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Monastic History Class, complete Palestinian monasticism and begin Syrian monasticism. 



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god who raises to death
okay on what i want to do today is
easily think of how skinny and reverse this isn't so there will go to begin our our discussion with syria monasticism and when i get to that our us the max out for you ah first from announcements our next week on monday i meet with the novices before now
illnesses tuesday you have classroom
bruno and how really gets debris was getting problems he has now passed and then of course there's a motive class our bright on among the the movie wednesday we have a class here as normal but thursday's wreck day friday garden furniture so again i've gotta go to wednesday and saturday night
sneak i can't cancel these classes because otherwise we're not going to get the course done before june
ah if you have i made some other range come on saturday and you mean that a doctor's report on the that's fine with that's why we advocate said don't worry about that but if you can't make it on saturday at ten
please come
oh okay for that class on saturday then you want to have your reader on assignment or from augusta because will probably begin august at that time and i think it's it's a selection from his on the work of monks
so you don't need to bring the reader and term accepted
okay we left off with and yesterday with jerome and paula near bethlehem remember this is the roman roman monasticism in palestine
paul community itself is rather pick the when style to had a number of dunes in the community instead of like three sub communities in her in each each sub community had deemed or minute
superior and dumb these three communities like a whole congregation or to be communities eight separately worked separately as separate communities
but they had find common prayer hours and on sunday they had permanently together they had a common but it's to get another nap room and seafood the separated
i'm jerome used this vulgate translation
within the community and help the community members are in their studies of scripture and alexa divina
at bathroom excuse me
and it's a evidently jerome spend an awful lot of time of his time even though he was code superior of this place he was a somewhat of a wreck foods but for for reasons of study is more than anything else studies all of the writing in this journey and
polemics he was waging you never even heard of particles was probably and in our member that a cao cow cares is a desert experience in syria probably at that time miller a picture paints know during the holiday in a eight is now also
oh you see i cannot graphically that can portray that he was near death and gravel on so i don't know the real answer probably both
when we supposed to be the donna located on south of the younger one serum others have the as home secretary with they indicate wearing red hair and wearing red began as as said costs when i think the
okay paula died in the referral for agency on the border and children six she was succeeded by new still pm one of her daughters i remember la silla died in rome
my chair i don't know what happened to my chin
anyway you actually had become one of the big news here
it's tokyo m succeeded paula and then and the quality kept up the vocations kept coming by the year for seventeen the community numbered a good solid fifty members
not as big as agree side that down was quantity that counts
holler the younger i don't have dates for her
but she's succeeded the rain of you're stroking names i just understand by the way things are are on were that he him in we been she died for nineteen same year as a jerome
and paulo the younger took over at that time
but this was a very short lived experience ah by the time are they all have stalking him and jerome died and called the n-word took over there were already down with twenty and
the writing was on the wall
in jerusalem that murdered but changing cities now when jerusalem there was a spanish noblewoman
the elder she was called i guess they don't have around them and you have milady and the younger then
and she had left for tour egypt gets to she went with
root finance the tour guide in the year for ten
ah no excuse me excuse me three seventy two in the year three seventy two she left from spain which wasn't staying at that time hibernia
hibernia and done
ah they've visited there were other women that went along refines always gathered in son is groups of women for these tools and they visited that the desert the monastic settlements of caesars and my nigeria
ah and she followed the egyptian monks who fled the end of that century once you went to palestine she followed them there
okay so we're looking at the ninety nine four hundred and around here
and she built a community there
add in jerusalem a community of fifty monastics and the this community helped the pilgrims were coming to the holy land so was never like a little hostile situation excuse me
a t l
i in in type situation and also and get an a number of occasions tried to make peace she was a peacemaker for various factions there and down
problems that arose at that time in the city of of jerusalem she died before all nine romania the elder mulaney of the younger who was her granddaughter okay so we're down to generation this is your granddaughter and
