The Kingdom in Parables: Introduction

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Part of "The Kingdom in Parables: New Testament, Cosmology and Contemporary Poetry"

1. The Kingdom in Parables: Introduction

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mom let me say something about seems that will keep coming up
what does it he was delightful known delightful know it monitor we used to connecting the like with knowledge that the more position christian and with the tradition of recipients of that a contemplative tradition of could really really about that with
have another thing be suspicious of and to think that diverted to something normal
then broke through the idea of delightful nine that people can literally be the woman that is good because of another than to be so much information on the quantitative novel and open to the kind of to move about the winter my center to the florida that the tradition of conservation
the nobody will deliver of another kind of knowing that few the wisdom of time when he is also the delightful knowing that god is a delightful knowledge that if we think of visited the word who come to the third the word who was accompanied by the then he the word with
accompanied by device
we been demoralized by to we think we should go with more than another direction degree of the movement or visit unequivocal about that you have to do or not enough to not only good for the haven't done with i had to do
however the other end of that has the knowledge he meant to be the from minnesota and that could blow the phone
the other the arrow keys a thing with you get the beauty of music and a little bit cleaner that you couldn't
but the fact that this revelation of god which was given that gives the word of god is something that to claim a delightful agreement affected the gravitational own magnetic tell them because if we let us submissions to overcome every other night and another dedication
now with no good can they
that if you open yourself to the word you open yourself to the little guy little good it was going to the loss of energy management and one gonna make you into something new with the hotel but you must people over nothing
but it's something delightful and therefore we can with some confidence follow my delight as we leave it up
now this is related the terrible because the terrible is a form of but the for his name and also easily doing that amount of money sending about they're sitting in the boat and and preaching to the people terrible it's like teaching that like more already left the military
and they will have to put isn't quite that because somehow you can go on the way down regulate inside and silver lake
the knowledge of gun which we had a piece of code is delightful own way to the bone
the my knowledge for that there's somebody like maximum comfort
who will talk about the punchline of quite illuminating intellectual kind of screenplays for down to the car was always talking about that the lightfoot he could knowledge of the delightful he could with them with god and forth to the third to contemplate
now let me think about terrible that are countries with the defense the third was meant for the now
my words are not going to have preferred that the was meant to be the life of a delightful
remember that wisdom and fill in the western tradition of thought to be loving others but loving know you go through the life from and the point within is where the love and another become one thing remember thing got an image know who you're certain with the garden
memory intellect and will the
had memory as the center of our present them with a to support that family with the father images beginning and the common thread from which knowledge and love comfort and the good deep enough into are those people on into internet routes into that fluid than the to become one the knowledge of margaret them up in
now that happens both in the scriptures and the kind of revelation we get an encrypted he has been a people in calgary needed the fighting in him and the my knowledge with economic for analogy is more than they can put into words they can sort of bowled over by the amount of light to center and they don't know what to do with it
when approach the type of them and john dowd from a good today
moving from down adapted towards his may i commend the video
when he attacked
because we're committed to the words a very pregnant and the word of saturated with that delight with you can avoid her marriage to the bible
number thirty nine protect from proverbs and western
and i'm solomon seeking them a good cry i don't think you take your security and could they have a lot of meaning first there's the been very opened up rather quickly
remember of words that away from work of the and a company of a desire to mr on my part of my food for the remembrance to me a sweeter than honey and my inheritance sweeter than com
those who lead me one hundred for more another drink they will take from emigrated to february nothing he current round of the you
he's is identified with them and they them in a great that become the kind of fabric and because they feel that everything of your building but the wisdom goes on a fascination keep on moving i have never put into words is never completely particularly competitive fact that kind of world our energy field
how the delight of your destination the magnitude and with around fifty rounds of work but let me go on with a description we can become more sensitive to it and that's the kind of kinda like filtering to reading gifted with falling in love with edward is running to be with it like having to deal with practically
a friend look for the and delighted and i want to stay constantly would reliably continually consistently come from that way
and if we tried too hard to translate the word and something that can understand that can be the content of toyota to the extent that we have to comprehend perfectly was being said we can feel to have to remove exactly that the life exactly a negative effect so i need word for kids or what the negative kaput
the to having a negative capability the ability to to when many with something without completing the thing without having to that the completed but transform at the translating for a long time the something like a win-win ambiguity for hitting a very positive climate and we
have to do a lot of that to like cookie
