Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life

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"Is This All There Is? Spirituality for the Long Haul", "Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life"



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so i bought a couple other option i'll meet you for your perusal his first one is it
called reading to limits subtitles the evolving practice of lectio divina she's by a benediction off friend of mine from st by ranch he teaches at catholic university race doesn't ski and ah
this book has more of a scholarly at historical back to it and shop
there are sections and now a top tracing the historical roots of process selection of clean the desert tradition much work in arrested and and the the latter half of the last chapters the revival of the practice
back in
came to life again after the second vatican council there were two centuries where it was just sort of not a very active practice anymore so this is a useful book than this one the monastic way ancient wisdom for contemporary living in
a book of daily readings so there are plenty of these books around john shuster another great benedict an answer has a couple of these
the the benefit of of a books like of books like this is that the have just like a sharp reading for each day so when you're cramps for time and everything
you can find at least time to read a paragraph or something and this book in particular quotes you know it's a really fine people so that includes desert tradition contemporary writers i think where you and then here somewhere
something from my website was quoted at some point so on
and also the nice thing about these books is that for each quote
it tells you where you can find the original source in the back so if you run across someone obsessed something you're interested in you can follow up with that so that's a real benefit of this book
and again amazon will have these or another place to to look for these it's the website called a be dot com you know the it's the one for used books self and also a day books which if you know normal value system and world's best books
color for all or the christian literature go on land act on the patristic you know the guy who owns it is
i'm really devout and lebanese orthodox guy with wichita
this kansas but a an active has greatly helped that amro house you know you get books stacked on the way to the very top and adequate they do send us inner for the environments when a day books of a day like this seven day and am still out to
it's spelled out yeah and they've been in business for years like twenty years and and he he keeps a guy and nine driving around the country with his old white van holly several thousand bucks to conferences where they're gonna be atlanta
the and is just an amazing guy so that you can buy online primitive good
in two other books of this is a wonderful a classic book published by liturgical press purity of heart in the early ascetic and monastic literature so since what we're talking about returning to the roots of the desert tradition this is an edited book
in honor of a benedictine nun who had great interest in this and
john cash and one of the
early desert fathers
said that we work towards achieving purity of heart so that we can see
get to have it sees the face of god and counter god however you want to wanna put that so this is this is the path to purity of heart when
later writers talk about you know purgation purifying but they're talking about this and this a purity of heart resonates more with pupils and purgative ways
circling for me
and that the last book is one of a by a bunch of us a call the privilege of love about commands all these benedictine spirituality
and so we have american and italians who have written chapters in this book
so you may wonder well
what's the difference between a fine you know i'm sort of new or further a log in terms of of time
of the the point i would make sir
these are the kind of books that you would want to read and reread and then it will have a different meaning for you when you read them
a second or third time what's the commercial for kelloggs cornflakes you know and they say you know try it again for the first time and so to to to pick these books up after a period of years what this is this is one of the ways in which you will
have a marker for yourself as you read these things and reflect on these things a second and third time you see that you're picking up things that you hadn't picked up the first time in fact that you couldn't have picked up the first time and so this re-reading and read
visiting these
contemporary was relatively contemporary texts that also include references to the ancient texts can be really helpful so am only those here you to look at
okay i just wanted to pick up ceremony with left off last time around where i think at least i felt like i walked out the door having implied that somehow it's life is so much easier than mine because he doesn't have to be traffic to get to max out at
he assured me he didn't feel like was in a nap that now as i wanted to the
hey that i was thinking about let you are peculiar challenges are that i don't have to face and i think an unsafe from the ones i mentioned already it's incredibly easy to fall into because of the sameness of the pattern boredom plain old board and were sent
deeper you know a genuine just kind of death of this whole period wave at and in a sense of not lacking or sending out lacking an exciting challenge your data link in the missing challenges that you know what those irons and they lose them that they possess you know
true enough and i assume that hire a challenge that these and you know anybody in the salad that likely face which is loneliness sometimes for the intimacy of one partner you know and which is them i don't have to think too much about that to get there in my life sometimes highly irritating
inform that at least in that you know and i would think that would be a struggle at times for people inside the monastery and and i'm
yeah i'm guessing that probably sometimes the stability can becomes chafing like maybe you always wanted to go to bora bora that you can't figure out who gave monastic reason guy
the agents here like twenty a dinner party three are all high school buddies that's pretty hard to do here are just even taking a day off from the routine that's not a designated desert air you know we have complete control in that
