Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life

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"Is This All There is?: Spirituality for the Long Haul", "Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life"



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now that we're going to finish but well
have run out of time with this morning session as a never quite finished either with exploring what passes for us or
exploring ourselves but we have quite a bit when a lot of cover and this last period with you
oh right
well i want to go back to the story about mice sister which are patient told you the one who couldn't figure out what you could have to confess and that that has relevance to the whole desert fathers project thing because she was very similar you know in in her particular theology she was
resting and assurance that she had washed in the blood of the lamb in that there are there was beautiful she was clean and sanctified in it she worked they tend to be a servant of guy and she did i mean it isn't even people and the austin powers nine dinners and so she's sincere sincerely could for her
perception of sin was that it was deliberate and malicious and she couldn't find anything in her like that you know and so so i wanted to add that to the story because i think that's an important an important realization to have if if we can get the most out of reading about the death
your fathers to talking about them because that's not at all day sauce and and i mentioned yesterday that part of the project was to see themselves you know really see into the depths of their own self and yeah they were only aware all the way through that that we never can ultimately be are mysteries to ourselves so
so things up to the you'd be industy areas light falls on certain dark places and new you know and you can begin dealing with those but ultimately we never do see who we totally are and in fact some of their graves elders of the planet desk would be weeping for their sins because they knew they were there
you know my own work so hard all these years to put the words of jesus into actual practice but they knew that there was still stuck and then they were totally dependent and reliant on the race so i said that would be a good thing to say unfortunately
you know for many centuries the desert fathers weren't so popular that they had a huge impact theater and the christianity all the way up through medieval times now you know five hundred years ago are so it they they fell more and more out of favor the a part of out of course mister reformation it was a it was a misc
consumption once again that what they were doing was trained to earn brownie points with god and doing all these hard things so that it should start up their meritless that was not what they were about that i just gonna read you this this cracks me up very temporary to although it's sad to
here's what some of the great historian said about the desert fathers one of them edward gibbon's the rise and fall of the roman empire known he could not stand them or monks in general he said
he characterized months as individuals who isn't a quote inspired by a savage enthusiasm which represents man as a criminal and god as a tyrant embraced a life of misery as the price of eternal happy to go yo
the marker and sweepingly asserted that a club cruel unfeeling tucker has distinguished the monks of every age and country and a new commendably
hoping this a
and because it says she's here
that this this guy w e h lucky who's reading at the end of the nineteenth century and in his otherwise measure history of european and morals expresses his full weight of contempt for the monastic rejection of the world he calls it for lucky them
punk was quote a hideous sorted and emaciated mania without knowledge and eight three one of them without a natural affection pass in his life and allow routine a useless and atrocious soft torture availing before the ghastly phantoms of is delirious brain up to
i'm not always appreciated
after been keeping this psychologist
it has all these guys
after you know what are the issues is that you know that the sense of cultural and personal anthropology changes over the century
the shorter things that they were involved in no one eight well if those days are so what they
when when you hear what thirty that that wasn't just all that different from what a lot of other people move to it was a sacrifice it's really clear about the and and a jumping into one of these which i think is really an excellent but
that was the time all of these citations are from the book here so you'll find them all in here but there was a clear sense of my with the educated ones who can do the desert that learning would have to start over in this place well the so those are very critical of them didn't manage to stay
damn that and so they're taking their sense of learning their sense of of human experience please back to millennia
didn't have an understanding in effect whatsoever but know the in those days there were these distinctions well you know i l l c
a dietitian work on my diet and the to see a therapist that are there are three her personal trainer you know you know all of those things they weren't defined it out like this father bruno always talking about it it's all about this one thing and in it
was revamped to was all about seeking god and you know purifying once so so what when they're talking about soon you know they're they're talking about the weakness of the way in which we don't measure the fullness of our humanity the earliest desert
rt writers and those just after that were very fascinated with of the fall and original since the sense that were made in god's image but we fall short in the likeness and the whole of life is spent in trying to reclaim that likeness
