Camaldolese Artists: Bartolomeo della Gatta/Fra Mauro

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Camaldolese Artists, Lecture 4 (of 5). Bartolomeo della Gatta/Fra Mauro, Mentions Robert Hale and Thomas Matus, 




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i guess i have to send my favorite us of our artists done by follow me on della gotta he's known by that his real name as my phone mail that upon your day but very quickly on what he was about to love that song
the because he had a a a female cat
who followed him all around the city and so they called him bartholomew of the cat
and that's how he's come down in history
ah you'll notice oh by the way i think we're going to have we're not going have any problem and older from our today also so i have inserted will see we get to him find that we don't have as much on the number of and meal as the other ideas
and there's not about you notice i don't have any visual audio visual effects today
there is
one little pamphlet little booklet that was done in black and why they have some of his pictures of his stuff
that i photocopied
in italy more for the techs to them than than the pictures the pictures themselves were poorly done and then a photocopy of the pictures are even worse
and we don't have anything in our own library
where his paintings are held and we'll get to that and to these places they don't they do not have what we couldn't find any wreck productions or booklets one would think that least this one at some point we'll get a book because they have a few of his thing
we were there and ninety ninety three robert
you and i and or group of us when i think how do you know it's on
thomas matters
and we saw a number of these things that we looked for
cards on them they didn't have anything in fact that when someone anything that
okay he was born here's another piano or another peter number of our artists were born peter
well funded antonio de it was a fairly famous goldsmith in florence he had three sons
giovanni and niccolo and alternating between come out of its month in three different houses
all around forms piero join the assemble this is the my pack another the he joined san benedetto war in portable t v which services and resurfaces now than in the history of fourteen come out with these history
his brother giovanni who died in
fourteen seventy two didn't live long and all was a young gb in florence famous one and his brother nicholas at the abbey of anon do you know we're on ya know if i know it's near florence but they must have destroyed it
but oh i know then that the
comes up the and if you choose portland house these early on and he died and fourteen ninety seven so bartolomeo lived the longest i guess
yeah and even he died
at the age of fifty which is fairly young think about it
ah as i said they called him that like turning in that song because the citizens of a so who are called a clean the
i gave him that nickname delegate by how bartholomew of the cat and that's how he became known
ah he joined as i said san benedetto and and he studied it's painting skills he studied painting under the famous one i mentioned on friday famous miniaturist who became an of various about our houses and business
it's the one a giuliano on the game whom are
don't you go tongue in cheek pointed to as are probably the most things in the future he will be known the most famous of new shirts
he's so i'm but bartolo male study them to him
along with other studies and training that he took at the angie
in the year fortune seventeen which is the same year that
the same year that the under the stop being at the hermitage and became a monastery and was much more open at that he was sent to a red zone
where he lived at the monastery of santa maria in get up and i'm going to mention all three okay these houses are known dead zone and are famous at different times in history for different things are implemented and sent me kid yes
anyway he was sent to somebody and groggy where he are more or less the rest of his life was situated we'll find him for a couple of years being abbott here couple years there and wrong and you know a few months here but that's always seems to
be his home base such a million karate
and he was ordained a priest while there so he had finished his studies and was ordained
during this time during the early years of the fourteen seventies we have a wave of the plague that goes to out so and strikes down about a third fourth to a third of the population
ah during this time by to the mail which cooled by the way was quite a holy man
was a busy
care about caring for the dying taking care of been helping out to me the families of victims ah and i will get will go back go back to that
because it matters to his art so what will come back to that later on that was an early fourth fourteen seventies and fourteen eighty true i'm just getting basic
what fundamental dates for bartolomeo and fourteen eighty two he was called to wrong by to famous pictures
per genome and jr ready who are working at the sistine chapel
they're continuing to work for and they called to the mail from odessa to help them pay helped him paint the sistine chapel for a while and it gets permission and he goes up there he mainly did that reportedly to help him perfect his own art
and he becomes quite an artist
down the line
ah we we know somewhat when he looks like because he painted himself he painted a self portrait in the group of the apostles on the ceiling of the sistine chapel he's the apostle holding the trumpet
he picked he did a self portrait never to have that was very clever and so we have a commodities i'm feeling of the sistine chapel
ah he was therefore the a year maybe a little more than a year in rome working on in the system job the next year fourteen any three he returned to it and so where he was named the prior of san clemente
