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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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say this is the survey that was voted the yes
the is the sixteen thousand dollar to hear it comes to ask for the the roof serving you can might be included in this or and birthday might do work for to judge on associates was just what they talk about isn't that isn't the whole property or are just as presented to specific area not
the appropriate a specific area of fall behind the kitchen cooking
her father son for spring and then the village was fairly office to understand the way
way to start in the history of the church this kind of shifted to the pressures of someone should just read isn't going to be starting as early as and
the profession of vows for so weekend a little bit take your time
so first we had an introduction which kind of jacket around a different approaches to monasticism especially between the universal approach and the christian for smoking your you approach the buzzer after or others opted for the second approach is the closure of
and this chapter really dives into that doesn't if it into that theology so destitute about to change in language between what's gone before an especially nice chapter of the last chapter was talking about the world contemporary world from moralists empirical perspective not from a theological specific religious and but of course remember what
the veneta line whereas this is doesn't just make them to what you would cause the allergy class geology because it's moving from scripture from tradition from vatican two himself and tried a different perspective
i find this this chapter is pretty dense okay and you'll find that it uses a lot of language which is routine for the office because the people that are into that of a new people approaching and every word but there is no so there's that whole matter of getting used to the language
so it's hard to gauge how difficult it will be for somebody the other problem is often i find i can church documents the theological language is so dense for consistent and so juggler
carefully thought out of time and you can almost skipped right over it slide right over not understanding ischemic which means that it's hard to penetrate the surface and until the to here
it's hard to get you some into the process of the development of the chapters entrenched stuff
christian service yep
dominic in
i might have to get with innovative but i'll read 'em out okay so as we go on
they wouldn't
it's a separate group from they wanted on the introduction in the first step and difference for chapter theater of different
he nike is because your ex when

