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Contemplative Prayer Class



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henry there been a little scattered and we haven't really come into a lot of martin's text i think that's okay because we can sort of the following to attracts with reference to merton and then
also discussing questions that come up and reading merton sticks but we don't necessarily have to follow and paragraph by paragraph he's pretty clue
last time you may remember we talked about some of theses about contemplation and that's a list which were developed further as we go on a tech moron from different angles and also we talked about those qualities of of maturity which seemed to be convergent
whether you're talking about human development what you're talking about psychotherapy or whether you're talking about
aztec asceticism spiritual development
that list from iran has book quoted to you have it on hand out we were gonna talk about the context of contemplation which murdered was doing in a second section or but we didn't get very far with it i just like to point out one wanted to simple things which sometimes are helpful from
having a mental picture in order to give things a certain order to change in place
if you look at the world religions they tend to us put themselves down and metal and two kinds one is very easy to identify because it's er judeo christian revelation and it includes islam of course these are the three religions of the word in which god comes into the world through
his word god enters
you may feel aggressively that at least particularly enters and reveals himself the other religions over the asian religions the great ancient and highly developed spiritual traditions of the east or something quite different from that they may be avatars than they've been manifestations but it's not a collective comey
yeah no historical revelation anything like the same sense that it has a whole different feeling or different fabric to it
what we do find that the center of those asians religious tradition to religious traditions is the non dual experience may refer to the kitchen that work by david loy which
still as manager of a question for still have materialist
should today
so on the one hand we have the religions of the word and other other every other religions of not do it
after a function
the travels through time
i know who's done away with charge the fellow who claims that growth over and

the one side you got the religions of a word on the other side you've got pity the that is a lot of and that's a very crude oversimplification nevertheless it's very useful in this way that consider that our baser and the benedictine tradition our basic monastic practice his legs you know that's the contemplative route
ah of our spirituality and also you may say well liberties at the center yes but literature what does not have to liturgy is a kind of embodiment of the word is kind of embodiment of the revelation essence it's an actual realization or an active and acting of the word you know often and then
and then these history of religions they say that those and as ritual instead of mess we've got the word because this revelation and sacred history and our ritual of living goes right out of that to to go to get there are one thing really
my grocery also a ritual in these other end
one practice therefore for which is fundamental as like to hear the other one i think that goes along with it that isn't a good parallel his meditation is the emptiness of meditation others was descending into what we were calling me a non door or the energy
the quiet shitting descent to the center that opening as it were of the screen and consciousness
to the internet to the unconditioned
those to go along together and they together interact and produced but i would call a sappy nancial spirituality and which we go deeper and deeper into the word and in which the non dual experience has given an inch a structure and content it's given a party as it were by the word
so there's an interaction between us to
now of course that's not all we know up in our life and sort of like you know we're going to hit to on the
i'm turn it upside down as a quickness loulou at to plan

have a world heritage argument
and over there i think they can put communities my name my that relationship

and this to his crew it's just an idea of filling out this picture that trying to put this in the universe or in the context of a whole life and i'm here you could put something like wood which is the material expression of our of a master client for whatever it's pumping
here at the center
and this obviously has a trinitarian background to another regiment thinking of the
invisible almost unnamed about god and it's to expressions and the word and spirit and then finally the kind of embodiment which produces we're not just work but it was also suffering is passion or a lot of things go up here because seen this before it's probably the other way around with word over there and some
thing else with you
and also i remember a book by a much bigger neuron how an orange time called the psychology of meditations on you have heard this before where he points out that there are three kinds of meditation or found it very useful the three year can expand to four just three that he talks about her first a way of forms which corresponds are
secondly the way of movement which corresponds for us to start to a lot about the treasure of practice and to any kind of an effective prayer or number work as you talked about the prayer of fire which would be movement and i think that the charismatic thing in touch and other words there's a day
dynamism as a flow colorful of psyche or spirit be likened to together both think but your prayer is somehow identify myself with that flow that movement that items that flame whereas in a way of forms your center and and attached to some kind of image of blurred or mental
operation okay idea image word symbol all of those things which initiate a different kind of activity in your mind and your psyche okay it's like mine and feeling it's like as around us as rationality and emotion
