Awakening Self in the New Testament

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Part of "The Awakening Self: The New Testament and the Poets" retreat.

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those were silent gives consent
then jesus that in effect is that know we gotta go down you've gotta get down to recover the for
and who is the for for did you said anything everybody else particularly you will get that is the one who is reading is the for peter himself and his the fork and the only way that fourth gets integrated into that picture is through the death of jesus the tomb and your baptism okay and at that point to
rash is fulfilled at that point the mystery of the was fulfilled and it locks into place and that's that industry we're talking about yesterday which you can't get out in front of you will get you can only back towards it and when you're back and back and back your back into the baptismal font and your back into the question of data into the garage located in the resurrection
but we can't think it we can only move towards it and that's the way it should be looking just like a poem it should resist our understanding until we participated until we experience it until we are what we are seeking a when we are that then we can understand it but will understand of her inside not as something
yeah i'm in front of his nickname
that's largely what paul is talking about so when he brings you again and again and again it is that kind of archetypal image of the cross which is stamped into him but which he doesn't try to interpret because you can where you can interpret a ten different ways but he doesn't have a one verbal conceptual interpretation of that growth is what he is
now adjourned we don't have a hard time so
they say something about john maybe we're looking at the periodic now
say what you have in mark know is that awakening of the slope that are waking of the person which is typically can share of practically okay left in the mystery of baptism which is a mark where's that the whole life of jesus in terms with into the raptors one time okay and then the other way you you go
get it only way you're understand it and awakened to it is the baptismal experience this through initiation
now people can get kind of worried when we heard about baptism on okay because well i was baptized into it is an infant i don't know having any experience at all what am i gonna do about it or with the charismatics go by try to re-experience is that to pay with the baptism the holy spirit but i think whether you experience it or not
to know that you have an inside you is the important thing
to know what you have it inside you that that was the figure they can imprinted in you just that fullness and that figure out the garage and then to when you read the gospel know that you're reading as it were the the owner's manual for your mom being located the operator's manual for what you are and that is telling you it's and term
running to you what is in you and what you are and what you are to become and the way that you to walk in order to get it which is very simple that chosen and public that how can we get we get bored with it
now and markets are concealed except that explosion and again and man and changed to be out in the life all that time okay because jesus is walking around in the lightest just pouring out of them all the time to look transfiguration is their most a time even what is in a conflict and sean
he's speaking with such an authority in such a debt and such a luminosity okay the the mystery is it just right that out there in front of you will once again the important step to make is to move from what does in jesus to watch a not okay that's the essential thing that closes the link now it sounds like selfishness in some way it sounds like an ego
centric appropriation of christianity but actually it's what of christianity is about and the thing that balances it off as across on the other flat
it's balanced out by the responsibility that goes with it you can't really balloon up into the heavens with this thing because you've got the terrific weight of all humanity will make hear that that's an that trigger of the crotch and now
john is just as smart as market but in a different way
he doesn't even give us new account or the baptism of jesus and he doesn't give us the institution of new yorkers tizzy instead his whole gospel is about those things but it's about them in another language you need to put into the narrative of the gospel and especially into the discourses of the gospel
on what you haven't john i believe is the revelation of this being of jesus was divine being of jesus and it's communication and to us through baptism expressed festival in the prologue okay and then express particular in the eye
i am sayings of jesus
which are his appropriation of the name of that under the name of god which was revealed that the burning bush and exit this great and which has already blasphemy because in john's gospel it almost seems that that's why they kill him they say this was blasphemy at his trial then they take them out and and crucify
he was killed according to john scott will it change because of is claiming can be equal to god this man claims he's made himself included got a very pregnant watch this man has claimed to be equal to god he doesn't know me do it from chevy does for us okay when he claims to be equal to god
he is the son of man he is a human being that's a human being who is claiming equality with god was claiming divinity now that goes beyond the individual figure of jesus when jesus goes away we're left with that we're left with that
if you read the prologue of come as a baptismal text okay
read the prologue of yarn as a baptismal tests and which the baptism of jesus and are wrong baptism somehow are completed from how are are superimposed i think
it kind of reveals itself
to those who received him who believed in his name he gave the power to become children of cup
and those who were born again never a lot of not a blunder of the willing to flush mount the will of man a cut
and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen as glory glory as of the only one of the product
i think that's our baptism
those who received him who believed in his name the name of god and john directly resonates with the i am
i revealed to them your name your name if you read the gospel of john in the light of one baptism baptism of jesus and us together secondly in the light of that pie and name for jesus' name of god that begins to click we have seen his glory glory or seventy
only begotten son of god
that we see that orange jesus
we saw it around back to them as john is really nothing that that was our birth that was our realization of on being on on coming a lot or on awaken
the right markets about john but i think that's about it that and just try to summarize
and mark and john we have been partying reveal
aren't we have turned to the opening up of divinity within our scope
