Monastic Spirituality for the Christian in the World

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Monastic Spirituality for the Christian in the World

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he'll we've been mentioning the possible advantages of having a rule of life and of course or dark sides to that also but the rule of st benedict can also very much help us there as a model and can warn us also perhaps it's to put a foot falls on
slippery areas also in the brian taylor book at the end he as an appendix with a model for a rule of life this is for people in the world of like and best practices lexi oh et cetera are very interesting model if you want to bounce your thoughts off
something very contemporary and thought out then there are the various oblate rules we have one holy cross i think as three or four for all sorts and conditions people but you might look at that a helpful thing to remember is that the goal of the role isn't to established country
scroll over one's life if one flight is out of control it is shut a relief to have some gentle order there but the main objective of the rule as i hope we've seen with the role benedick is to bring us into a balanced day and life and in
today that brings into some kind of harmony and mutual support the various components of our life body mind and spirit in effect plot and will the whole of us
and up once we've done it is this been just for ourselves just so that we can enjoy a further inner serenity your sense of control or well no it's very much for christ before we can touch the the function of the rule is also not just a plaque eight kind of the superego
oh in us that says you gotta do this you gotta do that so i even put it down on paper to up to satisfy the superego the more than bader feel more guilty when i don't do on a situation that's not the function is to free eshop to balance our life at this for christ
up and hear the fake image comes out of this is that a faith community and in faith in christ than we want to free up our life for christ and that's the goal of the wall so at the heart of the of st benedict is christ does not some kind of self
fulfilling goal but two three a shop to serve christ the folder
and the lovely models should come through in the rule and in the old benedictine tradition about christ about christ as the loving good shepherd christ as the strong liberating king christ as our brother christ as the spouse christ his friend and someone like a rid of them
hang on to be strongly because these a from us that response again of contract law to get back to that point of if it's christ to we're approaching you that love of contrition than it just works marvelously because it is he who call
calls this an attitude of heart from us and it's that which bonds us up in a profound way with christ and ashurst all but the rule is about to stir up and maintain that spirit and commitment in us and to reassurance and
that this leads to the deepest union with christ just a word hear about the monastic theology and conception and experience of love
reflecting here a bit on the work of st air read this wonderful english monk of the twelfth century contemporary it should bernard bernard however you want to say that
and out of the english tradition and up a wonderful theologian he also has a marvelous book on spiritual friendship seeing in the bond of friendship precisely the place where christ is present in a very privileged way for two or three are gathered together
my name i no longer call you servants but friends
but he makes the point that we sometimes think of love just as kind of a superficial feeling and an emotionless sentiment and most of our contemporary of
rock and western music is about love and much of it is about love in that context of what i'm feeling about love and what shop she is feeling about love and why it doesn't work in this kind of thing and that is an important moment but it's not the substance of the matter
there's acta classic
now a book by scott peck of the way less traveled he's very rigorous against any kind of romantic model of luggage as if you're just falling in love that's not true love because that's just a kind of a capitulation to something that doesn't come out of the deepest freedom i think he overstates the case
but up i think the substance of his insight is true and up arid would very much agree so for sale or it was just usually put on the episcopal calendar after great debate i guess in general
a party line
well up there some we can discuss that maybe in the discussion too much of your ship ship on my coffee here
three most along the first is attraction it might be simply arrows attraction it might be attraction for the intellectual and cultural gifts of the other the charm or whatever but i experienced this and if it's overwhelming that the experience of just been are whipped off my feet up
falling head over heels in love that's the first step
but as packed reminds us and the favorite insists if it then doesn't come out of my deepest freedom at that peak point of my responsibility and intentionality and will then it's not mine really i'm just a victim of it ah there's lots of victim souls of sentimental romance
the club but if i engage at that level then it is truly human and personalized and that's particularly where the gray swoops through also to sustain their and then if everything works out and if there love given and then bob reciprocated and is marvelous union in love with or be the love of free
ship or feel a lab or paternal maternal love or spousal love then you have fruition so three moments which are wonderful latin a truck ceo into a bullet feel and pruitt coi than that i've changed a little forest but up attraction polish
ocean and fruition
but he makes the very important point i think that in this life unfortunate we don't always have all three in this life we often only have that middle way and that's enough if we have that if we don't feel the attraction whether the arrows or whether it be
