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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s


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just sounds the celebration was a big introduction and country country is a very various preferring instead to accordance with back and sure if she can be referred to interest on this is he a great shirt and nine english without all of your testers
when you need to restart that matter in your possession
okay can not a consider your growth procedures you have protected
to remember asking
i got one cathy here on the street from the library francis version of surrender distributes to one
what wasn't
did you use over on the restaurants
i forgot the monastic are they as a fish
was a six page where they are inferior
the estrogen cannot demonstrations and fifty six pages here
okay it was a rather than from

has continued for used uses a conversation church fisheries really want to hear it's very useful for reference especially for the beginning
right around the
and your birthday distinct from the actually ninety three you're not get information
heparin much history

programmer with of this ship
subject to variation of chris i made one change and streaming and that never shared to reddit to detect for a separated the wanted to from street
because you've already got over their faces contractual agreement
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kind of veterinary with it's crisis or fish or whoever together to prevent the first nine
that's romanesque decisions church for that can be texture with for nasty professional guys
and then for the of to change can have a little run a long stretch
professional thousand were website better than the section on monastic through a show alternate and sometimes do together and the very sections
when you have work completed our think briefcase it should be covered during work for i've tried to the christian
each are and the last couple of pressure if visitors to have a recapitulation discussion
the idea was the profession thousand so you get one
substantial treatment fairly early in here and then come back and review with if he can formerly for some users have given the treatment of your average how to close to the guy on your machine like a good idea to take out of it's not because you should have that sort of digested and working in
yeah during the time now
as i say searching change coverage new york it is visible
here are some discussion for a search will consider your score for the introduction and the first chapter

we'll be using net
for the introduction and i a month monkeys your question and we might start from next time to on how much time friction efficiently and went for the question that was and as this is a church in the world show as the introduction of first three chapters of now have have some more discussion
questions for you
when we're getting worse the average for visa just the introduction and christian teaching now
this is for next week i might get your next raise the profile
the first part of the introduction minute
well to the to the the introduction to funny
you don't have to eventually passage for these questions because they cheaper look at all
and your name is the questions from discussion request to presupposing relation to the but better that really to go through the text that will shape the drifter
okay people your the things i wanted to ensure that the special
there are three texts and
vector look at the connection with individual that stuff that's going to focus on
so the first page of chapter fifty eight of evolution of to second acknowledge constitution second in such an individual conservatives that information formation documents from the touch of many face
and actually the product initial foundation doesn't have much to the constitution's to say that we can take a look at the point in the introduction in their which to view
have you a little congregations com class and how they should supernatural
he short of your
chapter fifty eight now reference for this the industry i'm actually a profession and inhibition is an appendix to the early nineteen eighties
plastic condition
which gives you a attic the industrial children
why should the scholarship and twenty years old
and attributable that have changed since the big revolution and history of it picture is discovered that the ago the next not so much it's discovery but the final consensus to urban area comes before further will have a separate of benedict is taken from this larger a fairly your source okay
and you can understand she invented by preparing for he does with what he started with fight for what he introduces his body changes for the treatment
and that was criminally and taking the returning a stroke
that appendix c this monastic formation and profession appendix five started and fridge for three straight
number of seven this recession much
st benedict was an innovator with regards to the and he seems to have established the one year in addition in the of we haven't quite clearly there are a lot of variations before that time
you know travel can be partially in can inspect community during the coronation period
and then it also seems to have established a separate novitiate place of tennis channel of the to around and can control the house and shelling analysis and also a separate knowledge master the particular mock people for has a responsibility to carry out
you can imagine that an earlier traditional german tradition for regulating for various camera
it wasn't structured and they give you the haven't met with the department's between the rule of benedict and foliage than in those days weren't limited you're wondering your inhibitions the inflammation in case you'd be outside for a little while and you'd be taken into the novitiate for a year
when that was over you measure vinyl profession there wasn't any such thing as temporary a simple profession and i wasn't until nineteen my fucking eighteen code of canada that's a a surprising fact in your life
and now it's fashionable to extend a further period of the initial foundation for nine years isn't and superpremium a temporary profession i think of up to nine years before the matrix partners and then so something major this epidemic
and be a big a big question a big research to try to find out exactly what it is that has happened in the church