and that's politics we get we don't finish the side of canada but we make we take the steps toward them
is important
say and you know something that really helped me and and just happened a couple of weeks ago because i've struggled with this this whole concept of we are deep inside you know it's you know me to our part of the san francisco healthy you know to think of myself busy that i don't know how many of you saw that photograph
that was published in somewhere some local newspaper of pope francis from bracey a man who was so hideously disfigured you couldn't even tell almost that he was a cute puppy in we'd all like can distinguish in the picture because is hill they were like this in his hands resting
right now i can see an ear and i can see hair coming out from all over the place and this oddly shaped head and huge void elves everywhere and a apparently suffers from the very rare strange disease that just causes this kind of twisted and distortion and fighting in and he lives an intense excruciating pain all the time
and here's this picture and we know the minute i have ma said that's me that's that is mine this guy is this is my song you know and i think that's exactly how the desert fathers would come of receipt things is that you know it was divine vision about this we can't help it look like that you know and when
a beautiful thing that are embraced in this wing and left and so and enough that helps you think about this but i i would guess they may have proof of that image
so i think and their works tender ring harshly on our ears today and i my current this language before i'm going to start printing you know cotton knit last night when there's a very pungent tart kinds of things and i didn't put up the the wildest once i mean it as the assembly
for i wanna do to see the kinds of little these interesting things they would say out there are people will come to them for with seeking less than that i've heard district for a hot and went to matthew and read the several of mount lessening gets even talks like this
i think they picked up their style friends their deep immersion is an inscription in the words of jesus and jesus says i'm downright our stuff if your eye offend you pluck it out you know don't mess around with it and so very nerve damage in that tradition
and as they also in our time i think we've come to believe that that doing what comes naturally as much as we can is the healthy way to live you know not repressing our anger we need to express our anger and get it out of us around will sit in their cialis alive or whatever
exact opposite their whole project was to learn to do what did not come naturally because they saw what jesus had to us as literally impossible for him and me those who naturally turned their other cheek and you're right you know or who gives away their last point to the poor when they're the star we need our thinkcentre
and last are coupled with deep deep humility the grace of god you know a willingness to be used you know martyrdom does not come naturally to capable and so a disabuse ourselves and the notion that if something hurts or causes any kind of discomfort or even suffering
that suffering and and of it sounds bad and should be banished on all fronts you know that's been the big modern project and we have eliminated the lot of suffering but there are certain kinds of suffering that come with being a child of god and and fallen world you know that investors talent is and then and the and so they weren't afraid of
that in a way that we kind of automatically assume is sicker twisted if he would take that on voluntarily and you read as you heard from our friend lucky puppy
the truth
and so really what nice kind of really super negative assessments that you read about the desert fathers ignore or just don't understand is the whole point on the project the project in the desert was to learn to love as christ loves that's what they were trying to do that was what the point or train your best to
cooperate and the transformative project that they were in one guy to to become humble enough to well so you know what and that that didn't mean if you were bad hills by somebody you let go you didn't retaliate you know you didn't follow the natural human past of taking vengeance on that person
one over and over and over and over get a real simple stuff but it just does sound odd to us so any questions about that yesterday yeah we're you of the modern era to this gas gauge countries you are my snout at two hundred years ago young patio
i believe there seems to be learned here yes but i think you've pointed about brothers mentioned to a lot of these things were way to the era in which the weird route so i think it's not that we can't learn from this is kind of like trying to cheat you are on her treatment
and current little wedding ah yes it fit was it not fit as it the doesn't make us crazy yeah sure intended these people didn't go crazy there's no doubt about it you know that was a great a great danger of going out there and so you know they slowly developed these ways as being one of them was called the roy
royal way the royal way it was a kind of middle path which was not extremely late in the elders would jump on their disciples who were getting into the whole you know kind almost sado masochistic extreme islam of it so they they realize pretty early on to that things had to be but i hear what you're saying and
that will be the last part of this talk is trying to translated and take the day you know and seeing what we can pull from them because clearly a down if any of us are didn't go in the cave in the mojave and he has a love affair with checkers and this that did some pretty with how much is absolutely flowers it's incredible
