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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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you know anybody there is twenty they are getting better
are digging out of the snow over there
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the hundred and the my mother hopeless given spirit give us your life message of jesus name
had an intimate other
now what i'd like to do today is finished the second chapter on the church for questions and the next time i go on her checked of which he the church in the world
now get all of this weekend to be moving aside from an estimated but of course was short of what would you call and warming up and you're getting a context for talking about the mysticism children them and attitude you can always be so at the edges of our consciousness in the back of our mind when we're talking about the church in the world because after a literally want afterwards used to be able to
think about monastic life intelligently open by rather than one kind of blinders which he frequently
i have abandoned book by dollars at models of the church it was on the shelf life i don't know i must admit them on place
which is a useful book and i think one of his best books i think to simple book
he started out before it shuts out isn't is model a started i've really been talking about two approaches to thinking about the church and want us to think in terms of definition and the others in terms of history
so he talks about and mystery and hair of the place was reading the introduction on page eight and then i'm page obtained in the following just another reference for the issue and mystery now here it particularly in terms of the church so he's got two alternatives or change one is to go in the direction of definitions as
scholastic theology might attempt to do more of especially these theology of the counter reformation post reformation time which want a hard and clear definitions
also that can be verified somehow visibly okay and attended to be rather exclusive
i think there was a kind of leaning towards carnival leaning towards a theoretical definition which necessarily deals with externals because blood can deal with internal financial new an external tanks which can be determined that kind of logical can be governed you can't govern in turns out he gives an example of bell
our mind and his approach to the church by way of definition and on page for cheap
it used to be not unleashed by many that the church and other realities of base can be defined by similar process and he's talking about presses of definition that important as physical things
thus the church according to robert government has a specific type of human community cheetahs hominem the one true church he wrote and celebrated passage is the community of men brought together by the professional the same christian faith and can join in the communion of the same sacraments under the government of a legitimate fish and so
actually the one vicar of christ on earth the roman pontiff such as the way to definition
this definition comprises three elements profession of the to faith communion and the sacraments and submission to the legitimate pastiche by applying these criteria but other minds able to exclude all persons when his opinion and up along with the to church the first criterion were also pagans muslim jews heretics and postage the second rosa
the catechumens and experiment excommunicated persons the third rose up schismatic that's how many roman catholics can make
it is significant he says that velour minds definition is entirely in terms of visible elements which really can't are subject to geographical definition to aren't expecting physically there's an avalanche by can employers can
even go so far as to maintain that whereas profession of the two is essential actual belief being an internal and and on verify perfect was not
a man who professes to believe but does not believe in his time would be on this definition a member of the church was a man who believe that that profession to believe would not be
the siege fighting fighting the new information shown this is the kind of thing nationality comes out of that kind of struggle now what dollars is proposing and there's a great sigh of relief when this other opposite approach comes out is to start at the opposite
earned by gone and church in history now mystery is not one of his models okay it's like the mystery is the shutter of the circle and of the models are around like a ring around the center of because the mystery is something you can't very well express and but by definition you can share that mystery to undefinable are by definition the mystery
does not completely express itself in any one model anyone image of anyone concept of anyone terminal so the mystery would be the dark center was not gonna shatter and then each of these models would be located somewhere around the mystery expressing an aspect but he says well i said models are not dimensions because if you
say aspects or dimensions it implies that if you put them together you can draw the picture you can fill in the flight okay between the points between the dutch and have the reality have a grasp of the reality but he says you can't and that's where i say models because they really are independent and a sense and have to be treated
as if they were freely moving each one rather than being locked into some kind of structure which contains more
so i think it does that very willing and then he search for the five
models here
number one is
mr get one is institution much the model that predominated was accepted by catholics since the reformation second one i thought it was convenient of over
mystery of commended much mystical communion away way as it is as such i think must-try community would be better mr commanded seems to
she had changed to limited too much a mystical community teams to exclude a communion which would be on more tangible levels as well
but i think he's trying to purify their image and give you one aspect rather than letting it over without too much for the others the third is churches sacrament and that's the one that we just got to and consider your call and remember when you move to the churches sacrament in the way that they're defining the the joking about it it
seems like it's as much for the people outside as it is for the people inside and there's a great mystery there because town that sacrament helps those people if they don't know i have this is an industry that that's part of this notion of churches sacrament
but in the time of that it can to and runner was one of the basic proponents of that this was one of the church as heroin now that means you're really churches around the messenger creature of the word you could have spent as a passover preacher i think of angeles
the first his church his servant
and that's when they came out i think particularly around the time vatican to when people retired by the kind of triumphalist felicity image of the church and wanted to see that to take the opposite view of the church has serving humanity summer
then and the other book the second book he introduces of further model which is a community of disciples
but he says he can push his vision for the number of possible so you could do it
and if you could add a like want the one that and i would like to add as the model of wisdom if you if you have a an image of the church as communion you can have a corresponding image of the church has wisdom a change to me that communion for on the of spirit and that wish to impose on the side of the worth
but somewhat differently from the way that we can conceived that
i think in fact we clear on under the hague
you can say that the church in history was here like and also said that here when we talk about taken care of your pension patient if you quote about a of that the models of the church in inclined of mystery date
because now we're making this model if we quoted in the of saying not of out of or the rabbit if we make it a bottle and i've put it the the condition where the undefinable and again can absolutely
the interiors
to then over here and put probably wisdom
and everything that goes with it so the heroin with relate to that they also that connecticut disciples and way they relate to that but also really liked this other side which is convenient
i'm here because showed a couple of one thing and players institution business possess certain any external patients church