ha complimentary destroyed a medical fifteen hundred and absolutely destroy stone by stone
as a number of are places where throughout various wars and earthquakes over the centuries
ah and then and he governed sant miquel they began a sodium diet so
during this year and the next year for a little bit short of us
he is joined on the color baseball as a pinch-hitter he was pictured in while and not at semi kelly does anyone remember what seventy kennedy's famous for the monster send the kid
ha one of them no no no the onenote answer it's really only fence for one thing that i can think of this is where the amos prior run here in the twelve hundred forty line into the people liquid and
thank goodness line with it was when it was when the whole exempt status of come out the wheels up for grabs
and so he lied and said absolutely he he heard that there was a testimony that there was a document from me in the count mondo and all of that and chris all that's all made on you'd lied in order to protect the exemption come out to the and
we say mental reservation yes he made a mental reservation a jagged on new in jack darling
her any time for that
he's probably beatified
yeah here that's anyway that's what some good is famous for it but when you die anything so he lied on that this place so that this basically to we cannot believe that the note that commodity itself would not go into condition for good at oak saved our history
as an example to but i stopped the riviera i'm not years is a different than on lord knows what he set me up being diluted i didn't know what about optimism in america right
ah we in fourteen eighty five with and poor it so i had another outbreak of the black plague
or something like it something bureau of that was killed quite a bit of population
and the next year and fourteen eighty six we know that don bartolo mayor was accurate general chapter
representing or that certain this was held to come out within that particular year
ah nine years later and fourteen ninety five he was appointed a commend down abbott ah
santa maria got so he actually got hold of the benefits they
it was nice whenever the in our history that worked out that one of our own gut to becoming dumb how to manage them they are benevolent can not have you can probably channeled the money right back into the of course often was not the case and many of our community our houses were just bled beyond belief
during those times while he was commended on avid he also took on the parish and he cared for the parishes some rain so enjoy the show you know a pet channel is must be suburb or was it somebody with is
he himself minister to this man who was he was coming down ave santa maria
ah and then we know that he died in the or fifteen or two he died in florence what was he doing in florence he died at the monastery of yonge where he had escaped to from an answer because i then saw this particular year rose up in arms against florence who held a lordship over them
power that they were at this time meant something and and he got pp feet to florence and now i would imagine are all
all of a the people who were no over had connections with florence are in any way at the time like that had better be the car or or else and so he on december sixteen found himself dying in exile from odessa over the next masterpiece
life has a commander these at santa maria de yonge
a little bit we have a little bit about his character
testimony fun time most of this is from for sorry we wrote provide some of the artists from lennon sisters in georgia you think george over sign and if you're interested in new kitten
i don't know if we have to complete the sorry i did buy a copy and put it in the library if it doesn't have to the the business on bartolo male i can send you a photocopy of your interest interested hinder in the italian or an english version of the his life of about on the moon is condoms but the
sorry always has to be taken more than agreement song
as far as truth goes but he certainly gives you a good feeling of the rent for the reputation and artistic accomplishments and the way of of the various arms or total meal is considered very very capable man a real renaissance man
because he could do so many things i will get to that he was very intelligent well educated at new actually
and he became a very studious in art very passionate about art on all through this life with all the other things he was doing he was always at it was always create artistically
he could perform as a musician and an artist and he could create both music and painting arts
ah he was especially to and talented for the detail small details of his paintings and he also was a miniaturist i didn't mention him i last friday because he really wasn't he really
he wasn't known as being in one of our schools miniature of school again and quotes when he's known for some of the miniature work on that he did in missiles for just data on his own commissions he got one for a pope i'll get to that they are on and some money
nuns one on and then for the little miniature paintings he would put within his own large panels and i'll talk a little bit about that too especially famous one
he was praised by the auto teeny for his piety more than anything else even though he was the famous painter in i saw at this time and for those of you who love piero della francesca
is probably to i the hip that was his bible he tried to model himself artistically on and there are similarities between those two hours
ah he even though he was most famous artist this time and in the events of for the a teenager it was his piety and his his pastoral outreach that affected them the most and is exemplary virtue
ah he had a number of disciples his most famous the cycle with domenico pet grooming
does not mean pig no ice sheets she oh yeah yeah yeah she been and he's probably the most famous and these other three were also disciples of is this particular one was servite brother
