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Monastic History Class


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i'm i left off with the rather depressing scenario to napoleonic depression
ah that wasn't the last oppression there are still more to come
gradually on this movement toward secularization that was going on com
throughout the world
continue to grow
and on
the the parallel movement within that movement with a weekend the within the monastic life was that monasticism more and more became a goal of money grabbers
is and political power mongers so that they saw the monastery the monastery holdings what was left of them as our loot and booty
and also they saw them that is the monasteries as
places of degeneracy and done in many cases they were right but what made it made the monsters jet degenerate was situation they had to go through because of political rulers because of suppression because of repression and because the of
the longstanding commend down added practice you know what a command on earth it is
our own fantail of was under command on for some
well what four hundred years
and it was only in the late eighteen hundreds no excuse with the seventeen hundreds then finally got out of that
and took its toll on the history of of fantail the line but those gentlemen just one of many many communities that had to go through this
this business
the radical fringe of politics and culture at this time began to actively attack ah monasticism more and more and so you'd see an old what we recall newspapers flyers
our our characters of the fat monk and the starving right next to him the real poor in all this you keep saying as over and over again during these years as they worked up society against the astros system
and again this is floyd from the enlightenment and civilization especially in western central europe
so in vietnam
as this goes on them and after the napoleonic suppression there were pockets of monks here and they're trying to live a monastic community life together
and some monsters even try to reopen especially in italy spain
but they didn't get very far and eighteen eighteen the suppression of all contempt to contemplative order as was decreed
we go go this pressure business comes in and out of history in various countries and it work differently in different countries in the year eighteen thirty six all the monsters were closed again
i'm in bavaria however ah there was a bright spot of kids time king good work and it was king look at the mad
ah king ludwig became a patron of the benedictines
because he felt that that they will bring they would help him build up
a great and prosperous bovary
and so he wanted to found some monasteries it had all been closed and it didn't take long before people didn't know what monasteries but we like with the function
and he found a true monks who were willing to begin monasticism of bavaria for him and they found it mentioned at the the demi t t each and that's where it begins after the napoleonic
ah they wouldn't take any novices in at that time because they were too poor to do so they couldn't feed novices
and so good week
because he wanted them to take analysis and started endowing you can pay the money so that they could support novices
an analysis were taken in one of whom is off a swimmer only will see a little bit down the road system bavaria
so in the or eighteen thirty four they opened a monastery in augsburg called st stephen's
and four years later they opened the abbey of shire
and then and subsequent years and every two or three years they opened felt were some body thoughts on to boil on at tall is a big at all
and plump stop this is a big names for this time in history some of them are still important adams
and tall plunge shopping
they did to maintain hundred ninety no for
in france there was no real reconstruction room the the revolution did it's number of all the orders on not just the monastic orders but monastic orders would severely hit
and it wasn't until the middle of the eighteen hundreds that will see monasticism start coming back into france a man named prospered guarantee you have this dates there was born near the former priory called so them
and he became a priest and then through his own our research
ah liturgical research especially he became convinced that the roman
liturgical roman customary would be much more appropriate than the gala can you solve that the ones the french have a french church as such on which usually funny cats with throne itself on have its own usage
chang and he felt that that they should go back to the roman usage and he became very active in promoting his and became known as the out and tie gala can
and and the year eighteen thirty one the property where salaam are have existed as priory came up for sale and he bought it
with the help of some rich lay folk around and the bishop of the air
and he decided the next year along with six compared to start living the monastic life they started living in the conventional life together in the monastery
and four years later they took the benedictine have
so this is obviously a gradual thing and the following year they all went to rome and they professed his benedictine monks in rome
under the pope
and the conduct the hats and constitutions that they had written up and these were approved and salon was raised to an address status by pope gregory the sixteen
gregory the sixteen
modo capillary is that right know
come on he's the commander his job
and he commissioned them to head up what's going to be a nerf wealth is now french bahamians it centered at the cylinders mother post in france or new french congregation the superyacht or the salaam kind of gish
and he started publishing i mean here's a literatures and so he started publishing about the stuff of liturgy and they started coming out with their various volumes of chanted and resurrect chant in salaam way ah this nasty became known for and still are remembered the all
old monastery league j
yeah i l i g u e g he goes way back ah