there are a couple notions in here that has come out right away which are sort of technical notions
but before that let's go back to that part of and decision to beginning okay talks about the different than the different language the drastic change in language now here you have to be listening to the biblical music student but it's not only bible is it because a lot of these notions of subsequent development where there's a seat in the bible like to the idea of sacrament
but then it developed into something quite different like a
he talks about three phases of the self-awareness and the catholic church that needs a little bit of to opening up first the kingdom not the body of christ and then the new people of god and then finally the sacraments there's really talking about for
four faces the last time following that it can to
now what he meant by the first phase the preliminary because they found a kingdom i think would be like
tridentine catholicism okay that is the counter reformation church which emphasized the fullness of or truth and
and salvation in the church
so it was a church which had to kind of draw a pitch defenses and charm and consider itself as fulfillment as fullness and therefore has practically speaking the keynote governor not the notion of kingdom there would be kind of vertical and of institutional and if work and emphasizing authority okay the the rain
the king would would have quite a strong presence
whereas that's not necessarily true and of your test and if you read the gospel of jesus turkey but you know i got the kingdom is something
yeah not so radically construed you even though there's usually an authority figure comparable
the second phase the body of christ to change to me it's just before like thirty forty years before american to many shipping can say more about this when they were developing and a couple of paper check the cops because a lot of doctor came out the paper technicals
they were developing a notion of the church as the body of christ rather than it's a little bit of a move over from institution towards something else
thanks good start with has been in parenthesis which the introduction here because a lot of history compressor
the second paragraph there
he talks about three phases of self image of the church mount when he says seriously fun and kingdom and educational thing about like to try to church the emulating the institutional model of church where it's really the plenitude of of truth and salvation in the church okay
realized were fulfilled kingdom country
the body of christ object mr gee corporates in ticker code is a pricey twelfth century yeah that was were in the forties or fifties where that notion of the church starts moving over from the institution i'm going back and the patristic tradition and following
the writings and starting to transform itself also in the light of the eucharist
it's amazing how far we could get away from that vision in the time of post reformation catholicism on the institutional accidentally flushed from
and then the vatican can to i don't know that it's much before about i can kill it appeared to me know at that time the idea that people would cut that is no artrage
now the people of god this a change in the center of gravity okay if you think about the church has institution it's center of gravity is very high it's in the authority between them that hysteria gently the the pope and bishops but largely right at the top notch it's apparent that it's a monarchy
was a center of gravity a tough it seems to me if you talk about it is that people who got to center a sudden i got to wait and doesn't it's right in the center of the of people
it's it's striking that before like vatican two normally when you said church you sort of institution and authority and
well priest to even okay
rather than you're being a church in other words the church was something that you listen to something that's also something he went to an expensive but you didn't identify yourself with a church that much your member of the church but not taking yourself as church so much but what american to and this idea that people who got a switches over so that they think of ourselves as the church
i'm not actually there
it's a it's a dramatic change but of course that's only one model people of god as only one was by no means a dominant my life expensive medical bills
it's very popular on the people it's mrs century liberation of such of taking possession of like church and from yourself as cottage you know that's something people can can get alienated from the church and as say why don't i know i know no longer consider myself part of the church and allergic
turner myself cosmic or something like that because their identities institution or the authority of the church but that would be inconceivable that another time because it's rather than such as a church because people know that they were the church and that the you not just walk out of it dentistry announce it nor can anybody to take it away from nor an essential can you get alienated
because it's what you are the early christians could hardly a nap for them it would be to abjure christ or something like that maybe but to be the church must have loved it
i get something else will come up later of the idea of participation kind of consciousness seems notice that the movement from gone from institution to buy your christ people have gotten with vatican to give you just realized that the traditionally been l to a smaller
there was like a glass of water cup of of water is all
pile up and it just spreads out yeah no that's like that because it was entirely vertical of a glass of water as or carlo vertical and that's container know a few punch a hole and touched spirit and of course what's needed sometimes of organic equilibrium between those two dimensions also so that can pulsate living varies between the two
so that they arrive at their own kind of adjustment by a living process
good on what's what's the significance and maybe it's just going editor on a difference between a buyout price will people
well out first use different the body of christ tend to attach you to the first of all the eucharistic emphasis secondly it's a country unity a kind of cream body in some way
which doesn't so it can be a little more abstract it's a little more than that of for but when you talk about the people of god you're looking at people look at it tends to come right back in the middle of you and the social shared social dimension
tend to predominate she body of christ can still be a little abstract still little removed from much we talking about people have gotten a match us so we can take possession of the idea of take possession of church and
mumbai of crisis to opinion it seems like it's still kind of objective a change that i've gotta subject they actually seems to be other people involved in the relationship you come back into the act on how you show that he's identify with that where's my identification of the volume crash maybe a little bit abstract a little bit secondary objective some
however if you say people got that's what i am but it's an eye a first person saying and join first person plural too
cause you can see that people you can see the body of christ is out there is not and i we tend to do it as an idea it's utterly journalist and people are stressed and the feds such as very much present it's not out there is a mystery humane of a vibrant and intention it would seem that
people are
in a sense to me as more out there
now that's interesting by a pisces which were that close well the both ever okay but i think the body of christ as much more distinctly new testament in other words that's gospel language because people got more salvation history sort of idea is wrong data was where comes from as worse just
i'm talking about the church as know israel people who've got got very close to it but people are gonna makes you more personal and social than know israel which can also be a bit of an obstruction the emphasis is on the people you have aspect comes right back down under the ground and right back down among us
home from a bargain price seems these february gracie's japanese for at my as other symptoms one of the problem was that the notion of body of christ khaki touched from concrete reality through an abstract with the digital package gotta book
call but as a cordless minister content which he goes into this idea of the mystical body shows our cup transform and has to be i don't think was translated into english italian french but first see that the eucharistic body and the community this mode of there's the same thing and sort of mystical body was not have been a very concrete way just like the
red and white and just like your community okay like the people cut and gradually the idea of mystic of running its abstracted until it's only a kind of sin abstraction maybe one hundred years it goes into
can it be given begins to recover it it's biblical countries and still keep that's used to piece which more separate here's got and here's people know i am a separate where the price the bodies such a given them not united states it's a real combination to the fact is that you don't have strong side between i'm okay because these are these are different fat
assets servicing reality so he speaks about them as successive phases but they're actually all facets of the one mischief
