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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 1 - 1990s



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why we are be getting the chapter on humility which is tapped her seven and st benedict's rule and it's given credit for being a core of the rule or harder competitive well as well as a war the master remember that there are three of these principal virtue
his obedience silence that as eternity crammed humility and according to our was a the roadway
and it's evident that know includes the other target it and if you read the steps of the analogy of fine there are steps of obedience several of them and their steps from silence towards the end so humility is a comprehensive one and this is an enormous may launch chapter for same rhetoric to them but gnarly shortened to a bridges remaster but here
is nearly taken the whole of the masters chapter ten as not except he's been taken off the description of heaven the and as he did and i'm earlier chapter so your mount the ladder and cyberonics who have arrived not and heaven when you arrive at private charity which casts out fear so he
wants to keep it in this world if it weren't without offering europe other perspective
i will spend a little more time on this than we have on omnia the other chapters and complex enough to give us scope to do that but also i think we need to consider the whole issue with something of a critical perspective ask ourselves about the meaning of humor
how we can look at it today because we're dealing with something which from a psychological perspective people could complete data
completely reject they would say well the way to humility is described as destructive to the human person and the importance of self image today the fragility of people smoke damage the degree to which people need to be able to think well of themselves need affirmation all of this abuse of prime subjection of psychology of today show how to read
how do we speak about humility today and a way which can be positive and can be helpful to the person and also realistic given wouldn't you say that one side and treatment that we find that are closer coverage for such as the rules where it's almost as if descent were the only thing
as if humility and obedience for the only roaches as if the only virtues were renunciation except at certain points where level come come out our do you see something else operate so we'll do that after taken a look at korea
at this chapter itself and its antecedents now the to antecedents which we have our first the and most familiar day
the role of the master the masters chapter ten
an had cation you have a xerox of the final chapters of that book of the institute take the chapter forty thirty nine and forty treatment and thirty nine pitches be grandfather to help save money to protect and seven
the kind of steps and when i'd like to do it the first to look at the rule after seven and sources cash in on the master then a further development and to probably just a st bernard traditional integration
okay ability and of pride which is quite a beautiful little work of st bernard
it may strike us as being too simple of course in one sided today but now that's true of most of the monastic literature with academy contemporary perspective
don't that finally thirdly the problem of spirituality commodity today
so we've got a value reality which can't be rejected can't be left behind and yet which requires some kind of a re-interpretation hello hero re-interpretation
let's take a look first at the degrees you're not going to get an idea of how they flow and out our except seven and we can actually read through the systematic afterwards
not that game there are twelve degrees if you're not a here and the first one has given more space than any of the other
so you've got a couple of pages devoted
two more than two pages devoted to the first uva of humility which is the fear of god
and there's an abundance of scriptural quote
given to fortify
then the second degree of normality was
a man was not as on will now take pleasure in the satisfaction of his desires so what does this mean actually
and in some ways he renounces his own well he's ready for ready for a turning and his life in that sense and then that leads directly to the third step and which ones submit that is arm well to a superior one seems to lack right into the other
the first step is my obedience becomes difficult nutrition of years
the first step is that he opens his heart to the spiritual father who here is the habit and notice that appeared it's not just opening the heart brits confessing one central thoughts in iraq's whereas a and cation it's a matter of open
awning the heart without qualifying the thoughts that you're confessing us and as good or evil
has an important change
the six step away have gotten beyond the the stage where obedience here in while no we haven't because not a way that
benedict gives it to you because he says a poor worthless work on whatever task he has given so you're still in the circle of obedience where you're moving to something else which you might call a basement
something and sounds like they actually belong to the seller
sometimes they classify these degrees humility and three categories obedience a basement of silence but that doesn't seem quite to work i think these attempts to divide with concepts divide the twelve degrees are somewhat artificial that and they never quite fit