they opened that up again as their first foundation and then they opened up a house and say well as for cash and was cash and house and i'll open up another house near salaam house of women and store of enclosed nuns
and that's how the particular time she gets stirred in in this continent
we have our
the monks of seven you july and cut back
to our salaam don't have any in this country
we did originally st gregory shiny
what some men its first followed was a celeb pals and that was first founded actually and some swamp of were up in iowa and they almost all diamonds something right and got out i iowa
and i went off on which is in two months ago and that guy but they prosper in oklahoma and lit i mean they held on and then eventually the miracast in congregation which is the lowest kind of you she took it all so it was no longer salon
there since eleven women to can probably quebec goals
they were real big on contemplation over on
ah over action within monastic life and so they were very pro silence and rigorous
rigorous interpretation so far
how how the rules to be dead
against any kind of centralization all they thought every abby should be their own under a charismatic gather didn't get more for central section
north america
the bishops of north american catholic bishops i didn't have enough priests and especially as the church had to move westward along with the pioneers who are
when you call him sit on some a lamp for home selling in the various purposes and then western states gradually ah they didn't have any priest to go out there and so they have to contact
hierarchy in german speaking countries back europe and begged for priests and more than not as far as the germans were concerned more than any other order probably the dickens answered that call forth from switzerland and bavaria
and one of these the first real baby become come it was as bad as women who wasn't that original no vicious group that the joined up in bavaria met him at the
and he was the one who really pushed for the benedictines doing it from his and your and kept meeting refusals live and they thought some other you know secular priests should do this smith's and missionary society whatever eventually though the king
agree with boniface any st boniface himself over with along with nineteen models and they found it st vincent's abbey in latrobe pennsylvania
and then over the next few years of the very kept feeding 'em more men into this foundation and st vincent's it's going to make a whole slew of foundations
so they came over and forty six but all during the sixties seventies eighties nineties they make foundations oliver this country off which is on all this is coming off of st vincent's in troll which becomes an arch happy because it was the first one this continent
st john's college bill is one of the houses st benedict's in atchison is another that's the second one are founded on new work belmont and in north carolina st bernard in
georgia alabama alabama to sunlight for pro cops and known chicago la noi same meals and florida's and deed and illinois on and monica
also it's various abby's down the line will join this group you know they will founded by them for various reasons this is the group that has the money in the stability it's big enough so that when the crash comes on and houses go under this is the carnation like can be mom and so
so the tit for tat is will bale involved if a join our congregation that's happened happened to my former community which was originally swiss and then when bank regulated twenty four to twenty eight was reopened by st john's on so it became american cash needs also st gregory's which i just mentioned
and chinese
also joined that congregation the swiss monks and there's a whole other slew of foundations that are going to be made by the swiss monks and they sort of like half and half and and often the twentieth century that pretty much
same size on a very cathy's of a little bit bigger and by a few hundred but they're still both very large the two largest jewish federation to congregations for quite awhile
and they originally came to work with the idea was to work with the native americans
and some of the houses are still do that the one was founded by former king still works in the new missions blue cloud abbey very design and several even to the name in south dakota does say that the biggies like a conception and saint meinrad had indeed
missionaries working with a native american pupils
ah to monster isn't it came from i see down and
once the flow of started
a swiss was coming over started filling these vacancies angle birds in switzerland also sent a lot of months over so i answered dominance in engelberg became the two great big grandmother houses and all if you'd go to various houses and the in this country
for instance i was just an ocean side of the the formation directors conference couple weeks ago and that house is obviously from amsterdam because they have a big statue or they divine sudan and they have the whole history of there for a a and photos with einzige going and you see
that a lot when you're going to the silences they keep their roots on in focus some of the more important houses that conference the swiss connection would be minor at my meds conception money job
ah lot of small ones on a smaller
he does a variant they were cast me
there are bavarian they used to okay which is in in eventually and in the twentieth century is going to become the american cat fair and his condition if they are no
and then the swiss become the swiss american federation and the vatican two they changed their name to the benedictine federation in europe because those are the two biggies but there's a a number of other congregations represented in this country the of chileans the all veterans
so vast streams they all have thousands in this country originally the hungarian congregation was then know
who's woodside now it's american classic and going under out here
ceremony was the belgian denunciation congregation
or still gets run
