Life of the Five Brothers

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Seminar on Life of the Five Brothers



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urgent plea we were at the place called patio which then was an island drives place in swamps norton november
and the emperor otto the third had just begun to build monastery
next near the hermitage
which was established by st wrong build the group of disciples which impeded to the imprisonment removed himself and certain tom mulcair comes in was a military of his generals of his army
and we heard about the promise that the emperor made that he would after a few years become a monk is vowed to make a bottle is to become a monk which of course was not yet been promising monastic life is promise to do something
in the future in relation to monastic life
and now we come to the
key point in the root cars the life of my brothers with the actual mission begins and it begins from the apparent failure of the monastery and the whole project to the entrance
because two things have you built this monster
rami once benedict than in a given event to take charge of it to become the superior is the most fervent he's young he's very fervent
and of course he worms his way out of it he gets to his friend greenwald to intercede with the emperor the emperor annals election and there for somebody else is elected and this other guy whoever he was he's not name was not the least bit interested in either the hermit life or the missions so
just went into the into the the space of the typical feudal a habit and carried on from there so you have the hermitage which was constantly being disturbed by autos man you had the monastery which was simply establishing itself
alphas day as a church just as an ordinary monastery with without really realising what the emperor had in mind or same wrong had having mine
and then you have these men who still were dreaming of this a crowning of their monastic life by
going for preaching the gospel and being willing to become martyrs
so it is preaching the gospel in view of marjah them or the with the willingness with the readiness to accept marty down if it should come which is considered to be the highest stage of monastic life
so if a monastic life begins and community the community like trains the monk who can then in response to the call of god enter into a more solitary existence and when he has fully realized the life of prayer the merchants
proper to the monastic state and solitary life then perhaps god will call him i'll call him to the preaching the gospel
using the famous and famed this is the famous threefold advantage the likely five brothers it's so it's a an ideal idealized schema does not the reality of anyone's monastic by people just don't go through these stages
in practice even in the in the history of the maldivian the come out of the leaves and even in a very early text of constitutions which dates from the beginning of the twelfth century the point is made that even someone who has retired to the hermitage may feel the need to go back to the monastery for long
and then go back to the hermitage so it's not simply stages that that once you finish one you go onto the next and finish things that and then you gone to next stage but it is something that ah
is a constant stimulus to
overcoming our our
habits and overcoming our our tendency to live by habit to
fall into a routine to be satisfied with what we're doing the life were living and not look beyond so this is perhaps the a level of meaning to which we can relate more directly
chapter five or recounts the the actual choosing of the missionaries yeah from among the helmets
renault rights during the long hours benedict and i spent together it was my privilege to enjoy his friendship and to hear him call me my brother i kept suggesting that he set out for poland to preach the gospel and i declared myself ready to do the same there's a very interesting thing here during the long our
as benedict and i spent to get were worthy but they were living the same set remember this custom which was practiced by romulus disciples in various places at a party of alumna that there will be two monks and a sell one of them was generally considered a master teacher the other disciple but
sometimes they were of the same age as in the case of bruno and benedict or perhaps bruna was even of might have been a year two older than benedictus it's hard to say but in any case they were
together the bruno considered himself a disciple of benedict but benedict are considered bruno his friend and called him by rather
you find here in this text you don't find the word the latin word for friendship on mean chiefs here you find the expression three village you memorise the privilege of law and this is a very striking impression
it is i think a characteristic of the communities of the groups that coalesced around romulus the strong bonded this this affections brotherly friendship that they had among themselves
one might think that the herman life would lead people to be very cold and distant and retiring and non communicated whereas in fact these disciples ronald and that the protect speak very openly of it
talk the great deal and they were living the same cell they observe silence i suppose at night but during the day they would have a number of occasions to talk with one another then they talked about the things of god they talked about deeper things and all of this was an expression of affection of brotherhood there's something very egalitarian
about st wrong milled about his mentality we've seen a hulking avoid at all costs being in charge of other people and doesn't want to be an abbot of bodies and are we can see how he himself constantly challenges the authorities and questions the the
imperial authorities he questions the church authorities he criticizes everyday all of the abbot's that reelected and superiors problem habits or priors whatever elected in his communities he
you might say as a bit contradictory and this because he does uphold the principle of the role same genetic the third does have to be someone who does play the role of christ and to whom we must listen and this attitude of listening of course there's the real sense of obedience
but on the other hand he demands such perfection as appears that none of them is able to rise to the qualities that ronald expects of them so anyway you might say that romulus spirit was to establish an attitude of trust combativeness of familiarity among his disciples that perhaps
cops would make it somewhat less necessary for their to be a superior
because a superior as they are of course for the maintaining of discipline and in order to ah
a to have a favorite charities and benedict says the rule is for that purpose but if there is this love for is this affection as charity than there is less need for someone to give order someone to say
and of course in the in recounting these examples of friendship and affection a brillo for is thinking also of the whole biblical background to it the the background of this is the life of the jerusalem community and the acts of the apostles and the life of the early church
paul and timothy and so for all of this is in the back of his mind as he is writing this he is projecting upon the experience of like with his brother pyramids the ideal of the golf the idea of the axum and of the new testament in general
so he tries a bruno tries to convince benedict to go on the missions and he and he is main argument is that they're in korea which is a swamp everyone is getting sick and this is doesn't make much sense because if you're sick you can't fast you can keep vigils you can't go can't see your prayer
years it can do all of these monastic things at least you can't do them to the full rigor of the rule and so i were ruining our health he says and the same time are not able to practice the full rigor of the monastic life so we might just as well go off and get killed his mom
murders were dying anyway here so why don't we just go off and and let the pagans that will take care of us
so anyway persuaded by my words he says benedict began to thirst for martyrdom and the idea of leaving for poland gave him another reason for not wanting to be abit although field state and accepted the office he could have done a great deal of good for the monks both in the solarium and in the hermitage so he says for the rest of the year the brothers remained in the her
cottage and then auto decided to return to rome
his plan was to take revenge on the city for the humiliation he had suffered thirty see the people who chased him out and come there with the intention of establishing his court and rome and they practically broke or they did physically drive him out
and so after this humiliation he decided on revenge and the a corporate calls it a grave sin against st peter because it's not a question of simply the
aristocratic families in rome which must be punished for their insubordination but it is a holy city according to a grapefruit and therefore autos idea of sending troops against rome was an actor or wasn't offense against the peter and kind of sacrilege
but in the meantime autumns there in the hermitage now he loves them and ask apply if he loves months
he's living there in the hermitage is observing kind of up a half way monastic life little bit of fasting little bit of pennants and now and then and
the result of the of course is that this is a constant disturbance i mean imagine if i don't know we have
shall we say that governor deukmejian living here with them with with half of the of of years of his cabinet living here in the hermitage i mean it would be a bit inconvenient so
this is what was happening and therefore bruno
and thomas tumble the the other german
a hermit
