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what i'd like to do today is due augustinian and system that a i think we could finish it there's not a lot to say there's enough what's important and i can get a garden credit be a little sense
and the next time tomorrow we're going to do part of tour and learn
ah which means that your next installment for the reader will be doing next to it and that john cation both of you have already read john cation the institute's on
you are uncomfortable up but there's for only for is institutes or four books are represented that that reader and that will be due for next wednesday
we're we're past the halfway line or about the halfway mark know the real ira
not in the course however with the lot of course will have any reading assignments most of the fact they're all towards the front
i've got some maps here formats will look quickly and cave
am down
and then all and then all lecture and we maybe get as time around this time with discussion on a weight loss if you have anything about
question i discuss
okay are you can keep those kind of in order as i gave to you or adverse or adverse order if you found the one try to get to so we can quickly look at the mass

your worth card

probably have to work with her flight to now generic really stereo
okay the first one there
more of their africa
support for the sick francesca which is just too are located one were treating today
so where we want you to occur if he were card the jews
northeast of the now that's a know that's important to notice right there's also
the gothic so go west of corrected in check out the shook us
in practically
ah kickball way up north
okay so you see where we're where we're basically where we are
i used to being a media
an idea would be my country to be yes
basically you it's more than one how we're talking tunisia algeria
a baby those two to know an
algeria will be there
tunisia is in tunisia where on qaddafi is mean near there
did you have it isn't that near tunisia and the answer employer working
tunisia was tripoli ia or modify them will make up our listeners egypt
partner over northern africa but not black
hmm now the black for their que
augustine of hippo mixed blood
ah the next map shows i thought this would be a good one for you to have hidden it shows that the to mainstream that the monastic spread if ya both arms and sweeping
this is this mean something to applaud this is the way we're going to move
so just look at that later it's not all that important today but i mean this has been your general direction we're going to more begun on
ah the next man the barbarian invasions keep this because we will refer to it now again whenever where we got a question about which tribe and words they come from basically you're coming from the nice but
keep this because our will want to
look at this once in a while
and the fourth now
which one is it
does a thing is the third let's or right that can go where do i have done
here we are i hadn't been a different
yeah there again and you want to see where hippo is so c c northern
now look at northern africa where augustan news and hippo to god's the the carthage their look at our course it is to the italian peninsula are basically what i want you to see their also look ahead go straight north look ahead where lorraine is basic
the basically are talking about the where they call that area the riviera or in general the whole coast a log err on the red john cation see were a androids of milan would be says areas of our was coming up
just little bit the left marcell sir john cation
okay keep these maps i don't toss because will need native
okay are also some ah bibliographical pointers
here's a here's an area where within the last two years we've actually gotten some good stuff the in english on augustinian monasticism they want to point he's out there in our library there and they've got accustomed section so the patristic section under augustan
the the first domain to i want to point out our the vote by george lawlessness is on your bid for those who took a delicate to recreate created
stick rule critical
text and book and a
the secondary sort of my secondary investigation
ah i know our room keller who is an in who did augustine's ideal over than just life i'd have been translated that middle college who is also medicine
he's using working in the mystics new as air oh okay
these two are the important the to important
english forces you have lebron for the monastic ain't we got a whole slew of books on augustan is psychological development is controversies his sexuality is use his old age his exegesis all the wonderful things he did and some of the horrible things
you do
calling something but this is what we have monastics we also for those of you who know french so sicker in ah just i could probably guess years before it used to be transparent do you read it a little bit so so these are this book here which isn't a monastic section it
it's a it's on a belt for ten the abbey and it's it's a regular ongoing series but we have this is volume it or leave a number is number eight the v monastic series this year as by i can't pronounce another august union with the belgian meeting
very high end or sunlight one and it's a new approach to the world of sin against so as recent criticism is struggle
the evidence and projection
very good also on the market your image books you can actually get the in old paperback the wolves same guest
and here you get off the rule for man
not sure
these two one
i'm a lot of talking more about you say the role of augusta you mean many things and so we'll talk about
what i did for myself on was i went through these books they give you all the text here these books books are very nice because between them they have synthesize all of his letters all his germans