a esteem or admiration for the other and whether we don't enjoy that fruition at the end if there is that intention that it might deepest will i will to be for the good of that other i will to pray for the other i will to be united with that other at the deepest level or
that person is image and likeness of god and is potentially up save for all eternity in the kingdom or at that number right cleave to christ here if i have that that's everything that at least the substance of it the other is kind of marvelous of frosting on the cake but i've got the subset
since of the cake with number two with a abolition this is extremely important for instance when jesus commands us to love our enemy we may not at all feel that attracts indeed we might feel strong repugnance and there at the end of my generous rowing act of love for the other there might not be any
a reciprocating maybe the person who spacious me or something but still the substance of above on my part is there i fulfilled or lords injunction to love my enemy which is simply to put me in psych with the divine way of dealing god who has the rainfall on the just and the and
adjust your all this pitch into the centrality of christ for the rule than fatality of love for christ put preferred nothing to the love of christ this doesn't require of us that we always be unhappy sentimental roots of affection and devotion towards jesus maybe that will be there
all maybe we'd be in the desert and not feel anything regarding jesus christ maybe we'll have all kinds of intellectual notions of perplexity and problems regarding priced but if in faith there is the commitment of the heart to cleave to christ then we're loving christ and preferring christ
above all things so i found this extremely liberating because it doesn't tie my commitment and my persevering in this commitment again to my emotions of this day or tomorrow my particular thought patterns of today or tomorrow but it's rooted in faith
a reasonable fee it's not just stumped wild and illogical but it's in faith that moves or my volition if his highest level to cleave to christ always and then the rule sustains this in an ongoing way to fit into them and i assume it's
same a marriage certainly to saying in deep of friendship packs there may be real lots a moments are in friendship there's all kinds of furnishing their can be also other moments where particularly arguing and dutch hostility and bitterness and of pain and all that but at this level we can up producer we can persevere
you're in our bad
so it's which christ to as epicenter of the rule and also of the gospels ultimately it's the pascoe christ the christ was suffer died and risen
are we better get into the devotions people can dedicate their life to the infant of prague
or to of juju bambino in the crib or to jesus' teaching at the sight of the lake or this is lovely stuff up but in fact jesus is no longer the bambino in the crib
does she want to do the mystical thing that jesus is with every baby in the crib and that trailer but the historical jesus now is risen and in glory and in our presence in his in a mysterious way in his possible state and it's that risen glorious christ was at the heart
of the monastic community as at the heart of orthodoxy for instance as at the heart of our liturgical life so this gets us to a deeper level than our devotion to there again it no longer depends on my emotional function towards a tissue bambino today up with whatever i think about bambinos
a of
christ is risen and in faith i pray to christ in bad so throughout the on rule there is this pascoe vision of things
so that again worth persevering in the monastery according to his teaching under death we made by patients share in the sufferings of christ and deserve to have a share also in his kingdom so this is in a life of participation of communion
and then deification not simply jesus is over there i'm here and i'm thinking about jesus or i'm feeling about jesus rather i participate really objectively whatever i'm feeling or thinking yeah the reality of christ through faith and through love and so the
important figure in the monastery of the abbot are why is he so important or the abbess in the convent or the a parish priest
wants to guy that you know community in the up to interior lies at the abbot who is worthy to be over a monastery should always remember what he is called and live up to the name of superior for he is believed to hold the place of christ in the monastery so that's something where we have hopefully
this living icon of christ and they're often that the poor monks may not see it as that evident but here also there's this act of faith and up the exhortation of the rule to the abbot who doesn't just say your guru a do whatever you want not insist you fall
oh the way of christ particularly in christ solicitude and compassion and consideration for the monks
so that wonderful chapter what kind of the person how the young adults should be solicitous towards all in an a special way towards those in trouble towards the excommunicated
for the abbot must have the utmost solicitude and exercise all prudence and diligence lest he lose any of amongst entrusted to him let him know that what he has undertaken is the care of week souls and not a tyranny over strong ones we extremely important of a whole community and now
but can get into an ego space where this is the best community in the world and so i'm just gonna keep the much the marching lockstep kind of a few good men marine corps kind of approach this can happen in a parent who have a family this can happen in that interior monastic community but in fear the
profits warning through which god says what you saw to be fat you took yourselves what was feeble you cast away so there's not that kind of will this person is a problem with the parish religious try to wrap
