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the sweet activities
they wanted to cast your doors at least get a good chunk of spanish monasticism six to eight centuries out of whack first glance at her parents' ah
if you could talk is now or for dispelling your mind an array it down and get this for wednesday so very long as guardian a from the spanish monasticism accession
also ah yesterday after class i was strange feeling that something was wrong
something had happened or was said that was wrong and by the time i got to myself or gonna me that risque
does not his thing for the air
a respects a north africa so so we talked about tongue for several sit back and northern africa not spend while i was getting a bit stuck with through to offer a bribe we're going to talk about maybe like day but not today i
on wednesday extremely important
for western monasticism out by one played around anyway or for dancers who had a rule with another one of the north africa from where the famous one a natasha
august aftermath before jensen preferred for secondary
info from an as a fourth century
casio door he were talking somebody who is up there is a patrician
the end of the roman empire and the collapsing to got third charge as and service on the horizon and for forty years this fellow players my or radio kathy of senator
ah work and public office in the government he r worked as the prefect of the praetorian he was a craft store he was chief of the civil service wrong and it was a patrician and he served under
for i think for different barbarian emperor
ah during his time is also very dedicated christian
he didn't seem to have problems
working in the government under
a gothic rule that he was wrong that ah ah or let's say he received italian although not by blood he himself was syrian by what but it was born in calabria in southern italy of noble lineage and saw he he worked in the government he had
a lot of power
and but he didn't seem to on to mind working under the conquerors as long as it could prolong his work could help prolong what was left at the roman empire
which he helped to help prolong it on little bit longer
ah but if he saw roman civilization collapse in all around him
by the time that presents that the byzantine forces were able to reconquer and ah italy and and up destroy the emperor's the automatic ah his his rule
ha cazadores decided i'd get not a year there's no more i can do the whole thing's collapsing i don't want to be around isn't with byzantium taking over lord knows of they're going to do he was in presented for five years during his time and he felt pretty well new what was gonna happen to
romans what was left of roman civilization so at the age of seventy he retired to live the religious life now that sounds a bit strange at the age of seventy but if you look at his days he still had some time to for them
he lived to do
ninety five
he was a very pious person and even though he had to deal with area and consistently because the barbarians for the most part that time were arians and he was been hassled and court for being a christian he he kept he persevered
aired in the christian persuasion and he was very learned man devoted to scholarship
in studying
he had agreed at one point ah and the request of poll i've got into us
ah to found in role an immense library to collect manuscripts from all over what was left in civilization and to center them in a library based on what was in alexandria so they wanted to do the same sort of thing that origin
having alexandria
ah scrolls from all over a black into a depository
war prevented that an ongoing war situation prevented and realizing spot when he decided to retire and start a monastery he thought ah will even i couldn't do what i had agreed to to do for hope we can do that and i'm
monastery and build up a library or an important to the massive library and that is what he did
he named his he went back to his home to the family
property in calabria
at a place called
the large scale lotta cannot shoot or psylocke to place skill hundred
in calabria and john founded a monastic can punish which was called divine
the volume was already there for the property does anyone know just to does anyone know i can guess what the garden we live
how much reliance to to spoken on the get
i have i didn't notice the until i researched the volume was the name of his property on his property that was a river that through the family property and there were these it was like a river on stone and so it had warned the water had ornette holes in the stone all all one pot
holes and it was filled with fish
which the family had changed by feeding and like japanese character and so the bavarian means fish com and so his monastery of his name fish pond
after this series of potholes of tea ceremony chain fish
there's something for trivia trivial pursuit for you
the chapel at the monastery was dedicated to take a guess
who to what saying that most of the i mean the the greatest about the chapels and churches marketing tool or exact the chapel was to the st martin
and the monastery follow the senate vidic lifestyle but after after a while the center bites in the barn could it become hermits on a nearby mountain or once they had put it in town center by so here we have
the an example of where he's taking captions viewpoint that you can move on as a natural thing all of the synovium