she are already in spain was living with her husband as brother and sister they had decided to the chance of chastity together and they decided to go on a trip to sicily now this is not three seventy two this is for ten
when and guess who took them refinance is still taking him and his travel agency is still going with management meeting and they went to north africa for seven years that sir finances incredible
and then on to palestine and over to egypt this a day again desert monastic places
she was at ankara's on mount all of it
the now boy land for eleven years so she was a hermit for eleven years and then she gathered a community around here
of nine de guzman of ninety she's ever done a charismatic individual she founded the men's house also
but she wouldn't do want anybody to do with that and she didn't want to rule over both pounds and she just rolled over the women house but she founded the men thousand up and start
ah as far as lol
hurt let me put it this way her communities
ah celebrated the roman rite
what was going on in wrong at that time was celebrated her communities in jerusalem and they were the representatives of the roman faction within the church liturgical that time
it's just rudimentary what's going on we're talking look like a century
ah and their community also devoted themselves to take care of all the holy places in jurors will during his time and she died in the year for thirty nine
all of these rome influence is that we've been looked at looking at and there are there are many but there substantial on had a very strong influence and very intense life but they were very short lived so short but intense
the only greek speaking side of course the experience mostly on the craig's ravines and warnings of gales when on was was a much longer lived phenomenon and what i would like to finish up them monastic on the palestinian essence is to backtrack again
to these three a's and just take a little maga
remember again
if you want to read the lives of these people call it for wonderful very readable material aren't just go to zero with the bullets we have a comes library great fun
ah youth the years we'd seventy seven to four seventy three ah was from armenia
and he came to charity runs laura at far on i you have all these families from yesterday settled in the cage north east of jerusalem
and slowly disciples came joining them and flocked around them and eventually they built a tsunami of two hands all these disciples that kept coming
and then they moved further out into the wilderness because things got a little too close to the city or the sydney was grow in northern was too much noise but whatever reason
but wherever he dare move in this is a number of times use females did this
ah more disciples gathered around him he built another laura are you going to notice in albion and they moved away once it got going and once this too noisy again because people who were there human noises
this was a pattern ah
a pattern that that really you can remember not just for the athenians but for palestinian monasticism himself in the greek experience you had a number so many really so many foundations made a lot of money whereby these and coates who want to live as a rights but gathered disciples people followed them they'd started
monastery get out of town and they'd find them again and and more people go to them down the line you end up for quite a few monastic foundations in the deserts of
the halima i'm mean to hold her
ah youth seniors set a pattern for ju dan monasticism by by having the lower monastery that is
the synovial
serve as a new vision for the law which is up about what does this remind you know it
and so this tsunami i became an auxiliary
house and it was the normal procedure to been down the hill or down the wadi in the synovium get your information and then move into your own still wear your own cabin or cave or whatever your setup was and was different from the monastery
in the beginning often it was in caves you did natural caves or case if they would dig out the bodies
two of his disciples and is to famous disciples said theodosius and st sava have on the border became the chief archy and drives off palestinian monasticism as i mentioned yesterday and they set themselves
to the tasks of codifying ah how we are to live monastic late in the desert to your palestine and how we are celebrating liturgy here in palestine and on it's through these two that we have a lot of our evidence about what's going on
here this is a the paycheck would actually give them some kind of the are addition to recognize the thirty am not like got like an ordinary recognition right right
that was mentioned in yesterday's this computing a ticket to do this to future
okay well you know that of believe them on
he indulges was from predominantly renowned for his huge monastery near bethlehem in the desert feel better which had hundreds of monks monks and also solitary to were attached to them on this journey
as well as the satellites would have been the monastery numbers
the brazilian ideal
where do you think down how could he follows the brazilian i'm here they are armed with joseph
children must of current or something
why he kept their near enough but but
when it was bounds or known for in his type of analysis of pilgrims running what schools hospitals arrogant and academics okay so those three let's say pilgrims more for pilgrims and schools hospitals and