try to isolate that person something that i'm rather imitate the loving example of the good shepherd left a ninety nine sheep in the mountains and went to look for the one sheet who had gone straight on who's weakness he had such compassion that he deigned to place it on his own sacred shoulders and those carry it back to its flock
so are compassionate love that who christ is for us thus that's what the abbot should be and up it's in that atmosphere and logic that we should respond and it with all the young on of year with all the week the needy in the community this perk
regular solicitude cause that's the logic of the gospel that's the logic of love
so the secrets extremely important in the community of benedict every now and then throws out priorities and they tend to be in the line of absolute priority of christ and therefore liturgy and therefore the sick and therefore the guests have anyone in cool christ is particularly present
on the sick brother in chapter thirty six before all things and above all things care must be taken a sick so that they will be served as if they were christ in person for he himself said i was sick and you visited me what you did for the one of these least once you did for me that utah
twenty five which is very important for the law so the importance of the sick the average should take the greatest care that the should not be neglected by the seller of the attendance of so this particular solicitude
and then the young people also
although human nature itself is drawn to special kindness towards these times of life that is towards the elderly and towards the young still the authority the rules should also provide for them let their weakness be always taken in account that then be treated with kind consideration
one so there's this atmosphere and here we get as close as we're going to in the rule to theology of
the rule depends very much and augustan but not for the theology they caught of augusta who towards his endures got extremely pessimistic and dark in his battles against polygyny new seven we don't have to get into all of this but at the end which is very few who are going to be saved and just by this incredible miracle most people can
be damned for all eternity etc well benedict has no interest in me that he simply is interested in the loving texts of augustan about friendship about months bonded in love that kind of thing and here we have have quite a different anthropology implicit here although he
human nature itself is drawn to special kindness towards these types of life that is towards the elderly the young
so are there is implicit here a rather more optimistic of view of the human person we're not just totally vile and
the reprobate and disgusting in god's eyes there is is human nature of compassion adaptations of have a kind of an italian flavor for drugs for st benedict and the walking distance human family and every italian father loves the bambini and buffs old granddad and
this is the spirit cut comes through here
we in america has been argued particularly confused in terms of human nature what are we bike ultimately because we have the puritanical influence or coin to which we aren't just dreadful after the fall and without grace were just utterly disgusting and that doesn't jive with this then we have this of enlightened
mm we're all really good of every now and we're just a little distracted from
pure reason or dismay this workshop will get us in touch with this mechanism that will make us just of bliss out and be b attitude one to another up this presupposes that there's been a fall that we are wounded but that there is that goodness as created by god why is that
rule there to support and sustain that goodness
although human kindness there's naturally drawn the authority the rule should also provide for them so there's this both and the original order of creation that if an order of compassion and mercy especially towards those who have special need and therefore the rule is there to reinforce that presupposing it unfair
fortunately we're not always there so it's an interesting little tiny moment of apologizing i think in a good sense yeah in the rule and did fit theology i see that is again a higher middle way between were all good let's not talk about evil or were all evil
don't even worry about being good kind of thing
and so also with the guests and very important category in the monastery you can't have a benedictine monastery without having this real commitment to hospitality
that all guests who arrived we received like christ for christ is going to say i came as a guest and you received me so if the sacramento in christ is everywhere they're really present if this is the risen christ now present through of his memory apes movies his some members sometimes you comes in
distressing disguises as mother teresa calcutta says but there is where faith comes in and again there's not that attraction at the beginning and there's not that marvelous fruition at the end but with that commitment of faith bobbing up will get there
one of the young experiences of the monk as he or she goes within and become some
more conscious of the whole inner world is all these thoughts and confusions etc what do you do about them when evil thoughts come into one's heart detach them against christ immediately this is a particularly rigorous approach they're all kinds of other methodologies that are rather more gentle but the basic things right at the
heart of ones also interior light is christ and he is the measure for what thought what sentiment was feeling is on course and what is not then we as were more and more aware of our effectivity in our thoughts and feelings for more and more aware that we just don't like some people some
people are our enemy but we do about them to pray for one's enemies in the love of christ that's a wonderful love very succinct phrase lots of the rule as this woman sobriety and some fitness but if you start to unpack that there's a unpack it up