oh my arm of dna so ah what lovely and lot of know how the name but this one was more things and don't bartolomeo was considered at this time the head of the rx or school of our our team school of art
ah he was a musician she was noted for his choral works that the post none of what none of which we didn't have anymore but i mean after all the various proteins and burning from confiscations what not it's not surprising that you don't have those things
ah the sorry mentions in his work that dunbarton male was considered will grant mercy corps not just musical and grandmas so he had a reputation
he also built fine organs
with lead pipes usually in this day he did a number of organs for churches in and around a dead zone and one in particular organ he did in paste board with pasteboard pipes which is why we call it card for
or rather hard cardboard
which was still existing as a functioning organ in the sorry it's day and he went and listened to it and then
talks about what a sweet sound house and whatnot
anyway was an organ builder that's all we know
just a few sentences but we don't have that as out of this reputation he was also an architect and he did a number of churches of name the three
in the red zone area the two most famous were the church of the annunciation which he did in the renaissance style doesn't know what that means when they say in the renaissance style of church architecture i mean i have some ideas but i did not that we meant specifically certain things that had to be there
a baroque broken from did you ask group of his wife cassandra goldie tree so when they're just using that phrase that's all they need basically it's just in general lots of lots of giving us going on in that when that light yeah
okay well
he was known for that
the the church itself that through virtual the or design it was built by the where is he going
have someone who does stand up
ah and his brother who were famous architects of the some god
they make wine no and read
he also designed if a church that became famous for other reasons it was in english the church of our lady of tears and it became famous because of a statue that was seen crime there weeping in the year fourteen ninety and it's what
are speaking to their energies surroundings holding chicken
thank you
so we have sheep and chickens sofa and at canada
his works what about his works
is his painting style as i mentioned also this technical design is grasp for that and his technical manner in painting are reflect his ideal idealization of della francesca
it's very very reminiscent of his art
his main works in painting attested to by other is especially vasari are only some of which still exist on a large number in fact the of paintings of san rocco now san goal was there i didn't think i don't know the and
this particular a numbers and will look but this particular one ah
whether he was originally attached to a dead zone some way i don't know but the most famous of his paintings obtainable goal was one that was commissioned
by the foot of fraternity of santa monica for eternity of foot of a leg room attached to this abbey
or monastery
ah after the first of those to plague period so in the fourteenth seventies
this painting was in gratitude for the don't care and on pastoral work he gave play plague victims during this during this time and this is a famous painting which still exists is at the penal pineapple take guy who now they've done a answer
so we saw there and there is a connect it was it was commissioned to be because reportedly ah the end of the plague was attributed through the intercession of the part of san local
in of it
what does that mean any what i the payment
this year of the saints and well as the problems that just means gallery painting gallery there
the city painting gallery and it is
peter could take
oh and he did a whole list of famous paintings of things that most of his quarters is a painting since since by follow new ignatius julian andrew sebastian urban and sebastian
madonna with saints around her evidently
ah he did a number of those also st michael's crushing to dragon number of those also one of which i think it's also the he not contain
also the stigmata francis he did a number of those are the thing the famous one for the low miniature work is the one of to see jerome nice still exists st jerome as a monk in in where was he on during that period actually was in syria
before he went down to palestine when he did his first monastic or episode after splitting with refines awkward yeah he went to syria iran and lived in their caves he he didn't he wasn't very successful at it jerome was going to be accessed so much more successful other things but he stayed in
the case for a while they think with the help of certain individuals who kept him alive anyway don't buy told the mail painted this wonderful
of these mountains and walks and the life of jerome jerome is there and in full of ecstasy and then only if you look in all the little cracks and crevices the rocks you have all these little drones going through the various life famous two periods were events of his life one and as
as it's marvelous to look at me all i can i just i saw it
just as the black and white photo of it but you could see it and i got my magnifying glass on i didn't remember where where it is i don't think it was at the
yeah i protected that we went to and so might very well have been and his other lot
it's not a goal was just competed on it was not the cathedral
and if not no the sistine chapel ceiling so it's probably this other foreign team gallery that we did not see
ah he was off of a fresco painter
and he was famous for all kinds of the he went to a fresco face and and on many churches neurons to area ended up with frescoes of don't work to the mail especially san pedro people