and and all we have this opening up the divinity and ourselves with a particular direction of particular thrust particular orientation given to now averages in the direction of the spirit in which is moving forward district okay
when we talk about the poet with find that there were a patient is usually in this direction and research into this misdirection kinds of liberation not only from them from the law that from any structure sometimes from the extra religion which can be very difficult this connect with people who do the distribution they're trying to
realized that all this principle this point they're very much like all one word paul who is negating in favor of the spirits you're doing something similar to the doing that without this crash to experience which makes it a very risky proposition and very often there also
moving not in the direction of not awkward and moving downward the not living towards the experience of identity with the buckeye not moving in the contemplative direction that and create that
i work towards
which is often over an incarnational direction and so that's that's enough for this morning and lesser any questions
try to be vacated for so long
yet snake
a pet out
well i think i'm
when you see somebody walking around looking down the street and with the i don't know
with his own walkman on and song that oblivious to everything around him okay we've built a technological world and which it's easier and easier for us to lock ourselves in we have means of communication and so on but the other side of it is that it becomes easier and easier to close yourself into your own universe
the prosperity okay because neither will become shared such individual everybody has his own apartment is on cardinal nested on that and china and little world around us up and we don't have to live in shared thanks from much numeral the things that we share the things we get on television you know i may not be all that helpful tool to moving out of are so cute
so whatever the consumer society of get a consumer world it's the opposite of the creative i throw triple the human person is the consuming
edward shocking thrust of the human person okay which is an isolated in isolated thing and the cultural attraction have promote that now the part because they have an extreme experience of subjectivity because they seem to be realizing the former is here to be realizing god through their inner experience
which is not just emotional and there is divine grace there they tend to absolutely i said okay and they tend to shut themselves off against a society which is mediocre and ignorant and so on okay you have a lot of isolation of poetry and literary and artistic people in the twentieth century
from the bourgeoisie even like in france and one hundred years ago there were schools of poets and artists who had contempt for ordinary people okay they were the special people they were not in business or anything like that defiling filing dirtying their hands on there were cultivating the secret flame of aesthetic
well there's too much to learn the subjectivity is subjective realization and the be very personal nature of love can just wrap people around them search
until they learn how to give from from what they have until they learn them what they have been given is essentially for communication and not just for their self glorification on they're communicating okay so that their originality becomes a a higher and higher tower you know of singularity one of the worst tragedies in the world much peter be so gifted
okay that one is completely unlike everybody else okay going into on top of that hundred foot pole
it's really especially when we get it begins to fail
and has been so much of it so much that absolute icing of of the individual gifts and can i ask him recover from populations ah
two sixteen

which are currently
have you tried
about the fate of right back because she's south and faith are we are in people have fake it is
the faith of jesus is prior to and forms the raft foundation of others and then we can we are justified or made home because to pay homage jesus christ our in june
ah i think or other places though were somehow it seems so singular yeah it changed like that passage which stand out by itself studying that well as burke county also been struggling
and this may be getting i don't need to get work by faith and the son of god where it could be enough i guess they have the son of god
i'm remember you'll think
mean i can't quote by that's minor and others smell does not apply now i can't call it by it because i see what he's doing is this like moving from is stepping from point a to point b and that step is the step of faith in jesus christ okay and to introduce the the proposal
the proposition of jesus own fate would be a whole different subject it's from smoking
the summer melt the essential dynamic is moving from that's a law to faith okay law to my pay mg his movement this from the works of the law or from his his jewish signs of status in and all his ways of being special to faith in jesus okay that seems to be the dynamic so fake
this is the is the energy and him the dynamism the act in him that the consummate the snap okay so to speak about the place where jesus between to be almost in another area another and been agreement instructional is ambiguous yeah and an know
allows the word a lot could allow for well possibly that a residents of that but i would propose a strongly for the first meaning his faith in jesus okay maybe there's a residents of the other but it would need to be confirmed by other places other persons with different grammatical constructions show that it wasn't there are subject to the same question
wait for the and we are for men
would you missing or the
how we can
can also is
all for one time period the us army to now
the yeah wanted right
crystals are somehow incorporate all of us
this is good he have been crap
then we could not express that thing
ram somehow see progress and talk about the lack of jesus before his death okay so he's not normally interested in that he's interested in a passion of death and resurrection of jesus and then our face and that jesus who has died and rose and okay so pro him to talk about the but to the virtues or the particular orientation of g
jesus when he was alive would not be consistent or the rest of this writing if it was talking about the faith of jesus in his death and accepting his death i would make more sense when i've got my doubts as to whether that's a close to his the central concern you
what am i know
great has no experience
it's a delightful for only or he felt very
resurrection death and resurrection that's right
which my past experiences so run pointed because it's like a shot out of a cannon or something like that like an explosion use it out as it were happened at once manage the the quantum the quantum of the resurrection of christ which is received and which is unfolding okay
but he doesn't have the same kind of sequential now rocking