wrigley way to really sees himself instead ashley literally follow simple things like the nfl has taken advantage of abuse no incarnation whenever the things we don't justify try going through a game without justifying your reactions and and you will learn amazing things can be a big what was sliders become the singers prayer
in providence which is preferred nothing so all of our righteous right crash adversaries is that other will be looking at books and try with to a day in my have any preference to the your your states states and he goes what has happened to you is very you do it over the line for
climate enjoy them see yourself or do you see yourself in the also be to change of tim
ali bogner that kind of internal
last year old was not just going out the conventional as healthy
yeah something for the continuation of who we are for eco with is that what we're all masters exactly
in the other responses to what we've just stan
okay yeah i mean just remember after if your automatic responses kind of shock when you read some of us if you do buy a book and go further with it
a lot of that language to jarring language is coming from that place and also from this kind of jesus like wait for you read between the my case it isn't soft before our
so that we're not offended by it in several ways it is meant to be you know existed earlier faces viagra or to inclusive seven wins a family issue for the reception a self righteousness yeah that's so that's how you can see where you are between yourself and caught of is what is of him where's that none of that
how about letting go of your righteous up let out a small part of his righteousness and let of person needs is self righteousness for and in a few days you'll be at rest
hey you know how much energy we spending constantly self justifying rationalizing their own behavior to ourselves and others defending ourselves you know what i don't know you will be at peace where it's not about or just keeping it it was in yourself with mean it's one thing got to be staying
into everybody for that if you're just having this eternal war all upon numbers side of yourself with these conversations you know that's that's an improvement but there's still work to go simple been better out to be shot you know pupil
literally but if you're doing that showing in your mind that this that's a great first step but want to do share and the neat thing about their writings as they definitely see it as little baby steps and they'll say okay if you can't keep from thinking that at least keep from say it you know that's to start and said the announcement that's it
beginning you know and then elegiac kind of nice to not spend enough all the time then start working on the thought you know and then slowly start working on heart itself where you know a great little example the nest lives m my my whole family i think because of growing up in a kind of and for anxious for
and family situation learn to look at food as comfort so of course what does that lead to you know until mom herself you know kept gaining weight over the years and how much she died she was pretty heavy and my sisters and i i'm all battled it out some more successfully than others in my younger sisters have
real struggle with it and she hadn't done a good job of getting in shape and and she just kind of when she got into a stressful time and put thirty five pounds back so we're sitting there talking in a restaurant and wrong place
her and i presumed to offer her word in that as she could and she looked at me
you don't have anything to say to me i said i help and she said joe nothing but a tightly controlled them yourself
totally right
the deal was true a that's the stage i was with my automatic response when i'm stressed out and grab food you know i haven't gotten past that know i just find myself not to do it but she knew that it had not bad to my heart yet and they'll just like if he was his won't happen to intensify
hit wow
the guess given moment
chemo right now from the title
check cashing president appointed
really throw
i think so sure you read these commentary is
i've heard this experience i first when i came here to prevention
far as weight wise know that there is one there was a little rock and roll's i'm far as the far enough
this is not running on laughing thinking that two months ago with done the first fifteen seconds if you said to have you know
would have been for example part three tea
history is a but now i'm laughing because it's almost effortless i could probably problem with the on the hill of i want to but before when i first started using know whether i'm just thinking that these people are saying these would have been trying to feed
yeah even attempt to see that me be you're talking about it's pervasive they don't they don't to know that you're gonna happen it's interior environment for feeling them they have no idea what talk often that you know and so you may see road and to stay
change forever but i know since my coming here i was back always like mister paris and between the lines here diocesan priesthood
but he's my boss to this be fair
yes but i look at my cetera for the shoulder access it
i feel i feel like i haven't been a christian for years
student all of these things and life of people surrounding me on and the people who work that we're passionate about
you know a sign that something that sometimes you know that i had year and now moms who was
that's because it doesn't seem like it was even remotely chris now and ems ability one of those guys is desperate
get out because i feel like i've lived all this talk is as far as chief cause these to their own faces as big as it and move and nicely located over but they still there
so i think what you're saying we're used to say will not these guys and she's tried it because once you step into investments