there is a whole richness their have to pray for your one's enemies for all it's extremely powerful disarming practice but where do you do this in the love of christ there's another one of those powerful juneteenth is it in the love that christ has for you that should in by
by june to show the same love for your enemy is that the love that christ has for your enemy and so what are you doing eighteen the chap when christ loves the gym isn't the love that you should have for christ where it's all of this and so in this context of there is the possibility of reconciliation kid whatever were fee
feeling we don't have to like our enemy or you gonna to think the same way our enemy thinks
but we have to love the enemy and this is possible in the love of christ up it might be that fury place where it is possible and finding that op's absolute priority to prefer nothing to the love of christ of and that's repeated right at the end i prefer nothing whatever to go
antiphon response kind of thing and this is what's going to enable us to go day in day out whichever happening again wherever that the roof leaks or the abbott is so grouchy this morning or if fuck
the choir is off key or whatever happens we can put persevere in the solid path of faith in the gospel in the gospel teaching the gospel teaching of this primacy of loved because god is love and this is what will bring us through
prefer nothing whatever to christ and may he bring us all together to life everlasting army so the heart of the rule is not an abstract ideal for a particular condition of soul i'm trying to get to one of the
very air you diving of fathers of the desert have evolved me as if he's not read carefully he seems to be think what i'm trying to get at is this perfect patient must miss which is a perfect communion with the one with is ineffable god and that's true too but if there isn't this living in ca
garment in fleshed person of christ in our life of were not benedictines not the a bar greens not telling the truth that
so up and i think we want to claim that is christian and certainly our liturgy presupposes whether there doing eucharist warning for evening prayer presupposes issue for doing something like a prayer of the heart whatever we're doing of presupposes is real sensuality of christ and to claim this do i believe really
when it's all said and done the use more than just a first century rabbi so weird thoughts about the in time of use is suffering and death decided somehow in in my history and salvation to and it does you really live the resurrection true so
we i think we have to run wrestle with these and when we come to our christian faith that meant that faith as it's crowned as it's fulfilled in love and then we're on our way
one of the up principal places i countered christ in the benedictine community and also in in parish life they get the anglican are orthodox and roman catholic or whatever using inscription christ is the living word of god mm
manifesting the inner heart of god and christ is present to us in a special way in a in the word which is scripture
see jerome says ignorance of scripture is new advice so once you start out with his centrality of christ the living risen christ when you inevitably want to pick up the good book and read it because christ as their well this was a delegates approach so his rural is just virtually a chain of scripture
citations be explicit citations or something like one hundred and thirty of them but all the way through their indirect references and decides that the whole
scope and goal and project and program of the movies scripture or from that very beginning word mission of schooled on shimmer oh israel to listen to the word proclaimed proclaimed a liturgy proclaimed on the page of scripture so this is the basic vocation of the month again to listen
and so those incredible four and a half hours of lexi seal this isn't just getting into your head and getting some ideas or of this is journey into christ because christ is he who fulfills every passage of scripture in some mysterious way or
other so we study scripture than we meditate scripture then we pray scripture then it's word into silence as we move with christ in the depths of the godhead
then if you add to this the opus dei literature about three and a half hours cases when the word of god is showing to your eyes that it becomes our prayer and we offer it back to the father through christ in the spirit so the word comes to us from the father in the spirit inspired by the spirit
we make it our own we ourselves become living word hopefully unite our personal salvation history with that of christ and then in the literature we unite our work with the one praise of christ the high priest in the spirit glorifying the father's so it's one dynamic
in christ always so if you add the time for like feel with the time for a divine option come up with eight hours a day that are lived in the word of god
either of i'm meditating studying train contemplating or in a communal worship and this is not because benedict just is very excited about liturgy and and bible but because of of this radical
of love for christ and that's where we encounter christ and is very privileged wage in christ's word in christ's liturgy
so again up it's the pascoe christ to we encounter cheaply in scripture there's all kinds of stuff in scripture ups and downs but it finally culminates year the pascoe mr again that multiple texts right at the beginning of the prologue better so rise than at last for the scripture stirs
sub saying now is the our for us to rise from sleep so scripture comes and raises us up i'll bet is here with attended years the divine voice today if you hear is worse than just hear what is this divine voice it's a text from the songs so that's what we want to hear
as this d fine light
do men dating people new martin's this is where benedict to see him not communion with a hold of the eastern spirituality
