent thing and he read from isaiah the spirit of the voters the primary because i didn't mean to give ten goodness to the poor and the reason i texted by dynamics withstanding says that it in the scriptures for building here magnificent thing that known as the accent on the
spirit he anointed and the spirit so that's the that's the beginning have been marches as guess how to deal with and casting out a demon is a negative preparation for giving it a spiritual as well in this is pouch from auschwitz museum in person
and then look we have this one who has a with the spirits and sensors messiah christ this is one is going to pass on us but it was going on at night on i'd others so that's the great good know the good news is not just as preaching that's that's the spirit that a breakthrough in a minute and refused to best not and what do we have been john's gospel i got the wedding purse briefcase
i remember
where the water is turned into wine and the man and women are brought together and somehow that or mystery of god out of the visit a symbolic epiphany there which brings everything together
and which
he's a lunatic revelation that could because the meaning of the wedding was young and it's not just union of a man or woman it's young him of humanity and the creation myth gut
presented in a full course right to begin to countries a public appearances
i'm other price you can compare it with this the center if you can decide if there is a shape to gospels any kind of a comparative or parallel shape of the gospel manage one's going to have a shepherd and see what you think is the center and into the four gospels and another thing because i began the resurrection narrative that there's very interesting to compare them
what happens at the end of the gospel of jesus comes back after that
what does it look like
now this is a kind of exercise that one can do it again and again and again of years to life by the deepens and enriches for you but i think equity to do it you may be persuaded graduated that a consistent pattern margin and then be really see for tendencies manifesto for that
i shouldn't give you a much longer but let's get a start and market a total anyway revenant march gospel is the first gospel historically speaking the first to be written it's not a market vents the word gospel but it means the
first time and then i made a gospel is used begins to be used for a book number one paul uses the term gospel yeah means his message for he preacher the content of his preaching
what marcuse it is against the the book itself
this a fairly recent discovery the park was the first culture to be written and he was almost ignored for about two thousand and nobody cared much about reading our st augustine so that he was on a year on a kind of did a reader's digest version of masculine anyway show might have read matthew i get a whole story up until the new lectionary i don't think there were a
the ratings remark at all
yeah a whole life ask the obvious that the one who gives the teaching so that's natural for the church that the book of the church with they were to be as an auctioneer and mark was really came up short but now they've introduced page and see now the park is recognized as the first gospel to you it because of the historical critical mentality today becomes an extremely important in a sense
he becomes more interesting than the others you get back to the beginning with mark here are you finding out what what's at the root of gospel that's what historical traditions and was interested in
so there's a whole bunch of literature on the gospel of mark the test hundred years mark traditional i wish to be associated with peter peter scribe of peter's secretary or interpreter or whatever you want to call it
that comes from the second century according to the harrington than a year
new jerome
mark's gospel was likely composed and wrong course there are different
different proposals for that and between sixty and seventy eight day before the destruction of the temple in an atmosphere of bending persecution both and charisma and wrong and for the trouble is and rebellions in the holy land of course when threatened also in the lead britain
martin a strike you as being crude
and often he was spoken others being naive and simple-minded time but has austin pharaoh puts that is systematically enigmatic that is does a great subtlety and what mark is doing
even though is i suppose it's greek has not seen you the most sophisticated sound like look and he seems to rush of on often and this to the blurting things out and then rushing onto the next thing putting an awkward repeated phrases like that used to it immediately res eighty put children defeat
he had no time to stop and ponder who elaborated shape and yet we'll see that there is great subtlety and what markets do i and also there's a lot of parallelism again and relationship between different scenes and a lot of the meaning of march cause for deep meaning comes out to and getting to see this especially when we talk about the baptismal name
a park
we have that video by the way of alec mccowen reading mark is an actor who would who does mark as a continuous reading a little dramatization we can play it sometimes you're interested we shouted a your time on the other mark cliff

the it's labeled h ten
you got a whole bunch of different kind of course have actual approaches to mars how this was made during basic their revised a little out that was made to a high class on park so they were going going into mark i'm run talks a lot more expensive that's the excuse for here of course of a lot of this would just be a distraction and i recommend that you
it it and then we're just going to touch on a few of these we don't have time to
two guys with about was like getting into a whole list of names the
we'll go through the structure of time the wilderness theology
and the baptismal
context of park
hospital as those who seem to be daytime
those last two anyway structure and the baptismal seem to be the quickest route into a united vision of march
something about the structure of mark you've gotta figure of mark's gospel on that h eight and are watching and okay over on the right
symmetrical structure of mark's gospel
i got that from than here source book which i can't find us you get it out of the vibrant
