Awakening Self in the English Romantic Poets

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Part of "The Awakening Self: The New Testament and the Poets" retreat.

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calendar have we've been doing this re-emergence of the person than the english romantic poet by a paradise for having not having my poetry here i a little bit of try and an indigestible good at like which is better a reminder don't have had
and there isn't any from encourage even i'm going to talk about courage because he has been advertising and drones
share and carbon reader to the americans who have an arab country that much time with a couple of pay anybody wants to read
and to rely on the first paycheck
the first term average me on that english romantic to protect back on a that training run they did not corruption machine
because i had
have you tried very hard because i when i read her
the remote bananas we have a good yeah you can have here this mystery and that i was fishing around for a roommate than an awakening and you're a professional a chemical caravan you know really that's what he does very much it is a kind of thing yeah
but i guess this been have now is nightmares me
this is not the or enjoying
now check on a convention or satin know i'm not
can't panic

because i know a guy her comic year in crimea from inside the frame a simple truth and work from right
what our current
right right turn to one there working and
night sky or it's really a crowd of entered the on cash from it
yes now they are you i sell by sarah brightman building a high
the human in time and universe group from is not is and universe and i'm
that this that he talking about when they heard the ring of authenticity toward a genuine and spiritual experience and you'll find a lot of the like a sufi poet and which is good for opening up our windows and opening up our world because the holy period is not confined holy spirit of not that much
i'm not afraid to to dwell on to turn to speak and act anywhere and action every tradition i believe
that has a particular cook the acting and the christian tradition i think if a commenter and that to one hundred and everything because we haven't heard of such an average botanic and after that had to go through a very fine art of us are very fine needle i and there's a big crushing at the person under a kind of theology that didn't permit made from the person to breathe said
the poetic and it just might come out like a volcano glaring at top which it doesn't break in which it does and the other romantics as well and and the moderators polish the phone
and second and is there's little similar rubbish from much say image from the have a
turkey and the other her this is a persian thirteenth century
anybody want to make nothing
a one-day excitement i have just to share and wish i could show you
and cats like them
i wish i could show you more like that
the astonishing one
that's the solar being a shallow person well as well you hear something like or equipment to but here it has a an immediacy and a naturalness
then very hard to find an american tradition
then there are a couple by age was a different kind of character and picnic and who have a great post christian poet million irishman who
who himself as a peculiar kind of nice machine pickering and mistress and and this is what i recall kind of example of his mistresses actually does to earn that collection that a rag and bone check in the heart right at the end of the book glycine that and the other efforts the other edited this you know every age because they start with him and they had with them and
and he comes up everywhere that for to wonderful collection of poetry
i am content to follow to a church every event an action or and the measure the that forgive myself for that when such as i cast out be merged with greatest weakness closer to the breast much laugh and we must think we are blessed by a weakening everything they looked upon it's work
how i became from an adjustment the only figures it's gonna make us if the tells yeah that it said volcanic thing the volcanic self realization of the posting person bursting through independently at every religious tradition and then every beliefs
seemingly and asserting its open and notice writing itself been answered a certain final realization some strange thing with narrative and the other one a similar to it
why why we
back lengthen
i fiftieth year at coming up i sat dark haired in a crowded market out an elephant left an empty cup like marble head
while i'm in shock and quit acting like that
and twenty minute more it in the brain and happy that i was flat and put black
i just like like to find a teaspoonful of that of to or snowy
because there's always a kind of i don't know a little neurotic fog and t s eliot from her mother that he can't make that affirmation the thing can't break through and it's made 'em it can't really fly
i suppose that's simply what you'd call lyricism photos nourishes and what does a praise but is the exaltation the exaltation which and motherboard is touch talking about itself does writing about a tenth as if the flame or hall is if that peculiar experience which is also an action and creative action which was
as if that were sufficient unto itself in some way and then suddenly it was and it has to be it has to be an engineer who has to be spoken that economic gets her all certain like clockwork and especially name yeah he got closer to what i think okay there's always a kind of pensive miss the kind of picture
there's always turned to look at terminal
and joke or informal yeah and the and family and like a like a friend and that sometimes like an incantation rather than an exaltation okay
no i certainly the lyricism is there when it's very it doesn't have the freedom and almost should say the the autonomous impulse is gonna call violence but it doesn't have that thruster that you find here which had one of the nice wonderful things in niche a fire and road for one thing gets that
started working with that idea that product of he gets ball
yes and it's it's very useful as you say formal in a way it's very it's a homepage or call it a symmetrical composition where things gradually arrive at a kind of blowing perfection okay but it doesn't have a pet
whatever you want to call it that you find them an edge war and blake working in stevens
okay a little one story could we were talking about backing towards the original mystery come up with your original right company and backing out of objectification and into participation contribute back into a trinity which has engaged with you and then you left behind that into a kind of pets
