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#set-monastic-history, PD talks about formation and class attendance.


i do attitude he's been gone for days
let me make a couple announcements first ah no i want him on the tank of definitely
i don't know how many classes we've had no may be fine I think there are two tapes missing. The reason I bring this up is after listening to tape please put it in the box does ever know where the box for the tips is no the shelf of books for class at reno nev on the reference
wall of library section right underneath it is a like a shoe box and it has tips for this class of it there are other people who are listening to the class tapes and so they're they're asking the worth the tapes him the last two classes of a lifetime whatever so please get those tender
just don't want to sit in your room in your style even if you are the only one missing or that doesn't mean there are others who want to listen to the tenth so we just keep that straight
that's all i can say i'm not going to monitor that tapes are keeping them in my cell or anything like as so i'll just from now on i'll just say well i don't know who has them that i'm a you can keep up in our consciousness that there are others who are trying to listen to them also
on all seven said one word about about the class and down
I think I should say this in the beginning. 
just make a point about the seriousness of of of class presence. You should try to be here are at class as much as possible on the tapes or not
much of an alternative there are like a stat got a stop gap measure of especially for the cooks.  The cooks are really the only ones who are excused from class.  if you'll notice even the on the rules that Robert has given formations stuff even if you'd decided to take a desert there
because they have to go to the class
in his mine also it's very important to be in the class as i say the cooks are an exception for for instance you didn't have to be here today would depend on how things were not as i understand sometimes you can sometimes you can that's that's all right that's really an exception of those who choose to do
other things are go other places are on class days just so you know it's not a viable option i mean our class presence and class partition dissipation are important
indicators to the formation committee and that it's always been discussed at these meetings
and you can usually tell when people are having problems with with with going to formation class and sir are having anything to do with them or when they've got a chip on their shoulder about them this has been a big issue with in the last year and i suspect it will continue to be so so i
you know my suggestion would be just too dumb to realize that as part of the monastic discipline the classes salsa party certainly a party strong part of your formation information was but you know also just pure discipline plays into it as well.
so just just keep it in mind that is important that be careful that you don't go to too many places are set up too many appointments were all this you know during the one semester on class dates because just know that the tapes are there but they're not the best way to go about taking a class
if this continues on with is certainly capable missing a lot of classes ah i will feel unnecessary necessary to start making written assignments not for all but for those just to make sure that they covered the material that should be covered by different formation program as mandated by the general chapter in fact in italy so it's a serious matter on our on the other hand the most reports it's quite fun
when most people appreciate the classes and take them seriously and of course sometimes you have done this if your schedule or whatever you'd have to be gone from from the property a certain day with yes but not a lot because it's going to become a problem
what i'd like to do today than its hopefully finish up
ah the discussion on egyptian anarchism now same time but other anthony
an egyptian egyptian anarchism in general i like to hit another key figure today hopefully finish i would also like starting on egyptian sanaa bitters of them are just in general so that we can get into the economy is on fridays class
evap various ponti growth or evaluates of honduras
there are no apologises
i think it's somewhere hanuman in turkey and got a japanese ramen from right lines in present day turkey is like capital show on the where of basil the great news are going to come from that's also presently turkey
ah he's from contours so is up from from up near home
and his father how it was a bishop
remember we're talking for century
he was ordained a lecture by on basil the great
an ordained a deacon by baffles great friend bishop gregory nancy anson
and so he became archdeacon of constantinople very important position are under gregory nancy and some
and he was heavily into politics politics of religion as well as among the politically
wealthy and powerful
and down he got caught up in a lot of court intrigue in constantinople
he also participated in the second ecumenical council were talking about the vargas as a young man
and he he himself came
came to prominence not just religiously but also socially and intellectually
lots of rich women had evacuated sent their gatherings to soirees cetera
and he was surrounded by wealth and pomp and
the pressures of power
and inevitably he fell in love with one of these rich women
and then he had a dream
he had a dream all with sure
from the unconscious exposed him his empty life regarding power wealth and all that stuff and the kind of life the emptiness of the life he was living and this is one of those cases of dramatic conversion overnight type thing he abruptly leaves as
everything in constantinople and violence
and he runs to
the monastery slant
hospice slammed guest house run by the media and refinance and we'll talk about them later on
retired but palestinian
oh this first neighbors is ah
the person
under whom are
oh excuse me i told judge gregory now the answer he was archdeacon of constantly contact noble under notorious was ordained by nancy i'm somebody that cardinals with the the private there and comes down to know so he escaped to with the this
