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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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hey so even in our introduction to monasticism the music basically this country with college production which i think it's next month that's where
because he he deliberately gets around the usual pounds and tries to open a former question the main questions and
it was amounted to or really really first question is is monasticism a specific a christian phenomenon floor as a universal the second question as to this would be a solitary to of interior things are as a basically a community
no notice of from that boy
text that you have the he takes a radically different the towards nicely as he insists and considering a strictly christian thing and a heard of excludes contemplation as being definitive about as decision
kind of smears the same as far as non christian monasticism is concerned it doesn't really consider the possibility and he's probably already one forty fifty for to understand which presently
the search for god since it was a pleasure but he does is he asked the question of watch monasticism have advocated it's from the meeting of monasticism book which is a very useful book to
and then he starts by elimination for so he eliminates and inflation motorway to contemplative life as a definition of the necessary but probably because he finds it outside the as soon as you find something outside this is okay that enough monastic
whereas almost the contrary is true that is the ultimate consider your clothes by monasticism to be a generals and first and then a christian
how many of them an edge bike scholarship virginia like the fence and it's beloved for five or six different
and blows it down to who i think it's unfair eight to monasticism was a search not fish on thing that for someone
and that someone of course is gods for to the search for god which is after all
from the money
when the federal credit is real her
it's something that
this and in the same time and adequate
if we want to understand the institute very christian
whereas or what's they're here and continue to grow looks at it from both sides inside and outside
they search fund management as history with his geology or monasticism is gonna be from inside and yet before it does that is he started up the outside of management and show that's what we could cause it's important
so weaker as i should mention most number got a couple of alternative of that elegant scooters and maybe the best ways to this moment we've all read material and then simply to go with the discussion questions and see what comes up to the people have to stay that using
the be answered gotta the spirit is hooks and bags time with this action
we got i think through question five restaurant
question of whether monastic like this just the best way that you go away from the cushion
how that around pinch three continued growth
thanks i came up with her clothes
ha consider your powerless as the text to us purpose of every christian
and i
the benches of difficulty you explain how the christian monk diverge from the christian layman so there's year
it seems to say that all ways with life are
our this are grown curves is perfect charity for a pen or will take a completely different quality much better now
so what we set or is simply seeking an interval christianity that in some way it becomes better than the other christians by doing what they're trying to do on a better way you how do you how do you make out of specificity now the specificity of has to be given that is to help me himself to complete this was going to better chinese a better christian other people or something
the because that it's very quickly
efficient treatment for this weekend on year
he pointed out for the monk himself he doesn't distinguish between the two if you haven't noticed vocation and in our christian it's not likely that you're going to experientially distinguish those to but your feet you is likely to be posted the same time and your monasticism as year old a monastic life as your way of being a perfect of a big
christian chicken
but it's from outside the to distinctions knitting from outside the experience
but after a royalist and could be in the monastic life the polls begin to separate themselves out so distinguish different dimension general life
without prejudice to eat at one
hmm it was certainly a period of time where an exorcism just talk about as an actress probably not getting a job
how to spell like like permission into a possibility that an essential continuing the early church is tradition that should catch him and number my cash and such as to explain as decision he says well it simply comes from the much from christians who wanted to maintain a fervor of the of christian community
for everybody else fell off into a kind of temperate where the monks are they want to have result know we're going to keep that religion of from that original perfection
integrity and so remember how it uses the example of lead like lead most christians get a ties of their life to the complete seeking a grand completely shaping the the christian that's forty days a year but the much of that all year long other words
they're not giving a time they're trying to give their whole life to and be christians hundred percent
it's a good example of that and i think it also isn't a odo and they have security odor i have a lot to choose to purchase at the south by fish restrain the episode i do not address it could be for maybe it could be because i think it's been popular saving the monastic tradition becomes
kind of isolated and turn them by itself is kind of it gets up to cut everything has to be and so i just like because they changed him