barnaby across jr and and everything disappears and conversion is the simple experience with the first moment it's a big vacuum initiation that's those stages of movement towards them well here i think we traced in history something similar as but we're moving forward okay we're looking forward and this emergence of the person has happening
something happening in the twelfth century about the emergence of the for and got heloise and abelard and whole thing the beginning of the kind of human reason which is challenging the sacred canon the thirteenth century the washington township point human reason stands alongside revelation almost in some way as an equal to work
and then you've got the renaissance they've got the protestant reformation and you've got to enlightenment and romanticism of up with alongside then you've got honor one and each time the center of this is something about the human person which is emerging a very often and it's subjective experience that one moment it's human reason
i understand this i see this the galileo flinch not you know them i can't say that i don't see this matter what you tell me no matter what is in the book i see this i understand this this truth i know or in luthor you and this i believe so
what it can be personal experience as in the romantic poets which will speak which claims a certain sovereignty claims a certain absolute national novel which new it has to be headed into other things but in itself it does have an authority in itself it does have an attribute that it has to be in conversation with the other moments the other dimensions of canada pipe
i'm so when you get like to the nineteenth and twentieth century you get a portrait about poetry
why is poetry about poetry at that point why his poetry interesting why because what with a poetry actually is or what that imagination and actually israel that experiences is the emergence of the human self itself is the perception of what a human being actually good at least from one x one point
to do and that point of view a point of view of personal experience know which are kind of interiority kind of interior experience so it's worth listening to
poetry about poetry pure poetry and song sound ridiculous and often it was ridiculous when it becomes a way to go a vehicle for the subjectivity that locked into itself a solipsism exposure to say
but it has a meaning for resident of prophetic meaning it has a unique kind of a revelation and summer and it helps us to get in kindled once i got to touch them to find the same place the same level of his name's park and sat herself
i've got to books that i want to return to you for the the english poets and the american porch the one of the english poets with vista madam new book at all the mirror and the lamp by him a chamber and the the title says it all actually
the other one is roy have it with the continuity of american poetry which has i guess tomorrow pump
abrams fines from say the eighteenth century into the romantic movement it's a change and a metaphor for poetry or for imagination for what's happening it and the change basically is when the image of mirror to the image of a lamp and now i'm
mirror reflects doesn't matter she idea limitation and that that are in some way should be a playful limitation of nature
the other image the image of the arabia the lamp was with the pilot actually is putting something into nature something is coming out of the mind something is coming out of the human person so this is the point at which grew activity takes on a different meaning doesn't like the kind of which raised them to a different key yeah
yeah creativity the idea of imagination because it begins to say something about the person
something like can very important that the person is essentially somehow a fountain the person is essentially a lamp
the book about the copernican revolution that metaphor a little later
one metaphor according to abraham to compares the mind to a reflective of external objects the other two a radiant projector which makes your contribution to the objects that proceed radio projection is pretty cool technical sounding language the image of the lab as much margaret than than the to great images
is or the lamp or the fountain the person night was a mirror but for mine that as a lamp was a phantom stranger in a those images are in platonic put tennis is lurking behind all of this way back from two hundred id not played so much as plotline planet she says that plato was on the side of the mirror
image of the imagination and consequently with our town but dinosaur was on the side of the font talk person and as he continued creation and god that kind of emanation kind of outpouring of abundance for the same thing is implicit in his idea of human imagination
now we talked about christian and i'm going to crush the event as being a liberation of the human person from the old cosmic order member
the liberation of the human person from the old cosmic order so that you are not subject to some fixed universe outside yourself that you are a principle of newness in the universe you are a transformative principal in the universe the human person as it work is the the the light of newness the light of transformation
the fire of new creation in the world this according to that is what would try springs into the world won't garfield thinks that way to i really like it's true if you're read galatians you read the new testament report that's what you get you are liberated from the old order from the poorer
simple elements of the world and other polls because
and here's something else you something else in this world and suppose your peculiar gift the thing that you really have to give and it's not just her that is known as suppose what you have to give you something that comes out of the darkness comes in different light is to make something out of nothing suppose that's what you
have to contribute
and i think that's true
but we get kind of humiliated out that i shouldn't cocaine that's true even in simple ways i'm just smiling are just changing throwing a switch and changing our mood inside okay instead of being a bed that into good day to the date because i'm alive it's no simple things between faith and hope and lot but it's
also in bringing something into existence in the world outside of response and changing something
now that's the gift of the west i think okay if you compare eastern spirituality with western spirituality and with christian spirituality this is what christian spirituality dodgers to change the world mr set the world on fire and somewhere and the individual moving and some kind of historical
some kind of historical way someone and historical moment
and of course the new testament of named for that that make historical movement that new creation so you a picture the creative act as the poets to it that's just a particle mr sparkle that new creation i think that's not even when it pops up in a purely secular way