little monastic in
whether the quayside community run by millennia and refine us near jerusalem and stayed there for a while living an aesthetical by and pondering the past and and what he should be about and how where where where he was to turn at this point in his life
get very sick
and millennia to who took care of him
discerned that the thickness was
was stemming from his need is real need to on to take on monastic services i'm a monastic life lifestyle
and a
a laundry or it's accepted her discernment and he went off to egypt in fact if you look on your maps to night trio
one of the big monastic settlements the other than cedars its nigeria you he ended up there
he became
he became a disciple of macquarie it's the great before that
he was living in nigeria
ah among the monastics who have combined to become known for who were already known then as for adjustments with i've already mentioned easy
these people ten are those who to ascribe to origins theology and his own
some of his are here and or the i have years geology is of those who were connected with orange or are formed the origin of school the origin school of theology
the millennia and refine us by the way also where origins for known as origins the whole monastic world at this time is sort of split into organism and non organism and you have saints on both sides of patriarchs and both sides and large groups of monks on both sides
of the question
ah we'll we'll talk about the origins controversy rule but dont mind
ah he became as i say he became a disciple makarios the grade and then a disciple of another record this vicarious alexandria
and by that time he was known as on the wagner he is he was one of the old men and the desert one of the aba's
i to the point where he was elected bishop and he refused to take the bishopric and got away with that so he would just remained about wagner is in the desert
and he died in the year three ninety nine three ninety nine by the way is it as an important year monastic like three ninety nine and four hundred three ninety nine as when the whole controversy of organism
for men's up and burst into a bloody battle in which hundreds were killed slaughtered month by month saints by saves and the the winners who were the anti origin is through a number of shady deals with the secular powers and
in northern egypt
expelled all these origin store those who were called orange origin this out of egypt out of the deserts and they went the in various places seeking refuge on
within the empire some of them went went up to constantinople end and that area others went to palestine some four hundred i think going to palestine and had entered the monasteries there
many were slaughtered as well
he died just before that happened just months before the the the uprising
he is very prolific writer on
how many here have read about news
anything at all
just one while you were here when know so you've read that one of little school his and wasn't an automotive growth and my down we had a monk from on
mom ensure jeremy just go come down give us a workshop on the balkans is odd monocles which he did his dissertation on we have that in a one forty five
ah anyway if you've read
any of of re of obvious you've probably read the practicals which is cistercian studies series the project cars and chapters and prayer which was one of the earlier volumes that came out of love this other stuff has never been translated into english we have it in french
we have it in german
and we had it in greek
we'll have much in english and then slowly been done coming now these are the major works there are also some other works that are questionable and i won't give you those just three or four the question will they just don't know whether he really wrote them or not
i work somebody on the on evil thoughts it you with a whole
it certainly consonant with his message but somehow linguistically doesn't seem like qb the school writing the registries in his name so the practical system is available in english the gnostic cause we have this in french of thing
you read french don't you gotta look there
the careful leia we have this in greek maybe in french a number of these things that come on in the our source am so so if you know french you gotta advantage as for a lot of monastic right chapters and
there is an english with the practicals the or monaco's now we have an english and then we ever work on it is wormhole a german on belonging millennium i don't know is this must be a letter to me and enough for me
ah and to radicals i'm not familiar with either of them my very will have been something jerk don't have a nice
and that there's various scully it that is school we are a senior
early of an important achievement
i think in verse form on on a work for was a he has a and on the book of proverbs and he has a school here on ecclesiasties and he has a school the on the council canticle of canticles and at this time monastic graves especially
and also some other girl
patristic writers are putting all things that they call scolia that's why point this regarding a women to nottingham and it's just to other it's like a traders with a certain way of doing to the school there seems to me it's inverse from i'm not sure on them if all school they are in first ones like this
and ten years and terrorism
synteny aires the sentences
like hundreds yeah yeah well they don't have to be but but a number of them aren't but they would eat foods code i don't know i'm confused now i'm just like can confuse myself i'd have to look it up but anyway scalia refers to a certain way of approaching a function
on his theory the reason he's is so important to see where do you have vast influence on modern and monastic like is gay but because of junk ashen who to a great extent rock monasticism into the west
ah and then through his own works lay it down for the west are create influence on johnny cash so his monastic theories very very important
he he's he appears to be up til this stage
in our knowledge of these years which isn't all that bread in so many agreement with are nothing of we've never found their works etc