so one thing i a delightful knowing now member that was before and for again i count everything a lot because of the catherine worth of knowing like my
he he connect that has worked with knowing
now knowing the lot more annoying than the head can held on the failure that i may be one with him his resurrection member analogy passion and death and eighty one of the resurrection of knowing as a union
if we talk about knowing which is delightful and knowing another life are both moving toward him and back the knowledge and that life by both of it were to become the nomination the expressions and a sign of a progressive in
and that was gone
when we don't have the kind of nuptial netherlands
cancer if you're doing the work with them the way
that i would feel so terrible the loaded with and when you read a method that korea
the king or god guided like a treasure which means something and feeling on how to solve every by that feel he deserves an essential to life and federal finding funding for the pearl and merchant with the federal one fine really found a mature with the mind and your language is delightful now
i have a knowledge which is beyond on-site and not analogy can be fickle to acknowledge that preference the king of to do
the person but not a person exactly the same way with get the same kind of credit to venue and either because been very true
you can carry a direction and can help contain hello we all pulled together with
no kidding
i me the word happen here on that first hand out with a deadline of his coat on time
charles taylor
henniker a wonderful book called our sources of the south i south the a canadian flag wait trying to do it in a trade thing of origin of the modern stuff for modern western felt a way that the pentagon competitive packing for a traitor and then it goes through a
the middle ages the protestant reformation
the current period time thinking of bullies the element to the work that the forget that performed the modern self which for him as becoming a rational felt and expressed itself the creative
and it in some way of solar cells of even would fill quota kind of accepted that symbol this fun
the very interesting to follow that develop and i think i'll be following they begin to understand what kind of spirituality reclaim her in the wet as well as modern
the we cannot go back to the time of the water we can correct the time of it as a weekend of perfect quite the time of yoga
something else is happening and took the thing is happening either either because of what happened in a crisis because i you the timing of fit for the for combat terrorism
he talked about a picnic now for him and an epiphany is what the poet are doing for everything from erica correct two hundred year
but the kind of you in the bed for the phone but the trying to prove can bring out somehow the transcendent for him the ordinary and nature in our lie in one another
and if it's something that wasn't game done before and a peculiarly kind up for the idea of the creative imagination but the new and from being created us to make an officially created
note an epiphany we've got a revelation an epiphany in and religion or hip and evening in the bible is a manifestation of god and appearance of traffic police department or and than somehow through and creativity
and he felt the touch work hard as it has to be able to do with and to touch in order to reach of nothing
the manifestation say the truth of god had to move through a human person and creative ways to the really wanted to was feeling on a mobile ah i've got a horrible thought for one time navigating know policy
i think it guy if the religion has had been transformed by the authority
well maybe if the body of material from other related but if you think religious belief which has not gone to the creative process it did not country can think about an individual person and come out and a transform way then hit somehow remained an alien thing and poetry and attended fish
depressed the poetry collection new conducted explaining that there's something and unassimilated belief that hadn't become flesh and bone and hadn't become breath then murdered poetry and short circuited in some way cause i think the answer is rounded and my advantage
now that the metric and it shouldn't be ever and the problem we can propose that we had a way to your back together again now it has something to do it is coming our creativity and effective where we're going to find god very often in him have you discovered in a very different and that very creative moment and not get the faculty moment
but the kind of consciousness that give you the kind of confidence that you hear that the same thing is they're everywhere virtually an overtime and they can only find in as though is that not only that to tell me get around you to told me there with indian good match what you i suppose you are a being of a kiffin deploy your opinion who has the power
to bring forth from living yourself and from within with around you the president of cup
in a new way and in a way which does not only got obliterate for suppress the thing itself by the yourself and by get printed out because the creativity of the eternity occasion or the other person morning but somehow somehow bring your help out from a concept and ever be hurting
people and that hasn't always been them that haven't always done the things something the emerging history and better idea of a pivotally connected with that you can fit it in some way they moved to terrible to a kidney removed from he received the real terrible economic were between an had to interpret with tiger on catholic too
something which is coming out of our town
and that would compare to recover from you because he is intelligent
hell at one of the stoical from the second
and i think it happened and effective removed from me to let it has been removed from ancient times to modify i think this creativity i'm talking about aren't particularly in the western world and brought to figure out the modern me
the third transforming the world and all kinds of the way it well equivalent but that very significant the whole thing again if anything could humanity if one person discovering something new with
now if you believe that that
reality that created reality within the new encouragement is really rooted in clay included in the case to them and it makes relative
