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Contemplative Prayer class



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at that time we were exploring within as the author the cloud invites us to do within the human person our own resources our own faculties of the different senses how one is so different from another to the imagine
nation that the memory than the intellect it's more analytical and then is more intuitive insight wisdom and up were suggesting that the spiritual faculty that's a great forgotten faculty is to will and this makes sense if we're fleeing away from our
own humanity if we're fleeing away from god in a kind of a an age that shop kind of us afraid of that intimacy than something like the wheel is that dimension of ourselves we'd rather not acknowledge not sure if
but of contemporary society nodded its best is this kind of victim society if find a way i am it's because mommy beat me in that kind of thing but to claim once on will one's some capacity and then the highest act of that will we said his love this is to return this is to return to the law
lord who is not who wills are up our full set salvation which is kind of book on cypriot as a pinch or pt showed me on the sense in the sense of smell and it's a whole book did you see that it's extreme
only settled since it's it's own world each one of these senses and then if you are take father joseph after a walk you're suddenly aware of what is it might be deprived of that fundamental sense of sight the whole range of shapes and colors and distance instead of credible and i was talking to a
an older man last week whose mentioning how really humiliating to slowly lose your hearing people are chattering away and you're trying to be there but you can be there in an effective engaged way less mess so each one of these senses to be aware of them to be grateful for
for them up to see how they do carry us to god or don't and saw the imagination so the intellect etc but what about this will business so we will want to compactly will want to come back to that we resolve to come back to the well and export because it's it's own universe it's as least it
east is vast and mysterious as the sense of smell or the sense of sight or something like that if you eliminate from the person in the sense of sight he still a human person father joseph is it if you remove from a person the spiritual faculty of will at least quarter
to total shit he's no longer human person this is absolutely foundational for our humanity so that's something to think about but sometimes our daily life sometimes daily life of on much of modern society is literally a willis you that the will has been
captured in some addiction or other so there's no longer the freedom to choose i can sail i can take it or leave it is i nervously pour myself another a glass of scotch i can take it or leave but i can't i'm compelled is that bottle is available to me i got to what
pour it out drink it and then all of these other ranges of addiction said down the whole again
the guy has to work at that work and then comes home absolutely sense of with a sense of helplessness and victim and just plops and for the tv with a cigarette one hand and his first beer in the other end up just passively ranges through this stuff it to disk
ah how full is the humanity there so what christianity wants to do is call it's not just to think about not just to talk about been blessed are those who hear the word of god and do it to put it into practice kind of thing so to call all that back and especially the will and it
it's highest act again is love which we saw his
going out of myself ecstatic to that the beloved as the beloved is that's the uniqueness of true love i don't want to make the beloved over into my image i don't want to just project my i don't know anima figure on her and loved my anima figure it's true love i break through projections
and love that other in the others otherness
and up especially with god and this is then slowly breaking through all
a human idols human constricting images of god centered switch love is this adventure of the prophetic adventure of going beyond every idle and simply living the first commandment of our lord
but it's it's not an easy thing extremely difficult it's not as if if we take this royal way of above its sister kind of downhill coast or something because there's landmines there's booby traps and detours of every song
so what st enrich as you remember our tree faces of love comedy cellar this is not currently but person is attraction that's the criteria it without that and actually just wouldn't be awkward the best out there is not true of the maybe a little moment of published i'm going
to in a resolved and serious and committed way of that other person resolve aimed towards the fruition in the sense of satisfaction be appreciated by etc
and eighty one of these moments things go very wrong according to a it i can be attracted to in the wrong way to a person i maybe fifty five years old and married good kids and just swept over my feet with this new secretaries
interactive death
that feel moonstruck is all about being constantly falling in love or bonderman just these bizarre love affair said that why is it a all printed a explore any answers and fields who to avoid death to avoid i not so unattractive for the wrong reason this brings me back to my youth and i'm
really not moving into the sixties and really still quite a a mature kinds of my god i just i just abandoned myself to that as a city with a guy among struck castle