but then there's a third type of meditation he points out which is a meditation and emptiness
and that's his trial the first one the waveforms he calls apollonian their opinion the second when it goes dion asian
and the third one knew it so way of emptiness new typical as thousand for this third way or any empty a prayer of quiet ministry that track the apathetic meditation so it was our children versus honest
naranjo cloudy on arousal the book is the psychology of meditation i think i've got it out now but that the clutch shots a little book years useful
but there's a forest way okay especially from the christian and remember that our way as a way of phase and mcconnell talk a lot about light and darkness if i could contemplation itself as a kind of light and darkness or darkness and light whichever you prefer the forest way is in the obscurity than of even
even being without the explicit it's not a frame or of the presence of god which is simply in your activity the national would be viewed in other words in a life in grace your very life itself can very activity especially if it's service is a kind of meditation is a kind of it's a kind of flow of
that same non dual experience that same not unity of reality of god's grace through your life and how it into the world neither the an expression of have a good expression of that is obedience okay well what if you'd done an indication of obedience you've become transparent to something which is greater than yourself have you not you
a deliberate they put your on ego in your on will ever the way so that the one can act through are you presuming that i say the the order of the superior unfortunately it's very of not true our case good
presuming that the order of the superior is mediating this one to that's the idea though isn't it i mean from a contemplative point of beauty ideas to get your ego out the way to be transparent to the one thing that there is is it not
so obedience is it is a good illustration just for that reason but a lot of other things in domestic life reluctant it's apa factors and carried to the point of getting yourself out of the way of disappearing into the one thing into the one reality so work and of the intricate expressions of that
and you could call them therefore the the for submitting an invisible way of meditate i think a zen person that be very much in agreement about that because he would say that centers every mama your life you know carrying water chopping wood or carrying wooden chopping cutting children
zinc can relate domestic national heightens the and yet because a habitus is acting even when you're not conscious of that but if you're acting and virtue of that habitus which is let us say a divine how victors then that's it you're there
so the life of face itself even one not what would you say explicit conscious with simatic in terms of in terms of the divine presence the divine reality is yet functioning in virtual think of the incarnation as well incarnation means that every bit of life is capable
the being filled with divinity and it doesn't mean if we become motto maniacs by just thinking every minute and as we try to do when we begin with you try to create constantly and a set of being always conscious of and then the we'll start slipping and feeling that i'm just wondering about that those competitors because
direct link don't habitus was a little time between between will and then doing it you know how you get from you
no intended to something and you're doing it mike you've got me into this trap
but you're getting into is your responsibility
the way you described now that not thinking and acting yes
that's how i always understood the habitus when kind of it becomes so natural to one his virtue yet that one acts naturally without thinking on this business and i struggled with come when else in the cemetery where it can get skid row
tagging the monsignor john disney i have an impact for prayer and i just can't see the pretty good my work
my ministry with my desire for got and you give a beautiful cock asked me what you're your you think cause the seminary have been talking about how it could that you can see that as the way he was able to to live and pray and putting off again
yeah and so when you're saying this kind of resonated with what i had to
but i think there are a bunch of analogies like in the new testament and christianity you think about the idea of a grain was avoid falling and grab zingy very often as like the idea of good was a light of the consciousness which has to fall into action which has to fall into reality and some so it's like it falls under the ground that a body ground of the earth
the ground of daily life the ground of the world around it and sent by actually losing consciousness and that what you have received as it goes into doing see the early christianity was very much in their mind let's say you know it's not an what you know what we shared from what we do it just seems to me that but i had his
talk about the non do about it kind of yet in an easy flow and it strikes me that become more that awful day so kind the substratum of the gemini else can is yes oh yes you know but i'm not sure they'll be happy to as well i'm not sure the technical language either because i wouldn't
i wouldn't have chosen at work because i'm not familiar enough with that hangover of thomas
the paper honestly was talking on pinterest join us
what are you to circuit diane i'm doing the an eight eight grams kind of happens is an average of ah well as long as you're wearing your have happy to israel that virtually and contemplation
if to push yeah it's done this infinite are absolute comes to us through the word or through community or to work heard about serious serious like nature creech yes will show us very much to score the unconscious
just really serve i like to send you that and a certain point it's all pervasive this possibility we have to we open and yes i i think we could we could develop this various way to express that to bell but just in one other way to try to run
if you're considered but say put ourselves in the cosmos put ourselves in nature and how would this work i think if you take