who says you can get it it's kind of different that that it didn't start with a could conserve your costs one years i didn't start as an apostolic way but now it certainly has developed that we integrated
talks about and especially in some parts of europe and stuff where where the monks that the crowd of apostolic workers okay that's that's a postulant okay a thick wetsuit cypionate was apostolic and sense huh
rooted in the apostolic immunity okay i've been out was talk is active for that the stock and there's a huge rather content but this because the divorce i was being a chemical the apostolic life and their communities given the script
that's the the life of the apostles which means the level of the original cabinet our tradition yeah yeah had happening in contract no match for as possible i guess that's probably a modern much of the turn the i'm getting
the area will talk about them and
this for replacing the monitors you didn't if you couldn't be hundred eighty one get at night come on monk thunderstorm means something to them
martin where they had it study the life of perfection from the fish potential
what that does is it touched to drain the ago
he said drain the value out of ordinary question
if you if it wants to be something special like that
attention to make activities of an extrinsic to like in the communities where the life somehow being a christian so anyway or called the snakes the christian from one of the saints for special ones distinguish themselves by the perfect life that that vertical leverage beginning to be erected
and get away from gift it a world to the achievement
what a with yeah
visions you every area you mean president impulse furnishes just to send you know and to accommodate the extraordinary message every perhaps
there's a there's a tendency is to celebrate extraordinary and also to take the value in the possibility out of a long life give additional the masses better than the to what it as a model that includes some play was selling the seems so
having be
so much humor
it's like a nonsense she went out and yeah i'm here ago sometimes collective ego for all kinds of they can go on as an erection go for
i'm sure i have a competitive when i was a mix of medicals one juicy
chris church and
you amount certainly you see if this deconstructing
now you know how we need joseph amusement centers well in me
i think we have look with the humanity of humanity the diego and ego in instead of sending and and what he did watch the established church of these it possible to with very imperfect people and they put the corrected that vision so he could take corrective action in the gospel okay of the teaching certain of decent permanent city
it's i put those shapes in there and put the corrected factor but the peter and the new testament history of peter's did not have a and was a leader of okay that kind of so that the the reality draining with you see to commit the correction but the only way to goes to his incarnation with
putting this great it's kit contains humanity so i did not make perfect
so customer that this dialectic a struggle between s in a about of
as soon as he had a great leader to to me
you have ever decrease turn out in part where the gates in hundred thousand possible sodium
wherever you do your accent and antique objects in the person is when you do the other neither do with when you're not do the extremes and you know bible that i you know kind of you can actually constructed
what to try to do it in one radical move
like i say about urgent okay in the sixteenth century
that's because quicker
you can get outside okay incorrectly
the simplification of radical reform
they work for one the danger also which particular amputation
you we get our heads we just i was protecting them would go into surgery by accused of amputation essential things to get to be the way
hum i think that number to call it that quality of incarnation that quality of perfection
and of struggles this kind from the kitchen
and in the national life
when you it
when expect the where do we find the foundation for a monastic life and the gospels
that's on page three and when he talks about tests a critically
pretty pay damages or couple of years
possible foundation
that's the thing about it you and i never get a perfect but they never get something that's crystal clear path for the book for this kind of question
so what about the rich young man he is somewhat cripples to the globe and yet this regard it's more for and to who work for entity know yeah there's a similar to this yet was at that he would he heard took us possessing didn't know when you have given up everything you have to go to the current an antique that was it so you know person
it's true you critically you can share it but jesus was not this establishing monastic like that's a in but that's three to the to be so game predictions
but according to the movement of the holy spirit now at that time and and that individual
and that's very or change your life with different times
for many centuries even only way to do that kind of thing in a political and public way was to be a mock okay and then other alternatives come on my cup of to bring that respect for other for even forms of life and ways outside the institutional structures and smart
depends a lot of the alternatives their anthony virtually created weapon
do all the seems to be both and that he says that you know if you're married stinger that's great but the same time care is
i know
push towards a fuller devotion of your life to get and and next i i want to say that consider your paul wants to play that now wants to take up analysis is just one way of monastic life in one way of christian like you can pick but with all i think there is a definite
emphasis to find to struggle to find a more powerful way to devote yourself to this realization god's call within you that can in some ways might run counter there's some of the stuff of introduction and i'd like to questions of the introduction racist but it seems to want to not