so that even know the i'm either a go for it and improves to be into others i'm still as and all that and then fruition we can the stuck with leather and chains such as the whole thing and go very wrong and i say but that's love
nor he got do but your store is a choice about the thing
or with will with the determination and discipline the will and is going back into the deepest quaint of my existence making decisions remember on cosmos and she at the table with all these people rooms while she's in stock drop that affair stands up and slapped
the table with this greatly italian me authority in the family and it could go any way to control of table overheard of but then he sits down he says all right now that was the will and that was a moment of conversion of part
and that's your he's going to step up to me but not in that particular way he's making now this decision of well tomorrow is to love his wife and his family to pay for his daughter's wedding and the whole thing and then to explore all the interactions that are there
that's not condition that's not found a but it's a real before my grace because this week is a little god as our midst of it it's deepest level is a participation of divine wisdom so are willing to deepest level in separate
suspicion of the divine will we want to explore what that means is bruno says that can sound was just like onto the and said past and present sentra they can be what can use us our life and street and energy etc then to explore that attraction to the wife and already gets some faithfulness
etc and then a fruition that which quantities of the we know come in it's fullness so this the right to sky us these faces tommy orange take a stripe them you can say no he said he made up she was sending
to keep them
st augustine says we're going to love nikki case would know love wrong way and then just go right down to hell or we're going to love rightly and that up surely the kingdom it's up to us how we're going to love
the pre love rightly as he says it if we do anything we want because that love and self will carry us to the kingdom reduce his fullness of love so that's so i can any one of these can be wrong or right this regard to our love of others cause
cool with a baby costumes were and so also with god i can i can use this mile or relationship with god that attraction is there i feel all their spiritual function i brought into the monastery i was swept off with by god maybe a little time volition
then i'm waiting for the fruition and it come to certainly by an initiative for spouse etc
and maybe because i always heard and best thing to in life is a great seat and i wanna be the greatest of the greatest with a my voice many carrying out and it was my attraction may be very ambiguous
how authentically rooted in god is all spiritual shoe a fascinating psychological questions here and the permission to sit off my feet by god up
you need to look at that care so the whole contemplative journey isn't and exploring not with an excessive have been rigor with them to
huge lands from the very beginning but to be aware of this can go wrong and this is the wrong order first of all for the authentic love god if we put it in it's right work
and then as the volition as response god's call and command of love and then to be aware of the attraction it's there it's not there again that's not a precondition just to move ahead and when there are moments of for wish you let them do but don't claim to them
knowing all this is for taste to the final act
so are the christian contemplative life is a
it's a purifying the heart is exploring ever more carefully and emotive so we can go from a rather base a craving kind of spirituality
which once the reassurances of of spiritual sense you know god and or that to something else in a pair was christ from cross widened by the abandoned and kind of thing with christ is still there offering his life to the whole famous things of the cloud
are the author the clouds as leave everything inside leave senses and feelings deep insights in the whole thing everything spiritually beside just move on and very gently and then there may well be a fruition of a sort that took we hadn't first
imagined questions comments and all that that's a kind of a summary of where we've come up to present
is this whole very convincing

all right then we want to raise in this context the question also that are bruno raced in his class that is to say where scripture in all this
where's all this in scripture whichever way you want to put it and this isn't just an academic question or a and a liking to make connections or something but it's kind of the basic criterion either all of this is so valid and then we should have some way people to find all this right at the heart of scripture or it's not
if it's antithetical to scripture were in deep trouble to play as christians even if it is marginal to the fundamentals christian proclamation of scripture
it it's a little questionable if we want to dedicate our whole life to a a particular way of living christianity that's marginal not in the good credit sense it's not quite they're not quite christian curriculum etcetera
and i'm here we have that whole you might say re-discovery a reaffirmation of scripture of vatican two up scripture which is the public salvific word of god for all that the christian community
the christian dispensation therefore as the new and definitive covenant will never pass away and we are now await no further public revelation before the glorious manifestation of our lord jesus christ so scripture for us is this definitive normative block and we like our private revelation said wow