he seems to be the first one from whom we get a total complete system of christian spirituality and tiny spirituality christian spiritual
he has his own system and he has a strong tendency to get very abstract
in his son in his writings is also quite poet
and last two things tend to go together a lot obstruction ironically because you're the tissue as poetry or talking images but ah
the way of formulating your poetry even with images can be very abstract of course and if you have a philosophical bent to at it really gets abstract
he says the temptations come to us
through popping hi i'm minute i put words up air and anglicised form of the great ones popping
what's her boss
those are words that comes from power of things like somebody that's just taken up the path on some promotions passion
pop the suffering resent come compassion and pat empathy to to suffer with so suffering how temptations come through this is this inner this inner life we have software offering hey emotions at all
and it is these sort of things disturb the dialogue we have with the spirit inside once this is a ross okay so our dialogue with the spirit
who is free within us gets all clouded up by popping hired by emotions and suffering in and feelings and all of that
and his his basic anthropology is that the human person is
news psyche and nyingma that is
spirit soul
spit no spirit ah is for for evacuees is equated with intelligence we're talking about the mind lips the mind news for a wagner is that means spirit
okay think he means basically the soul pop
psyche that's consonant with grew the made you know the major uses of seventy the sole ah know emma usually we think naima or spirit
know holy spirit is new battles hires well in in in evocative the naima is the imago dei image of god with the inside of us that's the nyingma so there's a difference between spirit and holy spirit and your own spirit
it is your news media intellectual and what he created spirit supposed to koreans view
i'm i never use this terminology side well i do think thinking holy spirit get kittens period
our can begin
i'm thinking they're both prefer
yeah i guess i couldn't make something i can turn the lodge
i'm basically the what makes you you
i started with both all of next year you but in a sense of how you think and how you rationalize and what you're retaining them all of them as your news and then your soul is the psyche and so on so refers to that
that ball in around the necessary doesn't necessarily doesn't get car doesn't give the limited to do this on
so that all other than inner dimension have lines sold and spiritual but still beyond that is annoying the normal and of course the the the the human person is is a unit units all those are all three of those are into lately
that is the image of god with inside of us that's the normal
the spiritual stages them with him his framework of of spirituality is you'd gone through practice kid
so what is practical or you can guess that
yeah well practices practical so you've got your theory of your theories and you put them into practice you do your asceticism spirit when you go through your practicality in order to do what now i mentioned this last time
to reach apathy and exactly exactly the a plastic key
apathy is that the emptiness freedom you want to be mine you want to work at and work at work out of us doing you're practically in order to get rid of all the in your life
to get a holiday emotions and to yourself of all that stuff don't get caught up in the major major emotions major or feelings and eight deadly sins all of that just goes by the way and i'm
that up a theta is what really is going to limit is going to liberate your feminists if you want it and if you want to get liberated from suffering
all the different kinds of suffering the human individuals to the egg is our apathy is the web and you've gotta go through all your practical in harder to do that
nos is another very important word course of this time mentioned before gnosis is how we contemplate
how we can contemplate been that is the beam of god and the being a jelly beans ah at least we can contemplate these types of entities through our noses that is you are
knowledge which has conformed itself to divine real such a special lived form of knowledge on home diy knowledge and undefined reality and on god goddess
and we reach gnosis real mobs is true noses by over coming or surmounting all of our own thoughts and we enter into g out what do we type image and to place basis
yeah she'll go beyond your thoughts into a unit is
experience of gun on it in theory of theology that is for him wagner is taylor jr theology is an experience of the holy trinity and life and getting inside so trinitarian reality
the for a virus on his is seen through hailed watching you
what water yes just he when he speaks of energy as the trinitarian as well just he paused bed merely as those sissies
and moses aspect or does he
how are they being a poet the here and in terms of total that on experience
some as
well yes his and he's pretty start when it comes into when you got up and they added neurons will quietest in some ways you're really passions and your free that way and so his notices or experience of the trinity must be fairly
intuitive but but through a strong land intellectual ones i would think because he was really heavy on them
the in the past the lack of adequate
i think one of the vendors that is familiar with how you distinguish between
the acquisition of gnosis in the sense of the divine energies creating in and but and this division it from your own
and then looking beyond that stage of the system in a system nights worth thinking how do you distinguish
the difference how homeless and if you're coming to them
probably not get better i'm half confused or radiating
it is most just like a practice game so no gnosis is an intuitive specialized knowledge you talk about different kinds of nonsense that ale and jeers really inexperienced gnosis

yeah yeah the another was there's gnosis in that theology or there's an intuitive not others a knowledge that blossoms in new intuitives articulation or to a tip knowledge intuitive knowledge of the trinity inside our work inside the song