go and ask the emperor go in and and fill the emperor that they cannot stand it and that they want to go somewhere else and so there was a another disciple of romulus a certain distance away and was quieter there so these to go
go off with him and leave the radio
but bruno realizes that this was a sin because he was really withdrawing from the teaching of master on this teacher and this was a are a mistake he realizes afterwards but then he goes and and explains his choice to benedict he says the situation was an occasion of sin for
a week souls like mine i explained but now i realize it was wrong for me to leave master ramadan when he heard my story benedict since you have taken a great leap my brother we to ought to be one and yet you did this without my knowledge you lost your teacher that is wrong and you may never
find anyone like him again to me the thought of abandoning him is almost unthinkable but if you are going to leave i will too she is inseparable
there he benedict now has to choose between ronald and bruno and he chooses for this managed then benedict kills silent and after while he said softly hand me my shoes and let us beyond our way and he added there's nothing left of the desire and determination we once had in common what has become of the king
the noble plan is secret intention to bear witness to christ i was his idea the monastery sending missionaries and eventually going himself as a mission what has become of the promise he made before the angels of god to renounce all his wealth for the sake of eternal life
benedict continued one of his desire to turn over the empire to why successor so that stripping himself a royalty you might set out as a month for the holy city jerusalem and practice christian philosophy and a hidden desert far from the ways of men this question here as a forgotten his plan to set up with it for jerome
salaam and practice christian philosophy in the desert
the i think jerusalem and desert or not to be taken literally i think the these are just a typical expression meaning the monastic life remaining government life a journey to jerusalem life of the month of the journey to jerusalem the life of monk as it was drawn into the desert even if if it's a question of an urban monastery it's withdraw and
ha i think this could can be taken
symbolically simply because autos idea was in fact to go as a monk missionary to poland or ah to wherever in the northern europe
so real continues i said in reply i the heedless disciple which whom benedict loud and whom he accepted just as i was you know that the emperor wants you to leave for poland before he does he has not changed his plans about sending you they're don't worry about me
i intend to follow in your footsteps as long as i live has i live it is only the king's wavering resolve that keeps me in this country i have to wait until i see what direction his affairs are going to take
and so they go and see the emperor and with the emperor they go to see romulus and the emperor places the formal request before ronald please send to have your months as missionaries into poland and so rom you'll immediately says yes and this makes everyone's surprise
they they expected him not to have to raise objections but in fact is very happy to give his permission for benedick and poor another brother whose name is john do not confusing with john read inigo this friend and ragging on the room here and these are crusher john god
nicholas monte cassino on stayed there diving this is a another john we don't know where his rom
he has
he was described as interesting the description that to that bruno gives your actually describes him twice first he gives them more a down to earth concrete description of this brother john and then it goes into his rhetoric it goes into monastic rhetoric and it's rather music the contrast between these two paragraphs he would follow one ref right after the other
john was inferior to benedict only in stature but in the fervent love of god and in humility he stood head and shoulders above everyone else in the hermitage he was a man of peace and moderation
and hardly anyone had ever seen him angry this is by way of contrast to bed very emotional very given to swings and so that was john com few small andrea them
mild man as he had a natural aversion for vainglory he hid his austere way of life behind a smiling face
very interesting it is on your way of life that is that this is the the great ideal of it of the sermon on the mouth and do not do your good works before other people so that they will praise you and so he takes to heart the station with the gospel he hid his austere were like the either smiling face and tempered his youthful zeal with a wise
mind and an inborn patients so here's john his young his bourbon but he's very modest he is very mild mannered very friendly and also very discreet was discretion is the great quality that he has
physical description small plot smallpox had blinded him in one odd but his appearance was so radiant that he might have had three eyes instead of now
smallpox of course was very it was very calm and then and then fact that the emperor out of the third just a year later would die of smallpox people died of smallpox so he added the smallpox and so you can imagine the with a patch of his eyes
which would be striking them on a monk part of the monks have it my patch but anyway now the after this description which makes us a warm up to this character and always mild mannered he doesn't put on airs about his austerity or anything like that he's cheerful and is even kind of
you know ugly with this this
pleasant easy to accept ugliness you have that some people some people have a have somebody has some people are very radiance you know in their opens ever up big numbers are they have the ears are way out like this and and yet you like them just because you know they they were this ugly face with the with a great deal of of common and
in good cheer and then then brutal goes into this heavy rhetoric from childhood john had chosen the better part where she's alluding to mary of bethany side of the faith of jesus he had chosen the better part and he regarded pleasure as an enemy shirking no task he waged war on his lower nature is observance in the monastery
it was beyond reproach the unruly among the brethren he tamed and disorderly behaviour he rejected he seasoned his every deed with the spice of humility and one the abbot's confidence gentle and patient he excelled in the fervent love of god and neighbor swiftly he grew to maturity and when virtue had become easy for him he
he endured whatever was hard and unpleasant out of love for jesus christ set so you see this two ways of speaking of them have a good one and the second way i guess is something that you find a little less attractive but it's quite obvious that this is just take a gesture in the direction of customary land
age of ways of speaking he's simply saying that he was a very good monk hand
an admirable person so and then for thing since his fervent love of gardening
chapter six fond farewells so i are again the another theme of friendship and this tenderhearted as this warmth of personality and this year
this characteristic of there being in contact with their emotions
which is something that is in no way seen as contrary to a monastic principles are good behavior etc
a whole crowd of monks both good and bad joined king otto on his trip down the river to ravenna the holy pair benedict and john were ready for their trek across the alps to poland nowadays is paul and the texas club only club only the land is of the slums so rather vague term
but in fashion or they were going is
line if which was the term which was used for the central part of you want to posts nine and yet yes no
several present a problem
the emperor as a sign of his love for christ supervised all the preparations himself and made sure the necessary supplies were in order so he organizes everything from the mission and loads up the wagons and picture the wagons are loading up liquid books investments and supplies and everything like this it wasn't
it was against the busier know that this was the habitat that ended up being elected in today though so
the bruner continued i cannot speak of our last evening together without tears in my eyes night was near and in the waning light i began to traverse the heavens with benedict my sorrow was all the greater because of the great love that united us and yet miserable man that i am i confess that i remember our last conversation
asian together as a happy occasion
i must not conceal what he said to me benedict whose custom it was to address me lovingly as my brother this time kept calling me lord bishop with the same affection thus prophesied what i was to become on account of my sins
considers this as as as a curse as a curse as a as a mortal danger for his salvation as a monk
benedict was not speaking likely and i have every reason to be afraid of what he prophesied for just as virtue can turn into sin so sin often gives birth to virtue hence while i was yielding to the seduction of wanderlust wanting to go to poland he benedict was being guy
it to poland by the spirit of holiness that had abandoned me
benedict had been the subject of to visions and none of the of privacy so it goes on to talk about some visions here been addicted been the subject of to visions the first was a dream that came one night to the bishop who ordained him he dreamt he was pouring a great flood of oil over benedict's worthy head
later someone else had a dream i can't say who it was that's obviously himself that's just next president doesn't want to mention themselves or later someone else had a dream and which you saw benedict take the challenge and rain all the consecrated wine in one draft