plus the rules plus treatises on monastic everything monastic they pulled out everything you haven't hear what i did as i photocopy to them and made my own little volume and augustine's monastic varieties can you grow
resorts and i hope to do the number of other i did it with serious you are awesome
so when we're talking augustine of hippo we're talking late fourth century early fifth century
at augusta was born in on your math they're into ghosted later on yolanda there forming a monastery but he was born there is born most probably mixed blood our parents
and you know the story if you don't know the story i'm not going to look good but general biography of augustan but there's this whole thing you know monica praying for because it automatically as it is is there and the customs at first and then a key in his father's a pig and is
turmoil there and i think we have plenty of nice biographies and you can look them up and i understand that whatever is relevant to my lecture i'm going into he is considered the father northern africa monasticism he never visited egypt but he was he didn't know that the news just life event he didn't know that that
african monasticism is extranet this time now i'm talking african diaspora says of outside egypt egypt to sort of another land between asia and africa at this time when you talk africa you know so much talking egypt
who's monasticism in other parts of africa also in this area we're going to be talking about there are the traveling gyro bags
this strange vagabond monks who whole lot near and there on the road that can be fun
and there the gypsy months basically
some of them troublemakers and and there's another group ah
who during this time will be throughout this area called this churkin or circle chelate events and i'll talk a little bit about when i get to tourism
so near present day algeria tunisia augustan is born into ghosted and he's studying his student days he studied in current the jet moving towards rome moving towards it'll leave he studied has released to the days and carthage and then he was a teacher there he a teacher
he was a manichaean teacher and i was teacher of rhetoric from
ah but then at this time is a dedicated than a can although he's beginning to r
could ask some questions and he goes to rome from carthage study more rhetoric
to become a better teacher
and or philosophy did it it
he becomes a friend of vision of milan milan who is on a gross you
he's the was studying neoplatonism
at this time terrific in the pursuit of philosophical studies he got fascinated with the idea of having some kind of common life he's still mannequin all is certain of having a sort of movie isn't worried with
soon as the sort of interested in him to try and like to has this friend or videos with whom he sets up a common life on the sort of crazy monastic lifestyle call it at a place called they called cassiotou
and that was in the year three eighty six
the year three eighty six
it's all last he was very short life
eventually ten people join them during that year they had twelve to of twelve
but he was only there
for that year the two of them oblivious who was also a fellow student with augusta augusta of abuse sort of to care of those others a canes and then top and and where guides for them lasted one year
ah he heard about anthony of the desert and admonition his life from a person age
corn chance on t t arms and he was a roman soldier he was an officer
he also heard about the roman soldiers a near trigger who are
who had ever
encountered in the egyptian desert monastics the album's some of the office and augustan that these soldiers and talk to them or on pajamas met the soldiers attacked them passed on to gust
i can't remember which but anyway custom gets the knowledge that this sort of thing is going on this sort of plugs into his desire to have some kind of monastic life
in an ongoing way
here at his conversion process takes quite a long time actually he doesn't awful lot of reading and debating and thinking
prior to the conversion
until finally he is speaking of drones letter to the romans brought a certain piece and clinched in him a conversion experience and in on matter of will to become christian and he was baptized by handrails in the years to seven
and he became gradually more monastic in these early years in outlook and decided to go back to gas they go back to bomb bays and started monastery
on his own family property
i when mom when monica die that new ostia antica
so on if you go east wrong
western provinces if go west brom to the ocean or sea it's right there
i'm on the shores
and that's for she died we can you know i think every year at her feet suite we read that about that experience that she had and they had together shared content with a vision
just the day before she died ah when he when she died he returned to rome
piano keys so right rock tracks against the kids ah no three eight
ah something he he's back and forth you can start the monastery and then it's back to roll writing for the church on ah
basic retracts against manicures and many kids in a tight for a memory brushing of money is to the founder is from persia and give you know installation raffle was lush matter is people had good okay so
so you get the picture and he was a man a kid so he knows exactly where it go through the juggler
in in the debates
yeah the ended some of the tracks against the man and he isn't against span the chasm ah augustan actually refers to certain groups of the aesthetics and nuns living common life at that time so hopefully give another source where we can pinpoint at the
there are groups the into to do this sort of thing now and in the empire
and later the or four hundred and just down the ways he's going to write his his work on the work of months which you read through this did you read it in toto was just a selection
you've probably until two and know that was very very kind of me
no you have a whole segment