knowledge of christ with the disciples live in the gospel okay that know him during his bike so it's all one thing for him and that that contribute to that kind of centredness with his oregon right yeah it's the utter simplicity of the aren't cluttered by the automation of data
living only like
i tried a threat
lucian oh we probably won't dispute with petered out the means that there's no let's just just long early and know you know every parents with that same age and became there is a little bit more
given to create the computer all than pure said turn the with all an actress cover and not this guy my wonder wondered that
well here
it has to do more has just rude adding onto the like you just to if he was a breath
because i'm which of a really concrete with really all just to compete both price negative negative reviews and then sometimes there's the world church time to sunlight
and proper economy
absolutely not challenging that that's my the pastoral point of view and the theological point of view now progress and absolute theological raged as me a rage for that simplicity you must not you know you must not compromise that principle of faith in christ took me by getting works and adding
other think down to he wanted to keep its purity and power and it goes along with that consented implicitly we were talking about a camp was on experience but one thing which he's experienced and which just eliminate the whole universe for i'm okay whereas then you'll get the pasture or responsibility for somebody who's really dealing with people okay and different situation and so on and
people who are going way out and have to be reined in and that's what you're getting a later letters okay timothy and titus
yeah but when thomas was most inspiring he's a he's in this theological position where you hear the fire
do i want
but from cancer
here in wishing someone picks it yeah
are there was that's the way here like yeah yeah
to you and pudding
okay thank you work with this afternoon and three on

do something
millennium issues and more i amazon so they have one which is intended the me millennium
and this is an i thought the introductory part was over with the whole issue is loaded with these
kind of luxurious advertisements and so on so it sort of are plastered over the me the region besides what a the short arms as be content
a thousand years ago when the earth was reassuringly flat on the anniversary of other and of the ordinary person had no last name let alone any claim to individualism
and as the strengthen that that we move out of a
google a metallic was dominated by the collected dominated by either tribal or the a collegial on your church a church mentality didn't have much room for neuron consciousness very on freedom high my life
the south was subordinated to church and king then came the renaissance explosion of scientific discovery and humanist in show and as both cause and effect the rise of individual self consciousness well that's putting it pretty far into the modern erica that was already happening a long time ago in fact the seeds of it are already there very early this
needs of another in a new testament and then they were before the new testament if you read about socrates and so on okay just going on there but he continually gets buried beneath the collective on signal and then something happened something pivot on something crucial happens and the new testament and that's what i wanna talk about
all at once it seemed man who replaced guard at the central grocery like know saying that the time the renaissance and perhaps more than any great rover invention of repeat of navigation this ip will mark the beginning of our modern era by and large i think that's true
the rise of a secular world and of humanism so that the human person so it takes over it takes center stage and goddess pushed out to the modules
if you isn't about that long enough something we going to become obvious doesn't that somehow the to have to come back together again and you begin to feel somehow any around bones you have begun to feel how it's happening to at this point in history every
and perhaps that's the the now twenty times as many people in the world was there were in the year one thousand most have last names and many of us have a personal identity a reasonable expectation of acquiring one so much this to kind of a very compact synopsis somewhat distorted in places
maybe the find large true with and this matter of the emergence of the individual we're talking about the this is very markets was a very distorted to make it south africa but we have a here and with you kind of symbolic diagram
i found a a book not long ago about the other for you
he emerged to individual or something like that was three
where's the tiber river is an excellent book to but guess what century is flirting about talking about the twelfth century
i'm not age fourteen to the fifteenth and sixteenth to the eighteenth and nineteenth or the twentieth but in every one of those centuries we find another way of this emergence of the person that's a little more about that later
because it's nice to be of situate ourselves in them
those who just members and volunteers
reusing is and
what the other question
i'm sure some time ago christian just a sucker the new testament of the coming of jesus as the time when the human person as an individual
was born in the world that is when jesus does he have heard so and so and i'll tell you this or when you move from lot of spirit okay that that was the birth of the individual well the individual consciousness was born before that because we find that increase we found it in india neither in touch with the asian
tradition you find in the vedanta my goodness it tremendously keep discovery of the person of the south vietnam
the griffiths were right about that call at the peak as it were of the emergence of yourself and that it's not quite the same as the western shelf and it's not quite the same as which you'll find in christianity that's a very important puzzle for us to to wrestle with the difference between that kind of primordial deep contempt
to view to himself that you'll find an ancient tradition and heroism and that is imperative little the guy that herself from what i'm going to car and sometimes ratings cooper made some good at it because that's where the not
i'm andy the south that emerges and the rest and the south that appears on the new testament it's in its demands a lot of attention to find out what's happening now because was a different energy and there's a different orientation and that shocked that emerges in the new testament but not only the individual self it's not only the deep south it's not only itself which is one
my god
and to serve with a certain energy in it which is moving forward and history in which generates it's i couldn't really isn't that history after two thousand yet
member you she came up with the idea of the actual period with about five hundred years before christ
i'm actually personal consciousness pretty to about four different places major breakthroughs in the world
not don't bridge for the india and china and then persia song so case just didn't bring it into something a little more subtle