i'm just because we have from a range of all things that's right what would be nice to simplify it and i think we don't want to lick could certainly there are categories a category of obedience and gracious nice way three or four degrees the category of silence or restraint
of speech and left nice the embraces about three degrees to but it's hard to find say three or four notions rubrics which for nationally divide the chaplain
now we do have trouble remembering tropics
after why do you get the hang of how they flow because it one way of remembering a simpler going to how you get to one point when your mother what comes next one leads to the next
that february often children notice and the sobs yoga you're saying lot and your ear nose which coming next you start remembering your year or next thing i last in office becoming the months sound before you know i tend to as you know what and of compliments excellent nature nurture because the same
sensi china
and in the old is i'm sure they memorize the whole
he felt this chapter of future
huh okay
where were we we got to the six okay
and here's where you get especially to the the point it would be questioned by contemporary psychology
first year your own and significant ignorant know better than a beast before your and the seven steps your alarm
for the six that your content with the lowest treatment and regard yourself as a poor workman whatever you're you're given seven step
inferior to on of less value now here you interior as the thing incursions
cash and version
how as you not only say it for true vaping in your heart you feel that eight step you do on a bot is
in the tradition and here benedict concrete oh they very much supposed to condition of this monastery the common remove the monastery and example not of the elders as incursion of the superiors
the very addictive notion ninth step restraint of the tongue
now this sounds very much like the mastery and that the only speak of your asked to question it would be avenue asked question trump
ten step not gonna truly love to let monster speaks champion without laughter seriously and without raising his voice there's a curious or ordered and these steps that they're very close together but actually one of cash has been split into two willing to i believe the ninth and eleventh
and a twelve step
ah my manifest remote and is bearing no less than in his heart so this is a further external expression but the commentators will often speak of it as an interior disposition chiefly however st benedict has been moving in the direction of external manifestations so we have to take a template for it
now people point out that the first degree and twelve degree are very close together and either of those is as such and cash cushion has ten signs of humility not degrees and then the master and benedict and so the first one on the final month and i'm doing that form a kind of inclusion within the
fear of god
emphasis on the first design for itself
and then at the presence of god the the watch ones with that a boy your actions of the last one is an emphasis on the external expression of the spirit of cup but that places on enclosure around cash and ten signs are the ten size of a million cash and are all
with respect to your neighbor what is humility is relational about respect or community might show on the first and last time however our towards yourself towards god so it's a more political framework vacations ten times you can put into five posts by the and by copan
and then after the twelfth sign you had this lovely conclusion which is anticipated in cash him as well as we'll see after sending all these steps if you know that the mccullough could quickly arrive with a perfect of god which can fear
and the the way that the what would you call it to work of the spirit and the movement from fear to love and from law to gracious were are locked with the spirit are constrained to freedom or rule to spontaneity is described as quite beautiful
heroes to programs himself brings out the lovers here at the end whereas in the gospel of course not appears to be unique business what's the great commandment you shall not allergic asthma we just had it or will happen
and not in the interest so we've met that before i don't like that cation and therefore the role of a master invented a time to put t m other the beginning but in chapter four remember it's with the beginning of them
but then they listed the instruments of the works that we've got a couple of things operating now when i go back into the context of the gospel why they tend to put it the beginning when i tend to look at things like the professional monastic writers and ladders scales and sequence will they tend to put it again and you can see how this reason for both of them if it is
to be that the first movement and the gift of god and their right to beginning and pentecostalism work as the initial gift that to smoker at the same time it's the perfection of christianity so it needs to be in some way you get business it needs to be the final step needs to be the crown of whatever you're doing business so there
as it were responding to to
necessities and it's legitimate i suppose that you would have this mr treatment
okay let's take a look at how chapter ten with a role of the master which you don't have that i'm just trying to work
outline and for you
basically right from the beginning and almost all the way through it's the same as rv seven with minor changes and additions of harvey show
even a t and even the conclusion therefore when a disciple complete the ascent of all these rumors of humility who live in the fear of god
