Clement of Alexandria

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Monastic Theology Set 3 of 3



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we've had arrived at chapter twelve of the first book of the political marry me fool
have you remember that there there was
ha recollection very nice very good although he never mentions of my name is rosie how on the whole issue
but that image
god forming a human person monfils energy like out of the earth distressed being jerked my hesitation his this recipe my interior one intellectual and also the difference between funny image and likeness comes out clearly in a different way
not want get into your night there's what my editor social worker

he found what can we find her clearly expressed the dynamic doctrine and the image and likeness which is closed has such labor in a great for patristic tradition the image which cannot be launched in the likeness which is to be one which is to be recapping which is too
actually a likeness which is urged to shame and has to be recovered remember that
remember that certain and or and i guess we don't find much pressure on what she has done to the schools and is mostly and a good form
rather than a big change in people between nobody's like to change
a meeting if it was often manage and the greek fathers radiation also getting worse chamber you find this notion that witching likeness watch it was as if man had been created perfect and are by pushing for most people to to check them
when she was to hope to have
this educationalists clamour
it was time to reply to a hospital and issues at which the
firstly man will be given a psychic i was going one one expanded from america has both my have was part of a dna with with me
deja vu
an average identical
when it's more than the like message by off

the stronger than five hundred and pinoy we didn't translate he hasn't to greek versions yourself so spiritual somewhere you can be able to juvenile motors
how it's possible so three levels can be pantry
then there was that
injunction to take on the empress of the life force navy different action on global does your talking by imitating life fusion so i can you don't find much of your hair it's to their the impression of the go and the annika was the word for word your gums and more mutation
of life jesus which it was what's better than
in book which is about the way to world where there's no knowledge was not a to ticket
he's a big changing and balanced and was removed from their homes to
and then align ourselves with the i kind of sweet groans how that comes from her psalm forty four with the same time there's a kind of echo of the no change there was something of the i'm finding out
doesn't english translation of the a latin remember before we shall run and the older of your appointments
the first stanza the one song using a lot knew it wasn't sexually and that when generals was there are a lot of times if he alludes to that
the the footsteps of god and she'd hand the ointment suggests it
financial here actually
i get a chance
i noticed the anointing hand the impression of the with a local of were in school to be the morning meeting
then i'll blow up
now we get had his head shot it's fun it was for lots of pedagogy and a lot of a showcase of blocking their simplicity or self sufficiency which is stoic and on next costume teaching each one of us to be his own store
when he says take no actually start for tomorrow meaning of the man who has devoted himself to guys what to be sufficient to themselves
moreover the life which provides for each day by own
this turns out to be interesting and there's this efficiency actually used the word which was in
and know it is because a very profound loneliness you can have a chance than half
the first for it is not a war veteran piece that we're going to change he called us soldiers of case remembering a perceptible subdivisions
oh haven't you got to thirty five this guy
just to the last productivity for started to three five percent from one need good preparation and luxury coach profusion notice the two sides of the week psychology me the angriest i can be desired
this street to require no i'm act as a footbridge take a the word is there system then they are lots of questioning
so there's a kind of a pattern instead of psychology
most important day
our superintendents an instruction and discipline is the opposite of word from home we've been together and internet
being assimilated to god by a participation my legs my stepson a reference to it
we should do what you do not know that face
okay skipping down to the bottom necessary to history i switched bottom of the left hand towel what else do we say is uncommon in common an irrational future i mean in the contemplation of the divine there's an aeroponic from grapes there because which to define stay on
the contemplation patients they are system
as if they came from islam will
now it doesn't come to a personal principles which as if that would be ensured that personal contact with and as if furniture which could be
note from the election
i say to that it's requisite to kind of big human nature this you're going to come out of books be a bit a chapter the beauty of with it turns out that can knowing they show in her god
something which the
yeah i was wondering about that i don't know plato well enough but it's so strong when i get to the chest and for three
that's a socratic seem to know yourself a chocolate taste and visit also in plato that were knowing yourself you actually have had school
has this
discover asked me
overcoming game
yes with as arnold
discover state for the our
figures it's all like discovered that goes like this was the
organize the external interest and then you realize your audience is participates in
it's a of hazards of the title as the same thing but there's other all discovered the parts so
so it's clear that guy and then he gets it
i'm not i didn't think that you've gotta from page for is today that today that's where we from forever
it was just say
that's right