ah he he i with this monastery so that the monastery devote themselves to study and scholarship
and per
ah the lifestyle was clearly comfortable
because he felt that the life of scholarship and that many of them unspent spent their times copying manuscripts i mean the whole life was talking and transcripts for building a library that that kind of lifestyle demanded a certain accoutrements and so there wasn't a lot of a citizen of
services have to put on top of the people putting long hours and scriptorium the scriptorium was like a second chapel to two or kassie darts he considered an absolutely sacred activity to be copied down manuscripts for the library here by the way it's not
the attic he never even became a monk he stayed as the pious les
benefactor of the kunene and it was his land in his home
so if you're all going to now that you're already been reading and writing and copying and
you're going to make a living
who's going to do the word if they had persons
who are who tilled fields to provide the community with it's sustenance
this for the buyer for the month part he look at the state you're talking about and enemies contemporary of bennett
we don't find in the here
in a way that enix rule is influencing him at all
benedict was ended his life don't non-competing about what was going on to barrio our reputation or whatever
we don't know wasn't all that cooperatives in the lab far from monte cassino
what it's not like not known
it's close enough so that at least by reputation you know central and southern
italy addition he should have known one another at least
liturgy was important in the house and lack seal also but lexi old here at the volume of seen as a way to up
prepare for the liturgy and to prolong the praise of the liturgical lot that was the accent and put on next year
but also were who could do so we're encouraged to take their luck ceo and somewhat turn it into an intellectual activity
so the next year became off so i am
a strong channel for study studying scripture study from the news or the father's the church had to say about various texts not
and so whereas been prevented if lexi was primarily a contemplative activity
ah on the word of god for cassie doors he became more on the subject for study
and then any mean of for study
all kinds of study was permitted a vivaro we're not talking about just scripture of bombs church that we're talking about the whole gamut of of education and then world civilization of of laughter that
although although the study of scripture study the thousand church always bring it on top on in the monster
but he drew up a manual for what we want our people to be on during their lifetimes here which he entitled the institute's yumminess deep on and st lie on the journal so if he's talking about setting up principle
walls or a system for stunning secular them and to sacred literature
and it was put in and it really it serves as a bibliographical guy
like it was just a nice bibliography
well as bibliography is going to make it out a time and going to help people in a generation it's one of the thing that kind of cancer doors who isn't all that really aren't that important but it's worth mentioning
ah this this
bibliographical guy had two main parts the first part was aimed at preparing the reader for are approaching the scriptures in an intelligent way
ah and studying hermeneutics
so interpretations of the scriptures as given by the fathers of the church should the early centuries in addition to studying biblical history physical geography
and the natural sciences that would pertain to questions come stemming from scripture stood
the second part of his bibliographical guy was a theory of approaching the liberal are
which also could be there and said and shouldn't be
and that second section was in two parts
the first part treated the normal secular education at that time and in earlier centuries which would be basically when do people go one thousand go to and for
the rhetoric of man
that man
that will be the second ah
rhetoric think worries
that's good that's good rhetoric grammar and a speech by for dialectics
i have how to how to think logically and good dialogue okay the does called the trivial that three parts true
the quadrennial was obviously quad going to be for parts
mathematics sciences which one
biology know is it
natural sciences
well you mathematics is good don't you know you at this time it could wear your act during the fifth fifth of mathematics as going to apply all really
so mathematics is one of geometry in which is among them eh i was wondering which which have used for the commercial music and one other important signs of that time as for the age
the strong extra dragon regions of those for are the second part of the second part two point to of this a bibliographical guy
daddy was probably only man to originally for their liege grew not that other people were cut up and frigid the ones who could handle it all in the monastery he worked this up produce a very learned man himself he worked at this bibliographic guide as a guide for them to pursue their their lives on the whole gamut of
scholastic approach so not everybody was forced to go computer
no one was forced to use to be that guy fact
on many of the monks they're probably lived their whole lives just as copyists and of number news in the scriptorium