successfully scaled the ladder of his wife and see language languages a little different and soon come to that love of the lord which when perfect casts out fear whereby already previously observed not without here he will begin to keep without any effort as though naturally out of heaven no longer because of fear of hell but out a very low for it could have it because of divided virtue
st benedict has added
the word or two ago
for love of christ
he puts him in the last part of them

out of love for christ could happen light and virtue
whereas the master has out of very low for this good habit and because we provide enrichment the lord will be pleased to make this manifest and his work on our cleansed by the holy spirit for and since virtually the same as benedick and an addict just change the order the words to work with them holy spirit their of it then
the master embarks on this description of of paradise with the reward in heaven which benedictus cup a soul such as this therefore having gone up his rungs will my life presented doubtless they enter into the reward of the lord to which the apostle rate rose when he says what we suffer in this life can never be compared to the glorious yet hundred the average is waiting for us
then he goes on to describe as he did before where the red roses flower without ever wilting the lush grow to retain forever the greenness of springtime the verdant meadows ever abound with rivers of honey and shot everything is sweet smelling and top
there's a kind of charm to that the same time as a literal illness which is strange isn't it
if the monastic life is supposed to lead you to buy a new level of consciousness it's surprising to find such that would you call an extroverted description of the blessedness which waiting so maybe st benedict's curtailing of this cutting out of this description is not only a good from the point of economy and the tremendous of the rule
but also from my point of
the these descriptions
our lovely in their poetry but somehow don't quite reach the depth of what were promised in the new testament to the
although you find a lot of that on the profits number like even the prophet isaiah when there's second and pregnancy but the descriptions there are objects that are evidently an obvious vague in some way that a four-color symbolic and know that is the is
line of milk and honey and so on that they seem to be a kind of poetry which is consciously
symbolic rather than literal seems to me
and even jerusalem as the woman whose to get earth the barren woman has to give birth well let's not go well that's symbolic and so a lot of the other description but here you don't quite have that such it's a literalist a projection of the essential alive but this work and because it's so much projected top
a delight and towards pleasures of the sensors that's the something missing there's a kind of balanced mentioning
and so it's probably just as relative advantage
cut it out
they're the food causes no excrement for just as the ears are sated with good tidings and the nostrils with fragrance and the eyes with visual perfection and eating cannot result in indigestion
because the banquet of that consists not a food and drink with seeing smelling and period
it avoids the gross but leaves you with and kind of i don't know what the islamic heaven is like cricket south africa
those things are usually meant to be
they would you call it an elusive symbolic poetry
let's take a look at cation
hence the to each chapter thirty nine here when compared with the border of the master and benedict and you just click click
the beginning of our salvation and the safeguard of it is as i said they feared the lord this is the
the talk of other countries
we've been telling about the practices of the shinobi i'm in here he gets to let himself go and describes the inner process of transformation but he does it through external signs
now this beginning has turned into the first degree of humility for the master and for granitic it's not a degree here occassion doesn't have degrees he science what the master and benedict have done have taken the series of signs and turn them into an ascending scale they made them progressive whereas in kashan you do
don't have a strong sense of their progress from there are all signs on the same level and of oh boy himself admits that we should not take a progressive nature of the ladder and benedict and the master to literally too seriously
because actually they all come simultaneously
and say they've done that largely by bringing the image of the ladder and cash doesn't have the image of and longer they've taken the ladder from how does a genesis twenty eight jacobs division of the latter i got it in here which gives you a lovely image and i love that kind of and closes the whole thing in a nice a nice picture but at the same time that
progressivity is deceptive
especially because the last signs some of them dump seem very deep they don't seem to go as deep as as some of the earliest management
most external things of restraint and speech and have of things like that they would seem to be at the beginning
for through this fear of the lower those who are trained remember scripture says that fear of the larger the beginning of the wisdom of being and wisdom and also says that share of voters the perfection of wisdom and another conference not a conferences is not a conference cash and talks about