is known for that and that was that the church that john thomas matters hustled me off when you landed on the direction that he had said you had already seen that and you another group of the other one i don't remember what thomas said i just remember i was a gate listening to the his grasp of the history of it
and it don't put by told them mail
ah woman name the other churches they don't mean know that much to us at this point because all the frescoes are gone
over the we don't have any frescoes with town because over the centuries they've all been scraped off or repeated over destroyed in whatever catastrophe hip church so we don't have any
restaurants or i think there's one one little fresco a some monastery some exterior portico has one pieces they they think is that they attribute to or told me somewhere in the area of general area of others
also he was famous for killing a painting which is add to the the cathedral of that from accent or not to himself on the patron and the diocese of and so it's a painting of said say donato and john
robert who along with peter damian and europe romeo was the other great champion monastic reformer against seventy and nikolai autism on to news during the eleventh century basically eleventh and twelfth century with robert
no lesage
also his famous for a painting he did a blessing james of not lessened james philip of pure chance that he would ever heard of than i did for i didn't know or piacenza what if they just happened to ask me to fullscreen yesterday where piacenza it is because
our our own american radicals who died on nineteen ninety nine selena i heard parents for the peasants pure chance it and i just did it i'm going to give the koran asia conference on sunday and because they asked to know something about it next month and i
it distracting enough with the at the table yesterday with nina that i did something sounding like the a chance it came on i said oh tell me where has ever done these new puddle your patio somewhere
anyway he painted this famous st from pure chance
we have various last words that we know where important well done because there are attributed to him by a number of sources
three of these are miniature works and three or frescoes which no longer exist than one was admit are a missile are commissioned by pope sixtus the forest or bob six before
or commission for him by someone else i wasn't quite clear on what was being said and and use it to that issue when the pups were giving them gifts like that artistic gifts that they lasted and he does one nice thing about that sort of thing they've evidently lost is ah
miniature missile after by told me and to also he did some miniature work for the that is
when illuminated manuscript work with illumination for the cathedral of local source promise on liturgical book that he did also we know he did want for benedictine nuns are some if you're have a machine
but none of these existing
also three frescoes through which and
for which isn't for
which weren't for a week because they help to build his reputation are where the front a frescoes he did in the choir of a poor clare monastery name to santa chiara monastery appropriately enough not in the a dead zone area also a chapel the chapel
when she did found or seen i don't know whether most of these are probably in the arabs or because he he just basically was there for his lifetime and also in the above image above the door to the church or send not to and fourteen cancer and he did
this is not the one i was learning to because this one doesn't exist anymore but it was famous in and after in his lifetime and after life as it is a fine fresco
ah his remaining works are in use for location so the to art galleries one in that song
i've seen three i just haven't been to this from that's why i assume this is richard romance st jerome because i've seen with here and i've been to it served know that could be honest now mrs team
mrs jean chapel
i don't even know where this is do you not run with children
florence is yeah calories
i don't i don't know where it is just an inflammation of the although we do not know much specific detail about the life of don't go to the nebula gotta we have many references of his contemporary renowned it was very famous in this day and as i say again
not just because of your off his artistic accomplishments also for his personal holiness and that was above all the most

and not a real creativity wasn't just a mommy and artistic man he had a lot of of creative juices and put them to magnificent skill
also we want to remember like just like to desktop from friday day and get do chief of the actually informed he also you know along with all the artistic stuff going on functioned as a superior and evidently a good one and he was renowned for his piety is pastoral parents
my personal holdings so as anyone want to say anything or add anything to put the little presentation but told me out before we go to from our
the person coming up as were used to interfere
oh maybe it doesn't
or laugh
i regret i'm trying to remember the black and white photo
well maybe a dozen
mostly things that's why everybody getting a woman but it's what it's how he did did them what he did all around them within them let's say
shouldn't forget the sound was million cats is why is kept indeed
indeed and his propensity to surround himself with people who have various animal name we spam
yeah you at the festival and type of
fresco fresco is where they swear our walls or ceilings usually are being painted we're talking about murals them and the paint pigments are mixed right into the plastic that are and so you're actually paying with plastic
so or painting into wet class wet plaster it both techniques were done
where'd you listen with what we you think my own computer models well yes or a what were the past or won't work do you know anything about rest of it a little nap