a scientific route towards the understanding of an agent and you go really deep like some of the contemporary physicists to you can reach a kind of special of contemplative understanding on the track of science okay on the element if you go by the way of poetry and you go really deep you reach another time
and template to experienced of nature which much frequently had become a coach
yeah coloriage i'm an erection by the contemplative experience of them we need you in a poetic the creative experience it's a unit of in which all faculties of the human person have drawn together and you've come on with nature and number
and this act of somebody of this is pathetic genesis looking so it's the same form reproducing itself in the context of nature and then here's a simple contact with nature g them sensual so i think it's perfectly transferable into that go into that spirit and something like of
conscious dreams is the unconscious i'm inclined to think with yoga on this site it's are starting with community because it's hard to make the connection but what i've also put over here his psyche for instance in the sense of the full site with a yummy insects
an airport also of anima the psyche from a feminine respected and largely the unconscious because the unconscious is underside of totality rather than specificity okay and it's undecided world of the whole you're not in the image and movement of psychic rather than
fixed structure and conscious for which which will we ever would
that would be okay
and yet just not too far off but we talk so often about
finding i'll a half in non-duality yet
to to the to be visible thing out due to the is the asian tradition also need to find their other half in the word and in what way okay
when we say finding out other hand i think we're using a convenient sketch sooner rather than new watch like okay because from a simple point of view the people who have devoted themselves to the word have tended
to neglect to stay this time and also they this summer and even or to the this sub so its innocence it it's more than that but if we if we just talk about the nom all and the word we can say that we need to refine mondo after we set a different found that then we have
other things to prevent that that's the first crude approximation of that's the other hand i think my be griffiths want to go went to wendy to however he he didn't he meant so so human psyche as well okay i think that's a first very crude and rhetorical approximation which for something we
she's more complex okay the first saying than what do they need to find well ultimately if unless we say that their religious track has its own destiny even if they ever find coached even if another type of bird cage it's okay to say that because many people have a across many people that are alive today over there
the same patient will never hear first so their way of salvation is use a different one you can think of there's an implicit christianity jewish
they need to word and they also need a lot of that which is developed from the loves from the word in our western culture and they're getting it in a terrible way as they get the sort of the ugly end of technology and so
but they need a number to call that rational and human development which has happened in the west which is complementary to
in at our tradition south they're ready is there were in an angelic andrews you're reading their that's when prologue to charm much or you is there an implicit revelation and to see revelation even in in the asian experience i'm thinking it's creation there how finish
shit with create yeah i think it is a revelation but it's not revelation in our snatch okay you can save us a revelation i don't want to sit transcendent because they worked it to cool and simple but there's a revelation which comes in announces itself hazard revelation because it's verbal second a sister that's our western western western revelation your
christian tradition there's a revelation of immanence which is the non dual revelation which is simply inclination already okay so the griffiths return about that is what we call it cost me cottage revelation okay and that i think that in terms of image
it's because immanence i'm not a relative well there's there's no need for duality there's no need for distinction because it's a kind of movement into business with the hope and then an interior way but not only enter so that's the other revelation and it's almost as if she would push
yeah he of the world it's conjecture or world which is already divided into that revelation and a jewish and then brings of surfaces but the synthesis has never somehow that allowed to reach his full lunch to reach maturity to have any question and amputating truncated and charm
ah but we're always on the threshold of that less emphasis of the arrival and us say a christian or to a not below christianity
and that special of the horizon is very much alive today so when we talk about a sappy ancient christianity today that's what game
is is christianity which is opened to it's it's not a bugle corps so they can lessen but everything tends to inhibit them
yet you see that christianity officers the synthesis between the not annual tradition and then the tradition of the word in today's yes and given that then i would love to have some people necessary sentences this is given because the okay i'd tell you the truth i don't know why as long as no
that's like many others i find it difficult to look at in islam as a general days are just phenomenon in a very positive steps okay and as a as individual piety and as a spirituality and looking at so visit protection of a big beautiful but when you look at it as a historical phenomenon and
in the the general picture it's hard to say it's play sometimes it's almost like a regression
because of an entrepreneur problem it's almost like something that comes in when christianity does not play its role and a congenital fills as it were the level of simplicity which has somehow not then
