The Brief Rule of St. Romuald

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The Little Rule of Saint Romuald

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mindful of your loving care for loss
we asked you
for peace
and still in the hearts of all
europeans your good
we asked me for peace
we asked him for peace in our church
during his trial for time
we asked her for peace in our family community
we asked him for peace in our sons
riot give took a piece that only you
when he said
what his hand in hand the inner stillness we strive to
not of on
oh god unto whom all heights wide open
on to who desire is eloquent
and a frog movement a secret thing here
purify the thoughts of our hearts by the appropriate computer stewart
that we may not be the perfect mouth on the you as you do so

the yourself and paradigm
put the world the whole world with and okay
watch your thought like a good efficient watching for fish
the path you must follow the same or similar never know
and you have just come to the boss staring and on spite of on the open well you cannot accomplish what you want then take every opportunity to sing the songs in your heart and tip on the sand what the align
and if my mind one birds as you we do not give up
hurry back and apply your mind to the wellness once more
rare rise above all that you are to god's pregnant
and stand there with the attitude of one who stands before the employer
empty your self employed by because lighting
the guy like the little bird that case nothing and and eat nothing but when his mother gibson

so i like
how to my presentation
we couldn't get have the opportunity for it
pc that goes
hemp the wall behind
forget it
the accent and workplaces on hard to sit in one cell and some paradise
accentuates the fact that this time was sacred time
just as the sound is sacred space
and then sacred time
we are enemies will slowly hello
yeah i went down
at the beginning that we n
same time
we are learning that eternal present that the now
facing the awful and they'll back
we're not in clock or you time
that's close as in chronological time
but we're not enter the eternal time the sacred time cairo's
we are now in hydrochloric time as good
and as such we can let it glow of stuff connected with the clock
and the crop oriented world
that's the point of entering the sacred time
this catalogue a time was not something we westerners and christians have quoted the up
and he did bottle
benefit we'd cornered chronological time
say good compliment three exists august
the those the time entered by primitive religious consciousness so many ago
and it continues to be entered by everyone seeking the quiet and peace on quiet as bible interesting experience
what is beyond problems extra chronological timeline or even better next time for a logical time
in the east but the christians and non-christians were urged to enter the quiet to find that inner stillness that ezekiel in christian used
find it within our hearts within our true selves
and it was funny and conquer the importance of cultivating at inner self
but side of the heart where each of us regardless of our and we gotten so about vocational choice or to life circumstances must come to grips with the true call solitude
st john the clinic or wrote
close the door on your cell to your body
close the door with tom to tall
and the gate with in to evil spirit
when we're cultivating that either so hard
sandy rob you old urges us to forget
we must place our memories behind us you must set a fire over the memory is capable of doing towards
well we let go
we let go all punch bowl
hey simply
we should not let our minds wander back outside to sell and you're talking about the inner to sell
i made me fall apart one of the desert lobbies on cineplex car is your name moved my hand and swans several years
she said she won't
levels in the city will live with they were living on the mountain
and began there are rules on much for a living as if they were in the city
those looking looking elsewhere and not on this modern side can and i'm surely take their souls and was saying simply
no on
i'm cornered the market and can the peace long as part of the market that human settlements and the inner so hard we all out that potential
the sort of to with jesus won't nasty itself can facilitate ensure a better facilitate the cultivation in your stones and trees and it should protect its ongoing thing
but human nature does more than that i'm so
it is not so much who you are
the know where
as it is how you are where in law who lol
once again it was not so much for be the are or wearing
as it is how you are where you are
whoever you are

