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remember his theory of the human psyche the consciousness and unconsciousness in the pre consciousness a tremendous significance of the and consciousness remember this was used to the revolution and so older
dimensions of the human person it up normally we hadn't considered than is a theory of his later model of the psyche the ego the superego the ear than his theories of the origin of religion the first theory very simple and simply as
the up religious person is personal feels threatened fields fragile and so this mechanism of projecting a father image out there into the heavens daddy will help me daddy will protect me against the threat to this room that a later more complicated theory having to do with guilt and central remember the either
opus complex each one of us has wanted to kill our father and possess our mother where there's all that killed inside of us and this is also collective israel that it killed moses repressed the people of israel and repressed this all this guilt around every tribe
roy it says and wanted to kill its father figure of all this guilt around so this still of paul comes up with this theory that jesus some an unusual prophetic figure who had been done away with jesus unsatisfied for this death penalty
d that we all should pay for this guilt wifi of this was his second theory we saw that here there is no a poof against the existence of god for himself would never say that because there's says projection mechanism in in every interpersonal relationship of the
a patient with a therapist for instance and the patient reflects projects upon the therapist some image usually the father and this is no proof that the therapist isn't it himself really exist so the challenge of freud is to reflect indeed on how we might be conditioned by our first exp
variances of our father how this might condition and qualifying limit our understanding god and a kind of a purification of our faith that it not be under sort of the shadow and possessiveness of of a guilt complex when of excessively strong super egos this sort of thing and then we saw
we started young in which we have a very much more positive reading of religion
preferred any religious manifestation is an expression of neurosis religious sickness for you any expression of at least healthy expression of religion is per se an expression of psychic growth and movement toward psychic health
so young takes a essentially very positive approach to every of what he would go healthier phenomenon of religion
did we see his life very briefly i think of some aspects of his life that he was born in switzerland have a very devout calvinist family
several of his uncles were calvinist ministers he was always the young human born in at eighteen seventy five was always caught up in his religious questions of in college he was fascinated with philosophers also precinct radix later would wrestled with the god question
then he studies medicine becomes a doctor and he has his decisive encounter with freud and he becomes sort of freud's of beloved disciple and he becomes the president of for four years of the international psychoanalytic society he is groomed by freud to be a success
sir then they get they get more and more intention and he more nor or rejects for its position on many many things ends at a certain point there's a violent break with mutual accusations etc and then goes his own very different way i think we saw last time
some of his first categories that are a very well known today like an extrovert and introvert we saw that it and then the feeling personally intuitive person sensation person and recently person different approaches to reality of these all of these are
ines one particular personal be more an extrovert tendency with reasoning as his basic approach to reality another person would be more introverted intuition or et in it's useful to know about this i think we didn't yet deal with his model of the site he did we
oh this this is the up those are different of attitudinal types but now we'll see his model sort of like remember freud's model of the super ego the ego the and sort of a three layer universe here we're simplifying rather dramatically but just to try to get a first hold of these
so here is sending individual for a young you access the basics of floyd but adds a great deal and reinterprets a great deal
so here is the eagle let's say never the ego for freud was that area of my conscious self identification in my area of consciousness who why think myself to be
and remember it develops of
first months of the child was first of all pure in were drives and needs and instincts etc then slowly develops the ito it's no longer if the baby but it becomes i robert with my personality and awareness of myself as counter distinguished
to do when you which the world about etc
and this is more or less young takes us over quite directly but young says between my self awareness and self consciousness and the outer world there is a mediating function which she calls the persona which is the lack of full mask or
or be the person in the social role we might see i put it here to sort of to mediate between cowgirl my uncle as you described doing think of several maintenance of the i years i had removed
now that mediates it's the role of a person and each person according to his place in in life and his family background in his occupation as a certain persona some of these are for songs are much heavier than others much more articulated are and what a typical
roman catholic priest in ireland for instance is a very specific series of roles ways he should dress not dress places he should go not go this sort of thing for a specific sense of
