Camaldolese Spirituality: General Historical Overview / Implications

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Part of "Romualdian/Camaldolese/Benedictine Spirituality"

3. General Historical Overview / Implications

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the nuns were not centralized with says you know this is nothing to for religious women throughout centuries except in very specific circumstances where we have some professor of notes with their colorful and or have good who have good protection such
as institutions because the cistercian men from the beginning to care and made sure that they had protection
from the beginning we have some groups of commander these nuns who depend upon the prior general
so from the beginning their protect their under the project
but we have others other groups of nuns who do not have anything to do with the prime general as such but are dependent upon one little come out on his house of men
and we have a whole other group and unfortunately this began a straw poll
modus vivendi for it for the sisters down to the present times
where we had known as depending upon the local bishop
so they were under the dolphins and submission
not under the prior general
not under a commodity these house but under the bishop and basically to the whims of the bishop
ah from the years ten thousand excuse me i said that twice now the from the year from the millennium the your one thousand until fourteen hundred
so in for centuries there and we have twenty four monasteries of commanded night
now we can point to seven years but at this point that her first four hundred years we can point a to point to twenty four the existing
there were also parenthetically foot there are also hundreds of hospitals and hospices under the benefactor of the commodities congregation
seen as especially and specifically ordered to the contemplative life or passed on it
by rudolph and successors for i've come out
and so are not only good
the the hospice work and the hospitality work get a benevolent nod from the superiors early on of come up with me rudolph after all it's the fourth five
but it became a must
all her messages were supposed to have hospitality work with some sort going on
in the year fourteen or seven
the house of st michael of murano is given its right to elect its prior autonomously remember our mentioned where the house in florence have that tradition here in the or fourteen or seven st michael of murano was doing and what's right and there's an interesting cool
critical intrigued that went on
between venice and the papal army and the pope's desire to go to to war and needing the help of venice and the quid pro quo was permission from the pope for motown together
this right not come out which he it was the pope who posted to be asked of the new information political authority to give what i know
a little more of tongue
in the for fourteen hundreds through the early fifteen hundreds we have a general period of monastic decadence this is not just come out on monastic decadence more or less everywhere is going on their is going downhill
but it's not a time without lights just remember this is also the time of the renaissance and so commodity the commodities have wonderful things that happened during this period and wonderful people and the saints who come to the for during this time but generally put it was not a good time
for the order and it was not a good time for monasticism in general
it was a time of struggle within our own order and thank god we had people like traveler sorry alegre more out to alegre his successor and then pietro delfino those three men especially
who not only held the congregation together but they gave great leadership and allowed the community and the congregation to prosper within a period of general decadence
so it wasn't just momentary flashes of light we had a pretty steady light source but they had to fight this this
prior generals had to fight for reform
and they had to encourage their commanding his brothers and sisters to embrace reform
but they were strong they were strong people needed number of wonderful things at this time that let it be has to travel sorry mario to illegally went to commander and started with school and command during this time and also laid around this mariota it's also going to be the one who initiate the aren't
going humanistic studies discussion r program which became so famous and come out the underlying you know and others
this is after the death of trevor sorry when mariota is elected the new general and continues to work begun by trevor sorry these are the humanistic studies and the on the prospering of humanism within a month
gnostic christian benedict addicted and via commodities environment
the are fourteen ninety two
not only did columbus sailed the ocean you know that was come
the amounts of there was constructed under the theme and may a very important very important today mozilla is that is that area below come out the that come out of the homes where it has vineyards and this whole series of wonderful centuries old houses that they've restored and
the rent out and are nonetheless down there are half one of them as their monastery centuries old just absolutely beautiful this place is worth millions and millions and commander let's put millions into it it's really see and this is i say this is important to come out to the because we no longer and come out
we're just caretakers there since this oppressions we have no right overcome out of
but we do our maza were so it gives some financial stability to the time and anomalies which they can't find new buildings anymore those were taken away we don't belong to us some of the buildings to for javelin i you are we on frontier a that's an exception most of our monasteries we don't want you
since the suppression and so this mozilla is real important financially to the security of the congregation and could come in very important that a very important point down the line if something should have
anyway this mozilla was constructed by peter cine
and then renewed again in the mid sixteen hundreds and has often on prosperity and to come again the main are financially for the commodities in italy
fourteen nine days
for those of you who haven't read the ninos well most of you have we just got a week ago but there's this wonderful story about how the venetian are the attacks command
with hundreds of soldiers and commanders the wind
it's marvelous story nino goes great help with for help with it it's true it's true history and it's amazing chapter in the history of come out to me with venice attacking the monastery that's so much because they hated the monastery but because it was mixed into political with florence
it was a to florence and because of that it became a bone of contention
anyone read it it's it's it's interesting
the or fifteen thirteen probably of the ten divides the commander these houses into seventeen groupings that seventy thousand and seventeen groupings of houses the pope does this
fifteen twenty
justinian less apologised in the on the now lives come out to me he is superior of commander of the site for animal at the time
until fifteen twenty and lives
on the day i became come on september fourteen fist of the exhortation for lacrosse is the day he leaves come on to the with the small band
with permission from the pope to do this in order to experiment with the different title
our medical life
which picks in short order becomes it's own congregation was not originally designed to do that at war
again we're going to talk about this separate want to cuddle or we took one hour
fifteen twenty four
the new church has finished at come out of it this has come really down the hill at forty one the arts center