leonardo da vinci's experiment was that success with the as suffered is it's fading recruited is that of ecological hobbies and it matched you
sistine chapel and a certain point you mention that use so portrait as an apostle that's in the sistine chapel presumably i want signs isn't oh yeah i don't the up it's i don't remember exact and you couldn't i was thinking where is that exact location their possible group name i couldn't really
ember where yeah it's probably on a wall because though there's all these artists who were country where is he on the upper walls
he passed the name of in our possible so he is a right to do their down one wonders which a possible he was maybe it didn't even picture himself as an apostle of such but like a person with the apostles
i don't know for sure they just say he's in the apostle group holding a topic
from mom
ah here's a man we don't know
very much about at all but who became one of our most famous people
we don't even know where he came from or when he was born suddenly he appears as a laborer at said weekend it's a conversions i labor
tradition tells us this story that of the nation senator came on behalf of the last seventy sima on behalf of the powers that be the most the damage no not the doge
political powers in venice
ah he came unannounced into a bomb hours or shop because they had heard something about climate fair he was working on this is a fan
plan a planet sphere is is where you have some kind of depiction of a spherical basically a spherical body but on a on a a plane obviously so it's not a glow did say
he dimensional representation of the sphere ah and he was famous for his planet spheres anyway this the senator showed up and became visibly upset with the particular class period was looking at because it was probably be famous one
his first one
because venice was so small i have ah
and asked why venice was so small on the planet we far model tried to explain that in proportion to the entire world than this dude was just small little city and the senator and ordered him
ah to change the planet we're and to make the world smaller than the larger and the reportedly amount is that the send of the and in flower mound of the a brother
returned to his working change thing
we don't know where he was born don't know when
what we do know is that he's probably from the veneto probably from the venetian area in general because his autograph
ah which can be seen on some of his things is in a venetian dialect it's done in a venetian dialect so they they say well he must have them from the event that they don't know
we do know that he was her late brother and
we don't have his profession date
we're assuming he professed
they did call him from
ah there's all kinds of throughout the centuries all kinds of hypotheses but why he's far and not dawn
in to of our own
i don't only of collina from the eighteenth century and our own cardinal placido zuma who did a major a major study of ronaldo and published it
in venice
in the nineteenth century they both maintained that moderate may very well have been ordained to prove it ultimately just need to have a priest because the difference wonderful thing about it
that were all the time of june eighteenth centuries you know and they say i can very well may have been ordained a priest because the medallion that was gilded as a copper and commemorative and which is printed in the anomalous they can see a you can see it in a novelist son and volume seven
has an pictured without a beard and that at this time of course is no the converse would appear and the priests didn't or this is not true i mean this is now was the logical thing because there are exceptions to the rule of fact right around this time one of the famous
as evidence of from our house i don't know pietro advocate of don't know ah more be
so that shoots that amount
is that mauer was a priest can versus who entered at a later age and this has a little man substance to
but again this one's shot of the water because they say look at this particular time in history anyone who studied
a theology whether or not he deserved a went by dawn not problem and they wouldn't have named him frog just because he was a priest a diocesan priests before he came into the monastery
and you have the argumentation that just doesn't hold water
ah what is when all is settled the water settle what you'd probably get
is that from motto was a converse just that was he was a brother who was talented and they they existed and there's something wrong with that you know
the conjectures that he was either close close as a commodities converse with and a late age
that's why we we don't have him you know coming into formation and going through them it's not in the records and they haven't we have the records of the time so he didn't go the usual rugs so we came at a later age we know that he was at san became the from fourteen thirty three until the guy was not a lot of time
but oh the chump ah but he was up they're thinking it was just too old to go through the formation program as they haven't at the time but he was a converses ah
and then he spent a numerous years during the first half of the fifteenth century or excuse me or he spent numerous years during that first half of the of young fifteenth century in other come on these policies and so his formation happy
in another house whose animals do not exist anymore
or maybe you know at this time they couldn't get the records ball for one reason or another and then ended up at seventy candidate without the records and was there until he died
we just don't know
ah he was a miniaturist as i mentioned on friday
there on friday mentioned to that i referred to him as from doubt they in asia
usually when when we're speaking of our motto as an artist they'll use from out about money it's and because when they're speaking facts gives me are speaking of em are referring to him as the as the fellow was doing the private sphere they're going to say you cause more powerful political graphical