he came into a world in which the individual had already emerged from individual consciousness is already surfacing we came into the world he as it were gave it an energy
which makes it created and he also gave it a body
and he gave it a name
and he made it one and he made it a continuing embodiment and the world and seven my and he put a flower into it that begins to transform against together humanity together begins to transform the world
i have a yesterday we left her at the end with a with a few points he talked about of marginalia the christ mystery as being cross form as being quaternary and that was represented by this man and equipment with the father to the word to spiritual and the creation
with god and jesus christ and the holy spirit and humanity
but this is also launching an image of the person
and if in the beginning of christianity you find this in the new testament implicitly and explicitly or implicitly if you find us in the beginning to represent the christ ministry it also been hidden away in a cryptic way represents what you are okay we hide that import when he says i bear the marks of
i see a girl them action as it were the cross in my body it's almost he's got an image of the charisma printed in his consciousness of the it's imprinted in his very body is an archetype were imprint in him which is before any physical marks or there's a good you might have gone and that's coming out of his writings over time the human person is that
formed in christ and that's why they they because because crisis or park before smoking so you find to sanction the beginning and you find the discovery of this fullness of your game which had actually the fullness of god in this world god embodied in this world you find out forms which is incredible that the same time you find another promise
and that's the focus of the cross the fact that that integration effect that growing into that phone this is the way because his the road of the crash so the cross is the shape of your of your being both in terms of fondness and in terms of very the burden of them both in terms of enlightened
mint or birth or a realization or awakening and in terms of responsibility you can and that's what we find them in the gospel we find a double message the good news is often sounds like bad news doesn't it
i mean it's original siamese and my desk when jesus has some of these parables of jesus or the the one who has
has had a lot given to him and
member and who was unfaithful to will receive a severe beating the one who hasn't received so much worship less of a beating but everybody's going to get a beating
what kind of good is that he can your options are they have you're looking around at the other religions
there must be some pepper your little chapel but inside of that is this other revelation inside of that because there's an irony and it was a tremendous humor at the heart of the gospel and inside of that thing is ignorant of solar explosion of the being about a new when we already have that in our consciousness if if we have a kind of
unlimited demand if we have a kind of unlimited sense of self which can find them equipment and sometimes i'm a funny way but if we got that sense of infinity in ourselves a sense of in shape sociability a sense that that nothing is enough and somehow i know everything and somehow everything is in me and there isn't anybody else but me
that's what because there's a twist to it okay because god is much and because god is that yarmulke amateur gardeners that single being a single infinite being was also in us and not only as god but as us okay so i've heard of being a very identity is the awakening of that is the discovery of them the other side of it is the same way that jesus walked on the same show
of the cross which we gradually discover
okay i am
so we're looking at the emerging person first and the new testament fat man can read my vote sometimes it will be chemically different in the moto moto sources less like a power thrust
for is the inside an adjustment to call it a great example of what would you call autobiography is the great case of the personal realization of what jesus brings in an individual a place for is then written about it goes unspoken about the tsunami case we have like that pray
tachibana new testament as know where somebody has we experienced christ in himself that is the christ reality and then has written about it as powerfully and copiously is that so it's a singular testimony that we have a for and that's why it's there as a person it's not only because of what paul teaches us but because of what we see and hear and
or which is the sanctioning that's given to watch and what that is his first of all this emergence of the fullness the emergence of the fullness of the person now you'll find it and practically goal of his letters some of the recall faster or letter sitting in which are currently dubiously pro-line
authorship sound young not here that are clearly knows because which being given us teaching some measure other every teaching them
that beginning sound very institution but in the other levers and the beginning particularly find this kind of explosion had experience with an explosion of realization which is the basis of everything else that process because it works like this you are this therefore you must behave in this way okay that's the logic of paul's letters as you have become niche you have received it will have exp
variance this responsibility for that and to live it up to live it out was delivered in the pattern of jesus or favorite shown that with a pattern of approach the which is most fullness and burden across which is both divine life and a also catherine as december like get the symbol of transformation
let's both wisdom and suffer
remember how and problem with your fun we talked about these principles and terms of interpretation of scripture well the law and saying is over here the law is this to principle the principle of the word which is enclosed unto itself
but all represents first of all as a pharisee is this point here is the law but the last column is go from the fullness of the figure for will say that the adjudicators and ones who are persecuted kidding i'm a moderate a to be circumcised and time strangely are resisting the cross of christ and
write a resisting the what would you call it resisting the pain of having to move into this phone's okay by hanging onto some external checked he says that at the other relations so i don't know exactly what that been for that much as outfits that by clinging to the law you refused to me
make the journey into the plums okay now we're call represents besides the promise is this point over here which is the spirit liberated from the law or grace which has been liberated why we talked about that initiative question as the question that do it you're moving from a