what would you call i've been filled by a to sophisticated christianity or to institutional christianity is something that i don't understand it well enough to really try to give you an answer but notice that were between two pictures were between a picture of simply empirical
picture of religions and then we don't have to say why as long as necessary that this thing i just there there is a logic between judaism and christianity isn't happening way christian students figured that islam is a puzzle to us i think islam is is the other brother who comes along and says book you haven't gotta get you haven't got it right and forces us
when someone to expand in a direction of we wouldn't have expanded in other words to develop almost a negative way but better than that

and so often it seems like going back to a fundamentalism you know going back to on extreme dualism
violent ask
i'm sorry for throwing us all that show on such a hasty way but they will come back to and and clean up later on today we have something very important to joke about
and that is christian contemplation okay and obviously the camp beefcake we can be just two and a half an hour as a photo
and maybe pick about next time
we haven't said much about emerging section to remember where he talks a lot about the different aspects of a contact the context of contemplation about community to the a true and false withdraw an exterior and interior of religion know those things but he's quite clear about
a those things i don't know do we need to adam
i can talking about christian kind of bush i would like to pick up the end of his second section which is on page twenty seven and then move into the third section of
and what i'll do it is quite quickly attempt a kind of synthesis of what it's saying
or a distillation and then add some further material
cut the end of the second section on page twenty seven
he starts talking about christian kind of is making a transition to his next session section even i didn't pick it up and in these patients was they did later editing the fact that contemplation is not mentioned in the new testament should not mislead us
we shall see president a that the teaching of christ is essentially contemplative and a much higher more practical and as thus esoteric sense completed
now here you see the beginning of a kind of tug of war okay
i'm a person who looked at the new testament to professionally might say especially if they had a prejudice against it and add another contemplative tradition and might say that there's no contemplation of the new testament there's nothing how to word about it it's all about activity log in our face all those things and going about contemplation
on the other hand you say that the core of an adjustment and the entire teaching of a new testament that's attachment on which it is about is essentially contemplative okay
and when martin attempt to use the word contemplation and related to the new testament he's got himself in a bit of a tug of war as i say
pulling one way is the word contemplation with it's restricted sense okay because it comes from a greek and roman tradition it's a latin word obviously that comes from our greek tradition
in which had heard a special sense a limited sense it's intellectual it's latest it is in a sense anti material
and looking from another perspective it's it's masculine and so he goes the logos approach to whatever it's shocking that okay now the new testament knows nothing of these limitations the new destination and explosion of a kind of unity of divinity into the world in which contemplation is the what would you go
layer or aspect or dimension or experience of this but the thing itself is bigger than contemplation the thing itself goes beyond that and so you'll find me immediately martin having to talk about transformation of divination and he talks about the true self and others kind of question it's only one aspect of
so if we over specialize we get to professional this we can miss the point and that's always the risk is a tug of war also as you know between monasticism and christianity between monasticism and the gospel because the to centers are not exactly at the same fine and that's true of course in general that
the new testament crash comes into the world and establishes or center which interacts with every other center it doesn't simply preempt and take over and replaced every other natural industrial monasticism and so
so am i getting far afield in this section it's a neat the section when i looked at at first this last one and section to the this last part i looked at first i of a bullet great it's a nice little concentrated them
summary of what he means by christian contemplation and never noticed a defensive defensively is there he said a he's fighting a mistaken notion of christian kind of visionary of contemplation in general because he will fight to the death and defensive the notion of contemplation of that that whole
complex of reality
and the spiritual orientation that it indicates
he pulls them to differentiate high gear and it reminds me of that wage fighting is an ocean of contemplation as a gauge line because amid a rich man's flowering lawns were slippery contemplation finds its ease slippery contemplation
he's kind of
this kind of intimidated by that that accusation so then drives i'm pretty data
he talked about pagan say a real challenge because and is want to getting it is getting into sarcastic year as well so when martin terms of the a little sour you know that it's martin but there's plenty of positive and what he's talking about obviously he told me a pagan theory and you know and he won't talk about paganism and and negative
sentient many other places
the word contemplation so guests lingering enjoyment timelessness and a kind of swab passivity
which sounds like the world of the early of martin if you now
since two
yeah and the first seeds of contemplation and tonight
important thing in contemplation not enjoyment or pleasure or happiness my peace but the transcendent experience of reality and juice from the of supreme and liberated scourge of the job market moving from the already got the pleasure principle to the reality principle gradually year by year
and it gives great importance to truth as well as to reality