all of this would eventually come true but benedict was not interested in prophecies nor did he seek salvation in the outward course of events as a true man of god he placed his trust in inspired scripture rather than humans speculations for he had learned to hope in the lord alone who
created all things out of nothing and ordered them to our salvation and this is a very everything paragraph i like as all to remember the reading from st john of the cross when was it yes luck last this this morning's vigils but monday morning vigil go back and read that because that is a fantastic pay for that
page of theology that cpr the cross bronx wrote in his own life aside from his poetry which is great i'm somebody but there you know it makes the point that all of these visions all of these revelations all of these things that that can sometimes take place in the life the mystics are no salvific value and cannot be the advocate treating the only
then revealed in the word the word got the word in jesus christ and with that revelation we have everything they don't need any more relevant you don't need any secrets fills me with a little bit of i say this we don't need to know in a secrets because there are no secrets in the gospel and in the catholic so this
very interesting how that they this is included here and ah we can remember that the year one thousand just to see you as we approach it with your two thousand was a time when people with it was a here a date that people across either with with trepidation or with them
grandiose expectations
whereas raul in this month's approached every day and every year with an added to the pope say there's a great difference between this this this ah a hunger for revelations and hunger for visions and for a special secrets about what's gonna happen
and next year was matter the end of the world there's a very big difference between this and the theological virtue of hope so
it makes it very emphatic point here about the
the fact that benedict placed
his hope in the inspires creatures many and divine revelation and not in any other thing that is sometimes associated with mysticism but has nothing absolutely nothing essential to do with it
villa continued we continue to bit each other farewell embracing and exchanging the holy kiss as we walked and talked and the manner of friends were seeing each other for the last time i kept telling him dearest brother would that i had called him my lord
i beg you for the sake of our outcome common hope jesus christ the son of the virgin never forget that i shall always be with you and you with me whenever you are a prayer
or enquire always remember to beseech the living god and to ask him to fulfill in us for the sake of his name the desire he gave us both that before we die a natural death you and i may see the happy day when god in his mercy will allow us to shed our blood for the sake of the gospel by the
our of the spirit gratis the remission of our sins so just as he says and asked if life is for salvation is looking for salvation so he's looking at martin them for the revision of since this this consciousness we of course when we think about solves the sooners you notice there's a delicate point here and capita
roberts been mentioned this number of times
where we need to find our own from somewhat different balanced than the these earlier writers the sense of sin now course theologically the sense of sin is always a posteriori to the experience of god's forgiveness it was the awareness of god's mercy of his just mercy
but i was tender mercy which awakens our conscience to the gravity of see and we don't realize what seen it as until sins forgiven till it isn't learn more and we realize what god has taken away and and so i suppose you in our time we need to place of much stronger emphasis on the positive aspect
in order to overcome negative self images etc whereas in those days there were worried so much about self-image are not as self centered or as egocentric as we are and so they are
thought of what there were doing as a way of obtaining the remission of their since
hebron sets i a sinner thus left a saint this pledge of my love that wherever he went i would follow i said this over and over again so as to impress upon his ears for his part bless of benedict insisted that i learn polish lingua living rooms glove on it
a slavonic language which may of course be church live on the language of the of the slavonic liturgy and my theory is that they ah when they went to poland they didn't celebrate the mass of latin that accelerated it in the slavonic translation since on this is a hypothesis and couple of arguments and have four
so there's this insistence learn the language but the one thing he repeated most off and was that i not must not come without the people licensed to preach and will find this repeated over and over again this this document why doesn't bruna bring us the papal dark and why does he bring the pope's letter she is very important had the pope's letter
what why is it important
in order to protect the monks and their mission from a
too much
involvement on the part of the local print and was a form of of what they called exemption letter called exemption from guarantee that this was something that was established by the authority of the pope and therefore the monks had a certain amount of
freedom these of a the local prince and this is a very important
thing in those days because we are a couple of generations before the gregorian reforms were in the phase will of the
what is called lay investiture of a critical aspects where it is the lot of the prince or the emperor's who nominate bishops et cetera and abbott and of course autumn business and made it to pope's the in succession bring you the fifth of the the fifth and so as to the second june
bear so they need this letter noted to have a certain amount of protection from too much more domination by the local
local civil authorities
memo continues with these words my lord benedict was taken from me and never again would i see him in this place of toy
like two stars in the firmament benedict and john went forth to receive a noble and in the land of the polls
bernie with love for jesus like wood the fire the man of god benedict inspirational man of god is used with the first seat benedict in a life with my son gregory the man of god benedict was motivated by one desire only to attain eternal life through a pure and undivided love for divine wisdom really interesting expression
summing up his desire is his monastic a goal to attain eternal life through a pure and undivided love with divine wisdom that
now have now
really nothing
ah you don't let the boy is also
aren't you
not in this particular instance and not actually in this particular timings you're in a time of extreme weakness of the papacy so even though there was this idea that the pope would have a power over certain territory geographical territory this had not been realized in the form that
find it later and with the recording four million seven and so forth there you have
the the principle that the pope is above everyone he judges everyone and no one judges name and seven center but here actually this is simply a guarantee of a certain amount of autonomy of the autonomy the spirit from as a through the political and this a problem which came up a couple of times
as and say rivals alive
later after his disciples or margaret volume will attempt to go to to hungary and you get sick on away and every step closer he takes the hungary sicker arabia from refers back and gets well and starts to cross over the border which one hungry again and get sick again and this is it's not unlikely
this was actually a a kind of eight
while cycle could be psychosomatic it could be an intentional thing because of the
the very complicated situation of the cab king stephen of his trying to to to live in good terms with the the emperor of the east constantinople and the emperor but went to that time was having second
and so there was most likely the danger of the politicization of ambition fact
years later he was after things so anyway the papal letter as a guarantee that the traditional not be
a pawn in a political theme would be an athletic gospel ministry
so he continues his praise of benedict and john their qualities or then he says they crossed the alps and took a long detour that led them through many lands of unknown tongue before they reached poland after enduring great hardship they fine
newly arrived at their destination where they met the ruler of the polls bless what well as swath polish pronunciation even calling bolus law if you want to i'll save the less off his name means greater in reno
but and he was the only prints of our day was privilege it was to send such a rare soul as st adalbert never st adalbert a frog from michigan fog and a month in rome and santa last year and martyr
it important the dance so it was his created the privilege of do police want to send such a rare soul st adalbert to preach and to have him fall as a martyr on polish soil as was his custom do bless swap received the two servants of god with eagerness and deep gratitude and they showed them every
kindness they soon found a peace peaceful place suitable for the contemplative life well as well built them a monastery sparing no expense and provided for their needs so that they would not have to work the soil so they're coming they're not that they was for
the contemplative life plus reliable preaching to join together and there were manual labor would take a secondary place manual labor is important in the life of ronald's permits and there's a particular characteristic
some have seen this is a little bit of polemic with the exclusively liturgical lifestyle of the clooney and months i personally don't see any great point that has been made there there was of course practise certain amount of manual labor practices can be there were times and seasons were manually was practiced in the abbey