and selborne i mean given whatever obligations we have to be we can we can cut or around deals with ourselves about what were given us here that things so i had okay in that life here's where we can come in as a talent on your that you you learn more and we're realizing that
it's really important for all of us can you keep doing what you're doing that this place stays in business and operating because we come here are desperate that
having this great conversation when tame with arthur it are similar be know are nervous stationed at that
berkeley in a burghley house and as one of the pilgrims in italy with arthur and andrew and we were chatting with night about this can we're having this conversation basically and in they were saying well we've we both had community and on and i we had to deal with community and and finally arthur say what least
i don't have to sleep with my community at nice
he also said something i thought this area i never forgot i said there wasn't time i guess he had been living here in her well and there was a time when landslides closed both the treads got a bot lanes
and it was a law was felt like someone who really loved smell like six weeks or something and there was a car that had come back from similar that was parked on the other side of landslides so someone could clamber over the tab to get out and get supplies but basically everyone was stat here for that period of time and no visitors can kind of phenomena
mostly they were going to have them clamor over the top of lands like anything said at first elements were thrilled you know it don't have to deal with that crowd and for ins from a lot and then he said after about two and a half weeks he found himself coming downstairs to the are coming to their factory for breakfast and lunch in iran
i think that maybe what we can help card into this place is are very drama
this different and york new york in in is and just you know kind of the a breath of the world and content with what's going on out there are not that you're not in touch and to certain degree with that but but i think i remember have been in these lot of conversations with
the father bernard as we would walk down the mountain at night and he had all sorts of questions about you know what was happening out there and do because being when i can tell them about that so he gets a way maybe to relieve the tedium at times he called you feel that way
when we look i look for it
the in a while anyway i hope it balances out what a pain we can probably be too so anyway we were going to move to this little project new right
i'm sure once we are all really so loud and that are actually just go up there and then i'll ask for some huge bug that you pro american i'm writing than i do maybe people can just kind of shadow some of the other themes words phrases or question so that we can process some of each year so new form the monastic form
that that really use a a big see how how do people want to to live out for monastic like one of our oblates of
julian collect and bit his master's degree on exploring you know the new forms of monastic life certainly the boasts a community would be considered that even though it's you know started decades old but still it's it's a new form of that and huh
and this would be one of the things that came through as they have assembly wasn't the this notion that
how do they those especially committed to the monastic way through their oblation how how does that get lived out
so that's that was until can talk a bit about that
that's the name is website urges merchants i think emergent communities and happy to have a a b o s t o here it's they pronounce that you italian why was the emphasis on her with the earth right so that's where episode beyond choose that that book that
was yeah i know it's still there because of the word of use a it started even just a desire for community is and it's it's sometimes a desperate need
or it's desire and its in its fullest sense
our history here at new commendably when i was first founded in the late nineteen fifties there was a very strong emphasis on the solitude and the reclusive the living separately it seems what while we still very much
value the solitude is that we have it seems that in in these days there's as greater eight to to be present to those who come here to find a way for us to go out and share
how how do i want to put this i would say that though
it's it's a way of us saying you know that we we we know the kind of thing you're looking for and we want to support you in that journey whether you're here we go out there for for talks so so you know that the building and sustaining of of a community where this can be the harder it but
it really does spread how and even a number of you have mentioned
in these days how one of us spent here but that you brought a friend because you wanted someone else to have an experience of this place and so that really is how many people come to find this place jana you bought cooperate and peter damian was among here he he brought me here
we're so that's off with a way that that it works often way that works
we want to say something about that can meet communal expending well of course being and satellite can have a fairly large number of not lights in business army two hours away from here and so on the years we have had that kind of formal structure and and regular mean you know
tried to me like every great man and the any we returned me every favor and a full day of the tree asking them monastic from gonna need it asked that they kind of feast together and was good
hex down your seven how and then we've got we've had this at you know those kind of groups have to go through their growth stages in their own similar stage of her fall and we get to the point where in the everyone was signed a fire that we were trying more weight and week
if there at that point and there there a lot of people coming come into agree with night and so was hard for us to convey to them what we were feeding front of me as a young man bad having said that in on inhabit not interested painful incident at group it's died were
did remote key laying now that it has once again he had to crop you know i just can't help it in and how that attract people business and what is now and another ethnic groups is alison come across australia new zealand that's where and other damages back from visiting