we're sharing myself
rhetoric and color it's unity about the same on this idea of imagination the only thing is a for coloriage imagination is uppermost and for wordsworth nature is over thirteen
you ever take back towards their on
on the imagination on a poetic thing and a on your program she appeared from colorado a bit regretted putting that very heavy rotation right smack mattress would regain a good flick
but he can say is a that poetic act of committing a i could put together everything and of being allergic kind of exciting idea truth
if union the union of the person of the integrity of the integration of the person the pulling together with the whole person and creation happened at the same time if unity is essentially creative and if creativity creation is essentially unit at him
that would be important couldn't
just something to keep in mind that kind of hypothesis that got a possibility as we go on
civita he doesn't know kind of a ponderous way
as he goes through imbalance in one opposite off against another
general with the concrete the idea with the image and the individual individual with a representative novelty and freshness with urban familiar more than usual state of emotion and more than usual auto judgment
when enthusiasm
and so on natural and artificial
i get the idea and the and checking like this which was the balance of opposites against a reconciliation of opposites in this act but the reconciliation of say emotion and order is not just that but it's an act of the whole person okay
for a new testament motivated say it's love that does it
that it's love that for the whole person together and that but remember the great commandment of love and hear o israel the lord your god is one and then the commandment of the double commandment of globe
neither spread of the copernican revolution abrams springs this has book i'm talking about maybe not quite casually when he talks about the movement from the mirror image to the lamp image
copernican revolution of course in astronomy which one which is protected the university of being centered around the earth when we begin to think of it as our solar system is rotating around the santa okay that change in perspective
and what we're talking about here at this change in thinking it is from thinking of ourselves as being somehow stuck or imprisoned in some kind of fixed order to or conceiving of ourselves as some kind of center in the universe from which the universe takes on a no big okay from the mirror
to the lamp
from the enter the passive reflector to the active transformer
and that's where these two metaphors have a son or a fountain war the combination of both the fountain of life a fountain of life excuse me come in from the diners
remember richard tarnished
focused a lot in his book for passion is a western mind on the copernican revolution because he sees that as the moment in western history in which the whole way of thinking turns over
and it turns over from are being in an external order to are being actually somehow autonomous and created and somehow at the center of things so the things rotate around us seems strange because it looks like the opposite of course doesn't because a trust when we're considering the earth to be at the shutter wish
end of the epicenter
but suppose we identify with the son suppose we no longer identify with the earth but we not apply with the sun and when she the solar system of finance rotating around with them
i think that's what's happening i think that's with that metaphor copernican revolution expressive so he would speak of that are being liberated from the cosmic room from the container from the enclosure and the fixed universe and people have fun in that way from the thousands and thousands and thousands of years the is as
there and it's got a certain structure okay and it's a hierarchical structures so one thing as on top of another and you are here and your life and what can happen with you is determined by that structure by ascending the different grades of the latter for this
in contemplation or in any way in the social way perhaps he can move
and the copernican revolution the about the time when a human person is emerging and is emerging into its place into a central place in the animal the human person is learning that it's able somehow that it had this solar position it has some it has this light and this energy within it which somehow this load of the universe
that's what's happening it's a tremendous revolution
it's a little bit like growing up the to little bit like moving from childhood to adulthood
and later on just recently turner i listen to a tape of vision which he says well the left came out in my mind when i read something and came on that it's the movement from identification with the mother to identification with this fun mother earth
and somehow they the infants and non differentiation from the mother and move on that to autonomy which is solar which is knowing that one has the sun inside oneself okay
that lamp that fountain where the sun itself the copernican revolution to a very clever idea if you if you hang onto it and think about from time to time
it as
a theological implications when reconnected with the new testament if you take that idea and related to the letter to the galatians if you were led by the hand before you were subjects of an order outside yourself
now in galatians paul talks about the law doesn't he is being that external border is speaking as a judge but it is fighting those deodorizers and other place which he will speak of a simply is being the poor elements of the world the the structure of the world which now has been has been rendered as it were what about inoperative you been
freed from you have been freed from it and you had this principle inside yourself which is somehow master of the universe which he calls the holy spirit
that divine fire which is inside your skull
hey now that's the thing that's the thing to do on that change
and so we find it in a new testament and then we find it somehow disappearing and what happened to remember
you begin to get a structure to christianity which somehow begins to be to take on that fixity can take on and happiness and to become a container just like old cosmic order with the container okay the church or this vantage point becomes a container just like that and the church becomes a mother is perfect and so what happened
why is that the that this particular poetic revolution didn't happen until one it did happen why did it come out of a protestant tradition of puzzled about that via suppose it's because the individual breaking through the individual copernican revolution couldn't happen in the gas