the progression from one kind of fear to the other which is from survive here to failure fear of the lord so you cover these discrepancies by talking about more than one kind of fear if the first photo john she's a perfect love casts out fear does it can step that feeling of fear of the lord and not i don't think so we schedule
a lot of our commentators from ensures there's a kind of a fear of ignore that remains forever
and to understand that i think we have to experience it but also we have to allow the word fear to change it such forms we have up to allow the word itself to to expand you might even call a delicacy you might even call of sensitivity or you might
call it
come an extreme sensitivity in one's relationship with the lord
so that one it brings about a a care and a question which i think is is true how relationship of love you may not want to call that fear but there's a sensitivity and caution not to injure the relationship not to hurt the other question and stuff which can be translated into our relationship with cup
okay when this fear has gained an entrance into a man's how to produce produces contemptible thanks now this is a stage of renunciation which to the first step of fear it's not a step in cash and but
probably happens outside the monastery of the second point here of renunciation is what brings person to a monastery or is the entry to the monastery that we put a tablet the step of renunciation is taking up the monastic life and then the other side's take place within the monastic like percussion but that progression from outside the monastery to inside
the monastery is dropped by the masterplan i'm gonna take for them and own takes place inside the monastery
the second point here stage is contemptible things forgetfulness atkins folk and a horror of the world at shop
that's the typical
strong rhetoric of this tradition
renunciation of the world leaving the world and that's taking a monastic right now by contempt for the loss of our possession that's an interior arised enunciation humility is game and humility is attested by these sites
and then it goes on with ten signs which are by and large identical with degrees
three but agreed how three through eleven of the last round of benedict
and when this has once been genuine they secured it then at once it leads you on by still i or step to love which knows no fear
and through this you begin without any effort as it were naturally to keep up everything you form lives are not without fear
you finally observed that not without fear of punishment the translation of here could be detected no longer know from a gotta punishment of heroes or eleven goodness itself into my temperature which is almost literally taken by the master by benedict with these little modification if you have seen
that's once game the other scheme which is an abbreviated when you find in chapter forty three on this page
and this one clearly is to be memorized
and it's a wider perspective he gives you here
here's a few words how you can mount up to the to perfection without any effort for difficult in i notice here you do have progressivity okay here you have a progression from room to run without the image of the ladder but when he says mount you have instinctively that the image of of steps or more a lot of don't you
so maybe a master better they got their clue
for picking up the image in the letter from here resident from the other section
without any effort or difficulty it sounds like one of our era and some of those things you get in the mail
the beginning of our salvation and wisdom is a good and description the fear of a lot okay from the fear of the lord of the rise a salutary compunction okay but i just hope you didn't give us before ordering he went straight from the shore of a lot of renunciation and the earlier account
from compunction of arch bridge renunciation and then from that which is synonymous with nakedness and conduct a positions as be gotten humility and then the whole of humility is is just one step here so the ten sign should be included there and then from humility the modification of desires for motive
vacation or desires or fortunate false or extirpated decay by driving and for graduates should have been increased by the budding of virtues purity of heart is gained by period called the perfection about this topic was a court
wow so the whole of the ladder as it were of saint benedict and a master seems to be would seem to be swallowed in one step of humility here but obviously that's not sure
but notice that humility is is far from being the final step here it doesn't seem to lead you while the or
st benedict master imply if they don't say explicitly that the modification of desires and the growth of the virtues
and purity of heart are included in humility don't they are comprehended in their letter of humility
this sounds like know what we are the other day from letter of peter does go to undergrad this virtue with them on the scale of progressive scan the virtues and that was the
dex the cash and that a cypriot breached her
some humility has been contracted here seems to play a much smaller role whereas before it seemed to be almost everything
this about the way as behind it a bag reyes
because a bag various gives you a kind of ladder which leads to apa saja
which is a passionate machinists and attached age you are able to experience contemplation and i don't know if a virus has put love in there at all
so caution is actually somewhat christian icing a bag or is
who has a very greek philosophical and intellectual illness doctrine
and of angriest is it is a platonist he owes
lot of his theory to origins