it's basically attract against the excesses and abuses in that regard so infuriating advances monastery to ghosted when he's not at rome and it goes till three ninety
and there they strove for the monastic perfection together the solar property in order to give it to the poor not to build up a bank account and to give it to the poor is not going
charitable charitable work and they devoted david time to prayer together to study to fasting and asceticism
the two main problems of this time theologically are from the mannequins and the donatists
and the donatists are out for augusta and he has to take on the donatists because they are actively they are a very aggressive bunch examine of of the donatists war or what dogmatism means are going to this was bishop in north africa the train will do not
with division home and prosecutions you well as the size and then the diocese been on it simpler ones with process i shouldn't be let back
extremely rigorous right during the during the raid the persecution of diocletian it was certain of the bishops followed the rolling coming from the emperor to hand over all the sacred vessels
and later on
the donatists they were quite donatists sink has keep this movement said these bishops can along ambitions but what they did and we can go back to having them presided are you chris went i'm going they did okay so there was a real problem here and geologists let this
not just let this be evolved
and the donatists to start off as a religious movement but in no time at all it's cultural and social that is john chisholm in no time at all becomes ethnic that is the romans against the berbers
yeah tunisia and algeria where they are in in new carthage the the stronghold of donatists and carthage city of courage
a separate and screen have to do with the dome which is awesome
i just the end up the him
the other is social and that is those who have to work are against the upper classes and saw the donatists basically are going to be those were after work looks those or after work and burgers
so there there they become anti wrong and to rich and a church they set up their own church the on communion under the bishop dormant or nautilus called donatists church one group from this donatists moment and they've just become as soon as they start getting corner
didn't they become more fierce more extreme and they are plenty
children's children's ware roving bands of donatists monastics this sort of limb to a common life together what they were was like a who's that famous mexican american patch of via etc
they ran around
raising hell they they they would destroy property slaughter slaughter christians these are some nasty group and you see how extreme and moves no time at all they would sweep through in the night of with with these curved swords lop off heads children one
real nice people and all started off with the controversy of whether they should give him the chances or here they are sloppy shh no chopping heads off one generation moved strange their air national were for the most part of poor berbers and movie
central all over northern africa egypt to all of that role where no man it's basically so roaming around with group like this no problem for them it's in their genes
they still are berbers for the most part of nomadic groups on this is christological theological dispute that know it sold the challenge there were some side lines to it that follow through on the question of well as accurate right and so you get into that whole business and orders and
what not but that didn't become the those to sort of like sidelines and no time at all i became the social and ethnic
travel and augustan had his was up to here with fighting them the ones he had to take on madonna to access to sit when cottage
okay on at this time there's already some rumblings about augustan pro august and rumblings this frightens him he doesn't want to have to give up this monastic group life into ghosted because people want him to be a bishop
and is not happy about that he doesn't want a bishopric he just wants to give them enough common life together we probably will be in charge it it that he wanted to the that type of life and do is writing which was certainly the via most efficacious than he did
through the church in any case anywhere
in three ninety one he was ordained a priest against his will on today you'd you'd say the ordination is valid a catalog with you can't be or gained against your will he was not willing to be ordained ah but gave in at the end so yes and no
by popular acclaim you visit again
and it was a great orchestrated events and hit ball the draped in marriage the market square in the whole thing it's very greedy breathe it in spring
marvelous seen
and so he decided i'm not giving up the monastic life and so in the episcopal garden of his vision he sets up a little monastic community where they live poverty in the common life together and he's a priest and minister and of rubbish
ah there's plenty of married priests and very bishops at this time ha
we're talking when we make three hundreds so
one of the main attraction for certain individuals of with augustus the main attraction to augusta type of life was the celibate famous that an issue already
why we should be celibate and chase you rather than have a family and have all those problems and the practical reasons and this was attracted to certain elements to who wanted to remain solid and yeah be a priest the other than one thing remember the of its tinian model monasticism it's highly clara
whole range from the begin it's meant to be now the question
we've sent a problem
another thing was this whole business with celebrated celibacy and chastity remember that if you know the backfield boston he had a lot of problems in the server or sexuality
and the headmistress some of the sons names and in a doctor's later became a bishop to priest