himself that you simply habits when they were resonant there when me went out in the fields and and and brought in the grain with this was the time to do or they worked in the kitchen and this was a and this was their term so it wasn't that that can be a clooney they only occupy themselves with liturgy and didn't do any man
related but that's a a distortion or a caricature of the to neck reapply and but
because it's a good that
he uses know he uses a
with a contemplative aye aye captain for the texas not here at am just saying this in a general way but also a alluding in appropriate ways to the biblical texts that are usually and used for and can improve life that mary of bethany and so forth a typical of jesus so the idea of course was that
they would have a place where they would be able to live a an undisturbed life of prayer and then they would go out from their monastery hermitage to
preach the gospel and return so this was the model so they were on the borders of the populated area of alarm the end of the christianized area what model in poland
they were close enough to a village so that people could come from that and we'll see later with her martyred that the people come and waiting outside the gate the massive know when it's a game looking through the hedge and see that someone's like that yourself and see what has happened so
also we find them in later talking about the art of them the description of the monastery withdraw a little schemer out a picture of it because it's really pretty clear
it's not as usual the traditional model at all of it awkward i'm at it but just a simple small monsters we will have a church
and you wouldn't have the cloistered happens
to the matter
how so
passing so and then on this side
here we found chapter on
oh yes
was visit with describe people looking through the gate and see what the one of the rubber girl
order of debt so this is the dormitory at all mercury is that than dot that is isaac that is now so these up in the drunk
describe you know when they're talking with martin them so it was it was a kind of a tsunami on but a very small some of in and isolated
there would have been now the time of the his martyrdom five months one of the actual months was absent so the fifth brother was actually the cook with a layman slider
well then auxiliary and was resident at with them
lived i don't know kitchen or something and didn't cooking his brother was a handyman who was also a way so and five or four months in and one could so anyway they are established now in poland and a brutal then goes on to recount the last adventures of ah
out of the third and this is a very striking chapter which we want to read here that's very interesting because it gives us eyewitness account of of otters death and mentions how very devoutly he approached death and receive communion every day and wept over his sins
best has since publicly and
then when he died he simply breathed his last his last with a sigh that seemed like someone season and he says this is a sign that his sins were forgiven him that he was going to heaven because of the father say some guys some peacefully and happily obviously present the grace of god so he looks good
but however he does see this as a kind of a punishment on autos desire to read this revenge in to attack roll into to avenge his humiliation
so auto didn't make it to them becoming a monk
ah he says that autumn was was actually more a monk than a prince and this was this was a a faulty says otto rat rarely acted like a king whether it official functions or in his private life on the contrary he kept trying to practice
virtus proper to monks he was humbled to a fault his faith was unshakeable
his generosity unbound
no one in his right mind can deny that auto did a great deal of good
his thoughts and affections were not for this world here he had no abiding city but filled with love for god he saw the city that is to come
in his eyes
in the eyes of men he was an emperor but in god's eyes he was already a monk he hadn't his disposal all the carmel enticements the dragon and the room gold and silver and empire and all the pleasures of power but they were nothing to him he was like one would already announced these things trying to find a place where he says we criticized him because of this
monkey business of life
miss see what resources

anyway does he does say that
that this is actually at fault because he was not so
was not really he didn't do his job as number which was to preserve justice and to take care of the poor very interesting the point that that this otto was so taken by the life of prayer and and life is the monks was distracted from what was going to brew
no his primary duty which was defending the poor
anyway he dies he's from that region
he got to rome was repulsed again he retreated to a castle
your paternal which is worth wrong and thirty nine
this was otto a father to mumps a mother to bishops a son of kindness and mercy a faultless servant or religion and the true faith rich and goodwill while practicing the virtue of poverty bestowing earthly goods on all without distinction victorious over the
colonel sins of youth spurning his native land for the love of heaven golden rome's beauty brought ruin upon him
ruin upon him but brief was god's wrath and long was he mourned by those he left behind now his soul rest assured of salvation a better life in christ jesus
sweating where the emperor dies and at this point
i received the message and this a terrible blow you can imagine what this meant them because they felt that they were number one fulfilling a project was the emperor romulus permission had set up in a they'll number two they also believe that by going on a mission they were saving the
emperor what was the emperor had provided them with this means of the action and therefore you will participate in their merits as they preach the gospel so they realized that all of this is to no avail that auto has died and perhaps it is even now have any idea of how he died with a christian therefore died
in battle of water anyway we will leave them for now and thursday of k thursday have the last of this series
will bring them to their mortgages
so let us set the scene for the last phase of the story the last month the jet last chapter but to the combination the denouement of the story of the five brothers their martyrdom
when auto died war began to pray i break out all over your and the reason was the succession auto died without an heir he was not even married his bride was actually on her way from constantinople is going to be a great ride like his mother
she was on his on her way so there was there was no air and
so there was a struggle for the succession the son of autos great uncle was elected and that was henry henry the sec
i haven't heard amount of difficulty that was talking about and with the second because it did they say that in poland the priests there when the feast of save henry i'm sorry that a similar way the polls feel about henry but when the piece of st henri comes along
polish pretty will usually go into the confessional stay there for eight hours so they'll be dispensed from the office and they won't have to say the prayer and auto save every because he is not well liked in poet actually what happened was that
and of course your see these these
personalities in the middle ages could be canonized for their virtues and their vices were not really they didn't consider their rights as they thought about their virtual so i'm sure yeah the not virtues to europe canonization or or be advocation that are certainly ah he did
wage war on christian peoples and his allies in this case were pagans to see so this was what happened and so at this moment bruno finally wakes up to his own responsibility and is tormented by a
his conscience because he's not gone to the brothers and so he tries to go north and he can't because ah
because there is this more going on and of the same time the brothers up in poland or want to send a messenger down to italy and find a bruno's their lower or go directly to the pope and see if they can obtain this letter which is so necessary for them for
their mission
at all events bruno writes about himself with his with his voice
a strong sense of guilt over this he said if i could not come that is if i could not come to the brothers in poland it was all my fault my sins held me prisoner not only were my sins more than i could count but even my few and insignificant good deeds were contaminated with eva
oil as it is written he who helps us sinners shares in his sin and in the psalms his ways are defiled at all times in the hermitage in italy i was not accomplishing anything but i feared my own eagerness to leave i remember the gospel verse in what replace your stay
son not to leave it
the devil whose toy i was kept me far from my salvation and yet i was going to preach the gospel to others
my desire to leave egged me on but the miserable state of my soul kept me from going fearful as i was of the consequences i feared the devil was trying to deceive me with the hope of better thing so as to make me leave my cell in a state of sin devoid of the virtues i was supposed to be acquiring their money
quote slopes in benedict which also

so the brothers are there
yes in poland and here move ahead i'm really description of their feelings and their sentiments as they wait for this letter from rome benedict the citizen of heaven was just the opposite he was the opposite from me bruno's writing i am
unfaithful i'm not keeping my promises but benedict was a man of god and therefore he was the opposite of this unlike me he held fast to the truth and kept his promises since i was unwilling to come to him god inspired him to go looking for me to bless suave gave him ten power