that's the kind of face i think that the church declared has signified american killed when they begin to look at it in abundance of worry that negatively
it's the kind of take the tejada when filled with the credit to major a great energy at the heart of has been evolution moving forward haven't read either because otherwise you have more like but i felt up and get up for five thousand defender having a terrible move to canada something
the church kidnapped the five hundred you can kind of funny
this other idea of your son images are set on going back to the and kind of obsessive with need for a while
i don't know why it comes from a couple of tie the come from the bag just carry a modern time
and the idea of what's going on inside the son of going on that stuff
the nuclear fusion reaction happens have nuclear products of a catheter and majority element of our own body or leona for world are created occasion
let's start with the autonomous is a single from within itself in some way and which seemingly inexhaustible for life and be like on with the responsible for our life to be happy and a a tremendously powerful symbol
a powerful symbol with christianity has to be appropriate
the christianity contractions theoretically forgotten because with gunfight with his son not only that they've forgotten i cried for help can give that fun stuff to have transformed her into that which you so that we are told gonna be that way of summer
we are sunset you can talk about it you can have fun
an apprentice will become the kind of think about and reputation for instance if you take her idea that these are kids as it were the archetype of the shown that me it was a son thankful to christ regarded you like and then if that is what we become had become the principal of interpretation which opened up the kitchen
hoping that terrible where was your plan and kind of this way if the current boyfriend
and i think the identified itself again and again
but will have to go out some of the coming of the case you'll find it a lot of the phone in a collection of you have not
they liked it it's fun in one way i know and that's not entirely accidental although some of them have been happy to tablet like the phone of mary oliver quite often
and you'll find that she can do a kind of move towards the world of gold on the will be setting a goal think that the golden ninety five he added on itself by talking about fire killed and twenty and return to can move into of
and well as prevent was know i think so dominated by the sentiments with a volatile life in the identified with him when he identified with a creative imagination for them the sun with a creative imagination and has a lot of the conversations that will become a candle flame at one point in time at another point and of life and another
point in my fact that the in when his of her cupboard couple found that if i feel that
i think that is typical of something that christianity has defined what began in order to find a thing
and by that i'm not saying good
that are aware of when he got were aware of not play to get together for aware of having a strength and and of fullness inside ourselves which we have not yet appropriate that you may have not yet named howard berman elimination and christian and certain protocol it come from the shirt
and uncertainty even wider than normal thirty in the ground but is an uncertainty about how to spend on again and uncertainty about how do we discovered them not only not a tattoo how do we like the history of the reluctant pneumatic little dipper of an hundred seventy members can be very from to find out
i got them to it i think more resembled and through idea
and if for poetry language and i think sick now they've also scientists finding a good fit because the same thing for before it with younger in which we live in new power knew immediately for it to hit with because you have been totally dependent everybody on that
plans with the third of morning i would like were taken back into the beginning with congenital congenital the by the action of figure out and to configure that summer to been it and usually they have like him
we get holding on their little her but the team and time when and that we find their faces covered from our everything everything is taken from that will help will have presents some system ideas from ah the local man entered formula
a look on holidays at the time and third typically infamy to the no accountable
it's frustrating if you look for a clear analogy between the life of a car and until it looked very complicated that has been pointed that the i thought from the right click but i think that's the way it should be for a family you're not supposed to be able to kill with her record for the a book on a powerful
and and an anchorage directly to flow freely there and continue to inform you and continue to recover and live in you through the gets them through further space between the terrible and yourself or between the powerful in anything that faith that seventy
call it a creative thing
when the required anything here
another create a nothing like the difficulty of amount of farm for the difficulty of a terrible i think is about participation
did we miss you so that you'll be forced to become one with that we didn't feel as if it were to take you i will not open myself for he told you to come one i am included the company what we think you'll find within yourself what i am the only way you know me is like discovering yourself as one by
now that's something he come to it was no i think and humanity than he did have compassion and love teaching and doubtful
they involve that kind of mathematics that kind of relationship you will have no me until you become what i can discover yourself
he will toward that it and delaying for another and putting the for with the cardinal to the universe
the cover to covering her film
now the caught he didn't have a lot to do with govern ourselves i could become infected with you know the whole thing and originality and and over helped discovering our time it's like it's like something gone mad at the heart of it had something urgent to something going to say something which was on
the murdered in an attraction and gov
the government began to owen barfield and his idea that the incarnation becoming a baby with the point at which is no inflation becomes no longer the students of the cardinal no wonder with the for from can imitate coffee on the world of faith with