add or delete an average i like i'm fuzzy on his
oh okay well we haven't we have we have some letters from the deal doctors or maybe this is another day notice
in the patristic by anyway on he and his struggle with sexuality and his struggles with sexual and way he moved many will say have conditioned the western church to be my far more fanatical and paranoid about sex and matter sexual
oil in theology and do morality then would have been otherwise without august but anyway he wanted one of the reasons he wanted common life minute was the support of others living with him to help him through that part of his personality because you're afraid of future just
lived in isolated but he wouldn't be able to handle the celibacy chest and new business that's one sideline to another contributor to augustus reason for having common life of things
ah he always remained a teacher who has its first law and all the way to the he was teaching
no excuse me
we've moved to the city of hippo and offering them this way up north northern to gosden and he is the the physical garden even as a bishop and he's gonna keep that monastery and knickers
ha that monastery became a center
of learning and and of seminary basically a training spot for clerics in northern africa
all was also parish center is they did a lot of fun pastoral work from there
ah the difference being from other communities that exist with time as is a highly critical it's meant to be this is the from grouping together priests for their own benefit for their in in support and and a certain amount of com and life together
ah also certain certain
we have the beginning it's just the beginnings now have certain waves of barbarians who were coming through ah the north and some of them are going through italy and there is a number of highly educated priest clerics and say in italy who who just
can't tolerate that and leave italy with these the are on onset of these barbarian invasions and go down and join augustan and his community in northern africa
when it becomes a thriving clerical
can you know center
in three ninety five he was consecrated bishop on her death of his own bishop bishop of hippo
but he continued to live with this community in the garden
and it served as this as the center basically during his bishopric as such as contemplation some for meditation and also for cata cases so you've passed your average them not just to clarify that others later with them a large was this kind of them
it sounds like it's getting larger because you have these people joining for various motivations and i don't also don't know how many communities communities there were
we have he also had you know he also starts a group of nuns up with his sister in charge or talk about them but one wonders how many satellite communities he might have started of clerics living together working in the diocese of hippo thus the conjecture but they don't have hard evidence that
and i don't know how many during his lifetime where it when in april
there were other bishops in the empire at this time who who are doing the same thing as augustan for a model of their own
ah developing communal clerical thing on august and experience which is getting around one of these is eusebius of her children you run into the name was you see a zipper cello ambrose of milan himself
i had had sort of common life the together on martin of tour
is a begins a monastic and on a much different than asking him pick up in gaul and says areas of oak stair
also does in his diocese so it's not just augustan but he's certainly the father of this clerical monastic movement
he did found some kennedy's they know me fun as of communities for and to lay women also but his main thing is clerical grouping priest together in a common life for mutual support and more efficacious servants
what is one of the augustinian community community life consisted them
ah for augustan charity is the most important thing coming from and living in community life and so there's an awful lot of charitable work going on and then plenty of dickens who have duties working one on one with people who can be working for cool and natural
anyone could join the community from any class you didn't have to be a priest you didn't have to be a cleric even a have that was generally the thing
should come from any class and you could come as a berber a poor berber and become priests and function they didn't have the class and this is important at this time because plenty do funny the empire have class consciousness while we still have consequences
you know where talking we're talking seventeenth centuries we can imagine what it was luck and even the early middle ages it's terrible
with class consciousness does well there's plenty of a going on here to in the roman empire then there are still slaves funny
the work was intellectual and physical than manual labor and they have intellectual labor and they were very frugal because poverty was an issue for augusta in what they wore very simple clothing and in what they ate very simple food
there was to be no idle talk
they wore black habits and shaved their heads
they have the women monastery said he set up the fenced in and then strict cloister
so is a contemplative life for the women job
he augustinian canons
and a community of goods approach was very strictly lived in august and sorts of it will be the benedict an idea of coffee
you're sharing a common become path
in addition to the tracks that he had to write a monastic we speaking against these roaming groups the he was also asked gus was also asked to write
some refutations about all these vagabond walks have been running around who never did a stick of work and they just went from monastery of the monastery lived off the homes until they were kicked out and run to the next monster we still have those today on must there's a regular route to the been addicted