humbard isn't the same time jokes about in the instrument and and he told you about the different kinds of learning i wish they spend our time
according to which image of also we are now there's a musical image here it's harmonizing myself to be instructive and making the words and our deeds symfony on he's the before making them a harmonizer to open it uses machine making them ring this
same note as it were to live a true though
so as we began the put her clippers with
the musical problem a song of the deliverance
here he comes back to a close to this book

when is that sir
man as a contemplative that's also a spiritual connection
which picks up in various places on earth
the of life as i haven't been faced with i stopped
he feels like ah
a hole
yes yes
that's so helpful you know which can mean the difference of course and players have replaced the things tonight is how has it ever hope is that that scripture
like christ
it has after
the planetary patterns yes with get nicole
biological this a was truly get to be true
and you touch
and that any impact very similar
i'm fine
that's one way of moving as it worked towards the cooler today we live in contention the creativity david stop the terrorists and drinking contemplation of what has been created by putting much stuff as if worth in the position in austria including the cage
whether or not
when you touch with me now we got to chapter thirteen the final chapter in brooklyn and it comes across the been a big chunk of philosophy depends a lot on the translation because them
if you're trashed my logos as reasons for it sounds like briscoe satan he translator the choice between made a french translation has left it logos your and so it becomes clear what it doing is what he's doing is just giving you a piece of
philosophy actually philosophy stoic philosophy moral philosophy and then he saying that to be
aligned with the logos with reason is to be aligned with the word of god himself who makes it into a christian
he said assumes that assumption it into a christian pilgrims from can christian for it which is just no time for voters to of time
everything that is contrary to right reason as sent flowers and like
spencer's is boy
a human
into what is logos
and he's playing on that word logos throughout
there's an early
right now there's just something knows how the simple as as permission
download on from her son so he starts out that's charlie on the philosophical level one is going to move move move of five
see whether others it was much faster
looking for

now she is is reason official conference which is over to world
and that's okay with it's necessary to point out that it's the same great restaurant
the philosophers define the most generic passion and lust and fear and pleasure and so on each other in terms of reason if your readings and industrial growth which are not alone and ten and the way decision every virtual as a species are or mortality and similar devices
it's a real there's only one can have commandment here he's talking in terms of losing
if their disobedience in reference to reason is that generate profits and how can we escape the conclusion that obedience to reason
the logos
so is identifying reason of the logos
notify which is fridge
which we call think there's a definition of philippine poker switch after obedient to usual
how the applications closer to then there's a lot of this kind of thinking that just religious to some tunes show i don't know that launches between a good word of you
has the responsibility or chicken stock
it is ridiculous
obedience agree that pretty
great dessert
art of interests and yeah this
there must be something else that reason like as on your house for take time help wonder

what was on one one is only one mortgage
against the logos haven which we call faith
no notice of is not just adherence to something that doing
lead to a proposition or to too dogmatic of which obedience to his commandments and here at the commandments with no medical reason
we may not reflect time from there are many different ways you can be funny if there's another way to find faces comprehensive
my banishment
whereas the roman catholic of bush time i drank was and faces adherence to the revelation of had to choose without express written permission
which is where it visit them
it turns out the placement on this is almost
the problem is when you
how'd she returned one of these things
okay now the man who sins
sending us reason and so becomes a beast
because he's a rational and becomes irrational he's like a beast and and no longer speaks number that logos is the word for speech and also feels
given up the less management fees
you gotta just dysfunctional down here between scope from tell us which we find also a cash and that are my piece on headphones for its historic conditions
between again that goal
natasha's first conference from about
there's another
connection with cash comes up later so they may actually be some derivation and the first pitch
christian partner to the operation of the rational soul in accordance with the correct judgment an aspiration as to the teeth which retains its destiny and through the body was homeless bunch of than i
the life of christians is a system of reasonable actions
now you can see the danger and that kind of stress and if you're older player
at least
if you don't point out that there are different levels of reasons
christianity can be made into a pretty heavy with the system
what can be turned into a from oilers which which which is very heavy
so one has to work within reason that changed