of requirements of social expectations from a personal net that's the pier solar
i was out with the holy cross a chapter which is very interesting that you were down in the city and there was as juggler on the street and he was shouting at people look at me that could be this is great this is the best act you've ever seen this has never been done and he was quite delightful that he had an approach to those around him that a priest
would never attempt or a sister or a doctor's he was being perfectly what he was as a juggler and everyone immediately said okay that's okay that is behaving that way because he's a joker but had he been up a professor or a doctor's something that would all been acceptable so each of us as a canal the
least formidable economic you have your persona and you behave in certain places some of this may be immediate inspiration but senate it is just a kind of a low it's implicitly given
you probably would not juggle orange she sat here haven't we be part of you pronounce me parasol so this is part of our psyche according to you and we have to keep a careful balance according to between my ego my awareness of myself
and might persona that he's don't get too out of whack some people your private suppose your whether they're quite quite different from your public walls and that can get heavy a certain point you get into get caught on contradictions subject so you've gotta keep some sort of positive report that distinguishes
wouldn't just so except the persona that the society's suggests etc that i'm confusing that with my deepest self awareness they are to rather different things of the priest for instance may be very aware of his shortcomings sinfulness and uncertainty but sometime
times and a counseling situation yes to project a persona of quiet confidence serene sometimes there's attention there he has to know it
you can't simply immediately come across as the uncertain singer nor can he forget the in fact he is a sinner so you're getting involved in that type of report and you can't eliminate the one or the other agreed to whom you've got to live with this dynamic
then there's a oh unconscious area in freud now you make some decisive distinctions here he talks about the shadow
the shadow just as the persona mediates between our world of symbols and reality and interval so the person so shadow mediates between my go and a whole other mysterious area will talk about shorten the persona and
in all those tendencies characteristics and also experiences that i've sort of repressed or forgotten about or am not aware of what for continent consciousness and very often also those qualities and characteristics of myself that are not very attractive to myself
so i kicked them down there out of sight and often they're quite the contrary of the persona i project and also have my self consciousness if i normally project a personality that's very timid and shy it well maybe that in my shadow there's a line there's fierce beasts
sort of thing much anger and violence and hostility etc this can well be
sometimes you know those little quiet lovely child with report explodes and most astonishing in this comment
or vice versa
it can be the very strong macho typos in control of everything he knows all the answers and such and underneath in his shadow he might be quite quite insecure frightened this sort of thing
or a very very respectable citizen of the community and underneath there's the thief the drunkard
there is a famous phrase of an englishman he saw
prisoner being led away to the death sentence and he said there but for the grace of god go i
what you will see that's profoundly true that in the sense here says respectable englishman whose and on color of his society but there's a dimension of him it would want to kill or rob or just just give himself up to drink or sentiment there's that kind of paradox in each one of us so never
take too seriously my own of self consciousness and also my own persona these realities that i should be aware that there might be other things in my unconsciousness that are quite the country and i might be very pious and about and there's that the blasphemer in my shadow sort of thing and might be all
all under control and is the wild man the beast in shadow
about the tracker team up in northern california
they use during a great deal i was a fearsome years ago bruno and was looking through their permission tools and but one of their big things for novices is to tell their nervous system becomes somewhat aware of your shadow and come to terms with your shadow be at peace with your shadow you should were so terrified
i'd have all that down there that we repress it we denied well that can't possibly be mean but it isn't and that's just part of our makeup part of our curious contradictions et cetera and part of the aspect that needs the for redemptive you in christ just acknowledge had not this pure together
so come to terms with the shadow that's that's one example of the way human terms are used by are now many the options spiritual writers etc
so there's the shadow then there is that that's also the area of my personal and consciousness that is to say my own personal experiences quite as distinguished from yours that are here and they're not in my consciousness but they are mine they're uniquely mine
mine then you miss decisive contribution that distinguishes and absolutely from for it is what he calls the collective unconsciousness which makes me up to all of the rest of and so yes i just hit the kitchen to other individuals five distinct at the level and go and persona