and your time even be criticism it just what you're saying that people have gotten is my app is more removed from transcendent in the body of christ would be a more organic yeah
do i think that it's all included use to yeah and emerges through throughs ticket a theologian arms chickens and mean the idea of people that yeah springs i don't have a proposed it
because already said came out as a biblical urgent contrary it must have i think it'd be yeah i been my okay is a big part for this proper big fat and ecclesiology cliff
so she before i think i was looking for the models are the church by every dollars and original much better it out
down to that for me was a kind of groundbreaking book that he says well before can do basically we had one inch to one model of the church which was institutional man now he says we have at least five one is institution second as mystery of communion third of a sacrament
they should have a i remember that god's work and personal servant okay but you could extend that list you can give extending he wrote another book in which is he listed under music basically as efficient that's where this came from alt-right can print out a second look
the body of christ the people got the second although he's coming out as attic to not not exactly but body of christ was emerging and and cyclicals before
augusta i
finally we get to the one i of sacrament which is is kind of mysterious kind of hard to understand and in an elementary rotation of much hard to understand how it works
and it's in the context of of the church not just being for the people that are inside but also having a general significance and effect for all of humanity
so even for those who don't believe in christ never heard of christ the presence of the church has a sacramental effect in the world and their life and yes well how can a trailer how can work
i'm not sure whether but i think actually the sacrament model for the church came more from
more for the people inside the church that it didn't outside and then it was developed on the outside to particularly by somebody that going not shipping
never popescu living christ the sacrament of encounter with cognition maybe that was behind the media the sort of powerful emergence of this model
that's period trio
yeah oh yeah segregate geology yeah sixty anyway
but this may have come from him but the hooks or lotion coach and the of using the word sacrament in outside of the seven yeah i can sending when show the odor is that christ is a sacrament of god gotten the church is about a accredited also uncertain of christ and got this economic salvation and champ
i liked it i always that fellowship should be between the shipping
a second yeah it's i owe you can put a camera or but there's such a powerful means all of the gospels
pistols as gods now becomes manifested in people's charter jet action
because it had only dubai or price again in flesh your encountered that takes you into the history and that second you
i think the sacrament thing i've made in the come up your showing hundred and one nine if we look at these historical fading number probably android that each of it's like is a small point two is that how you organize your time in the church for people come into the church it's very interesting how contrast is
or to the catholic church in protestant church and they put on high emphasis and realization the mystery of christ president by women and therefore the we have a lot of time to international you're indecisive from the after yeah in small groups and someone that i talking about guys are catholic church you got as a group a said man
criticized magic but there's little room for that sacred talk over scriptures something like that i'm is living room for photographers and i think nice be learned and a were sort of unity clots you and they started in specialized adult education thanks but it's it's rare and get the needs to grow
the events if the i get a parish like to think has been grown on a synthetic and to is catholics learning how to do just that yeah even this renewed programming which may the parishes in so many passions give you a jittery at nine of admits that kind of thing and people accuse it of being to protestant church was down there catholicism emphasized and mystery and the sense
of that which is hidden know that which is even a lot of language imagine having all the luxury of the latin language
the people were were praying but they were praying with a prayer which was not informed by the
the content
so it goes i'm going to recover the word recovery to of the catholic church direct reading scripture
michigan i'm going to use these questions because of my the the chapters so dense but
welcome to bring up all kinds of other which
he doesn't mean to say the churches of mystery i've got some references on their phone
what are some top of the individual screech well there's something else their ship and canada for good
all of that there's something isn't available captain can was trying to describe god the names you know go so far there's another vietnam rather defines god and sacred mystery are pulling the mystery so you can say that some high churches and manifesto
nation and i believe history which is not be a rigorous but
so he has how many mysteries are either he ends up with alternatives and one mystery and it's got absolutely no know the mysteries of what he says incarnation of grace because there's a trinitarian instruction and his idea of mysteries
now and then we talk about the mystery of christ
which is a poor my expression
now there before you to the that a little section by virginia
this is aggregated to monumental com
theological dramatically
and then the beginning he talks about the notion of of mystery mystery of christ passed on the street and chance and quality is their special but what your primary useful in the baptist religion index which is actually kind of a summary okay of the book
so if you look up mystery and experience in the bible it is it's bigger than the bible and more authority to
it says because the similar
if you look up in this index click on mystery i get mysterio on first which is the greek word is coming from having a good mysterium which is in johan paragraph on each one sort of summarizing his assertions about it and referring into the various sections
but there's a brief section in the beginning news or beginning out mystery mostly that pages thirteen the victory
and he practically the quakes the mystery of christ but sacred history with the mystery of the church and the best comics and he says it's going to is over those terms practically indistinguishable and talking about the liturgy but they have different shades of meaning average shame mr coast is not quite the same thing is a checkered history
which winds up and somehow all compressed concentrated into a student quit the pascoe mystery
usually means precisely the death and resurrection of jesus doesn't where's the mystery of christ is the whole thing it's somehow everything as centered in christ and especially the way it works out and has expressed in the new testament but its paws language language monitor a fidget collection
then there's a book by the way i call the christian mystery so he's got that right now it's an old
and if there's one of his usual for membership reading this the idea that christian ministries derived from the pig industries but to to useful book created stamped talking about the christian mystics
your deal read church to work the streets mounting system is in the early marked your between the perfect solar with explanation of the sword and there it's almost like that was picking school mystery where it's a comes rites rituals river you initiated into a this
truth and topicals and the know have the courage to you it has given to know them history
it's true that came their it's cause also different applications know if you look in a biblical one good one is that dictionary of biblical theology at xavier they are do for you look in one of those you're likely to is that the theological dictionary and replacement in touch the prompts
yeah that would be the most massive that kid of the things they've be the most massive streaming of time under the greek words on mysterious
what can you give a thumbnail the new tests managed like calling their standing hysteria on and can't create threads okay for it while visions can i you have given us to understand the mystery and use the wait for lunch with others challenge it as i understand the case the mystery is the whole planet of humor
salvation as centered encourage therefore as political almost like the field of action approached with the few of the effectiveness of approach because remember that most foundation for him is encouraged that you can say unity of inclusion in the body of courage to see only way to to get to salvage i were to
get to entrepreneur so the mystery for him the mystery of christ is the whole history of salvation drawn into christ okay and the union with christ but particularly expressed and this is surprising and the movement from the jews to the gentiles okay
the job touch and what he'll say is to me it has given to revealed to everybody the mystery of god and mystery of christ which is salvation given to the gentiles as if the whole mystery were just a movement of salvation crunches to gentiles but really that's not the whole mystery that's the say the
explosion of the mystery out of it's container and the whole world okay and that's what he's usually mission is the apostle of that
that thing

