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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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you are forced to come back
you may want to mark those to just say number of to panic restaurant of unmistakable as for the first chapter of of simplicity where this austere efficient yet school and the other one is interest schefter from an life by very good
so i think we'll be using those must be next time as kind of side a references
what are checking our introduction of the change
mary margaret chin
how fish fish fish with no i love between the especially
general richard produce strong his name you get people you why the fuck originally from chicago

an expert a
last time i go a joke about the know the shrimp on i'm trying to get a good idea was novitiate about is about what the furnished and religion so we rejects the rules and energetic of teenager that acknowledge constitution of the show i don't think we started on explanations that
changed with over her that's from the general character
you know gary webb speaking
of the formation meeting after we expect under the
you'll notice such a first part of that is not about the ambitious but actually watch about an ambition and here it doesn't take much more than the body found interesting features but the introduction to destruction and gives you an idea that official position for okay confession
that metallic for is interesting whether they stay every type of monastic permission has a trojan like eternity and was adjoining about his relationship and both
monterosso trinity it's not another for on this refreshing for the idea to trinity thursday model and archetype of
and it's out later on your commander shepard
is a little introduction when i before i didn't know i mean introduction introduction is on the couple of arrogance and you get to one point to and from
and this is highly organized with do with i think retired be a little bit critical presentations
he followed with the rule defines a nasty trainers and school of the divine service school division sheer virtue now na wa is the great researcher on
a matter of what schoolmates and he goes into it you honestly coming from the background and a little the master but also from the favor of the classical world where school the school a greek at certain
they had several and one could be the the school of philosophy and someone's to canada from america and it doesn't want to join our here which i like contemplative term which the word scrolling scrolling
that suggests but others were he had other school of like a bodyguard or something like get to some a special group of soldiers for portraits of can't show it in chicago
i think a bird schooling can meet your like fekkai like to have leisure for a study for contemplative activity anyway that's what they're trying to get crushed of and drove through which have to vote with one know more about it
that now
the rule of st benedict doctrine of and spiritual commentary of can watch one of these one violence commentaries on the roof and there's a lot of treatment the trouble is most of which about go with a masters in the same for not much about the christian should
that was disappointed by at night
my card on the new american commentator because listed as index of the into business with the way you'd have to find it checks if your comments on
explicitly contemplative quality indispensable but nasty person column monastics
and it will say not being dominated by things up losing their way into the horizon multiple directions like sounded kind of philosophic which quickly
there their disagreement at sounds like that
the thrust years that urinary things fathers
but not to be not lose from the university tickets it's not rather than tangram with a home and asked to chris's it's been consecrated told me too distracted by things is hunch
yeah like a kind of openness to the to the ultimate openness the ultimate meaning ultimate values which is a pretty day way of looking at an esoteric and girl and of that and focus more closely focusing but if semi final definition pretty much the international too much does it
but for that i think we got to refer to the constitution which a very partial they function
okay now here are the three big themes that are going to be the basis of the document the follow god's word the person and opens to tyler
now it's interesting i don't think either one of those three is precisely the domestic thing i think they're their development funding nice
now but those are our of political that thousand composed between them so the structure of the come out with this perspective i think for the past thirty years
most particularly difference in action and adventure was restaurant them god's word muslim on the question
and the open to dialogue is characteristic of the time back to have certain new perspective in the astronaut
an extra
okay god's word and first of lectio divina
and the theology of experience
secondly a couple of snags it can be a theology which comes from experience very convenient theology which experience meals and
your wife yeah yeah
how weird i don't think this was just didn't come out at but an enormous tradition of wisdom lot of things are center here are obviously somebody even ideas okay to somebody to way of presenting it said i was this fellow literally has any idea that's been draft selection to know for instance
where it says we are convinced that the holy scriptures are god's own and which even now are shaping you like going to claim the damages provision for it
well okay but for and continents and word and spirit one hand is just because the scriptures and other hand because the spirit that you can say also added that means our scripture and life or something like that but to say what the word of it is both hands is not great in of the tradition
and then that has not a consequence street
hey submissions about next year and communication of their tradition of excellent
when i think about it
this excellent think i'd be to separate groups respect for patients
what progress or and undermine me through to that economy which is probably those were came to the spirit is you