he asked yeah and she was given a reason into a wall of country if reasons consume in a certain point it can be made a lot of which is analogous to the old testament to the posted in which everything is fixed and in which the dynamism and the grace dimensional question is just required
it might be considered just a to do the one time
u s not your wallet was usually
however planet conventional be correction enforcement
what is most things taught by the logos and unfailing energy that shouldn't be energy with unfailing exercise which we will call so fate as the unfailing and she says that continue of discriminate
the system or system was a commandment of below
they turned back on us as the world answers we do something for a neighbor and the soundtrack to on them
and then that frozen
many makes a distinction curious distinction we're which sends on tours
the spread of work between the things that this is the other connection with cash and businesses there to cash in jokes that martha and mary when you say the themes of modules during active things are good only for this slope if there's something to prevent further that's com implosion much the part of marriage remember that time
have always been into trouble over this distinction some remote money to like you and others which relate to the bush was like on windows replacement did dividing human action to a human activities into a category some of which are strictly natural was strictly first thing is to begin to let the distinction week
in which in some request which the information at westridge the simplicity of was
and of course which the gnostics into from coming into sections spatial life
it was getting right on the you
as he does whenever he makes no distinction between the asking question which he does continue his
so some duties or attained with reference to like others for the blessing
the way that's into to you out to be
the just moving looking for
the commandments issued with respect to naturalize for published to the to if the doesn't sort of living flow
living well is more than ordinary virtue of what we would ordinarily consider them
and from which eternal life springs we have to go and spend to the scriptures for now there's some beating was protecting the same time this people
his group shadow
hereditary tells us that he's dividing morality into two kinds of extra terrorists for ordinary now in which christian share with the favorites from which the ordinary christians those and basically those are the same things that are not christian have to do the elliptical time in there are some special things which
for aberdeen to the gnostic the esoteric tradition the inside of in christianity and those you have to get straight from the scriptures and he's not gonna talk about to israel but those you have
you can be taught as it will have to learn of comparable to the in a metaphor in the scriptures but you have them directly show and they say there's something here the fact is that the esoteric christian tradition of christianity would be what you will learn directly from the world but you'll learn directly from that much a legitimate esoteric traditions
not something that not secrets that are first-time by now but the intimate disclosure of the holy spirit of the august
but it's tricky when you're trying to turn out to village
what you feel that
new questions or reform
that was hoping real second
philosophical statement now
i don't have a text for you and this to had to read overbilling and i'll try to talk show
bence passages and the contract the to industry this is let me give your first of all the contents the books two and three
the first book stands by itself in a setting up the theory of the credit card and and describing who years and what he goes on and on a theology of the second and third book or not distinguish from one another very clearly and they're just about the different sectors of life and
as they are christians should is the basic things change division and person
and i think you may have a table of contents visited chest which i wish i could decorate conductors wasn't eating and drinking
the things that we use vanquish laughter achieve tough but about my marriage sleep of the were on your feet and then books three has a certain unity about it but book two and three year almost continuous
chapter for three years until beauty and then there are a number of others are hovering around the same circuit this was something important to climate i've been up to the people who is teaching
that we ought not to be artificial gravity gets kind of for
the kind of contentment and have been to the goals frugality
how do you exercise and then five new chapter eleven a general summary and enchanted twelve a lot of scripture passages which comprise as a were revealed some everybody sang and then finally the conclusion which were real and that going to the love it
when skipping book to i'd like to look as just chapter one of the space and the conclusion check throat
i've had a couple of takes to
this is courage to thirty four are going to light here in chapter one
how could be
who not to
two seventy one
having a baby

i'll use this rather than we can compare one necessary
their book three chapter one unattributed page to seventy one and me nicely furnished
this is a very futon chapters were important national relations to be talking about a moral question question of be a of fun
he gets to the theological bottom of this then
it's the greatest of are lessons to know oneself but the that second intention that's impressive
it was speaking about it before but if one knows himself he will know god and knowing that you will be made like
not by wearing gold or not loans to by well doing by requiring explosions as possible
notice which basically the knowledge that makes one
yeah like that and then to kind of behavior college fund which is can be summed up in simplicity and someone will not adorning ones that are not adding any
now you get to deal with a power of the notion image ten minutes
that when you become somehow where did we become identical like work with god is moving towards moving away from those extra outside embellishments and then the building of god which he has done for me
chinese through
amazing house
second are