a traditional because catholics were too much implanted in that order with the church and medieval times i wonder if that was q i think probably it was i think the collective culture the collective consciousness had to strong a whole and the catholic middle ages for that that happen so that it could be actual cathartic
and revolution the movement to a heliocentric universe of solar system and this change of consciousness and this emergence of the individual the bigger political archetype of copernican revolution happened around the same time and around the time of the position of information afterwards
so my mattresses and estimate it seems to be a phenomenon of the protestant countries into the northern country especially you think of england and
england and germany
so are catholic
contra or catholic tradition and sunlife
and suddenly doesn't let us go
until we find somehow somehow and some kind of don't you go the distance or autonomy or living a letter regulations over again or something like that in order to discover that interiority the mix domestic mounted spontaneously by grace by some touch from on high by lightning stroke we are
i may have to work at it more laborious me but when we find it and we find a the catholicism or a catholicity which is without limits
when you find that solar core within yourself that life and energy i think we find a connection with everything
such as the contention that we spoke with those we've got them
make up a little more about this eighteen nineteen century time that time of the romantic movement
i just notice will arrive about it about three things are happening there at the same time one thing as the time of revolution isn't the time of the american revolution the french revolution so the human person somehow is bursting out on the political level on the very practical down to earth level of government and politics
and human freedom in the world looking you might say here right in the and the external life of society that the same times for time of the enlightenment isn't enlightenment which we may think of its kind of an empire impoverishment and as such because human reason we become so job and become so
and tennis breaks out every other way of knowing every other criteria and yeah that too is a breaking out of the human person over here and i'm the dimension of the line on the man of reason okay it's also a pushing out of the limits of the human person and it's a self possession of
the human person
cause that exalting of reason is real and exalting of the person the politik political to once a so powerful it becomes one it gets her with specials and then we have romanticism which as a literary and artistic and aesthetic movement is really over here that we've been talking about an apology thing
so that you have a of pushing out as it were an explosion and emergence of the freshmen in each of those directions
you don't find anything similar here i don't think and that purely spiritual direction but which is back there somewhere but the tightest gets transformed i think by the time he appears in this literature and and which you'll find his botanists new of imagination of the dinosaur are contributing to
that your imagination because this somehow has been become identified with the old order
and the woman that is into the world and so instead of the contemplative intellect instead of the news for greeks or the intellect that of a planet but you have the of imagination which is moving into the world and create and which is rather than being receptive is active
i think actually
what we might consider to be here to correspond to the point actually is the self itself okay which has gone to gradually emerge the self the invisible core of the human person corresponding and the trinity to the father or to to god about head to the source that which is not itself manipur
but as manifest truly other things and it's that center of self possession you might say there's not just the ego it's something different something deeper this copernican revolution is putting the human person in touch with something deeper than the diego and easily the ego gets identified with it doesn't dissociate itself gets inflated the netherlands with cheaper
it's the south and young youngster
take a look at what we've gotta play care

the first you have gotten a part of the marriage of heaven and hell i didn't come
covered with that title america should have a certain movement as suggested by that title with the marriage of heaven and hell when this was revolutionary time and lake is a different kind of revolutionary but he's sympathetic with the political revolution
somebody wrote a book about like called profit against empire okay so the romantic movement goes along with the revolutionary movement just the emergence of the human person and the sympathy for the residents with that that throbbing human person which is coming for him
he turned everything upside down show verse the devil is the voice of truth but someone can notice however all bibles are sacred codes and the causes of the following errors it's like when emerson says well we have to write our own body
i mean it's it's it's preposterous this turning things upside down and putting it the human person in the center of saying when the bible for the that what i tell you allege and okay that's preposterous and he's got his tongue in cheek when he doesn't okay as comes out from time to time but it represents this new sense of personal authority
cause with the five following errors that man has to really existing principles of audience members financial were divided
the energy from evil was alone from the body and that reason for a good as a launch from the show i think you get to clear hemisphere if it's bank well
so as they were our spirits and reason have been called good body and energy and then called evil
split this like that to hemisphere
and our tradition has been very much in that way it's been a tradition of the word and our tradition of a rational theology and it's been a tradition of a transcendent god okay and so what been excluded or like or forgotten is the principle of the spirit the dynamic principal experimental continue and the eminent
and the cosmic was the battling okay so most of our revolution as hundred years or two hundred years and then about putting all this comes back together again or even turning it upside down and like sometimes you need to do
so he's vindicating the body and he's vindicating energy
there's a revolution there's also an integration isn't it
there's a revolution but also an integration it sounds very violent but what he's really after is this we get it all together again the human person seems to have a some kind of intrinsic integrity formless that demands to be as assertive and to be asserted that demands that all of these things be realized matter