no i'm looking contentment

if we think that a a aerotech and that's all that other kind of jews from the trust he tends to speak of the history as if it were this moment as explosion of salvation from test the people in the workers and change to the gentiles represent all the peoples of the okay i've actually it's the whole thing okay and other way
it's it's all the dimensions and who a president that like and occasions and collage integrations the jesus on the cross giant and creation and everything in heaven and other of china and he's sneaking up the tiny marks were jews and gentiles because he's the a mental that okay it's like well as mentioned on much and crows you
and jews or gentiles and finding guys in utah
and god meanwhile is joining everything god joining a club to all of creation but this express them that i can store for a moment of salvation word with you gentiles
and they were the direction of the whole script
so it's your carrier and if it sounds kind of have to go uninteresting when he expresses it just that way but what he's really talking about this is the whole thing his concept of everything in christ's eating a venture waiting send the notice pleased to offer increased to be and and night and those first thirteen vs of a
to someone that encouraged in him in asia and actually the whole thing to send the summed up in those two words
but he is caught and that historical
break out and that's what that's his job that is his terrorism and so that's the way to attention to the scrimmage
this controversial decisions
talk about god the father he has led us to the mystery of his purpose according to his good pleasure which determined before he headed christ for him to act upon when the times written course that he would bring everything together under christ as it every think of the heavens everything
yeah sometimes he uses the language of head and sometimes he uses the language of fullness or body and everything in his okay also that word that's the famous that's ephesians one ten isn't that famous one anna kept for elias
and a catholic diocese this is the greek risk to recapitulate are and christ and it may have more than one meaning so i don't think it would be just reunite everything under him it's also implicitly in him okay it's a recapitulation that's erroneous just recapitulation that's what that
he gets it from there and just the idea of not so much of the vertical headship everything in him everything drawn together and summed up
can you know what would we say and even more in galoshes kanika through into things are made else on variation and together himself he's the image of the some the headship is there but it's only been going to be advantages and the want to be measured me is him at the center but also encompassing everything and he's the center which draws everything around it of is also at the bar
in which encompasses everything within it so
so disappears an interesting though in truth neutrals of bible counter the main theme of this letters have a whole body of creation haven't been cut off from the creator by said is decomposing and how it's rebirth is affected by christ's reuniting all its parts into an organism within himself as the ed so as to read
catch to god the human jew and gentile and the angelic worlds are the united the same salvation so that diagrams jew and gentile the rumors our and creation and jello garden real brought together yet not one images is jesus as head the other images jesus as
enter especially on the cross and that images and twelve mine okay vision and a patient in promotions that that images there and come coming
the figure yeah put the geometry that cell phones was my so the head thing i think is on the are also when we say recapitulate we don't have the we don't have the idea of ahead which erica patriotic and they have been the same for him in the greek language
well it just certainly is that the word at again and again
movement between us toward the vertical idea and the central idea of the central thing which more powerful going to speak of crushed his a heart of of all reality rather than the head as i could but other somehow wins in it and the center of a drawing it together entered himself and simply stated above it but it's like
the movement from that institutional frame of mind to to the moral critical organic perspective
also you can think of head and body it's sounds like center in buddy i want to nucleus and totality much tension propose using the language that was available at the time after it had nodded in intellectual terms but it
almost trump's that
nervous system makes the audience say yes principle of organization principal everything to get this like the new bush and the adequate an obvious from the cell and something like and the amount of the number of times he uses that in language and another says you know what kind of theology of for instance african how many times in christ in an empty
maybe a hundred times
by dum dum dum new theology impossible
especially inefficient and promotions which are called what are they computer a polite because they said it's probably been
actually you know writer himself with them by cyprus
so that notion of mystery i would urge you to to market in your mind and to return to it it's very important also for a sappy actual
christian you came from monastic christian it
sir where bulbs and can't can't resist yeah extract your tux occurring in the prologue efficiency talks about
christ is kid
the god in india in the latter part of chapter one may the god of our lord jesus christ father of glory give you a spirits or topic or spirit of wisdom and perception of what is revealed to bring you to full knowledge it making the enlightened that eyes of your mind but he but really it's heart so he switches from
capitalists come from the head to to hardware and he like eyes with our site you can see what hope his car holds for you how it reaches the glory of the heritage she offers so we switching their to a lot of wisdom
figures know nick a lot of glory
a goes from the hit a heart murmur into he does something like that at the end of chapter three remember the famous of almost a canada like from the three fourteen to nineteen