but possibly could also put acrobatics was rejected the sacrament as an title present stuff like that show visible and sacrament has to be visible in japan so the church a sacred and the price is the physical presence furnished you can say who is otherwise invisible a teacher each sunday
i'm also well check my the counter and and think and she is these figures never quite do it to sacrament and have all these dimensions and mcgrath the sacrament has so what does that the sacramento which is the extra of and it has a raise at sacramento coaches like able about it right
and then allows the innermost convention that just reddit which would be god which we needed anything if i'm rich so you can say erasing the other hampshire that you can say that the sacrament was the whole i'm an old figure you can also say about with this it's down here because it is a physical visible
you think people outside for checking the books
you can think about a monastery at the same time
space extent in fact it's interesting to think about pablo's bullshit monastery lot of have been asked by comparable to the church is to analysis if we're talking about
check return different ways a book an actor
ah the church to said you can make the same divisions from monastery yeah
the monastery if you'd take it like from panic cars i got worse from me more solitary side tends to locate of up with a tough for me when we talk about monastery with respect to church cooking so for instance
if you talk about the different locations different functions in different organs and church and i'd be inclined to and as been quite here what they say teaching life here for the doctrine of it or a lot of those things over here all theological communication whole church over here my
pro quo actually partially attack channels whether it's and hundred
and then a little kid
what are a lot of the expression for church together i think the churches radiation that communication of i love for one thing
more it's
it's being simply continue
that said i think go of a kind of ashkelon a possibility that we had a kind of canada and of hospital here like hadn't been conditions
they took an occasion that like doing this or that work with charity charity itself
the missionaries and carry those that are to able to communicate christianity as well and doing different times
and now here it with the any of the more active
oh active works at the church if you did it would be religious very much as americans here's a transition into your classroom
oh that's just going to a close and the video
well we're actually the near glacier army flip my mission
i wanted to read a little something from army and because be such a big example of
i'm certainty of monasticism i was raised by the climate of the trade goods
using chemicals fundamental relationship teaching my kids
this is his monastic for grace the idea little monk and it's quite beautiful it's integral world which together perfectly and a perfectly would go perfectly expresses a certain vision of the natural stuff but it corresponds to the institutional model almost perfectly so if you read
theologians writing about the church and then made army and right a monastic like you find that they correspond perfectly from that counter reformation or institution of point of view i just want to read your little bit simple
and he starts out talking about watch the monastic vocation about and he said were first it's the divine adoption so he's got that and he was one of the first actually to simplify christianity and monastic life launching from by century can in christ so he has crushed be ideal and the my fetch an advantage to break through because he sees it now not as some kind
of structure of observances in time and being centered in the following a question and sense an identity of quits when you talk about divine adoption of this kind of therapy but pretty soon he's gonna move to the other side and the other side is the institutional stuff and this release that this is in chapters v on the other
the monastery is the basis for the society what is a society that is an assembly of men whose wills conspired towards determined then under a recognized authority sounds a little like government your to tell you how to church and if like and she's a church and monastery to beijing beijing they should this extra
turkey following statements from
in order to form a society and it's not enough for them to be materially the united provinces like a crowd
men must have an identical name to which altered by common consent this and gives to this stage direction and specification but as men are unstable
the much giving but it is especially necessary that constituted function functioning society there should be an authority maintaining the union of the numbers in pursuit of the social lynch keeping united us to the beach now that's the added
contender notified on the center of to experience from
before studying the monastery from this analytical point of view it is necessary first of all carefully analyze the authority which is its managed to this authority is concentrated in the hands of the earth
so notice that
if he grabbed the monastic vocation from an interior point of view and each kind of he's a saintly person to okay so you get a real center from when he wants to talk about the monastery immediate because of it took a hostage a radical expression of geometrical language and talks about the structure and understand now this is good as
but writing so and the such he is if you for sanitize the instruction and student
there's a part on was and good for society this is a little bit of chapter both
we have already remarked that there is a striking
analogy between the government instituted by saint benedict and that of the church and they should have knowledge of spanish into a rural coming from one and from the christian century so closely allied to the roman genius
and now i'm into irishman now citizen you know that the constitution given by eternal wisdom to his church establishes a monarchical hierarchical form of government reflecting upon earth gods supreme monarchy in heaven and the hierarchy which range that
at the basis of the physical body which is his church of christ jesus has placed a visible foundation peter and his successors and them more power and jurisdiction is terrific in the same way our blizzard father makes the entire organization of the monastery depend upon the ebb
when the supreme evasion authority for those all the activity of the monastery and own delegation
the principal efficient officials in the monastery the prior scholar at the ensure instituted by the added so
you see that it's it's a pyramid and it's improvement of power of the pyramid of jurisdiction kind of from theoretical point of view as soon as he begins the token of the monastery very different from the idea of i don't know my dear idea of a monastery is as church in terms of communion as a as an expression of the
communion which is crash gift something like that
that's beautiful typical
the consider cause look a sceptic started to play with with the different ways of looking at the head crisis head of the church for similar way
mommy of of talks about become avenues imperial power they're just really talk about the
mr the spiritual benefits of what he can do is as like and for the community but continued comics a distinction about when it talks about christ as head of the church for the and and pool the adult like christ and but even in the church of christ is head of the church is is that imperial figures from which all
through the structure of the church in the first ah pokemon everything in here then but but continue to call also mentions the that edge head to head and church that can be more life-giving understanding effect is like to make center and that that aspect of it does
don't appear to be literally said well maybe we'll get onto a because he's got a hard to get yet the as an habit i think he got a very warm human sense so that's going to come out but he he lays a foundation in pregnant foundations i'm a geometrical storm and now
now when you talk to your talk about
about charity and as the teaching of the urban and also great necessity but he wants to make this darn cool before it doesn't
yeah and seven
and if you want to ask what is the opposite of that vision that the device was kind of car and encourage
help them separately because geometrical authority an institution have nothing to do basically with his definition of a pedestrian
which is coming to the match a christian but every dutchman institutions and new sense yeah petticoats it was necessary but there's a he'll say that every when she's a heavily direction needs an institution of the brothers and
institution can kill it
that is if your institution of monasticism requires an institution as a container but when institutionalizing how dangerous of the kids are suffocating hi
space needs the two sides of panic are basically is it is like the griffiths you know who stands outside the institution
hence they needed your wines
a paddock are actually is defective in accidents that he doesn't have never quite analogy isn't it he doesn't have enough at the center of the things he doesn't like a first car