purity of heart is the
have angelica virtue of the attitudes which he remembered is the goal of the monastic life according to cash in the first conference of ophthalmologists
so he's consistent there
any comments on before we go on go back to i will
since chapter seven or so important for us we think it's good to go into its it's background on a you can it helps you to understand chapter seven they manage without taking it too literally
had to understand get the sense of fear of what's going on here
the vulgar way
has to too much though
harvey seven one of them is a straightforward trip poetry readings make one of the quite useful and quite likely to this book the other one is brief and he says he's done it twice before him so he's not gonna to on extend himself wanted and this book but what he does it take a a critical look at ah
chapter seven here you may find that quite interesting he tries to confront some of these problem and what he does that he can be quite critical over
have the treatment and harvey seven he speaks for instance about the problem of love coming at the end rather than beginning
he says humility was for our fathers what love is for us to key word that sums up everything of charities they had a high perhaps a to high idea has even today many people have of mysticism or they say mysticism is only a very special people are crowding their long python aesthetical abramson saw humility was for our fathers but
love is rush the keyword is transitory nice talking about the monastic like picture because the church fathers certainly would not be likely to show that
and that's something that we have to we have to question and we have to try to understand and we have to try to get a feeling for it and then be able to put it in context posts on the context of the gospel and and the context of of today are on experience
a couple of a critical ideas which i'd like to mention now come back to back
one is the
whole issue you've got the psychological issue of what's happening in the person and what's good for the person and what will really help the person to grow and what will tend to crush are retired or close up the person can we have to ask that question on the new chapter show
another question is is the when i called the social question of solidary how about that because
at first sight the chapter would seem to present us with an individualistic picture of the individual monk ascending or descending towards perfection toward salvation right what about relationship with others when you take a second what do you realize that most of these great of humility
all the ones that come from cation our social in some way i think so that implicit in these is a change in your way of relating to people okay
what we might like to see perhaps is
an integration of vision into a into a vision of communion
that is it you're not doing this by yourself you're not close to him by yourself upgrading your own as it were on your own system and trying to read to reorganize your transform your own personal system like you're actually in a context of solidary or of communion and that as you all about it should not be own
only a matter of an interior change but of a different quality of relationship and a different kind of experience and realization of communion others okay that would seem important today and maybe not only and the context of the monastery of just a little circle and which you vote but in a larger ca
maybe a world context chidester when she talks about this chapter i think is something very good to say she's or something like this that this chapter on humility may not strike you as very relevant to us but just think of the position for instance of americans in the world economically speaking on are politically speaking shaw
and the about of complacent
ignorance that is in our culture okay the way
we can complacently as it were sit on top or on the other top of the economic ah
structure of the world and consume a lot of the most of its resources make and have a complacent sense of superiority and come along in this way so something in the way something like humility as needed something like a conversion and our national consciousness as hated and maybe this chapter has allowed to do with what it is that what it's about
whatever next championship it would seem would need to be complemented filled out that kind of perspective okay some kind of social and human global perspective today something that wasn't necessary or possible in those days but very often the monastic literature is talking about poverty started about humility and things like that as if you were isolated in a kind of container
the container of the monastery within the container of your own body and life and the whole thing was going on in there but really it had very much to do i think with entering into the common level of humanity and the common condition of humanity which is the the condition of the poor
so the poverty and humility of the box but very much to do with human solidarity but the literature doesn't say that
the bishops will say that when they're preaching and they'll say well whatever you have to dig it out made it was taken from the poor blocks to them the monastic writers don't talk about that and yet would be talking about is actually very much about that teams to me but to talking about the poverty of the humility and a good number of the other virtues so there are
lot of social implications which is something i brought out
the very
what would you go gray gospel centered in that way