only reason for the also feeling
not only the divine not only the spiritual but also the bottle and
somehow the human person and breaking show is demanding connections that it's essential form the respected if we can speak at that it's essential fullness this essential integrity be given room made spatial and so it breaks up violently breaks out of the other containers there's blake is going here
energy is eternal delight
that's a good decision for the poet and i think his this aesthetic my here is also the point of energy you have a theologically speaking necessity of why don't we all experience

sean on a second page of here
currently you get that diagram which is sterling without retribution from your home
from the third print edition of blake doubleday vision of life closing project
now that's a sort of his picture of reality and his picture of the human person as well your tried was lovely names that he likes to make up
for the for petals first spheres k and work well in north and east and south and west and north is where fauna which is imagination rest is farmers who choose the baddeck east was robot which is the feelings or emotions
south is verizon verizon is a everything rethink your reason have to come your reasons prefer
now this was based on her on a christian trinity which like you've got one character to medic and revision turned bad about that he was originally inside god and he fell out and sometimes for like he's the devil okay
so he's not a friend of mechanical science
and all of us together is ligament person
but the principal faculty is the one of the top which is imagination
he says astonishing things about imagination

imagination is the define humanity it's the divine body of the lord jesus it's the gift to the holy ghost that's the holy ghost himself
the basis of all art
imagination is and a creative act that complete completist liberty of the spirit he says i know american christianity no other gospel than the liberty both body and mind to exercise the divine arts with imagination
and so on
so he absolute ties his imagination and aware that
what sixteen hundred years before i'm somebody might have absolute absolute terms that contemplative intellect was being a center and the noblest part of the to that where the greeks would actually touch the intellect the notion that way but he's doing the same thing of the imagination a creative faculty which associates the a person somehow with everything
else and which brings recreate everything else inside the human person so the term inside you
i remain recovery
no i mostly poet and post like so we see kind of time lake area yet
an emerson were later on to my now
so they had with poet to poet taqwa she is she gets
catherine murphy
then he got what he calls the poor i was okay these are the forza was actually based for a for spirit these poor polls and the zora zara is the this blake's version of the greek word for those living creatures and ezekiel i'm going to for them in creature
which are somehow somehow representative entity because they're the divine chariot
never you have them in the beginning of the book of ezekiel many home my revelation chapter for the we'll cherish the wheel thrown out of the lord
and each one has poor patients remember i like revelation as you get mixed up because in one of those places i think it's a zico each one has only one face but altogether they have the face of a lion of an ego of an ox and other man of the human being and rather they've taken in our tradition represent the four gospels that they represent
this christ mystery
but the quaternary goes back farther than before the christ's ministry must be in some way it represents the minute
and so represents divinity and then a human person is the image of god the image of diminish so the katrina becomes in there and this is the way that
blake brings forth with imagination and had

a little time we every many other going to go to allow this time i just like to suggest that couple of ideas you keeper of an anonymous
one thing is a connection between the unity of with person the totality of the was in the integrity of the person they act which brings together the whole human person and the created but now there's kind of a sexual analogy there is hope
but the connection between creation or creativity and that fullness with the person that's sort of blake's thesis and that would also be covered your speech
another thing is the idea of the person having a promise which is in some way suggested by the cross in some ways to justify this quaternary i'd like to develop that just a little bit
can you think of the person has been essentially created i don't say this is the only way to do it but if your fantasy blake and those people you're likely to come up with an idea of the human person as creator okay now to that have any resonance at all with the new testament
i about our gospel today moment
the gospel the fig tree
the victory has to bring forth fruit doesn't it otherwise cut it down i was a human person is worthless unless it brings something for out of itself okay
i think of what watch the structure of life and our christian tradition and our new testament tradition faith hope and love with them
mother faith and hope and love
thanks it was really
the move from where you don't see movement and that forward to bringing something into existence in this world which not visible faith is a light and darkness was fatal the faith is the turning on of a light and darkness both it was producing light out of darkness within your stuff faith is bringing
something new into the what we usually think of faith is accepting something dog with faith is accepting something which has been given to it where faith is a relationship with battery and that's very true okay that's a relationship of of fidelity and attachment to go but it's also putting something where there was nothing isn't it
because faith is believing in this world in which we do not see
memory jesus know people and cabbage from peter to thomas
bringing something that into this world that we do not see hope i think it is the same thing i can they hope this is not an app which has seen that that is unseen but hope is like standing on that which you do not speak standing on that which you can feel beneath your feet and what does well isn't
love creating something isn't are bringing something into this world that wasn't there before the chance of finding something from another perspective
but it's really bringing something into the budget paying into this world and you're bringing divinity into this world for now and so his faith and so is whole okay so i think those those three theological virtues as recall them are modes of the human persons fruit-bearing