pounds of silver for the trip this is important they received some money for the trip to rome
one of them had to stay home and this was john he was the one best suited to take charge of the monastery and keep it in the service of god and right doctrine since his first fervor had led him straight to the hermitage john's desire to enter the third stage the preaching of the gospel was
less intense than benefits but this was probably because john was by nature more patient so there's not a literal mention of the third stage i put it in here to elucidate the expression that he uses he is referring to this schema of the monastic life as mm
moving from the hermitage from the synovium to the hermitage and that those who are perfected in the contemplative life will go forth to preach the gospel give their lives for christ when this is the the the ideal
so john was was not as anxious has been at it was ah
for to begin the actual missionary work but this was probably because john was by nature more patient things that would trouble benedict soul he john would accept with equanimity waiting for god to make clear his will
but he understood benedict's holy restlessness and we were gone understood his his brother and and was sympathetic with john share the perch his brothers sensitive nature had suffered on account of the wound i had inflicted on our friendship
i am convinced that if you searched throughout christendom you could hardly find any one equal to benedict and the love of christ the love of christ and surely no one greater than v and whatever he did he saw his lord's approval and no one else's save a set of st wrong being be worried about other people's thaw
water said about and only look to his conscience benedict did what he knew was acceptable in god's eyes no matter how difficult or painful it was
then it it could well say i do not make my life dearer to me than myself this alone was the reason for his obsession with obtaining the pope's letter or with finding me if i had obtained his saintly soul was troubled and an anguish and deprived of all salience he was all tears and side
eyes and so let us reflect upon this fact our image of what sinks are like we have this image that they're always know very calm and very centered at they never feel strong motion certainly never express strong emotions and here you have this
fiery neapolitan overflowing with a with energy with that with eagerness to go and preach and with anxiety because it doesn't have that the pope's letter and with with a
a terrible melancholy and depression upon him because his best friend is let him down and all of this is simply his kind of holdings
however you know ads benedict's fellow st blessed john humbly submitted the god's judgments and patients he patiently accepted events as they happened thanks to his innate wisdom and god's grace it was easier for him to restrain his emotions and of things could not be
as he wished he wished them to be as they were
ice axiom benedict
exactly exactly very different character very different personalities benedict impatient with a slow passage of time was battered by wave upon wave of emotion unable to accept his lot in life he was at war with himself afraid that his only desire might be frustrated and that his hope might fail to attain
it's crown
if been addicted stayed in the italy he could have born as much fruit for the gospel there as in poland but instead he crossed mountains rivers and planes and came to a land whose tongue he did not know by now however he did understand polish and spoke it well enough both he and joe
john wore their hair short and which means the prefer they wear their hair long i don't know what else we've been no i think they probably shaved on the sides you with that mohawk with a goal the mohawk here who was is a way men you know what we used to names to shave their heads on the sides and so they have this cresting
the polish warders where they're here like anyway so both he and john wear their hair short and had adopted the sort of clothing worn by the local people so as to be acceptable to the pagans and not to turn them away by the strangeness of their attire
here like the polish people in what he wore and the way to live so that it would be easier for them the people to accept the gospel by creating favorable circumstances and approaching them with discretion always unnecessary virtue he could then guide them and the way of salvation so he refined disk
question discretion which we've heard mentioned so many times as great virtue monks and pyramids is now the great virtue of missionaries and it's applied to this what we call today in conservation the language of the people the clothing the people were etc etc
my footnote just as bruno speaks of going on mission as seeking christ this expression the disciples go on mission to seek christ so here the practice of discretion the monastic virtue parks alongs characterizes the way the mission is conducted
at this point it should be abundantly clear that evangelization from saint benedict himself at monte cassino know he would go down the mountain and preach to the pagans around around model see what synthetic was also a missionary as far away from his monastery but still a missionary so from saint benedict himself
to add monte cassino to the first st boniface and st louis yoga germany to our own bruno bottom office this missionary this activity of and evangelization is an integral dimension of early that is six to eleven century benedictine spirituality at practice so it is
one dimension historically of benedict i'm like now of the disciples of st brown gold as some kind of strange innovation or exception or something terribly unban addicted about wrong but simply in the line of the great monastic tradition of the west the monks when
it was appropriate for the them to do so engaged in evangelists asian
but there is a specifically monastic way to evangelize with discretion
in other words it is often more monastic to discard the monastic habit in favor of lay clothing than it is to preserve the habit for the sake of identity it is always more monastic and expressing my opinion it is always more a monastic to sing the liturgy and the language of the people in the case
of our brothers the slavonic roman right then it is to use the latin simply because it creates an aura of mystery i think everyone knows i like lap anyway that's the principle is important the principle of in cultivation is something that that comes from some of the great monastic saints not only the west but also the east let us remember
for st cyril and methodius who have brought the
slavonic liturgy to
said roland and eastern europe
but also so they did translate the roman right into the slavonic language and this my theory that the brothers and poll use the slavonic roman right rather than the law
above all it is monastic to show delicacy and respect not only towards the person's we are called to evangelize but also toward their culture and all its various expressions and this is what bruno means by discretion in missionary life so we have this tradition which
this important him
monk missionaries from st benedict's rule
looting saints cyril and methodius or bonobos these brothers and then of course in our own time i think we can fairly say that a be person something that to we inherited it wasn't something that was begun by as common the but shan't even them is a guy
great example of inculturated the church today the church in india is very much aware of now finally after a long time as aware of the importance both of the contemplative life in a very inculturated life especially because they're unlike poland and this time rather barbarian people
therein in the other they are one of the great civilizations of humanity and they have a monastic tradition which is indian and therefore it is appropriate for christian monastics to adopt that aspect of life and so the monks chant even of course you know where the hobby rarely
orange robes and so for this is in the line of our traditions so we have this great tradition we can be justly proud of it

so benedict sets out for
for the south and it gets as far as
the just man benedict entered guilty bohemia and it's ruined metropolis it's prague he planned to continuous journey overland on foot which would be easier if more tiresome than on horseback since the main roads were closed on account of the war
his thoughts were of me and of the sweet friendship that united us
war raged like a winter storm making travel impossible even unarmed messengers in spite of the traditional law of the immunity that protected them could not reach their destination and safety and interesting little detail i didn't know there was this custom but they were generally protectively messenger
we're allowed to pass through enemy lines for this reason do a suave had tried to dissuade benedict from making the trip even though he was glad to provide him with money for
blast was afraid that benedict might be caught in the crossfire or fall into enemy hands and thus he would lose his most worthy subject well as was afraid that he will lose lose for the monk
because of his affection for benedick the dupe put great confidence in him and even sooner grieve benedict one hundred times than deprive himself of so powerful and advocate before god
when benedict saw that always to be were cut off he sank into a deep state of depression in fact says brewing he was by nature inclined to melancholy
his motive for starting the trip was his love for me and the bitter tears he shed it not being able to see me face to face reproof with his affection from his eyes as from a great watershed flow rivers of tears that furrowed his cheeks this wonderful you know you have the monastic literature that talks about the gift of tears and person's the tears