others study with the whole lifetime
the chief manual labor for the boss was the weapons scriptorium was the coughing and illuminating it's up there wasn't as there wasn't much eliminate little while just copying
ah the library seems to have
it got moved afterwards guy moved to rome at one point when you don't split up one point that the library seems to have contained at least one hundred and sixty cars so they didn't and pretty well
we have to remember that after cats or dogs guys it pretty well falls apart not because cazadores is there but because byzantium sweeps through takes over all southern italy again and and dog to sort of it
phase where you're talking about just a few day who's really representative of the time or turns
no not not barbarians bavarians are on overcome and defeated by his answer that a short while
but but once the and got in there
ah byzantium stayed in southern italy even though it was it in a lot of other places stayed in calabria until ten and sixth they still have a fairly high level culture yes yes but are they they had their own monastic foundations in the running into divine image of kitchen
so we it wasn't a squelch just faded away but what happens in ten states
in columbia what a nice date ten sixty what do you think of the tennessee
and the northern the normans took over kilometers and even prior to moving into the
i really kind souls yeah so southern southern italy has very very rich heritage of the sense that they have eastern the present byzantine influence they have the norman later on already lyric italian and the ancient
civilizations they have a very very on a rich heritage not always have these circumstances that all of that's going to come later on we're going to talk about instantly when we swing back and look at what's happening in the time monasticism in the fifty hundred
anyway are they built up a nice a a library and six massive bookcases are excuse me eight eight massive bookcases and and all that another eight large cases and at least one hundred and sixty courtesy of stuff and
and there were there were on h major fields of interest one for each case that's how many allergic in this is fun
quiz time and one eight one eight major two parts of the library and also sophie know
he didn't have to yeah
hermeneutics of scripture so yeah scripture itself and then the interpretations of scripture he had histories
you have a patristic sections so that's christian authors and be the fourth the forthcoming
there was a case devoted totally to practical practical than a manuals for
how to till the soil how to reach the soil how to do irrigation all this so they have a whole case of manual the how to books which they themselves are gone
formulated and coffee for the library liberal arts now in the words of consuming you're to run into all kinds of stuff
dialectic so again speechifying
and greek literature with the kids
guess at a great love for
greek knowledge and greek culture
yeah let me skip that
i've talked about the casio doris is considered by monastic scanners as the father of monastic librarian
and monastic libraries
he was he was the the ultimate monastic not the ultimate they are adamant people who are the more tedious than he is for details but you know him you have you have a fine example of an organ and from can keep person who can order things and get things set up and in a very clear and consistent fashion
he wasn't the fee of origin as thought she wasn't even that much of a thinker he was just a good systematize he had a good to hear the and a lot of the scholastic experience but he really wasn't even in scholar in his own right he understood scholar he understood literature and studies with them but he you know invulnerable
on an output of cassie doors great treatments using one it enough it's a he's kind of practical
it sounds ironic because it's monastery was hardly practical man slave the do the word will not slaves but peasants during the workshop and they didn't read manuscripts and right in the industry so all through nearby doesn't some ultimately practical thing in in many ways you know
the sense his approach was very apt for it just wasn't an egg gave something gave up and ordered library to posterity
and to and sixth century incentives and be down the line and i spend the gospel god how to how to educate yourself
anything when considers before we move on to spain methanol and all the courtesy
the guys put up they they they know that and the winter wrong at one point and then it got split up and roman to to and then after that this not they have some of them as i understand in the bag vatican
but not have an orphan
i'm sort of worship rawls to the you love it seems to me we're going to read the inscription we're going to run into this again
just a little bit down the line when we returned to about monasticism because delegates foundation can attack and destroy the monks run to wrong the protection of the pole and they run into cats indoors library the and it was part of here to take care of them well over them to another
reference down the law i hope hopefully by them
the liturgy energy what what an angered office today
we know they haven't when they hadn't heard have you know of the you on his boat all during these century excluded from the earliest times even outside of congress series they have quickly developed approach to the divine office that people perishing or plan