the church is finished
and this the church we have now
ah mrs a quote it's tarted up and seventeen seventy two lino it's not at all happy with what they didn't seventy seven two but neither of the monks of on if you talk to them at all about their it's all fallen curvy cures and colors and paintings and do dads it tarted up if you have been to italy
it's started up just like most of the other churches and there's nothing the mods can do about they cannot make any changes in church without the permission of the various ministries with mj
government and they don't want church changed because this see the new museum unfortunately
there was they were stuck with it as john meet up with the target and seventeen something to cheer because before them it's probably quite much more simple and quite nice
at least one you seems to feel so
fifteen twenty six two years later you have the first general chapter of the coronation at we've already become their own congregation within six years it's a major major split for all practical purposes
fifteen forty three the fight of matea is bill this is the pharmacy had commanded
it dates back to the ten forties the actual work with as i mentioned herbs the young
the the curse that they sell a commodity the way back in the are basically herbal medicines there are now treated as liquors for with the cafe after a meal but they did back as herbal cures way back in the history of come out
it's miss your that the farm cheers we have now and this action built it's beautiful beautiful plants with intricate woodwork
fifteen forty six another one of our houses st operate an st hippolyte this of firenze are by answer is the city where peter damian is buried 'em and be doing more in the cathedral you
died them
this house becomes the central house for the abbot general of the obviously simply you say apple a biblical branch of the company
during the sixteenth century
onwards the general chapter for all practical purposes becomes the really knew that the real ruling power for the commodities history
not who is the apa on who is the prior general know what does the general chapter say from here on him
in the are sixteen o seven pope paul the fifth divides the congregation into four parts you'll see that on your diagram
the for parts are tuscany these are these are geographical areas of italy tuscany romania in asia and word being an aunt market my case or leno is the section where frontier of in space
a sixteen or so it should or do have one that doesn't have the dates on it half of them have dates already a mess and now i see doesn't have that who
sixteen thirty one
when did i gave you i should say sixteen of sediments to get you want essential yeah okay sixteen sixteen the hermits secede from the union
and now there are five autonomous congregations all separate or calling themselves come out and needs and all aeromedical except modano which is celebrating madonna is the center of that santa political influence
in sixteen thirty one commander the helps the valley which is below by the moslem they are onwards the valley is called the constantino the castle time valley it helped the monks went down and helped with a bubonic plague that what's going on there and to the monks actually died ministering to plague victims
in this year
sixteen thirty four pope urban this the eighth or does all the hermits back together again exclamation point enough of this craziness that's going on all these different groups now
well we'll see how far higgins immediately problems arise
the koran az manticore on a group and come out of the don't want to be together again because they have different ways of doing things that's how they put our customs are different
there's a lot of anger and the piedmontese congregation because the pope
with this proposed union is telling the people tease that the abbot general in piedmont in piedmont has to give up his pontificate goals obviously this is different from the commander live in monte carlo on he's all decked out with a course member i said we're going to treat them simply the this is the rich condemnation
and they are well now well and they say you have to take off your rain in your miter weapon piedmont piedmontese are not happy with that at all
the french are out of contact with everybody they know what's going on they know that they put it and this is just geographically they've always they're always out of content and they're always on their own very little
what we're doing dialogue going on with the rest of the common on the needs or and much of the time the friendship again will treat this separately the french of the poorest of all the commander me they can't afford trips to the for one thing
ah the geographically separate and they have to deal with a government that's unique
sort of the italians but i mean at least another month or italians in your home dealing with the same thing the friendship or another animal altogether
so obviously the union isn't gonna last very long at the french didn't even know much but the union was anyway before they found that already end
so they were basically into it at all and it was it was it eroded in no time at all
in the year sixteen sixty seven you have kept them at the ninth saying this union started by my wonderful successor of net well means nothing and dissolved by the pole
it's at this point in a in a you know chance or gargano mentions at this point that when we have is three
the very diverse and antagonistic congregations from here on
when you said three
stein think
i don't understand i don't understand why he has to have said while
citigroup for her one flu so i don't know what is it will call me is putting together maybe he's putting french piedmontese and manticore corona together because they're very similar although they weren't could canonically together they they basically were the same maybe he's doing that
certainly commodity in the cellar vehicle murano i'm totally free
sixteen ninety three the church at the aragon the soccer available burns it doesn't burn completely but it's a gets catastrophic may have to replace
a lot of the roof and the a lot of the original artwork that a was destroyed including some paintings by society
which are lamented by donating know
another time told me he's glad that the current he doesn't like the sun
oh sixteen ninety five
there is a move toward the union of piedmont the koran is he and tuscany come out with me and this one commander is against it and sabotage sabotages the whole thing
this is one of many instances
at this point
with all this hassle that you have the center bites
remember the other four groups are all herman's the central rights
go begin an incredibly prosperous and monastic lee observant period of history the really observe ones are at this time or the cinema come on not the hermit parents are all bickering and there is
the caught up in their little differences and it's kind of a mess and the celebrates going to incredible historical phase of
coming out of this of bishops and cardinals and a poll that for artifice and period of you know up to two hundred years
one hundred and fifty years let's put our
they have the votes at this point have forty six monasteries
many scholars and teachers remember the set of lights loud and active in history as well as living in the monastery the common life together scientists university posts being home
writers rate centers of culture murano that was stolen for he doesn't political powers and movement in venice became very johnson on that's why we didn't get it back
florence very a very powerful and center of culture
wrong and robin especially those for
looking at the coordinates he just in general before the suppression the current ac experienced incredible growth