when one comes to fail to do that then company versions percent
i mean that i work
yeah the in a pure pure way early christian patristic and what a eligible gentlemen and appoint them they were right oh no not necessary have noticed or no
i think would oh yeah i'm sure
many did
he says there are certain signs one can note in one's own life or if one's during direction in another's life in order to discover whether this person has a and they are arena has reached up as are
that is there's a certain piece of soul in the person who has reached up with their now while they better be if he has quieted down his emotions and street of a lot of the human garbage that we all deal with it
the intricacies of the emotional intellectual live on
also there is a a a piece that goes even deeper there's a deep consciousness of peace in the person who has really reached up a thing
and that piece enables one to almost detach oneself from
on self protection or self preservation what i mean is is this person when when a person is has apathy or that person can perfectly see into on once own objective faults personality
probably you know there's the clearness of vision regarding introspection
and a freedom to admit it and let things go
for him that's another thing also there's the ability to pray without distraction unceasing prayer without distraction so even if there are distractions it doesn't bother you
these are all signs that you've reached up with their
but if that often they are doesn't flower in acts of love in your life then you're still not there because apathy is meant to free you up for love that there's there's a different server to quietism which is can be a later heresy and a
approach to how do you live the christian life
even if you're a heavy philosopher
it still got a blossom is little acts of love the life doesn't mean it
so he isn't just often the clouds and when he had a profound
effect upon monastic spirituality indeed western christian spiritual through the ages along with the other few others

he he he or she says there's also this this this wonderful place to be if you can ever get there and he calls it anesthesia or or on more fear than it sounds like a more here
wow worthy of
in what that means is
well what is morph what is morphing music
what i'm looking more what is it's the know
on the same mistake
i thought it meant change
like appalling bars amorphous amorphous a marked every life is no changes everything's and when you get to that point you are anesthesia
that is total forgetfulness huge it just it's like a not even living keep this is a quote is the one who has arrived at anesthesia and infinite ignorance
fr here
i have not many people get there some of the zen was just get there the definitely some of the argument is safe to walk again but it it doesn't seem like a place you can stay in berlin
there are five major themes
that tell comes through in my study of of five the vargas and those are first of all
his anthropology that is the whole mind soul body thing
mind and soul mine endure the mind in the soul and body that's are equal to the mind the noose that is your whole rational part within the psyche and the body
the body is is the place of desire

ah secondly the soul has three parts were not going to go in all this this is you know i don't care what they remember you know this sort of thing
ah but i want to this mentioned them is it's a large part of his thinking the soul has three parts and he goes into great length into all this and i think we're doing right is it during this time you have a lot of writers are getting cut off and all the various celestial hierarchies and all that stuff from them just a century from now you can have this this
theory of the manasseh size and then the suit syrian monk who are scientists documents pseudo dionysius at he's going to profoundly in all influence the course of western are especially the devil mysticism and he's writing about the hierarchies
the angel experiences in all this off the wall of mysticism and yet very very important but the articulation seems off the wall
why you've got a lot of this stuff going on in you know and we're not going to get into that stuff business into a courtesan mysticism hierarchies
but anyway just so you know that he'd he'd he does a lot of writing on the various aspects of the soul thirdly
to his main point regarding property k and fail rio
so that is you've got your theory your terrier
but you gotta put an empty plastic and there's gotta be tracked that whole dialectic between ah
your knowledge you're set-up your idea and then what do you do with it a new life
fourthly and this has been to come back strongly in jumped cash and as well going to form the basis of his monastic conferences and on institutes of the sunovia with the western experience of monasticism is
the of adrien the whole environment isn't about
if and demons
re the their game which later becomes the seven deadly sins well comes with a deadly sins and then one of the pope's gregory the great at the locked off one of the on major sins and was only became seven days
because the what are the one of the business pitch particularly the monastic and it was hardly a delegation from the majority of was what are the dead this distance and get out your baltimore's
i have to keep looking because
because some of it on fire
what can we lost yes we have plans because it for education and masks cinders why did you think of last right away
the them well sir
jealousy and envy envy
he didn't have that
in the original have they do big thing they changed in centuries he had as exceed your gf
which is what such a didn't try the video data the new dating or can the new data or that is ah what happens when the sun gets so hot in the desert that you can't do anything you go lay down in the shade in you think awful things and you feel
lawful drives and you can't sleep you can is just awful and this was became the noonday demon the desert okay so all the things that happened at that time at that wasn't achieve and that sort of both hand in hand was so slow
this is the one i knock out
later on but they put in slow and then they combine to others