so it's probably on the nation and when you wake up and when you know morning at morning and afternoon
when the sun goes down in the dark and probably i don't know i don't know you hear you will have the potency
from confidence needed sleep and they get up them
little the knife from the james and it was an easier approach nonsense so i don't know how that affects the makeup for
you won't find an awful lot of cancer was
they're just listen to lot
hey don't hop over to spain and they were talking about five hundreds through the seven hundred in spanish
we how saw the referee already in early times and monasteries existing spain
thirty go and that we know problem areas that he i'm really curious
there were no disney
real want real from it's one of the earliest travel done by a woman pilgrim a woman dollars she was well enough to get protection and it will caravan together the way she went through christened and down onto the
holy land and she wrote this account very very important industry not just monastic history history with so you'll find it in the ancient christian writers years with the and were water than you
like you know they can
you'll find it that ethereum
ah shit was she refers to monastery she saw on the she urges company company data so i'm not the contra scandal
no why wouldn't covered have you been there when the right person of bad coke was down why i think she went there all from and in you know along the way she for this monastery these groups and monastics from little different little primitive at at time
but we have record of them being there and they are connected with this and i don't know how they reconnect with this heresy that was going on in europe and time priscilla in does anyone know it personally it is i'm i do these things because they're fun and they're interesting and they do affect what happens monster priscilla
isn't there was this vision priscilla
yeah actually it wasn't a bishop was the vision we have this
leader this spiritual leader in spain
who get some strange ideas into his head that are very very akin to what we knew before the and opinion
very strong dualism black and white hat
bottom is equal
a whole okay and what he ends up he didn't start out that way but it's sort of sounds like it and then he's cornered by other a senate damned not to condemnation and other faction make some ambition images make the bishop of up and up at that ring a bell that sitting argument
people flock to him other bishops locked in here and they started it all a little semi manichaean kid movement and spain somehow it all of this monastery monasteries are involved at that time we're talking a third century so three hundred in spain we know that loveliest areas
but by the way they they they got him and senate finally
track and gotten gotten into a church synod of bishops due to flu cut off his head despite its st martin of tour was they're pleading for for clemency from this bishop and they ignored of our can get off and they cut the heads up a few of his powers
the problem of musician
and that settled the question
anyway we know that there were early modern students there we get to a figure named marching of braga
notice to know
but i'm a people we don't exactly know updates that dover customers by to identify baby he was a reformer who are appeared after the vandals and goths had destroyed the first colonies and months so we know that these first colonies in spain were destroyed by the
first waves of barbarians of my few there
and then allow them to about braga later on and restart them up and reforms
sort of reform movement of monastic life
he came to spain and the year five fifty he came from pannonia and we've hit this once before where is pannonia
who came from phnom the son of the army officer
aren't want thank you i'll be keeping a we keep this refrain of mind of tour going on today martin of tour came from pannonia you remember where that it
hungary that's right
i don't know having a good job i remembered by pot and helen was the name of that they've they're addicted having their upon the problems with pa and yeah that's how my always remember that i don't know what pannonia itself mean one the meantime
anyway he came from hungary
and i did this resurrection of monastic life there and he had trance that he was he was familiar with that was going on in the east we got it under the auspices of and he made his own translations of some of these collections in fact some of the more famous ones the sentence cac your
own the very ah signor use or someone is you know there's many collections of what we call up of segment of these sayings in the desert foliage and that's certainly there's all kinds of collections of the the different languages and these are two of them one at merton mater mean a translation of one of the the
at one point and can see a parchment
anyway he's no dummy he knows so what's going on and so he comes into the situation with the reformers heart of monastic lee to get something started again in the image and spam and i think that for the most part what he involved
old we don't know a lot about martin we just don't happen that his monasteries were kind of like the same thing that was happening and goals while what time are we talking while we're talking about the rat
celtic monasticism and the two of them having