in fact that i think there's only one person in that group was ever to they found it on their own not found one with spirituality when i know that pilgrimage in england where gap doesn't matter we met and not like never been here found this online
and started studying reading for a couple of years and became an oblate was helping commentors sound and smell interesting not pro
so those that have the chance to be here it's a wonderful son has been weird yes yes yes
yeah we had in southern california looking to our group right and care in care of room in my mom she's you and that's right
get it done in orange county area port report that's right i'm also i've done some in pasadena and san juan capistrano i think it's where week were yeah i came down to so on couples brother he has a in there are two i think two or three year old accept a the you are i don't you say fiber
from michigan we received their ablation and have a good picture
and then open another capitola area to as well yeah one day for this website comes the other half for you can we have seen similar quiet jason than the you know the desire that was there but the attendance was they had and so it's kind of by simply enough for the come
parents in next month is unthinkable that my and so were no kitaro prior
you not so for those it in the long haul you know i think initially you can be
you know reading and studying on your own but but what i think what becomes necessary in the long haul is some kind of community that the you know rather than this kind of movement towards a to an aromatic isolated way of living i think that that there is a great
don't need and desire for community from a couple of perspectives one is ah
you know the power of god it's always a an overflowing sort of thing so it's it's you know it's something that we want to share and and bring to others at some level and also as we continue to the our own inner work and our own journeys we get
we just we just know we need the help but that is a great phrase in men's monastic communities that we do things with with the help of many brothers that would become aware that it's just you know can't do it alone that we need to help with other people and that's
and there's a line that we use for our reception of oblates and it's also use whenever a monk makes his vows
the superior asks your the assembled from the community will you help this person that sense a part of the appalachian that's a part of the vilest the answer is always we will with god's help so that you know brakes got into the equation as well so
we sustain ourselves through efforts to maintain and to build extended communities i think that's important part of me that's going to add our our community and last last couple years stop went to death
something to margaret cho who had actually founded the drug issues in their eighties when she died and we were a very big part of her goal last germany you know again that i think was an eye for an lawyer to search you know these ties which them name seem tenuous
us are very deep when it came right down to we were her family really
resigned itself yeah yeah i was thinking you to after we talked last time that in a weird way we were trying to do this outside the walls of the landscape are kind of having to live in india with liquid tank gets good you're not been a huge part of western monasticism de la know
at no the made a shake and going to ask me to stop that happening
hosted by david
in essence the same as to the intensity age
i believe that's an video and may have and s them a little much of are part of eastern orthodox monasticism and western of some sit up wars defended that it means that you are time on your husband you know your travel
trying to follow there's contemplative lifestyle media school on her marriage might be you know and ask them some time or yeah there's just a loose glitter gathering in you're not working together under room
one enclosed space and you really have you have to work it out how you like to live this life seen as panel of we're stuck with and yet even in that lifestyle
definite time to connection with other people because you mean your your fellow travellers and yes presided for when besides the lack of to beauty perhaps what you are
various what i'll call the secular part yeah
if you will out there you live off his hill
you can't help but be constantly inundated your sensory systems are totally a with everything that's going on this of the world which
if my ripe old age are certain things become less less religious folks guess is that is that goes with that that's the way besides not having her absence of force's morale you you also happen to you with all the summer stock that's governor nyesom
why it i intend to the gap known to church so and i think that irish is the deeper you go into the the mo the more it rattles you and hyper sensitized to and different because you learned to love silence and solitude is a texture
have to be frozen that internet you know think my worst nightmares be forced to walk down the street and last eight years
have do recently i could travel in a know yeah
so we know what of the things i think he's not necessarily a cure but a bit of an anecdote is too
pay attention to finding a way to live out the liturgical year of the church so
i'm a believer was smarting during the person to person that fateful that to bring such is this year is coming to an end to the year ends sunday as far as more concerned that's that's actually predates i mean that's the last sunday of the year and so
a week from today for especially with the first vespers of bath and so that's the beginning of the year for the church
and i think it's one of the most difficult seasons to celebrate it because it's already christmas every play strength you know area as rich as is turning this yeah since like with it but without her to a to pay attention to that know for example that
what what if you attend to these things you know the the readings during ordinary time you know are now getting towards the end the end times apocalyptic in some way and that's actually just how advent begins it isn't until the seventeenth that we start really looking toward you know that