academic studies what do you suppose this refers to them in the in a greek speaking palestinian desert situation how would how would he seen some a bazillion that academics spot
who now those to knock on the other two as hospitals taking care of his saved when men for that one well i suppose they would the our all along the road they got any
the they room enough for announces that of a hostile they would bring sick pilgrims to them that type name never there's lots of pilgrimage going on to the holy land from all parts
and people would get sick
and so they needless to say they took care of the sick sick travelers sick pilgrims they also go in the local area are to care of old people so they had like yeah like hospice situation where they took care thought you were too old or absolutely to death
to to to make it in society so in that sense if bill murray one when part of one thousand was doing his monasteries
he had their near bath and four houses for monastic houses
ah and they numbered the total numbered for hundreds of the average is one hundred per house
and here's the one who has made the archimandrite of 'em all the anchor rights all the herman so all these solitaires out there looked to him as their security
what as i mentioned your space for catholic jokes you know
and he joined the synovial in cappadocia at the age of seven
and then at the age of eighteen so eleven years later he went to palestine

and he spent four years there in palestine as a hermit in the desert
then the or four seventy eight he founded a monastery in the cedric gone to the wadding see john where seventy eight yeah four seventy eight and each mom lived in a cave there
eventually he found founded three lauer setup
so three big served he said up
and bill six monasteries sign said lbm
and built for hospices
again to care for a pilgrim from

his disciples to fall down him fuck found in even more these are just the ones he found it
his disciples found it even more monasteries more lawyers and more and services
incredible humming they were in some ways it's more incredible what happens in palestine then what what went on in egypt but if you want to look to the incredible just wait ten minutes we'll get to them soon what's going on a little north

it's saw about himself are found himself trapped in somewhat hectic life and job it wasn't his plan and good thing he had a terrific experience in the in the early years because he was very very busy he was made began the archimandrite of all the center bites move in
but in palestine monasticism so he was a busy busy other
his most famous disciples were john the silent
cyril apocalypse who wrote the lives of things great office
and st john dancing you will remember i think it was elbowed her how in this year
mentioning service in his hammer

he was going on what i was
the colorful life too
the doesn't really you
pardon icons have been carried over from you didn't know anything that they were not into that time when are they can getting didn't have pain
far as i'm telling you that they had decorative you know monty's well lot like what content to find in contemporary islam but a different scale

ah the laura
what's really the most
if you want to think of palestinian monasticism think a blog because that is probably the most significant and central way to be a mark in the palestinian experience
there were these other the houses and everything but we thirty are the most important one was the laura
which was again semi era medic so they came together for certain functions in common but each lived in his own cell or cave
there long run type on of monasticism was very are appreciative and celebratory of literature
it was not a liturgical at all and it's very big on the yeah well certainly
coming to the great experience for going to see that all from centuries
the greek side of the spectrum that if she was going to be an autumn
way to worship god or to approach the cosmic consciousness at all
at the same time
what has to remember that that these
the roman and ah and greek and a bazillion and egyptian monastic ways of living were affecting one another and so they do have the hospice's even these laura lowery out in the desert
had hospices which mirror thousand over the roman experience
so it isn't like they were totally different from de boer or the affected one another
but in general on
we're different
monastic times
gradually more and more through these years so during the years of the disciples one be on until it fairly well and i under islam
to a great extent one and this term for any continuity of sequence
they they gradually became more institutionalised and so you see them moving more towards sunovia and big buildings
rather than living out in caves and on their own it gradually well it's true the west swell
add there's any number of reasons going into that some of the very basic like survival
just like in egypt member egypt situation
does anyone have anything to add or subtract regarding palestinian monasticism before we move up syria fascinating about rome or replied us i mean be ever join a monastery are just not that i know he right way
when own for his gertrude experience known as at some videos he said they were buddies to crown yeah no he lived he ah he did an authentic a like witness frederick finest at aqua layer where he did that
but other than that i don't know to find is always taking these to you run a were down with the big study now which one instance not a lousy iraq industry it's the