if you ask what fruit it is that jesus wants ripe fruit does he require when he says the branch that that remains a knee and bears much fruit and on china will be permanently for more powerful ranch that doesn't get who will be will be cut out and thrown away what does it mean what's the food he wants what can it be a cause for except love
it's the only conceivable for tape to dwell and jesus to think for fruit to believe to bring that into the world and to lead to bring that into the world now that's bringing god into the world because it's the participation of god's word and god's spirit
heck it's bringing the word and spirit enter the work but bringing them into the world new yourself
but you know i will christian tradition tend to be aimed what god's word and away from my world isn't a fine art and we don't think of like a theological virtues are now the make open up that way but also years faith participation in the word and believing in the word or believing in god and encouraged but some kind of they do with our y
sign here is whole which was standing on that ground the ground of beating which has got which is the smart which is the father and which it completely invisible so the virtue of open senses it was difficult was problematic would you call most mysterious the virtue of because it's the most invisible standing on something invisible to our
and here's mud which is a participation in the spirit
participation of the holy spirit that divine spirit and ringing that spirit into the world and that way but we are they think of them as being hard oriented toward the gotta believe in gotta go because i love got the and would be the first amendment right will get about this point what would we call this that's the area that we're talking about have this is
the direction that we're talking about when we get to the romantic both i get a remarkable and that's why creativity and imagination is the principal thankful okay
they're seeing this woman i think enter the world of the same fruit-bearing faculty of the essentially created him and purse okay but they're seeing it in poetic creation in bringing in bringing a bomb for something like that but in doing that they realize in their own way that essential movement that the human person
which is to bring something into the world that have worked to draw to poem divinity into the world to prevent throw yourself and to give it to the world
and i think something can be said for that model of the human person not the only one for from it which one is particularly necessary now and also because it revolutionizes our self image as christian okay i think as a time for an obedient faith as a time for a face which is hanging on
like the wintertime faith and then there's a time for the springtime faith in the summertime faith which means sending forth branches and bringing forth fruit cake and after the gospel demands that kind of thing while those parables of grossman of siege and the vines and vineyards
as well as the parable of challenge matthew twenty five are talking about something like that and that's the positive energy of notice that jesus brings into the world when it comes to get hurt
in fact we help you say you
you can we are you
happy to prison for the past year i didn't know you're careful used to earn a lacking
yeah good thing
he had to like here young thing about families integration as home
that was promised on my last year we talking about that problems and parables but she jesus is doing a creative act when he tells a pair of and he's also requiring one if you want to understand the parable the other way to do is creatively from okay we're baffled by being fashionable apparel
when you begin to fantasize about it or begin to act like a rabbi with can freely imagining and so on then you're getting you're getting the hang of it can degrade another parable like that when you can understand that way it works so jesus really is pushing us in that direction and a lot of the gloomy inside like of the of reverses itself
when you think of what he's after it has really being a kind of joyful fruit-bearing
it's a lot easier to imagine him that way to nanotubes the other way
oh and was has to do with a transformation of the way things are we have inside us this fire which is greater than what is in the world that's what john says remember and i could turn his first letter from what is inside you what is in interview is stronger than the world is greater than a move that's what this is about okay
creation creative is one way of talking about it and the poetry kind of sign of a nutshell
i'm sure these creative directions i think are what we traditionally have these three dimensions of creativity this other is the one that we don't have in our tradition and that's what these as it were a second of a poet to bring out this bringing something new for into the world and and the catholic church i think the time
a bit as come when you see the vatican two and governments both very much bazooka the document on the church in the modern world where find her the creative activity of the human person has recognized i think
a step was taken out of passive tradition and a recognition of over things around us in some way as being part of god's plan and also human labor that humans to something in this world even outside the church to bring about the king of god
come on already david
one other idea
that is phases of life in a creative conception of the first person
i will talk about a copernican revolution before we can move from passivity and an order around you okay a fixture around you will from festivity to a kind of general activity or activity for creativity of okay now we start out as children from being nourished by everything around her stumbling and then when would become adults
instead of just taking never and it's almost as if the story of human life the plot of human life and the one rule as it were is to learn how to do that given
and it's to learn how to do it
first by finding something that intersect and bringing it forward and that's going to bring a certain rate during certain rewarded with it and then ultimately to do it without any return without any feedback without a new book and that's when the she goes into the ground
so it's as if we've got a first age when we we are the mirror and with when we draw in from outside in every way we've got a second age in which we learn that we have interior resources okay we moved from the marriage of the lamp as it were are we moved from the consumer
to the provider the giver in some way and then there's a third page which corresponds to the end or corresponds to across or to the eucharistic momentum and jesus zone life when the seat goes into the ground and your return it and there's nothing coming back and when the faith is really the light and the darkness and the love with you