hooked up
grace period south
the same as same thing about grocery the vpn he is a revised version a beautiful patient is the word gonna and will get to work at the end of his treachery
my game
and have who doesn't mean
that's right yeah i guess he absolutely no effect of the
there's also a connection room
the letter of not from the newspaper
with a little john can remember when we shall be
you shall see him as he was
instead this item
but the part about self numbers not to
and today is so it gets removal from the way of the is
i enjoy yourself from the up
i've got a long as you need a person who rejoice with not use reserves right if you want a medic intelligence that
not a pretty depressing cause know just to annoy us together
and rejoices in is a chest to the sacred stone and right now they've got the idea there's something in the mind and attending the body which undermined his connection connected the intelligence and of course for a familiar with the no system of wisdom and what's in the body is just me and that's somehow connected with it he didn't say that this would be able to
your relationship between and he's going to be talking about hundred billion different ways to their are all connected
and then it gives you this different third time
great psychology which is
the one which was that much emphasis on the the maximus that's when want of all of this trilogy child potential intelligence
ten least
since the solomon consists of three divisions than mean like a diagram
the internet there is a monica

for them into learn zone
which is program basement i to do this the internet is
has predicted
but it's a real bodies
for the internet visit professional say more get a competitive

has the kind of averages over of this man sink and that one another is perfect the idea of islam if this is a ruler of refund of this is more a very interesting his relationship with
particularly the tour
the irascible for include for the islam
the scholastics and i was doing the same
affairs in asking to come
helping hand
the society
he you're fighting with a positive interpretation of my dignity
but he has both of them as if they will
undesirable beasts as it is over
which they to to
the rest of because the insanity the appetite which is the third capital and desire
there's many shapes with proteus to god of the sea and those this allusion to the odyssey
i have to grab the cigar when it comes up to take this path
when he turns out to so the right things differently
before they asked the question
he comes to take a nap month seals on the beach
and their tendency old man tell us how do we get home
we were the guy sprang up and rushed upon him locking him on i forget what island busy
but the old man did not forget to seventy and is arts first he turned into a great beer define and into a serpent into a separate them into a great boy and he turned into fluid water to a to a temporary fences it's going to take private but we homes typically onto him with your experience funding of it
he can spend them that okay so it's like proteus have a desire that more different than one might think the desired changes shape changes form and
if only supposed to gonna with such a negative interpretation with on these portions of the own because he's so actually you're if you have an extended we've grown to over these are precisely the federal visitors know that you very much concerned that it really is right number of the imagination
i very much connected these these faculties and the protean desire and i think he's talking about in a way is at the bottom of a lot of credits from music the
wait you're not sure if is right
hang up
they don't want has been
great now cirencester desires
that's do with
and then
or if you're exhausted
this post
closing desires in something
and as follows up with
i guess i'll start up with the same school
hi guys
the same thing are all on climate we can find the hospital
the division is there a quantitative our building
usually when smoking was an enormous degree in between the interrupting anything out switching to which the funniest all support in his office
because you can race here also contain all check out of the pet
between reason on much i know instead of instead of being with anger is different from the election

listen to rational
the moon
whether there's something else

st augusta who goes and greatest night and to me
divine image in this sort of way and psychologically when the way in which the soul of the human person is an image of god and the way in which god relates to it and manifest himself
in this book taking the chance
because was almost every festival
okay he talks about his escapades with fertility center desire but that man was on the word dwells does not alter himself to not get himself but he has to form which is of the word he has made like to go get it really doesn't own a home so the his ear
is the tubular raiders ten
that's charm
he has the form which isn't the word and i was impatient this is precisely you because
right after a lot of by the arbitrary options the it's the bowser
and that man becomes bad since grown lives
heraclitus ninety seven and i got some touch with me
i it tells us he said particularly a their progress space
today for the word himself is the manifest has god and man and water
where'd him so let's see how that is an original because it's important to the incarnation in other words