watch your dogs may edward fisher
known this year the that seventy one of the leave behind the people who forgets the wall
you are to be a more deserving of your own inner workings
watch your balls read here your passions
your vices
with your thought process
as if as you were getting a little meeting the masters of desert spiritual such as about the as particles so limited john passion
we more valuable commodity these primary sources that did in fact maybe the desert monsters
we didn't need cash and thus he bought me and spirituality because cash and popularize the poppies what you can not get what people want need to stay that is most dangerous of time
where keep vigilant or more of ourselves vigilance more like the smarting the you know the key to monastic spiritual digital vigils watch phones
it was the monastics character usual who prayed usually during the nights
and now it was a vigilant of them themselves watching their inner wants the inner emotions
it is common in the desert literature to read such thing says dasher bot against christ
and let him go all day for the eggs but do not let your body the the cell
i mean the ideas perseverance
he regarded with vote hardly sell in the studio
tells chances that we must watch our like a good fisher watching for bush
when i wouldn't you be commodities coronation come on my knees hurt but digital google on new papa was passed someone
one point i was
standing were palmed wall
immigration standing back and overlooking this on water
murky water and the little systematic problem a tourist i got the treatment that look like it
as i gazed into the pond
suddenly i noticed fish
and then i noticed schools of fish lives and will be to the circus the bomb and then slowly
them back into the depths or swimming into the cat
i was looking into the hermitage machina or your fishpond
watching a wonderful water back in action was a pleasant relaxing after a while the most efficient with i think
that is how we are to watch iphone
it came to i
with the called half the game fish watching beneath the waters serves watching a whole world of blogging world of fox and desires passions
swimming out in the deaths
come and greet me to the surface of the city back into the depths
at times these thoughts we may know circles and the swim around and play
maybe even eaten in the bed
before disappearing that can be this again
where was the swimming pool
a fully world they're just beneath the surface on each of us
as a child i often went fishing with my father was an actual impression
the man would require on efficient and like and i thought there was ago this journal of turning back
well i guess that of efficient and clutches day
i guess the like cash that
i like to watch and i like to ride and though
i like to gaze into the water
most fascinated by watching the i'm onigiri beneath the surface they wonder why worry
and sometimes i secret war that the topic car
ah in fact to alternative us to seek secret
that i will catch something and you
my these large fish and yet visible suppose that happy about that
john cash and used to this image of the monk fisher call me about abraham and his confidence number two thousand and four in the i newman
press men edition of the country
and i call mrs bob is eight twenty seven to twenty eight if you're interested
the person who keeps constant raj wanted the purely a be person attention
on moving
like a clever fission looking out
may catch the swarms of faults swimming the bottled in the commons gifts are
enlighten someone gazing intently into the camps
maybe with lot with winds discretion judge which foolish he should drive to himself if would say independent and which ones he should not go and new chair
when back
john tenderness with booze that's a cast spiritual on the eastern church saying ramos may have been directly or certainly indirectly economists in town roberts
john confidence from the latter divine the sand paul sedition page on many service
but a pitcher will mom know what do children
the begin on it's a fisher of box
and if required other night
he can easily server and catch them

and so well
wants us to trade as if we were fishing
and observant and suitably their children
recognize me
having a girl
the new things sink back into deck
the to pick an ordinary taking up man on the bottom is a good day that necessary
the have you must follow used in the songs
notice how fast we're going to the new months wouldn't be sat in the cells inheritance
we should matter that will surprise when a long will choose a really solid chairs the only have prepared
we know from play with a wet nurses in a life of plus a problem by peter j
punches chapters morning really long fifty
how important the saw was awarded to one says again began again
after all he was ability to morph into a bell abbey hear the sound of pulmonary and also
he had created the opens day because in the group in june
day for years and he's happy at least three before you got there that needs
once he loves the happy with this apples permission to seek greater solitude he joined the local men in the countryside and site
about them
maybe medina
and what they read as the practice was play the sculpture day and night and we know from the life that can run the named state lottery know quoted in the ear
what are you the pipe or normal good care of quite a
when they to true with an irrevocable lifestyle on a mountainside and prepared to juliet off upset by who shop which i mentioned the day and important and addicted to happen again and or can get out before but this time i wrote a lot of three photos that are
it was not master and or reno was now in the cycle the perfect them and the roof moderating all gathered around the same time you open a while studying and mediating the wisdom of desert literature including john cash and conferences they traded with so
are over and over again just as me his father does not give you so today within the traditions of the benediction family
johnny cash and have considered with soldiers congenial a condensation of credit cheddar and but a slightly so the wrong way to trade and all its various models so praise that giving show or petition it's all there and falter and so it becomes
pentium of of all fair share of the way to pray that they i understand how to say the wrong and what we see suddenly a great grace and mystically comprehended or level scripture sudden and the rapture
never gave this path rock of conferences all and he has little rural be fake courtesy theater this is the key persevere
the key from elastic knowledge away me and the peace or as we have here in are still has a clear
do not believe the path do not stop the practice he tells the ships are very familiar to anyone familiar with divided a great voters sisters and brothers a say present with it's nice to show you rule gop speak to this
and shouldn't say something valuable to depression ideal of becoming a bread for one another
he wrote actual practice is repeating oil were operating on to find out how to become bread
in our way just to practice city and put ourselves into the other is our way now they would be
actual practice is repeating over and over again until you find out how to become bread there no secret and our way just just practicing and put ourselves into the other is our way
and then we got discussion

but not would completely have met my brain
i would assume
haven't one another nurturing learning
got for the world
you points or of ah
awareness or awakening
but there's also a consideration compassion in the fall
oh my god with plaza to the compassionate
being bred for one of staying in mother
i would guess more for sure

you before the storms first or the day than they can i want to make you mean when i wouldn't be getting and even better when the first modest nature that that was much better memorized the software that can just copy me family
over more it