a and shadow but united in this immense and studious area that i use of collective unconsciousness
now this is the thesis of you that for i didn't say it's just crackpot just beard and the union say has been scientifically demonstrated by by research into comparative religions and comparative myth and dreams etc
where he first plugged into this is simply the recurrence of certain symbols like the swastika or the reverse swastika in very primitive religions in very very widely disparate parts of the world south america the american indian india
african descent
groups it couldn't possibly have had contact why do these religious symbols may occur again and again in widely disparate places if not because reasons you in all of us not at the conscious level because it ain't there but at the unconscious level there's a common exp
periods that it is articulated objectives me in religious symbols the just myths religious right buttons all the sort of thing and this expresses itself in india are in the american indian or in africa with extraordinary parallels precisely because we all have this com
an unconscious ground out of which were all coming in so far as we're all coming out of primordial of human experiences that are passed onto a some way your use a little vague with be biological or whatever but he says the contents of this collective unconscious
miss are sort of the counterparts on the spiritual plane of the instincts on the physical level we all share hunger we want to eat one two or three times a day on odd other instinct sexual instincts instincts of self pursue
perseverance is preservation
our every one of us whether is born in india or sacrament we all have this this is presupposes the human condition and the biologic level so young says also in the spiritual level or the psychic club there are certain
tendencies innate tendencies innate instincts which constitute the concert contents of the collective consciousness is contents he calls archetypes
his arc types and says we can't give an exhaustive list of what these are but there are certain basic ones that occur in all myths in all religions etc that are the expression again of this common
ground that we all share so you see you in would have a very powerful doctrine of the
kind of the common base of the human family and something like the christian concept of all we are all members of one body he could plug very easily do that sort of thing for it tends to be much more individualistic but you don't seize it were all tied into one experience so doing is interested in any way
religion in any cultural phenomenon in any series of important
symbols and legends and myths whether it be in africa or india is fascinated by anything profound a human profoundly religious because it will be it will speak to me into you with each one of us because it speaks of our common of matrix receptor
he showed an idiot
okay now it mediates between the ego and this collective unconsciousness
and these archetypes and he says the youth the child is particularly in contact directly with a collective and consciousness so you see kids playing cowboys and indians and and cops and robbers and they're all caught up in myths and superman and this is the whole row
with a collective consciousness and this becomes later naive for us adults we build up a whole personal unconsciousness of our own personal repressions and experience and problems etc so we tend to get away more and more and the modern western secular
the angeles or chicago better he's really out of contact to a dangerous extent human say with is collected in consciousness the so-called primitive peoples are very often psychically much healthier than the modern secular men because they are directly in contact with these
sources also of energy of health health basically for june
consisting getting in contact with these energy sources and getting all these elements and components harmoniously you'd report so i no longer be pressing one thing or contradiction with another but it all becomes organic and i accept my shadow and my persona is
harmonious would make them go home
but the modern second years he's not aware of the collective unconsciousness or
and also avoiding it's just not aware of this deeper level
now there's another area mediating not so much media but it says it has one foot in the personal and consciousness and one foot in a collective unconsciousness and that for the mail is the anima and for the female is the onions
that is on my conscious level and also personal unconscious level i have a certain sexual i did i mail and this is drummed into me from the first years by the parents and society etc you don't play with doll as you go out and you play cops and robbers and the think of a little girl shouldn't go out and play
cops and robbers who should be a top walk swiftly so
but like the here and how to dress etc you i didn't get this identity in the kid you are male and that is my animals meal
and that's very important but are the unconscious level halfway the collective halfway and the personal it's just the contrary of that the unimog me a whole feminine dimension is the more intuitive the word gym t o the more loving etc all those qualities characteristically
feminine or in me
and in the woman there's the animals
now normally work
vaguely aware this were terrified by because we think it's threatening or real identity so the macho type who would never cries and who never gives up thought to worst yeah center he wants to be pure macho he's trying to repress their anima in him so if you missed one of it key thing