and expansion in the your sixteen sixty nine there were three hundred and fifty six manticore on a hermits in eighteen houses this is very strict reform movement within the commodities and family three hundred and fifty six of them and eighteen houses
the piedmontese almost united with the current easy they almost did at one point but they didn't because to koran and also said you have to give up your
mitre ring and they wouldn't do it again and so piedmont did not join pregnancy easy even though outside of that they used the customary of more to cut on a for all practical purposes there were drawings
and again the frills got in the way
well the piedmont and piedmontese and french congregations modeled themselves consistently on the coronation even they have no they have little thing with that made them different each congregation their heroes were the manticore on group
and perhaps this suppression hadn't happened i'm him ultimately they would have become court agrees it's quite possible
from seventeen hundred to eighteen hundred
the tuscany just give you a number and date we have almost six hundred choir monks and conversing at this converse at this time almost the sunday so tuscany is also sizable group in other words rid of curier as lots lots of commodities of every sort
five different sorts
you're all doing well it's in the french didn't do too well they were they were very very poor
during the year seventeen seventy two eighteen ten we have the suppression of pair of the senate vidic houses so within a period of forty years all the and cinematic houses or close down three hundred monks are thrown out
this is napoleon
in the you're eighteen two thousand and three the celebrates these those who could band together again and will still wanted to be monks started over again with seventy six months seventy six came back
with what houses they could get back
but within twenty years they're up to one hundred and thirty months ago
so they get a fresh start
seven years later all the religious houses are closed again by victory manual the second
actually it was a period of fifteen years but began them and everything they had recovered just one
i'm done
really is set of biblical congregation never quite came back ever never quite the company they came back slowly and limped along the early part of the century they never need a back so it's not surprising neighbors suppressed and nineteen thirty five even though there's lots to
cloudiness regarding that suppression and thirty five and we'll talk about that later to lot of mystery about that whole business
this is followed by a slow building and re acquisitions for all the groups that are left that is the monty corona tuscany cannot believe is we're part of that and the center the piedmontese no longer exist the french corporation warm and sudo
the three now
in nineteen thirty five as i said you have the forest union of all the center bites with the tuscan from spilling their like it or not
and many of them did not particularly well particularly like it or want to be suppressed
it's at this point and eighty thirty five that the commodities are pulled out of texas
back to his late and we'll talk about that when we get to know yeah that point i'm wondering if we shouldn't break now and then i will i will treat each of these other smaller congregations
and then going to the twentieth century for the second half this is where i didn't like the other times so let's let's break until three thirty okay
i left off
with the come out look at the look at come out the now we need to look at the center vidic congregation within that set up and then we'll look at manticore owner piedmont and the french congregations and then we'll look at the twentieth century down to the present
these will be much quicker i had to center most of my study of commander the because we're talking about kemal to leads spirituality in history the congregation of send the congregation of st michael of murano
which is the center the congregation
st michael of murano was founded in the or twelve twelve now there is there is a tradition that it goes back much farther much far far the there's even a tradition that goes back to nine eighty something like that certainly not as st michael moore
ron but that there was some kind of monastic little groupie or a little settled or least a chapel on this island back then that had their references to it that so there's some kind of monastic presents going on during those early centuries but foundation as
am as in a commodity leads house is in twelve twelve
there's a wonderful to volume history of this monastery written by franciscan i'm from dryness i'm forgetting its name by nine did wonderful work his name is in the bibliography begins with m many men and desert map
anyway he did wonderful job and we're very grateful for that history
you'll be here fourteen or seven as i mentioned before this was another's death knell of to commands these power st michael moran or through the powers and vendors get permission to have their own prior the election of their own prior you don't have to submitted to
commodity for any approval whatsoever this is doing
even though differences have it for one word but here's another house that has come out there is not happen sixteen or seven
we have at this point a semi independent state of affairs that is st michael murano is still part of the still joined with come out and the but it's not a happy union and the writing is on the wall in other words it's sort of moving into its own power its own
structure buying with come up i come up the are going to be the two big
at this point with this semi independent state of affairs going on yet it organizes itself into four provinces tuscany that is it has its own center building houses in tuscany where commodity because
lavanya the veneto valencia and the market
there are forty four monasteries at this point all in a divided into these four main sections class all the parishes and chances remember these are several bites were talking about their own to active church where university teaching etc
the commodities
sixteen sixteen
there's for independence for independence as a congregation from my god moron
it's not just an aggregate it's not just a grouping of center bites within the commodities family it is it's own congregation official
and it has ten times the number of houses and monks as the hermits of this time it's powerful very powerful very big
relatively speaking this as far as commands and goes in the or sixteen fifty one there are almost five hundred and of their four hundred and seventy four months to be precise we get these do these numbers and dates i'm on a from caroche that's why we're so grateful to him he's done all this picayune research and it's nice to know you
each grouping is and that sort of thing of course sociologically tells you something about what's going on from your tea or a decade to decade in the particular groupings
are you all you'll also find this number and the this of the houses and the abbot's general in our lugano lugano is the manticore on a scholar but being again study where we come over his family and all of the benedictines are in italy
and did marvelous work and and we have a lot through him also and i can i can give you the this of the houses photocopies this of the houses and all the others general the dates in all that if you're interested in that sort of thing what are the more important houses than this congregation certainly micro sent my grandma's important that
since the motherhouse of the congregation
i'm going to just name five