okay let's take a look at our
oh and say one other thing about this a if you can you can create to theology is okay to families of theology two lines on this basis one would be the kind of theoretical theology that we see a template for their army and even in a monastic life which comes from outside on the
elastic life and tend to take over it because it's very strong the other the accepting and show theology so one is the kind of this institution of reality as such i refer to become the new roman catholic but it's very strong and the counter reformation time in the church become so dramatically so focused on structure
so that your children to the opposite is that the antral theology and sometimes you find that a into but not so much of it as you do this you could make a spectrum tonight and put like monastic writers or church it's along that spectrum between institution on what your vehicle and it's advancement
it was said that the that the church has certain point was taken over by catalyze the sentiment sense is that it begins to speak the language becomes to that language and the theology begins to be that kind of theology it's a tesco monasticism to rediscover sofia
the i think the pit the dangerous to polarize how much that you reject one side and kind of rule out our outlaw the theoretical perspective because it was worthy of respect
i find a group of times
is gone too much on
yeah he's a chance to earn almost acts as if it doesn't need to exist as if the genetic the the institutional style
because if we me and the real life with the church in the future of the church is is getting over leaving behind
magnetic there's some chosen and that it's not internet
when tuesday would always go to court of the thing about vatican jesus withstand stand for vatican is not one stone just sprung
the a trip