well as we have these guys are only going to benedictine monasteries and they'll be there for a week or two although they'll work usually but it's they make them the whole life has been somebody who does forty fifty years going from mining and every year you see them for two weeks without a high chair cause ago and you know what he's been on the roller on the rails bachelor batteries to week
north dakota experience to remove well they had him back then too there are a little darker than contemporary versions and augusta was asked to write against them and that's why we have on the work of marks because of these vagabond bomb monks who will do anything
also have a lot of people attacking virginity at this time church history and so that's why you have a custom writing tracks on virginity
because he's posted for for the church take the pro virginity side lot of the customer ratings and so polemical because they are polemic polemical this fighting battles and and that's the whole point of it and a lot of our theology but was found in the squeezing are these contract
ah we are going to finish great
there were many convents of virgins consecrated virgins at this time in augusta stay and his sister headed one are right and hippo had one up so we are confident nuns run by his sister and when she died in for twenty three
the whole community was up in arms they didn't know what to do like they had various philosophies and fight was a real bad scene and so augustan role at their behest the regular who alarm so the rules of the girls rule of the girls
and ah so this is the feminine rule that he did
and on
one of his letters ah number truly eleven which one of the most important letters that we've got two hundred and eleven which is also called the preacher
excuse me or be were not sealed so here they don't have they only have known as you do that that word students reference so that's why i'm trying to be feet this is pure form we've got your that's what it's referring to this to in them
and in in that too without them in that letter you have a version of it so you have another slightly different version of this regular pool are just to show you though
it isn't just conjecture that we have evidence and we have more than one
version of this regular pool alarm
and what i basically between the two of these would it say for these virtues and we should all things in common no more fighting about possessions anymore all things in common we should pray together and your meditation and prayer should be based on scripture good points
to some of the forces of their problems and what they were doing affection for what they weren't going for him to the actual often give these laws that everybody had accept there was evidently this is controversial there should be some type of fasting and abstinence in the life
you should have modest clothing
and you shouldn't take a about area well there's a side of augustan who becomes to why wouldn't you take it that now we know when the roman empire were not in the middle ages words because considered unhealthy today we're not in were not up in my room jury people in their france where you have a winter and
good to take a bath because you could die
we're in the roman empire and the romans were you there were big into deaths remarried to the vaccine why would augustan be so
the pack colored yeah yeah i am the whole thing about sex and body does that certain mannequin is myopic he ever get rid of it
then bodies you know is through sexual problems often come through different ways and profoundly affected
the course of the western church but anyway he was against big and going on and their that these none showed the men's their quarrels quickly evidently they were holding grudges against when and that was one of the problems the community for twenty three they wouldn't they wouldn't tell make up what were your records
are they went back inside
wiki the one that to i read something like a and would be said that he said that all sexes sinful for one of his cycle said goal the recent didn't have sex a better fairly parish this way central
well i would be surprised if you said something very similar to that
but i don't remember remember that that harshly
now it's not come into my bedroom in all it's certainly moving towards the augustinian line has asked if you couldn't five sites of that i'm having some computers some which ass aspects sewing shed
which was another thing for the mannequins can keep isn't so bad enough nasty any kind of desires and kind of bodily needs or wants or desires flesh
ah the in the last major point for these nuns he says the superior whoever superior should be loved not feared and this period should remember that too
mariette is coming through the real benefit you on t
that's the ideal
superior and alba
actively pursue the path that he not not feel
on the regular zero so the rule of man it's the other important one is the two biggies
was likely the not quite sure but was likely the original rule for that community and hippo back in the garden now in the episcopal garden
back if you go back and steps to god's day where he had that first minute african on a sturdy they had a primitive form of the rule this new remember out this we have develop developing augustan monastic and that role as cold
dc cleaner monastery so the discipline of the monasteries
of the monastery also called or no monastery in the order of the monastery also referred to write a nasik honda or regular
excuse me i'm and yeah on i tried you with this will not jump says the reckless conduct sort of like an offshoot of this and it's not augusta it's inauthentic it's not augustinian in the sense that he wrote it it's a sort of hotshoe was probably done by its followers
but the regular jumping down the your iran or the pay check to that's what you find the rule of road augustus a main component