yeah that's right they could pick out the speaker who little kid that's moving but that other statements three countries
that about nice like patristic and it doesn't publish for ah
roaming from hetero around me to autonomy the additional forty and as you get that they're going on there there's like the movement from old testament and interesting or obama just do it an external rule for your life to the interior principle of for choose the spirit so in frozen out regulations for knowledge which you've got there's this principle of work
but around me to accompany which is is very difficult for the church to do with religion autonomous and how did the church her to the community
head around on the ancient for each of the world and direct or to challenged and autonomy is for you to be directed by from an initial fishing for some people devise a third term for myself
they look down and then either budget and
which is if a kind of synthesis or synergy with the to you
in a that them than somebody who can be totally the
i'm certainly not of god's work and can't stress god's work in progress but complete autonomy
the people go on second products that fast and courteous and here telematic were concerned cats are not try to get around on they would be the contracts with with guess there's also ask now
for some extent the by time machine so does it is or not quite subtle i'm not a change from the treatment with you but i don't think intended to stop there you know this is just a passionate show movie
and it was good to hear that in a professional knocking at the moment
okay right of a great encourage you to bench tradition connect rage
interesting here in the light of contemporary administration that's kind of engine to the dialogue
a virtuous circle that's how much like dead time
second go she said she'd begun but maybe it's i was pregnant with time can penguins were in some other one
but the terminal battles is lexi you know monastic which competing back into a creative village
so the liturgy nourishes with attend the convention will also be created
one second
there's circles and next same space victories for voting green see those this cache vicious circle
and he's he's a same of the earliest blankets for fresh air was going gets tougher
on others that have been hermeneutics quick for instance where the text church which but happen to interact with text and text interprets you
so it's one of these processes which you say cycling after the second
this was the relationship between on the gulf between liturgy and
the person against whom
but between the word in the person you so the word is inspecting the person who attend is the person inspecting the word now that the person is constructing the liturgy
number neverwinter the person ten finish from english didn't quite fit okay know which package to proceed to talk about here is only partly i think fits under the rubric of the person that under that heading questions that primacy of the contemplative life
i think that's another point separate from the country freshman
but if you're at an institutional kind of the and deals with the contemplative life has the personal life opposed to destruction of the names of credit to be able to come from that kind of picture that i don't quite understand thinking that place
yeah i don't overlook the cushion that's important and positive point
another way that develops
the dialogue mean
in a community dialogue between hermitage monasteries are optimistic cultural difference in sounds like global launch in canada big fan
yeah i'm very pretty prefer eight a for undergrad of eight years ago of custard taciturn and cars and
and solitude could she be very much a chemical like than a very next paragraph
the climate was really respectful dialogue among cultures different of time of on them so
the a strange proximity that was two things those powers or consultation to how many people true large solitude and to certain tests return taciturn and comes to real silently edge
engage this the dialogue in wasted it all
oh collapse to the not essence of hatred for them and stay healthy attention that i'm putting together the expression in okay attention touch attorney joseph knowledge and benedict's work for silence so the chapter on challenge and same value for all the contact touch attorney project
major little one child should means to earn you kind of work for something as a little guarantee they won't touch it
well we this class of the person that trade with know go out and do a bad regarding i know the robert came back
now that for heard as an answer
start consider fish and hysterically
tiger is about persuasion
i'm can you define
and culture is information and education children movement
how is a question is part of the person
encourage them to continue and percentage study who was about professional training because about work
now these are against the background in most parts of the
what the constitution
no one on formation of crescendo interpret professional
what nice reading duration
what were they thinking on when they said professional here when the okay
it could be for instance theology or it could be shaped bookkeeping her country where it could be pharmacy if somebody's front to be working in an area over there or it personally who nursing the video a risk but by an rc the doctor will have a hit on for this stuff on the outside but kept thinking
in professions that like the kind of as to go to the in a monastery basically okay so if somebody is going to be handling the finances then they don't study study study accounting for average amount of the
well it took me all kinds of things
but some of them are
he would really what we call geological activity things like a spiritual direction challenge and getting this bridge from direction that from go and study them man
the idea is that after it simple procession somebody is beginning to move into a niche in the community okay is beginning to move at your particular role service for our community and shouldn't have training for that and not just get dropped into the uk is not a happy with