history of the masturbation historical one yeah i think so
which basically up
adds up to a collection of sayings and stories of these germans lot like lot thing they were fired
the way i have not reviewing day whenever i don't even know all one
ah you can find him mentioned in for instance on the secondary works on jerome you could find quite a bit on the finds from what they can
ah if we also have for translations of his work if you were too perhaps look at the introductions of those i i think it with the history of the box of egypt the time
when stop was the laws yeah just you know of the polonius but they both were doing the same thing well as polybius also for lady is awesome was taking a tourist premier the non-life refine the finest was doing it for a long time
do only these places are still exist as ruins or functioning some of them during young
bassist and a lot like you know how harsh desert is and after the centuries
a number of the places are they'll point and say what we think it was in this part of the gorge with him because some of the settlements were very left rustic i mean they really lived in caves were not so it's hard to
know they have these dixon and crossed the desert covers up
into tells so many layers of experience in civilization but they have some service was still active as nineteen fifty seven terrorists are active again active again not that there's no continuity all the way through
because there are moments when just it's impossible to do
where do you see that all over you know
it's rather sad and certain parts during the napoleonic on the era in fact
different congregations or squelch they go on of existence
monasticism insert countries ends except for one old monk in moscow and switzerland will see that that there are examples of good
one other companies done for
they hadn't slaughtered excited
but you know
there there are housebound whenever possible and nasty presence and pounds
ah gets a maps here then
is anyone else missing besides
january as to do so but that's all
issue out of every interest
you notice that a lot of new methods in the early french
language that the map is a map and confusing enough to figure how
again the best stuff we have on syria monasticism know i won't say that
now that we have it with the works have wrought sebastian bra which are in your bibliography we have a good a good selection of english stuff and assyrians but
they're really they're really excellent stuff on the monastics per se is the syrian nationals are in we have excellent stuff in french but just for your general information and the point out these three books again two sisters and press sisters and public a
ocean that you can get right in the library you're really interested in following the saab or the bookstore and get your own copy if you want to annotated
and then of them will i'll begin my tune from the first one i want to point out as a history of the monks of syria by the ah direct of seer or the automat of serious last name on the here
okay and that cistercian studies volume eighty eight
another one this sturgeon studies boy one hundred and one and it's this entitled the syriac father's on prayer and the spiritual life and that is exactly what it is it's a collection of looking at various syrian aba's and what they have
to say about spirituality and
the prayer lived
or this is an anthology on you want to know who added sebastian brock
this guy's devoting his whole life to the syrian experienced christianity we have i think five or six in his books now
at least for the on sean's by sebastian but we have five or six of his own books
many through barriers on that we were able to get not common books and we paid a penny for but again not have good selection the third one is cistercian studies volume one hundred and twelve this one's this is great stuff this is the various lines of since
simeon stylites
he's up here
here's a nasal drive with him the meaning his pillow

for whatever reason
during this time remember this is contemporary to egypt to dazzle to palestine were still in the same time but in a different place
for whatever reasons all the strangest ways to be a monk ended up in syria
ah just to give you a little preview on and to show you how very different searing experience was a dem dry is a person who lives in a tree
i'm not talking about building a house in which you either living in a tree
a browser is a monastic who eats in twos grass like cows and walks on all fours
mission will will go back to the engine and skylight is one who live this as entire life on the top of the pillar now these pillars really
we're like towers more than killers they could be as big as forty sheet across but that was it that was the whole thing and they lived up there and they were
people flocked to these pillars and there was a role and he could get food there's a very colorful stories about about what some of the skylights who didn't want to see people around them how they chased them away the let your imagination go on that much will get to the a static
a static is a monastic who just stands there
for life
eh just stand standing
this is done
this is humorous i know and then the be amazing thing is is there were phillies i mean lot from me
this is the monastic experience from syria then it's time to a great extent very strange set a goal now there's going to be all kinds of coloration to these two and i will get to some of that like wearing jeans more
