The Brief Rule of St. Romuald

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The Little Rule of Saint Romuald

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and what else
the almighty god
the ladies advent season
and we awake
coming in the sky reform for the day
yeah same way to were coming into our hearts or wine
the and they have open minds
with our hearts can always like
with our minds they always be open clear and pure and you know
the tribune
apparently who are wide open
and to who desire is open go no secret things in
purify the off the back and the are hurting your spare
the my love you with the perfect
and pray you can
an affair and impaired but the third world behind you and prepare
once you arrive like a good fisher watching for fish the pair pair he looked around here you never really said
don't have just come to the bar scary and in spite of here good boy and camera her push button war then take every opportunity to sit with in your heart and to understand where your crime
and if your mind wanders edited read you know her hurry back and a prior to the water for more
they you are god's presence
and stand there with the attitude of one who stands before the yet
after yourself completely and said way
content with the grace of god
like the little heard that pays nothing and eat nothing but some mother gives it
thank you

if every author to
wagner and urges us to take every opportunity to shape the song is not heart and understand them am i
visit the old monastic practice of ruin that steel or combination of monastic spirituality
the pilot backfield eaten up by which we are to shoot because of the salt like cause chewing their cud over and over again until the prayer becomes incessant for on and even unstoppable the money
what we might be doing any given moment that with whom are not care that
a hindu might urge you to pray your mom check in the same way
boat is a word or phrase or name of god
as then list perhaps a call on
a wonderful august of the names of god
and east eastern christian as a cat the whole of jesus or the classical jesus fair
the pads are similar
and the whole for result is saying
where to sing the psalter in our hearts
the very center of our be
one last thing are to become songs if our heart is truly in gaul
if we are in of monastic spiritual terminology pure of heart
after john passion when robbie was reading and re-reading on that mountainside and impurities southern france
purity of heart is the whole purpose of monastic life if it is indeed to perfect love and divine life
we i to persevere if we are to understand the songs with my mind
we must maintain the right intention to use again or phrase comment to are buddhists brothers and sisters
yet our intention wonder is need not panic
good fisherman who recognize the movement we acknowledge if we call me right back the bomb in our collection
and we begin here
always again in all those beginning
fig one is concerned with the path and faithfulness to that
like a bot lanes i'm not the daydreams are not the meanderings what is important is always to begin again you can he began and pm
you are in god's presence
keep in mind that not is a benedictine monk i say the came out
you really benefit chapter seven verse is ten thirty is the first degree of humility and recall monastics to god's presence
encouraging them to make number of always the presence of god god sees all knows all here's all and monastic to be vigilant
again and the rule of benedict chapter nine p with the funding few better they'd be mined from the domestic the divine person is everywhere
the vaudeville wants his followers to be mindful of that presence everywhere

mt yourself completely
we are to empty ourselves so that dawns protestants from may fill that empty space
where to become totally dependent upon call in raise awareness and the patterns
in this mine will stay no never to get back to the soldiers who to find every be
this state of emptiness mirrors the colossus of price
that south anti christ
if your father the philippians hammer
you're fond of kronos this will be he could sell becoming forms