so those are the licensed quarter of operators couldn't have happened that benefits take the necessary exception
hopefully category three as openness to dialogue there's a lot of good stuff never worked
the things that they bring out of africa
i like this guy with themselves with community with the church with the whole world now this is a vicious a really know but the chronology tradition of part of the certainly of the development that too because one of the biggest things and traffic into returning from church to in advance of to church or never with the world but for now them
different world there was a missionary church before they still turned into a did something like them because what it took was from change
when it took to the others were up to the animals was not influenced by the language by much
so when church opens and was dialogue that's that's a revolution they want to begin to learn from others outside of a lot of things in vatican two which must have like a check engine rather other which district out
for the modern world checking on roads
getting that's pretty
you into somebody was is a kind of a little bit timings are an accident
making this so that those described in article one twenty five our constitution and that's on a chemical used to be taken as a criterion for judging you know statistically recall it's not the vocational criterion
how much nine you i can continue an openness to or has been taken into consideration can not put somebody's going to take our country will just start the ignition and script for mac they can accept their kinetic that the combination of to get better
the recognize that it will there
okay theological and spiritual punishment
studying abroad you have been automatically in europe
because our wisdom is inside the united states with you do
come out a new knowledge of the mana i think division when i mention this because they are climates with dialect
and the treading on the contrary the just how can i would like com of the jewish cooking on an asian christian know about company
and where of course we help
of i will allow more time with eastern that because california
hey obtain
how much going to bring is the budget and adequate yearly spending between vibrant
has become the questions or issues that are had for instance as you you get an idea of before the congregation that was coming up
the point of be stressed fisher about our about page of doing them
when someone then i think won three of those who really sensual basic the
three years
i like you said about the conversation with experience get from your schooling but what i their actual experience over there is this going to
tokyo japanese are country the somebody and here's we like to convey somebody's reacted to and whether i like country
a frog tensions inside the people don't
okay initial formation now we're getting into the history of areas and from specifically and this tour
friendship of unity and terror formation partners and organic country they it this the various phases and and affirmative action and community through we get a new paradigm for devote from the newtonian on paradigm table new paradigm britches like a system of the to that it thanks okay this number with parts pushing an instrument that are separate things that
ancient somewhere austrian in some way or one okay so the idea of a unity emotive process and organic process you could send it a thing and then the community itself that is the whole is the formative age of president park but you can check with from parts to the for
which is a healthy have a progression she was very much in keeping with can happen even if contemporary intellectual
and the church or kind of way rather than carnival where is the way we work energy field okay the whole energy for a rather than the product so that vertical so you're not as a kind of movement from national defend from central park edges okay and and strict separation much
not have she's interested community after the kind of feminine energy field which itself like a matrix some of the word which is the former division
is your team to get connected just judging shining french food
however we do you know the community is your responsibility to provide the time
has a masters so much constitution francisco shortly three the first years and what happens afterwards that's a lot easier to spending a monastic community the notion that active religious freedom be too hard to maintain that who didn't have it
how grip to masterful
candles diane greene different seven okay accompanied no hydrogen and mr gadget the introduction of the monastic but that has a double of i can make a fridge as wonderful as you have learned mr gadget of which means that
most of in division introduction into a mystery which an initiation never return those returns for foundation formation education initiation for with the initiation plan
the on travel is mister go to michigan entrepreneur introduction into it turns out the basis of what the candidates she would have been times in total the a manifestation of the comedians right well i don't not the miniature interesting because blizzard a matter of looking at the table they like and i'm penetrates have to find a mystery and silence
by treatments i'm i have to start or mystery has it comes to protecting a tradition description the liturgy and then work towards outward towards the light something i don't know this i mean
because i'm working on a mystic you referred to in sacramento districts are the ones with christ ministry as received the baptism participated in the bishop was explaining that image can tell them the candidates the baptized people but they had explaining what they experience experienced ten
explaining their illumination and terms of the scripture and terms of the the interested especially but this is like i can be worse procedure that's okay
they needs to be something more in the day to day life
and i think the whole formation process goes in that sense that you're feeling from something deep which is expressed in the tradition and then china will a touch with everything i've got nothing but they don't fit your criteria