things in therapy is to serenely live as a mass killings with your on lot and for women to you live with the audience that's another component it's actually absent for it so on but it's very fascinating
are some images in here if i can find them of this is a lovely book on a man and his symbols edited looked over by carl you
and ah
here for instance
is the great merchant or story of
the night slays a drag her and thus freeze the princess who was possessed dominated by depriving a great beautiful symbolic you
search purses is pure simple minutes of pure new contact our place so prevalent mean there is the anima and here's the honours finally courageous he goes out and slaves that were pressing force
in wants to cancel out my mom and then a girl and are happily married and live happily ever after and as a symbol of site of coming to live serenely harmoniously with my arnhem
in dreams when there's a woman figured ah
floyd attempt to analyze i'm fourteen categories of for young is my feminine but it should be me
and so it's important to see where that would certainly have a cesarean space she's a happy contact with the masculine or whether she's oppressed or what is happening to her that can give you what has happened to my anima indeed this is a rather lovely fifteenth century flemish here is a gentleman
who's about to go into an interview room
and there's this woman right behind him and motorcycle these coming from our city area etc
how this are good for you use all expression of archetype there he is the i use the more courageous
going forward and nurses on him directly behind sustaining supporting and he's going to search the inner depths
coming from the outer i sort of thing here's another symbol
on in a treatise of st thomas there was this illustration of a figure that the ketones after me openstack meal and from hermaphrodite to take me now away from humans actually tremendous it's like
very serene rousing are you have any arms and sorry you said his small and religious symbols or and his own categories categories fuels can a lumen not their final theological meaning it doesn't presume to say that but are an important psychology
vehicle component of the so that's an on my dimension
is this and are we proceeding now we want to go into some of these archetypes that is the contents of the collective unconsciousness because this is the decisive point of contact with religion and
christianity or whatever but is is fairly clear up to know the structure of the sec and i think it's fun to try to see existentially in me do i recognize an ego is there an area of consciousness and self consciousness it's very personal i can get to i can teach us can plug into that
is there a persona how is it distinguished from my deepest consciousness of myself as can be very interesting and one woman it was also a of here but she said very very efficient professional woman she's got it all together she goes into office and she is tough
and she's got her act all together and sort of thing that is her persona and i know that i'm a personal levels she's quite answer and certain and suffering this sort of thing not sure where she's going on different tendencies et cetera so
distance between this and this is considerable and heard it's interesting and she's aware of visit citrix now she cannot go the bank and just immediately express the other the tank disappointed the customers don't want it it would know in fruitful nor can she simply pretend that this banking the
efficient professional woman role is her deepest awareness of herself so i think you can plug into something like that i think we can grant the of shadow
on dr jekyll and mr hine sort the things our fascination for murder mysteries and that is sort of the there is a weird sight of us the english are particularly strong in this area of for a proper social rules and and then they're fast
needed in jack the ripper that certain types of
i think something like the shadow you can make a good case for the anima that's an interesting thing box of contemporary people think this is great to break down extremely richard of sexist robes of the pure macho or the a flighty sweet film but to accept it in each
each of us there is the other
dimension and this permits than a relating to people of the opposite they're no longer an entirely different species for instance there is something in me that helps me to relate and understand from within the feminine experience
ah remember dante and beatrice for instance now indiscreet him or beatrice guides him
ah beatrice repeat a war intuition or feminine
and of
the whole business of the more a contemplative prayer which is a more passive more receptive i think one would make a case that the body was very important there because the meal is the kind of them like to grows up as and on his own sort of thing there's a point when we have to receive and doubt be
mary magdalen sir peter for instance or
so i think one can at least theorize it's an interesting theory
this is a fascinating thing and again union says that he's not proposing this as a theologian or as someone who's fascinated in religion he's proposing it as a psychologist scientist who says it's the only hypothesis that can explain this phenomenon of parallelism in dream
eames and myths and religions etc etc of symbols values etc that are decisively tied to psychic reintegration and help and that's a debate that goes out between them union said no unions but as fascinating for those of us who were also interested in things like
a religion etc
so let's start looking at some of these archetypes
a basic one is the great mother or the cosmic mother