dualistic view that in which is the lama and you are god and you to a unity religion and which there's also a lot recognized secondary why because the human prisoners lord of the sabbath average users to the medical school because there's a principle in you which is somehow superior to the lot even going to cancel the
lot is is still there put the law is essentially what you have the law is essentially what is in you so spontaneously somehow you moving away of the that and the the living law which is in you in some way transcends and is able to discern the written law which is fixed because the living
lol a living lab which is the holy spirit in divine spirit the somehow superior and more co more integral than the written law can ever be
the spirit of god liberates you from the fixed external cover and so you moved from this principle for this project but to say that is to speak in the violence of for because follow up and violent violently you know if he doesn't speak an intricate language he speaks the language of a revolution he speaks my language of a break
a breakthrough and a breakaway a break away from the enclosure of that written could go at domination by external to be a breakthrough into the center and into the interior where god is in you and such a of god becomes the principle of your life and the energy of your life
let's take a look at philippians chapter three anybody need a bible i've got one extra here

philippians or letters for his part chapter three is one of the places where causes most person i think about his on experience

stabbing around grows seven patient has been bragging about this all these are what would you call a prerogatives and his claim to superiority as a pharisee and as as a jew
he was on a week in gave paper but whatever again i had i can have it is lost for the sake of christ and d that not everything is lost because of the surpassing worth of knowing christ jesus my lord
and that knowledge actually his identity from semi other to know christ meant to be reborn
so when people discover jesus and asked but even before baptism before the gift of the holy spirit as it were what's really awakening in their own self okay and it's not just their self encountering jesus it's the sandwiches one with users already okay you can say that christ is awakening within you but when crest awakens within you you will
awaken your awakened and your awakening that your awakening to you're being in christ that your awakening to your divinity ultimately which is the thing that can even they said okay your awakening to your divinity to the divinity and that's the message in the new testament
so surpassing worth of knowing christ jesus my lord now what can be more valuable than anything else i mean what can be the thing that makes everything else seem like trash to and he had promised i'd been a violent way study through everything away as rubbish what can what can be worth that much only yourself right on
the yourself coming alive only the center of yourself coming alive only are being liberated at the corner of your being to be what you really are okay and that's why paul sings that's the power and enjoy the to prose writings whatever blindside you may seem to have a chair it's because he's really come alive
because he's really experience the opening of the core of his own being and at that center of his own being here and god or not to get one that's true encrusted to and the holy spirit that's how he can say encouraged you're in christ
for his sake i've counted a loss of and suffered the loss of all things and companies refuse an order that i may gain christ and be found in him
now it's not as if he just dissolves into christ and loses himself he finds himself that business about losing the shelf and finding herself which happened here at for and so as he sings and boasts sort of about this new being in christ it's that serve on the other side after one has died to answer
and who's got to himself with one was letting go of all of that they have it was turning around one hundred and ninety degrees from being embarrassing the elitist in israel and the persecutor of christians turning around all the way to become the preacher of the spirit having the humiliate the humiliation of having to eat his own work the
a humiliation of having to completely disarm but he was doing before and yet if he doesn't completely dishonored it because it's the same traditions and has turned around completely he said i was a poor i was blind
and that's his death samba the dust of that strong ego that strong personality which has prospered we've been over this life which is beyond him
he founded him not having a righteousness of my own and shine
i may know him and the power of his resurrection may share his sufferings becoming like him and his death that if possible i may attain a resurrection from the dead so there's something majority already happened and that's an identity with christ in him the something that has yet to happen and that's an identity with crushed isn't it so you moved from identity with
rice to identity with crushed your movement that new birth to the conformity of your life to christ which is what he's talking about erica and which you left an expression terms of the crotch
i press on toward the girl for the prize of the upward of god in christ jesus
manila letters as many of whom i have often told is complaining about know about centers and economic
those enemies of across with crash so somehow the cross of christ is the imprint which marked the christian
in one way or another both as the sign of christ in whom he believes but also has the shape of one's life has the shape of human life whether we like going or not but the cross is not just separate the question is not just to it's also there's other side and that's the paradox that kind of paradox with the gleaming and show
the hard outside which runs through all of our life but especially our christian lives which somehow goes into the core of it
and drama to i'm just gonna mention this without
without commenting the text than one place remember paul talk about please the fight between the flesh and spirit member does that have a fight between the law of god and the rather than my numbers remember in robin seven hundred romans eight he says talks about the the fight between the the flesh and spirit well
the flesh is not exactly the commercialism the flesh is a whole human being upside down okay the whole human being as it were the center of gravity
add to our level the whole being under the power under the magnetism of some principle that pulls it away from god which he calls her flesh but he's not saying that the spirit wars against the bottom because it shows the body is the temple of this spirit he says spirit comes into the by transform your body and brings it into the glory of credit
the war is not between the spirit and my body between the spirit and that principle of negativity and contrary principle which for speaks of his reflects that confusion has caused a lot of trouble in our tradition right that is making christians believe that somehow their spirituality and knob a war against their own being a war against iran rather because what we are