he's questioning humanity and style
it's pathetic that
what was the nine years
awesome that nineteen eighty per data has think it was like unfair it's been it's been extended gradually i think it began problems a good three years or something my friend and then you think realize that know people and not that you can make a definitive choice you can have to that for your period and it must be tube years so
extended family
at present there's no particular expectation and a freshman will make sound and version after their three years publishers are encouraged to avoid creating tend to experiment
when persecuted because we're in the district level and took the your life
maybe we can just go around and experiments in this chapter for kids now the with this later when you're studying pains a rule the profession and vows take because a total them him to the whole and was chancellor
you're not grant newcomers to the international growth and beijing entry that as the fashion sense test the spirits the sheriff to report someone comes from teach knocking at your door and everything candidate for five days he has shown a truck patient bearing bearings harsh treatment group of w entries and as persistent and country questions then it should be about the
spain and guest quarters for three days after reading should the novitiate and mattresses bedding and feel triggered india
you can imagine that kind of treatment today it's inconceivable in ketchikan
the father's land that your administration somebody for the very bush or a statement don't sell you might be relevant the facebook page is how i don't want to see this place again
for i'm not even unchristian you can imagine
things are different
there are no reasons for that
reasons to her
touch the determination
novice meant to see whether it was defendant time kind of
the surface have taken oliver video be and of course if that's the custom than you're ready for you that's the culture that's the expectation if you expect things to be crusty old man nino guides for parts of gold than none
got an expression and you can be sure that your reputation with what preceded the coastline

the best when you want to visit professionals
the senior chosen for his skill and winning souls should be pointed to look after them with careful attention the concerned must be whether the now this truly seeks god the were issues eagerness for the work of god through beads and for trans and novice should be clearly told all the hardships and difficulties that will return to and that's very fact that
the partner but now the senior is analysis
when when he's screaming when he killed that's interesting
after the canvas very much
it doesn't sound like that you would want from an average match from the light of the first paragraph to checked mexico it doesn't have and was kind of when so people felt like a twenty per hour
so there's something about the knowledge mixture of the heart of analysis of fun
something that's crying on
now notice the criteria
for the discernment of the vocation
the major cooking and the first one to as a novice truly secret
he remarried day of cleric and actually very crazy
he's a very important page
secondly whether he shows even initially the work of at a work of traveler of the divine office which is really a major factor in the out of it much more than inch other
traditions isn't an option for obedience and for trials now that's interested in total obedience from for i was searching on that well you can say that that's the background of the will of february
have you ever be the virtues of the invention of humility and the back corner
for something that target on like a legal
and for trials and that goes along somehow will of here
factor of have later talking about it well what about a month and she has to do something impossible
we're really having things that are expected
he's supposed to be able to compare them
and then all the hardships and difficult of living to yeah it's it's not a pretty picture it's not the picture of a place rather have a sense of belonging necessary for a family of something like that doesn't have it but warm feeling of a commemorative be excluded to monastic canada
constructed that consciousness
interesting out of the organization arches who knows the arches into buildings the brilliant guy is nonsensical again or attempted program it's provide rather than know
let me know the hardships endured by time they don't see if it would be discovered that make banks in there too but it just it sounds if the initial standards oh that's right for this i was going to happen this would be argument is that the government together for video strategy on church and physically challenge the rural one package champion in the items for the trials and and
about that you will come through the of really into english with a good product as much as part of a program manager at people
there's a real belief there are a that from the national guard is a struggle for christian life is a struggle and and sometimes through the struggling you you know
somewhere else
the betterment of those documents and imovie between getting the way of defines the plastic well as the way of eighty two to go to a try of the way spiritual struggle and combat that sheds on one thing and that boy
when could have it but the image of the cross for the prison for killing
for figaro somewhere else from and you get to the chapter
and i'm you know
one prepare
if he promises perseverance and stability
then after two months have elapsed like this will be read straight through to him and then he'd be told this is a law under which you are choosing to serve if you can keep it coming it's not feel free to leave he stands from he used to be taken back to the issue and against rarely tested patients
after six months have passed you lose to be read to him so that he may know what he is entering if once more he started to burn that four months go by and then read israel to him again
if have to do infection he promises to observe everything and to obey every command given him that and then be received into the community but he must be well aware that has a lot of the rule establishes from this day he has no longer free to leave the monastery and would you say permission that the out of the role which in the course of so for
lawns and period of reflection he was free i to reject for to accept second