this word is like nourishment it's sweet are here if you get into the large takes this runs just the the honeycomb with the word of god and so that's why we want to know and shoe on this and in this weakness use the bridegroom speaking to us inviting us
origen says scripture is the love letters that god is a kenning to us and only the spouse has the right to cure them that matters are very intimate thing so it's not fair for someone who's agnostic or atheist to soak them scripture and started playing around with a that's an obscene it's lie
like breaking into someone's some apartment and going through their love letters inserted into the thing that only the only the spouse can understand what it's all about
what can be sweeter to us to your brethren that this voice of aboard inviting us behold in his loving kindness the lord shows us the way of life that's what it's all about this and so up were to hear this and then of course put it into practice
that as walk in his paths by the guidance of the gospel we may deserve to see him was called us to his kingdom's so the gospel is our light the gospel is our basic rule
one of the great ah rule scholars peter says the rule weekend the war is scripture we've been talking about the task within the task is to love while the rule within the rule is scripture and at the end of that the rule synthetic says it's explicitly
this is a little room for beginners but when you got this under your belt then you go to the higher things for what page or what utterance to the divine inspired books of the older new testament is not a most an rule for human life so it's all about skin
sure and then the whole thing of well how do you read scripture
it's preparation for prayer again it's not had trip it's not to get more culture it's immediate or disposition of a heart to pray and then after we prayed we go back to back soon we go back to scripture we read scripture in the light of our ex
experience communion with christ that start hermeneutics key that again at subjects that we don't want to just know things about christ we want to know christ and it's not like that we read scripture and scripture itself helps us keep on the right path than in our communion with
christ the bridegroom because of scripture is christ's a community with sorts as hermeneutics circle with of reading of scripture and like your leads to prayer which leads back to lexia which which are mutually enforcing deepening thing this is the in the first stage the beginning of
monastic studies the beginning a monastic theology and decision for and current and it's an alternative current to the more scholastic and near scholastic that comes later that does very much get into the abstract and into categories etc but the goal of monastic studies is not so much
which he needed a shift categories around in chelsea raise the goal is a wisdom the goal is union with god
there's a lovely by jean the clerk the love of learning and the desire for god so the monastic traditions never been anti intellectual but it's intellectual get noticed an ego trip i know box
but it's of the using of the gifts god gave us of mind of inside of wisdom of for communion with god
you're that lovely phrase from ts eliot about the drama of our time and part of it is a disregard and says where's the wisdom we have lost in knowledge where is the knowledge we have lost in information
we've now got the a computer model and we've gotta get all our data in there have more information in the other person which you can have all the other information the world and no not a whit about what it's all about ultimately soak up what this reading of scripture gives his gnosis we do have a knowledge and wisdom
i'm but it's a wisdom who use god's wisdom who is christ
and we've seen the poor steps of so that serious study we want to know what paul intended by the text so this is the beginning of serious extra jesus and that's totally legitimate but then you go round that to pray at and meditative and contemplate didn't have an interesting method this sub fathers and mothers of the church and finance
sticks and it's already dirt and thank you all should have emphatically of in scripture and that's what sometimes called the topological reading of scripture
and here the very latest to of criminal finishes legitimate once you've gotten the conscious intention of the rider dependent to if you could never get to that or the conscious of yeah sure does that mean you've got the whole meaning of the pendant you know you've got the conscious intention of the off
from but once that text is out there that can be all kinds of other potentialities in the text that maybe the often ever dreamed up on the conscious level if we take it all seriously avoid you beyond a conscious intellectual level of the author there's all kinds of deaths and if we have any kind of feel
the theology of inspiration the holy spirit is working in and through the texan where the author might not even imagine so when the author of exodus talks about moses leading the people through the red sea etc
he's he's got something in his mind but the church has always taken that as a prefiguring of christ the new moses leading the church through the waters of baptism into the new covenant into the new journey towards the new promised land and that is wholly legitimate in any kind of
serious work with a text whether been specifically fake dimension or even working with her a poem or a a a d text out of the past if it's truly deep
so there is this tip logic on which jesus himself insists we use in his shop resurrection states so we'd better take it fairly seriously remember it luke when up g this mysterious figure shows up with those two up disciples of the mayor's
who are playing away and he starts talking about scripture with them and then he starts explaining it in the light of the suffering death and resurrection of christ
then he said to them only fools and slow it's hard to believe all that the profits of spoken was it not necessary for the christ with suffer these things and to enter to his glory and beginning at moses that is the plenitude and all of the profits he expounded to them in all the scriptures