ah is the thing that is is is the monastic writing the regularized monastic writing which refine
referred to by people like benedict
sorry are all will see him down the road you've been experiencing
two mix
and an addictive ania one of the most important monastic chickens
in western monasticism who makes a real pivotal change in in monasticism for benedictine terrorism and we'll have him down the line and to fight online and run some more books on benedict ammonia and i've got another one ordered their on french and but i think we have something in english from that mistake
true or think
anyway these guys use use augustan in their on monastic context which are much different from augustine's monastery but they use his monastic principles in in their rules
this will be used later on the rule of augustan discussion is fear or of regolith born into the eleventh century when you have all these new orders arising of cannons canon orders are those who fly around the cathedral they sing the choir and the cathedral
under and therefore just that diocese know that they are various different groupings of cathedral cannons when they become orders the northern teens two or three months retentions the closures they started the thirteenth century twelve fifteen and these he's
canon orders become sort of half monastic and a half now and yesterday they're sort of active and contemplative to get is so much have quays i've been asked and they take the rule of gustin as there because the church going to me but you'd be an order and you gotta have a rule and so they will adopter or augusta because it's more flexible
oil and augusta starting off in an active way anyone so right up there are we because they're not as monastic is these other groups
k the just me ricans dominicans take the role of augustan and above there are sources the servants the certified owner
the also of divinity role that they they took in the beginning to the role as a source and then the nineteen getting plenty of all these congregations rising been erected hundreds of and many of them to the augustinian more because it was the most
festival of a lot of these orders are gene orders active waters and yet they had asserted in monastic flavor to them as well
ah i got three minutes and will take about seven
i will take a picnic
i want to emphasis on this rule was approved officially by the church fourth lateran council as
epitome of have a rule for for orders to take
rule the gossip what becomes the role of gusto which is sort of the malcolm nation in the end
we get some else really have the regular about the wrong with some other elements from his letter the letter to loved ones that have more and up in the document you call the rules and guest
prepare the course of fervor gradual inauguration things
say the road customers years by over one hundred and fifty hoarders condition as fair as their rule now number lot of these armies of the sisters of the holy flame you know hello pump surrender you know we don't know that mature on book as a lot of big orders that also use guess
you know i guess i'm just pointing out why hundred and fifty seven swim lot of small little group said
used jim guess
but very very m popular rule in the history of religious islam in our church
on one more thing to be the me just mentioning his other monastic writings by and austin and you're fine would be on the work of months which you've read and that's dated for old one you want to take for them and that was written to the to the monks of carthage was on the month while
remember what we're talking about with cottage
that and the people monasteries and having to dealing with all these hormones showing up and won't pay letters to ten and two eleven i mentioned to buy them to ten dollars a monastic servants three fifty five and three fifty six
and the treatise as i've mentioned already holy virginity it's also monastic these are the main monastic brightness when i'm getting the here and which ones i've just listed also you can find many were at one paragraph of this sermon one parent goes been asked and
that's fun but you've got the main stuff with what i just gave you one was not the not gone and the gustin and because this affects the development of western monasticism agustin also have deal with an englishman named ages
if they want to kind of and palladium is divisible
the designers
yeah he was young well yes and no issue he was irish her where was he lived in england at yeah
now on as view of salvation you can actually strive and buyer efforts be rewarded chamber and egg and augustan says no no ago and agustin has takes the other polemical side and is a great battle guess who wins augusta augusta
in guess who's coming to happened
chanel you have all kinds of people sort of falling and between m i sell my inclination has been there are many in the church today who say vatican two church actually church since that time for the most part has been satellite religion while semi platonism was condemned down by the council orange later on
on so we're all living as heretics i mean some people would say that technically we're basically boils down the rules and my pelagian because augusta went too far one way to colorado ripple aegis was on the other end at john and gets kids named semi appalachian after
his death so the followers of augustan attack the followers of john cation calling him semi agent because of some some remarks he makes some of his writings which sound like courageous he's condemned
and yet not condemned for some acknowledging but there was enough to enough to cloud is corona and he was never that he was never canonized because of that because of that in the eastern churches st john cash is never canonized because someone color
asian business and that basically is because augusta went so far to the extreme to got a augustus rootless this fight is ruthless
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