if not get your senses
to care but if a certain sense of humility team even find good in middle of of the institutions when things can be so much costs of angry people in and it looked when elizabeth green married says you know a whole my that the mother
of my lord come visit me in the that than to as mom turkey's india he have the church than not than it married also the church is always bitter or any person is is
receiving the church and and in the church in there is christ moments with there's that there's that gift there and so you don't know it is it's a great gift even if to wrapping his little shoddy or something i am
now not another and about america epic but that an institutional church that that
he looked of their problems and which like it's like rejecting a body of this that's okay ejecting a physical visible and favorites no spiritual essence something like that which never quite
in carnage itself also does your thing about there's a kind of romantic tendency and people from cambridge which also goes together with a mature ancient times where they tend to say they reject way of life but okay pink on administration that way
they reject real life they reject their parents the life of their parents to sustain the end of which they come in favor of some absent which is which is perfect of me and the people to come to india afternoon and during that you know it's a refusal to take on the burden of adult fiction touch even though they're right
another way the right because they're saying this is not enough
the said to you
nicole eternal or yeah poor internet to examine change
and they create routes imaginary co-productions in these movements allegation of the perfect pitch valid or professional

the thing they ever were to speak but it's easy for him it's easy for somebody who remained lack of connecting forever
believing i've got the key to the perfect life and never really embarking on
the typical of it well as before returning the young guy and ever shows down as a family has a possibility of children responsibility of the job a wife with children i just got on forever with this dream of perfection
which is tied up with a feminine and challenge sometimes is tied up with mother to tackle the type of the only one another

hey let's go back to earth now
a chapter two and line them up with weekend
i think for it on that spectrum it is not as far over on the political side as mom and not merely okay he's a product or vatican two so moving towards us at the edge of it was not hit what he writes doesn't get quite and that residential a pinch
at it was a quote by about monastic spirituality it it's an ecclesial and internet glazier of perspective on monasticism which still has not found itself that there's like a monastic mine seeking and stuff and not having found its own language quite yet so it's
taking the language of vatican two talking about monastic life you know he's had a lot of akshaya think that's the product and explosion of that it can show it and was made work
and then looking at monastic items or type of religious belief okay so kind of you finding from outside of show
so the music is treat getting to be heard a punishment for life
think we got as far as question for to a restaurant as seven spectrum