it's bobby there's no way out of it
so long of attentions for he's talking about this advert of contention between the spirit in the flesh let's say okay by the law of god and a it and my numbers the other attention later in homage it is the one that he's got in because of the protocol the earthquake for between israel and yeah
maybe between his people and the new israel okay that's the horizontal axis of this cross okay he is directly at the center of that conflict between judaism and christianity business because he's the traitor to israel has turned around and become the preach
your of the gospel so naturally he's the one on whom they jump is a traitor among the paris age okay now that's the historical axis and you see paul and reaching his gospel or freedom from a lot as gospel of the spirit has directly opposed himself to this principle over here as a racist the one
i was dead because you're living in this for well that makes them an enemy of israel
this word his own kind of israel okay so the living in attention and me why you're right about this tension between the spirit and flesh but you get the idea that for pilot war between his good and the flesh is not the principal work because the spear somehow has raised him up high know where centric in well i'm
so i'm going to make this thing for reflection of an epic but those are the two axes were going to run into this tomorrow and sunday gospel remember the sunday gospel is a great commandment and it's clearer and and fuller in and mark's gospel member the the lawyer asked uses the question what's the great commandment after
jesus kind of silence the other questions
and jesus says the great commandment is this hear o israel the lord your god is one condition the your kind of the whole whole of your strength of my day and and you shall love your neighbor as yourself that's the second commandment like you see those two axes you see that shape once again and christian life
you shall love the lord your god every community why that may somehow practically everything you are has to be elevated into god as it has to be on fire with gods but that's the vertical axis how can everything that i am the whole of me love god okay which an impossible transformation and impossible elevation that can ah
only happen if god comes to me said that the commandment implies the gift the other one you shall love your neighbor as yourself with this one unify the horizontal then the commandment as it were a the commandment of for canada
you sure do the impossible thing a loving god and the homeowner michelle and then you show derby equally impossible thing of loving your eloquence yourself the commandment requires incarnation the commandment required to organization for remember what came first the
lord your god is one
the a sort of here and feel the connection between those two things you can come one by the effort to do that you become want to become pull them to hundred
by the effort to follow the command impossible level command of loving god and that way and loving your neighbor as yourself your opponent to a unity which is beyond yourself
your opponent majority which is the unity of god
and which is ultimately also be to of humanity which is might the church the body of christ
so what i'm trying to say is that that figure appears again and again as the image as the paradigm of cameron life
it's the the figure of our fullness it's also the figure of our way across the figure of our of our burden
i see my were going for time
i don't want to spend all the time mean on pull this morning but he's a bad
is a marvelous example because i should and the the principal exactly what we're talking about the birth of his stuff has not only on what he says it that's where it's coming from by which that that the source of that fire the chinese words that's the the self we're talking about the person will drive more them and notice that it's not just keep and
acquisition which not the acquisition of a philosopher who has arrived and who can tell you how to revive the sitting on top of it and himalaya somewhere and
can you can tell you how to to arrive at the same realization of of realizations just beginning
when he tells you is what you are and he exemplifies it because of what he is you just know it's authentic and then he tells you what that means till the ones that mean when you unfold that which you have been given what does it mean when that which you are in christ has to be lived out in time and then he explains it
most the relations
this one was the kind of magna carta over the world was shot
and this one is really shot in this riptide between the lot and the spirit of between israel the old israel know israel between a judaism and christianity one because what the galatians are being solicited by digital items you should go to want them to come back and obey the
a lot in addition to believing in christ and causes you can do it give it back and and we take up the law again you sacrifice christ you're like job he's an absolutely understand that point i don't not maybe exaggerates venerate he he feels it very strongly that you can't have the spirit and at the same time lean on those
external you can have the external which can lean on you can't feel that you have to have them you can't for the their the source of your justification to the extent that should do you not leaning i encouraged you're not leaning on that faith which transforms her which makes you know
galatians three
what a foolish galatians who has bewitched you now notices this world whose eyes jesus christ was publicly what it description christopher sometimes you wonder why he brings the cross and or right it's not immediately obvious here i think why he brings you the crush him he brings it in because that's the image that stamped in him and somehow that contains everything
i don't know it's like it's like opening the door of the sanctuary or something like that it's like raising the flag it's the one figure somehow which shows the whole thing that's the gospel was preached to them and that's the image on average is implanted in them
but the connection with what follows is curious
let me ask only that she did you receive was spurred by works of the road or by hearing with faith
the cross and the spirit right those are the two sides it's almost as if the spirit had the shape of the cross you find the same thing in first corinthians one and two races i've decided to know nothing among you but jesus christ and him crucified i'm going to pitch only the word of the cross he says okay they says by the way we do have always
and it was to sound having in a whisker we don't have a wisdom and that's the spirit of god which knows a deep thinker bed so one side as the cross on the other side of this spirit one side of this both that you've had one side of what you are now is the cross from one child is your spirit that's like one is the farm and the other is the
one is the sole that's the spirit and the other insurances the body was the shape of the body which you have to fill out because if the the body itself the human body of a cushion form as it isn't losers automatic