adriana in a good tempo for up there were no longer get to the title a pupil from the inward that begins to be have a creative
he used to track from universe face and
now that the and ideas tremendous power and i didn't feel it
it's a good exercise to look for that indication that you can find the where you can find that of
one point is working with a number of they were accusing him to fight the beginning on watching the
the it was not convince them out that he found a patent for comparative that comes out of the heart if not but convenient would come down now he were talking and a negative sense of the final thought of your privacy
if not what comes in it would come down and between what and what comes out if the power of the human person in the freedom of the having to january to create number to give life to think that he says have another when you feeling unsettled
they had to finally have the fun and that's why poetry is important bug when i think not only because it give them a different meaning of nature and unable to nature the end of your life that he tells comes to imply it sort of jumped thirty promoted that the rely fully on are not true
in his her death but with a patient capacity for noonan inside of a basic capacity for we know it for health information and taylor which they have built up from a self recovery which got no recreating on top of that very moment because the third guy in fact number or a
what you got into the world what he thought and tell them when he learned from my own
hum him him for time and know what happened to bring himself he thought on know but the newness that guy with not an at once and for all if the power of them to energy of have not that the wound up the clock and thirty two a day
instead he put the fire that occurred currently title between the we have that however new each one of it perfectly good at every moment all the time
and let's return to earth would cut through all the baggage and on the heavy how they are the one know that
you can be cherished and kind of have fallen in love with around the day
i could like the sunlight into the fire
i couldn't get them
so inside with the time coming
comparing a pair of and poem is emily is an idea of an of the leading poker i tell and of effect of and which is one simple reality imagine if had called the whole of the solar cells that he didn't have time when a kite runner
what have you want
and the anything different of action you could probably have a dominated fool
kind of road up
and i always there
and then somehow the perfect image of everything always with a woman and everything do
give up my life and yet he continually that has a kind a barrier seldom the ticket
now have you recollect the recollect like image once again you could be done that for an uncensored but if a good one
and but it happened to change the pattern
and happened the way happy
and we're on a particularly powerful ways right now ah the end of the funny
me if i wanted out
but there are two
do i think historical of perfect for be among the think are gonna marry one of that that doesn't have a creative person from a different talking about the other one i got a western principle for the festival of incarnation
we've had so much spirituality and an attending with them
and as you gaze and the end of life where you knew a guy in the thick end of life a confrontation with the actually to integrate and nothing we have defined it continues to go back home you can dig it out the perfect the beginning to with
center and the source that is back to them and which will be illuminated former of idea but then i gotta removed from the from there ever be a world and the internet had faithfully and then
now i wasn't really a living adjustment period human if not the seeking of one particular and the that the revelation and against somehow hundred
but i picked him to the funny natural hopefully and that beginning of so the on the second for me
he had lost it no longer in our country but when we find that when you find that enables users to live out from that life in a row
how could you find a phone with didn't
living from the trivial format that are of the nomination
yeah have the covered for a picnic or of my identity of the town of gun moving out from that into the world into a uk we didn't current administration to the world and some are getting away
and as i can say somebody christian principle that movement compared to human movement be the word for word of god even productivity of movement from contemplation and wanted to take action that couldn't with
then where i think only that govern that again very gradual because we have such a vertical for because he had inherited from the greek that for everyone the because you're sceptical when you go with and this is completely the world and intended to fill it down down and could he says guy but
a the world and god has affirmed the world and neither were not can take offense if not gonna get fucked up absorbed in return for god had a for kids and i've gotten to the summit for their i'll never be different but that that i would be the second historical and
very competent in the film that a couple of fun
hunter the idea that go to be floating around for
i have to worry about lying on
i like to read are one or two punk by mary oliver married
number five a numbers fit with her brother
are you going on here
holy mary our remember number five hundred and ninety eight
have you ever seen any from in your life more a wonderful way the some ever relax too easy was for the arriving and leaving
wow we're doing or the lovely fee and is gone
and how much flying to have with the wine
every morning on the other decided from normal like the red while bringing for by everybody oil
hey no morning and early summer as perfect imperial
and have you ever felt anything such wild one the invite there's anywhere in any language a word still over enough to notify with filthy and the sound region around added an warmly and you stay
founder empty handed
or have you to time from the world
or have you seen some crazy
after hour
he'd gotten ability to tailor
with editing and i think a to get together at my phone provides them with the depending on the website from this breeder and he thank you the time he felt something like a fun way
he never said
this was the other fine