the you know and i think there's an another important point you know so on there were even these great elders on their deathbeds you over with further sense but i enlarged they knew they were gone to heaven and so so they they were not living you know in this
fear the have that plagues so much of us that one wrong step or not haven't done enough done enough whatever that means being condemned the don't think this is really the issue they were not driven by fear they were driven by love and those contests
there's talk about with driven by fear
the eight they saw that you know so here i'm a psychologist but a conscious level people you know what they write like that they know that can even come close to so-called measuring out which not have we don't
man arrested measuring and up that that does not have this tape measure certain things so i think it's important you know april with all of these very strong clinic statements it wasn't had that like they weren't for i mean they weren't they were were all afraid
but they were not driven busker know i think that's an important step
oh no
and it is something about the to gas from pretty sad normal can be extremely lonely exist you are really occupy yourself and had a similar position that a lot of year
is massive fire ourselves and community college with her community and you know there's a whole lot of a second tour i gathered you know if it does
we need that insight from obviously me and just being next to letters i think
is an apartment you know it's huge or even really have up until checking to see see serve their wishes merged not the soul dance in your hangar of is not the same as wisdom eric and dame us what sappy angeles didn't look for climate
this is a financial path which means have wisdom path which means it's about how we were international doing it is not an intellectual an hour and that they had a deep concerns about a kind of and speculating that the meaning of scripture lot after that
elegant be asked to enter it sunday and able to honor wise enough to do that you know jesus that that that what i do know is if you do this you might see you know exactly what you're saying and actually try this you will learn have any inside of it to putting your whole body it's an embodied
kind of life so get this fast-paced italian citizen
so does pay right yeah can try to explain the understanding as well is no and no desire to know and all they can fry and this huge lighting arguments in my my word to down this alley to know it this sounds so exclusive that you need to come through the door first and z
he lets my like to participate without know how that you can and essential the sense to you know that intelligence methods than the a closed book yeah so
as i think we have gotten too tired of number three here well as the possibility of cheating free from these forces and coming to his hands in the of keith and they didn't believe of course of arrow's impossibility of that's happening you would have been they an increase in the sex
of liberation for all this stuff that distract distracting was holding the path you know this as they got rid of these slowly rid of these behaviors and you know just an obsession with possessions and they were only able to say let him know you know great start to you it probably heard a sound kind of apocryphal bit
about a robbery coming into a cave and stealing the one thing that the month labs which might be a beautiful bible and instead of will try to defendant he helped them bloated up into canada had a lot of daffodils and i said around us and another man i get for trying to that
the in a another las vegas desert others moses was a murder and later it was moses who became one of the great elders you know he had killed more than one person that he brought up against this is a
you can't resist the truth of why there's no is not magical okay it's even you just see it you know so ably that this peaceful place existed but only after one had finally given up his own well essentially and done that thing we were talking enough as fully as possible sir
rendered to know a passive reyes who is your work out a little bit
the and intentional i didn't hear that news need anything that can possibly do for you that will do even if i'm scared to it you know and to rest entirely and products of gotten in you know i mean that's why we were running with such a big deal gave you a break and as yesterday
and then finally when did it mean for that again once i'm left well the a whole array of of can stages along the way that had to be done that what's your guess what the first thing you have to deal with your intent is to live as fully as you possibly can but to
banish almost can immediately from your life
to yourself wow that's a big win how that started with to have on a single passion what would you banish need to at least start dealing with
right right it's huge and prime yes that's china not that rare exception was that by the time you were getting able to do this you had reached humility so you weren't dealing so much with pride anywhere which is essentially inability to eating care and other people created you know
well attachment is things they've kind of done that now they're at humility you know they've release them another trying to love like christ loves judgment okay judgment is certainly over list yeah judgment and and i wanted to make some distinctions here because we're used to thinking of
well people get riled when we talk about not genji be non judgmental and if there's a spectrum of how it's interpreted in that time in on one extreme of that spectrum is simply you know we just can't make any moral judgments at all we we just have to accept everyday everything however they are