ah so their situation very different from egypt's and and
there on the climate the climate i don't mean meteorological the current the whole cultural climbed in non in in syria was so different that it couldn't help but influence
what kind of monasticism was going to grow up there
ah just just die
ah geographically speaking
syria face inland
toward mesopotamia towards persia not to the see egypt is very see conscience
and although antioch the city of antioch itself was a hellenic seventy or so what were the greek culture greek philosophy at read speaking is going to be a predominant in that city
and although syria technically was under greece and under wrong far for centuries
still was far enough out of the way and not that many greeks romans one to be in syria
that they were able to keep ah a lot of their own particular ways so they're not all that influenced by one thousand and doing or what the roman influence on in monasticism and palestine
chose so it sort of like the our post at this time the monastic outpost with them to be
monastic world now at this time
ah unlike egypt although it had as various
that home kinds of paganism throughout the centuries
and cause a lot of different cause influenced by what was going on east of them
ah they never had a real deep rooted ancient religion when centuries that like egypt
also offer the most part egypt had an ethnic unifying factor which which are influenced towel with an emphasis on developed remember the coptic
member nationalistic a flavor they had about them you'll find that syria is off or mixed bag in syria all kinds of of pupils they're all kinds of fun
while conglomeration of of of syrians and right there you've got a conglomeration of what went into making the syrian
ah greeks romans jews and the etc
ah who lived in syria
so i syria found itself on feeling a lot more freer about how will we reveal few
in theory
to the extent that it's called german literature and art and architecture were completely reformed
beginning at the end of the fourth century
and although they knew in all they knew the names of the great saints who had you know within their lifetime or just before them had lived in in egypt and although they i have had our access to the a beaten at the life of antony by
and although they knew the works of jerome who was whose works were spreading throughout the
the then known a christian world these works mainly monastic we speaking being
jerome was worse that have anything to do with monasticism
yes latin translations we just did it yesterday
what okay is translating what the only to travel to pick on the vulgate of monastic on the road becomes at target and or cac will like them for chd and petunias and though something else with one other thing
nine and i have the fact
coloring like of hilarion now for one of the other stories
where'd you know there was the first game on passed in his
okay so but syria has access to this but i didn't have all or none of that i've had much influence in syria
it's influence was really negligible of what else was going on monastic life in the then christian moral syria is very different
at this time not just topographical either
even topographically towel or the new geography the geology geography and meteorology of of the a climate of ancient syria lent itself to on a certain forms of asceticism that aren't going on elsewhere they have a
the lot of mountainous forested mountains ah regions between antioch and see and that's when the wreck closes went
especially the dendrites and the browsers ah moved into this area bewildered mix
ah between antioch and see
there is a place called the plane or da da da between two cities between antioch and of that goal that goal should be on the map
and there's a plane there and was on this plane that align with skylights towers revealed
are there pillars use the word more fifty dollars in other words they built them outside the cities in on the plane near enough to the city's to get supplies and also later on some of the greatest spiritual directors and in our on top
of these towers people flocked than for spiritual direction also that they could minister to do
by screaming down the pillows i suppose
also the desert in the south of syria
work had conditions similar to what egyptian and actresses dollar and seeds it seems no trio
and then that that lent itself to monastics also to say it's going back
living the wilds their interestingly enough there was a there was a bond between the type of
topology how and the kind of asceticism the on about witches again obviously very weak
you don't find people living in trees and the other in a monastic experiences we're not talking about well okay live in a tree for a month and and cuddle when know we're talking a whole lifetime spent in a tree in a hole in the tree or in a know
the i of these are probably the strangest the browsers will get to the minute but i mean that's that's pretty neat to to launch a look that way
ah that's the thing is with witches topography of this area that you have a very restricted setting that is just nature itself was kind of and and was kind of negated he had a lot of what would dead nature looks like in a lot of rocks
a lack of vegetation a lack of water for the most part lack of of animal life to a great extent also very restricted a quiet
desert type wilderness