when jesus talks about humility we have to consider it was that hero the one who exalts himself will be humbled honored humbled himself with the exalted let's put it the beginning of our chapter on haemolytic here and of what way point average from three different places and because
post with some a different century each time
my place is the parable of the banquet remember when you give a banquet don't or when you are invited to a banquet don't sit at the top but put yourself in a lot of place and that the master may come along and say friend come up higher
another time was have to the parable of the to another parable the powerball is a publican in the pharisee
none i can you hear for everyone to exalts himself will be humbled who hundreds of chocolate they shot i forget the but the third one is a to asking
hmm i don't recollect with the three hundred
humility there has to do sometimes most strongly with directly with god as it does desert the parent literacy and republican but not only movement of publicans variety so i thank you though that i'm not like the cellphone so even there it had to horizontal
aspect to a horizontal dimension social dimension

could say got that same humanities
skill crusaders balancing humanity as putting yourself and of others at least not brings of own grounds
yet no right
and might be a first step of humility but actually that's very difficult
not to put oneself or others is difficult is different in different contexts okay the especially when you're with people that you might instinctively consider inferior in some way the pavement with poor people something like that not to put when local promoters is extremely difficult to go on shuffle machine model and as a dry venice
and arrigo go in that sense which is continually distinguishing us demanding that we write up on it
ah it's difficult to define humanity
and often i think
it's better to allow making a number of definitions a number of attempts at definition and to see how the definitions
relate to the reality which reached instinctively aware of some way
because we know our egoism we know our tendency toward substandard nations on a tendency towards exaltation and somewhere degree of an instinct for what humility is about but whenever we try to express it precisely articulated precisely what we say doesn't quite seem the facility like while these signs it's almost like these signs of the
analogy our attempts to just draw a circle around the reality of community without anybody's being able to say exactly what it is
it's something simple and complex at once to be very deep letters and shapes and it's a transformation of the core of the human person or something here that i want i don't want to say transformation of the court because it's almost like a transformation of the shell of the and the person which is the diego so that it becomes transparent and if we ask what it becomes transparent to you can say it becomes too much
proud to god as st benedict would be likely to say the master or cation or you can say it becomes transparent to our deep yourself as someone like thomas part was the some of the voters would say no
that it becomes transparent to help or hinder the outlet becomes transparent to a unit of snow which no longer has that that thrust for desperate need for self exaltation because it is it has the performer sen
because i'm because it's a unit himself okay so that if we talk and contemporary terms about the relation between the ego and self for instance itself with the biggest that unity ourselves but core of the person which is somehow one would god and and being one with god knows itself and union with everything else rather than opposing it herself to everyone else having to be better
some movement in that direction
she's been irritates him
stepson meals if you could interpret the very by fine
and crawling was metres mature and so as browser game rather than charges to you so bright and truck put yourself down at least i mean the ideal will be to be
what's much equal work environment
well as as i'm just not on the bottom much like much but because otherwise if if we are allies will try to outdistance so awesome going to each other warm when i'm just because there's been a lot of false humility that and that's one of the big dangers and the has to fight you put a melody in the middle of them leaving can be trying to be humble all the time but actually
i don't think it's something we do it along with something that life does to it
and something perhaps the monastic life will go to us if we let it all we can do is be receptive i think when things happen for instance when he talks about bearing obedience to are difficult or unjust that kind of thing you know that's that's the time on hunting ability grows but notice it's relation
something to have couldn't there's a transaction something's going on it's certainly not something i can do inside myself how what can i do about it often at the response to a situation where the responds to coming into the monastery being treated that way which i've been accustomed to rather than as i was perhaps treated better in the world that kind of sex and then to have
have the ideal as it was a biblical image they're of humility and ability of jesus and things like the pharisee and public and having those things at my to be able to
change my natural response from my instinctive response and the light of that truth which is entrenched as that scriptural texts and and this cat perfectly
so gradual