no matter how they when we're just thought you were just not even get a deal with the moral implications or spiritual implications of what they're doing it that constitutes not judging on the other end of the spectrum of are people that get all huffy if they think they're not allowed to you don't have a negative thought about it careless driver next to them or whatever can
you know hey if we don't stand up for what's right nobody will ever straightened up you know and the i think it's important to distinguish between judging as jesus medic as he said judge not that ye may not be judged am pretty sure you can back me up on list not a history
referring to passing or condemning someone else from a position of moral superiority or assumed was physically prepared that sarah i'm then in there that you know not seen us like we're talking about as all this disfigured solo that's in need of mercy and grace
and that discerned it as a whole different longing discernment is in love being able to let at somebody and what they're doing when they're like you can derive these guys took one lucky and they deserve some things they said in love how can we help this guy how can we help them
and they had to put probably and to point out if he falls to you in love and so innocent of their passing kind intention it that it's a it's it's friends him love rather than this position of was money
i don't so
i hope that this is a common but it's it's observation of substance here at thousand to i was incredibly to
you know and i thought about this right and i can be really judge myself condemned
it was i just look at i said well you know when you buy something
you know you will need to buy some ask them to succeed surgery this generic brands addison whatever and you have to make a judgment and i just kind of knowledge it just because i know a lot of things that a lot of experiences but i was just this isn't right
and nothing was right shoes are prized and she like that look at her hair
hey this is ridiculous why are they have been recipe and i couldn't believe this i mean the text an incredible array of judgment and condemnation that makes me geometric you look a little piece
and i didn't think it was that at but neither newspaper time in yourself and cut off from a lot of things that come on and i started to really want to just how extensive it so i mean to everything trees octopi
it was good enough for me and i said for you
you know kinda forget about products i became king new content and so
if i was really fighting mad by realizing is that count
you know because my sense of style of why have is based on the fact that this is a good enough that quote were able to what you're talking about when i said no priests thing is just okay calm down when your about into the same time to yourself if
you can be very well as cost to the alaska to you can be have in africa where it's a cursed in south hibernation in the us even worse places and hundred he might have in total self hatred he can't even operate in parallel
and as how people got nervous that judgment because they felt like it would be tennis but said an obsession with ones said nine and much gentler kind of realization sort of shot
and you just damn let a catalyst tackling that you try to look into your thoughts and wow what did you discover you know you didn't even realize that the tell you had time to start listening to that would be what they have a collection of thoughts
seeing what's out there
valenti that and realize college comes from here
well i'm in sometime i remember when example they say i hate to use that and so percents that you know it's somebody who's very little way i can see how that happened and i think well gee used to weigh in know forty pounds lesser thirty pounds less than this and it's really easy he had no somehow i
i held here for today to have you know but yeah g so you know i now i try and catch my thoughts and say while i know harp is not to eat too much and and get caught can not been able to exercise because you don't feel you know and all that stuff and thinner days i had to kill myself
much more often than that painting that helps you see the world and about my love of the place you know because my fear is that all heating and i'll get much in and other on the another in other threads in the that's a few part of the love part is oh it's hard yeah it's america especially when you're racing candidates and and cats and much much and nick
this stuff no dust they asked me who writes about some of the most twisted souls you never lifted up the else you want to really bring yourself down rates and just as
and he has a think he sees into the humid conditions are deeply and is such a tortured person in some that are you came to leave that the basis for brotherhood was a recognition that my son in that we're both image that's the asked in connection with rather than standing
are both center before and that that haven't actually love to the extent austria's ever criticized
our time and real rough upbringing so judging the and you know in the sense of for the royals superior morally superior position would be really big for him in anger was where they started or just generally agar agar that they were telling convinced that anger completely last prayer we
can pray if we're aiming at especially at some money because the image of that person they said it will rise have been in front of us every time which i had commonly and pray and unit edge of that era is bad per se you know and so it's learning how to not respond automatically in anger too
which is really a your hair you know and that's a tough ones that and so anger extended to things like a practice of just a media for business i mean diamond you probably remember the famous story and some years ago it's very sad story and amish country
when that gunman within in shock and what was that ten children classroom and the media was just shocked out of their forks when samish community went straight over to the home of the window because this guy and shot himself the widow of the murder and brought suit to her