this state of emptiness that mirrors can notice
the mirrors price because as christ was willing to do the fathers will be a matter of law and stop and the
so we do that
we empty ourselves on the south completely and that means we let go of our most pious emotion our own control of things as response
will i hope everything
our anchors are fears
our passions even our desires
and we sit in the present
give the president's
not holding onto the path cooking and not projecting ourselves into the future
but nearly as
we may approach may be named president to the present month
but that does not to stay we are closed in on ourselves
now the open to possibilities with god but that opens isn't availability and they will help intention out
in a zen buddhist tradition the monastic is that masters not spoken on this sub emptying movement and in mindfulness of the present moment in terms of clearly the by was forgetting yourself
or maintaining always the mind of the beginner
compassionate and salt lives openness day after day
i did this is the place thomas merton spoke up as no plan for yash the vertical point
nevada served as his life he was writing help the planet with the edge
yes an outlet more yeah you can find this end of the i heard her article with discretion seventy six
when he wrote about of creation of this plan and yash and was virtually
he wrote the center of the soul
the plan the edge is both nothing and every
he at the fountain of living waters within the human person stringing not into my return
again to sink into the steep awareness of the ground with our identity before god and the enemy ball
is the all the way to discover that true self in obscurity and nothing's at the center that is accessible only to go
what must desire only to enter into complete nudity emptiness and part
waiter when he writes them to the plant yours was riding up his dialectic between the fall all juice off he's writing like the to sell the very center the very pit of whom he argued for the as
sit way
closes the little rule of the same problem i'll just justice an open in that war
here that studying following on a complete mt foster's a city one whole be ah
the mind boggling side of the and soul sit there and council sit there constant state of mind and heart just sit there as if it were the most ordinary thing to do
and of course it is
just sitting there waiting for call waiting upon them
waiting a good and nasty expectation
waiting upon god's word
way to be filled he thought wait to be filled by tom
within the very empty has itself
even the bear bear effortless pointless faith in yourself
the kind of communication and the ice cream is a dial new week because you'll always be some
perhaps it is the most precious coming
the metaphor know that a that comes out of emptiness every word and out the silence
and we are on of their kittens as the word was born inside of you
that's may sit waiting we are only living the present moment
content with the grace of god
why shouldn't we be picked tennis ball stems and leaves even happy enjoyed into cars grace
remember which graces cairo
grace is eternally a person always there in the here and now peter
we after located
we have to be all we have to be available
and that's what makes opinion
like a little bird dependent on his mother
this final image used by take on with floor is the life of products
not only because he is telling us to sit like a little worried that the police and will check for already in its nest mouth wide open
ready and waiting for whatever online put there
when also because god is the law here
save on the move gives us the holy spirit here as a nurture and sustain carry other
no was not the first to refer to god of mother christian literature
the earlier always of the church had done so various contexts and soon after wrong you will say very of the other surgeons will take to the highest
and then many women mystics in france germany in mobile will all use his image of god and mama
but this image of god's spirit coming to us as a model jury with goodies for our mom's waiting for baptist the sure different
can i mind
and i paid off for pole
i actually think that every time when i swallow in the church or to comb ah
re thirteen rooms of nestlings during the sale and they say to one another female in an hour little pay you and will quiet at the fall
they're waiting
and i would like to close this retreat define mini by reading a poem i wrote in nineteen ninety about these follows
on an amazing night near investors when art requires city i could fall it on a number and swallows against one another and pay to man
and then we sat down and the reading was from a category chemicals song of the loveridge in you want
i entitled at the nest a good place
but dogs almost overnight quarter i'd you live with alacrity you to church particles time corner marble shades of state of baking chocolate line cinnamon last feathered
down with the clock should fire crackled holes beneath the tiny address on
the barn swallows nest as back
a tangible way she faces her mate pay perched opposite for listening posts both notes or persons chopped off by andrew accretion to chopping while he serenades a movie modular they intricate thrills sure
twitter's more wholesome trails to charm busy souls into ravenous
inside song monastic sanctum alternation of an artisanal farmer enchanted by monks when to president
seats for reading of followers comfortable
beloved sense to lover of community beyond the threshold captivating weekend
deferential posh envelops require where hearts les paul with a love song
and to silence is all the impacts by the gently with capital marching issuing from his bills articulation
while she gonna get this ships fans the blue white wines a wall deeply forked tear
nestle into the round one stupidity
if pay for an state
i thank you for coming
i thank you for your attention
the participation
but most of all for an effective the indifference to all the spirituality without a carry out my shoulder where i don't think think you
and the news the final more lifetime
anything we want to be paid to be be one and pennsylvania and anything
as i can signify
you why the emphasis on the song has to the gospel
in the because of the monastic
the number one i said john catherine considered the songs he lived can all compendium of all chain i guess my question is why did you live in a way back to the very source why did
because it was already in the desert tradition that the month memorize the software
and then create a day at night
would that be because the desert tradition started so early before the the gospel swollen at the time and i know because they saw the songs more as of than the gulf the golf balls were certainly provide with of christ know but also proclamation of the virgin actually then person
but they saw the as be asking praising to lantern crying and screaming out the on faulty flight and that's why the actual of i suspect it we have illiterate for and that much to thank the right common folk songs were looking at
someone said
well not going to turn scholarship quiet but that the thought were written for jeep great know
that anyway yeah any day and kind of look that way of entering the inspire the next couple of you saw diversion from the vertical minerals
oh i think that's great well
important than anything else
but i my ted moments take frontier of mentioned when she asked a question last week of prayer jet
i'm katherine
and it's been a model around with nine like a lot since then that is and
i'm paraphrasing seven hundred that's not accurate just helping but that i needed a similar to how there's such a long in and hard for to
certainly praying the will remain by the all
brings that had fallen and yet there's a problem us the the connectedness of the daily basis to the to the boys the cacophony the constant goings on and there's that sense of how the
keep that i know that his personal i know that of bailey reminding ourselves but anything that you can share to help from router in a factor way i should be
i sometimes the and that's what happened to fill up coming up in south the other others to say just for my experiences from knowing people who has the experience of making time and making space i number when i have been larger number than we were talking a while
but some point we were talking about osama and here i'm thinking i'm back at you put it he uses the book discussion will you know that we had a discussion group of the samples of fiscal area always such a post office where for four weeks we've got together and discuss with the fourth of the book and at one point we were talking
about this gay issue and i met her the same in all the i'd be off
good heard inevitable way if i didn't have my hair fall by the take my time and you could tell she was meeting very core of would mean that that's kept going again
and i think it really takes something like that it might not be was have a closet
candles and why not you know but it may be living car titles times more important than the place
that the there has to be some kind of dedication to have their mobility where you can just say this channel is really just said
if i weren't paradise
oh and if nothing else either that bears the food
these the dissolved
of course you can do more know
which first the wall
but i don't know what else to say and i'll be even we must have trouble sometime
and during the coming years me up ongoing construction here you know yeah the earth be to each part of the hermitage i were going to have problems regarding why
simon and gonna have we ourselves are the business
at least for long
the difficulty in the i point that once you're in the space and you have the time is shutting up a all that's always down
and we find that every religion every religion and speaks about meditation
this is the main issue to a lot a to manage
hey stop the she