and of love for god and the motions that come from the soul of i'm from the the depths of the soul on reading the psalms you know as st probably or read in the song you know
i will do not be like horse or mule notes and verse that precedes that psalm thirty three
i will keep my eyes upon you so when he when he realizes that god's eyes are upon this tender benevolent gaze of god he breaks out in tears and then to get gift of tears and like here the tears are being shed or out of frustration and out of the sense of betrayal the trail of friendship on
obviously here know it's it's clear that that bruno presents us benedict as weeping over this this betrayed friendship is wounded friendship but not condemning bruna is see i think that's probably the fact i think that's probably the case even on a human love their a friendship can be
be a deeply wounded in yet on the true friend will not will have will not be able really to condemn his friend even if his friend turns traitor and so it makes us think of jesus and judas
benedict thought about yes but
rula couldn't get to him to see the war was on serena was in hungary that this particular moment he had gone missing
to cream
now but bruno was supposed to come before them see both before the the the war started see how the fact that at that moment he couldn't get to him well that was i was obvious the war was on there was impossible to do so but do to this question is training alone
oh no i think calumny but me say little more clearly i think on benedict side he did not see it as betrayal she did not judge bruno he asked himself why why my friend and he promised and he didn't come but bruno's
self judgment of course it is self condemnatory
the regards himself as a judas and the trigger
benedict thought about the work he had come to do in poland and he blamed himself for the straits he was in since what he desired could not come to him and he was unable to go find it himself he told himself that it was his own fault then of the no benedick starts blaming itself
well because he had left italy without considering the consequences in his own country he thought he might have gained many souls for christ
he lost what he had and bore no fruit with every good intention he had come to poland but as efforts had been all in vain instead of disciples to comfort him with their brotherly love he had enemies and almost total defeat

benedict state of mind alternated between anger at lord bless while he was angry at less for not wanting him to go after all benedict was not afraid in spite of all the duke's talk about war conditions and enemy troops and distress at me room says for my simple negligence since
i was then near prague i couldn't fulfill my prompt this was true of course but at that moment i was not willing to face him
double bind of the guilty conscience you know it you could i suppose come from hungary it did not find his way over the carpathian mountains and avoid that avoid henry's troops but he didn't
didn't do it yes a sinner always hates to look a seat in the eye how then can i ever faced my master in heaven since i thought so little of his will and hurried to do my own with the with all the restraint of a wild horse
i proposed to render spiritual service in such a way as not to lose earthly advantages as an untrustworthy servant of jesus christ i sought to win his love without hating this world and all it's empty show against myself i can say you failed as a statesman and did not succeed as a me
anke this is a quote from some other and we do not know exactly what was
perhaps from cash
so benedick returned to poland empty handed his heart filled with sorrow his eyes with tears is so with great sense
he and john had some solace however in the midst of the fire of affliction loop bullets swap didn't find the grant permission for barnabas is not named by route i put this in what square parentheses but we know from elsewhere the bardo this is the name of the brother who survived it was one of the analysis
he was a priest actually he he was already a priest may join them
so duple as well i did give permission for barnabas one of the polish brothers to go to rome for the love of god he had become their nervous now he is the spiritual father of the community having been elected abbot so everyone else was dead telling what left so has to be like zab
so brother bart of us left for rome the world's chief city and mother of all the churches benedict ordered him under holy obedience to find me wherever i was since i was the one who had convinced them to come to poland
if i had the pope's letter with me he was to return immediately by the most direct route if not he was asked me to appoint someone to accompany him to rome so that together they might request a copy of it they were not to consider their mission completed otherwise
when the outcome is certain yeah you can turn they don't think
when the outcome is certain the waiting is brief for one loves but when it is not the lover is filled with fear and the waiting seems long been it tried to temper his sorrow and make this new pain more endurable the new pain of seeing another brother go
and fear for him by specifying exact date on which brother barnabas was to return either the feast of all saints november the first or at the latest the feast of st martin november eleventh this is the period
ah of the which precedes the
christmas lunch and of christmas lent and then is the forty days before christmas so begins on aftermarket missile on the twelfth of november so from the first of november all saints to the eleven is the period of of the the fall carnival and so there's recreation and all the monks or period of to talk and
and so this is a custom the middle ages which are still observing come on me
until from the recent times
but i think benedict for god's as bruno what with their urgent need and his own deep suffering the teaching the holy rule to he get vowed to observe that a month should make no plans for the mortal
so benedick stayed on the hermitage in st barnabas to find me that branch i mean my son who's delay and caused them such sorrow was nowhere to be found on able to trace my steps barnabas did the right thing and went straight to rome to obtain the papal letter
in the meantime benedict settled back into his usual routine and sought to sweeten the bitterness of his soul by renewing his desire for got having faced the harsh realities of the moment like a man he found comfort in the thought of great treasure in the world to come for him there was one true good
among all that is good one true happiness among all the things that promise happy because to mortals and make them run in vain that is the few of the lord the fear of the lord between wisdom fear of the normal first degree of humility etc we always remember course the true biblical sense of the for
ear of the lord which we gained from the various parallels which are used for the expression in the psalms and things are in fact synonyms for the fear of the lord they are to seek the lord's face to serve the lord to wait for the lord and these are
all their the same fundamental meeting as to fear the lord so it's an attitude of worship reverend of seeking god so it's an on-street survive here bindings this holy fear ruled his life and taught him to call on the living god in the midst of every affliction
so does this fear of the or that gives us confidence to call on god indeed it taught him to counter every wrong desire born disorder appetites with the right renunciation fruit of an authentic vision of reality this is a very complex expression
which i have not translated literally because it's just doesn't bear a little too literal translation
so this a polyfill god taught benedict to counter every wrong desire born disordered appetites with the right renunciation think of an authentic version of reality so right renunciation fruit want authentic vision reality is our brain on crc on his part
effect to call them tomorrow boondi contempt to moon a highly technical expression contempt for the world not really this is a summit semitic hyperbole like hating one's life in the world and john twelve twenty five
as a vision of reality
he posits gods primacy over it over every other good and the world's radical contingency and insufficiency
so as not contempt for the world has been created or any of the good things in the world but it is a sense of the
learn substantially of the impermanence of the world
this content so call becomes perfect and the gospel since when it is a seeking first the kingdom of god then the monk practices right reconciliation would receive the blessing of the poor in spirit so all of this
monastic were tabular it has to be seen within its context
in the whole massive literature and also in relationship with the biblical background so
so we cannot take can content to wounded as meaning contempt the world but as this attitude which is deeply free from all attachment to ah
the immediate reality of material is in our material existence or a temporal existence
continuing our bruins text benedict knew that he possessed nothing on earth except his own son and he had no desire for anything this world but god he kept his mind's eye fixed on eternal glory which is all the wise live for
and so forth well this is a little snapshot which show
and so and also benedict says benedick meditates on the golden rule of discretion again note on this
smoking never to repeatedly that it's important to keep in my discretion is the monks golden rule and in romulus teaching it becomes the scenic one known for perseverance and the hermitage it's are the opposite as we have seen as presumption
discretion gives priority to a strategy of perseverance which is more demanding than any outward pennants since it requires that the monk continually humbled himself recognizing honestly his own limits