but mary is saying to the galaxy know which gory etc fine but that's an entirely different level than in scripture which is living and saving word and sanctified word so andy
in the constitution dogmatic constitution or divine revelation the word of god day bearable
up in chapter six for inspired by god and committed once and for all to writing the word of god imparts a god's revelation without change and makes the voice of least spirit resound and the words the prophets and apostles
therefore in the sacred books but father was in heaven meets his children with great love want to come back to this but the suggestion here is whatever be the text whatever be the particular argument of bad text just this action or so
self revelation
by god is this act of love will want to compare to this but so we don't have to do proof texts didn't hear we don't to come up with all the texts we can remember that it explicitly talk about the wheel or law or something if this is the case as it's been declared dogmatically here that is the fundamental mode
live in god of revelation isn't just to lay down a series of commandments to find us a guilty for here there or whatever of are a bunch of a kind of menus that if we follow will keep safe in this world or something but it's this act of love the lover reveals himself to the beloved
intimacy but that's what it's all about so that's what revolution all about that's what scripture is all about and we'll see how someone like origin or some right st bernard take this and run with it regarding the basic hermeneutics the basic key to scripture that it is this a self revelation in love to
us meets his children with great love and so speaks with them and the force and power in the word of god is so great that remains the support and energy of the church the word of god is the support and energy of the church the strength of faith of for children the food of the so
all and the pure and perennial source of spiritual life nor did he won didn't hear this thus emphasized of since trapped in the catholic world i grew up an anglican and scriptures was very important there but i'm told up by older generations of catholics had a catholics were
kind of from encourage you not to read scripture kind of dangerous but read the lives of the saints read the up the cyclical said the holy father cetera
up but scripture you can to get too caught up in entangled in et cetera that's that the protestant stick with that with their private interpretation hood cetera but here i think through we have to admit it ecumenical through the faithful witness of the reformed churches we've rediscovered know they were right in that sense
that's right at the heart of christian life is scripture
and then a classic model of christian history and history christian spirituality that i encountered growing up in the first or are getting a low evangelical church school experience but was certainly derek other lutherans i talked to and presbyterians and congress
specialists center so the classic age is the age of our lord jesus christ miss the revelation in his teaching and in this action of his own so offering of the cross and resurrection and that is a sacrifice which saves us the apostolic community moses
through pentecost first of all that but your pet cause they do and out of the apostolic community experience comes to do test with as the curriculum
and this is the good news it saves us were saved by faith not by our works reconciled with god from whom we were separated through a richardson said
so now this is the good news where to get out and and notices to others and to live this good news and christian community
and that sent now unfortunately as even towards the end of the new testament times has begin into a that road from james had certainly start to get these contaminations of the pure curricula the pure good news but certainly as we get into the first second and third centuries etc we get off
all these corrupting influences that flow into christian spirituality neoplatonic and the gnostic and overstock it get this right back where we came from
where i saved myself through some secret knowledge or some secret practice or through some aestheticism or something if i'll just be a mom can get away from the evil world i'll save myself or if i just getting to contemplative prayer and of mystical entering
experiences helped save or seven this has nothing to do with the crouton this is pure but thank god and the sixteenth century of luthor has his son would insist as mystical experience in the tower and realizes that it is all grace and busts out of the post
dirt and very said x nine and then there is the recovery of beep there is no reform and there is recovering grima and rather away again but we we don't want to succumb to the seductive seductions of catholicism that would like us to go back to ah it since
so to new factions specials good ways thing souped up monastic vows improve and were holier than others assume that stuff so i would contemplation on who has nothing to do a scripture you don't hear jesus' teaching about again contemplative husk
years and practices and going from the fourth to the fishy terrier mansion sit up ascending into the cloud of unknowing it said this and some radical list of we don't even wanna know but as we get right back to scripture our saved
now if this were a minimal in the case that know what we're after in this classes to teach really non christian are substitutions to the pure gospel so we i think we want to meet this challenge and at all