he pond or not quite an order of time if an often become acclimated craig at night the night of killed
a fit when her face
he learned here
need to be set for life and forty damage
the to the you and nothing the stand out the from one fifty
no know when he may have
the like round effort and fifty nine of the period
around one damage
even before the sun down
even the number for the planet found
this a cat in the way i am every weapon
yeah way
no they are we of everything that in a difficult one
the i feel the can out that the flame is over the hill or the moon flower five
in a not not firmly into something workable day long you can use the head
he looked into the thing

he had a minute
he likes to they wanna truth from other team the collector
a cylinder from from the first can be receiving from september one again
never wanted them to the chemical burn
hoover i'm going for governor
number one we will never want to know
we don't want it back
well again
people were ten
they have to run out of thirty
the fire and three hundred your body
even with them
not content with
after reading every time they got to that i just kind of ironic
haven't you know it to where we can be in a pivot fair that you feel our going on about anything you the can do you feel like the sun and by him to taken that is older than me that tucked the jungle rather than regular metaphor creativity as like me beyond the
embarkation we've in birmingham
when tucked a young brother that animal i typically say that salvager fire chief petty going now having your way that was the tenth of the reality is that what i feel at it
the reality is reality finally to be friendly helpful and with one another
in reality had to have everything
you know you wouldn't come on he fell to number five and thing
who can think of your son costuming cloud when all the people are shaken a night and power when people awake and he cried and cried for help
the one antiquity itself everyone zero seven nicole
the tv had read how can the world or road from if you forgot
the joy shall be without a book the guy to themselves within themselves if they will look within themselves in gonna cry for help
within a covered that the sun reports of night the key the wine is good for to the one
that movement within again with government the power of the energy the for again
to keep them around and killing i'd like to read arabic and march after a terrible is more accepted for tomorrow morning will be during a definite terrible especially for to get different provider that running your own the copenhagen
hebron outfit my terrible a steep dive was given a growing fella that they can market that he had to come from the to get everything mark be buried before
can arrive to work in i completed will address to
they do we have the power of with solid and the explanation was rather than conventional with with twenty color and i'm grateful for that because the explanation can be down for one thing if i set up the terrible conflict there like fun
they didn't mean to me are giving her a kind of general meeting the senate
girls and a family reunion
but then after that and after the explanation he has a once of here you might call a terrible you might call a metaphor
have you got them is a man for them to be put under a bushel over under a bed and not understand
a like the language mechanic think that the summer
and at the site
the way of the same rosa man
what is the have your kid ourselves
and the length go to the same thing as the field of complaining
laugh and a kid but a canada
and then i think know it doesn't have one thing and for the kinda you know the history of kinda with a history of the wisdom of guy with the election of one gets it into the jury and which like what the point out that i can use such certain infinity and metaphor enormous difference
have either taking up the one another expression somehow were milan ointment
and nowhere to stay with them all and i get a sense of what's inside them which was a in a on her participation kind of team members inside other medical
well there's nothing did except to the made manifest was anything he could access to come to life if anyone has ears to hear and they come here and it may be some of them think taking a different place to the different together take heed what you hear the measure to give will be immeasurably again you know more about getting
maybe we'll get you amazing
the reality as if he presented to you enjoy conform to the the weight of reality conform the with
you take on the character
the where the character the cemetery near the a character that think that to get to revealed that you take on a character than your girl will become more of that thing with bill maher by what you're with his wife
what the hell who handled the more will together and from the one who has not even what they have taken away and lebanon
the time
the one who has been feel perfectly on yet to
perfectly wrong good and other places and in overtime for the for and is only going for the outside and in fact that he can remember a rich man who will certainly find in know one a for can i the have no
why not
what will be looking have what is the weekend a session thing that if you have to have more what is infinitely precious thing to have a victory to have a nice girl had a dream like capital not to had a peninsula
the in a way of working on different from they can get the car you can solar cooker
when you get back to another can be seen the higher
we can
to what can be converted in i gotta watch out of the week for like a grain of mustard which but shown up upon a ground with this knowledge to run the case that when it started growing up and become the greatest of all said
he put forth like granted the different with the air conditioner a putting something a smaller infinite power and private
infinitely more such not nine know if you don't even know that's what we are because it gives them again and yet about authorities mean that it a third to tell the card
no record is a wonderful thing from my pleasure
well we're defeat the car
the pear tree and carefully in a hundred and thirty the the cup to the federal nelson said
he's the cat
how that
it was nice to see tomorrow morning at nine that
look at monitored from a terrible that will continue to feel kind of run from the one hundred and took electrical for to do with the think that protect everything that came on department