the you and that christ may dwell on your hearts and you being rooted and grounded and my that have the parent component and then there's four dimensions you know if you get the idea of a center and of fullness
even though the four dimensions don't quite work breadth and like the kind of that if you catch others in two dimensions but they are that intentionally and the whole idea's is emphatically again and again towards the center and then the fullest which that center brings together some
and the use i think it's pearl like a check and chapter three you but the artist just that you mean each filled with the utter fools yeah and and then it kinda in fact and yet dope
at the end of chapter one each uses variations that were plural and twice he said so the hadn't cried about criterion of architecture speed above all things the head of the church which is his body the fullness of him who it's filled all and also had just explained metal fullness emanation because you completely stepping out
language it is very hard to reduce that into into systematic theology to we can't do it in fact when you get back to this point as and mega genius because it's like you're going back to close to the big bang it's like you get into quantum mechanics okay where the ordinary newtonian system doesn't work and to stretch to have another kind of language which is really unity of mine
a junkie but things are kind of fusing into one another and your you realize that your languages orange a little out own history nobody can do is look at it as gonna keep on sending out sparks of line but you can't what role is trying to do is translate things into into other terms i noticed is a wrestling match
to talk about baptism and your christian and the other sacraments as sacrament and and defined sacrament
for trying to collaborative for almost pull it out of its own see be translated into another sandwich will be a system for it's okay which will workers or a of machine alongside the organisers were making a systematic machine doesn't quite work because you always have to go back into the fullness that's in the original reality
rather than abstracting and and them useful and necessary hesitant to the idea of second it's already an abstraction at one remove from me from the mystery to themselves
master we speak of scripture as can as a second get the typical language and churches sack of enough but this why i think the skill of x just a title that book brings us back to the credit crunch as to second in the uk etc and that circumventing all comes from incarnate
she doesn't i mean for a christian based on first of all creation and then incarnations of in which salvation comes into sensible matter comes to what we are physically so it's extremely mega genies is so much political of his genius is so much directed in that direction you might get book your your according to the flesh that
the instrument of
carroll gardens politician of again flush the hinge of salvation
so sacrament means earth world body matter that puts the emphasis there and she did the coming back of the word sacraments i'm about to come to represent
how would you call are we covering beginning of a recovery of that dimension we've gotten sober to come so far away
and i'm thinking about the supernatural so that's another change in the center of gravity that it's parallel to the first time we talked about the movement from a vertical like institution amount to the people who got the parallel one is from that institutional and supernatural society which they have the church to sacramento county which is
physical which kind of there's gonna be bodily like mucus to but to the incarnation of principles of the out i was heading damage them
use that means our western line and think of of all pupils mysteries as much scientific yeah also has a by and all my emotions with the archive scientific called professionals and so the horizontal dimension we can get stressful events and yeah we don't fully understand the cosmos
on the because like down you know we can't fall henderson got okay but put it this extraction that's right for us to see every encounter as somehow almost certainly takes a lot of energy that goes against grandma question
when dance hall poll parrot commands an intellectual conversion in way and and a kind of submission the simplicity
becoming a child the mind has to become a child
the willing to accept same church of one and this continually moving beyond analyst the secular minor note that the so easily like slips up in a panic among artists and come force herself back
that price is very very mr sleep
president and any you can get as she's really hard
i never a notion is very important for me as an ocean of participation could she primitive a fitness is it's just natural instinct of the participant to using conditional offers a number of a tribe of shock to his own party of the co-producer
this says israel the purpose of israel
have you got it was to abolish participation the first participation like a pagan rituals and or any other kind of and nature mystique
natural mysticism or you've got yourself as one whether vision so here's your country like a sword like a ability and just cassette or okay and it's like a circumcision and that's okay so you're in this sacred and violent average is separated from nature only consecrated the internet a and it's a very human
ninety people can't
and then christianity readmit participation in a way and a universal way and it doesn't sacramento a also
and in other words the incarnation but that whole notion participative mind and nonpartisan she'd agreed mind begins to be nonpartisan because it's analytical objective dualistic sonic when you talk about asia you're talking about of mine which is not only participative the unity of and seeing all reality is one
so but now recovering participant to consciousness in the west and church so a lot of this is moving out of the analytical consciousness which couldn't understand the array of all things we couldn't understand are participating in something good it had to be an object