holy mary of the angels and florence very very famous very important st hippolyte as in english and hippolyte us and fines on this later on remember becomes the central house for this congregation for the sentiments
ah i'm frankie avalon
isn't this grouping remember it's no longer hermitage he was the ended being a hermitage became the center for now it's part of obviously if it's set of the synovium that's going to be part of this group
and st gregory in wrong san gregorio chadian which is our house in iran i was also part of this group along with many many others forty to fifty of these including san san biagio do fabriano i've done it to somewhere this is where that
it's it's important because wrong it's bodies there and so the whole shrine in the crypt chapel with ron body
his family on we'd have three months they're down to this day
at the shrine at the pilgrimage centre and this is fried by the way just parent thirty there's nothing to do history right now but just parents have people i'm thinking of it there's a just a widespread devotion to run the old and in italy and in other parts of europe
as the wanderer so so you know something about that to did you know pigeon a veteran so high cruise and programs and one i had this devotion and the vital statues of ramadan and having in their cars or have been like we do with acoustic christopher melasma st romulus it has that certain devotion in europe
guiding traveling it's it's ironic for the hermit too big but again he was the itinerant herman listening and so it's not surprising if you know the history
prince the powerhouses of studies or for this congregation
i'm just gonna mention a couple
in fact you can keep you can take the same list i gave you have the house is important houses and drop st hippolytus and you've got the ones i would mention anywhere your are others but just ones mean image and sense and macgyver will only be later on down the lot but it's very important down to this day
there is an incredible list of people that come out of this moron or percent of the the group if you want to read a who's who in commodities ah history about two thirds of it it's going to be a pupil of course sentiments
because they made the headlines they wrote the books they painted the paintings they were the scientists they were the professors that made their names that they were mathematicians they were cause offers from the moto at down the line etc they were the for the most part of the bishops and cardinals and sir
certainly the pope was the semifinal also the most of the musicians on all of them but most of the famous musicians were on santa vidic
ah and on down the line the classicists the literati most of them come from this group
during the seventeen hundreds for this group there are certain signs of decadence setting in mainly due to two things science times in the seventeen seventeen hundreds there wasn't much happening going on anywhere in gnostic world generally speaking yes certain things here and there but generally spy
aching is not a good time seventeen hundreds for monasticism in fact is the nice years you get out the political cartoons coming out with get that month in all of the in various writings of various countries
and then that feeds into the whole movement of republic with that happens in france and all these republics popping up in the seventeen hundreds not a good time from my master system
also the command the command down scourge did so many of our homes and they just couldn't keep up they couldn't keep the payments are like taxation they just couldn't couldn't afford these command on abbott's many of whom they never saw him ever knew any anywhere but they had title of the money
not a good not a good thing
by the year seventeen ninety
you have one hundred and sixty three marks in the papal states it's gone way down now here if you know your history we're dealing with a struggle going on in italy the papal states are still existing the republicans are not happy with that at all there's all kinds of battles to that political
arena and buying factions even within even within the vatican within wrong
cardinals against cardinals arms against me better than them down to one hundred and sixty two three months in the papal states many of the other i just say the papal states because really the others have been dissolved by republican movements or have a close dominic if it could make it anymore your taxation or whatever
and what's viable is now by this year is what's still protected by the papal state situation
the eighteen hundreds where you get right from the beginning in nature eighteen hundreds a whole series of suppression laws coming out bit by bit biting chunks out of the monasteries liberating people easily would be age for entrance into in addition and then refusing novices altogether just eating away in the road
during your month after month to month so that within a few years
monasticism for all practical purposes has been totally suppressed then again you have the revivals so during the eighteen hundreds you have ups and downs of monasticism in europe certain income all these monasticism
in the early nineteen hundreds were talking about the celebrates now the early nineteen hundreds we have an attempt at a foundation in texas it's actually galveston texas
they have a large parish that there were nuns also come on these nuns in texas
nineteen thirty five we have the suppression of the congregation i'm not mentioning brazil because brazil is not send a big the snow was a command commander the foundation talk about that late nineteen thirty five this congregation is totally suppressed and the details
are still under a cloud will talk about that when we covered the twentieth century analysis
okay you see things are critical go faster now we're onto the next congregation more ticket online
in the your fourteen a week and this is a man i personally want to study if i'm given enough years because i think i agree with don lino and not enough is known or has been done peter delfino our last prior to last gen come on this job
general elected for life
and he deserves much more credit
for what he did and who he was very very cultured man very well educated to prudent advice her very austere and fervent probably a saint who towards the end of his career fumbled a lot in one step on any tourism had to deal with all kinds of factions among among some disgruntled
monks impairments who felt that to they needed reformation that should be done and others with that know what should be the other way
he had his hands full
he becomes pyre general near fourteen eighty he's the young abbott michael move on jan michael madonna general chapter lux him in order to stave off st micro but i'm going off on its own to food they say well let's see with was the apple
where's the prior general and then they won't go on around we can keep to keep the program together and it worked for a while they were from are not to learn that but it worked and they've got a wonderful prior general in india in the fix or in the mix
the or fifteen ten tommaso thomas justinian me is religious name was paul or pound know
his dates fourteen seventy six fifteen twenty eight
very very well educated very credibly intelligent and religiously fervent by humanist scholar
from fence
remember the prior general is the know who is from dennis
he's closed as an office on christmas day
two years later other friends of his other humanists from venice venetians are clothed
i'm i'll give you the name of one pietro creating who is important right down the bottom of the first com
important he doesn't live very long is very important for who he wasn't what he did along with justinian
and justinian that same year is two years after his close as numbers professes to solomon was obviously very different setup now