and i think more and more now this would be very to wants and modified by our brothers and sisters that reform are now i in these explosions of monastic life within the reform something like to say and booth from and anglican monasticism in all these things that are
very interested in prayer and contemplation and the monastic tradition or this so this this is pre vatican two up as is our own disinterest with old challenging are things we don't care i you do it every want scripture
because he joined the cross near the cloud of unknowing we don't worry about that but now me to worry about because and monks always have worried about it because scripture is simple for us it is the normative ah criterion for spirituality and it is a great up food of our souls etc
so yes contemplation is in so rigorous sense of the fullness of christian mccaffrey
how does that help us engage with scripture and go to the heart of scripture and or doesn't are we still on the margin of things


does he come to my office
he hath extravagant
this was even our homework i didn't one hundred it's kendrick
father bruno made all kinds of connections with scripture also in that might have a knowledge wisdom experience etc
now we're i'm interested in the same experience using the language and model of a copy of love etc what happens in terms of our capacity to to engage with scripture to journey into scripture so that scripture can nourish us can be are light etc
what do we think arthur

was it to be you listening to the word of god as as caravan or as preaching and just as as now give you pause
and if you would go home at lunchtime office features nicely
ha and carry aspects of that with you
you know how to see to be like the same way as you're reading scripture or worse to make across that her alive active are going to to to give you pause to just to to sort of stopping in your tracks instruments but way i need to think about us and it's almost a national opera
oh exposing yourself as before our time ah yes the demands a certain space certain
time of hope contemplation and reflection are
which as introspection or summer it's interesting so on this would be one kind of classic cash gum and thirty monastic response to the young the earlier reform challenge if we're going to read scripture it it can be in a proof texting way which they certainly didn't want to do so
it needs to be in a meditative contemplative way and that's the whole monastic way of luck seal
and when we do that what do we discover yes i know i'm sorry that whenever you get as specific as silence i write it on the ninth scripture for files can shoot me an adapter by the the whole tradition that the eastwood eventually really claim about purity of heart
really has its roots in l paso especially songs
a judge that for specific text types of examples revealed in scripture will let us go directly the word love does add up kerr with a certain frequency or in important texts in scripture is marginal and friend predicting his visit between
rare love and contemplation
well let's just assume the equation and go with love where he is love in scripture is that there's a marginal everywhere now if that were the case that we're home free but can you give us a few classic examples it stop you know that's a bit of hyperbole it's
to joshua is wiping out the shit and the people of the new country and it's not evidently everywhere it's some places maybe we can say what are some of the created new were still the local ah and one john
those who didn't have a god
yeah let's take those to both of them are extremely rich so i think we are we can argue that scripture isn't always at the same level or their europe mountain peaks and valleys near culminating moments in and but we can propose the argument that many of the culminating mo
moments of revelation of god in the old testament and the new but will want to hold also the old testament or it otherwise remounted it's been a but certainly the new ah are these of revelation that involve a got paid to my so build yours was so loved the world
and that's an incredible text because that's presuming to go into the deepest motive of god
for incarnation and then for the self offering of christ on the cross so if we want to go to the young central curricula why the charisma you know the good news that christ offered himself for us why well christ christ will to go to cresswell was united with the
fathers will why did the father to it where we have this revelation and final revelation ties to god's love
and then we can not go on from there crisis greater love has no one than this to lay down one's life for one's friends so christ's will is in harmony with the fathers will in their deepest intention why are they doing it just to put a guilt trip on us cause they're love with over something up know it's just a slow
of outpouring and so that is the explanation a good of incarnation of maybe salvation history ago so then run euro you add a powerful text god and love
that's right ah
where are we now know we're in john we we can keep a kind of a map clear here we can pop all around and i think we'll see a cypriot said if not everywhere it's through out the new testament and throughout the old it's not just from the preaching of jesus or it's not just than matthews reduction or it's not just joanna in or
cause some
ah so you must dark experts out when we have the greatest commandment yeah now that's you know let's go slowly little except exploring a bit how incredibly powerful each one of these passages he is but maybe raniero is given us what some claim to be the culminating moment of
of self revelation god is love so what that kind of thing up here supports a heftier wescott said we have here the crowning truth of scripture that a copy is the very being of god as answering to the revelation of christ this is the great dump a west