remembrance of the coming of christ but the first half of and it is all about you know being alert away prepared for the final coming so there's kind of a blending but into new beginning and the readings are especially so many of them from isaiah it's especially rich so it could have
a missile or if you have access to the website to universalist dot com or whose book booklets like magnificat or investors
give us the state there's a whole when you know again insisted and some of those will have been a little paragraph just to kind of help anchor
and there are
well i'll bring a couple of those for before the four o'clock sessions just some interesting books that can be read during cabinet to help you can maintain the spirit of of vigilance and waiting and waking up and being alert which which are so close some real see
one of those ways that you servants with the second half of our question you know the certainly have your affinity and then they come here and most of the silent you don't say see your news you you've even in the bookstore that you know it's it's kind of a paradox i guess in a way you know that we can hear this community for most of the environment
silent so that mischievous you know something that was interesting that breath the other thing is i then as safely with that there was a time i've heard a innovative the logs and the best cars on most days because the ratings are on the website say you get no know exactly what's going on
and now it really meant and continues to mean a lot to me she'd be with not only the monks in commodity that all over the world you know because these are the same prayers that are craig you know every day and i remember
saying months and you don't want to teach paraphrasing you notice when you're kind at me it was kind of radical change advocates you know and so those ratings are completely different and those prayers are different and so you do out management and as he and get to know the seasons you know that and means even more but you know that are about to and
time land on something different so that is a way to for me because belong in a song or and to me to every day feel that kind of along with everybody here in australia in the that's why it's called the prayer the church the liturgy of the hours because it is it's could zero
everyone is doing some version of it you know beginning their day ending their tables and

so i guess the have we've been talking about this notion is of the patients with the process of change patients as the is a very big monastic virtue people talk about things getting accomplished and real time and that an elastic trump that things that that's often the case when people are
our are new to our life for when a new employees come you know they expect
because most arid place but you know that's a good idea will put that it and well that's a good idea what to look think about that
how we don't meet again for no two weeks so you know they've that that sort of them much as over it's the i don't know if it's good or bad but it is just the way that is also approaching things more slowly it has its benefits and drawbacks
but this you know and we were gonna give you at the end here a letters of tear the short and wrote to
someone lays encouraging you know patients in the midst of the slow working of god and our lives and so it's a lovely letter a
i happened to run across a we were just talking about it i remember i just saw it yesterday i was going through my fox on have planned for you
so go have had thing
yeah no we only send this last session that just to emphasize that in that so many things that are going on in this are almost silent it's kind of like your health of your by ninety down notice your mind too much the town's not working right who flew that as my other things
working in the not so where all the processes going on and so for me i find it's really helpful to do a little memory exercise and imagine nine staff in whatever situation is at the age of forty or twenty five or whenever an agnostic
he has been rare a create a memory so i can i can actually visualize myself and time unit and it's so clear right away you know that something's changed and yet again my casey the rares were recommended to this month for a girl years and ask
hi everyone just gets older you get better cause a pandemic legacy people that socrates said how wonderful to be released from all those demented masters you know i'm getting old so i made a combination of you several things that gets us to that place but i do know if i
i continued on the path and i was on those ages not found this place that not in my whole vision shifted some sure that life would be a lot different
so looking back backwards is a great help when you begin to feel impatient about as long as the changes it's really good thing
yeah remember very you know which has also such such as was is a strong especially the hebrew scriptures shoot you you hear that word in that tray so often to so that you know taking time to pause to reflect and to remember
i certainly for me and preventing other people whatever experiences we have that are experiences of god or of the lord or how however we phrase that we normally just they don't happen again in the same way and when people are
are spending their time pining for the return of something like that or or seeking out that same kind of experiences you know forget it it's just not among that and how god works
i know one woman who had some very profound experiences which and she's not been able to get over to the fact that she hasn't had those who and then she probably never watch kinda get over it which is unfortunate for her social phenomenon with the other three sash and in harmed by right right
thread so you have to remember things you know when things you remember and you'll understand and in different ways and it's not as though that you know god is a tightwad you know that funny it's it's the it's the different kind of revelation that comes and you know certainly in
my life had spent in a small almost indistinguishable things over time so
like a good a good practice and i was raised in the beginning prior to the bag council so in a we were
you know as young boy living in fear of hell was despair karma
did you can
so you're supposed to think of all the terrible things you did for you want to bed and beg forgiveness so you wouldn't die and go to hell of during the night a subtler the best way to the end of the internet
and so