here's you s
you as a consequence heraclitus than a right to say the guards and men and does what it is compact the same logos manifest mystery
god is in bad and had his term
and the mediator and accomplishes the will of the problem for the logos homage to the one into the other is mediated at one time the son of god and saviour servant of god and our editor
what's essential role in orchestrating
nothing says the flesh being a slave server running and testimony column stuff would it be reasonable to join the server as a subject a seductress
so he put some clothes for the and children to perform in a skill it took took a physical plant
calling the outward manservant previous to promote becoming a certain that the compassionate got himself sent to flash the relational and destruction and for dinner under the find out if it incorruptibility
carrying a question this immortality so chastity and immortality or the beauty of this way of the body and those somehow a very much the
have you find out
and there's another be but in a different person and that is love
i got
and here first corinthians thirteen is behind it was one curious question of way with the sports for connections with
love suffers violence time it does not engage is not bought it so it's not job was and he has taken by surprise
does not been able to consume and since not what is not alone works impose their six not along with davis seeking non will sit in on thirty different i the various is shaking up what is not long i don't know are going to

yeah this were six know what is not alone
how was it
it's the same and to do


what truth cause at a time which belongs to see if the idea of here which is not supported by that particular an amnesty for business have you don't have to borrow agree that it's natural
supposing that which misery that coaches were to use him again
the level of finally six but it's not a time it had something to attend
being apart from guy and the word
okay now there we have a basic idea of the inhabitation of the logo to him in person and expressing myself here and beauty
very important from it's muscle possible tradition
we are uniquely as pinkish kids per day
and inhabitation

there are several patients medical check when it is a to towards the internet
when encourage them to that that pay for warm today

in a backpack
i am car
and another it's been a word different innovation here
the irritation but that's the states we are hiding to be product
god became man and can become guy
the database or

and i was asked to come
have you pick your battles superpowers from your and prepare the com
i i just accepted that we have her on by purchase because i prefer it with a very intense to the density of internet will take it
for the expensive plan to come and will become
the measure of are the implications the major manager of the aircraft
this is potentially if it was going to give given is when our actually because it has to be do
that's the power
type system
have you verified
well and the fact of means son of time we can do it
it's good
and so
the one of us how two point thanks
and to be nearby

we don't seem that comply
that's all very good cop
ha with it
because that would be to say something else when
it would be imply something finance
well you could say that she's earning statement in support of mutated human person is you can stay with characters and as for notice that when you do that and then introducing something which has a meaning ponder the outside of with behind and intends to put her
that a outside the a different kind of
because here the guy in the same sense that
that the human person become entrenched married
as is every woman will be a perfect so are her condition of no different than that of every hamlet and that basics and no one could up even not have a common in another for tangle
the new servers is every human being has a capacity and gift to the education and baptism nice
that's true of everyone
at this moment
but then she that brings in kind of ambiguities and and hesitations for it was that work
and it's always been have a very time
the code sinister and avoiding work for the jewish tradition fish jewish
doesn't matter remember a book i didn't do that is
which shows a feminine
be to him
in to explanation
later on in a movie dollar traditional
he's mostly joking about that even makes recognition image suggested this financial chapin
he should kind of and then there's other a number of feminine figures in the privada some of which are senate upon it is mutual
exactly how the current time
given recent
period time
eric age out
during the
got a family a setting up alongside and i think also in our traditions he going marriott notice would correspond to a certain way of devotion edge of rather unfortunate latency and other words it would tend to stop sure the devotion of
ginkgo to go by allowing it to finitely america as a lot from those with a fashionable for those there's a lot of emotion on a casual shirt which is never again conversion really sufficiently working my gosh for christ
the and for with
and so that would give college confidential

a true and also because immediately with centers one in gotten close to a prophetic scriptures that it has it's built in question to change