and the mentality of these people was very very strongly foucault monday
get away from the world of one can get away from world i would be a good place to do it because the world's sure gonna falling out there
more is when they really to great extent and generally wilder wilderness the new had an egyptian expense
it's very open and also open setting
that is done
it's very hard to
very hard to keep up with what's going on in the world or to have much converse with that world out of this or in the wilderness areas except for that plane where the skylights built between the two cities
which kept close enough to the savings for whatever reasons
they they went to extreme ethical practices to overcome their own sense of sinfulness i know to discipline the body and fight the temptations they were experiencing
when are they would have been a very unique way which it comes across as as somewhat artificial of saw a person looking ominous would say why did they go to such extremes why they just live in solitude why did they were chains and fit in a tree trunk you know
what why go through these experience these strange things
back the time or converse with the empire is minimal
and so they found themselves repressing ah even
dirt and a very human attributes like moving
or walking
ah or eating
normal food
on or talking
all of this was was severely
and so we ended up with ah
quite a few and then there's numerous examples of this going on especially stylized
i could have given us the maps also of stylize
i have i think i think on your maps they probably on one of them as on is one of them yeah but it's not the full on it gives you are the famous starlets i have another one that gives you a whole centers of satellites and also covers
turkey and bulgaria
anyway this isn't just goes to a portion it is it's spread out with people doing this stuff all over that area than once it gets going
the type of red fleece reclusive life that was lived in egypt is intensify in the syrian experience
this this recluse than this this this movement towards recursion syria was was on characterized by more by a darkness like the dark knight
type approach to spirituality absolute silence dark knight on on
lack of any accoutrements at all so they would they would not have any hearts or at the most very very rudimentary branches put around members something like that or the board holes on of the ground and lived in not in those holes
or and hollow trees and that's where you're going to dendrites the dendrites with palm trees
ah that's that's all the shelter they haven't they fasted and extreme extreme ways and they wore chains for panels to great extent
on i don't home on what the average lifespan these people were couldn't game
the average couldn't have been all that long course it probably wasn't all that long anyway at that time plates
ah specifically the brown since on
we're unique
these ascetics fed on plants and roots to live but they did it on all fours like browsing animals do do in order to live on what god provides on the earth and there's a very simplistic if not simple time
a approach to
how to go about dealing with go what god provide you know that
it would appear that the browser that's where most with numerous between syria and the dead sea so in that area between well we think of in syria and the dead sea
and also in the deserts of judah column on and seadrill so you see here were syrian remember the barriers between what syrian and what we think of this palestine you have to erase those barriers because it's all mingle i said i could week
would it referred to it all as palestinian monasticism generic when you have these browsers down in palestine and swell gotten those deserts that we talked about yesterday one wonders what be but the greek speakers who ran into these war greets and browsing room
in history x on thought about them
ah here's a quote town with let me read the quote for us for this is a quote from st efforts eulogy on the solid of mesopotamia
let us visit there are bones the places where they live like dead men in their graves let us gaze on their bodies and pondered the fact that only clothing or ornament the only quoting or and they where's their own hair
let us see their drink always mingled with their tears and their tables with wild herbs behold the stones they placed beneath their heads they would hang stones from phone in order to bow down to the earth in order to what not stand ups
straight like a human being
if a robbery should see them he throws himself to the ground in their honor and if while base glimpse their sack won i suddenly the the sack one they take flight at once as if from some amazing prodigious thing
they tread underfoot all kinds of snakes they live in caves and hello rocks as it's in beautiful rooms they shut themselves up in the mountains and hills as if between inaccessible walls and ramparts the ground and serves as their table the plants of the euro
or their usual fare the go wandering about the deserts with the wild beasts as if they themselves were animals like birds they fly about the hills the grades like stays with creatures of the wild their tables are always prepared all
he's except for they feed upon roots and grass the natural produce of the year and one more quote this is from evaluates the scholastic his ecclesiastical history their chosen to live in a desert exposed to the scorching rays of the sun there are men and