why i have a question it's not exactly what we're talking about just twenty five vacation when he said about john passion ryan about a inheritor of every is he bought me a the i said that industry origin people why why was that and no no
since i've read that and book and i was i going to that part of history that what i meant we can get a short thumbnail what happened when you ever heard of the or version of tom wilson
i'm going out for it will don't to dismal at one point
you can followed
where they the awards and origin as their guide
ended up on the wrong side theological fence when there was a battle region
carl origins country jersey
and over savings on both sides of the fence and unfortunately at one point egypt
the a month later phases that we would have killed on both sides and forward
the largest margins and non-emergent i don't think we should be shit by origin and energy something take a walk and it's with not necessary that involve readers ponti crews had origin as his hero is the appeal to kill off the theological here
home and when when moved from present day turkey
down through the whole around me and we won't go into progresses by either years that point had a healing design going to come a long way to the deserts of egypt and live the rest of his life and became one of the on the office here in the egyptian lives no rejection captured became a great tool to
chair and the pasture there
evaluates became really what one could call the first systematic alone of spirituality he can leave a railroad system a child christian
can live a spiritual use the first one to do that systematically and entire kind of the and he watch maybe a dozen nature monastic work on all about
getting on spirituality help
johnny cash and later on was very taken with you bought a is the algae and cash it was young seven years before he went to southern france and formed monasteries they are men and minimum live remind these are some problems and doesn't need
and he just and by caching teaching village but by the time he got to finance it was all very suspect
and heretical know depending on again this time of the pencil
adam okay once again bottom is origin all companies their own now and we're talking to my than the radio
and so that's why i say not although the popularize the bodleian spiritual he never average never ever orange those to both the theology say the spiritual he said notes portion
one reason that caching worth work is never canada
because he he thought skirting
a danger fence there and got caught up in controversy
the his own day
that then even put it in the much worse along with them with the gaston
the city and to help
i've been so other will be wants to officially canonized on will be sold where to find the to trade counter
we are a pinch the to lawful and course the industrial church consider some great father the church but but i wrote in church another
the problem if from the defense and and then new boy
it's a veritable treasure trove of
the little with fewer turbo kick not simply ban and slippery trivia haven't you
hey how it as he would be specific communities and air they're doing for much with the funny how illiterate the majority of people who play the yeah okay
so that's why they haven't memorized them you know for the most part of new church up in syria your educated you know they living like they were wow the for the most part of each there were not like to people with family
the person
man i'm interested i was like been interested in the idea of pilots time and i think that of got time seeing release time yes in the whole some time to an hour
own small way the ability to act on her own life and can see patterns and symbols and
yeah man and different community kind of familiar pattern
which were differentiated between a chronological time has a kenya if i've never seen the three those to yeah oh i didn't i just that's why separated a little bit more i just want to get the spelling now to people oh yeah there's nothing time oh but
you know either yeah after the what i was sitting here pondering or when to come up with way universe filled up i i hope that that what it is it's almost time less are time still out
where it's there it is it's that being in time being
worried or we're not focusing on the hot and you're not focusing on any part of it but she just living in the present living in presence definitely cables time
also been an easy way to think of the differences is that this time of year that will spending his time at this time even know for a split second just wait until three o'clock chronological time to start after that we could care less about the clock we're talking about the realities of the mobile
he can for those grace time mrs grace
we've been in and hardline from the last few centuries we take time when women the clock but it's interesting the roaring stream spoke on the discovers these believe brings up how really this such a new thing for human being
i am i supposed to even some time work
yeah levels were the government
we think it says then we started with victory the
when the last few centuries we've been pretty good at it yeah
i've driven
that it's amazing to me because when daylight savings time and
and the time begins and vice versa my husband and i around gaza house and like are thirteen products and actually good that we have will change you got the wristwatch the cars it's the i'm absolutely amazing
at least the computer goes with automatic yes and going to be redirected to the telephone
to take such a tremendous toll on the human psyche these days time
our time pressure on or plot orientation
why would have plenty of a magical time here too
most boss reagan specific topic with the for the gotta be a reason that we no canopy just they are oblivious to time but the blogging walking quadratic time that a lot of we on
even though the dollars chronologically once we get here we don't we're not in college full time
we better were admissible
creating a putrid
true maybe you to go
the morning through perseverance and accurate warm
a spiritual strength from person finish and a you and root and flourish
which today with green they are fed one she's will to dream
it affects the right hand
the pretty cool if i saw what you want we get a melodic get the word perseverance was at me that a melodic way
following the fuel
the following
it's it's not necessarily done with something else but spiritually
yeah a large eight and a logical reason to be following like etymologically more precise is that have a safe much percent of back that perseverance
well with persevere come from through and durable are hard
you go hard you are part of the ship to
but i was say spiritually say it's more like at all
that sure
when you push available something you're not just
just always to get some staying out