the other doesn't say much about search to to incitement there's only one sentence there
and that isn't their acts of christ and his church privileged points of encounter with division
to section
both of them have a kind of dynamic sound too don't they act of christ in his church and wouldn't right away think of second minute and packed with and quench have encountered so when encounter is alive think it's meaning something goes on and event
whereas before they would have talked about simon instant on their models of sacraments
well the sacraments themselves had this variety
it would be models i think of definition models of the idea of the second okay but they're so different than themselves that your problem there is not arriving in a plurality of models but a single something say one thing which can embrace them on tape and that's what the world's economic path
the plurality of model to be pretty confusing with spelling them
it's their diversity of any which has to be dealt with there are models though describing each one baptism
yes biblical metaphor especially if h one
think about amount of which that doesn't and also only old testament history that is related to baptism by spiritual interpretation of by education second
crossing the team but also a new creation one hundred and the promise plan one thing after it doesn't have
the syrians and great master for that kind of that would know that just going on
which of these seven sacraments communicate second of christ most foliage
me to notice
and if you ask between those two which is the fullest communication between baptism and new chris
i think the stand that educators will take your crystals in that t given baptisms i have to close out of the eucharist flows out of that
so i remember it
the other sacraments really on another level from edge-to-edge you because you don't find them in the new testament explicitly okay and they don't seem to have the same
the watching basics patient and make in the church with mystery if you read
if you're reading the gospel of john and the gospel of mark to every like rating as in terms of peptides
the new christians a kind of combination that doesn't have the same way as baptism because it's like those gospels are taking it back to the beginning of time to the fullness which is with baptismal gift for consenting destruction and phone sometimes they'll talk about the eucharist that they're always presupposing a change in a gift which is the baptist
it's it as if the eucharist is more like the life that you're talking about all the time and the baptism is the source so they moved between the source and their life just as bomb between saying okay your new creatures in christ a cave received the spirit like ephesians one remember that whole litany of
what god has done for you encouraged and that the fact is that your increased well that's like the baptismal reality than the eucharistic reality maybe is in his moral exhortations another which twenty eucharistic life which will be a life of work like a new transfers life looks a dying into
and to garden i get that chicken but the weight between the tuition dungeon vehicle testing
you can they go so that she the new testament comes to begin ignition of baptism is the second at the beginning so maybe that it's saturated so saturated with the beginning and that the image of your he has to be unrolled in the course of history and
it has to unfold itself in the close of times you move towards a hint because i believe really advice most between us to represent being the beginning you could been here
but the thing about the crushed as it has been as i remember
hearing about theology professors that it contains the fullness because it contains the present fullness of the body christ therefore it's such a promise goes beyond somehow out of the to
i'm not so sure i think they both contain credit for this for you can consider baptism to the not just the beginning and i'm going like this recipe so i know i don't think we have to rank them now
the suggestion of of that structure that kids or encouragement and one johnny talks about the water in the blood came not only in the heart of the and then the what i look like from a strategy of crescent fashion

i think skinny dip factors with was been soaking the
he evaded of people to sweep up when it should be done in life but once it's done to full participation in some way in not only be getting into for
it's a total kind of fullness
in christ's death and resurrection had tried then eucharist to the theology is changed much more rapidly than what you crushed by means as far as i can how often people should proceed at once he given every single day on only after confession are sorts of users was much more
are different and but reach for to take him vs
just as sitting in the tabernacle
different things now and start talking about those things it's managed like a microcosm of the whole theological revolution and all the theological positive coverage from the change in perspective which is astonishing i can with here
and it is as if we're coming out of the tunnel nepal of a sudden the immensity of these things like that with and nuclear commandment to after it for one time typing of this gift
cause you know
i think initiation was almost forgotten for a long time
he actually i is a physical recovery the thing complaining of initiation that's almost almost reflection on our spirituality to to be ignored it and went on from climbing this or that spiritual pattern forgetting about the from us given effective
if you've written the carmelite mysql experience which i don't know if you'll find that just mentioned at the take the time generation gap growth
so in some way that it weren't really experiencing a return to the any

fisher fourteen it's about this vatican two idea of the church second explanation as a change and how you understand

what you mentioned your orders to the movement of the church to salvation for ball and then protections to predicted midst he bought an injustice in a certain picture of those within the church and those about the church and attended church
but funny was a major change the meaning of sacrament itself not because sacrament before it escalates the thing that defines the person who's inside the church okay that we should receive the sacraments can have any children different inside the church and by the balance and the church and yet the weight of this
the idea of document this towards us outside
an expensive to it's an expansion in that sense expansion of the meaning of spectrum of subtlety
circle the forum has no longer just the churches with know that the form as the whole world over
the second it
freeze they turned the hit me
i'm not sure exactly when or where what they're basing this on but when they say it again the very tough bitch twenty one
the embodiment of of increase in history and manifestation of gut unrestricted saving purpose and it's her
they might be can we call i about the reduction of entire cosmos small creation for the year
but it's almost plunging into mystery of god it's going back to god purpose in some ways and die
then almost re-emerging in individuals outside of the church not so much through which is through the church
we're just got to create a fact ah
not that sanford paprika
the fishes creative act and and of all second the second creature that a new creation there's a to creative back in the new creation is that the consummation bring everything backwards god but the but but it's almost of the church was falls away when you're talking about that because it's a it almost seems like you're stretching language for
church you just said that makes sense yeah
we really become come out with theology one of which is ecclesial and they restrict judgmental order which is cosmic and and we don't know how to mediate between us to theology but we know that we are responsible to goes with the summer the second on only contract cabbage and but it was there on the other courage because the furthest from
naturally a local church and the cosmos the church in the universe before the church was all split up was easy to do that once it gets split up and you have to think about denomination and how come they're not a good reasons why they're now part of
you can't think of the church universal attention
with punishment reformation catholics good him
it is also good
the cosmic vision is so wide that you almost have to become adept at not just
talk about different things but no one went to literally jumping out powdered the ecclesial language
and then went to jump in it matter or how to mediate not so much when one is right but when not to be water to be a fundamentalist yeah isn't it was an intuitive sense heavier much about i'm sure there are nowadays to to that is another areas but they'll come to mind
not having to do that kind of thing
like being a jew and gentile and same time
as poor made himself a gentile among the gentiles like and sir paul had to do that in some i now he's an analogy can smell like
he had to think in both of those theology to think he's got in terms of his roots and what christianity cut pro israel
and he also thought in terms of all humanity belong to christ and the government the gospel and destined for a moment