and women who are almost naked when they began their life in the desert and who are disdainful of the seasons of bitter cold and sweltering heat like the despise the kind of the kind of food eaten by other means and are content to graves like cattle they
have even much of their outward appearance of animals for as soon as they see a man they run away if they are pursue it make off with incredible speed something big foot and hide and inaccessible places
your life's child is either interest but they have these first on photos that route and discourage wow today reads should care know scripture to think to i have no well some of the great stylized there is some of these for great to spiritual things
these browsers i came to hammer
the mass something here to return to paradise turn the coverage for know down the whole thing it's very simple but it's a very simplistic approach to just get back to the original garden
idea but what are we good i don't know what or i don't know if they read scripture how could they read it dollars to human
it so
one wonders if very leery their even christian
the bouncy how much of a stylized that they have an interior to nurture their towers well maybe it's a pretty nice
ah we have that way it was seen that before seem to wander off the most opportunities and perhaps you know i'm going to treat style and that's why don't we wait until you can we get just a minute or a next time but anything on browsers that's what would we say would that be a cultural thing again
and that's you need to enter
i want the browser or a
it just seems so unique in that area everything i'm thinking about other religions and my average person's of edinburgh or whether there were other yeah that elsewhere of gonna happen
i just wonder
i don't know you know and you have this sort of thing that happens occasionally in like i'm picking up the moravian brotherhood and the post reformation time bonds in the door from his choose who they took the words unless you become like children
and so his whole religion within a christian apple was playing children game and talking the game can get data you like your babies they had to do that and they gathered a whole adult adult church who all stood together and did that and get me
eric ring around the rosie and stuff and it's the literature henry's her
and so once in awhile you'll have these things popping up and integrated schools but
ah i can't answer that i don't know enough about browsers whether they that scripture had
how they how they could be considered christian or anything like that you want they just see so far off the wall that i'd be probably say what they were syrian and settings at this time but whether they win
christian item i didn't know how long can the standards are different again style two very different the dendrites and statics and browsers are just so strange all of the statics there are probably some
well we're going to do statics i've got two minutes and that's all i can say about aesthetics anyway
these were people who remained upright and motionless for long periods of time or you know it was your life profession so obviously once in while the and been in me and are either leave nature whatever but this is what they do it and they would go on into society of into
the marketplace that whatever and do this as when
witness to the present moment or witness to on
ah as as a negative ways to society and and the society's disregard for jesus' message or
excuse me on disregard for on the ways of god
for what what is more meaningful than the accoutrements in society etc up
and so that mrs this was their way time
and while they did this often they punish themselves severely so i imagine a lotta know a psychologist could look at these things and say well lot of masochists must join these these groups and their anthropology certainly is lacking vietnam
this in much at all
what kind of anthropology looks upon the human being with such disdain that you live your whole lives like a cow
your whole life as much as possible standing up straight and not speaking or looking at any one you just i'm like you negate reality well
that's mean that's really an extreme situation and i don't know if you if you really can save these people in the crash
now even taking into the christian or all the extreme examples we have you be centuries and of movements which go way off into left field this is really some on this is like the beyond left field
but i mentioned that because there are particular to this time and it was a way to live in monastic
zelikow life in the syrian wild while the rest of this was going on in other places in the rest of monastic boots with stone and syrian experience to the even the ones who became famous and holy saints incredible people some of them scholars one is chill
strange but if be could be interpreted psychologically is sort of mass hysteria
why then i get a psychologists would you know tend to i i haven't answered during the whole country that time was a whole
wow all ages post course now to a great we were talking centuries we have centuries of stash
let's start with all the way down to the fifteenth century fourteen fifteen sixteen well i'm going to start with starlight next time for and yeah sixteenth century
so it's not like in our short lived
course these are the healthier
these are the held i'm sorry i think they're the does that remain the others the other three are punished by short lived