benedict and john spent the summer to run the summer clothes and this has taken place not in november obviously
the time that takes to travel from portland to wrong cetera
several months so they sent barnabas on his way in summer be an addictive john spent the summer in anticipation of the feast of all things steadfast in the observance of prayer and fasting waiting like the apostles to be clothed with power from on high so this is a
a an allusion to the apostles in the upper room and this is a constant memory in monastic literature the memory of the apostolic community in jerusalem the community of the parcels is the model of the monastic life right a model
having all things in common united by charity centered on the breaking of bread mystery on sacramental mysteries etc
the to only brothers lived in perfect harmony beautiful paragraph
the kind of sums up it's it's is really breathed spirits of the and spirit of the actually policies the two holy brothers lived in perfect harmony whatever one of them wanted the other even against his own preference wanted it as well whether it was a question of the cell where work of clothing or livelihood or
prayer in one of them expressed a desire the other took care not to disagree with him for the sake of brotherly love and to avoid all self will

oh yes yes and that's certainly in the back of was mine i wouldn't be surprised between the back of was mine but of course this is simply a and
an image actually of the ideal of the church
together they loved god above every other good together they lived an orderly monastic life and gave themselves to prayer with a pure heart and then it was the as they were of one heart and one mind and sorry thirty two behold are good and how pleasant it is when brothers drowned in unison
so this is the the way the brothers live to see whether it's a very interesting here you know it six pregnant and sometimes you know in monastic like we all know what can go wrong and then we shouldn't belabor this point
in monastic life we can very easily fall into pettiness and get all caught up with with the this is not done by right this is not done the way it should be and so it so it's not observing exactly this that the other and we'd get very very somebody somebody once said you know the problem is that people come to the monastery they put off the old
man and put on the old woman
after for every unit for to forgive the expression but to the bugs can be sometimes very bitchy so that's something we should watch out for and and here you can see that they are absolutely free of this you're absolutely free because they are thinking about what his brother you are on what does this of course is actually the positive that it's also a reference
two chapter seventy two holly rowe the good zeal which monks ought to have and this theme of the good zero is something that that is is an undercurrent that flows through this text because it's simply the the bridge the kinds of virtues which are focused upon you and i never speaking ill of person was as
absent average attraction and and this wanting what the other wants rather than oneself one's all of this is simply from the wolves had been a new chapter seventy two
this instructor
the a lot of traffic
eleven yes after that chapter
so all these all saints day came and went and barnabas did not return
seeing their hopes dashed to pieces they became fearful and anxious but their fear and anxiety were only for their own and others' salvation not for what would become of them is rules
the are full of you but their their fear is really that they will have wasted their lives
on and on they went tormented by thoughts that allowed them no rest every time they saw each other and share their thoughts which was always since their love for one another made them inseparable it was the same complaint why had i failed in my promise to come and why
barnabas not returned with the pope's letter
and they said all this time we have been waiting in vain all our efforts have been wasted we sweated over learning the polish language so as to make it easier for the people here to understand the gospel we threw away our razors and made ourselves miserable by letting our beards grow we even saved our heads
we adopted their customs and started wearing their clothing and we hoped they would accept us as their fellow countrymen since our external way of life was like there's we did all this so that we could either preach the gospel or suffer martyrdom for christ's sake
but yes
noida never sees them again but you see there were
well there were witnesses their of the sorts of things that they said and this is typical of as we know writers always would do this you know they would put the words on the lips of this is bibles to the and all ancient literature the idea of on accuracy and are historicism is not is not there you have
let's not put it this way it is the literary genre however this is true to the character and personality than and john and certainly this this is the sorts of things that they would have said between themselves and that barnabas would have and so that bruno spoke with barnabas he spoke with the the the handyman with the one
the to andy men which we have to be away and not killed so he spoke to those who live with them
new them so that the this is simply a typical of what they wouldn't have said he had some
he had direct i would another were certainly after their martin and i did get to problem and interviewed everyone and saw the place and even saw the bloodstain wall and everything but he describes it very very precise detail so it's obvious that are all of this that he has his from ah direct
no i mean that it's even though it is second hand is from i i would succeed so
and so the chapter on martin the problems from time but anyway
why was this vital to report let me let me explain it it was important for that we just say it's important for them you see it was important in the sense that given the context of the times and the the concept of the are
the rice kill him know that the a local church really belong more to the prince than to any of the the bishop or whoever
to have a letter from the pope was to be guaranteed freedom and exemption from civil interference now this was the within that context this was what the function of the of a letter for the pope would have
ah well this was generally the case you say generally the case it was simply a desire to be guaranteed freedom from from involvement in politics in level simple question
excuse me
well yes i suppose so but they didn't see it that way they they felt they must wait they should not begin preaching the the the mission until now this manner
so i mean what can i say i don't say that that the disassembly the way things were in in the year one thousand and two and if you simply the way and one thousand and three and it was simply the way they saw their own situation and now it would be necessary
i'm sure that we may not feel the same way the brothers did and i'm sure the pope today feels the same way the pope's them then
but can i say
and don't i mean there was a problem is that the stated that the the lay investiture you know the the civil for the prince who would who would be the one to nominate a bishop in them and so for evidence did create problems and then with it did the to politicize the church etc which is not to totally defend the group or in reforms which
had which went perhaps to the other street
but there you are that's history that's the way things happen
so anyway they live because it all seems to be in vain
but but god had other plans all the depths of the riches of god's wisdom and knowledge and mercy romans luggage
they had no way of knowing what was about to take place
there has been a word from rome and they'd all but lost heart their anguish spirit grown within them and even if the pope's letter had been in their hands at that very moment the martyrdom they so ardently desired would have been no mirror he did not know what the lord had in store for them for he
from the evil deeds of men who has promised to heed those who ask in his name who never lies to his sings intended to grant them fairfax design and so he says that
what they had desire to obtain by going far from their monastery was given to them at their home in the monster it was the dead of night and the brothers sound asleep were resting their weary bones the band of assassins approach eager to commit their terrible crime their hearts that sometimes a little fighting
the rhetoric he gets into here but it's something so their hearts throbbed in their passions roads this is describing these themes in their hearts throbbed they're looking for the money by the way and bless watch money this is the whole thing that about the money they bought the money was there are actually better they could return the money to bless well when he couldn't finish the trip etc
so their hearts throbbed in their passions rose their lips trembled their nostrils flared and the blood race to their veins with quick feet chattering teeth hushed voices flushed faces sweaty palms they brandish their weapons greedy and eager for the easy for easy fight like dogs for blood or
wolves for prey
they came with intent to do harm but they're very deed turn to the good of their victims he's always into this theology of god working the good god working the good or evil that creates this great good of the bartender they hope to gain something from it but they gained nothing what they did was evil very evil and the sight of god
they came to do harm for harm sake and like the thief from the night they ended the day of life for the brothers who had been known to anyone
benedict had in fact acceptable as wants money but when he saw he could not complete this journey you return every penny of it