really unrequited shot that users is reaching out already in a sermon on a of play but as give without expecting anything in return and so on but the principle eventually the whole thing
it is discovering the resources within you and bringing an important to the world getting something for the world but when you discover the resources the resources are not the finished product the finished product is what you make it's what you it it's what your own imagination and freedom is able to bring forth into the
a world without a challenge the been put into your hand smoking
it's it's a a kind of a simple motion with the you know him personally i think it's true
i'm so next time we'll take a look at these american coach will have more actual poetry to read and follow that until a further stake like are there any question she's got their it were created intuition and i'm fortunate insurance
yeah and major to than it but effective
first of all with very can he uses you weren't the key where it gets sent with not expect from employee so like poetry eat the it to the or inspiration creative person my
i include technical execution work
but down the fundamental pieces of wood coconut sugar and acting on it is only them
any provide the inspiration
and he speaks about a quality above
we are
which will called net it's something simple as
he said he urged to the global
we're not going to be patient and if we were
heck of a bullet ah the
the artist should primarily be exposed to violence seek and to it when it comes with
i would say for my own experience experiences like my music and poetry
you will be ambitious inspiration but i wouldn't have my where did didn't have too much a a human effort with work trying to do something but ah his recent something is a free gift when it comes from the muslim some patches climate come from define so
source competition to wikipedia
can we add additional inspiration and i worked with that a number back and forth over written i get another script should not all shoes of inspirations apply to workers who saw to be if not completely integrated be a little human everything has a good it's essential he told him
i'm an american is is a very sharp on that bringing forth from the interior i think the interior inspiration in the music i think a closet okay which then turned into form a contract and having encouraged to music and many times he was fine
located and said sunday that way can describe a grant you for riverside and there's you have
and captivate you may be doing some joseph and economic find that when it comes on the no tendency to only focus on the lip it
okay let's take a a break and then have to be creative
oh my god after the good
matthews in an character
right a i have my moments
i really interesting character
to protect the pay a higher plane the i stand that when a black man why you we get me right and why he failed so i could marry a carrot and how i we get an egg right for and edit a an epic comeback okay and then
can come back here and time
now we will be able collect fact i have plenty of current at the for you
act back backpack the back

i'll ever have anything else can you can go to read my
david why he wrote it i don't even remember what you heard that name like that yet and she and i was sharing and i covered can be asking about it except that it was driving me crazy cat a lot harder and i got whack so i decided that i want i could find the block
hey i called their stores and nobody had a in carmel so i decided that i would take a trip down to the hermitage because i a that the bookstore would have and on i arrived and i asked my car building
yes they had the box so i purchased as and i said now this this father burn out fine art has he ever think people and said oh yes in fact let me call for yes i no no i was dressed in the most ridiculous for mining how not shown here like that again back on or within five minutes
spyderco colonel came over and so i met with him and i said oh i'm really loving a plot but it bothers me so much about these figures and mandaue it and what impressed me about five i sell my life me a lesson killed
be afraid he has great insights but i think he has these great insights because the listen to the simple ideas of people and so that was when i first met by renault yes
second part a second simplicity and on i can i he gave me his his writings as he was doing them and i sat with what he wrote and i digested and tell his feet an odd of that
k it's drawing
right here and there were many more but
and the reason that i'm telling you this is that it was a that he gave me the material i read the material sometimes within an hour i joined like come these are not illustration their interpretations and as the big difference
so somewhere i pay some more a week but that that's what happened this is the cover and second simple the city and that is actually a for fall by vitality and which is one of his favorite things but contrary to
as drawing as when recovered alcoholic of all on this one i really wanted to see and second simplicity but i think he thought that over the little to them and sell it did not appear in if what i'm here is that black and white and this essentially is the burning bush
it's a relationship and out of that relationship and fire so that they are all kinds of things that you can see in joins that i of course i'm practically he talks he used his words and ideas images i
so what i'm going to invite you to do the day is to use images and catholic he would read that poem of bread you can trade tragedies never thought
comparing comparing the action invisibly i haven't be pulling it a read on make i'm for it and if life i haven't tried to strengthen know why i hope years and forty was it not long ago is that the to
the guy born with its know about my head not nominate a bright not fear the stern of wonder if to catch my breath when i feel of it when i thought he had lived in itself guy
okay from that call this is the manpower that i can
i read it and i sat with it
and i i started to draw and i started up in this section and i came around and i let it flow so that that when you're drawing and again it's like gabriel was talking about it's almost like there's something that touches the inside of you within this case
it was the poem that touched the inside of me and i began to draw now as i look at it after the drawing i was not trying to draw that friends i was trying to let the whole poem st him for me but as i look at it now i would say that threads are in here
they're very fine they disappear into darkness and they somehow when they come out they join with other thread is the weaving of is a ribbon that comes out into the outer part of this is i would call my unconscious the death within me and this this of what appears