i guess two things like if the bishop to repeat their experiences when did people about chance expand your experience
what do i mean i mean you know it's one thing for a by coming by experience anybody
and this is my experience with this straight to jeremy that's right and so i wandered the in this it's like and the day to day living of introducing them on to realizing that there's something water or behind the day to day if the content and at which your experience experiencing that how we handle the art of these open
see that passengers with work and what happened here's a day to day experience and a structure that that there's something secret have an exact mr college it's gotta be a kind of dialogue between the day with that expanse and that mr your okay that knowledge of industry which has to come through very astronomer yet
get that and continue continuing with children that the teacher to continue it the mutilation between raise awareness of the mystery okay and districts from fatality and they did they live which is but also probably happened and spiritual the know of bringing the personal experience into the light of faith and like one's understand the strip
yeah i can make sure that the person is caught just in de day and you know because that that becomes a cookie cutter doing
for what you say true but a guy will be given things happen that way to recoup expect that
that that's that's what up
i think the
especially the little pay
tom mediation between the candidates expectation in the country reality okay them that third dimension which is the mystery how the internet for illness itself the restaurant was going on three hours but that to good point is that mediation between the expectations in the cafeteria cause people
rank an ideal vision
they have to be helped to mature the kind of a nurse by benjamin mature and develop an allergic reaction either
people can wrap themselves around there i been know their expectations and never will be accepted communities that shit and educated
whoa it shattered when it happens to a
a filled with the bank
if i know there was one guy them a majority of children to set up because it doesn't end when he came back he was also a surface chevy your your and stuff and said finally climate that outside with for troubles really with them
some machine
okay our cover for
not only to the terms of and truly sheets grab that's the one hundred
zara the vegetables people's credit he was grabbed by the twenty three doses of vitamin c was clay is watching the roof
and there's crowd to face with which you believe okay that certainly on an adventure
favorite as and nominated
and photos by which that's inhabited poodles cloud powder which you believe so
hello there is a verbal time got
ten countries different catholics and protestants who the catholics for extending the to clay that which was believed in the punishment was accented in the active they can which you will they know
having these huge i had a preference
sacramento monday encyclopedia of theology
happened to

hydra just talking about he then allegedly intrinsic unitary the active phase distinguish in a different language
the conventions faith as knowledge of revealed truth believing in god reveals himself encourage feeders quake credit to him
but the accent is not a true that the accident is objective take on that which you believe
the faith is trusting for obedience to god and personal encounter with fevers quiet credit to
when she the project is the subject to catholicism time reclamation of stretching object which be the first inches in africa cup cut the subject of thing
crystal ball

that's running article on faith on tv as religion
no conduct sacramento mundell the same article in the a month in london you know the collection it's a kind of encyclopedia of theology of edited by carolina
probably die through yeah typing like late sixties which puts number of items at a hundred
the navy is for contemporary to which below
the magic instruments
one okay five formation of the of much of of college here
when production to liturgical books that should be planning on traveling around the question of
another personal accompaniment which from been doing
and then seven the a conservation the individual needs and candidates
i mean facing the foundations and so on somebody shams who has extended the membership spending or something like cemetery consideration like the movement to the the development and pressure
any questions or issues are not have the flu
having now even lived the question of what a gymnastics team and a which is the subject of extra introduction particularly close
however i have seen that pushes bright and destroying them and certainly in its type of during the the questions or brought out and confronted and then there's another shuttle way
i managed to cover the configuration is not a basically contemplative
are highly engaged in schools from
a separate parts with that book or a very different happened in their quality the patch on that a pretty pedestrian one of the mouth and others are quite quickly this is one of the country section

now we've appreciated to raise your link with just short of the that's true in him and bring out the points or use these discussion questions to target the chemical reactions of your questions
he starts out with their christian mothers a month now wish that those two zero exposure you have they with the next of kind of when they will be linked to this this question majestically couldn't return to a fruitful and time
he was having company for seven chapter we shouldn't be too bottom left behind and to say that it is because they want to an interesting to that somebody should feel very strongly attraction encourage like the vocation to something that is unable to put it into work with it is it's a motel
very simple principle
it's beyond christian definition
farming your district
as man like a time with them
it's kind of pushed types which seem to hello yeah but monasticism seems like something very focused and precise at one point or another point to great been in which all kinds of different people in all kinds of different locations for okay
what's com