we have a number of houses that are there any congregation that directly under the of tried to be for of aims for fossil western
that's why new mexico pension advice says pricing it by now paper scissor olivette and so is a daughter house they attended the day began which isn't charismatic
there also well as well done
not saying
lightsabers what if it's under the directly under the i will try man who wants to end all that stuff because he's got a whole slew of these houses in the world that are just under him because they have enjoyed it and they are going up your to us
well i i i talked with the
martin bowler act after he came to the formation artistic pride and he would say they have like six analysis right now that they're on their sixties and seventies he says sister trying something else at and must be very difficult
to they're hurting now now they've you didn't say they are going under anything that he seemed to
convert concern
a number of the houses are are going through quite a bit right now one top model of them and i get to the feeling marks on the twentieth century
if we look at germany is not bulgaria specifically the germany as a whole the the the resurrection of monasticism comes through two brothers will become benedictine monks and then the pole vaulter roads when is maurice ones plus she's and
glass of walter
and they found the monastery boy if you just not the office of
they found this monastery ballroom and it's kind of a unique
the situation on they received a papal blessing for the foundation and
when they when they started out they had a number of novices who wanted to join their house but they weren't able to start their own a vicious that time so they looked for other houses in germany who into this put these people through the innovation and some of that and nowadays p
people one of these houses would accept their analysis for whatever reason and down so they tried to slam in france and so on said sure
and so our voya becomes very solemnized snow hundreds
it's like the german version all liturgical thing they have certain choreograph to ways you you stand in your bow and turn out in the refectory and stuff and you still see these things in boiling it's houses the houses that job
they come from this from this family and then where they haven't come from the boat boy and his boyfriend is poker
is what the other monks with for a year
how how you by line up and flow out of affection and they still have those issues no traditions of now have a group palace and and the boy run using salama very much so that's where that's a bar in his piece of art yeah
very again like so i'm very tragic for lunch liturgically minded their houses will be big on chance but whereas salon is almost all centered on chance they get into various arts
see also see a lot of the m
now we get those color postcards and from europe that we solemnly books so in a lot of those how far a lot of the ones we don't order them all but a lot of the choices are boy his paintings
and they they followed the the constitutions of salon the modified and little bit you want to be totally fringe but yeah pretty much character captain their the salaam flavor and
they really took off
they took off like nobody's business to get an artist's already started making foundations all over and one of their first big foundations was my soup
which is in
take a guess
cause belgium belgium belgium morris who has known especially for very very charismatic holy man who wrote any number of vine such we have chance it warm water
martin cut up in colombo martin he was so he was an avid here's an irishman who join this belgian house of miles you before the war and are very horny in a very courageous woman
he was as found as a tone use your sharpens his wound as he was tall
and don't hit me just them so it means happens and two balls
if not balloons pulls up on
his process is still i'm going as far as canonization goes
cost a lot of money takes a lot of times and caravans and use process going on for something like forty fifty years
the we have a house in a working on my name just birmingham which runs the military can he be horrified by that himself and they run a military academy of money
march sue was founded nature seventy to eighty and seventy five they had the culture come in germany which shut down boy wrong
they got a man a bar soon as there's risk information because that held on during this time and they ran around having temporary houses that you're curious asked that up again and finally by retin a free labor if found a house called sick cow
ah to get started begin and down
we're not that they weren't allowed to go back to boy on and reopen on for twelve years so eighteen eighty seven a boil on reopened and then took off again and but it was remember it was mainly due to salaam their connection with salaam
that made this house and it's dollar houses the real focus of the german liturgical movement during the whole early part of to message which is going to what goes on in germany and france these to the tree conciliar document
aunts and focus coming out on vernacular the liturgy and let's go back to the real ancient riots and whatnot all this research at these marks and the french monks were doing are probably more than any other single factor brought back and tool
for real i love for little children
a real life is in switzerland isn't a no i listened to the assumption war
in fact most of the painters from this type of tradition seem to have come from memory alone they really have and the weavers the of course me her teens right
also they hadn't a nuns who were there you know that line also
the superyacht for coverage you are robbery here now
this was a real strict conservation this is the group that said look let's go back to the rv and we don't make any allowances for being in the chinese to cheer the nineteenth century we live it as it's their rigorous literal
approach to this you know if a few centuries this this happens and it happened it with this cargo ships the subiaco congregation which began and eighteen seventy one at the monastery pierre kabir