on the of trying to come out with color as the nights with others so that that was the process or now this one was done on when he gave me a paper and coleridge and about the on the freedom that
can at at that period of time of romanticism where you could you can do
when he hadn't been allowed to do before you could express the south so that was reading pros and this is what appeared with that
this one was done
when we first started
i guess i would call it the war with caught the ball in kosovo or we participated entered into it and i was very concerned about the people of castile and i thought what can i do i don't have enough money i can't go there so i said there is
one thing that you can do and that is that you control so this for me is the visible prayer for the people of the customer
what i did was i sat and i prayed
and there's something about when you put a circle line a piece of paper it invites you into it
and with that invitation
this is what came
so today what i invite you to do is to take a circle on a piece of paper taped to pieces of paper on fair enough pens for everybody to have one there in a pencils for everybody there a colored pencils and also a couple of sets yeah that your
welcome to pay
daniel office
and don't be shy
sit there with your circle
and let what's within you come out i call this visible private
when you do with you will somehow grass and then with it if you
hang it on the refrigerator or hang in the bedroom and just look at it somehow
that that is within you will speak to you
i was explaining briefly before about the that are here these were done when i was a guatemala and i was there for two and a half months and i loved the people and in the country
if it just really touched me deeply and so i had the circles and as you can see here up on outside all the circles that's one of the things you need to remember you began your focus on that circle if you go outside that circle it so
hey oftentimes they say gee it's been an era but it is any or a something that's drawing you stay on this one
i had done to destroy because we had been riding from pan has to when he bought and we were in on a tourist bus which is the only time i was in a tourist bus the rest of the time we took the on native buses and out with exciting but
this we took the tourists by thing we were looking down at feel we were high up and weird writing or and around the current than looking down so when i got to the a hotel room i sat and i drew the circle and i said this i'm going to do the fields and it's the creation of me
man it's it's the man than a thought about this and when i'm finished this drawing which was totally done this way my friend was looking at it from the other side and she said when do you realize what you've done and i said no no it's a drawing and she said turn it upside down
and she said look at the woman who is giving birth to the feel so this i tell you this because when you draw and when you allow these things to come through you you'll find such excitement in what you see after you finished doing it was this was totally
and down this way
so what i have these here because i loved them they are like my children and i'm excited about showing you but my excitement is to excite and you i it's about twenty two years ago and i went to a retreat where there was a brother joe who introduced
the to drawing and dump and they have affected my life in such a positive way ah when my husband was in the process of dying from cancer
of course i was
very upset and off and i would take a draw a circle and i would sit there and i would draw and it was a certain amount of joy that we come from that they would be some kind of prayer that would come out of my drawing that would touch my heart and i think
when i did what especially for healing for my husband the one who has healed with myself because i had poured out what would within the out there and so it would seem as if god was speaking to through this strong and that's what things can do with you're upset
check and you you sit down and you have that circle and and you way in you wait and you'll know when his thigh and you know where to put that pencil line
it's just an amazing thing so that that's what i'm inviting you to do today we have beautiful colored pencils pens on watercolor pencils and the paper and please take them on you can you're welcome to do it here if you can find a space or
take them back to the of wilms and spend a little time
and do it you're always gonna be right
i i got i don't need them back if you have homework to a there is an automated cranes gavin you can put them back in here tomorrow bring a bag and new time tomorrow and what i will do is come here at quarter effect
it's if there's anybody that would like to talk about what they dead on but think in terms of color and shapes you were such a worried oriented society now i'm inviting you now to to let let the colors let the shapes and and you'll also be amazed
that maybe your favorite color is blue but you'll sit there and it's almost as if read and same choose me in golf for it
do it
so the paper and sphere
there are compensated if you want to join a circles near you or i if he wanted to take a plague
glad we have
and don't be shy about taking pencils
you can take a couple of sheets of paper

those colored pencils that a waterfall

can take the river for them
and i like how it these are wonderful colored pencils
stronger and we can use markers
and i found these with touch points eleven trillion night and that's fascinating get there
have you done it may find that the for know i effort i work towards must have your painting
have you i'm not as candidate my my know knowledge about robotics that when i was talking about and i did it that's good idea to i had attended a sister on knockabout chap and financial and and so many bunkers so excited when all the really with and the only works and what they were seen hundreds of
so i went home i picked this lamp shade is this painting in vain i found a part of the story but i would i get back somebody presented with the jackson five aluminum siding with and now
okay with it one hundred was so and the quantitative where he was a simple sniffles have empower at that can really affect the world and that's why i get the throwing of the costs of yeah i thought there's nothing i can physically go and do if they don't have him
okay thank you britain when i can phenomenon will be there are some younger and one conclusion
gizmodo pressure employees is a shaky i wouldn't suggest making definitely take a number to lead pencil to get why would have if you can from pm for a deep
he's got one way and