mom who smoke his mobile
this is the phaedrus raise that this use income on
but there were a lot of course cause more wealthy and during this time and later of not really
the young there's somebody are much more thing but now we didn't come on or yes that's true
this this
named for him up is the one it's come down the centuries he was of a fine colorist as an artist
some of his work is still as a dino poignant pointed up in his book the coloration still really to work you did with gold gold leaf also with colors especially cuz on have have lasted till the centuries
and i'm quite quite exquisite
he was also we know a geographer and a calligrapher he didn't find calligraphic hand and he was a cartographer yeah there's also a and he also did maps much more than just the famous finest
get a lot of lobster
not bad for fraud
in the year fourteen fifty five we know that he did his first famous plans here one of these most of the planets viewers are more intricate than this
tend to be elongated is why job
i filled with than the normal things you know ships them
the wind's blowing cloud somewhere lots of little miniature paintings within the the plants here are in the or fourteen fifty seven the king of portugal alonzo the fifth commissioned a plus for your from from global already had international
a claim for his works
at this time notice two years before he died
ah at this time he's elderly
we know that he was all to when he died he was elderly and feeble that's why they have these other hypotheses about what do you do before i came because it came to st michael's already in eastern middle age
ah since he was elderly he had helped to do this valuable permission for the king of portugal by as i mentioned on friday another famous come on these miniature this francesco
oh as a venetian a cartographer a venetian mapmaker whose famous of the time who was good friend to now who would help him on various projects who came in and bail allow on this one cause a from out of a dent was failing
ah it was delivered to put the king of portugal and fourteen fifty nine the year that for that amount of died it is still exists and it's now preserved in lisbon
and another one like it similar to live is preserved at the san marco library venice is before class i s bother if you happen to to see it you are right next to when you when the ducal powder it had gone to the library would have seen the famous
climate sphere of that's the spirit of billion colors that's the one to which nino keeps you from the little write up on from loughborough if just in the future and some of your undoubtedly are going to be going in this
when you're in la piazza what the your someone said
more and more than be going to italy i suspect that you're standing in front of the new pr for facing the san marco on the right you can have a ducal palace or just the first thing after the church is feet this the library seminar marco very conceited to work
by from which was stolen by the the political powers during the suppression
the eighteen we have to point
we know that he died
the in fourteen fifty nine during the summer we don't have an exact date we notice it was before october twentieth because we have a document where we come out of these one tamales is talking to another commodities about the gathered from our own which he goes i mentioned the actual date and to documents dated a
october twentieth so sometime in the sunday thinking we've a number of famous studies have been done on the planet spheres of a flower over the years three of which were done by come out of these habits famous ones one was done by a study was done
and by
a salad or pasta roni who is one of the to with divya not was like we'd have any costume who was very famous release coding
personal holiness his
that all three of it's all three of these men were from seventy can same house that for gave us for our motto of second the most famous study was done by placido zoo were long became cardinal you long and on his study was presented
to the academy of arts and sciences in fence and was given to the political fig the highest political figure at that time this is right during this time to the suppression thought not
ah as a gift from the monastery suffocated it didn't help matters and and i didn't it didn't prevent them from doing what they did in this question
the third of the study was done by moderate coffee laurie who were going to talk about tomorrow this is the commodities pope gregory siege sage hundred and sixteen you also do the study of the planet spheres of drama
ah we have other copies of the plan spheres of from arrow in england and france both of which were
copies on history in the early eighteen hundreds
i don't know why are they were talking
three hundred and fifty years after the fall why would the condition companies that the very finest
or the other thing or one of the famous probably don't of some our collection
i don't know i don't know the history of yeah i'm sure
i'm sure his studies the one thing that and it's something that the same by the profits were also
the market

as is the spirit behind you mothers who became habit you know he died is averaging one
on his he wasn't quite wealthy and is all right and this inheritance is whole inheritance went to by manuscripts for the library of syndicated and he had a many influential friends whom he bled
for money and gifts for always
what is the word we don't do our on funding on
i hate you with always make sure it was designated for the bible the but his former librarian or a library and itself at the time he always kept an ear cocked for for the sales that were going on there are plenty of people who are going under at this time financially and
also for divination on the manuscript that coming