students tigers good job in kind of cars you small focusing very much a democrat managers to say that specific kind of universal that's the same time a kitten that's a response to an architect which isn't everything to me and i think that's really true
hariri what he does basically has repeatedly the proposals for the meaning of monasticism okay so that he starts out with contemplative life and that's actually what kind of are close to them but it was different angles i'm sitting on those wants to simply contemplative life is that
part of the you my doesn't but he says that sometimes christianity to the boy is coming on someone polemic stance about christianity because i'm almost at the public he had to defend christianity against that it would contamination of science but was writing about description
the the rationalists
pressure from been cited for the codex even non christian intended to a jewish christianity to outside and functions ok so the eucharist when this happens came from the
he break and ventilation history of forty nine essential original film for jesus to talk and the second as just in case of he's tightening up and fighting against them and not realize that plays right and then had a disability has very little training
i think intuitions about an exorcism seven
there was a very much for the word very much of a personal god
he rose out and astros isn't a contemplative like to lose our destiny and system his life tennis as the target for life as scarlet each other those knocks down and he surgeon in the end of the hostages and it's not the search for something is to search for one for a person and interpersonal stuff because you have to find it as
specific there's the question of personal growth
her pedagogy approach it further
why many thinks he said said there's such an image system is essential personal experience costumes and i think this is coming from somewhere else okay one thing is to accent pillow and personal experience okay and that can be even in distancing oneself from christian tradition to some extent work
on the company vote a certain tradition but brilliant distressing the personal ad one is trying to go right down the main line of the christianization
or stress the uniqueness of the judeo christian tradition as contrasted with all the other traditions that could take no testament of the big group of guys and intensely personal
such a different action found the standard question
and to create a problem
never aid of live comes to personal definition because about the death of the socratic discussions and
hello appeared in this period and that's why
netgear korea
i must be going to get a better life isn't adequately if we don't take they take into consideration fifteen hundred years in a life of monks and during this you know give that okay can but to do with my like the
the on a program this lived experience of talking about the experience
which senior there are some things and i think you can assume or to and as expected with every profession per child and a change of lifestyle the something the single integrated
are the reasons that you're attracted to edit and and remorse over there going to be so he careful the out when get you wouldn't have only tibet and piece of trying to that we have like are what you find the same time to think there are some things which are like aged months went into the desert you can watch
the desert you know of people don't show you courageous to join a tsunami of different than the at some level was familiar with them in the think something's of our at least a lot of boxes inside building ah so it doesn't important we should be able to present people why
but for life is about to the beach because instead of just kenneth yourself or like geopolitical to this mysterious place x and an analogous to abandoned on job you don't work on one will so there's nowhere to through your some which you like do we have to be some correlation with what
first expensive comes first splits so rather and
and then an adjustment of those expectations and yet the expectations contained within them an authority that each of the detail expropriation may have to be change that is i'm sorry location inside of the general
how most applications in application be use this data you know which we weren't for women kind of treason in the but increasingly competitive hetero for getting all the campaign
to say to protect there's there's the expectations without to tracks you but then there's something inside that too
and already in the first attraction is there's something very true
the absolute truth is already in the first expectations and in the first attraction even know if they are going to have it they check something you know about of the our protection still inside that weekend
okay self definition and living and then he gets are two basic questions in this christian monasticism part of something in a versatile or it was it something unique and a chump does he bring it is going to take a second data for an urgent panic guys or fabrics
taking the first step and used to finding and as just as an universal church whereas boys time you can do with a good christian turns in fact he rules out as a word definition of monasticism which would be universe which extends outside the word is outside the or developed a relationship with a personal god in christ
the second question is just an exorcism and she couldn't to be defined in terms of the individual and i'm changing the community and difficult to much the government insisted that the benedictine tradition or eight times it's the green to entrepreneurs to school
where's the you cartesian would have the opposite definition and the commandments would acknowledge there's a a month ago and she's very well
he goes back to your bed next to the checkered checkers
the interaction of this is get the mystery magic and as place it's going to define so it's easier to talk on multiple as cheap as as a polarizing the church and on time in the context something so irrational ben for us to disclose