it doesn't want to build up the scope of the book now that's fine but a bunch of doing that i wonder if the damages that that impulse to strive for or fuller are incarnation of your vocation he i was like doesn't get credit ticket be unpalatable especially to to
people in the early stages of when as decision who want the integrity the fullness of the impulse to take feel and location that pittsfield that try not to be impaired not to the question of toby he didn't want to yes and no one maybe they want a whole thing
so it doesn't not really speaking to that experience was an alien the ultimate is not although it because at one time or another ghost they will ever there are people want to give themselves totally gotten this is the way for them to do it and you can tell your talking that way so he tries to do though he may not do both equally well i think
better probably at widening and he isn't sharpening can
hundred and i asked bad to the be hanging approach in the first stage it seems to have solved you're going to see nancy
and something about that
seems more logical than the western of products ship get in shape going to it for fifteen years old and gray like this analyses and have dedicated their see something so logical about my throat was like the contemplative life the solitary line
it seems the logical combination of or i and i watch my our can be kind of the sonics himself you know
i think about why not me either coming back into
no early thirties nice i have ten years out been whenever i was be that as fair type movies and korean but it's not come visit something other than the investigated further and he's got the same hierarchy of england were in there very much and months of better
people than anybody else and he's been volunteers and see this eight the there's no team is over there you of months are bad people in the thing you notice it simply kind of ingrained in this tradition and i'm thinking this his name is too bad that he's been a month since him the they didn't even know what we kind of horrible to visit thought that maybe to
families are interested
these things that this human development needs that path yeah
there's a sense of the fullness of life beverage for a lot of much to stomach of
claim they don't run and they not
don't become of the which the kid on could become at home
like we're working on stilts for working
fishman card
for one thing in a christian version tends to be very much affected by political imperative that you have one category which is your vocation and much an unvarying st corresponding to an institution
does bring to speak of my have been competitive to vocation is somehow got to you are a to get and that you will always be at the patient basically that's one essential thing which is unchanging like electronic idea something
well after wedding if the question is whether vocation is not a developments may have whether it's relationship to the institution is really that essential yeah a cashier talking about that the other day if you really want to explode everybody under the same location it's kind of broadest
and in that in another sims everybody's his personal yeah it's the universal constant holiness and every the will have to get them to fit the judges determines you're saying gosh how will the and it's even got carbon economy know you've been searching just like a river six were made between that way to see if the company
doesn't it can stand up
that's how i earn a isn't same religion
we are an exception for hundred thousand years that perfect
but as a junior

so with this thing you know i think we were gradually loosen up to the concept but as we loosen up the concept we have to the increasing our security in the interior interior
sausages are very as has negative comment cause well
as someone as or
embrace the lanes
an are both something
you the creature nylon
i'm kind of negative consequences of community because we have a good in finale
catholics throughout history very major things much children federal applications and my
i find out
i'm concerned we're going to be think about it
the first person narrative embrace the positive girl
you know on her mind steadily now
well as a questions have not of control the next year children is what got a beginner had said carrot and a and their experiment which made the a christian senate efficient vehicle but they people think about your the secondary comfortable with better thing has done over and and time that's what you are and
but the historical past of christianity is not something or have kids
i think of what other can company
he doesn't feature on arrival date the level of that
he's killing a reality and the government and amendment will make you can level as a positive it's of cheering and the gimmick of yeah so i gave them the songs insufficient for yeah but the labels going to going to you have to be level capital distinguish the label from the reality that to expunge this is town like getting living a fall
here are ten kids
but the question becomes
here are the foundations have a lot of baggage and i think maybe that's why i hear you have it so i get some say even and truce like parish priest goes out he's carrying a lot of back and china from what people think of things and certainly marchesi from the case live accuracy
a san francisco and carry on baggage in europe and women's conflict with for like which the transport
can risk she a by both in the church gp know when i get hanging out with that the religious folks are they find a jennifer they have but can i find i knew my hair back out and scientists and feel i can look in canada
post them outside our camp there
yeah other people tucked other religious if say oh i love my membership because i figured there there's no issues monastic the