two one okay cry software so it was envy what check
find it they lost and heart disease
and the like hes out of an efforts
ah with him i with this you can call all of money to called of
we're forgetting real important is the one if you know the enneagram this is the one the one stealing at
there's another real
and the that's that stayed in
it stayed in the list all the way through
with what's the worst thing we can make
the worst sin just deal with geologic leptospira despair
no matter what you do you value on them onto the idea that forgiveness is possible that the estimate
at the heart of the now
digestion sadness
that's the your videos for one of us slow
so cry vainglory
now name or even try
so they change over the centuries they've changed their names of having a combined with wrapped up of
but these became basic this is something anybody all this fella he could all on a naked picture a heads of the dragon and they have the names of their heads and that's what the battle they had to battle to drag in the desert vargas gives that for to
launch his theory
and again profoundly on if the effects cation and how he treats monastic spirituality with this it had will return to the demon in the desert
ah the fifth gen thing that you run across this is the for our entertainment the fifth one with the vargas is the various levels of gnosis there's all kinds of gnosis all kinds of knowledge
and it gets real hair if you if you start reading it and outlining a f
and if you're gonna do that that's just great
but i'm i find it if you get bit in one of his works with speak of his head party
his one answered
no that another thing with with all of this is that you have to get it by reading the whole corpus and then pulling out one phrase here trying to pass things together said sort of
ah yes you have i see a celia that is if you had that desert demons for a vendre is this one main remedy for the if you're suffering from new data
and that is true
because you know i've seen here it's really going to be named work
the stairs
they want to give up they were what's the opposite of giving up
through perseverance his remedy is just stick it out you just stick it in our
stick it through non stick em up is not our first stage it all sounds gross
persevere it persevere used to first of all you

momento mori
you just remember that if you don't stick it out you can be punish yeah that
remember your death keep doesn't always before your eyes or an expert in emboldens wrote down download and and
stick it out
the mayor
hang in there there we know hang in there that's the virus is remedy for the noonday demon a just put up with this mr it
anything else got environments i want to know why i'm gone to egyptian services in general
so this list you know just if you've ever nothing else remember the name
and maybe a little bit about me and i encourage you have cursed to read some of to read the practical chesapeake you can find some beautiful stuff
the nice volume with you sister systems will this his tis approaches little pithy little sentences one little sense of that one little about something that you know it's like saying the desert sometimes two or one hundred ways to be a bitter month which the you know and
just in this precious little senses whom scraping have by the bit
you located further government you no not at all although he's going to be he's going to be not condemned on you can be seen as origin and you always have to take that time and cheat or that origin isn't business because it was
it's just like this business with the meister eckhart on who was condemned much of it was political is francis can dominican politics in a city that they were vying for the city and the inquisition of in positioners recalled it by francis can archbishop during his
his apostolic good time in cologne and they got him on the carpet and is tragic for a lot of it was a political there you have another poetic mystic who is just bleeding in front of everyone have been calling everybody the unit running soon as your mistakes and paul's preaching on thing you can
fire all kinds of philosophical things in their word and by the church still on the books they condemned certain
certain phrases cut out of various works he worked on and the the ran through the carnage everything they died on the way that when the journey there
but before he left said i'm sorry for said maybe earn a return anything that's against the church that something needed
i could an early night
very rare holding open
it'll be interesting to see it will come near to resurrect where can we do it from
there are limits to
her reduction services
next time on friday will we weren't begin with
become commies but we'll we'll be treating home is at least the second half of that could not to find it so bring your monastic readers never provided we have learned from needle selections from the life of comes
just in general when we're talking cinematic whole nine no egypt
know that are with just not all completely like aware that there were two main pyramids of work for instance the abbot's role was in a community in which a desert on was different that one are quite start
the vote when i'm a believer
one i don't hurt adelbert to
spelling one and the other one was a present evanescence out in the president conyers georgia who has been a month a year
ah the
a year old old the old ones
they did for hours on what the abbot was on the egyptian community that is devaluation is the abbot was the main hub of the community and all these others gathered around him and he ended up with the community
so he was the perfect monk he was the example he was the paradigm he was able to teach everybody else how to be a man how to live he exercised real spiritual fatherhood for all these other people and so the satellites and the egyptian as a quaint to go
where those who'd get around these people and his spiritual others and itself i'm telling you have committed in it's albert organism
and everything flows from the central figure in other in the kid
well they are says
look there's two kinds there's two distinct kinds of monasticism going on of egypt it's not all the same and in all the sunday called synergism