our relationship and celtic months having the right thing and spreading and start new monastic foundations and gallen switzerland italy that
so that same type of more more of an eastern approach and more eastern flavor to it than what you're going to get with people like
ball so it's an early goal with this joke has as long as eastern influence and lot of the citizens and partnership services
the andor we have a date three we don't die around six hundred
the andor was a nobleman back in spain ancient roman family is that problems
who are later on was a very influential and the byzantine
and so he didn't but doesn't presents and phase if at all he worked his way in there and was influential bear also he studied in fact in constantinople itself
and there he came in contact with knowledge of eastern in the despotism
and also in they think are a problem they knew of the works of gregory the great and so they do all was a certain approach of western as
you know more about them
he wrote a rule the rule and leander it's called
and really wanted this is a boils down to a treatise on virginity
add some of the other early one wednesday
he wrote this rule for his sister
who was an enclosed version of the government
and it's a lot of practical considerations
how to live this type of religious life and certain count your chickens means advice that
as well as discussing some basic theory about monasticism which he had obtained by his studies have used gymnasts as in constantinople
but it really wasn't a rule as such like you're talking yesterday with benedict's rule isn't that kind of cool
it's more and more akin to some of those other older rules that we had them are just like collections of wide same prescription rather than mustn't do this at two o'clock he will do that if the attention that type of world
ah yeah an interesting approach to class society he said that slaves have to remain slaves
even in a monastery
you're going to let a very different from better think you're going the monastery urinated native space
not everybody hold onto their your position in life and the charity has to has to rule how people treat one another but you're still say you're buying a slave guiseley in the end is on point of view
generally speaking other than that statement his approach to monastic life and career life is very moderate
she had this thing that slate
very different competitive it's approach this is there's a very dramatic tone to answer
which which which is you know the actual they and actresses on that count from spain now for leander on a hundred only partially but more weight than was prefers is going to be gothic monasticism we're talking about monasticism
i'm coming from the burberry
the barbarian christians once you become christians so monasticism we're going to find here is going to be called gothic monasticism
but first let's talk about listen to door is the door was one fathers of the church on one of the doctors churches
one of the doctors i think it wouldn't now
he was very important bishop very important a lot of church organization run consider winner he was considered one of the fathers of the church and he wrote along many other things are rule for months
they had twenty three chapters in which there's strong evidence clear evidence that he knows the rule of them and these years in the room them out for an israel this is screaming common for centuries
if when you when you do a role you just take them would you like out of every wrong in your own you compile your on the end
well lots of the enders to was we'd better take dna that it it can solve and there's nothing unusual about this they're all doing them
very solid rule very practical or regulations nice systematizing and order maintenance hall monks are going to be able to live together it at peace and get things done and the begun and the monastic life
also he in his role legs out and physical plan for monster apologise would work to death so the sense is george very interesting to look out on how he envisions physical plant for from for having to set up and having a month smooth
have you ever looked at the planets and gaul and i live in the three boy with me to hundred i took it me out of the law ball and put it up art
the trip please yes guards when rather than some time we'll talk about st golf down the centuries but just just to look at the incredible input into the the plan for the idea of monastery and how that's vision architecture etc
these are oversized why i'm like the
in the to forty five such talk shop
ah anyway hits hits rule a who was a fairly mild rule again very practical ah
although there are good big to fasting
there was fasting during ordinary time
so during the during the summer until september
the faster on only hundred and three days a week on the grenades me from september all the way through the eastern to see the extra scenes in september all the way until april name around there they fasted day
and a would that mean
but probably not you know probably like one meal and to like
not bread water but a very light aesthetic approach that you feel it
it's not celtic in deference nonsense
this numbers of hershey celtic that instincts there was a penal code and that everything is a very clear and as this this rule a visitor lays down everything very succinctly all the different positions in the monastery doesn't just to the fiscal plan in ames all posts