okay well he's got a kind of gets man monastic life town of bottom or fish thievery
when somebody says which is rather radical of taped to the news of his distinguishing the as just when christian message from a lot of other spirituality says well it's not a search for an option god but it's the living in the celebration of a presence in of a gift okay that's a very vatican two statement yes that's a very important state to
oh and i think it's very true
what sort of the action the episode of atlantic coast and it's because he says you do monasticism like cases of presence from the present reality of christianity's and search for something in the pitch
the federal contracts and
i think that's an important principle which destroys the matters that idea that to gift which has been good but that you can make the people who sit down and not going on doing it
his dysport kids pinching on the
venerable and her sister tradition and monastic theology and the prevent a generic by this really is st basil gregory of nyssa john to but doesn't talk about the desert desert to can try and reality
get on about the desert idea of hit those seems to have this this radical need for ah for
hence for your the opposite stance of this paragraph
is really to tertiary recognizes our our the to atone and not just it up on christ to keep like us and i to save us from sin but then through that it reaches something like this paragraph something like this fullness of life where the tourism of to p
and now he bent down the compunction term to jewel in in sort of in will be given interior knowledge of life and salvation so it's a
the soldiers yeah i don't think that that the desert tradition necessary it was against what is same but but definitely this emphasizes two different with yeah it's like the desert is meant to flush them into paradise if you follow along the desert and is your fellow the principal the project which is to go in
i threw them away transmission sample of toilet the water turns into lines and you don't have these two sides and turning point not let that go the one one side is the aspiration the pen touch the compunction life of the desert the absence of that the search for god the psalms okay that that or panting for the living
a case that such a woman and really great bunch of the desert for evidence because you ever think have acted christianity is an event that has happened in the forms which has been given a play
and that that is insiders and a lot of monasticism forgets that even in the rule of benedict canyon you don't find much of that sense of fullness it's present implicitly and the sense of community and the commandment of blow and on your insistence on
communion of know
and occasionally the way he talked about giant time but the monasticism has sort of absolute to close to one side of of the desert or benedict's rule the what doesn't doesn't need to be translated something else but
the seeking has
on the aspiration has won out over the expression of the of the different sheets that my with basically if you look at an early monasticism in syria however some other places the baptismal gift as primary and the reason why people became celebrates with because they didn't he couldn't conceive and another relationship now which would fill it in completeness as a
because it will complete fit inside huge okay that because this oneness which shouldn't require another compliment each from
include variables were they couldn't because of the in some way occupy your phone
like i didn't have a stock up to plug into an urgent to pleasure
the spousal to
but you don't find that too much a
the baptism is important as brushing and i think we production completely
because that's where you advancements of problems coming and the sense of your monastic vocation things some kind of which much to the question and it's gotta be that the christian be interested in grayson getting work inside that political economy will ensure that organism in which the grace of the animals from monastic life comes from there
ham for we're not making much progress to
what what your definition
christian monessen and biomimetic on charismatic option they were the new presence of god in his word and any mistress twist well known like on vacation can go dutch discipline for stone chief minister
let's begin
from the point of view of the presumption of the of chicken it's not the desert perspective
the experience of the king and take some people that were invited me to do the elaborate simplification in know if it's
the financial erection of doesn't know what follows from the bush
but but in the key of presence rather than options
when collection energy and then we go between those two positions that are aspiring to watch about of children celebrating the gift and
a compact than the definition of action was
isn't that
biblical i should be generalists not searching for
a just distant guys is helping presence of captain and
what the game
vibrations from emerging weapon just put the paper the
the strongest one that the french shows on about your expectations
has a certain
when repulsive and
there is something
he went to extra the festival of counter with muslims and then it became these various ways corporate pride in amongst the specialists to corporate private it can be beautifully corporate a pray
hi david spangler rations months during the europe from savior was possibly be happening place with for account
thirty years or something like countries to very exciting place and stuff and then suddenly just going to be a pick i'm not i'm not saying that i know the situation but just things seemed in people said it was very very good thriving community and then we worked wonders and i did talk to set a date will do our feelings