important thing is not gratification and rest but awareness by creativity and freedom
that would create job is interesting because that's not typical i don't think of the ancient
and more platonist is of contemplation nor of the early christian music kind of information that's something that's in our in our time it's in the spirit of our time and we have to you have to deal with it
so he he kind of gives them much this little burst and then goes on to the next section

the structure of his next section three is pretty interesting and he starts out with the part of on exile and return he doesn't give it a number of never had one which is about the for and it's the classical patristic story of the for from unity remember how we began when martin's interior
experience it as a question of a unity of being that man is mantra
was at first somehow integral and see that in in this notion of contemplation is simply intrinsic at it and it is the idea of unity because it's and a unit of experience you that's touch the very taste of it that's the very the very heart of it in some way is to be unity it's almost as if it were the experience of the divine
or of oneself as unity as one
and which immediately slips beyond our consciousness because our languages all dualistic it's all it's like being able to see anything in this version moves or unless they're doing with estuary area
man was created as a contemplative is still gotta use that word because he's fighting a centuries old battle at and especially and let us say cistercian monasticism and defensive of that orientation
the fall from paradise was a fall from unity now that's a synonym for him with contemplative
in a job and contemplative room physically synonymous for them the same thing kind of version includes unity
and this image of a man somehow being shattered from unity into multiplicity and from being inside him so as it were a self contained and thrown out into a dualistic universe into a world of illusion to very
very powerful nest and metaphor and martin uses it elsewhere do you remember that no man has booked a nomad it does a great actually there to and as classical patristic but notice it does have a certain bias to it which is intellectual
which is somewhat spiritual rising the someone uninterested in and matter
a very masculine her patriarchal by us notice but he's got in there about the division of the sex was actually being a posterior sent for some of this is a typical grim picture okay and woman as being a temptress okay so somehow and later on
eve being identified with the psyche that is being identified with immutable soul with the movement of the show including the unconscious and all of the instincts of or logical energy complex of psyche
and being put on a lower level than but reason which is allied with spirit and merely identify that group the rational mind i remember intellect for the greeks is also a contemplative intellect which the news and right next to it is is the rational mind and on a low
lower level his psyche and we're still trying to recover from that the whole of our psychology and the movement of psychology and the last hundred years is an attempt to get out of it out of the problem out of the box of let's put it into i'm being over simple them
largely true as not just due to the greeks of course yet but in in this and in this mystical content yet far still
why did they do wrong is is is that choice
she's that
that choosing to eat from the tree was that that a signal for the gradually into consciousness you know that never seem to be a necessary path wiki measurement had to somehow into lot of the city and child gets it's the unfortunate side effect of consciousness
we when we was in that suit thing i still don't get married and and said yet what exactly is it that humanity good where you can say that you can say that he has an assigned himself a test for he hasn't assign himself a chest of answering that question and this particular i think in the know man i think he had to take a
go to track attack and try to say what a bitch
and of course the answer would usually be from the father's i don't remember martin chances with the answer would usually be it's a little like
the thing of martha and mary and how the your is you've got money changes wanting to about it is somehow breaking out of the
now that it's a mistake to make it to too metaphysical that this kind of the a what we say a break of faith is going to be a break of relationship you know there's gotta be a breaking out of that which one knows to be true and in a bond of love and fidelity and order to do something
else okay
but i don't remember martin says about there's gotta be something like that
but i don't think we should get too far off on that road of trying to answer that because it takes us off the track of his progression of the main theological track at this point what he's doing here you can abstract from that question of exactly what did they do wrong and use the the mess of genesis wanted to just two and three
really it in order to illustrate this whole contemplative picture know the movement from energy and multiplicity and then his next section you see is going to be his presentation of christ as the response to this precise precisely the returned from a multiplicity and illusion
back into the energy
about the sacred and secular is still responding to this first this first movement from energy to another personally and outage or the second the section on the the sacred and secular to find the sacred and term somehow of this beginning from interiority and air for community and the secular as
precisely the enslavement to the multiple and the dread of the unity so it's the being wedded to the that land of unlikeness to that world of illusion and multiplicity of there
now somebody could attack this and say what this whole thing as it is a greek a platonist a picture because what's wrong with multiplicity what's wrong with the diversity of creation and shock but
i think what martin is doing here is valid though because he's not trying to say everything he's not trying to what we write up or metaphysical and theological