obviously this fundamental primordial experiences in each one of us each one of the starts within the great mother
and this is perhaps the fundamental archetypal says it's looking at all the book senior labour you have a very complete set of you symbols of transformation and the huge section is where there's a symbol to the mother
either and reborn
on section on bob
the battle for deliverance from the mother the dual mother the sacrifice
ah deliverance from the mother the whole burst thing than the whole growing up in a certain point status in your own identity etc the mother is the source of life the ocean out here if you ever look at it and it strikes shoot a very profound level one reason for that
according to your is that the ocean huge bodies of water are tied into the great mother archetype it's out of the primordial waters that life comes pacific waters as a receptivity as depth as mystery sort of thing now life comes out of the waters
but you can also drown in the water so it's an ambiguous mysterious symbol the mother of give us life nourishes but she can also sort of devour so you've got to be very careful if you're a great mother archetype is healthy our or is fits
this negative dimensions are so for to baptismal waters you go down and die the baptismal waters and come out reborn or this surfing or use fascinated about of these are supernatural symbols but they are also
according to you the hitters in a profound on preternatural of never quite beyond even our own individuality
princess for the birch merits if he feels that catholicism is psychically more complete in protestantism also because of the decisive role of
of mary
here's an image
from a fifteenth century italian artist piero della francesca i don't want we saw this last time of mary the people are not represent very small i can have served from paris and detected in her cloak
yes he really say is that imagine a great awesome other
he's the man whose motto is changing
now in this other book there's a whole section of images on great protective mothers and up lots of them are images of the virgin mary lots of them are hindu goddesses lots of the more buddhist there's sister in the k much offend her and catholics have a certain
sensitivity of poor fascinate others but
that's why he tends to be a little eclectic and he's quite as fascinated did not hear springs is the which one dog was the key of children this is the grave brother which in a pure maple side question is the child eats it up
remember go
evil rich excellent granite that of in time this provider these legends stick around so on artificial fascinating kids with their silver testing not
authors of children's books are trying to rewrite nicer but cheese etc you would say it won't work these things are referring to here's the mistress of the beasts of greek mythology and dutch a corn god and all sorts of things that reflect
here's mater it may see a mother of the church and other myths image of our lady with little tiny christians all around her gathered in a protective
then a whole series i'm a tree of life in about eight different religions and quoting the cosmic tree of the cross
this sort of thing so on if he right psychology he loves to ride it with illustrations from everything from paintings and religious statues etc because as i say any phenomenon any expression of religion for him
bob is an expression of this whole thing
as another example of the great cosmic mother
here is a statue of mary and you open it up and within is the whole trinity father son and holy spirit
ah now this is
have you made it today orthodox and catholic doctrine of theotokos mother of an error of it also files humans a great dragons in a great mother who really are so she somehow contains a whole also islands
so this isn't a
so images that were used to kind of a pious images of the nineteenth century where everything is according to a proportion and flesh colors etc young says this type of statue or image is much more powerful because it's not concerned with kind of photographic or sentimental
on presentation wants to go right to sort of the essence also icons are very very interesting to him he's very interested in triads and so on this sort of thing i can see trinity it so that's a kind of an example of where his approach to religious categories is extremely par
positive some fuel almost to positive that it's some say he's more dangerous of to the position of faith and for it because he's assimilating these in a kind of or pagan pantheistic away his enemy say it's much more horrendous and blasphemous in its implications than
freud are many think this is too critical approach on certainly he's not exclusive heuristically christian but he is on the of people i've talked to sincerely a believer in god and a believer shirt me in a pluralism a forms of religion and
what he thinks if all these things again are
expressions of the way the human person has to come to fulfillment through you in with in harmony with got another a series of another art type is the cosmic man the hero kind of the apollo prometheus or christ cr
rice is an expression perfect expression of this archetype of the hero
the village is under the sway of a ritual dragon or septic a hero goes for battles with the dragon freeze the city is sort of thing and also don't you never instead of homer's iliad to whatever there's always the hero that emerges and decisive
lee overturns a negative situation often to risking his own life or even giving his own life
there's a whole new explosion of interest in legends etc token and c s lewis on the episcopal church sponsored a whole series of on television programs on one of see as vs are legends which is very thinly