the gradual transformation of my responses and a gradual somehow deepening and realization of the truth of this thing as to take going on at once and i will be sent my total many videos contract a community that them down a comes into existence and it's tested many countries
it's so not being in person that be subjected to a which will bring up the region some with
patrick that's right well as part of humanity we went to get in the context of the time
summary of movies and something can be seen to work swim in a relation i think it's sure and that's how it grows to a it's post manifest and even not averse to yourself because i couldn't have very humble for tomorrow by myself nothing's bother you but it's my responses indicate to me where i am when you're going to humility
and also to others but at the same time it's those impact those confrontations which are the occasions of growth i think in humility
it's in seeing
that i'm not here and making the effort to move there one that revelation comes to me that to return to the growth of the possibility of
but there's another issue here is that will we ever know on our humble is it possible to know oneself as has been humbled
maybe not
you may be able to see that certain illusions and false snoke images and drives and were there before and no longer there
but it's probably a snow forgetfulness largely and a wholly indifferent to even to the fact of ones are to the quality of one's on humility and point
where's the thinking in the beginning are totally preoccupied with acquiring a certain stage of her tuition us are perfect humility years that those are the goods that are promised to us where i hurried and hurry to get them
so one thing is that movement between the indulge yourself putting it in contemporary terms or emerge times the false enough to the to stop smoking because martin really dichotomous is there he he tends to look at ego very often is being so
they transcended or got away with but usually use as wholesale occasional yeah think kill have put the word ego there nikita is more realistic about it used to ego also on a positive
none another thing is
we have these different levels are open choice and say the he go level is our central level and some will we can fall below that is something i can sub human level
what we can go beyond it to something i got and superhuman level and then that's not that poor language because two as three super how minister they could be human to move to the stage of the self as it were for the stage of to evaluate stage of others to be truly i'm not soupy him but at least you can have us and often an attempt
thing to go even through a melody
go to a supernatural level we will fall to a sub national and some of the practices of humility recommended an rv seven question if i misunderstood or or wrongly applied to literally taken can make us rather shove him and she'll pay him other sub natural and supernatural
so a lot of things that seem like progress can really be regression and this perhaps especially in this area this chapter
top will come back to that high
as shop with smack jesus is presently you know my teacher who seems to me happy and teacher the so they can know that seems to be tradition now i'm not a critical items crutches because he wasn't particularly anything
a good fit his room right jesus man acts
he says company behind me yet hundred distribution
yeah now there's our enemies rapidly
pretty spring back
green's you can keep his eyes boundaries show
why we got here by you can preserve so they may have kept custody i see on her if it was incredible
i think what they do usually where do they were they take their new testament basics from the teaching of jesus okay one to punish has take the last place and so on and there's a lot of teaching of that inversion that a decent especially think the middle of march passport because it's present in my mind but chapters eight to ten you know where all the time that the doctrine that one
who wish to be exalted must have been so that that's that his teaching has not have heard about that but what about his wife the passengers they usually take deal with the passion of jesus okay so they take his passion and his obedience to the father's will and then is submission not completely without protesters it
once or twice he speaks families as why do you strike and so on and he certainly does not just say yes yes to the high priest in time but episode twenty silent so they think those patches as it is in the suffering servant messages about saving and they go to the doctor military upon them
i think part of the problem is that humility and obedience we're going to absolute ties to our western tradition and i forget who it is that in writing about the religion economics is haven't marmont says how beautiful it is that the monarchical structure and the a whole has a war would you call it
structural tone of the rule of st benedict and benedictine monasticism is a microcosm of the structure and tongue of roman catholicism or on a catholic church as much okay so and as eternity there because of our strong institutional hello to mention force
put humility and obedience right into shutter because it works so well in that kind of vision and in that kind of treasure institution okay
so we've got to have a good agreement that added to that the teaching of the monastic college and have a good deal of patristic moderation i think that the way is the way of of a basement to way of the way of submission of and so on you put on top of got something extra