and spread of the two biggest houses after pure computer would be or art which is a
and samples which is me
the others this album yeah yeah sometimes i think that the seals your son was i'm not mistaken it's it's it's either the same or two daughters sons homes and see laugh
the one that something charts right now making lots of money for that to the problem or the record yeah or your be to youtube
ah chant know how it's originally lead in who
oh amy johnson year our i know
ah to also at this time we get a congregation started which is great to be the missionary congregation of the dictionary refrain from the beginning salt or chilean so and other side two chili incarnation is going to be me
named after the mother house which is samantha children and their whole purpose from the beginning was missionary and so if you go to r alaska asks if you go to africa
you're going to find it on the benedictine houses that are that are in africa some of which are driving right now
a large number of them are going to be a chilean foundation instrument or still
i really are two houses in this country are chilling one one in newton new jersey and calls
and the newer one in nebraska skyler in the basket i don't know when
i know some people there i don't nearly to the smoking maybe six people
and this this emphasis is still there for their primary things to make foundations especially in third world countries
there was also
the congregation of brazil or the brazilian combination of this time which had originally started in the fifteen hundreds as sort of a subdivision of the portuguese congregation
portuguese congregational london says
but the brazilian daughter congregation is still going in and going through all these turbulent news
ah the portuguese they separated from the portuguese in the early eighteen hundreds
and started their own in eighteen twenty seven year old car you should called the brazilian congregation ah unfortunately in the or eighteen eighty nine and the government for about them to take anymore a novice and said
but ah boy run and help them out by training and novice spring
there are other houses in brazil now
number of them us particularly what we have one but there's also some other than the do to houses there that
other kong or other houses in this country other foundations
there was a house of studies in rome for one of the congregation's since the or sixty seven that house was sad some the congregation was the cassidy's computation
member cassidy's congregation guns when we started in padua sainte justine of pud
it got close down and eighteen thirty seven because of a cholera epidemic
and pope pints of the ninth and reopened the later on for the entire order new as a house for that addicted order
but it really didn't get off the ground because the italian voice kicked in piedmont wars started
is that when they italian suppression can't believe some replied it that somehow and the poor italy goes through a whole bunch in another chain of events and monasteries are close down and other
however the you're eighteen eighty eight the them pope leo the thirteen formerly open this house as a house for the benedict and work and as such in wrong
ah he wanted some kind of representation in wrong nearly thirty one of the central or spends a little goals remember the benedictines don't like to be centralized for the most part yet even now they wouldn't they butt heads with port vale and compromise with him yes will have this house to the whole order will
come into what we'll call the benedict and federation which is an eighty nine three hundred but that won't mean a lot because each one of us as separate and our congregation to very different from little longer and so what what race sort of a moose are loosely connected and now
nation of the various monastic congregation and and that's was all going to be and we we will have a representative for you we will have an avid private who who will resign in the house and war and can be a mediator between the ordered and and you
we want to preserve our independence and we don't want to go on with this centralization to them and they got away with it and first out of private is filled live on move on to hampton and president up happen private lives some jerome
iphone have a permit juggle tyson
lizzie was born in wisconsin from st john's college film and we've had any number of them between the he's the second american the first american with search for she quickly
who are really did a lot thing for the order was during his tons for prime mainly because he was supposed to politics
oh well we get to the twentieth century that what generally what what happened is monastic they during the twentieth century just as some highlights the trackless going to have incredible surge in vocations especially in the postwar years
in the year nineteen forty eight was probably the classic when guess seventy itself had ninety some novices just that year most of whom if not all of were coming out of service their experience in the war on turning to monastic life for whatever reasons
there was a large surge in trappist applications for a few years there and they made all kinds of foundations so they are places to put these monks and that was really when the tracklist
spread occurred near a socialist fifties
of various foundations our our hundred acres are epiphany which originally our foundation off of a layer of foundation awful from spencer massachusetts they sent five or six monks up there which includes an example one day
didn't take on
the benedictines also grow incredibly during the fifties especially sixties when i joined when ronald and i joined st john's as now since there are fourteen in our class
and was the last strict
class strict division strict closed efficient we weren't supposed to talk to the other monks sterling wish your you are all and to by to of business and we are i was number three hundred and forty two instancing