true the church
the institution was an object and an object outsiders and above exposure we have a sense of belonging but still not not the sense of participation chin primitive christianity
so it's like barf talked about an original participation and manage it it's elimination until you go through this kind of needles i of the jewish tradition and then the christian tradition and then what he calls a final partnership patient much touch with christ and an enlarged like another com enlarging the
the other side of this need of side and the final participation is in christ that sentiment involved with the very interesting idea but our consciousness goes along with a shame because for a either side of conscious but not so much into time a new testament of later the enlightenment and
against my argument
into participation
what is the meaning of divine adoption

was very much like human adoptions
talks about town
christ reaching our joining us to himself as just from this book yeah
mosaic cause ideas gotta thompson says it's challenge of iraq and it's a little his little a perfect isn't it because it doesn't express the unity with god that you haven't been to child worker
to be an adopted child sounds like it's not quite real
hi september dead termites were in due to visit with paul is trying to convey is that we're
brought into the same relationship that jesus has with the fun that's right
but somehow and grafted on the divine and night you know i think it's not kind of bastard stepchildren issue and that quite company's totally the gentiles and enjoys putting his foot on the i was two ago so we can
but somehow the realities we get to share that same relationship because the same spirit is pointing that and wage actually so it's not really a second we will have a core of the thing is that it's unity novel the whole essence of missing some our subject isn't a distinction levels that what we have the mind of
christ has spent another point so sometimes you have use a kind of which trained language the other times he'll just have just go holloway or the hundreds of expression but maybe he's even be careful to show that it's god's initiative is doing it and that's why the notion of adoption yeah it's god doing a marina making ourselves divine tribe it's god's yeah cause the
primacy of of this act which is what paul is about
and it is issue just doesn't use that language of adoption yeah
gives us power to become children of guy
but to those who did accept him jesus get power our god he get out to come children of god to those republicans need you and it all these separations or or not from human stock or human desires have gotten so
you have an application and genres that isn't completely amateur that to the identity of jesus somehow becomes ours
i think it's important to have a job is to use your towards him question his grasp
can i tell the adoption also maybe that's important for pop because exactly he's speaking to like separate the initiation of guy it's now it to movement from jewish to gentile ah
and ah
the ghoulish strangeness of his message calls for one like adoption or here
just thing about like cabbage of jeremiah
the profits to you say that not participated thing ever thought about that the way that they're are all
it's like it's almost like is really stand out among other neighboring religions because because they they intentionally do stand out they see themselves as separate yeah inspector cutting off from everything jeremiah was almost credit tirades against the people under the trees were doing them fertility rites and
it's almost as interesting and we keep using on average of the and and circumcision that the metaphor of circumcision is also exactly what happens to israel and the cutting cutting around so they're separate separate from everything common the strange
it's ah
but you might have had to happen so that then going through the needle's items collected into the tight jar that it's going to be that had to happen so bad
so that the message of the universal invitation to on said she could be heard by all people so that the job did have to crack me because somehow this message couldn't have been delivered just black out to all people wanted it must have to happen to them in a way that involved different cultures spring
bring this type one into certain developing and in blowing it out you like gonna need to needed a people to do what he wanted to be needed a model people in some way it pretty elaborate is pilot on operation can put under contain around that model people hugs they go it's important that for her
they had to be separated a given all listening to which distinguish themselves from the page on their identity responded
and then she was actually broke
and the word adoption paul loves to say you were way out there you are without god and this will do it all dirty center of gentiles a kid so the word adoption comforter
is if only the jewish hadn't done before sometimes he talks know who i can ramen korea so anybody who lives according to countries that of government
the pig internet and before hearing about question
where the new testament can we find the fullest expression of industrial revolution
yeah that's where i'm ever we have virginia for don't of theology is a common from station but before he disappeared into the council and so it was a course on grace a graduate okay what he did rich issues ephesians one is this class was a commentary on the patient chip to want basic materials thirteen vs i think telling immigrations and
which is listed in latin latin those