see when you think about this this thing of sacrament this idea of when as it's not an american to it makes this moment key moment in history but at this point the church hymns to open up and begin to look at everything outside of the token a different way and as if you
of dependent for the first time which is not true because it hurt in the beginning but as if it opened her books that are getting outside of its and realizes it's in a world which it does not dominate by containing on truth and reality and stuff but in a world in which it has to dialogue from which it has to learn
and suddenly there's some kind of exchange between it in the world it is something in the world that's something above the and then not only as are responsible for the world and save the world which a new language
but that somehow and the it's going both ways
it's like a child young person growing up and suddenly the world opens up and is no longer just himself their family
watch like when i suppose when somebody falls in love during adolescence and twirled open up
two large the that kind of a critical juncture critical opening sheets
from an entire church to and have written a turn church for education it's open to the answer them
and it's as if it's the first time i mean when you look at the church saying efficiently with the other religions or development of salvation okay that's the first time
if i didn't the product
how would you get fined
miss mescaline
treasure mystics and experience yeah
does it relate the demolition of second
okay that's when you're born you ask that your scene of his day and set for for for country finish have and be britain's would be like be to say well the sacraments are home with a stepping stone towards mr coogan which transcends the sacraments okay
and i think in earlier ages if the best five hundred years and nobody else that question you would say well the sacraments but if you took it from the mystical in china demonstration political motives i would say that the segments of the basis from which you move towards the mystical accent case we read the sacraments kind of okay
moving towards him mr chretien
give the good theologian do that nowadays i don't think you'd do that
i think he would have to say even that mysticism sacramento
he'd have to keep the integrity of the mystery no matter whether you go using is also be encountering yeah
the to encountered and they can put it that way i can second medal in canada and then the most people and come now perfectly speaking idea which became the to wouldn't happen perhaps with the same time maybe they maybe they did and the heritage with each machine but only a few mistakes particular the eucharistic ministers desperate
but maybe it was that way and what we've individualized an interior i spent mysticism for remember that that the word mysticism mr cause mischief the first and mysteries so it has a sacramento you need to start with okay and it gradually becomes individualized and interiors so the question then check was an the
provide profound things that particular question but a good theologian today would try to hold the two together as close as you could and say even when you know the mystical experience you were a sacramento being because your bodily being gay you have almost three levels of a being inside you and therefore that mistress mystical experience itself in some ways this
incremental valley
and also wouldn't have sometimes the experience
see the center of gravity and meeting is not an experience it's a experienced points to something else or it's a sign of something once it assigning time of year demonisation isn't yeah
a sign of divorce process of demonisation yeah that's totally on average and put your by

yeah actually that's the kind of those were better to have the battle lines were as the thirty years ago the sixty the battle lines between like liturgical theologians and this country of origin that's what of the that mr second rich them for me a target was so liturgical face
doesn't relate mr one can well i think we give is needed are both stuff on one side domestic of canada has to be brought back into the mystery okay back into the mystery of which it is a kind of glimpse for clean or for touch like
and on the other side the sacramental theology has to open up to those those experiential gets a pint the baggage of news tried to do that when he talks about liturgy and st to mysticism and it's extremely forward to the yeah there's very i could go into space
he's trying the liturgical mystical experience of gertrude
like it like samson trying to school
now the great gladiators in those days where of negativity and was america
maritime the mystical cowhide so academia and tragic romantic contract
what's important which most important as a church and spectrometers a mystical experience you