and i you felt we felt like that you felt like number three for you to just so huge on st vincent's was huge and bendix and atchison was huge st john st vincent's are still big relatively two hundred and fifty but the real top heavy
if all these old piece of intermissions
st benedict's was originally two hundred and twenty five or something like that they've done and seventy in atchison there's a lot of houses that are really hurting our destinies and we really don't know what's going to happen to them or where monasticism is going in all of this or how it's
going to develop
ah some new approaches to monastic life are occurring throughout these decades
some of them take off some don't
we and our own history rhino are probably in a period where we're going to take off a bit
isms but that isn't happening everywhere
it's not happening very much anywhere in this country in yes
and so it is exception what has happened is that monasticism is growing in latin america which was always very difficult field monastic lee the houses in this country many of them had been foundations latin america but it took decades and decades to get it started and they'd go through
he was like a revolving door policy yeah people can't find with two three years ago and go and the main thing with celibacy the main the main issue
ah i don't know how many houses there are in latin america there are ways to find out of course you can you can no longer go even by the benediction atlas that we have it's already it's already fourteen fifteen years old and so many foundations have been made one of the nervousness
there's who came to this
workshop this year was another spouse to ensemble from one mama and he mentioned of the mother house in st joe saint joseph in louisiana and i said oh well i thought i thought to marvin
abby workflow
the founder of the bottom line is as now we have three now just in guatemala there were three benedict in foundations nice they're all over
south america not american and all are large anything but it's just a sign that they didn't really is growing down there whereas subsiding here it's growing there and it seems to be on hold in africa
during the seventies it was very exciting african because the african houses would grow very quickly
and many of them still doing very well
a non suspicion very often
again then have all the souls just culturally
living that commitment
but for the most part i haven't i haven't to develop j or electron the twentieth century it's almost too soon to do other than pointing at general
general things that have happened and making some projections we have statistics readily available if you want to look you know the various houses are big vr what you're doing where they're going on that's all part of history and i suspect during your lifetime
adams a lot of the houses and nod system the down again
it's got out from the person
and new forks will will will spring on
oh one thing about monastic history is it's never dull roar or something incredible happened some masterful
and that's really what what it's all thought i would think that there just to our thorough history various ways to incarnate the
the commitment to christ within a monastic framework
i can be done in a number of ways and will find new ways that will speak to
the hearts of people or or will die out
it's always the challenge is to you know that's not to say that the always art the ways at speak perhaps that would be no perhaps it will always you know when when something really takes over it's gonna be again can return to the more primitive
unclutter no baggage approach to monastic vision and started with you
rooms listen
okay any questions at all of them sentences is harsher now mostly difference between
st vincent no shabby and say my knives and dimension that's because those are the two first foundations and this continent from the bavarian strain and in the swiss string that signals them and all your daughter thought our houses yeah it really doesn't mean any questions is just got and
title arch and the i chattered
for the really is me
difference between out origin
you mentioned that now it seems like monasticism this country so i'm no have
do you think contemplative prayer there is an interest there or do we get up
science i'm i'm here
that's that doesn't fit arrested country why think just for my own my own personal thing is that the first victim of thirty pairs growing husband for twenty years thirty years from the sixties onwards
but that doesn't necessarily translate to monasticism as jack as it exists
a lot of people are turned off by monasteries and convents that are still trying to keep schools open and or hospitals and all this stuff stuff stuff on your back
they're not attracted to just filling up sessions in these institutions and unfortunately of the accepted the small houses in this country that's the general
general way they find them in the victim world travels to know
i don't think the trappist we take them home i don't understand why the job site or in a crisis sent them but i don't know that tradition on that walking is mostly because of the chain from my agrarian economy to
computer this have a lot of home so financial financial version of disastrous condition why are they have in the vocational problem because they can find people who want it
they themselves the older man up you settled on switch and there's a lot of link between and we still make it by baking bread fruit cakes or jimmy have to open some sort of computer computer business the our locations that they're getting as who operated computers there's such a condition of an argument
dwayne can we still want to farmers computer things that the young man
yeah i don't know
i don't want i know a few and chocolates but i don't know that know
the recent history of what's going on why why they having problems and i understand that addiction problem they regret they revert to some extent of the foundation stepping
late for his her
well the probably have to close up
looks deck in i think they've already targeted for pm
check one of the the one martin would choose will lose its target
he knew tom