okay we talked about the notion of the mystery courage
my reference for that was like a team so they put my boy a christian mystery dictionary difficulty
cutting through the container of the theological system and opening it to their best guys you might stay must of the unknown
by calling out of industry and then talking about gutters the whole industry which is present to you go attack the this was kind of spirituality them
there's something of a revolution because we to theology which is very largely contained inward looking and a consciousness also which contains systematic and latest national conceptual on
it was breaking down those walls runner being one of the better demotion
also there are those twin things in sacramento modi monday which is by to company a pitcher no theological encyclopedia and the one volume edition which is and i could be a theology
the articles in find articles on history and speculative fiction
often by runner-ups of for those key terms
what's proposed by ephesians the ultimate reason for the mystery of christ

men be an idea that appeals to us right away praise and glory of cook

the only an interesting
that's interesting yeah that's the ultimate reason added advantage glory a day or something like that that's coming from ephesians and final version we were sort of rounds ago i haven't yet
but you know how
that's something more than god's on glory i think you could call it it's almost like the third dimension the dimension of the spirit as consummation which means that the glory is you also as it were a flame was divinity like the burning bush
it sounds once you get a chance to earn but as if god was a cycle a year was a being out of creation and just ornaments up with or something like that that's not stop the bedroom boy but and says it
glory glory of gardens are man for we get i think that's that's would pause government
you know ah
i just think of it
some the very first some and in the there's the individual fighting against everything that's fighting against him to try to to persevere according to the torah and and a it concentrates in a gathering of other people with all these people gathered in the assembly
probably praising god and and that that's that's also the way the whole soldier gets the whole salter with its roller coaster ride and the whole end of it is just sheer praise know that attracts it's much better
that praises it's hard for rush to understand i think because we don't have it it's not an objective exactly it's it's like a not just a medium or energy field it's it's a world that the praises a world and to mode of the it's like a final state of being criminal
i to gloria
and you can have images like like a c like a flame or something like that but it's just a way things are when they arrive at their consummation
which can be a great else for the college career
that word glory it's very important in the new testament was fine it up i can pull an awesome i'm john
because it does a real substantial galle the real solidity to present as a varies
very solid meaning

what's the relationship between the church and the christmas tree with that sort of asking what the book says of that
present realization that
he's obviously talking about the church on earth business because you can have another section of the church in which the church is that all mystery of smell catch check not only as a present realization of in history in this world but the whole history has the church
i think part of latitude

when you understand what i'm stuck on
now he's got a definition averages of
more can go with the sounds like it was influential british columbia
towards the bottom of regiment

sacraments was external signs by which god encounters man and kind of got noticed it is that were to keep keyword from me for seconds and sign side effects has as to act
as power is not just assemble that's right out there
impacts you know i think there's a modest grasp the definition in catholicism has signed an instrument of divine reality or rates
return it's an instrument that there was while i was it has some real substance of the encountered in it which means it has been in yeah buddy exactly because it's made me
the past and of human lives in that debate
might not be tired recognized and respected expert and act of faith to believe that something has happened something has changed substantially in the world things because of this room such a manifestation of sign but not a sign which brings the reality all the way to temple which are visible signs somewhere there's there's gotta be something
visit we can create physical so much but you have it doesn't bring a reality totally out into the opens with the face is not needed in order to
to my contact me
that word of some language of sign an instrument is beginning to take on a coldness business it's beginning to lose something for the original reality that we're talking if you think about the eucharist thinking that purposes it's beginning to lose what would you got the fullness the roundness the depth the sense of of
caravan their this segment which is inevitable and try to talk about the athletic signed up with we just have to realize that we're we're moving out of the immediate field of the reality into the world of language
constructing a system especially when you're talk about seven turkoman choosing the same language for seven
it's interesting he really stress the notion of an encounter yet
and and avoids that the current domestic language completely avoided the sign though it has to be some kind of a definite
ha so a decisive definite point from concrete concrete nothing are inserted into the physical version and a concrete this implies physicality bodily bodily character
now he's personalizing it isn't a cosigner instrument as pretty impersonal
and what biggest and is important that is it contains the reality so when you say encounter there's an immediacy there isn't to somebody it doesn't say union but produce there's an immediacy of the to so there's presents presents and encouraging like two surgeries and reality
and then something is signified and something is communicated of achieve now deserts a communication more than just an effect efficacious the instrument school nice to that's dualistic language and somewhat mechanical sounding language
instrument or efficacy news
if we if we speak of communication cut it's been especially trained mechanism and you can snap that quotes with term news
encounters won't have to win
the upgrades than just a simple presence petra seems more of both single try camping trip
if you speak of encountered communication is natural for i'm an accountant
although we tend to thing of the communication in check when she's being one way and that is god
self communication god
i'm trying
this marks
so notice
he's not trying to give you ten words it will feel perfect definition of second you'd kind of wandering around at first he talks i can counter then he talks about
the definite point that can create point which is a physical point it's essential to the sacrament is obvious physical aspect
you could say well what's the physical aspect as or profession i a reconciliation
there's a there's a physical transaction between the area between the christian apparently him
there my cancel were the words i think probably the words yeah because the leg of the hands and ahead is not it's not necessarily site
alex much their language and to thicken and sphere
the brains and sacrament
yeah that's a travesty three levels second new raise the segment of the results
the sacramento as the externalized the roses the interior ultimate interior mystery that's communicated or grace communicate the sacramento on the other hand is the external side it would be a bread and wine fridge to new yorkers
and in between those two the something else then set cycle visit sacramento
which is i remember like for the christians the body of christ yes it's very so i know i can remember us i we can stop now i can't i can't remember what it was really our president second is a thing and then there's design and then there's the thing and the sign together that's talk thomas language but it's various since
very subtle us that the third one is so it's very subtle the resit sacramento and the thing as deep is the guess it's okay that's that she interior substance with the spectrum rich
what is restaurants lanes same thing or stuff yeah hit the road if observers the thing itself