you're following a accurate because there's a relationship there with whatever reality you're good with that to persevere in or at there's a relationship with the earth questionable
and the variegated on
fact that was a relationship of this remaining to taking place called for something beyond just
and certainly perseverance within the spiritual life is more than just sitting in the jewelry somebody or somebody
yeah it's a habit what that would back shortly
because enduring often means you know what are you doing nobody will no longer
following to again
but we cannot just sticking a novel the following rule and will throw it
whew it all
and through yourself
and through the reality of for whatever they might just talking here
the i said but retaining that in photo
level that to like area will be married for a year and it's vital to of and justin during yeah was following through with the problems and the relationship the continuing on through all president start
same thing with with the life
i mean i suppose it's possible for someone to just stick it through year after year and then goes that came along without some quality fuel half again for us with the city near off start to unravel when it's flooded with permission
i don't know you'd be avoided
eastern missouri big that's the
the so good boy the different than just the injections know
any anything else
the watching your thoughts like a good efficient
it's a point that problem make because what i'm wondering is what i will delay in the watching the thoughts for me he also quoted i think was cast in instead that at some point one gets total place of knowing which of the fish to draw in
i'm on the same help right now
every tibetan buddhist master that i started with at some points can compare by talked about this process of contemplative are moving into the contemplative experience as watching a train go on me so we are watching and the box part their like the thoughts and where the the intense
jun is it's focus on the space between in about five than you know and to eventually expand the time of seeing the space and found the bunch of hard work properly
lol same distance from equal pay that the real apartments there's the preceding his death
the stylish why been sent back into so what we're doing then and the sitting in this way is waiting as were watching the fish waiting for the point at which they had got into the debt and being given a death or just space it between of not too far
focus on the thoughts and stuff know or a more on the movement
in other words and even some practitioners of nutrition
while even psychologists will try
i'll go ahead and acknowledge your baser instincts acknowledge what you're feeding what is known as the olive branch you suddenly i don't listen or not to
why the that's off the to him because we were supposed to be watching our off were feeling our passions
not just thought practices that's why suddenly to need here actions and bias and whatever you want go on that why are all up to them with know this one as phenomenon as belonging in life
and the one that says i think it was was character is a catch know ones you to cappuccino
john webber boats
we yet the the equipment or so in the and ninety committee to included with cash
i know what you mean by that
ah i know caution me like they were to we didn't catch what would you like whoa is that a good conditions powerful patch helpful for healthcare you
it's a way not just about to go but to actually an option and and what on one the others might go
i think so even animal parts that for emily and sort of passive action of sink of stillness and was wrong of actual sitting there i have dinner will be that they will be times of catching the fish basically of holding not at all
are you know the drawing in of the and i think the quote was something about the saving myself that at times even in the quest for the stillness to
the country that has reaction
engine and so it works there was been individual and those moments that i wasn't addictive my favorite weapon into my experience
i've learned to with zippers are was not so much for him up with what i mean catch
i was actually now interested were detection and no listen before
well it's more of a prophecy even no requirement patient
or the most recollected mom
during the silent meditation or
we've put out
or am i you
or horrifying memories are file down from mars by someone something i'd rather than turkoman load and this like the the and i and the point is these and really bottom and such that the more countries things that will
what can be thinking about something like that this point no good time to form this split second but it's there
come true to our lives let go of girl and i'm not a morning news or being displaying incredible changes my mind can even though i'm incredibly this thing i think can go and back in hundred and you want when i what's going at once and they all seem to be
other the english by over
like some own medical committee
i went incredibly complex thing is clear from the
haven't you know they a little broth for picture they had to dream
to dreams
i don't want her to the subconscious the world with some conscience the hall to the a holiday i think
a much deeper in like it might have similar emotions new the well as to flowing box but that's a whole other day
they could try system
i studied psychology
specially if you didn't something that type temperature and
wants to know the words from monkey tree
all things at work no use trying to be resolved
are you command get caught trying to service and cause some into action when yeah
so that sense certainly the fish pond and you could talk about dreamworld in my bag
in fact the job that needs or dairy farming talking about the during world as the flooring
okay cause of
oh what a some of the plane most votes of limitations of you know like up like dream for some time
wow in come up well that girl to was saying was a lot they can come up ah
pump change of heart in
ah and don't i live on negative image comes of a lot of on enjoy the some of the positive or are you just i want to just slow clap clap page is still without trying market for a long time ago
substitute or whatever on the recognizes a little monaco sometimes those smile
i like the idea of the genes and law
the thoughts to keep putting my simply seemingly the some game came close of a lot
be the in the last crisis of conscience vote yet to come up and look look more was when we know that any medication he and in one little foot states include grace of god was working in he can
and just to acknowledge as the news
and functions that will make love and guest spots on his name is like banking
think a lot of voting on just a lot of it became hope to based upon
i'm like photo

gimme played him