now let's go to absolutely clear the endpoints and clear in some way they and the the middle seems very scary sometimes in point of the post here that very often life we actually live within those two advantage and we have to find immediate points which somehow corporate advantage of attention
has between community charged with always building between
when it goes out and he works on question one
how does was a joke to said monasticism music it's not a universal phenomenon average that doesn't vary why they outside christian
whenever there's quite a shock and coming from a little come from forty years ago we saw them and you have a conversion experience oh show you tend to think that of one you can be pretty scared like the idea that phenomena as just as of what we are committing yourself to is also a universal thing in some places doesn't even include the fresh
those are scary of fridge
can take on rather you're comfortable
the way of life and bridge by those who desire for god and notice the benedictine definition television he's an overriding passion
i've organized and turn to let search for in the stuff
and then we'll define christianity and differently
the curled his share of the light in the like we're going to incorporation of jesus christ fellowship in the spirit not primarily a search for an got response to his loving initiatives
here to find a panic are getting a different story here this kind of car will say well we
it's different countries were took up mathematically great
defining hindu and as just as a and of the present reality christian estrosi intention and absolutely the trench son
i've known quite accurate there
like christianity were between two point and is a there's a realized present eschatology in which means and guidance wouldn't scandals and was christ has only been here now the other hand we're moving towards a total prisons with go and in a way credit and photographically absent
in a way
the to muster some another one of those things you were talking them
an illustration industry and that situated and shed light
you know you've got such to perspective you might grow apocalyptic untapped potential the apocalyptic with that kind of this action and is coming all the seven pm christ is going to return instead of strength of meanwhile which are relating and purely you honestly think it was a wisdom is that the actual approach which finds out to be president
and basically the future as an unfolding of that which is already present rather than coming from outside
now the personal challenge kind to push available to the potential for some truth in that similarly of intestinal crypts
but there was an absence of models are coming the furniture in the time of government know have a second management too much ignored for that
wish to reproach
and actresses are largely lost touch with our history of books that sense of imminent guy from the church christian
how long
the of every pretty good condition from a for first character
the dark pursue the kind of
how could the churn half you're not ever get things going on the bridge the characteristic this this piece of wood you're describing i'm not even have been idle stick make her
we always have a picture of worship and adoration when you're saying is good
patrons could creations are you really life history
and the caravan how will you find the balance between the two credit all people in somebody own way to cold or something like as cold war two lot of morning the other than on and then how you make decisions about how to call about trump
the see how how can you really feel really cool will on a true that balance of apathetic canada about it gets a very very very very powerful the community comes to life the future
and shot and
how do individuals being community strike a balance between to add the panic pursuit and vivekananda character student will
i wouldn't totally with to pay of cable have a any kind of static one and the president the president versus
let's say trends and fiction or versus the not quite the same that they will live on the level of time
the part of that is this what you experience in part of but should get into thinking the kenyan all church and the algae can cause you experience your own search for that now
something empathetic and they you have a certain sensitivity to certain organs and ten addict experience okay so you like the one i could experience for one thing in yourself that people need an initiation for the epithetic and they forget about it regard this belief that allowed to be equipped with simon and that's been
wishing a lot of manipulation of this
so apathetic also be empathetic can be purely transcendent other can implement an epithet this is partly where the two pairs can we get adequate overlap and this has been you can have a woman apathetic in which your senses are not really new political on
not me and the alamo period before their imagination is such that and nature and not mediated reality to and image within okay
get this close to the
that's a tricky can you like can we let too much to disregard for human the central that conventions youtube
and then there's an appetite for civil war
and that educational aspects of the artifact which is very terrible
can see that a certain point people
if our experience with allopathic has ever about the cafe get of excerpt of that emphatic is very well if it's experience experience is gonna be out of value consumption it's okay yeah your face as if it can be truly epic that if i just believe in the word i believe that something i have not experienced that say that kind of cool
our yard that but as soon as it i say experience in some way there's got to be something kind of panic or even though i'd be very interior of a very subtle
but even face even know
face tends to be experience so they've i'm not experiencing something in my faith that i'm expanding my active things
so there's always some experience busy i think about this her
tradition is like always cutting would have a pedicure like and early there's really anything between them and the taking part in it takes away working again that's true but given the blank wall black moss is is and i could not speak then like