got a protestant execute another alexander this is the final breakthrough of scripture no other new testament writer ever attained to a known in any age could ever surpass surpassing god is above so if this is the case
i speak the great tough catholic exige jeeps as these verses responsible for christianity is being defined as the religion of love them now
up brown says this may be the most famous saying of the new testament
so you've got scripture and then you've got the reception scripture just like you have doctrine and church decisions and the research but least with people when they listen to scripture it's this verse that really excites them
and augustan is a lovely phrase if nothing else praise of love was said the rest of the epistle may and the rest of scripture and we had heard from the mouth of his spirit of god only that one statement god is love we would not have to look for anything else of what augustan is claiming is it
so this is not only culminating moment but it's somehow condenses the whole of scripture into this verse
and up again so if we're saying that this is what contemplation is to get us into a guppy love than it's getting us into these absolute culminating moments of certainly the new testament right at the heart of god's the deepest moments of god's self revelation
oh noes oh dark says got that the revelation here isn't that just god loves is that god does all kinds of other thing but god creates god rules etc but god is love
implying and all his activity is loving activity if he creates he creates in love if you rules he roots in love if he judges the judges are not already does his expression of this deepest nature which is love
so this is so
of this class hopefully will raise our attention is a raise our consciousness so when we hear these proclamations we say well could this be another one of these so kind of fun not knocking top moments of scripture world to the father's sword and how then do i read
they did specifically to my contemplative prayer to what i'm trying to do here but again if we can make this link contemplation equals love then not this map just won't do then somehow were brought right to the heart of christian life so because god is love and then
if god is love that our response has to be in the same way as to be natural consonant in harmony and so we get the famous what father joseph i to you from your on it's not it's or china and has nothing to be married already have been great
this commandment know this is chooses no gonna have neighbors and again and jesus this is right eggs or ipso this is not arbitrary this isn't just where i gotta think up something to lay on people this is because this is jesus as deepest experience if
who god is for us who he is called to be as messiah who we are to be so again this is revelation this is christological revelation the two great commandments how jesus understands his own life and what it's all about and so he challenges us and the first commandment is incredible in terms of what we're trying
to do here
the first community shall love the lord your god with all your heart with all your mind with all your soul with all your stream now that's a kind of a totalizing thing in the second is like it smell coming out of it somehow participation in it and leading back to it to love your neighbor as yourself but here we're right at the heart
not only of revelation of who god is but of revelation of therefore how we are to be a do
two sometimes when people ask what what are you doing up there on the mountain you know what is this contemplative life monastic sometimes i just say it just trying to live our lord's first commandment in some kind of more focused way for me personally i find i can live it more effectively of up there were were trying to support each other and or
rhythm of the life than the readings from scripture etc
are there to bring me back to this first commandment of our lord again not ignoring the second that's what monastic community is all about
so up there we do have fun johanne nine of with god is love and synoptics where does this first commandment of jesus come from did he just make it up be annoying
he was a to it doesn't have any roots to the old testament of those unfortunately that's not you should return part mean it's a comfort to around here not just anywhere in deuteronomy the first commandment were in run
ah who said then please come to the tough of the clients
now where's my notes air it's the great shema israel
hear o israel the lord our god is one you shall love the lord your god with all your heart all your might all your so all your spring so this is again what israel recognize it is a culminating moment of the old testament this is the turgid gull to be your promulgated down through the whole history of israel this is the great prayer that's to be
set in the morning and in the evening in the temple and therefore in every synagogue this is how every devout jew is to conclude his day by proclaiming the great shema israel singing it
and then they put him in a little boxes and strapped to their foreheads arms etc so this is it so again jesus isn't just improvising here in coming up with something bizarre or marginal or something this is just rootedness of right back to well a heart of your tests and what
lol to be provided me
there's all kinds of cripple thinks you're driving the ridiculous etc but shovel we could stand with
so yeah some jewish person as she really do enough to say trying to get the shema israel