three twenty three
now before face came we were confined under the law kept under restraint or face should be revealed see the the lab is as use your pedagogue was leading him by the hand why because you weren't on the dog when you were shot what does that mean is you weren't yourself
he hadn't come into possession of yourself you hadn't awakened to what you are and because you didn't have the spirit in you and that way you weren't what you are neither would you weren't yourself and he received the spirit and when you before you receive the spirit somebody else ledger by the hand somebody else was your custodian or teacher
and shot when you received the spirit that's no longer true you know who you are and you are who you are and a lot was inside you
now that's incredible that is so low that christianity of course has never been able to relate to live it has never been able really you can institutionalize if you can't you can write a occurred for it because it immediately the really transcend generico that if that's the revelation of christianity is that birth of autonomy that earth of gardenia of the
you know that which means that the law is enough
was very dangerous business so extremely dangerous and people that misinterpret addition every conceivable way they've been so many religious wars around this point especially
the time of the reformation and change them
and yet there it is that dangerous at an unbelievable truth at the heart of with aspect which is nothing but yourself that god is in you god as a new and because god is in you the or the center of the animals
the ever truth is that you're not the only one right
one thing is your the center of the universe the other things if there are forty billion
image and that's what we're talking about everything that kind of promethium farmers that comes into the ignorant person and then the fact that there's one person in whom all these persons or one okay that incredible burden of the thing
and paul and so many other change of burn themselves out okay moving from one to the other moving from that farmers are they realized in has an individual human person like a fire that's just too big for one human body to contain and sure what it will do it burns itself out and to humanity doesn't transforming others something and kindling others with the same fine
which was both of the person mission
and kept the ultimate they put into words that relies on experience so far this year writing to the philippines is to call upon their own experience that the galatians was business let's just say well haven't you receive the spirit and they know very well what that experience with the spirit lives because that was the difference between not being alive and being alive was
the difference between nothing themselves on being themselves and most of us no difference between us to make to some extent on
which is if our life could be interpreted in some sense and in terms of the deaths from which we live the depth at which we really are ourselves the degree to which we really are smart and if we read poetry and especially modern poetry i think it's largely for that purpose that it's somehow breaks the surface and gives us an inkling of a death through
we're not quite living at doesn't it the somehow there's a spark there that resonate with a deeper proud of ourselves and we ordinarily coming from it reminds us of who we are that's what it does
that tells us where we are when she met and that's why we love it that's why we love poetry i think there's not just about poetry is not just ornament was not just the first thing on the cake it's a glimpse of who we are it's a little ray from that date for most nuts and that's why relation the gospel
and then he goes out about this there's no being the air as long as he has a child was no better than a way
when we were children were slave to the elemental spirits of the interest now remember we're talking about moving into objectification and or object division our we want to put it there's a dynamism in the new testament there's a dynamism and this great event and as big bang which puts an energy and the human person which is superior to
anything in the world is a world a which is super in the deep ecologists of course would be a bit scandalised by this is true the christ event brings it to the human person a kind of sovereign energy and sovereign light within the world okay and this is something that transform it it's something that's dynamic and it can't be quiet and it can
be contained the to insatiable
it's a fire or what happens after a while we objective by the time we objectify christianity the objective by a gospel our religion the papers on and what happens it gets set into those fixed forms which are the old order which are the poor elements of the world
okay i would have to do it we have to build schools we have to build churches and someone who had to do that but what we do is we misinterpret and we take the external somehow for the internet we take the external for the whole thing i don't mean just in terms of visual and physical churches and intelligent everything else which is a externalization and objectification of christianity
but it really is at its core is that insatiable divine energy okay which has been given to us in which is a transforming and and which are always trying to burn a toy through those objectification and to say wait a minute you haven't quite got it because the the flame the life is superior to those poor and simple elements of the world
we're always going back to those forums and elements the world because they're they're easier because they get the security but to fire the energy that tennis this morning
they're all kinds of of symbolizes of that and and an adjustment i particularly want like the one out in the desert and actually three that burning bush nothing a fire than that bush which is more than anything else the fire which is more than everything else it burns up everything else and the name of god that goes with it i am the
name of god which is also somehow incredibly army
that burns everything else up there and you're left with your own being your own identity and the responsibility for that be
now the poets the modern poets emerson from much you know he's gotta true realization of that that transcended human being that transcended human crore but flame that by hamlets at the center of the person the trouble is that most of the for don't have as much a responsibility of the because really they don't have the whole picture and the spec
realized the new awakening they specialize in the the birth as it were the initiation that realization the coming for and you experience of the person and then they remain children on your lives for the weekend of them because they've had that but it's never become anything it's never too