have been done here from omnivorous church to church as bit of life that an essential of the church doesn't have to change that brings the world inside a church by conversion okay
and as the churches that i gave the church is the perfect expression of christ in the world so that other people on need to be converted to enter into a to church itself changing because it's already perfect determined to cook moment to the church in the world
expression grace to the world would also somehow learned christ from the world system how do we see that you're growing in the work something like that the second second centers and crystal let's move onto a cashier's magazine
like the chemical equation that goes both ways in the double arrow exactly but before they are on the ultimate in one way

and it's difficult to keep together the two ideas with the church really does contain the photos of trip the pharmacy reality the fullness of christ and yet there's still something that it must learn must be seen as be attended to
i'm snowed which is vital
the allergies before you have to go to watch this precious where you can
mentioned my preschooler
one side is the fact that the church containing the flawless and the notion of snack on the does express them
but the other side is is the principle of universal salvation of case for the server that hearing ya
some evidence
as after the book that world has its own right since
not not a mormon church has its rights because i'm going to have world has its rights that
it's it's a good vacation of there have been trying to figure it out with that guy that given take between the world now it's almost
oh almost like a dialogue between world and church and
and media
but like a judge think of the the recently somebody jews confronting the church about
the problems of of catholic complicity with nazis during world war two stuff and then it and then it's strangely helping both
the world in a way and also helping the churches as it says here that the church constantly needs to be refining itself in collecting itself and and tries to scrutinize itself and where it's gone wrong and a lot of times at best criticism comes from outside of it and an extended of people image of health
that that back and forth can go almost like two different not like church and then outside of it but almost like two different bodies are growing bouncing off of each other or were correct each other share like
there's a lot of that sniffing a bible fight about two brothers them were about that always you have a you've got the you've got the favorites none and the you know the other shows you've got the insider and outsider and somehow than necessary to one another and like you've got you've got jacob new
that is you could either the additional you get to choose any of that the arabs and jews and gentiles and somehow without the pair history can't work with them
and they confront one another and they very carefully find her release part in the other

and so it is now in egyptian the world
church has been learning enough from the war
recent centuries and one of the things he did the world comes back with as a human person because christianity would defending champ name of christianity is the revelation in person
the human person really is created and know that jesus christ and i believe that's true churches the expression of them but then you look at the church very often and you'll find suppression of the person kind of suffocation or containment or lack of trust in person
and like a in yemen and the holy spirit india with person at the expense of organization that takes control of domination or one thing or another and so very easily the church forget what it professors and we only quenches the human person while claiming to liberating
so what happened so you get a modern secular society which becomes over personalized over subject devised in sign and throws a pack of the church but also gives people opportunities for girls and boys which challenged inscription
because i think what would the modern western world does are tools to open every possibility of freedom and development for the person that's conceivable
hello i'm very few people get a conflict
where's what to church him very often has to militants possibilities which know per channel
and subordinate person to institution
there's a challenge from the he's pretty different
like when you when you see the conflict between like american bishops and popes no time more attention between like the american side catholicism and we did more theoretical side of the components because it's it's around those issues
from personal freedom individual mostly and it's a lesson visit of dialogue that has to go both ways there's been a tradition which which can listen to that revelation of the human person which to beckon
nutrition is variable than nothing the person has spiritual entity can teach the church that it can teach the world the whole thing but as far as the person developing world and something else
okay doesn't turn to have i been working in a new language church
have a relationship with that expression eighty nine eight would have been radically different