and again the incredible and continuity here instead of golden string
so we got up something was not it's just a second quarter and i think some videos well what a second flaminio the so they stay they changed the every because deuteronomy supposed to be the work of name keep a movement and then they put now have gotten a new the boys
well chris christie tradition and they emphasize hundred lot of data service since i've had changed the the emphasis in this aspect though
now our first christian writings though aren't the synoptic survey drawn and center ah let's go like that to them impure first explosion of christian proclamation in the letters of paul's or anything about love in the letters of paul
i beg your pardon
yeah now that's a big it's a little i had that little phrase put on mine where the nation card but it means somehow that everything out there in the old testament finds its fulfillment in a god thing
and this a t christian would reveal it cute catholic word so we're not suppress singer denying the old testament or the law that frog profits they're finding their fulfillment in christ and that is to see in a thing
ah there's something else and paul that's kind of famously and briefings or lost by the great him to love first corinthians thirteen now if you read that with any kind of fun tension is incredible series of claims about gawping at
and again
this is what people like to hear his kind of thing i heard of fun a group of fun a little gay community group that were burying one other people who died they were all foldaway performed fallen away from the church but they wanted a christian burial somehow so the minister shows up and they said
please don't put guilt trips on as with but proclaim first corinthians thirteen and so we did and
but some of the up by speak in tongues of mortals and of angels but had not been i am a noisy gong or clanging cymbal
if i have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge of the bruno for understand all knowledge all gnosis all mysteries mysterious but have not love what am i less than zero zilch
so he just wants to be as radical as possible we've got to go beyond what prepares for the crowning fulfillment of all this to the crowning fulfillment if i had the crowd mean fulfillment all these other things are marvelous he certainly not against tongs and he's certainly not against the miss
mysteries and knowledge and that if i give away everything that i have acts of charity etc but if behind this is really not love it such that he goes remembered to the characteristics of love which we found echoed symbols characteristics of wisdom of is patient and kind is not jealous or boastful is not arrogant or rude to snow
insisted it's own way
and then an amazing claim first-aid love never ends
so there's something about these other things it will pass away but this goes right into the eternity of god for knowledge will pass away or knowledge is imperfect nor prophecies and perfect but with the perfect comes your perfect will pass away when when i was a child so these three and the greatest is gonna be so
so if if we want something that's appalling you know this is it this is what the church should aspire to and i think this is the great challenge to the yeah charismatic who read write it is very best that's fine all these exciting things but the fulfillment is that which
ah wants to find its fulfillment in a copy and hopefully we're about that so any comments about all this
well right other things in the old testament about tongue love we we were there in the law is there anything in the profits about love
oh my you could say that the whole of hosea he's built on that basic model of infidelity in
in love but doesn't matter god will take cup take her back
i am going to lure her and liter into the wilderness and speak to her heart that day comes it is the lord who speaks she will call me my husband and i will betrothed her to myself and justice and be twelve you with integrity and justice with tenderness and love her betrothed you to myself
with faithfulness you have come to know the lord
so is to merge with yeah you can see the whole book of hosea is working with this fundamental a modality of of which is spousal love to try to understand what is the whole history of israel about
it's it's explored in terms of this analogy or model of thumbs up a guppy anything else back there some songs oh now that's yeah that's major agenda and a christian the monks particularly love it it's a wild sensual love poem
and somehow i got in to the canon the jewish rabbis were committed somehow it's about the basic way the god relates to israel also
just as god created marriage to be revelation of that so i think procured preached her wrote hundred and twenty servants or something just on the first five verses of the candy of etc but that's yell that's again this specific a marriage love
have modality to understand the whole of salvation history is there anything that that creeps into the new testament the marriage model
know how they are brightly yeah jesus himself refers to himself is bridegroom
and all that the parables about the bridegroom comes and the merchants were there awaiting and dump the king who gives a great marriage feast to cetera hill but that particular is how can you fast when the bridegroom is in your midst it has to be festive et cetera ten suggestions at the hall
resurrection counter with mary magdalen in say it's a canticle thing and is succeed and his kind of this marriage thing etc young sweet and up parks as i have be cool be
that's the word i'm betrothed you to christ so that's what it's all about
other things are in know