professors solemn phones
now parenthetically da fino had been involved in trying to regularize the observance in the house it's during his early years
but he wasn't very successful manner because the commodities have so many different things going on from house to house they have started falling apart observance wise from a centralized way of doing things come up with the a charles had its own traditions
there was some discontent among some monks who wanted the oil riggers put back in fellow thoughts mother always seems to be some of them in any given age monastic lee
there are many others who didn't want to go back to the all things wanna things just as they were
where another back there was another faction who wanted things will send up a little builder
some houses or parts of these houses wanted to assume the reform customs of the santa cristina movement for those of you who know the via santa interesting now reform movement centered padova under
do you need to don't called hall luigi bible very very important than addicted monastic history
extremely successful reform movement authentic well this is starting up now on some of the commodities wanted to join their er visiting
uros doing what just like reform movement or not we are commodities and we need to do our own resolution we need to do our own homework with our general chat
i'll rather than follow somebody else's movement that's going on at that time
on mainly the houses of one area wanted to do this well it stands to reason it was venice reintroduced of editor where these people were coming from because bible was connected to the the beneteau to the benedictines in that area
ah there was a lot of murmuring and some resentment of dosing towards the end
i'm from both directions
so obviously there were problems that he couldn't get whose whose finger on
but he was prior general thing he was elected as a young apple per generals a long time
so many times he and he had all these problems elsewhere we have ever present antipathy between habits central lines coming to the for during this time and a high level
report government to try to deal
in fifteen thirteen giovanni demanded to is elected pope
he's a he's a very close friend to create mimi and just in young his personal fan
creamy was a un ambassador to spain and maybe portugal it could be learned in this one of those two for dennis before he became a month extremely articulate well known in europe very capable person
and he was just the disciple basically course friend but just just yeah was his hero they're both aligned with giovanni military will happen to be in florence before he was elected pope and creamy interesting yeah we got to know at parties
the pilots and it's just not the word to use
i where where where should i use
instructions and a social functions and ecclesiastical functions ah
well is archbishop who would become famous yoga ten i was the principal character
also remember this is a humanistic culture humanism is going on on says this secret humanism are one of them and who are humanists the on the tenth cleaning and just them all all human along
with the name of it certainly all humans so they have a lot of commonality
this friend of stealing and me very well placed within the big in is pope is going to help him he wrapped his new congregation but for now hope they are the ten in justinian me mean you never know i've given you that what's going on with a lot of problems right now
delfino can't get his finger think he can't clear up the mess and justinian and and the pope enables in the army and perrine to reform the command of these congregations were talking about a man who's been in order three years it would be as this when we have eurozone
the it will be a is if christopher and roscoe were given permission having been here about seven months by the prior general to effects new reforms a new commodity like okay like issues are feeling for the situation they were in
ah but they had the power from the pope and they took advantage of general chapter was was called
everything that they ran through quirino acquitted meaning and just in the army was accepted by the chapter are pushed to put the the group through the chapter and it's a good reformation and the poll puts his imprimatur
probably without even reading much of it
destino act by the way parents and played at this at this chapter the end prior generals for life no more lifetime and the here is the last one and he retires very good
on disheartened he goes back to get us to learn where he ducks and two years down the road
creamy dies the next year here be having just he's been only their one year and has given permission with justin yeah me too
we form of their congregation and he dies the next year was very smart and lustrous
activity going on here
everything's happening very quick may be too quick in the earth two years later the or fifteen sixteen justin justinian army is elected majority of the animal this position of majority is not the private general but the this is the superior of the hermitage
it's like today's vice pile of the sacred hermitage so what now it is cardinal the prior commander the up the hill was cardinal right now and down the hill is google their device priors they're not the prior general but they're the majority vote
us two houses a very important powerful position
and maybe even more so than in past years on the for instance in this essential very important position just ginny adding is in charge of this the hermitage in other words he can enact he can he can take this legislation may include which packs and these that
come on
in they are fifteen eighteen two years down the road just tdi receives from probably of the term their the ancient rites for commodity all the stuff that goes way back and made commodity great and gave it all kinds of freedom and power lana
because they're good friends hobbiton wins all that back and gives it suggesting that for i mean gives it the commodities but because interesting yeah
in the year fifteen twenty years geniality just to meet justin he on the publishes a come out to be the rule of the aeromedical life the rule of the hermit life
discovers he wants to form a new era medical institute
because there's all kinds of
turmoil still going on and come out only because just because you run through something through a general chapter doesn't mean it's can make everybody happy and everybody merchant step and i didn't use all kinds of discontent going on and factions
and they're all mad at him and so what are they do they reelected majority
you figure out the logic with that i can but then they re-elect him in charge and they're all mad and fighting with him and he leaves on september fourteen to try out with the permission of the poll this friend the other town
and and lives to try out a new experiment with
the aeromedical life a new way to tighten up and to little more authentic aeromedical life so i'll be fun
and in fifteen twenty three three years later we have an erection of the company of hermits of say that that their first mean the company of hermits of st on your and this is effected at the monastery in family on it's a san biagio the only reason i can figure that they went there
it was because the body of not
when we're talking about it's ironic that they should set up with manticore the movement in the center because
so i presume that was because the quotes are from your deck
one year later the the first general chapter and they come up with their aeromedical rule
and one year later and fifteen twenty five that totally autonomous it's all broken off this was never the intention at all but they become a whole a whole movement and they grow rather quickly