a different kind of exam that i recommend you know so where did i encounter god today you know where where did i see a piece of the kingdom being more manifest and how was i are responsive to that or even if i wasn't to
to be not i can be a little more aware of those sorts of things move them
and i mean it's especially our
this group of hair off and the so you re this incredible people in i may have had about the supposed to work there said some idea of early stages you're posting not fill a month away some any x concerned it doesn't seem like
yeah that is that then there's a and yet not just remember exactly nowhere in the moment at pregnant i just saw something that i have never seen before you know in my very breath or and even better
the a person i think i know really well on this end and seen as outside of him and i'm pretty sure the residency you know him that i can see it and how can i can see it off because i was pregnant
you know and row really hacker
yeah we see the really a good you know of course can see the troubled side of our contracts but we we also see perhaps better than they do their hundred and told the that their the wonderful gifts that they have and that they offer community for others
so where are we ever have agenda for napoli out energy to type their thirty seven oh okay so we've got humbling about six seven eight something like them you allow me to the not yet i guess i should do this instead so
that will just do this rather but link
well and i'll try this out right now in your conversations when they're small probes where did you are from to as a sort of the universal qualities of this particular credit contemplative christian path cassette if you came a long tradition and know
yeah there's that you have come from other places but what's that are the universal's and arising out that
you know me
it turns out
and goals you possibly practice i guess we all want to closer to on okay and it to that a strong desire to grow closer to god right the natalie
as infants
here they have
the transformation or passion grand
okay then
yeah look put you know their fraser that is the demonisation well do to get the disney yes
that's enough just to any d their kevin
the d stands for them cause it's to yeah
in else it didn't have from our group
my experience with contemplation and molly's has improved my love of want to know okay so brilliant and left by something like that
anything else
i think i read was put on t the because a lot of were really activity be crushed oreos your lap and here to competition
there's a different sense of i guess one two harm to god's love for us basis of it up be in activities that aren't any being nursed doing beavers i am i didn't make that
i did
okay yes i believe that gabriel's and this yes he was an argument and he was tired of that on
allowing god to do robidas you know tv that are afraid that okay we don't have to follow this step plan i think that kind it through us okay so title on the handles and i can't stand the better surrender yeah there's there's any kind of being a vessel not like

he asked
wait for me this it comes up as a lobbyist so steadfastness ah you know just like state just perseverance perseverance yeah
at her higher calorie
the us nowhere and curved d'oeuvres and access our
they don't i don't care about from people per during but there is a word yeah through
torres and the mercer near and ten and that that the courage and processor and i've had that that's right
now we're after advanced degrees and per durance
the actually industry
make anything else people are closed and sound and our be ready for any questions for you think about that incident he always had homework between me that is it pretty darn bed i think there's anything we left off sure but we've been angler session as a major know russia and manager
okay well i'm going to guess these questions etc and these questions are actually take him friends that the introduction to the bus that will be referring to a laugh for the next few sessions
one that we are going to strike a word of the cavalry and desperate him
the word in the desert of room
today and and this is the one was the second half of the book get a second after that he and says basically these are wet the desert fathers were seeking to answer i am doing the have to pay so too
do north staff

i agree
and this is what he means what did it mean to them to the desert probably
ask you to think about what it means to you too
how can one learn to contend with a seemingly uncontrollable forces that as say no one from within and one that and without so those are the demons you know if you've heard quotations from the desert fathers they are
always talking the battle of demons but but i think that phrase explicate said better than just using the word game and whose book but that's the shorthand phrase that they would use when they talk about
kind of on grandparents
for says
that a sale land from within and without

sorry about my writing degenerative
what was the possibility of achieving freedom productive forces in a sense of the vital piece


and then finally when did it mean she began in one-stop and love

so yeah yeah douglas christie would be saved in this is these are the questions and occupied their minds yeah so if you're not an expert on the desert tradition the gonna say well i don't know that they have been it but think of it the these other things this is what occupied their mine and
these questions should also be occupying need to be occupying ours as well yeah and as we come back to these questions in the first thing we'll do the next session is will try to answer these kind of the desert island perspective so that doesn't do are super familiar with act tradition will then have picked an overview of what we're talking to a
you know like right when that project found now because they have been like necklace continued to prevent people through generation after generation and mean there's something so intriguing about the desert fathers you know that they have never die and are only around you know her at
one hundred years if us attorney and or century cetera is that have been a long time so anyway that's because they're asked the giant you don't have on existential questions about the meaning of life
so like anything else
so the others think about z again asking yourself in
how will meet again which is fine like photo