all but one of the thieves were christians
but even a pagan religion would have made him hesitate to do what they were about to do
without see the christians you know for groups your optimus test sima they say the corruption of the best is the worst kind of corruption so your these christians who turn against their kind of worse than pagans
they were then i mean they to see that monastery was in the christian territory wasn't in the pagan areas it was in pull-on a the the region between knows known and and posner so it was it was in that area where there were christians and the idea was being christian territory would move out into the pain areas
all be one of the thieves were christians but even a pagan religion will meet him hesitate to do what they were about to do without fear and without hesitation these so-called christians were ready and willing to slay good men and they gave no thought to the scripture with says do not place your hopes and inequity and even if rich
as abandoned at such reporting them
among the conspirators in this heinous crime which would lead to such a precious death was one pagan he was to all intents and purposes their leader and so expected a larger share of the spoils he knew the brothers well having been briefly in their servants
he entered the monks dormitory careful to keep his weapon hidden but before this can overcome the fear which this unspeakable sacrilege aroused in him he drank to goblets of strong liquor as it were the devil sacraments
the vote can probably would catch and polish invention
suddenly the assassin appeared before the sleeping saints a candle in his left hand a club in his right and a frightful look on his face the brother sat up in bed they broke their silence thinking more of the unexpected guests that of anything else since christ was always in their hearts and upon their
yep so they don't think they think oh guests of arrived
the following is the assassins own description of the scenes also bring had interview the actual assassins were not for to death because the sense we won't get to this the saints later appeared and gave orders to the less won't do not put to death
that you've had this theme of the an anti capital punishment theme that runs through boudicca and and feeder team also got married
interesting some of these things that do come out is through the been around in the margins of that company
so anybody the here's the description of this of with the new river he said
they started to whisper something to each other but i don't know what they were saying
when bruno as couldn't have been the verse which is said in the monks chapter office of great price and the side of the lord is the death of his saints it was recited after the meeting of the murderer ology but in our opinion it was probably the they could configure i profess to run etc since they were in a
immediate danger of dying that precious them
the repented murderer continued his story but i just stood there dead in my tracks i was going to kill them and i was afraid of doing it
when the brothers had finished whispering to each other whatever it was they wanted to say john spoke up patient brother john was about to be seated as a martyr had the better command of both latin and polish and he was the one who usually answered the door when visitors arrived my friend he said why have you come what is the meaning of all these
men with weapons astonish the man who was about to kill him and do now so deeply repents of the good he did by evil means gave john this answer our lord bless swap sent us to arrest you and he told us to show you no mercy
a smile crossed john space the good prince loves god and us too much for him ever to have given such orders what uses it to lie my son
his murderer answered all right we're going to kill you that's why we're here st john said god help you and us the assassin pale with fear drew his sword and struck john twice adding to wounds to the third which though not so noble is the other to his body already bought
for this was the i he had lost smallpox
then the assassin turned to the other months and first among them the pearl of great price plus of damage with one blow he split benedict's scum and the jets of blood colored the walls and the corner where he fell leaving bright stains which can still be seen today
may my soul die the death of the just this is bruno i'm repeating the words a bomb the car
as the our of their depth drew near the brothers sorrow was deeper than ever before but even the god man himself our redemption and salvation our mercy as he approached the passion which is great love for awesome for our salvation he was about to suffer as a glorious sacrifice declared to his disciples
that he was weary and sorrowful unto death he the word to in the beginning already was and who holds every living soul in his hand in his hands to show that he was moved to compassion and it was disposed to bear our sins said my son is some for them to death and the doctor the
incarnation total humanity of christ is possibility in which these saints participate
a same the same thing happened in the case of our brothers a short time ago there was sad beyond all measure but god was the holy and faithful friend of humankind abounding and kindness and mercy rants us in his own way much more and we can ask for even understand
the brothers were anxious to go out and seek martyrdom but god gave it to them at home
although it is highly dangerous to rush headlong into martin or to come upon an unprepared it is safe and holy to seek it in prayer as a gift of god very important theological point is a gift of god it's not something that we didn't do ourselves remember the the fourth temptation in there
cathedral and the sermon of archbishop thomas and st clair county i saw it
have we come to the ethics of the to polish brothers when bless has been addicted john had trained and monastic life and received two bows isaac was the next to be slain these were to blood brothers isaac and matthew and ah so there were three actually know this is the third was a course barnabas was a priest
these two are not yet priests and but they are
we received into monastic life by benedict and john
other to polish brothers and blessed benedict and john had trained and monastic life and received into god's isaac was the next to be slain he was a robust fellow stout
and he did not wait quietly like the others been began to yell god health god help them going to go to call bullshit bullshit the the the use of the cry bulge is it's very become the polls
a noble cry according to the verse so mighty fortress is the name of the lord him the just will take refuge and be saved isaac stood up as if to make a prayer and he was struck on the shins by the sword and then raised his hands to shield his body and they received a second merciless blow at that moment he realized
all who believe in him is about to bestow on him at home what he had long to find elsewhere death by martyrdom whereby a sinner lays aside the great weight of sin which aims so closely rather isaac was filled with joy and pride out oh happy night and blessed our it is not our merits it is the most
see of the lord
and then he said to his assailant may the lord bless you for what could you are doing for the good you are doing house
thus isaac fulfilled the gospel word bless those who persecute you and forgive them for they know not what they do together to phrases from simply
national for romans seeing them having said this isaac received a blow on the neck and died
these words forgiveness of enemies is the the essential thing and mark and not been killed and not to be killed and i'm not to be killed in all the on t day but it is essential absolutely essential for martin to forgive is
killers and this is often done three previous to the market model the moment better well in advance and oscar and archbishop oscar romero is form of all of latin americans and most other people as safe and barter and we're just waiting for the official seal of approval to be
upon his sanctity made very clear publicly seventeen to forgiveness you things online
when the his murder was heard him blessed them for all the evil they were doing and when we beheld such goodness and the gentle and peaceful way isaacs accept a death only them too late they begin to regret their deed and feel remorse observed to say woe to us what are we doing we came to kill them they rejoice
ice are being killed no man has ever blessed his murderers as they do but it is too late to change our plan we have to go through we must kill them all or people will find out what we did and make us pay for and
he's the resident murder of because he's telling the story to to bruno
the next victim was isaacs brother matthew blood brothers isaac and match terrified by what was happening you tried to get away they struck him dead in front of the church and we fell facedown as if prostrate and printer
the last to die was christian amongst cook has just named christian christian
his own brother was the one who had been sent to town that evening
he took up a stick to defend himself and he called to the brothers were held not realizing that they could no longer hear him
christian was an affectionate and pleasant natured man and since they've been generous and serving the bumps it was fitting that he the fifth should fall with the other for martyrs and thus earn their favor of him from his fifth would flow of blood and water for our salvation and for the forgiveness of our sins
he chewed and so interested in a constant reference to christ the important one and two the past for mystery
he the lord chooses to give the same wage to the last as to the first for he is good and by his mercy and all will be saved regardless of their own next
martin and sanctity