a treatise he's trying to follow his track
a reasonable theology and spirituality and contemplation based on on a scripture and the clubs i think i think he doesn't want that
i've read that line starting up for democrats seat on the customer has very scary very different than what you're doing because it seems to me and the eve in this conflict sure thing or hadn't hadn't been allowed to yeah we're going with contempt yes yeah and he for the feminine which is an our external and
that that's very scary it's also the implication is that an illustration of that great floor and danger that and the father to even in the great photos were so profound you know that greek intellectual as masculine bias and anti anti have a smarter understated to risk your which gets ear
when into the spiritual interpretation it's not just on the outside talking about ecclesia of discipline is like got it right in their spiritual interpretation but ah
and it's very confused because if complexity is able to technology and science have candy they were the bachelor the exact the human cheated and embrace exactly so on there seems tough to get there of the estate asset rather arbitrary petra the watershed the
other side of that is that if there was a bias like that and that beginning that means we're left to something still to discover and develop okay then the whole pie has not been eaten something has been left for us up by as newman cut
so there's still something left for to emerge in our time and which is has to do with the side okay with the whole it itches logging in psychology with to go to the site has been neglected as been repressed it's been denied and which we would call the inferior function or something like that that's where the new creation is
coming from so it means turning over a lot of things you know and it means a new direct contact with scripture and trying to get to the heart of it freshly so that speaks to your directly because even the fathers are not a reliable enough guide here
these things we jump right out at you know that glare at you when you when you read eating them
and even a year since merton gross has been quite a bit of development and that doesn't turn right wouldn't even even use quite the languages of theoretic today
even the focus on contemplation okay the focus on a center on a concept of and a notion and an idea and an ideal of contemplation has an enormous shadow to it it means if we're excluding and that's a masculine bias and us that focused purposeful concentration on
something is that where the new testament minister now that somehow it's got to be complemented by another another that's why i think the movement for our focus on kind of version of focus on wisdom as very useful especially if you take wisdom from the feminine aspect and the sofia
angle then it's not an isolated center as it were which is the unity of contemplative experience and everything else sort of left out in a cold but it's something which permeates everything and in which everything participate and which brings everything together in a very mysterious almost musical would
a musical way but we'll get into that drugs and were company or kinds of different a try and threats such as that's it and see there's a lot of that inward mean in the the last years of his life he's moving towards a beautiful it just read that hagia sophia and some of the things that he writes and conjectures of a guilty of ice time in just marvelous
smith sophie and expense he starts of a book talking about bars dream of mozart remember new toys you about the sofa yannick mode circuit will be the salvation of birth as as invade the theologian and instead so when in his writing from his head as if we're going has to do even hear from is using a using the the genesis story on all the symbols
he's not as
what will you go he doesn't say okay does when he's allowing us oceanic thing is moving at him to speak and is more poetic month
the extreme of that as an ebook the i sent to truth you know that very scholastic work on contemplation but she didn't even like himself and which almost killed him while i was writing yes
because i think she averted just refer to the tradition he
bring on casting yeah that t the subway from saks now he doesn't really take sides but he to a certain extent however in adopting their a structure their basic physiological structure he necessarily brings along with it some of it's in perfect imperfection i get some
of its bias comes to like drags along with it
the end of that first period that the little get center he's accepted the substance of that division and of because actually in an hour he yeah a more contemporary interpretation would be just the opposite president of the father's it's ear
mastering animistic and cognitive
eve is the families yes can get but now i think opening our understanding of just the opposite the masculine stats for the rational he asked tricks much recently and the feminist asked for the might be treated
contact a few staff and aspects that's right now and that's suited the church you notice the because the aspect of this inequality algae that is the church becomes freedom from that other perspective it discovers itself discovers itself as feminine discovers itself in a sense as wisdom
and of course the
equating of theology with science rather than with she residents have bianchi as a parallel to do with this of course not in the patristic time but and such the thirteenth century and show
great acquisitions but also the shadow

go the union parallel to the those the idea of the anima for the man as the door actually the feminine as the door to interiority
for for a male beatrice it's yeah exactly
okay so the second part here and and then if you just called contemplation and theology now here we have a key as i'm with the first part
because we had the fall from unity and to a multiplicity and the ejection the eviction of a from his unit of center and how jesus is the one who comes to bring us back but how does he do that and here is the strength of madness is very good at the strength of of christian theology
is it