disguised christ language this is lion who who saves you three children from the fierce woman and he's he saves them through giving his own like tumor it's a very
it's a very it's a sort of thing that you would be fast history
so the hero and each of us has need of the hero each of us fields ourselves in a situation of predicament unable by ourselves to get out of it so the hero comes and changes this situation and this should be the cause
here's an example of beautiful coffee christ surrounded by the for
symbols or activists
you are four beasts that are quite quite similar judge collection protect the egyptian squirrel is possible there in some common interests surprise all schools and zodiac slammer price you see is a fool's all
cause me to yeah
he said
ah so that's another hero and this will come through any of stupid western film or it comes over again and again and again precisely because each of us needs of
in another images of christ this powerful dynamic
presents it overturns man's ultimate enemy death surfing again was indirectly
the is of balance
with the ball and loses his own life but through this loss of comes regeneration cetera these again are recurring themes that reflect
now you can take one or two approaches here where young points out for instance parallelism between the mithra bit and the christian story one is to deny any parallelism
another is to sri may not have different citizen decisive differences but also accept parallelism is now it depends on your theology if you have a theology that it's god the father who created us all and creators are also on the natural plane and created also this mysterious dimension of encourage
then it's not terrifying if we do discover parallels and anticipations in other cultures and other religions this would be thought to be a rather inevitable
ah just and talks about the logos sperm articles of this seed of the divine word it scattered all over and is present also for instance in the greek philosophers and so they become for him also sources of do
irvine truth but little sources that have to find their fulfillment in christ de locos sweet fresh
sir launcelot clement of alexandria talks about the proper do tick function of greek and roman culture that is these cultures are not the enemy simply
or negative they are positive forces that prepare for the christian message rather like i don't go into elementary school before you really get it to your major area etc up so the old testament and the greek culture according to climate these are
preparations for the gospel with you get into something like that there's this up we we we are
i'm horrified by the syrup parallelism you need it can be a kind of a confirmation that there is an exigency in every human being for a hero for instance or for a mother
oh so it can be taken in two ways it can be taken in a reductionist way that america is simply like an any other mother myth and jesus is just another a hero or you can take it in the other that there is a decisive qualitative newness with easy fulfill of all the others
and all the others indicate how essential is that needed every human person was a marxist spreads this will be can be kinda works but it's fascinating how important karl marx is for them and if you push them rigorously don't have to admit that they're not claiming that as some sort of profit or infallible thesis a human being but he's very very
important and they tend to create their heroes
you know what to castro all people that their decisive importance that personality cult is much more of phonetically present of in in russia or china than enough given west germany or the united states were less attached
president carter with beyond to
so another very important archetype better
very dynamic quality this precise the journey archetype or the pilgrimage archetypal the search archetype this is a fascinating one but each one of us is on his search life as a journey is sort of thing and this is expresses itself constantly in art inventions and
centra the iliad the odyssey the searching for the grail the crusaders it set out for jerusalem this sort of thing the exodus
we're all on our way
a written a different situation today than we were yesterday
and this a very powerfully expresses itself in his key an archetype of journey
one of the problems of modern man is so he's not quite sure where this journey is going and services
intuition sometimes of being in a labyrinth i saw political cartoon just a few days ago on an uncle sam quantities this iran labyrinth was just no way out and this is a kind of a nightmare you've got to move there's some danger behind but you know more to go and all the doors are closed sort of new x
thing of start here so
impressionist painting by the italian artistic too critical anxious journey
this is a whole series of auctions and in group quarters and nothing is opening out running is clearly the right i should do some young people are hideous your manager little hat but will have a worry
and so this is
during our time gone bad when you're whole you're going going going in circles are going backwards but so that's a contemporary problem
then there's the
there's rather than more serene medieval and late medieval journeys there's dante whole journey remember down to purgatory fair and you heavens he was led by beatrice or all the way sort of open up and then this is
paul bunyan's pilgrim's progress bring in rebates this whole thing is a dream interesting me enough and the pilgrims said sounding as all these experiences and finally arrives at the celestial city as does the monthly and