in fifteen twenty eight just and just having trouble of them dm me on me dies on june twenty eighth
monty corona is named the head of their congregation and so that they take on that name in the quarter of easy the colder nights because they were the motherhouse is more to cut on
and they have rather on
auspicious history until the until the suppression
the they they grow phenomenon
ah in the years member in the near sixteen thirty four we have got pope was urban the end and another even the numbers the one who came and said all it's all get back together again and let's try and a people begin traditions that they used to variation from the other ones near the pope coming in
day on all it's all bygones be bygones and it's all get together a new piedmont as you drag it with here by doing this man okay restaurants sixteen thirty four by sixteen sixty seven eight the other popes and area didn't work and if the then you'd end up with five groups all times
and a periods are certainly on mutually disdaining one another
however for monty corona this period after that attempted reunion but even during it was a time of incredible expansion and building
remember this is extremely strict austere groups
in the year seventy and sixty seven their status is
five hundred and some hermits in the papal states venuto napoli poland lithuania germany korea hungry and hungary austria and slovakia the of hermitage isn't all these countries
incredible expansion but the suppression come restorations the suppression and the restoration again
they they pretty particularly went through a number of dishes laws of suppression during the mid eighteen hundreds that they had to endure
oh and has been down to the present they are as big as we are kind of slightly smaller now they're not prosper too much accepting palm there are a lot of old currency but in poland they have some now and they're doing well so we'll see
look on the future holds for the colony easy okay
that's another congregation
the piedmontese congregation is the sort of thing happened
the unusual congregation
this aggregate was called this is the official title the confort trinity of the holy enunciation of villafranca piedmont that was their title this is the ones without the regalia
it's history begins as a basically as a bastard offspring of commander it's founder was was a monk from canal with it but he was a nobleman he was on
what is the word
a barking he was a mark key his name was don't other side of lot cheaper
and he was not happy with come out
and it was kind of moving towards want to cuddle
the duke of savoy currently manual the first asked him would you mind taking over an old monastery that i have my country this is a priory a foundation of saint of have an hour and classic in we are again comes up this is one of classics foundations
chambers as sure i'd love to
he starts a movement only aeromedical only permits hermetic choose which quickly acquires autonomy when i just dropped his cannot basically and he has the political power the duke of savoy in that region and he has lots of money and he can do anyway
terms the models the movement on the coronation rather than tuscany models and on the customary i should get the he adapts the customary the way they did things in the quran ac or rather than his own tradition come out
in a sixteen or two we have the foundation then in torino turin of the first house holy savior
in the sixteen forty you we had the foundation of the second one belmonte also called buscar
and that flourished for quite a while also
we have this another foundation which was famous called sell sell about majority it was famous because had such a broken history is on and off on and off a number of times between sixteen eleven and seventeen twenty five
another house another hermitage was called lonzo
and st tech live in and genuine
these women a analysis
rather wealthy group generally supported by the local people to local people and the court of savoy loved them and gave them lots of money
and i imagined monks love the money i don't know they built
great and powerful permitted use
and their basic development was in the late sixteen hundreds and and or the seventeen hundreds when they flourished they're novices basically came from the diocesan clergy
religious from other institutes who transferred into them
warriors novels doctors and officers from the early
so they had rather than last year's source of vocations
but also covered their way of life which became very precious in many ways
they had some not where the figures and i mention these in case you ever do
any commodity these studies are going to be when introduce means other than amazon to chamber the testa who was chavis by biographer
on a monk named a pulmonary cure bot who was a famous story
and probably the one you would run into any mechanical or michael society
he was famous not so much for being among a piedmont between my congregation but before before the reformation work he did in the field of education in the in the kingdom of savoy boy after these people with the path
so he's known for other reasons however he's also known within the command these family because he tried in the kinds of suppression from the time and everything's falling for to revive the piedmontese com you kept going to about twenty years however setting himself
who doesn't blow to the congregation when he was in charge because he was so incredibly harsh and
for those of you know any graham he was probably a run amok and everybody had a march in step probably do stuff
it is he who said who have worked enacted this law for the congregation he condemned the growing of flowers and when the gardens of the hermitage because basically just a distraction and not worth it
i i i love my flower during the night and not too fond of society
he he didn't do much good for the congregation but again for the for the just area of the country he did wonders in in education reformation he was an educator and that comes later on and that's what he's known for
ah monte carlo i was interested in this group and kind of aligned with them because you know a mutual attraction going on me because they modeled themselves on monte carlo now but that ended rather abruptly when when the piedmontese houses stay
hearted taking in guests
the current easy were scandalized by is that they that there were they were taking in guests
that visitors and retreatants for allowed at the hermitage genes
and monte corona ceased
contact with the piedmontese congregation over the issue
in eighteen or one
most of the houses were suppressed
except lonza and lonza dies out on despite says that his attempts to revive the movement in piedmont
okay french congregation
this congregation really dates back to a man made don't punish us down to one who was a professed member of torino so he actually was a professor andrew piedmont but went back to france i'm done
but he looked on as monastic life with friends and didn't have any more connection with people other than being a not despair at one point on tennis with like so there was no to ridicule
a connection with piedmont between piedmont and france he died aged ninety four in the or sixteen seventy three evidently very holy man renowned for its own use people flocked when they heard he die the scene
of the of the of the carrying of the body into the church and is very reminiscent if you remembered the deaths millions in life few days on his way into people going back and forth in their fate of the church has been collapse and science and all of that this happened also with this man very famous
seen in monastic history in france