okay let's look at the structure
the structure of the year of novitiate
he's going to be brought in
after two months with that year you will be read time then after another six months because we were and then finally after another four months have a big kick end of the year and a peptide to behave like you can be managed profession
the terms in which he should be to think of this commit them
perseverance and as stability which typically dutch and then burst nine
and then little later can be tested in our patients the same idea is that the first amendment second template word appears yeah to the first paragraph
what's not going to catholic school senior that's a whole idea if you like my gross as hardships and difficulties and trials and of patient is involved as central on the hundred
hey and fourteen which watching if you have to do a promises to observe everything each other with a can show here it's more than in terms of
have obedience business
and the response to read to the structure to the further
he managed to your lifelong commitment
the commitment to the community to the rural tdm it has taken into economic damage to the marriage spiritual
how it's not that the novices illiterate because linger on a major factor
benedictine monastic like professional painters
but no less to have children you'd rather rather formal way you know the strength through time
how did these strange for us to
it's almost a ritual of isn't a brother because how much can you understand and come a long document is ready to continue spirit
what would it take now
which kind of ritual just like a profession as original as problem is a strong visual sense of history
first i thought it might be explained in the way you're same ever since exactly got this there's no it's just a straight reading through
watch watch a giant here is a straight through and i presume that you have an opportunity questions and on the for explanation much between for general think you'd have to the scottish average response to that has been them and it's present to push out the question
how can i don't think we need to go through the rest of it with such as i can tell because you be running into that later depending up to the point profession and it's just about with the major future children
i don't want to distribute

so starting the verse seventeen what you have as the ritual of question
as germany three promises stability facility with an application obedient but it's typically that conversion of congress accio world to get around internet phrase made which means the way of life patient the whole thing of life
that baby gets here
right you around
if he is your and they have someone else to your farm i presume that if the candidate is deliberate i now teach them to read it faster to rest of us so much can ever to
the monastery i don't know how they work at the lecture live in fear and the somebody people out and that closer together
and then there's the
the profession for me i show receiving voters you my which shows they will see that machine that an application for here are simple and travel conditions
should they menu
help himself and will fish continued to me normally accepted to the community can either by the shooting that happened and the earliest tradition
and then we'll think about possession
is trying to divest itself of everything yards
so you can do it in chevrolet venture twenty four five
and then it is very worried about that
later on he's worried that
the a young person that comes to the monastery might expect an inheritance or something like garage have to make very sure of the taken on such
kind of division hard
and then close closer taken away and it's given those who benefit from monastery of defense
they should be mentioned
let's take a look at economic institution in this square
there's a whole section on english
chapter seven section two
he starts on page still for
one other one hundred and thirty five
now here's a cheat purpose of the of in contrast to the purpose of the customers to come the early to purpose of individuals to help the candidate to know one experience where fanatical in the current events
so that when he professes despite you can do so in each month for personal and for isn't some of them a little baptism in a month for sticker book go on us challenge to
that's number one thirty pounds from coach thirty three wishes
the purpose of question and status to asia and then it gradually adapting the psychological and spiritual life to their new situation so that in a moment of serenity and the day expert guidance of their master them and for the examiner club
and then there's this sent assessment business through and media has a degree a full transcript of furniture between
so this is a preparation for with individual steps to do the the purpose of the question which has not express and experiencing life good measure which you kind of adaptation to the point at which such an experience can battle a good made corsets will laboratory because people have their own village
psychological and spiritual life threatening situation
i'm learning the ropes so thick canoeing travel like and second marriage friends
have you can imagine the first time to give you more exceptions and to be normal structure the
i wish for were years to experience
mot from much current fanciful control your with a much tighter structure french country cottage
where was initiated was a separate section and shouldn't these shows are they going to work with of nutrition information and if you've ever been permitted not we should have a separate room having separate little street of charlottesville which was from fish
you by the church
but that has been found to be
the unproductive countered with are two separate and the novels because now military is not not especially as not subjecting the houses to a particular way we can strict and exiting trial period that revelers the community which funny and what they have to do is learn the way
life in context that i will be named in which can remember the community as informative agent that's going to come up in you have been a constitution that again in the duck
so it turns your changes from a vertical and structural has picked okay bro vertical coming from the novice fetch jersey
and the the idea of the type structure of life which is distinct from carefully maintained
moment from that went into the reform and to typical guy