i have no easy answer for the mecca
in all a lot of answers but he you know when you know them all down the religious sit there in person period
i think that's what i've always known of which with machine
we all felt center
via show up he could not keep trying keep your heart pure my were just keep that and motor spins and automate all of them won't go
in what's important way is to not to judge them
if you judge your thought on get caught up and said you know what that was stupid
go there know that's easier to do with up for them it is with feeling
concord the earth stuff comes up out of nowhere and hard not to immediately be invested in know on one side of other fat tissue feeling on one side and the other interview like you and see i'm into top
the enneagram five about without when they meditate we all have faults and yeah
that's my challenge also found that verbalization been in puerto rico
i didn't shut them
he that help at all i mean you are a new well as they can you know you can come as you said something that i didn't touch him in a wig and the the idea of giving myself permission at the time needed to judge
just when when possible some stop just so and i sometimes try to call me through to say if i only get this extra by only get past this critical feeling by will be okay but you show yes in further
we get more anxiety or more sense from intensity and and i think that what you said just summer just thought kit possible for five minutes or two minutes or answer
and when we have the enneagram workshop and and our group of tory while gave us a for breathing exercise grief in prayer and the you can do anything can do that any time in britain death and i have it just wasn't in my consciousness right now
that that helped me
if anybody ever been back in there are all of their own
let's say one thing
because eighteen tracks and in the middle day king i know that the time i want and what a is to memorize an upswing training and so i can go into well you know and now and just spend the energy that
a case for me to recall a few i just a bring me up whenever and space and distracted and vinegar and it quinlan and move forward
so and if particularly the important piece seems to be when i can say thank y thoughts if i'm trying to make all the picture it pushes anything else because i hadn't noticed
so it's even more effective than leaving me
if i clearing
i think that on that agree with you that one of the things that traditional white satin who shri s one out documentation of the and he focuses on all kinds of religious but but i'm not prayers and francis think you've become
so he constantly work on something like that lobby beginning
then you become that and so that that becomes the thing that you you pick up you never happened she think about
you know could be bad if the somme whatever whatever works with the individual
let he recommend something that has been tried and true through the age of the has been used by those of t all deep leaning toward god such as cypriots