other modalities of love that are first revealed in that old testament as analogies are ways we really to go yes jared a thick and return the later parts of the germans love it there
jesus events at least twice and then that the math namely that when he's talking to paris
he will be made the law and
gonna miss definitely love it
precisely and so one cannot you as someone like speed goes through something if you get back to again christ's commandments of love also is rebel tory of how he understands his mission than everything he does comes out of the and says everything god does content so when he exhorts and berates that's
out of a what we would call tough love when he heals this is his compassion for the sick when he fears feeds the multitude this is out of compassion when he tries to free up israel from all this law laying on them rather a light yolk
ah it's all out of this forget all the it's the sabbath for the human person not the human person for the seven etc so very often the word a guppy might not even occur but it it might well be all about that it did steepest inspiration in its final intention take up
the parable of the prodigal son you know ah that when many and huge sums up the whole of scripture right there the son who willfully lot for any good reason takes what he's got and goes away from god and then realize this predicament goes back and god who earth the father who have received
thieves the younger son with such love that's revelation of all of salvation history and then the problem of the older son etc who will not love this your son etc and the father who was trying to get him back into the house trying to get him to recognize know
that it's alive again so once we start of exploring this we get very close to what separate was saying at least in the new testament it's up everywhere so if we can make the equation stick a contemplation includes love than were again we're fairly well off in budget
itemizing the biblical character of the contemplative venture so we have spousal love are there are other types of love that are explored his ways that we relate to god god relates to us
my mother know and i say about you know your child that were so i'll never forget you are we speak good happy without
yeah we're trying to rediscover the such revelations of the maternal love and so little expression of that in the new testament is jesus says
jerusalem jerusalem how often i would gather you as a mother in would gather
so the home and turtle certainly of love a father isn't that all the way and that the counterpart of that is filial love that's a deep deep expression of love we'd love in the modern parlance we just merely think of a romantic love and sex etc but on
the father's love for the sun the mother's love for the daughter the feel your love of this is just at the heart of jesus experience abo
and that hall to mention to explore in r churning into god we turn to god not into the presence of a ferocious taskmaster mean church or something but his loving father this loving mother the spouts this is the claim of old testament and new test
man so anyway we've got the profits in here
and specifically in these images of
ah what are we to ever in images of maternal
and spousal then a canticle that very special show on
what about the western literature
you would like you
where is there but with with its where the prophet jeremiah about and then
i was born
you say it is tough one this is us screaming out to god you seduced us youthful oh good i had never been born central services love and it's darkest woman and i think that's onto the strength of the jewish
you don't get any of that and just the story or the neoplatonic or something this is randy
in intense love songs felt betrayed so in its own tart way i think you'd have to save the same thing what about the shepherd and that keeps cover the school moon are separated out a mater correct are the correct
well be interesting to explore that but it's certainly a very open and jesus is the good shepherd carries and based down his life for his sheep
so yeah is a few show yeah the earth at the macros out of the idea that people i play as your shepherd that misled you so i learned to expose myself
we've talked about eternal eternal of spousal what about friendship love in scripture david and jonathan ah splendid in a key moment of history because china it saves david's life through this incredible act sosa
advertising because jonathan remember is the heir of the credit he is souls legitimate successor he says no he sends him smoke a sign and through his friendship of opens the way to david who is fairly important to set up the he tried to jesus
this so absolutely nuts regulatory
are there other things about friendship the outside jesus and john oh are you are this show and then that keep passage jesus i call you in a wondrous roots friends this is the decisive moment this is jesus as our because why your friend the surgeon does
what's happening but the friend reveals everything so well
and then remember in the of western literature the hymns to friendship
i was discovered a friend and is discovered a treasure for young eyes and simply abraham was called
in genesis gods friend most as color guard spring so this is one of the themes in old testament new testament is a hoping of friendship of which that jesus will pick up and rebate in his relationship to bus and of course that makes you to exciting ones within
weiss with secret that of your old dimension of our contemplative experience relating to of christ into god's friend of each one of these modalities it's interesting certainly there's something in the subordination here but mother the father with a little child and jesus