can see where that some was helpful for likely to purchase orders and too much going to me that kind of foolish with the animal
it was another complaint among religious her your vision is one thing in our life or something else okay piano in an efficient that you get a lot of religious and i love to she comes happy there and then should they sent me out into the apostolic and i was in laws or i couldn't find that the third confinement and charity or until they come on
would you didn't know about having had a place to read and inhibition
that's a problem women
for just think where they were have there were just been out to be a popsicle look at you know data or events of nine hundred number of how there could be meaningful with important that you like that the essence of who they are traditional well that was the monastic period of new life okay they had their monastic page by going back and take an early centuries they've been that has fixed
asian and worship and then they went out into a congregation which is lost touch with the time when asked a blue the intersection of coverage on content the children because most religious orders to have contemplative virtually unchecked a very modern
and even though you have quite a prayer in their original formulation division constitution
so the driver with front i think of the way that does mr trichet development
like in the states you know whole notion of the contemplative life which was
he's not
when we need to be food from manasseh to have the beginning with a separate place for a decision because
huh thank you u b get the this is the group that women that it's not like this one was where you'd go out and you live although by step fun and so this is the place where where
you're written your life where you everybody for the rest of your life that's right so where we think of religious orders you know
and it said you have some kind of the grasping that i think it's important
between start with the of the by pushing the more than likely you're not going to get it out there were get it very little of it that's where you going to get a nutshell
and then and then and then in the division might be people with different of busloads to mean it's stuff home so that grounding in prayer it's it
should be the center of the circle by federal government for don't move out the periphery
he's of those to a traditional
part of them in a part of that in history and i think it's because the religious orders are such a hard time breaking out of an attitude with such a hard time believing the container of monasticism able to fit going to be able to go out and be active and killed themselves with them in the world that they
to thoroughly and about the article century it was very different to breakdown that container and knowledge to conserve and well as but communities apprentice version
the determination and i didn't want a product that decision to percent from the inevitable close the men and tie them to work kind of fell off a cloister and everything in infrastructure the coffee room
the jesuits run even further than perfect
for grad during office and time again okay
it was a time when when contemplation was a bedroom
you can content little frenchman or a different i point
yeah this was proven a book by that you may know they've been known for his shows that like the constitution of us geopolitical perspective i the most effective for before it shows that the early stages of moving away from carmax can see anything breaking the eggshell
how each one pitching for this check
what today share
which is exerting a in contemplative finishes out of sight
what we should leave will be the another magenta has become aware of each crime reach of are very mature you can a restriction the same practical choice for such as caught
protesting about the future damage from of quaffing you can assure you
first anniversary and transnational
the was this critical information lengthening on don't know how to make them out afterwards and to this nine year period of motion and that's when and beforehand and introducing the pashtun stuff it's
and in early manage this is practically speaking very soon that you know i wouldn't either financially and was an excellent condition of else and were in the can shave and then the fish from the academic
over on the to turn seventy four eyes and structure those connections
what deliberate murder conviction chapter
and then tj state zip code of canon law that protects your nationality
where will she then there's a car show from within
which jonas some books not until after the with any effect to the back in the library scrupulous
eric from the effects of picture
well there's a codependent the soil if if it's going to be for anyone familiar with the area we can involve which relates to images from the extreme
there's even a particular of the average
so here's your paragraphs or the for canada
what purpose of english of checking on the news information that optimized for growing and changing the shape of more consciousness occupation wanted to kill
he just felt obviously knowledge and exploitation and jumping about as much one and then not suffering experience
some libraries switches down the classes
which brings to mind this distinction between information and education and were three words
no the paper products that customers
his father
formation education initiation it's good to reflect on their still working class
word formations kind of word to try to find a more appropriate when it's something wrong with that way
because it suggests that you can form of an pressure like a calculation which it's got to extrinsic very dualistic
sense about connotation to it as if you could take the potion and make the person into something by exterior furnaces and structures and an actual operations and pay for as what's happening something happening inside of the person and the form of the first he's going on monday
are they principally from inside business it's kind of with the form of fudge to the kernel of baptism of the form of that organic clinching not something you can imposed from outside so there's something wrong with the word formation and editing doors
i tickets have appropriate for some some professions and change for some roles donation would be the appropriate is it by the culture
that's bad know
the word education