he's okay movie to spectrum furniture six with them a is between the yeah i think of what you're doing it when he was of meditation and just just say i suppose transportation because for me that's likely to have pathetic where you're trying trying out to experienced and way like kind of wishing know
to adept which was israel have perception care without philip and then you open your eyes and and maybe have a look at the world countries in our heads are different
the kind of my birthday birthdays a movement towards my personal opinion is that you never removed from
pioneer there's always parking from experiments i think the spectrum between them is something like this picking between interior of the next year that i think at our core i think that's the hypothetical the center of ourselves
and then there's a and with entrepreneurial which perceptible finish my feelings search in the national sensory perception the concentric circles
hepatica he's going to acquaint monasticism put that stuff and okay with that hypothetical point so that's interesting
processional the vanishing like the disappearing point of no perceptible of the experiment and if that's true
huh thank you could talk about you think of average and think of the monkeys and think got this analytical monastery and it's for many of avoid concluding with the liturgy instance the thousand and he added up on its talking about
and then pick up the herman has in his place you kind of simplicity okay and also supposedly of experience than the k just tell us of face and then it kind of in desert it's like those two problem manifesto was to form of mass destruction of the travesty the caricature you have a get cancer
that it kind of a hybrid categoric and know specifically which expressing cells in culture of creativity music empire and theology okay and then there's a desert and half of that monasticism which is typical the global criminal
and it may be made it will be inclined coming from contemplative like consider to confinement as just an orange revolution back
hi credit becomes available from community challenged community doesn't tend to be shown that
i'm watching them one stripper coach
mowbray leicestershire village and put them to people
it's like christian monasticism like and with to centers instead of a circle that once a punishment as just as a special but it's possible ended because the a circle one second for instance the ashram not have been limited in the central government's theory and how much of the piano it's a teacher
what the teacher there's dissension and everybody is just around that teacher and during like the sun and everybody sitting around them as sort of typically that they didn't check in on of the for as a domestic and european christianity as a you could slip century each which is a community itself quickly with theological yellow
and she is at the core on the pistol specially actually function simple
and then there's this other full of interiority okay and it's mediating between much
the christian monastic
and then express them to form you've ever struggled to competing
on each one was a woman
when people try to attack
absolute size one ninety one i'm gonna keep going up and actually have of like kind of matrix and brother graham from
product the commodities recovery of the test for sixteen years his family coming out of that kind of position but an absolute terms solitary i can because conservatives aren't chosen for the
coming off too much for providing
if you can have a matrix of the national kind of wish fulfillment like the sounds are more clothes than that been helping you can do for if you'd tried to answer the atlantic of scientific moment solitary for pitches during february
for an individual that may happen to for a group something else
so i'm not really just going lose hundreds of more help them on a car
what our died a given institution some adjustment the place and will start to never be actually get stuff
you get more than one person
i get nothing
the track or i met to stresses that to pull character historical christian ministry
nothing but said to be a market share with upper body way to being a christian monasticism is christianity carried tools
situated for years getting close to her and have to spray them for christmas
what's the matter your other
i think that's the way next know if you have a religious conversion which is the same time as year monastic vocation the same time a conversion experience and there's do it because it listening for you in feeling as its name post the same attraction
what if that's true in the monastery that you wouldn't have up with a government building a sustainable
the monastery is really superior to ordinary christian life because it's a more perfect form of the same the same locations this point on
and once a lot in common that kind of shopping
sometimes to energetic and then captain during the correct that's correct
compression down
has from the private danger and the church
she sky projected interior you into the
like the time as like was not sure that what is environment but is he just don't want immersion and happens a cold culture by human nature you're staying with project photosensors tricks thing
we have all my interest
the barbarian down there
now it's like a month chooses one direction within christianity which is also another people with special in that they don't make it the main thing about makes it was renamed
but there's nothing only in nature
if they're in another direction
one of the the active interaction with gave you could find ministers of between of interior
but let me suggest can get this where children
you know figure that to stolen they were had put a message or hear the sounds like children and sound like nine in a pig but
and the world here
and the this way and have some senators or represents what possible orientation within the that christianity let's say you remember that trinitarian background that were
seven episodes divestment movement the primitive been getting away from the world where i got and
and as things differential in himself and of course of history of and has just been there remains a search or as an articulate but but that whole have a particular that all but there are other possible experience questions are important religious but the genetic will accept to are teaching