but that's the essential structure five parts and then for hinges and between us by park

the first part is the wilderness and that's chapter one verses to to thirteen including the baptism of jesus the final part has been to chapter fifteen or just about sixteen one eight inch snow remember we're we're not taking the vs a mark sixteen
after first aid is being in the original text those rare edition for a lot of speech so we're taking off a rigorous perspective here
and the wilderness and tone episodes or parts are connected as well she will return to that baptism
now those it took quite short portion something each one is less than
thirteen person however the march to and for the other matching are symmetrical parts are enormous relatives for it to the gallery ministry of jesus is practically the first mark's gospel and part for his practically the second half of mark's gospel of thing so the
bulk of the text is and asked her
and the intervening part three which we've put in the center on the way is the journey of jesus from galilee to deliver to to the average elizabeth
during which time in teaching his disciples and that part is very central to mark for example to the meaning of park and it's very sharply distinguished from the other two and i see those hinges hinge to an inch three are on two sides
of that court vacancy and they mark market off from the other parts required to and for now those two hinges are symmetrical scenes there like to guardian figures alongside of temporal the and ancient time and there were to apply my purchase you
the first one
there's no one would takes out of town and number and makes client that united ireland so to two-phase job
and he said well you see it as i see what men but they were by trees work
and took like trees working and what's the central portion of marked as being introduced it is the way of the crowds much minutes about so this journey this journey and the teaching of the teaching of the tree teaching them the way of the which jesus much to go to his disciples who don't understand it at all it is the is a theme of that central portion
the other blind man is bartimaeus on the road to jericho i'm sitting there sitting on top of jericho against and because our son of david as at adverse family and when jesus calls on the keeps up close off his class and quota and follow jesus and the obvious he does that every year which is a whole different
a whole different expression and in between you've got this teaching on the cross which will happen
you've got to hand out which has two columns in that age eleven
address from stocks for the message and the message of park
he's taken actually from a couple of different pages that you can sleep on what he's doing is contrast in these two locations which are it was really competitive the two sides to great part of mark's gospel the pocket calculator the part of the regular but galileo jerusalem or contrasts that also
so theologically and mark's gospel
oh my word
he's a danish with them shall we
the congress we can go the and it's kind of jerusalem is unmistakable galilee is the place of reception of jesus and his message jerusalem is the place of rejection
and this is paradoxical because galilean place from another noses and i it's the place where judaism has gone corrupt were taking people in the planet of the most of the jews were that the law was the unknown or not okay that's where you find the heretics in a frenzy of people were jerusalem business
ronald with the roof where the chief preacher of the greatest described as age of what what's the capital of the law and just got posters delivered it's the same that we find with when jews and gentiles upon the joseph people who never listen here with and client word that an advisor was a lot of people have along with people that
you received about that's good about injuries to heal the people over here and galilee and i would not receive on of last for food in the way i have only a corrupted come down version of the teaching of the vote of the word of god
their life as it was to the as
i don't want to give too much photos to the trinitarian perspective but it's something that which was really keep them evacuated on the weapons
as dramatic i as galileo jerusalem islamic perspective to the notions of countryside and city so country there's a city proliferate vs center provincial vs capital many synagogues vs one temper so get the idea is another circle in which
yeah but is now gear on the body and to visit the sample
us if we have the same leverage to time galileo your little on top of you
because it looks behind the galilee jerusalem dialect it was the your gentile dialectic option
nowadays the budget with the jesuit mission for the gentiles and so jesus will minister to the terms as president of a lot of by spread in speculated one of the motivations of them by jesus was to a large the gentile audience credit
there is also the place where the scratch repairs in her own and your home and whether or not she learned all the jerusalem and not at fault in a gallery
the bushes where jesus punch followers of delhi but versus the pleasures which is as bunch opponents from the opposes into tourism you find this not only apart on the other gospels remember the battles of jesus as of jobs pass from with the chief priests and scribes and pharisees inclusion and the bitter language also on the part of jersey
it's also an apple special
when jesus appears in gallery the adversaries come from jerusalem it not to check up on the then i'll take the credit
when jesus was arrested in tourism the words of the hype is may certainly you're one of them that you are gonna in no witness for the opposition between the two
the galilean would be somebody the a redneck possible
despite the law is concerned
when that galilee is a bunch of adjustment okay oh and his visit the teamsters so what does it mean it almost points out to the whole world almost service
use in a eco was going to be everywhere
i'm exaggerating someone
the gallery has this big symbolic visions that pointed to the gentiles and points out of the to to the whole world this jerusalem as the center which is uncensored yourself which is somehow disqualified itself but not recognize jesus
so then he's got these two columns
organizers was graphically