stupid to the earth
oh yeah it's meaningless to on oh yeah that's much clear but this being being mystery and a central mystery of trade about your of the boundary line where our individual under the rather destruction of the application again i really wish we could stay for bicycling
to fall just as we get to the foundation that jesus is god decreases as it can say those two for but how to distinguish this journey to this lot of watch and continually
hmm ok
let's go on to the end the conclusion
book three a photograph
whereas you can expect
one just quite a bit of screen in order to conclude
chapter twelve
page two ninety four like a bottom
the bottom of the right-hand column where he explains this transition and his making that he says it's time for me disease from my inspiration because if the were the paradise
and for you to listen to the teacher and the teachers and others that the gospels and it's from their pedagogue which spend you up to know and i'm presenting his book and complacent with which refers to visit for federal case the persuader when it was the structure of the fatigue as and i was going to be teachers into the escalate and that's the kind of and to find an astrometry
it and that's concerned with the immediate interpretation of his victory although sometimes it's prominent kind of disappointed because we don't find that much
it's a jesus at the mystery and this footage of the ever has
it is rather more interesting and monastic conserve conclusion
and to ninety four
at the very bottom of the writing class and
oh boy
oh goodness was fled away from chapter twelve is it
what better to
go to the and and start by will see that m the money yeah probably about three pages or it's number ninety seven profit we've got and ninety seven and inferences
it's time for negotiate for my instruction for the realism of the teacher
actually sending out to the other book
the noble purpose as the church son and the but i think we will read us that isaiah from that much good
it's messed up the phone
would you like to be straight from the editor
no if these few precepts committee previous election on april three i'm not going to get down that are going on for of apprentices
we didn't train or something in case he rotated pictures
he treats the school violence
it's not because i know
okay see a different edition on the fish because you know that over them because it just kind of it
after the frame on own
people pay those computers to work
the churches the school in brighton one
he's known as high as a comparable is excellent
note that but he gonna do is teach you you can put your intellect that talk with description take you to the school
and what is interesting
your position possessing posted
when another passage turn them over if he wants to take up to the national development and this is as it was the word speaking
oh divine works are divine image this water undulate with and want to be that for as well it's it's like that
whoa defined disability and oh divine word so divine to match that the water under the in itself or the words and
this is one and the middle class
and dirt to see the four elements of the technology that's a big one and environment see this is never going to when forming of we think may as a foil used to study resuming flying back in the original creation that the whole process
dress for schools that coach as
her book
and you could go on a little bit
the entire effect
i have the frederiksen
well this creature atlanta
ireland is pretty far
strong poetry the inhabitation of the work with wells and party was more
i don't know if you're and i was cooking that for now the very nice didn't like the language of material value for a web application
such as the word such as an instructor the creator of the world and nine
and then there's a prayer to the pedagogue to the instructed as a threat
same bid farewell to the
and then finally get him
and could you read that him for us as them which in different formats and burst want to achieve pick that you just read it slowly first
this is bob for him the canticle of the spirit and childbirth and edited is gently texture than notice how important to note a notion of the child lives which we found a
by the bit closer
how much screen
her mother my shifted see now check the people is very dense and the hh impossible to translate this next thirty theorem
versus are about three words which been put together very similar to get a great type of stone hatchet regiments regiment
sometimes in fact sometimes only two words sometimes to it
and a simple show kevin home
they will sink for they were imprisoned with emails asking the time
oh love
we're proud lot of time
now up a new walkman
air arab lasting all right
source available
jesus holding say
i haven't husband
but not divulging
only added meaning to me
fisher of it not safe me
snare spotless like bishop same password for
lol how i happened i yes thank you i should say
the footsteps of christ on patagonia
and is i know everlasting would like will be heard
well as a
who version still skittles in height snobbery get a weapon
oh jesus i supply
lt joshua
given a remember the no cooking word how can check this shit
had a best friend sweetbreads
it's a viable business needs by little ones go to the nerve
the interest is that during those living with his spiritual sailing from breasts
not because also the first check for this one challenges and surprising that's very important presence in time
the colored is that right now seriously the other interesting time
let all single fashion
fifteen minutes and i did a great break
a plane crash still time
the mighty child where the children and christ is the chance to see how the image of close games from one one point when
that's one of the place and andrews
the supreme we define good
that's the conclusion that would be something are disputed to take them which written my comment with it certainly sounds like conclusion and especially for last point
could relate to so much that elsewhere
i should want a copy of been killed
two people will watch me which musical
any question to almost prepared
having would be with a rather detailed study on morning to protect the greek ship
is it all
this run he's got two different and one is is literally another verse the worst ventilation
is it was written english stylish kind of
kind of great
i wouldn't recovered and following all along as having a privilege go
and then he's got purge transportation
i think what happens when you see the he is a literal translation sometimes without catching provisions
his choice of words

do is the from reasons grist to still she lets
authorities close to that will kill
so doesn't get it
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