so that's pretty close to the core of the question we have to ask about this doctrine and commemorative today not the same time it does touch directly on the point the point being that movement from and he goes hundred personality to a deeper center which we can call the shelf where we can call christ
we can god was innocent the holy spirit of whatever that's why they're so the question is how do we interpret chapter seven roanoke times to changed them that is contemporary statement and moving from me the ego centered to the self ego centric point to the shelf but i think it's well it's hard to find a better one today there is
that that conversion a transformation in the human personality by which it becomes turned inside out or whatever
and no longer has that self-drive that is transparent and ah
i don't have another word that handles that right but transparent to the the greatest thing garden to the deeps cellphone of our snow
i make the most powerful
most helpful thing
i'm counting married
issues are a moment you were going down to earth yeah that's what it means the ground
the usa and this really is been down to earth the enormous
part of it i think is a being able to relativise our own consciousness relativise how long vision
another as i see things this way that just and i see a very strong and that's were i can't be wrong i made that that can't be an absolute the final view because i know i'm going somewhere and i'm on the path whatever i think of things right now as tentative okay think that's part of it
and and life just doesn't tourist as we know on i think because one one were young i think we can have a very a great sense of omnipotence depending on where we're coming from depending on what our experience we going to be normal such a new potential enormous blindness to things as they really are and
i was in sensitivity and other people all of that it is exactly what humility and because aiming at instruction for not
but hey
the mechanism it seems to be set up here may seem a very crude mechanism for dealing with and so it requires interpretation however when we talk about this we have an instinct for the reality of what's being talked about and we have what we need in order to reinterpret didn't i think from our own knowledge of our stumps and of our relationships and so on
and our knowledge of people
and if we keep our eyes open i think we learn more as we go along
that where the real thing as once in while and see somebody i take them will give us a new step of revelation on top i mean people who would guess that's where the idea of game progress is useful because virginia
you may need to have that is not a do
establish yourself as we're sure as you get all the you can admit it's not more and mole that you're in perspective as ground and very delicate yeah i think it's you can also say that are the first half of our lives your ordinary person's life you have to establish a particular structure and world there's gonna be something out of your be
isn't as your home your family all of that and a structure of ideas which is strong and immovable it's your castle of thought and consciousness and it hasn't an attempt to be infallible because it has to resist and to defend itself and so on and has to be a working thing that doesn't just collapse on somebody contradicts it but the second
turn you can take very crudely isn't letting nothing died and somehow becoming on so transparent to a larger array vla to something which comes up out of the ground so we returned to the ground at that point humility human on returned to the ground and the ground is not just the movie called abstract earth
humility of of blood virtual you need to the common ground which is a colorado humanity for one colon cancer we rejoined the human race we don't have to get on top of it anymore in our content and at the same time it's the cosmic reality so that out of nature showing the truth comes up we don't have to force it
any longer we don't have to force her ideas because the truth is just sprouting up just coming up out of the ground everywhere when the river master and benedict say that now naturally you do these things which before you to by constraint that movement from hirano me to recall it fianna nash post
i think that's what's happening and you can call up on stage of wisdom also where you're lifting a separating yourself from from nature rising above it by the strength of your diego which you're pretty masculine technical should you let yourself town or you die back into the common ground with reality show that now reality can speak and we can both listened to it and be tragic
parent to ignore or let it be communicated foolish but without having to force him it's just there
the tradition like zen which you are
dr very different perspective okay but as interested in the same thing could help us here because protection to to read some of that you say ah there's the reality put without the heaviness of this masonry the superstructure which we seem to have here
especially within that within the benedict of framework
i'm thinking of enlightenment and kind of just collapse of the self defending consciousness that happens when a tight country
okay maybe you should quit for today next time let's go through the steps and then
if you've read a couple of tang we've just a couple of things to hear that could help us to grow into perspective i'm glad we got into these critical questions anyway today
stephen a look back at me and continue to speak yeah
he's glad them back
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