one introgression might of mandatory church represents the king of of gum in this world offers they can the of crash to do everything would be they will believe them
but that step of maturity and being able to
respect each other
because it was like a psychological thing happening
geological too much
modern to conduct adulthood and the other has a right to be
changing the world like the two brothers yeah sometimes of churches and came yeah the
and sometimes sometimes he opened
you meant that a credibility gap between china and on her television
it's hard to you tried to read this kind of theology very often by providing fresh from the spirit because it's not sharp conceptual thinking him
the irishman or decrepit leftovers you can can kill
but yeah
a term when things is that key incense them
with institution
i read just it
an individual humility i mean sometimes i think the credibility gap is enormous know in my own life your between silent reality between you know same words first is living life in and or reading words thinking about them
and then living the life and but better but
is hue jackson isn't mean it's almost can be permitted aspect also the church just because it's it's your institution an institution so most
in some way different that spirit and i bet the same time
going towards the battle to to try to lessen the credibility gap and make cited mounting rouge it's like a credibility gap is an expression of the gap of incarnation of divinity becoming common
because that signs snyder of divinity divide humanity
to me the weight of the helen
the emotional or stammering
after we are action
this man has an absolute willing to refurbishment
monastic community is i think it's excitement and a monastic community because monastic communities stands out like a sign on to side business
i can't seem to stand out like a sign above other scientists between like that really go to the trick
so people really to pick up expect perfection expect a concentration in expected spiritual essence when certainly from monasteries from which is an off of me enough a burden from external to carry
because if they were totally the compulsive about it it could be unable to be human nature
dr don't want to carry the burden of the a perfect size for they have been interpret this hanging another way
that's what you'll hear from problematic area have been thinking about brokenness as being also time trying to get out from under the burden of exaggerated dealers
and then just in the last couple days ago some very picked up some tom to preapproved without me and now
nothing to do with scriptural conversation
of concentrate i let to come a long story of peter to that human contact and seems like it took it listed noses this is the credibility gap disappeared not into a spiritual building but into a just have a human building in that direction good spiritual meaning in their to your sooner or later that kept administration
the human as to disappear business so that what is human and spiritual sooner or later than next time
meanwhile we need this distinction
that's the meaning of the foundation of and kitchen and ultimately if you is the spiritual and it's not like no seam between a two-run with the spiritual be in every part of the pipe
a division between the sacred and secular decision that's what jesus doing a testament that changed her
when it heals on the sabbath was maintained a human upcoming a down the middle of the sacred and understanding the scissors for this is more sacred than the sacred

it's quite exciting to continue on urge to kind of liberation to manage for the furniture
probably would have attempt
it accurately
instead the patio have you kept that were white com where europe
where where you're living life without having to make constant reference to the spiritual because the spiritual was already combined in your life we've got a living with you would be parallel to learn the music store not in scoring on america but many other things of that kind for what was previously an excellent near me
quite an external help now become spontaneous and one with yourself so if you're living from materially okay which is ultimately with parchment toilet moving from lot of spirit of right and the external to the internet
which ultimately you carry that revolution all the way it does abolish the difference between secular and sacred and secular me and it was alarming and that it was a wall between the jews and gentiles and girls overwhelming to undertake the chicken like the love cleanness and acquaintance initiative that jesus chuck's me in that uk
so when that spirit comes into the center of the on physical being okay that means a radically the difference between sacred and secular has been abolished holy spirit sacred spirit divine spirit to penetrate god at the core of around given your own bottle get a so radically it's been done but the working
out of it but i'm chuffed to turn ourselves to that interior to enemy
so that every part of our sub which punch to the music photos with the instructors
pixma on

how can we didn't cover more mature age of each time we can remind us of next time i can go on a temporary also it right you bring any other questions or concerns your learning
we're covering a lot of material which wouldn't seem to belong to a nice package for the really does but i don't know when you'll have it all treated in a systematic way
but rather be good if we had a question as to the documents of vatican two much
that's right relevant cause jewelry because it's so concentrated it's so packed the child hard to get the key points around which everything about it
experience was i can to wish been thinking about this stuff to visit to a second characteristic is wanting especially by lumen gentium
why not get a of that wanting to get it to look to the world but still do it in a way with the churches kind of orchestrating it so that it's it's given the much worm tethering kagan allowing you to take off the tether but for certain periods of time or they have to come back and and
there is our lives
nice to we have got have completed get the hang of it here that you only get rid of the hang of it i suppose when the states but then the same turn out to be human beings this data that st turns out to be everybody else
who doesn't the other isn't eric
the other to repost don't you know encouragement
tree skirt the script investments is relevant to an electron charge
as a person meeting is a sham rather than reading on it