and you can a job and shove an interesting but i watch important is to keep fish in the vacuum and my movie keeps us nearby twentieth reunion want to seem to what extent be verified and what am i mean ultimately what we're interested in ultimately meaningless
that puts the hundred the services of the people who receive the word of god becoming one servers at the same time are just on the edge of becoming outside
by somehow rejecting the spirit favorite
or grasping the where possessing the word and in so far as they become properties and possessors of the word the proprietors of the word they've lost the spirit of squeezed out the script and they cannot recognize or where to shop for the country with jesus comes out that were those western not going to be on my gospel

so we've got it a symmetrical and structure here and the parallel to our mandela before i've already pointed murder
i should say something about what what's the meaning of this dish geometry when i find this kind of thing
does it mean that the evangelist hesitation for neatness or that ancient people always make circles or most things your children
they didn't like and hanging out or maybe that a parchment was expensive and so you may as well i can do something artistic you by your writing a narrative
all about it may be true this are them but more important
while earnings to remember things okay it's easier to remember that if you put it into some kind of bored if you put them in some kind of so much because they even by the africa and in an ancient greece and rounded up that forwards and backwards and the made money from the beginning to the and back to the beginning soft network yesterday someone new of argument portman
nice things you remember next way but beyond that remember leadership challenge structures are often apartment in preparation
in the circle a natural soldiers and patch simple that begins to mesmerize you and transfer credits or something to be honest
and begins to be a place which is almost certainly needs to be a pleasure to be trusted him now amount of ether is one of those figures that expresses somehow everything one in one part she was to and close or to open to the gym
and i even make are cemetery not include a convention february but you also referred american community
yes i'm tempted to be together by the universe out of explicitly for dimension of the cardinal sacred mountain project
the other question of which of course of the growth of christianity and the article of a metallic form as the number now when we we integrated the geometrical figure like that a symmetrical figure like average closed in which has a separate your beginning somehow to represent something in a third demands
a new beginning to represent debt
how do we think my debt
ah but i mean is a plane of existence of being in which things are coming together the mere fact of beginning to believe that you can represent everything in a circle if you could represent edit everything seven have i figured it wasn't a native america to do nothing that is that make a sandra or something like that
to tibetan buddhist like a sad thing but somehow represent told me out but when they go to a natural in and symmetrical and and national and been abandoned with across and circle with it cross on circle the circle and square
because the symmetrical pigments are the tempo figure just naturally begins to represent a third dimension which is inclusive or which is a miniature which is sacred urges divine of your electricity an ancient peoples know spontaneously
whereas we come up on a desert surprising this company
she such convention for you but cheap and it's natural for the gospel writers to do the same thing
because they see the ministry of jesus and pressure books by something that just runs a long time time and effort on thing after another and then they have this a different dimension of this of officials that something has happened which is pulled the whole of reality around mitchell nether regions like that like something has fallen into this
plane of existence from another plane of existence so that the whole of this reality is gathered and and are expected to become a center and service naturally to represent natural represent that event that centering of them in the cemetery in around much something around the central and to try to express
that shaped through their center and its relationship to the outside the periphery
ah the relationship of that reality to the road it's coming to
so instead of working have been not even going to coach figured in our cemetery and something that relates directly to the sacramento participation or this new image and reality and their point of energy and therefore once you enter the temple into chemistry
so this idea of sacred geometry penetrates you didn't even into the writing of the history of the writing on a narrative which is no longer just what the age there's always the second level to have to read about to levels the level of narrative and then another level in college a symbolic level going to symbolic level which is all
so somehow expressing itself in a geometry and we propose that there is a fundamental geometry to this mystery of christ which is mandelic or which is the figure of the crotch
okay we can actually been more time today so next time i pick up with that an iguana talk about the structure and and the wilderness theology and and most spent much time in the baptismal covenant mark which really closer together
there is another structured from our customers are tired of by humphrey price please visit he just got a nine parts factory
please been remember the art in heaven a to cheer your j g clear the year and then get more pages the that unfortunately because we had bought an art because you have i participate or painting
and interesting service and have created much more likely to find them each of the hinges as so something to its arab as much special because you suspect that hindus are are the key to interpretation of on ask a special little passion
i mentioned one yesterday which is the parallel of the killing to become an actress get coverage banquet with your writing for jesus' primary effect me i had another advantage of as percent
some people we're gone
glory be to the father into the sound of the whole experience as it was even is now and thirty shot of the world about them