sense of pride than a patient stopped and i think it with last year the chemical a few locations but i mean for for at least the last fifteen years before this year as what they've been in the desert for lunch nine
i think the the turning point may have been a desert planet damaged system much it was a very charismatic man who struggled much a kid and he died and the people that person with knowledge that they didn't have a chain quality to get like to opinion
that made me cry
harrison's much
but also get getting where the cutting edge that time you know these new monastic community in new era of monasticism question has been no changes
and then we children
the somewhere be like cutting edge that somewhere down the and fact that
known as a father to transfer a capital punishment
not destiny and shivers to destiny is to a wedding
i wonder about these big at i've been saved by the last couple of year there's nothing like seminarian
and that is within this is an odd as corporate splendor yeah i think that six billion died on the renovation of your chairs and it's gets a cricket and new atlas and here it doesn't to your that reflect he enjoys the lot either i think he plays the role of kind of the a facial berlin out of
try this is distance decision a credible play seem to work just behind them and everything so days we died in so in high tech
and you get this image and to of and then i was never the least we're attracted to not
she's a it's a different is actually had its own for will be sentenced to ninety two but it's interesting how that happens on a second personality a second persona can develop from a nice person has a certain consistency
a lot of of one hundred people with identify that this this the derrick okay at at the center of the next the monastery they get not a going up in the desert
the obama to time the clooney administers from japan
one of them or not motorway precisely that
hey richard
where also to be like that soda and some of the baggage and between the big businesses system period she is your been communities will have a battle that's a monkey things are they can be a stickler to turn into twenty six months inquiry this
because out of the and they think that your status is creatures into a mother's machine and aquarium creature teaching of my prayers
which i guess what one of the things you through stretching is distressing community and especially with with larger monastic communities yet more people and worth things that would isaac was talking about that tendency to
ego to exert to solving and both ways to in up
he that ego can be incorporated any i've taken more seriously in institutions which is one of the dangers and institutions that are good things about places like this it can the panic are makes a distinction between the or institution and organism
but the is in its best a community is a living organism is a a larger christian on is a larger of presence of than just one person of the body of christ it's it's not the whole thing but it's a better example of it because you're too much
have been incorporated into this larger by and it's like the final incorporation into the body of christ but and its worst it's a place where you know the institution provides a lot of course and nails to haim project eagle on and these things that are not good are you part reality
suddenly become
have places to become the card which is which is trousers
and the world it's rebuilt and sides of the most teach them up like gimmick a model of the world and the but that means a world of crime world and tower of babel in tech and second type i of these little offices in the first thing you know better
each religion of the battle
mps can manage accomplishment
they were earn
i've got a monastic community where we've been doing a of them
it doesn't mean to say monastic community a second that's deriving from that double definition of second the price of something which reveals and communicates over the of act which is efficacious and revealing the same time
so he says
the argument mr mistry excavations revealed intimate
but that's
this is a more profound way of looking at second i should and couldn't trust in charge of incarnation i'm not interested too thick for the judge of one thing which is the extension of incarnation of the body of christ to the coming of divinity into an arctic ocean the same thing church because the churches the primary psychoactive crush so they
that took christ the sacrament catholic church is a spectrum of god and crutch
yeah churches
it's interesting how already gene exhibition fingers in fact that fishing with cycling is it also hides can you happen to them as you can see it now i'm thinking of that there was a nasty be happy to a people look and say i just don't get it and if it is not a sense
that foundation for law that monks that have to kind of monastic life than this is the height of this velvety and it's meant to be that way the sunlight somehow channel boxes from jesus that's what did you grow up machine crazy man i've ever worked with the reasons but mean that it's a scandal
because it's the to irrational something
because in the word does come from staring in australia
mr is him so that's important yeah very important to talk of a masters in the segment if you make it just kind of this or this daylight aspect at each coach
the narrow definition to second is
our assignment economic reality that also fits very well into the girl crying and we think in into the guys on the emails the outside in the day out of the people who have children to his child struggling to dedicated the city eventually you
no signs are very important nutrients
when suddenly interiority kitchen space
has a new testament to put the individual together until the internet and as by much of trick question
neither neither
when i think you know
seems to be certainly has it isn't swallows the phone
this interesting