the incarnation his deification the jesus became man became a human being so that we might become got that's our usual statement of it on the father's from iran as explanations probably probably vote
that's a kind of what would you go logical statement of it but in this event
that unity of divinity becomes human so that we might enter into that unity and so that a unity of humanity mine
he born this unity of humanity is not just unity which device so it's not just adam but it's out of dignified in some way but she a whole the whole spring of christianity the whole the dynamism of the gospels and sense right here
in this removal of all barriers that which mediate which is jesus is not immediate or between one thing and another but the mediator who makes two things one and himself if we can speak of over of garden that and snatch know
what's with proposing a eastern said account
even if am and he had for christ will come anyway something that needs to be completed probably still and give as being deify as he being returned to its visual state and party before the for precipitate been taken yard something that he was before yeah he has to be taken me
the on so the sunday crossword in necessary well yeah i think that scotus excellent something like that but i don't remember whether he uses to put that part of this argument you know after the syrian yeah this is a to i remember signing
yeah the recapitulation as an erroneous question and that's what we're talking about and a sense that the the unit of beginning comes into the world and brings everything else back to the beginning in itself by coming into it by entering into it it opens itself and receives everything into it to come back into the beginning it's a wonderfully power
powerful idea especially when you realize that the beginning as this is this unit of source this this fullness this divine creative fullness
there's no end to and yeah it's not just an idea and that's a decorum of jonge prologue you see and then an era net
i'm on page thirty three he mentioned baptism but
only in passing
at that point would be a great deal more to say
because he's mine who thinks of baptism as being the point at which the seeds are planted the seeds of deification or credit union but they need to be developed by
why asceticism and my contemplation and by a moral life and so
now if you read the the early fathers the really early on in our first couple of centuries and especially the sphere and you've got a totally different idea everything is there at the beginning okay and a baptismal experience is the primordial the archetype of contemplative and unity of experience and because she had any
and they the way they wrote about you have a doubt about and member of baptism is is your combination at a baptism as photos much so that is the equivalent for us
of illumination of enlightenment of centurion and the buddhist tradition but it's much more than got gotta kind of deployed convexity to it it's going to us to it due to this coming as flame of the holy spirit which has come into the work and into the human heart
i say much more i don't like to make those comparisons are not appropriate we have made to make more and compares because just something different different than the same
and pigs thirty three and and also earlier when he says of typical language it's snow
we are children of god not by nature but by adoption yes you're just kind of language still of strikes me as playing over he's talking about that are real self is like our true nature is that getting but we're not on a jet and it makes it sound extrinsic yeah he slept i think he slipped from the level of
is of his true self disperse it a point into something do this as more like western theological language that scripture around with you yeah i actually did something another we need to we need to conserve there's a mystery there okay which is very that is that the mystery of the internet as a relationship with grace and nature is a very difficult launch and inch
soluble one but there is an adoption but the adoption is a re-creation and the recreation is a new beginning which is the beginning itself and it's impossible to to peel the onion short them and get it exactly right and words
but it also the whole kicker high be sending christology thing
and crowds at that point two dozen and even if it's a alarm what if their descent into it's not really the senate and i think those that she doesn't it as metaphors to send as a metaphor because it goes out of there in the air but it's a very useful article we get to a problem as when that idea of something coming which is
essential on i'm way to christianity christian theology and christian tradition imaged is replaced by the idea of just an emergency but of status you you'll say you hear a lot of people today who a allows the eastern background say that well jesus didn't really bring anything new into the world he simply
elicited or opened up that which was already in the human person okay that doesn't quite do it as far as christianity is concerned maybe a better expression can be found from our side on a christian side but that language doesn't doing it is none up in other words there is a known as there is a quantum change that
that okay which is not simply eliciting not simply awakening not simply freeing opening up in lightning that which is already there there's more to it there's some kind of communication
so that rather dualistic language has something important that we need to keep whether we can do away with the verticality and certain like removed from vertical language to language of center largely of interior art
that skirt is couldn't credibility is profoundly that it's linked to the greek men to those of later epistles the from the beginning all things recreate it through the work and somehow in through christ not that he'd be partners and we can just pop in edinburgh
so it is east true thing that crisis melissa's in a team since we couldn't acknowledge that christ is making explicit what was christine from before the of cetera
no checks