auditions and what what they should be doing
it's a very handy here handy though an accent for all the officials the prior was to take care of all the properties and and the overseer of the various works of the community the sacristan had charge of everything that has been the church ever hear the porter was the
custodian of the entire enclosure
and he was responsible or ultimately for all the gifts the seller was in charge of the store rooms and making sure there's food on the on the place on the tables and in the store rooms he was in charge of the livestock he was the overseer of so
some of the work more of a manual food producing nature and he also was in charge of almsgiving getting to the poor
there are other you know there are other positions mentioned in gardner them feel waffles with a garden can be in church and besides via besides the
a seller who who's in charge of the all there is an honor in the kittens so he must work under the cellar cell number regarding the i should giving of alms to the poor and helping to poor and needy out
the teachers in the community and the custodian
it sounds fun in a custom whereas the custodian into
yeah validate be the custodian here custodian takes care of the apartment in the city ah so always say is there are century they have here as a little setup where they had they had their apartment with city they call it the cheddar or is the cell of this
city you took chair chuck to charge of that as opposed to keep off current whatever works for their good day
the heavy work the manual labor and all building projects all that kind of work were done by
this navy is one reason there's a lot of building going out and as boundaries when you want to keep slaves slaves because they did the work the months didn't nine eleven they were to him in the vegetable garden is the fruit orchards
but the heavy heavy duty stuff on those loans
there was a lot of stress put on by study put on study and sort of attain and spiritual perfection so it was a serious approach to monasticism and is it are being a learned man himself did not shun learning so you have you have you know a healthy balance between work prayer and and so
study in his his monastery
the the actual arrangement work of isadore is later adopted
by benedict about the and user-friendly an addictive on
ah and the crimea
the clooney average for is late you know down a few weeks don't when talking about how portable system and gnosticism
they have very very in indebted to visit our seville is rule for months
now of course village on the honest also going that will benefit the rule
in the carolingian empire but in fact is very strong by it is doors set up and remembered as a door is a dog novels do benefit
part of his role has to move in
okay ah there's still time when used to start from to losses who is not from chances in brisbane where the food tours run but to this point any questions or discussion for comments regarding this spain
is there are many businesses and my despite it is very strange topic
and looking at so desire collection was going on at this time but anyway off
there is quite a bit monasticism going ons with during centuries and again israel is poison
hook to all sorts of braga you have has dance with on the exactly i was born on die
he born around the turn of century dies and six sixty five year we have a gothic germanic monasticism
richard working to expand particular to to spend in seventh century spain we see an example of an actor church life
on very practically minded church senate's going on the than luminaries in the church of spain is time
just like a gaul and this church is being set up so awesome in in spain a lot of student in the aspects at this time
ah the difference being that what happens in golf and the most part one exception these desires and the diocese of all but for the most part and goal of the setup you have a lot of synergy and stuff going on that they haven't eastern flavor of holiday
how they set up for change and how they deal with problems in the change
still do is century so we're talking seventh century whereas in spain know it doesn't have missed your favorite all very western it's gothic it's barbarian it's it's own animal
group to office after his studies became a monk and he built the monastery of complaints from are also called computer
if you read to them conclude a complaint to him
and attracted many disciples and he rapidly established not another number of foundations around complete so they had its own little congregation in no time at all
then became a real monastic founded in the former they ryan became the bishop of braga and that's why he's called from towards his brother
but but his chief work remained even as bishop founding more milestones and setting up making sure things are going well with the propagation gnosticism spain at that time
what we have left from from roses are two rules that we know this true have actually conduct regular complaint on the role of completion and the regular communities
very interesting documents the first one the rule of complaints and we sort of based on on the work is a door have done so a door used than a day from josh as uses his the door which is his prerogative