the constant battle
we put mystery of the phone
no control
when i'm always will be beginning
my the monastic community know lot of lives with and more of that mystery of version available on the of damage no way representative stretch
hi i'm taking them
can you received his firing and killed and slope the styling now a meeting that flexibility
the craters and also the fire
huh okay then he goes another question about tv individual and community interpretation of nest which is very germane acknowledge and i couldn't get both
it was very interesting that you can have these two forms and that each form can understand itself and not understand the other two
but economics with contenders many early much for the two stages in its natural earliest stages can get advice for a possible later stages of solitary
first person to put this of two of them the them supposed to the merchants of are like a lifelong
should we say that one's my interior
i i think we have to run away cause one is more relational but to be relational doesn't mean that it's not interior manage its interior different way the other one is more purely interior isn't it because we go inside in abstraction isolation from other to physical paper we got a plant which goes to come together
which they really demand one another which they really communicate with ornaments
her personality in the future that could personality a personality type and size is very likely on or you could make us preferentially inclined to one of the will get introverts who come here again i figured it really got it
they've really got the secret of life because it's not a form of life which agrees with their personality and a personality
where did that extroverted people who feel it by boys been looking for is a community check to really feel that i've got on it's going on here is
he have kind of an accent or taken tony nominees
you know
the competitive due to the tracklist of the sewers some a bit ly them they have a we have an answer that question in a different way they could stand lying to community for my individual acacia to there has been really tensions in starcraft between here
the community which is one of very eccentric the and against me
that's true the problem and going again and again coach neither turner chip will become and closed in on top of the inclination
has been a lot of tension between like them to the town
also because trying to trip the geometrical saying the surgical structure to the reality of the to location to the two dimensions in temperate very different afraid of not an excellent shape how do you express the relationship because they were still moving around
the fifties and sixties maybe still moving around the definition of and relationship between chain of your print twin solitude
many different places that to with the hermitage and especially more individual permits it starts to defy the very idea of derivable it's a year get your laws are for people living inside of you was i guess because work on to bigger and more intense six
you want that are available in ultimately determine what better way
the world law becomes unimportant search it by it's very
that are it's difficult to manage between
they former to create an aeromedical community and they of your books because set of people by its very nature is going to have more laws more relationships more stuff going on and then offer an arrogant a lifestyle it's going to have less of that stuff so to try to to loop both i'm in the same string laws losses can be going to be a little bit over doubles that time sense
here it's like like a departure from i made a speech
notice that need come out which definition of absolute relatives in the decryption code the recruiting needs to be closed them it's almost like the location of thing is has been kidnapped by the geometrical mentality has been points for the other way of living can shout and like in it into into the smell
locking somebody up in an enclosure okay that's like a theoretical notion becoming country touched in that concept of start not that it doesn't have value but it's certainly not the only way to the large to be a challenge that stuff they you know the russian a few months in order to have it was not as much time and ah
just different varietals but that particular definition of inclusion someone has closed in we didn't they but i think comes out of the theoretical period but it's precious that we've got it and since there's precious that we have a a geometrical framework also from that for that which frege jury decision to me
excellent yeah you've got a place for
we don't excluded in fact we recognize make a record
as the real does now that nobody else does
chris a capital on that as because an article for performance
we not defined this recording in charge
but it's interesting the apartment was nothing building gnosticism changing
during is to find it's outside of this section on the nastiest the the treasure because they look at monasticism itself institution if it ends even claritin
what would you rather go with the message doesn't envy of the same interior or intuitive
division of the message to encourage of
because they can find really interesting domestic institution which was a structured
how we can be happy able to church and economic situation because it didn't have room for both they just have to create their space in the most vehicle
the reality has to fight for it a challenge faced with image analytical frameworks with tend to become rigid and explosion
what's the historical relationship between the national isn't a different quantity of the registrar
what kinda
yeah holiday
claims in town
the other nurturing a bitch we developed from the original monastic community
so the image comes to mind because of that movement trader the the trouver disparagement and branches and enough to them being a trunk of that treason