christ is preeminently check on a good
because into single personality their reserves the formation of god and companionship man well i would have like if he could have accent incarnation for the because i always tend to think of second fatality in terms of physicality and turns it
check an extension of the incarnation of the movement of your divine into the material of of the word became flesh
he make point where the divine initiative to him and responsiveness perfect meet the great ritalin
in fact that they're kind of it's moving in both directions definitely a different these manifest in guys communicating go to jail time is original on again
christ is a circle of god and the churches a circular and the chef my dying is encouraged

you can almost hear about your journey there with his four dimensions of them
the cycle continues humming
mega genius has agassi says that about the whole energy the sacraments and particularly those real seven i'm they're always four dimensions is he
much the currently demonstrative okay that's the present reality which is it a past few days past present future
and immoral yeah obligatory nine so this commemorative of the patch never read jesus' death and resurrection the future is the eschatological hand to have a regional jerusalem federal attic the moral obligating dimension and then there's the the when it goes a demonstrative which is the present grace which is manifest to you can say intersects the most imp
for the president grace which is manifested communicate and second
no not going to make amanda reference
prosecutors i try to work this morning i can remember
is a number of books before it wouldn't work for me
spaghetti not even going to bring enough i like at the fast the future with treasure the past and the future were perfectly well
yeah that remember that had that future usually absolute future opponents not future history which the consummation
well as have to say the guests tomorrow
it doesn't work
i'm glad it isn't worth mean something's real
okay any coach american to on a sign on the sacrament can there two places in the vatican two one is from agenzia number once that's the chief one and that's where he gets this expression in such repetitive and of choice
the other ones are no injection number forty eight spectacular strickland
churches are kind of sacrament of side of into the union was gonna be in april and kind
an instrument to sign an instrument
but it's interesting that the definition of sacrament goes beyond
the tradition of this there's the unity of poor mankind in the for humanity
sure that's become more than the usual crazier you for the were checking
it sounds very much like pause idea of the christmas tree there an efficient and commercial
this is where you get to that difficult question of will how does the second works with those who don't know anything about christ those are temporary

synthetic nectar christmas tree year
there with a sign of instrument
well it's almost
if they made a plan to work towards by tools
it's almost in that state it's honest downplayed points and saxon cause for seconds or an instrument of european union series city units sketch but it's all about more important duck was sourcing sacraments return
for something beyond themselves in which which would be exactly the opposite of what pyaar trip which were going to with the sacraments other maybe with good things that were true with you are just like that they're downplaying the importance of second themselves and it almost better forms into the history
of christ miss was like i can
just an this
interested for most inviting me into the future by to have a job or something like that losing into the mystery was true that there won't be any sacraments and urbanism and even though some other reality of the second like the body of christ will be there and that's what will be not immediately without to mediation of second
oh the only one sec
that's right and yet it has to be physical there's no not a rigid has to be incarnation whenever it does to be sacramento in the sense of physicality bottlenose in the next one
that's part of the contract free christian but you know i think what this is breakout the deliberate breakout from the more specific notion of sacrament before which was focused more on me and right it's not okay so it represents he's got a movement of a break out which doesn't extend doesn't intend to exclude the of
go to play it down gets amount of movement spread out which
almost a realization and awakening that had happened in that's expressed here in a boy
okay maybe better quit there and pick up next year

as it was beginning is generally shown similar sounding