so with that religion so that she's just as just come because we call it so that we have all my jesus have been a recent that christ is the ultimate shape of all yeah you're going to fulfill that's right you can say it comes into his house in order to bring it to life something like that if you as long as we think of an internship of him coming
in to man or something like that it's not quite clear think of him coming into the creation of order to bring it into its fullness by bringing it into got this idea of that which has created out there at first being brought in the recapitulation into the very generation of the sun by the fog which is an interior thing
that would just created he brought within that which is generated so that it partakes of the interior life with the divinity of can we were talking about humanity basic liberties there's some relation to the cosmos as well be construed as possible yeah
have this section of arms is very important as you can see for for what he's doing do you see the relationship to what he did at first and that first section of those where he talked about identity and contemplation as being routed and inseparable from
i'm your being and being an awakening experience of the nomad then he brings it and the christian context and bills or also develops the christian theological framework around it to explain how that happens in christianity how we conceive of it's happening
as we can see there's some things that we might wish were balanced better or filled out there but nevertheless he's been he's the maintain this idea of deification
if if you haven't had a lot of exposure to theology sooner or later focus on that because it's core of it online
which is very difficult often for
to survive very hard for to survive in an ecclesial context because it seems to do away with mediation and the church is concerned with mediation so you'll find a kind of cautious tendency to diminish and medicaid and and nearly excluded very often
but that's what we're talking about that's the power of christianity and depth of them
and when we say deification of course we do at that moment it's very hard to say a word that doesn't just say one side every word is like a hemisphere and there's another hemisphere that to answer it and and sense to swallow to raise identification we sound as if something altogether new that nature started out being completely separate from
i'm from god and then is raised up from broad and or transform that's not quite thoroughly a division because nature is never without grace a toronto the acquisitions of our contemporary theologians that nature there was never a nature mood which did not have the presence of grace
and ten the creation of them send doesn't doesn't vanish completely the presence of
an the god someone

okay i guess it's about kindness but i think we'll have to probably spend another time on this especially in order to talk about the baptismal thing at more length which is very important
let me say one thing though and one martin says of the
that the idea of contemplation about explicit i know testament is they're everywhere i'd like to accept that underline it and make it one of our species that actually the core of the scripture and particularly the new testament to core of the new testament is the unity of a non dual reality of good the mystery
we gotta say the christ ministry
which is a unit of and streak a history of non-duality a mystery of all things becoming one discovering their oneness entering into the oneness which has got okay and the contemplative experience is simply one aspect of that is simply one window into the so that's this
it's open a explicit passages where we find some kind of contemplative experiences will see an extra i just like the volcanoes through which that issue for which that's kind to the surface but the whole thing is more than the whole thing is that at unity reality inside that's what the new testament is about that would be the thesis notice the parallel there
with what we said about the in person
that the one person has at it's core this unit of so which martin cause the true so we even got a christ so the same thing is true of the word
that the word has this core to it it has an exterior which is multiple and which is largely masculine and as an interior which is unity and which we can speak of this feminine and the same thing is true of the word and the human person
and because we're using that feminine or it almost almost instrumentally sometimes because because it works because it expresses that somehow we might have to define it more carefully stop at some point
but if we think of a masculine exterior to the word and to the person and a feminine interior it's not a bed not have that picture to start with
and the feminine thing unity being that which is in some sense of conceivable and certainly an expressive but which we know from the beginning which is it as it was a quarter of our knowledge which we always know we know it as well as we know love for happiness for
joy for whoever
yes what litres or anything like that
okay we'll pick up from there next time
but which pass at hancock efficient renovation yes but at the same have also very angry stressing on of spirit that's right back not for next time i read
to bring out yeah
jack spirits the meant a lot of aspects of these that he said it's procedure yes there's something
i find it difficult to there in some way the reason it's hard to try to talk about much harder to talk about the spirit conceptually and verbally that it is about to logos and known about christ okay and so it seems to me that there's something there's something limping and are
r r q mythology and are also in a way that martin talks about this spirit that doesn't quite get there because it doesn't cross that threshold which is really the what would you got to plenitude where the unity of fullness of the spirit we think of it too much as i don't know has it as another step as another
as another linear
case that closes the ring as occurred but it's some kind of pouring out of the of a unit to not an enclosure but but fullness and planet to him and aroma instead and our language languages just get there so
i'll see if see of vegetation england but
i'll try to say something of organic