taken it's full shape it's never integrated into a four person so paradoxically a lot of the poets give you the sense and that the taste of the person at a deep level and then exactly what they lack is what the person the farmers the person that the interval from us or the person which involves this figure of the crotch and
especially which involves more than just the individual more than just the isolate itself which is the trap of our modern american culture our individualistic culture and the trap especially of our poets them because they have an especially strong subjectivity of and and you can very easily become such a specialist in that subject
every that you locked yourself in to yourself and then you're done
so there have been financially respect a
okay this home galatians a letter is
there's i think right on the subject of the emergence of this stuff
in all of its violence
where he talks about the the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control against such there is no law but positions or what you are you can what are these things are these things special gift supernatural guess the country from the spirit yes ne up but really though
simply magnum and person when it's been freed from the encumbrances and all those those compulsions and things that they said it was never there is just what it is to be human being these fruits of the spirit
and those who belong to christ jesus have crucified the flesh with each person's from the judge but there's the spirit and there's the garage much bigotry the two sides that peaceful loving gentle infinitely joyful fullness and then right away imagine of the cross which is simply the other side edition if you're the other side of good
i want to say something about market something that john
how much the first of the gospels and that's where i get so much attention today traversed with the gospels apparently can be written off and if you want the emergence of the person listening to be doomed to disappointment and failure and mark's gospel
because nothing much seems to emerge which and up it is the death of jesus and an empty term to and you get a few kind of signal signals of recognition along the way where peter recognizes jesus answers your other christ will be centurion of the costs as truly issues and it's kind of got but you don't get a lot more so
satisfaction in the mark's gospel
but the hundred bucks passport is a paradox a whole of much cause progress ironic a part of the army as much who recognizes jesus the demons
it's the damage and say we know your other only want to god you're the son of god and i don't come to our members to customers that but the disciples don't mean the disciples by and large i really done
we call this mess man and chick like heroku of cases is trying to hush up who is on anybody says you're the questions i'm a he said have jumped on telling you i you were somebody and i should say i'm telling you about how can you hide your feelings time the messianic secret and and the dummy factor i would call it okay about the disciples it it's taken two hundred year
as for biblical scholar to discover the dummy effect
because they just don't get it will say to them have you still not understood you know can remember that modification of the bread and how many we that and have you still not understood know don't understand why is that because the understanding actually the awakening is our awakening
the awakenings our baptismal awake and okay and i think the whole of mark's gospel was smatter toys that what's the end of march passport which that empty tournament are some of you have heard this before it's one of your notice that the end of mark's gospel is the empty tomb and the women with not even see jesus them they see an angel the want
intellectual one anchor dressed in white shitting in the term and then
the angel tells him jesus is risen and then go when they don't even tell anybody marks says because they were afraid and talk about an anticlimax
but the empty term is actually your baptism the empty term is your awakening paul will have been baptized buried with him and his death that you might rise with him to a new life
i catch that in a couple of words you have been buried with him and just like his that's your baptism their baptism is a burial therefore the baptismal font was a to the baptismal font is a term up to him and the tomb of jesus therefore the empty tomb at the end of mark's gospel was really your baptism is really your away
now that goes with the beginning of the gospel much best for a symmetrical and the end resonates directly with the beginning the beginning of the gospel is the baptism of jesus
where the heavens were opened and the voices heard your my beloved son in why my place now what would to understand this if that is determination of the gospel not as the baptism of jesus but as our baptism at that point the the whole gospel turns around the web as well as it rotates on an actress okay
and your fact that the beginning and then we read the gospel in the light of that enlightenment
because the very problem that mark's gospel is designed to be read before baptism okay to history bedroom
which means that that was the reading which led up to baptism so you have the gospel not on the jesus st and has risen body resurrected jesus seen but rather just to the anticlimax the open tune and the next thing you got the baptismal not practically speaking okay so that you descend into those waters you
descend into that tone and then your eyes are open okay and then you understand the gospel and then you understand why the turbine matter of the of the sanctuary the gospel of mark and you understand so many things i think that's where you understand the secret and the concealment and ball because the only way that can be understood is in your own awakening that wake
i'm hoping your own person
at the beginning you have the baptism of jesus at the and you have the open term what have you gotten a metal
but a couple of things you know better
transfiguration okay what's the meaning of the transfiguration it's a singular moment isn't it it's like a mountain peak which is lighted by the santa okay where is everything else remains a darkness practices except for the year links and things like that and what's the meaning of them remember the words
at the transfiguration and words from heaven i feel this is my beloved son listen to him
same word is adapted to what happens if you're if you relate those three texts to run a baptism of jesus the empty tone and the transfiguration in the middle
that means that not only is our baptism baptism of jesus and those words you're my beloved son but the transfiguration also is our smoking
remember for the arid squires perky asking the father's he said that were really stopped to understanding him in person you start with the transfiguration
let's start with the transfiguration that's our demonisation that's the picture of what's your car
and it's curious that there are three there are always three there are three disciples you remember peter james and john and there's jesus and moses and elijah
and peter wants to stay there so that's not to be tabernacle and sphere