ah there were some attempts to join the piedmontese congregation and us again was a member of that group but they never in a inactive efficiently and frank the french government would have liked that anywhere and wouldn't have approved in the parliament would have approved and so they remained an attack
this congregation and they are basically isolated everybody else
within the come out of his family
some famous or important dates and names of the the foundation of notch goddamn these hours our lady of the angels the first house that's founded in france between the years sixteen oh foreign sixteen or stolen this is an attempt in province in southern france by
limits who said they were following the spirit of volume they didn't belong to anyone they were doing their own thing and so it wasn't a serious command this foundation to begin with wrong only lasted three years at most
but which the first indication of a rewarding a flavoring in france or interests near sixteen are made to spanish come out and days if you look at why don't have spain the map of spain owner or do well
and the that no i don't i don't have spent their sorry
this book but by the way it's a nice tool by our country money just go on a desert me country money from a pilot have come out of the he is also historian are will see many things on the bibliography to if you look out with all that he or
authored he did a nice apples the whole world where the commodity foundation time and there's a lot of why my library
heidi to you can get the geography of anyway there was this little place in spain
i was cloudless foundation and two monks from their come over to france and begin are trying to begin a foundation independently of everyone else called notes for down the because
it doesn't work it doesn't work so these first two attempts don't work
and then the third one which has as as foundation about twenty year period beginning in the your sixteen fourteen not redondo beach ca our lady of conservation of pity have mercy
is the first real foundation
i'm during that time and the or sixteen twenty eight during that twenty year period you had the piedmontese customs their customary is introduced
that's causes as gonna get to join him in and how we anything to do with anyone else was come out of this is is the only customer in the or sixteen thirty four king louis the thirteen approves the beginnings of become french come out animals and the next year the parliament ratifies it
and then the the same knew that the parliament ratifies the pope urban the eight says yes
as sixteen thirty five from the a try to get everybody together and act together it's succeeded for so this is the french actually approved during that period of of when he's trying to pull things together
i just realized i'd forgotten that any racing is joined to that noon or he the french congregation congregations joined the union and sixteen thirty five what were their house some of them rather colorful varnish issue is is a very famous house of various
more more for
a sad reason then
have you and that is the last prior of the velshi through who was the belgian was guaranteed by via the french government in the hallway
religious prosecutions
notre dame the console as you are lady of conservation which was also the name of the congregation
i was started and sixteen during before and it was the first house with the major superior and all the novices so whatever house
you know the novices are going for the a centralized musicians who at the provincial system rather than each house certainly well there's going out in the us to come on this family also
go to walk
that means that the big girl was big for its big woods yeah this one is very famous its name of saving st john baptist it's famous because it's near port royal where jansenism gets strong and so it's not too far from paris so
and the parliament
and this becomes the second house for the the moves that the major general and the not malicious to grow while later on and this house becomes often on a place of on
importance and or turmoil during the history of the french congregation because it's of close to paris and because it's goes to cover it on and get a little bit extra in jansenism
there was a short lived experiment are called regular rendered rob plan just in case you run across these names are an interest in the french foundations the next one is sent to my the last lot also called nautilus shell that's why you in pops up
in history now i've seen that name before i even study come on to these sisters so i know i knew of that
other ones i can skip that that there's the for i'm skipping
i will mention center
so forth one from the top of the third time
lifting sonar was short-lived commanded his house but it's favors because it became very popular restaurant later on when a very long time for all i know it's still a restaurant
this congregation developed very good relations with the maoists and the cistercians of france are very close connections
with the nurse who were reform congregation of benedictine order and the cistercians who were very fervent a good group in friends and that's that's good news because this this group as such was authentic was was it was a good servant a group of commodities expression very different
and certainly isolated from the rest of the come out of his family but very real nonetheless they had an extreme asked they had a reputation for being extremely austria good reason for it the harder district these were not rich foundation is we're not rich houses are rich man
and they weren't given much money by the king or part certainly wasn't giving them money and goods they were excessively for the poorest of all the commandments put together
ah this had a consequence for this good
this situation this particular group his congregation opened its houses humans general chat to decided to open its houses two people rich people who wanted to come and die there go through their death or let their base out in inhabitants within the monastery
and and and give given money to the groups of electorate and potatoes on the typical and wine
on feast days at me
i'm damn this is interesting because this custom is is still allowed in the coronation want to come on i do this
and i just noticed
in the letter i just got from the prior of of manticore una that they have one of these now they took him into diocesan priests as one of in in this situation he lives his days out there but his bank account in these hills but when he dies and reverts to be to the community
and this is how is poor houses were allowed to exist they had rather illustrious some of these illustrious people who took them up on including one of the king's chancellor's
a transylvanian prince
a judge or lawyer one bishop and true ambassadors and the man who who bore in within the king's court you armored of the king and he lived out his days and gave his wealth to go to the community
ah with the french revolution needless to say suppressed every ruthlessly and in short order once a gun in full swing and as i mentioned the last prior dollars you through it was actually guillotine
hum and of first congregation
with the french revolution the whole thing disappears so it's very short short-lived
not even true centuries same as people moving to century
now would we wanted your last name is to look at the twentieth century and that will carry us up to the point which a moral we can talk about commander the spirituality
in the year eighteen sixty six the monks were expelled from commodity
this is part of the italian suppression
and at the time of the expulsion the majority of the herman's set up shop just a few kilometers down the road at proton yeah
where a rich benefactor named carlos shame on me offered them a small villa he hadn't
which they named st a san albury go