here's one with will because it relates to us readers are interested understand wish to the head of the exchange of intellectual knowledge and information which an important part and astrocytes in front of the much information but it seems to work around two hundred and practice and to experience
as we understand that your fish and the other word education to do instruments to bring out of judgment religion and stuff
what i mean more adequate exposure
the rev initiation and effectively the most somehow exciting if your work
what does initiation as raining so i'm enjoying the are you hoping someone to awareness consciousness to that which is going on interior in selma
for you can think of initiation to have a mystery which is of community the mystery of christ which in some senses objective besides seven restrictions you can think of initiation as opening the person's consciousness have been detected happening inside now case and the two things are going on at the same time know
the word initiation efficient completely out of that is because you have each other vendors who have a layer of probation so on external observers and to the ways of a community
born to the promenade for benedict i'm like would say which requires certain next turn
external links
the germans you can shop and you have an education which is necessary and true
the culture and treasures and the mystery itself and so far as to communicate through work and you to that the distribution of the word christian for the goal of expression of know about education
the of the coast to coast into the initiation
and that's something the continuation of on televised
even though strength initiation the etymology for to the beginning
and for us it's revive in terms of baptism you could second initiation in particular enough to
but in understanding monasticism synthetic treated like one of reference for baptism in which constitution joomla
so that some monasticism is some kind of initiation into initiation check check for some kind of initiation into what is implicit in your baptism
not trying to distinguish your individual quotes from made that baptismal clock
person to consume kind of favor from the for as you stay within my reach of economics
a private word initiation and setting because the preserves the idea that the promise of mustard continue i just beneath the surface
it also was a new restrictions
the first
hey i'm thirty six is about each of these classes and there's a kind of large order imposed to initiate them under the sources of monastic rules for one of those people festival in college generally a press of my father's and two categories you can church fathers and has two brothers and
the same rather the church brother the edge of the bishops teaching bishops and writing richard perfect
and domestic brothers were than of practice like the desert fathers in china and your five to to traditions produce to little conductivity tradition to courage
how can the harmonies encounter in the truest definition accustomed giant fish can gregory agreement with china over the church folk
for the night
the writings of this environment for the the desert from collection of the same or the desert fathers with the stories that visited those kind of knowledge
sometimes they were questioning the tour and over the next that's for like and gentlemen the district
a christian monasticism effective and was close to the left of the church much more than your own centuries especially when the beach ten years now
how many months rubbish
in the early church it seems like most of the
the fathers of the church had a spell of monastic level at one point or another
before there at to
to go
have a printer like will show the eleventh century and they became the western edge with kind of sandra and than the accented with the time for economics and then you have to
cole said content whether this seven solomon
how much a lot of influence on the ship
and then after the thirteenth century because that is no longer trip
will cleanse your crazy extreme deprivation and fisher project
when i was actually used eastern issue with several to him
what social monastic britain marketing the literature
take reading of holy scripture of my much kicking the center of you're out these constitutional convention
when you spiritual on historical tradition and and as to change some historians mean in a special economic tradition
helping people can find it difficult to
not only for this badge
consecration of getting and as perfect for to interesting post tour check out the management was a two different traditions religion and didn't need the the discouraged and a monastic profession he will get to that new spoke with the freshman pedestrian prevention that we're going to do they want to thank you will know member you have three connect
image for through expression to the corinthians chapter fifty eight and and explore the conversion max and obedience yet it is considered to be one act knows where
you caught the way the messy way in which they overlap and seem to be exchanged and so i'm kinda kitschy for one of the it was just thinking
looks like to memes on the same body but later on the religious vows become much more individualized and constituency the champion of religious registrar you have to worry about as decision which we the life of they couldn't make that as know it's a tradition and your regimental that tradition your like that play and you make one commitment to god in that tradition and a particular
expressions and a breadcrumbs and shouldn't matter that much okay the way in which they were distinguished and articulate was quite variable quick fixes it's important to realize that the unity of and simplicity of the and asking for nothing which is after our commitment to human and martin like now
it's a commitment to quality of life to people's got and to kind of unity of realization ten
forecasting they were more to the beach for the ocean fish
it's what simple christian your
okay i can candidates can have instruction at a shortage
number one thirty seven is on the role of the monastic communities are mentioned
which furniture an extra phone itself
so that's a very important realization that or republican congress and which impacts to the country's is that for and then she pushes not only that respect them as of not much information that a lot of things of christian catholic church he probably started on dollars and change they had an institutional lava in church because she would rather jump ship structure