get archive some religious like and have so when developments phone idiotic idea i ever had i like to hear about i don't think that really is to the fritz of the fastest the medical is breaking
it's it's a very interesting history
because they breaker well what happened to the month as a person who can find himself by separation of inspiration from work but then there are these various returned to the world various ways you know apostolic and one way or another show that separation an absolute separation of the instead of machine up and then you get a differentiation into these different
workers which would your vehicle but analytical body student body which are containers and is different them
that's right
now the further down and relax presents us with
and you just say in a way to save necessary to rid of all and undersigned that's kind of
he wrote this product that it appears to be instructed by in the institutional sense okay if you look at look for religious institutions within the church or if i take the first one israel as decision and then the other institutions a orders and so on development of that starting on the front air circulation you're already
what what tech and stuff like that canada
so what was a monastic for to christian customer management and then
geometrically these institutions begun to for those who were in such an institutional world that we we think about these things and turns you invisible borders invisible congregation and or it is your medical bodies institution but they do to another product at a message
i think in some somewhere if you look at monasticism your candidate with one poll
he wasn't for mac are start though that this is a an of this code genetic over the gallup poll and and steps or canada seriously hurt the row over the city so an election when he has kept a low energy is the word
their creation or okay so in essence the that goes with this direction essential
and it goes a lot of kind of that direction and then it becomes a protocol that jesus is not going that direction exclusively that he came into the google and he is economy and the age that would restrict or terminate that be going on in both directions but there's the problem is that of january can own special about it so i can meet different era
option to so i get another get out on the internet just going to talk about your get going out goes into effect but they have the same group genetically
you to conversion
when they're moving from this this route and snatched identified the this one will then one of the line
and that's that's appropriate and of absence of see his children are better definition of for that corresponds with panic boundaries by the centers
i don't think that's true of monasticism but even i have all kinds of variety to the same somehow specifies it from everything else is that direction and then itself branches can dish it returns the world from that point and begins to differentiate itself inside which up so
get all kinds of estrogen
from in what you very much in the world isn't to watch ago much harder the words
decision to find yourself by separation in the world i remember that was a have a gerund j hundred years ago and as just as almost nothing but separation from the world
an innocence it's true but if you say that you're listening it's important to them uncle most important thing as separation in the world it's completely on and because the en yes that's completely wrong to say that because the most important thing for him his life in christian like and living the gospel such a tricky concept
what in a way to justifying the master student movement from the world towards got
but for phone
and then in the end of close minded to a point where and a approval
he'd see it was a good point of the stuff
what's distinctive of monasticism contrast with these other ones and religious like i think he said that monasticism is at the center rather than the first thing that the church was one
have a kitchen
no institutional multiple which that ask questions later
home community and hospitality know
that's okay but rather be quite does it
it doesn't account for more solitary forms of the message that desert dementia
what that point he's getting his definition from the community shy
and i'm a christian church everything from the other side that age appropriate in alternatively
when i did a miniature church is is an exciting idea but it also has its dangers judgment know what we had a sort of parallel idea of the bankruptcy court for christians and christian which was a committed to
to be a the church music we've got everything inside yourself and into an essential industry and eighteen cups too
no average other specialist all except the specialist in be perfect
that other
proposal was the idea of monks everything you put the christian monastery should put your screen for the church in different churches
have something to strive for and same time somebody to be very cautious about this the yeah
because the churches it's in some way by its definition is constantly encountering the world is constantly it almost it's almost in one way to when we have a attrition to see it as something that is constantly having to change itself and adapt itself to the world and but at the same time there is a certain
the always of a community that is like a whole bottle but at the same time as the community is not having to live in reality living in the present moment than ten different needs to do that so you again as tension between dead that being an established home
all are morning as by and the same time being organically connected to a larger church in the larger return home and had a but not to be swallowed bubbles were no connections and necrosis would reject with no children were they demand has to shoot