and where they tried to be maintained their monastic life as it was lived of commanding me to the best of mobility until they can get back to commanded
during this time the congregation tried to maintain itself through gifts of benefactors and the little allotment the little allowance that they got from the government when the monks were kicked out the government was a least good enough to get a little monkey a lot to each month so they wouldn't starve in the
they also opened a college a college
at which later moved to bon bons so this is the famous born some answer it most their mating or five and many of our contemporary powerful figures with company i went to school for boys wearing little habits like i'm habit at once a lot in
including with chancel com r t
ah i can rarely and maniac
i have i have done
picture a picture from promotes what for lots of tritium with all these students and have kids can it's so foreign to help you think the but anyway this is when born from actual is founded and thank god for born so because it's it's mainly through points a lot of and weekend vacations and
very hard time cat the congregation going that and the fact that certain sect italian secular priests kept joining the small group and cabin kept going off they were inspired by the permits were holding holding their own and keeping to the life
and they helped to keep it going so here you have appeared in are carried in our history regardless and priests and and what little students we could get kept us going on thirty years
eighteen ninety nine important year on july eighteenth of that year the chapter has come on their back and come out
the chapter gotta remember what you we actually were allowed back into commander as caretakers you've never been a to be given out of back
i been to the present time but there as caretakers
ah the chapter voted unanimously and this gets you an indication of how things are going at this point the offer of making a foundation in brazil because it was a way to guarantee the future continuity of the order
that's how they felt in italy looks so if you still at the end of the century that they they have voted unanimously to make a foundation in brazil camargo they did not you know was not making a lot of foreign foundations to the any of its history you have the coordinates are doing
and you have the same medical group during not come out on can canal do
here they do it things i look at really iffy the next year nineteen hundred on february seven official presence began at the parish of car i don't know for chickens does anyone here in portugal
roxy as or casi us or kashi us
brazil is with an axe or maybe a ships on cashiers
where there were immigrants of italian and german extract living here maybe that's why this so maybe that's why the little foundation on a wreck maybe the name comes from that because the were and german immigrant dance well maybe i don't know
anyway the foundation has given the name no come on so where the second new commander this is the first new commander
and pretty soon in no time at all a hermitage is set up in the forest nearby near this parish
ah but the government of brazil is not at all according to this in fact that same year two months later they read they relax their age restrictions for sector for entrance into secular or religious institution in already how about the foundation or at least it runs parallel with the foundation
it could be a coincidence not like
in nineteen oh six a second foundation in brazil is falling off of this called honor a deck am my pronouncing that were on a wreck wreck i'm not too far when it's a small town of venice
asian immigrants
not too far from this place where there's italian and german extract immigrants this one is a set of the interestingly enough this is a member a foundation of come out me this is the synovial
on our read is a set of medical homes not an aeromedical i am
in the year nineteen twelve the holy see orders and apostolic visitation of all the than and congregations of commodities what have we have we have nineteen well as a nineteen to our we have tuscany we have the center vehicle congregate
one of a murano and we have the current news that's all that's left piedmont and fence that that dealt with this person so we're down to three groups the holy see says you all need to be
we need to be visited and there's also isn't also an undertow here of an arithmetical push the holy see is interested in permanence and this has already seen as and as a less than subtle move against the the different from the
i really need nineteen twelve
nineteen thirteen the very next year and the highly see orders brazil to concentrate number of i just said our new coronado there their medical house not on a rack
the marks or come back from automatic except for to priest and two batters who can stay there and keep a presence there and to minister to the immigrants there but the rest to come back to new commodity and lived the hermit life
the two houses then began a relationship which is less than cordial less than happy and divine with one another often on
an example of this buying in a letter we have and nineteen twenty one from new come out a way to italy calling on a wreck the american cancer or to wander the american tumor mrs istanbul its own little darlings so he
so what happened between two houses in brazil
world war one
seems to have given the coup de gras to the of medical foundation and the congregation it's already it never quite came back from the suppression is it did but limped along and the holy see's down on it because it's not it's no longer powerful just limping along there's a strong push within the holy see
for commodities to be habits
you don't know how how how much the hermits or involved in that feeling the holy see it could be some of that hang on to
but are the muscles analytical a group is really falling apart
nineteen twenty three and ildefonso schuster of st paul's outside the walls he later becomes the cardinal archbishop of milan or very very powerful very endured in during an interview
prelate to come out to the the have wonderful feeling still to choose to i've come out the his relationship with come out the come out and victims ah schuster it presides over the general chapter interesting presides over the general chatter and the with the holy see
nineteen twenty three nineteen twenty seven brazil foundation is closed ended terminated
the new constitutions are approved after a long way that same here
you're going to see the twentieth century as and up and down from too many different strains going into who we become in a post vatican two context
nineteen thirty one there's an apostolic visitation made by the general of the conventional frankie saenz not the friars minor the general comes in to vani was his name he comes in and does the apostolic visitation is really the troubleshooter he's the
man for the holy see coming in looking at me getting they're getting ready they'll shut down to sentiments so this is just another step along the way
nineteen thirty four there's and apostolic visitation again and the center biblical congregation to body looked at all be all become commodities but really was looking at the center political expression
and thirty four an abbot named caught on tape and addictive habit comes in as a special visitor name of the holy see i'm looking at the center political congregation we just celebrate medical habit coming in and hesitating the times and the very next year the senate medical conference
nation is suppressed much to their so
the houses of finance finance are in florence in ponoka in texas and for terror or shut down immediately along all their parishes
and it's all done by pope pius the eleven's on ball intern religiosity