with with trip to ah says there's a real strong desert flavor to eastern desert it's real odd because here you have a gothic barbarian and and yet the this is being influenced by isadora and that in western monasticism
in in vedic but you can still find within him that his ideal are almost are you
egyptian swamps and deserts and that's going to be this bottle
in this first rules complete on your was completed it seems to have been written for criminals
after you know we have monasteries of criminals are like intentions
and demands very strict observance
and actively encourages that according to this rule no one is ever to be trusted
very peculiar rule
and the punishments given a very very cruel severe here's an example one who wrongs a boy i have no of that needs
i have a feeling that if it has anything to do like what he invented the egyptian nor innovation deserting these feathers headrest
public scourging shaving off of all the hair and spat upon them by all the monks perfect then bound with chains and to prison for six months on bread alone three times a week
afterwards a strict surveillance for another six months while working alone and speaking to absolutely no am
if you keep his hands to himself
a real this is just an example real strong team of thing remember that this rule has been set up for epidemic for criminals
or people who have been prison for whatever reason and come into a monastic situation where going to find out with the regular kimonos whole different kind of monasticism coming through this gothic string and spain very big very strange that is and we had a dig around
six sixty for the regular criminals six sixty this is intended for a whole congregation of monastery is this your the second one
and it's like a decree coming out of a general chapter where they all got together and in cash things through and came up with the institutions for the for the congregation
and certain hypotheses given in this document are governed by certain ecclesiastical into conditions and gothic territory's time and so scholars love to look at this stuff because he tells him a lot of what's going on
in a gothic areas of this time
evidently there was a lot of anarchy in the mid seventh century in spain a lot of anarchy a lot of massacres and killing very little safety and people were joining monasteries because of that because of these situations
i'm in order to stay alive and whole families were joining monasteries and whole family extended families were on
like forming monasteries and joining this union his congregation
and so you have that having having whole monastic colonies the being formed by entire family's just did moving over and and becoming monastics in which the men and women are separated husbands and wives are separated
they live in different directories they have different is they even and worship in different churches real strength situation the children are allowed to see their mother and their father but never together
ah as opposed to the celts celtic monasticism where the family life became a nasty here you have a monastic life becoming clannish and it gets warm orange there is evidence that these people would go off every day yet
zircon selling some northern africa these would also go on ratings they got plundering and preeminence in the rule of guardian guiding plundered the plunder parties
have a job
or they can hire people outside the congregation
ah not a real healthy situation there were often bloody disputes between houses in the caribbean ancient well again like the hatfields and mccoys he ended the state where everybody is a blood relative or it is touch one
error summaries and get them from planet well that's the situation
tours has had do it coming out of this general chapter so you get all these things coming out of this this type of situation from towards us and what's going on will get a supporter images and that's how we know about what was going on soon the boards the moors are going to come through and the
this has gone it's very short-lived and very unique and very arts and food to us with is going on he's been he's trying to yeah because where he started with a number of disciples and his palaces and started a congregation with vs rule later on you know
the whole family unit starting and they're all in all it's just blooming and what's happening as these people are coming monastics spook lawns
basically stay alive and have walls and hundred
and so his crime trying to practically deal with this with all these problems this is a quote
from a document called a constant sorry alone and home
if as often happens a sudden invasion or attack of the enemy takes place when we were talking about monasteries and so that it is impossible for the brothers to seek flight together because of the pursuit of their enemies so they're all scattering to every which direction
and if later they escape with guns and hope and shall be able to go wherever they have learned the is they must hasten thither as sons to a father
a little bit about what's going on this time you know this is this is the regulation if you can possibly wanted to live through this and you can find the abbot and have to go to the i'm never very interesting thing coming up with this monasticism of food choices regarding obedience
very when i can get to it today
so i will continue with took horses on wednesday and will go into anglo saxon monasticism in england so we're going to jacket off after that