what princess can go the system is your accent merchant mercy well together which will manage to the rather and taken away by monasticism keeps moving towards it's card and should looking towards that search for and rotation patients i'm moving away from where they went to public toilet so you get the attention and as
well and then you can also think of this in terms of interior airy maverick different smartphone
and now visiting the center metro fantagraphics that
when businesses a question as to be them but as pessimism is more towards this poll question has been cut and pasted problem with interior that lot of the agenda to of okay and somebody else my own towards the second of all the
somebody else like most was the intellectual a doctrinal phone or set actual shape of christ history and somebody i wasn't mine was a lot of
the for compassion polish and other questions and some way each of us doesn't have all those okay and in some way each of them is equally about okay the deception is to absolute this one just because it's put it about how to diagnose just going to call into the water and the
the escapist absolute trash icon and considered superior to others but what really matters somehow that realization that this mystery the senco industry no matter what direction all okay
and the the hold of his name represents the precipice the most representative in that person and can have an art music centers
i think any east you seen an asian and has this really got basically this without the other developers are behind amount of the sun ashley was on i'm ten straight parliament attention away from a world away all these other that's the other fabric of
but the price come into the world religion means i've been asked us to not supposed to be revolution has a necessity as to move from this absolutely nothing to this second
call or request a hard question
the preparation and other community pool and the even a possibility and what matters is not so much your you your success and realize that this kind of pole because she says you realize how history that's where boys are actuated introduction of continue to carlos
the the especially with your shoes recently become back and pujols and stuff as especially difficult to somebody for modern americans are modern westerners to to commit to the or directions get because because net for them it does see why
like the own way to be true spiritual is the pure norway yeah because then they were really kind of laughter guy is it also their need before retreating the dangers of materialism and created stuff like that which are looking at somebody's gotta polls more apparent death and one can flee from everything
else internet pencil and but then one can be where there is nothing and does the millions with the really got upset with the then there's a vacancy also the process once i've been fighting corruption
one thing is is what we want to do with the other able to and wanted to get into it and i suppose that in christ the whole thing things given to us okay that's not how much terms of to remotely different search and expression goes to vision why should i search for something that isn't here yet or expression of something which has given which is already
a here suppose that it's basically an expression that when we have received this to cabinet so what matters is expressing them to tolerate weather in which must miss dimension for that dimension in of the his expression in all four dimensions the president that was only a contemplative it has no love has no effectively has no relationship has no communion that
i mean that's kind of logic can get their versatile
but what we've received as in totality we ship to appellate committee which has always pensions and then we receive to target the christ industry which has all these conventions so somehow responsible to volunteer
and they even though the monk is specified i this dimension
i know that's what pentagon reposted with center whether the christians game it's not the center of this and it's one polls
hi wrote to come out suspects nine to on swine this is a good practice during this whole question of what has been and it because maybe we can get some kind of basic sense of orientation basic map from a trip to see
her last time they will thicker also with some of those discussion questions we have you would you say prayers for you state that person is industry gutters god person that he tends to put it not not when a present center but in the
center of your aim okay so you're moving towards that you're relating to the he can steps some i do this point of view so that god is as it were exterior to you are right and you're searching is i got there is moving towards like that is a little bit of that and so as a move towards you get or get sam
where or course the emphasis
two very different versions kind of cars region is by the union division of essential integration of totality of around the center okay but a a century of this
vision the important thing is not a your center which ahead of you my work and outside years since my life
this starting
for the to get from love
raleigh then we have producing framework that because there is a lot of a lot of that relational relationship to god as religious exterior to of southern christianity relation to kids in connection with the father that jesus armitage of the farmers who actually there for the other thing is the the imminence of god and the
god is being the i within your own i pulled a self within your own self the ground and so does to that you start to finish will come back you want him to a
to defy them to the sound of on spirit and the said was the this can be sharpie
when you are to look up i think about page you could get pitch for now i mean question of where okay i think we can question good this picking a middle aged really
because we should take a good look at his definition related messages and out the viperfish the
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i speak is christmas eve
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