told her made totally forgave innovative choose there was no anger and they wanted her to have their support they would get money from people and can be shared it with her and then you know nobody knew what to do so people got really upset with them and they say you're not respecting those ten children by forgetting
besa so forgiving when of in an automatic thing we had to do
no retaliation no matter how sneaky
the we have our ways don't wait to
and and
and then finally they moved into the zone that sounds very buddhists bit total compassion for everything including creatures you know and there's the famous stories of some elder meditating in it by are you know kind of weaving its way between his legs and he just keeps on rain and
in this no bikers all curled up asleep next to him and
stuff like that
who invented genes in humans and after that hand when they saw beneath committee and dates in especially when of their cycles that
their first response to this fact quarterback because like of the road with handycam how can i lovingly stop him from going there are how can i cover this so that he doesn't die of shame later you know sometimes even i'll take the blame for what he just did so yeah so that nobody then he
doesn't have to suffer that deeply and for me because i know where he's headed with this so really fascinating stories in that plane of how can you tell me that the word you said that is everyone's life tennis tennessee so sure what is then where did you call that when people do what we just describe what what's the word you said these matrix like
buxton no deception come at wow come visit other and how state compassion minutes coupled with discernment you know their ability to see spiritually what the it the step we just took off the left essentially the spiritual cliff and instead of condemning of worldly for that are seeing get him outta here we can't have them in or monastery because he's too bad of influence
i will i will cover for him and then try to in some way or another him to see and help them even to say you know if you can't deal with this and i'll carry you have been on my back and there and have conversations like that a young guy would say i can't deal with me my sexually
tempting dreams and visions and the the open all carry out that only back you know in the i feel relieved can sell it was married and has burden you know so really deep compassion and tender and zameen i think there are two to climate tender and a sense of physically tender you're helping us
second be a gentleman people they had so much traffic out there a folks have a come out and see what the are up to and try to learn from them and not familiar with the pre beginners and mean they might not even
no letting they didn't they are just curious out there would have been a pretty awful that the elder shouldn't give up their aesthetical practice to serve a meal they might be faster than day that they would spread a meal and eat because it was worse to show kindness compassionate charity in the last to keep to their river and us
so that was their their view of love and there's a whole lot of other stuff in there about that
he comments or questions that they don't get us going to london
yeah maybe just a couple more minutes
and then wrote that she bends over
i came across
was like five practical things that we might just look at it as something
doable in our time the first one was that they were totally guided by scripture and the word this their elders can we do that too
scripture part maybe where we going to find the elders
aside from going to janet and catherine and
are we going to find those elders
we might not find a kind of they were talking about too often but a sincere search for them through praying you know and hanging around places where you're likely to find her for you
just fine how emaciated and crazy and radical you guys are hurting track
but what we do have in our era which they didn't know obviously for centuries nobody had because this is all pretty recent we've got tons of translations of the words of the actual elders mean we can sit here and read all this for centuries apples completely obscure stuff it wasn't out of the original languages
so that's important that that eating in here try to hear it through our modernize second if believe that their own transformation dependent on praxis p army x i s which just means practice hearing the word and then doing can we do that too
can you practice not of can you practice turning the other cheek
he if liquid helium nearly every time every time you gonna get yeah you know you can walk out true true were hamstring
you know more
with more way to try to to do whatever it is unheard little so the actually is candy who will you can own policy would happen when the rubber meets the road
you make the determination of the and will enter you try you try and your little babies step way and you try you know so all you haven't given to the floor and then follow me
in our day of stock portfolios and iras and you know who you're kidding me i'm supposed to do that but what can we start with you know yourself is taking it this little study
oh let's see
oh okay these guys have any sort of highly developed from spiritual practices which they called as that their s cases are their practice i don't have room to read i went as see sas can we find our own forms of that in our circles
dances we don't live inside a monastery
but most of us are either in the family situation brilliant spouses and kids and all that kind stuff or we're living in either were operating in the work community whatever can wait a few we start consciously not been in this case is for example gemini protected with a salesman at work