the a representative price inheriting from happening is is our time now religious term i am not now in heaven i realize so i have to be by up to get somewhere else so all the businesses of which road to take and who's going to guide me
you what i can take with me what i had to leave behind did what dangers i can encounter on this journey this whole bit of is tied in with this a journey archetype
ah so key
the ferry of pharaoh ramses the second time and he says this is great if the turning into our decks when the key injured said economic entity is into the depths of my personal and
come to terms with studies in
that's the fundamental so country to get chase through your uninjured that the journey score well and if you to get there if you don't get there all these things are important as indications of how your basic cited journey into the depths is growing
also the whole vid about and
speece a germans that trip to the moon i was is so fascinating and millions of people before television sets everywhere here's the missile picking up from roy this is obvious symbol of a meal
order to sort of real cowardly for humans much more several and spiritual insists it's outward and visible sign of your spiritual journey through the facts were around since
the last things are going with you very bad because you will be having dreams and he would immediately intuit how freud would interpret them instead of he thought
materialistic vulgar or ways whereas he saw them again in in the spiritual dimension so that jerky and going into the depths etc
so those are some of the key york types
and again you can't miss them all or just inside of a certain room history and you get out this one or that one through a religious symbols a key one is the archetype of self or totality or divinity
ah the key to my psychic he opens his is again to get all these components into some sort of harmony some sort of totality and this in my inner cosmos in harmony to tell me the whole of objective reality with others now it's the self
south or the divinity which is sort of my picture is the central decisive
archetype here and in another sense it's kind of the circumference the totality and the outside it's a center and also the radius that is what he is going to relate to god
each one of us that is in search of god we know that god will give us fulfillment completion totality will center us that's of the soaked in are you with a capital s and here
our problems and possibilities the problems is you seem to be approaching here again a rather cure reductions and that the almighty transcendent god out there simply becomes a central decisive component of my own subjective site in this is the problem
and this central archetype of the self is expressed in a very beautiful way in my mind whether this is a modular and that's why it comes up or given to get again the mandela in tibetan buddhist religion is a symbol
that is constituted by the basics are some sort of circumference and some sort of center and some sort of components that lead to the circumference to the center now the tibetan buddhist monk would have these images sometimes are very very elaborate and meditate on them and it
be a method of coming to kind of spiritual integration and profundity and you learned about the mountain i became fascinated in it and his books are filled with mondelez
the cross is amanda especially in it's more
complicated expressions for instance the southern cross where you had the sick loved soul that science here
where do we meditate to cross human saying of course supernatural it's it's also an integrating
force these archetypes are sources of energy sources of healing if we can get back in contact with them now we need over invisible symbols to nourish our contact with the archetypes giving them out of shape etc
a get off on would say that's why for instance literature for humans very very important he has a fascinating a whole treatise here on the mass and the symbolism of a mass and goes through the whole light and in terms of a agnostic text transformation symbolism
in the mass that's a hundred page treatise that's been published separately now on the sequence the appalachian and prohibition charles lee an elevation of the shower the criticism etc
on a symbol is in the psychology of a mass etc these symbols out there are very important for us not before if we got a group here of catholics we share an outer series of symbols that integrators each with his own subjectivity and each were the other
it's lovely to live on archetypal symbols together and that builds community and a liturgy here we mentioned that the chapel here i now remember it yourself an architectural mandela
on the other examples of that here
but it's a clear mandola and then as you come down and go around the altar the altar as the center and the community or makes it quite spontaneously if you'll notice it's quite a perfect circle gets made by the monks around them around the altar and then we extend our hands for the
our father it some interesting it's a perfect circle and i am not sure anyone ever said you come down to form perfect but it was just spontaneous it was just a because it's archetypal the circle the circumference and the center which is the alternative finance centres that the chance in the forest
and so as a community and individually we are centered and unified and opened to the whole in that moment now the problem of modern man for you is that we've got to hope series of different archetypal our expressions for instance let's say this is a marxist out here so he's got his made the