and we started favorite stuff and you can turn your phone code and are ready of doctrines of governments that works to the essential tools of faith that but we didn't know well should be protected twin and they didn't very much think of a church as the body
christ in terms of the body of believers of the people of god and rebels a church as a kind of
i don't want to say structure and i got onto an institution because it's too it doesn't fully cover that something like that we have an image of the church which which much more like an object and the right and much less like yourself and people and the other
much less permeable and organic image of the church much changed forever
the different change to the positive
so you can coming
a it's not of and actually right in terms of observant
the way of life here you're interested in terms of communities and communities where five
why should you remember that the community managers must be characterized practices in the i'm thirty seven can create fraternal charity for spirit and the necessary reserve that it's a novice was do and don't get a chic
haunting a major people in the community and not to are interfering in the work of formation so
have reserve so is something fanaticism surgery the countries have like
it has to be where of conformance as of being accessible in college for individual numbers of activity outside the inhibition
and often she candidates can be very open and vulnerable and she adjustable
because they are looking for wisdom and looking from a nasty question is what opposite to them and ready to accept them if it's a senior member of the community that it can be
very highly speculative machine that can be careful
because sometimes there has been better than attention among something and then the community really a of the gospel of there are no such to have their own
spiritual a way that they wanted to
to urge original average it's not always go
what's going to be pure devotion you can crack description but it's especially true across the one in some suspicion of the
central line foundation and the
because the reserve work in another way
it made me an appropriate his wealth of knowledge you can too much sharing and what's going on inside with a number of people
there's been an announcement video
but to preserve certain container around the interior
exceptions to the by mother

according to a the department new language and charity can fire can be plastic group of them and then have your appointment that most my blog and she helped the woman
i'm completely in august
what was right and we went to an he's listening about the poor target
simplicity and friendliness you wouldn't have heard that so much in mobile registration push it in pregnant for would have been emphasized for be given a good example and you called kind of directness and and
a human i said in a german to something like that but the master get a good example by example of donations i'm a little bit the idea of this isn't
and yet the qualifications than average classroom kudos for the teach more the the climate of relationship that she encouraged encourages and kind of project and which is an expression trippy and so
and that the baggage of between
promotion respectable personality that tourists something that people have seen
kp years ago in college

production for the angel open house to found themselves as human person in and others to them
sometimes we'll talk about female have christian would ask and was one on of company as the colonel for a fun with it it's too easy to neglect one i will take the and eleven
have level young children to jump
for a thrilling
several of the christian level it's possible for somebody to be so in love with the the spoken and as a contemplative like sour period i think they forget to figure that christian
the changes i've continued that but the in the heart it can be such an obsession with a particular form of that particular way of living spiritual life that the values of christianity and just pushed and the connection to christ even those shows them
and what it can be in the end of news a kind of the walk into an obsessive love affair with one's idea of it's own image and which is a supreme judge
kind of the image of glory for consumption
but not everybody gets seven pm
i remember the part of the famous rather have and in control you for monastics for route on the planet
he gave a contract to a thousand thousand and five
the your values in people it's like weeks ago well more important to me you know maybe there's the a christian is one hundred the a christian is to be and image is addicts one incredibly hear the village and the temperature and one a to tell my father just destroy them investigation said thank god
from my recovery
it sounds a little extreme but was something that humanity it's shuffles close to my thing
if you have never the price somehow gotten the gop and when my book with a particular one to put something about that journey shape what he was trying to do was turn over the worship of a particular going your life which is manifested within the lump of a habit in of the way
hello all this stuff about a particular point of you that each like which i am privileged enough for time
what's a little fundamental christian structure of the pyramid more importantly the machine used to be a christian
they don't have been in conflict
another catholic if you heard from women with you heard the gospel when to be a christian need to be to for your humanity somehow is from third one per line towards that light music for i'm sure which moved into are interruption interruptions that if you've heard the gospel them to be
ignorant mean you can incomplete a little later that i wanted to a panic christian necessary to men
in a warning instrument
i you bring humanity the christian ministries business is too scary especially in this world today where on to to humanity and to school that
forcing for months something pretty just humanity from month with no teacher to ready for my help the global cheaper on a trip
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i'm going to deal with that
next time rich
take a look at those pages from the document and ninety nine years video kids foundation backing
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