once that i've seen as we both god is our father etc in spouse wonders for quality
i'll bet of an exclusive sword
with friendship it's open love i rejoice the more friends my cool spring house i don't rejoice the were spouses my spouse had scraped is but these are two forms of equality love that once you get into friendship love and temporary you really have something goes
or spousal
interests of teresa of avila there's a couple of passages to trace the development of from simply a few real to on romantic to spousal and then somebody give arrow and say let's not forget friendship but anyway
there's all these currents convenience of a drop the song so if you pay attention either explicitly or implicitly of developing a tree comes up to my amazement yes today so song in lots suddenly we have a marriage even truth here
if you relative most of us were intended to be a solemn tone but i was going to bring it up as the i can
i couldn't a song and brian
yeah maybe it was viewed as as a good we have a question questionnaire are not animal current run
that's not a big theme in scripture i think unfortunately except the shepherds and sheep and under his chest story of rocked by david about that model and beautiful beautiful
a yeah i even have to lamb and the bed etc and this is some kind of mysterious parallel to done david's ripping off bathsheba from the poor know the you're going to university and creations to are just declaring that everything is good yeah and also the creation of that
and the delighted currently original immunity and that existed
this wednesday know it's a big theme in the home and asked to to a different system tradition as this love is recovered this kind of paradise state that we go into are we recover a kind of paradise relationship with buddy in scooter
yes the bar envelope i think it's to and
or says that i a queue up on eagles way to really more you are again to so he imagines himself that's lovely
and what is it about being in the shadow of your wings limp
anyway these are some of the themes to explore
also ensuring scripture what kind of love is being proclaimed here how does a challenge me to explore that that dimension of my relationship with god is that there in my contemplative their life isn't it there our friendship love should be their romantic courtship love fuel the above spouse
above ah
the whole thing ah but to of raise our consciousness i think we've fun touched of it were to love wisdom of proverbs do not deserve wisdom she will keep you safe lover she will watch over you so that again that interrelationship between wisdom the cheapest now
in love this is union with god and this love begets such wisdom in such wisdom get such bob and central gives some indication like that
our a
furniture well
why the like oh no poor know you could tell her some pics heard or yeah totally yeah is that wisdom figured as she does she's become spouse or friend as she more just future or guide us and visit she's
some of the right
well your
so that's kind of bringing all this together is a kind of eventually the here he is not completely distinct from
become right
as you get into the medieval mystic so christ our mother and done wisdom our bride and all kinds of unusual things can happen but it's this exploring and playing the whole range of these
a experiences of love we have just as being human beings and then seeing that somehow that's the way we relate to god and that's the way god relates to us and so our response to our of my for me challengers of for year
years ago having set up a strong ah is it up with this equation will right at the heart of the scriptural revelation as also wisdom
now that and that we would go on to say would certainly there when contamination is it said you're there any enrichments there can be waves of experience in love in the non christian community in challenges us this again the princess a place of friendship
in a whole week world and some are like got to point the benedictine xvg to have actually seen it all an axe is trying to say is if the early christian community was a community a friendship they had all things in common they were order hard and my mind that's the brig
paint and greek greek philosophers definition of friendship books description in the early christian apostolic community and so that there's some stuff that goes into work through since we are in denial that
any more than already inscription there's all kinds of influences from all kinds of sources also am of proverbs and limit wisdom literature engine new testament central because christianity is just it's fragile purity routine sort of
as pristine but it can engage and that times and transform or kinds of sources the way the fathers to play down with the way aristotle was taken up by sometimes quite so so would be a more benevolent view fan of them
all kinds of tributaries being taken and right up to our own time and father being griffith see what he's doing in discovering gov
he same the simply in the hindu sacred clicks
why or a next time will come back to the cloud we did we never did come back of that mountain a beach where is that in scripture because will be coming back to that mountain image of within the sacred mountain within how that might be archetype pickle so think of all the sacred mountains and the
old and new testament in all the other religions and then we'll go back specifically to the cloud and how to them kind of guy that's incredible energy force in us which is arrows which is or are more so that it can take us to
clean to the godhead