i'm critical of ignorance the connection that
what does keep head have the local church get yeah you're going for the southern ukraine up that is that a complementarity okay so much needed something from the church and church needs nothing
or is this simply what would you call the holy grail where everything isn't and monastery monastery it's set up the close together at the same lot of it out there one can get a sense they don't need the rest of the turkey will seven areas can be good fits it's a self contained unit with a total of our
groceries for an african doesn't even need to create vic
peter about about lot of was are hundreds have tons of courage to go out with structure that's true ouster but
what's important for a monastery and multiplayer to they were at the time of completence and script it's essential necessary was just as a month of being married is a weapon of what would to call partiality within limitations on experience i'd have each other
what that means but i think this idea of circulation and than that which is outside yourself with bedding plant so the church it's helpful to think that about is containing all good and or clinic and that order to do in the world to bring a world that and are you going to do with going to get it inside
converted bring it inside make a catholic school and but now the looks at itself and the doctor about it's up the second in the world spot so that given the world is a pair and except there isn't necessary interaction between two i think the monastery was a snake was the church of the world
whatever family very very quickly today are we not smoke i think it's good that ushered into the geography
have a drink
hello guys open cause the markets greater uptake of different could even go longer something epic great well will come back to a lot of these things better on
this is the only ones to abortion
okay guys

you i really have coming
this guy so i got a copy for that
there are certain ethnic groups and for you get mexico geez
now as of rosa for your reading anything you want to break up for those this is world
cigarette executives or list of classes and and to which way to get over some time okay create that was pre pre revolution transfer catherine one or either i was told
i'm sure
kelly was quite on in japan their lives for
hot shot in missouri
but one thing victories just a question and through all this stuff with the and maybe complex where next week
when you get the lack of of our emphasis on the institutional and when are trying to not it to it seems a great number factor too
there's certain sense the guys it was a deconstructed institutional and get back to a more organic more punitive view of monasticism
love it gets it's warm one with with all people at which definitely has its good points for the same time when you do away with the institutional
they can be treatable scielo necessary to in their look from say there's a difference of bad things are but you're also in some ways to do away with
with this summer the disciplines and see and may ultimately maybe everything is unnecessary acceptable forgot but it when you doing the actual physical discipline which are ideally not true critical but something that becomes incorporated in a set of a person
how do we distinguish the interior personal disciplines from the laws or the institutional life and that's something that i felt that in consider your costs that it didn't at one point or something was got angry but that well from in this new view monastic life we just need to
two or or it's assumed that we have internalized all these yeah normally things they were outside of like way in germany that you don't have to be truly internalized what it means to be interior to be silent have we internalized by being intimacy with the word of god have we internally
lies you know we will receive restoring or are you can even define a secretary manage that point is that what we have to do collectively as a monastic of culture civilization and culture where the is to internalize and then bring it back out from the inside a resident coming along the were fixed external expressions that we have before okay to interior
theorize and communal sunlight and then we express them from nice the terrorism from the inner terrorism as thinking he was talking unit
but i think it is a progressive thing that would the journey or maybe becomes less important your well i'm but to do it because never going to disappear the institutional always be the skeleton bones will always be inside the body inside the orphanage
when you talked about the communal and solitary before the monica a language and political language becomes kind of irrelevant in the month solitary i think the progression was in that direction but that the structure always has to be there
now going how humanity as your dollars worth of either a government
some of this ballclub
it's funny that we're so dependent upon institutions like advantage of everything is institution and are the people who do something significant and usually connected to other institutions and a lot of hoops so it's very strange that we have the word institution and carries so much negative balance tours we need other language being because we're talking about a lot of different instrument
and we tend to talk about abstraction from a respected institutions part of the body is a skeleton stay out of a body which is a living so there's no need to extract and to look at it like a disney unless it becomes an absolute
which mirroring average and then there's nothing of in western history
and our western churches for to this institution it can snow second strong
in recovered from
thank you
now that's just for your reading and as if you want to bring something up that but that is development and it caused by the central physics
yeah get about ten years old
you know
okay good good