who's the things concerning himself so what the recent jesus is saying and what lucas saying is it's all about christ in some way
we hear about joshua and the people coming out of the waters of the jordan joshua sets of those twelve stones and then they have the passover meal there and duck then they start to eat at the food of the place this is interesting information about what might or might not have happened so many hundreds huge but for the christian this is
all mysterious prefiguring of christ and of the christian community and thus of me of us that deep levels and then the very same thing is echoed almost directly just a few verses later lucas afraid we won't get it so that the disciples of a males rita
stern and there's the apostles said far behind the locked doors and they're scared and christ appears to all of them he says these are the words which i spoke to you i was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled
which were written into law of moses in the profits in the psalms concerning me then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures so it's at that level that we want to penetrate to the scriptures and this is liberating show the
first stage of for when we have a texts before us where we usually do in our be generous in in chuck what is this texan send me how does it make me for yogurt or how does it worry mean your how do i respond to that tex-mex lovely it should be personal but what the father's mother
as did and what jesus did and what paul it was first of all what does that taxi about christ this gives me quite a larger horizon and quite a sure view on the thing so the christological shin shepherd
then if it's about priced it's got to be about christ community christ's church which is christ's body so what does it say about christ's body and then consequently as a third stage what does it say about and to me first of all what i should be doing out i should be having better
i don't know committed to the poor center but then there's a fight on this stick article in the interior life what about me in my communion with christ the deepest communion in the contemplative life would you like so it comes back full circle from the union of christ with the father and the spirit and then wanting to bring me
the and that union through christ's word
so this is a way of reading scripture that job offers some interesting deck support you really mechanical knowledge just that ancient love story between some mysterious two lovers where they real lovers of workday the scholars can was intended to pelagia
glee that debated also that the whole jewish community and all christian community whatever was an attention of the author have always interpreted also topologically
so that it represents the espouses between israel and yahweh espoused between of the church and christ and read it that way the canticle of takes on a real intensity and depth
or the suffering servant passages who is the suffering servant is that the people of israel of that time is a profit was to appear on it's important to explore all that but having done that christians have almost always felt as dejesus of jesus is the suffering servant
and that gives quite a horizon and therefore the church should be suffering servant therefore the church should minister even into suffering and death for the poor and for the oppressed and therefore i should be but in the light of christ and in the light and in this larger ecclesial setting so i don't immediately what does this
making the old jesus loves me or something that's good and i should suffer that could to of if don't rightly but in his larger horizon of a theology and spirituality to cross and of the whole church that suffering probably in ways that i could never imagine or sustained suffering so
this method frees us from to into mystic to subjective istick are reading of scripture and permits of horizon that shop is the horizon of salvation history just some of the songs we were preparing for tomorrow up where do you do with the songs were one way to do is to
to hear what are they saying about christ and therefore the church and therefore the saturday i will exalt you award because you have lifted me up and have not let my enemies triumph over me haha so i'm a winner you know we suppose that about christ suppose that's a prefiguring of the whole pass
skull mystery of the victory of resurrection
lord my god i cried out to you and you restored me to help you brought me up a lord from the dead now that's exhilarating with a deeper i think whoop lip it's about the risen christ a red and prayed of celebrating of intrigue and therefore above than
we make one our voice with the risen christ
have you hit your face from the your lord and i was filled with fear my god my god why have you forsaken me i cried to you or i pleaded with the lord's sake this is all about my own sufferings also the third about a larger issue horizons suffered for us all christ and therefore all the church all of humanity i'm praying lisa
sufferings what profit is during in my blood if i go down in the pit the blood of christ with the dust praise you are declare your faithfulness here's christ wrestling with a father this is seventy this is pretty tough stuff but then the victory therefore my heart sings to you without ceasing
this is a lie i am distracted ninety percent of time but if it's if it's christological in his ultimate debt it's true christ now lives to make intercession always for us
lord my god i will give you thanks for ever
no in christ that's a glorious otherwise it just particular trip on us the candidates up be glad you righteous and rejoice in the lords of so many verses or about the right the just man who always perseveres in the way we do with that just feel guilty well again if it's about
the christ the risen christ or bennett receives this power and his glory army