there isn't it for there there's absolutely no continuity between the other what what to the rockaways describing and gonna be the communities which are set up as santa bella communities from the beginning extra performance on
that if there is a semi arithmetic current ah where monks are essentially like double-glazing essentially your pyramids but you you live around this album and he's a spiritual father free
can mean we know i mean we know that that exist
that you're not denying now but he's also saying and very distinct communities that were instead up from the beginning as communities
which had an avid who was a spiritual father yes but he gets his authority from a horizontal plane not divine authority that set them up as the corals experience and and he's just the perfect example of know it's an authority and a for fatherhood that
that comes through a horizontal
framework within the community and he exercises a jew radical and and familial
authority within the qt and outgoing one so we're talking about an authority within a fraternal communion contacts robert chisholm
if you wanna get into this i can give you accurate references while i just read just look at this move towards cistercian publication by an avid in the monastic tradition and you're going to you could be able to run into you know with references to these to here is
ah derby it it's not to say a years continue to right here that there were there were situations and egyptian desert which don't fit me
for instance this about a power that sometimes you read about in his expense about the power
the court there's the question well they are worth of apollo going to fit it is structure and the really isn't a are ready
i'm already answered that and sort of a mixed bag from in between the two
there's some elements of community life and yet there's a strong
it's something strong to say for to both ways
spiritual father other middle time figure well maybe this this about hollow and other people like him point to the fact that there were there yes there were two distinct kinds but it is a middle-ground or to where people are moving in transition during centuries also sumerian both right
these are be a commons as will see you next next time it would seem that he was both a spiritual oppa and this facilitator within a fraternal communion or could handle things it was administrator set up other monasteries and got a whole congregation said
ah he he saw his own community as an ecclesial of adults church within the bigger context of the body of christ
what are so what are the main mrs craven mine synthesis my study are some of the main elements of egyptian synovitis isn't now i wanna give you four and after i give you those for wouldn't want to becomes
however as he says this ford and take a while
the first one is regularity at
what is february

the time to be able to go and with a lot of this
radio very rainbow last
one when is man at yes yes no schedule one korea
they said your marriage
if you know that and are great you can usually figure out most of these were gonna go with any of these may words and i just remember that get you rid of the word and you can take a good stab at them

they had written rules and among the sunrise
does a three volume set called the pre-columbian printer nia i can find the next day next time we have a couple of as a new technique can be in the library where you have the wives of peckham yes given and then you have the rules of petunias and another volume and the lives of some of his disciples
their writings wonder you do have read roles at this time for santa bugs there and and the rules are specifically for santa bugs
they seem awfully harsh to us when we made them nowadays
one we really don't know if they to a lot better than
ah they would seem very high should they were
we would we run into something later on like the world the master evidently where they did to the letters along you know you're dealing with something harsh
one wonders with the communists if he wasn't more
flexible and shows through the wall because some
ah for instance he was not at all we're going to treat joe
aren't you pick one wanted from watching shinobi about you pay after for who is it was an example or one monk in an easy one whipped in holyfield to the young ones to death over some the book
the communist was not that
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the can be far away
where you take it from your testimony and i have to my lawyer that's why especially with the communists he doesn't come across as one who will be history and and slip is coming but if you read the rules it almost sounds like a snippet it far stuff
so they think there was a difference between the written rule and how was actually their fence off his dissenting dramatic got an impending thousand really funny different fighting at work with balance pilots apply
in in the east and
no excuse me in the east there wasn't any absolute way
of how to write a rule monastic rule and they will be quite different news a lot of variety of how to how to shut up monastic life especially regarding something like meals how we eat what we need and what did you miss me on all it's all this stuff regarding food ah and how to say
great seal on discretion convinced that ah that are to be getting the one the other
ah in the in the role of benedick course we will look at another rules also
and i encourage you if if if you and if you like reading about the commies to read one of the rules and determined to avoid three or that becoming quite nia
also from sisters publications and on
i just follow up on any of these things that recovered remembered the broad outline of where we move and what flows into a throughout history monastic history was and here and there is something catches you'd be reviewed i expose yourself to that part of our tradition you know
you can't hit at all and the i ended up as many many years
needing an awful and it takes them but when you find something that really draws you stop there and in go ahead and and in reader for me or asked for some articles that's what i would encourage you to okay next time on will continue with this it as i said get into the com