march which is a kind of but it's still a procession journey archetype being expressed in the sky his martyrs the workers who felt made a things with key symbols so he shares this verse
they're strongly bound in italy we know all sorts of yemen marxists and the meet me share and deep level basic symbols and values the way christians to have a problem is though the modern western families all fragment that you may be jewish
your modern secular man and his symbols of value for money get power et cetera so this complicate fruits and obviously some of these symbols are much more adequate and healthy expressions of the archetypes some a very sick on the initiation
process of the ancient tribes this is very important is the beginning of the journey of the youth it sector sweden there's lots of pain such reform of it's a growing thing but if you're in a college and you get into a college fraternity initiation there's lots of that that just comes out spontaneously
the but it is very healthy it's not that you've been brought to reels maturity you just don't serve introduced to this group of guys prepared and seventeen cetera so you get archetypal symbols there but they don't really heal and nourish fulfilled so this is the problem of modern society according
to are you aren't so just briefly again some of the model analysis of modern contemporary over but just looking at it when feels kind of a
when the coffee rose window
is a perfect are
the perfect guy for them and a separate juniors recipes something all things
some sometime of all the submissions you all the simplicity
so this for you even remember and so you can be an architectural mandola it shackled here the human person himself can be a mandela if you are them
i can have a hissy cast theory of the heart as the center at subject of go from the circumference to the center bring the mind down into the heart is sort of in of so you can interior eyes the mandola and should or you can exterior right
this sort of thing so
this is briefly some aspects of the union
psychology union tools and key elements so we might discuss this for a while we might take a break of about five or ten minutes in and see what comes out of this and then see what he does from this for his dialogue with religion and with theology and with spirituality and we can
discuss what are
answer to him should be etc so avoid it will take a break through the six minutes let's zoom in tobacco discuss with this is good or bad
or a begun dogma hundred he was delighted at the
the doctrine of the immaculate conception and the assumption
so psychology and religion is already begun married in train
but it does leave it check checking out responses there's merits and right with lot
and this is a model
at the center is right that are very on
i'm there
he stopped watching tv
the prisoners
right on please
you know before is the same conclusion season also
the eastern right especially bringing the horse
the four evangelists as gifts pleat
he's very into numbers

the moment

this one can end up completely you know directed in a kind of perhaps not always healthy way


it is i think

well sir


big soccer
yeah i think your divides jews and christians pro and again him you said he yes
rock comfort which room with the summer very much against him for that colleagues reductionism
and some are very for him and that he opens up the dialogue you have here in your library this god and the unconscious by victor quite dominican
i'm getting older book published back in the fifties it has an introductory essay by you it's very interesting white asked john to introduce it quite was just beginning the dialogue with psychoanalysis in psychology
ah and quite as much harder on freud obviously i think the conclusion of white relative to young as one example is possible list that is
there is this danger but there is not anything he knew that would exclude the objective guard with dresses you can get so caught up in the
in this fascinating world of interior worldmark types and cetera and the god can become the i then young site all the mystics i think jump across as if ultimate center of myself as christ this sort of thing so you can interpret this always in a riddle
action pantheism way or in a mystical way of profound a union in diversity
it's very hard to one of the reasons it's hard to pin you down is a human doesn't want to say anything about religion this has been so attacked by the for audience and just being censored of religious weirdo that he says no i am a scientific psychologist and i'm not talking about that's why he doesn't like to talk about
whether there is a god out there nike says that's for the theologians my job is a psychologist and i'm talking about archetypes
and this is science so it goes on anonymous introductory essay along those lines and he saw defensive on himself that sometimes it can seem almost sort of anti theology whereas in other paragraphs he obviously isn't for he's very sensitive
this is one of his last and is this is fifty two he's very sensitive to the friday an attack on him that you're just involved in acts of faith there's something so he's attacked from both sides he's attacked by some religious is being
too reductionist humanist and is attacked by the friday is being too religious weirdo are facing and he has to defend himself from both sides ahead death so it's i think everyone has to make his own decision
and what to do with this man but he is around and he asked is having a big influence and so i think it's good to run to know about him
ah so i think we can now the next time take up more explicitly history of the relation of faith and this tomorrow so you might think about this and good