what do you have to
why did you know you can hear spiritual
can make that it out let the word the phrase that comes to may have been particularly a spiritual freight and i think that important to behaviour modification and the fence and that could happen in my heart that i will
show up and pay attention and be there and yeah the faint i'm kind of holding and balanced but that that even though i show up in pay attention that so much depends on the grace of god in that moment as well that i could pray this both me i felt i can do the things that have been
definitely then for whatever kind of greater gift than at the moment if i'm going to be attended to and work that as well and good that the gift comes from god so was kind of making the that have of the practice of it it's fact that's exactly back to the real the practice whatever that practice
it is for each person that i think even like and spiritual direction i try to help the perspective by the a practice that works for them for that can show that bright
whatever we're getting the state where you have don't try to fix it you know in if somebody if you have your prayer find my prayer and and and present in what you have found a way to become president
you know to be to receive didn't do that and don't worry that it's not like what someone else is still or something just to dry and five they were when it and pointed underway
he cited as the same your situation and i think so
the interior weapons one of them
oh yeah i know what
finish your child that episode thing he could just told that more about that the economic to you think the dog and also us all k ruminants hill in the classic
high levels of lectio divina
monastic was speaking popularize mainly mainly through the we go of the car division who wrote it all the next week of gui jail
we go the preparation we go to soccer action
oh peter with the for classic old monastic ways of life to be your jewelry and it's less deal with the top tool room and for
and contemplate so the woman ounces that third stage towards healthy
where just said the
again and again and can't you just let it be with you in that true image and they use the region is called that because they used new the image of oil calls to stand alone
oh over again that's minimum
today looks to the be a call the person to now on the third row first they read the text
secondly about their mind why hadn't needed to get on the tax and you go back and for the see on medical school then you add women up to me again go back you don't just stay can move back to you know the next will go back in the text and room and i feel it's just been
the there with
and then if counterparts to happen that happens to there's nothing like the practically buttons are not before you get contemplation but some times were seized in to contemplate
guido the second gear
good read really want that school
ah condolences pronounces the stuff
he's got the heart of jesus christ ah where whereby we need wiki and or human to its total self gift and so we had talked about that cannot get price when you learn through that are and broke that's what we're talking about how jesus just typical every not
a manner that is that to do the will of small
one to death until horrifying by his own team
that's i can also if you want to be a nice some well two people were two people who live on the canadiens christ on there is the gifts and what does its name initiative sebastian
gosh i'm i'm going to lose the last name right now that i can show him the library active in sports books so the crucified christ is one of his books
sebastian and we live in rhode island he may still be there actually
he writes a lot about the economic crisis
the suffering crucified and christ and what that means for us and why he means tool in that
would that be of commerce's also do now partner a us in his lungs of the church in one of the models the economic shape than the international already fact that if a sense but but if they're one of his miles of the church a little bit this year of
and then you'll find it elsewhere in his model for paul church should be how we can look at church the church title us awful speaks to this but you can also find you know
it's written just diagnosis and perfection and more was presented recently added within the area of an article by likely or how are you think his name the analyzer out and he was offering forth the idea of nemesis to cry for this a particularly because the younger jenna
aeration many of them are in the maybe me and hang out with bye bye bye and that this is like a whole another challenging because they don't relate at all for the other images at this point which in one way it so
contrary to the lifestyle and really what their hundred and for and so if he offered that this and i image the their photos with the most attractive economic i am would ask little absolute reference
you know
absolutely and self gifts for everyone
unto death from to the mileage
ah then up with colossus

oh hey