really buggy and her escape business with that vpn i ever seen going to see if i can stop being bugged and it and how to do that instead of that that you know
it was harder a recent aggression is good had changed my heart goes out she's pretty much to say that it just doesn't get know
and he learning and saying you love her in a way i do yeah because you can see what she's doing it can see how is your country's making herself and others the and that's sad isn't it is yeah it can so that as an intact me about finding you know and a real weight
a few weeks ago my husband had a knee replacement completely replaced there's a very active human being and is usually been on our for a she's personal recreation to an offset he was down from account and we couldn't do much of anything for a couple of weeks hit i was rather around doing everything and oxidative your legs some
things been misplaced here i can't find it and i heard myself a magazine might have left it out
oh he's lying in bed with the latest size of me
it can be him so heart
why do on a daily basis when it comes to my relationship with my spouse i use a convenient way dumpster
yeah so my sk shows than became i gotta stop i a quick kinda stuff i like the electorate he feels capitalism you know and the merman man
the desert fathers move or three were very focused on renunciation and detachment as it passed to spiritual freedom they lived in voluntary poverty they moved at the drop of a half of the need was real he tried to live from day to day can we do that too
maybe not so radically frank the word yes we do that the capacity for your of immediate availability to other people that there is something
no such as an extremely short supply in this world were often be more we're talking to people were thinking about what's happening in the next ten minutes or we're pulling out our former what we're going to be late for both but but to you to give some of our some moments of under
i did attention
no that's bringing the kingdom into the here and now that's that's no small thing it's no small thing for me i think we delude ourselves because it seems like were immediately available to anyone except the person and were sitting with yeah
yeah in another study scientists delusion that uses some kind of quality if someone else to as the woman watching hm
seems to be the pain and the other restaurants banks you're lucky number seven
yeah that's really pathetic than the player them
yeah years working in catholic schools in front of the people all ontario use and yeah
people would rather write a check and give up their time and i'm not time seems to be the most precious supply supplies a drug so to to give that he would moments of that under violent tantrums and huge gift them transformative for you won't you know hand the person's to i get
right now amazon
the guess one of them sat down on becoming a widow of being alone now and also as accident that i had his time
with the grace of god ah i want to change myself is that when things happen to other people people will say i will call they can get some oh yeah i have found out how difficult that yeah because ah
you really he needed somebody who's uses going to come in your face and say camera on the maybe i should be gone on show up yeah show up again and i know i've done to on not casting stones but this has been like a new awareness of the trimester or even while for you yeah you know
while curricula hands of the right this moment in august after the it you know dealing with the person who's sitting in front of gift and this is you know the last couple years of what i've gone through its it has dramatically changed in that way which says something of
about the power of suffering yes as a chance of permanent thing in us and made me think when you just said are one of our daughters had a major scoliosis and at the age of twenty five was told if she did not get this big huge surgery and matching in a wheelchair van time shoes and orthotics know she was getting so hunch so she decided to go for
it is terrified of course and fair to the problem day morning after the surgery the next day when she was starting to come out and robin dressing and she had lemon inches fused fans of a big search wow displaying clinic in l a and i came in there into line their tears streaming down and said kelly
we are you hurting and she said no a nine page of that i'm just thinking of how many years i have not even notice when other people are suffering from that's what and she's it jeff skinner like a dominant rex you know itself when like this we know who james cancer and just flew
i was in cosco on line and people were laughing and talking like everybody does doesn't i have this rage that up in the you know how can people be happy you know just don't my husband's die show me out within myself and then it was i met the voiceprint just not and the lord said been around in asked me to say he ended up here
both and then she says said on that nine out of ten people that i was looking at in line behind me around me were suffering as bad if not worse than i was and it was to say yeah it was my waking me up for that experience that was a great moment for you
wow that is one of those insects that strengths that doesn't come through yourself enough
oh the desert fathers aimed at achieving the kind of purity of heart that would allow them to learn as christ's love can we do that to and invigorating talking in this direction they because my my note here that we can turn ongoing suffering that cannot be changed into a crew
this plan to purification of the heart you just told it perfect
we can consciously watch your thoughts and guard our hearts we don't think you're going to say and then
finally i think this the last when the desert fathers believed they were living in an apocalyptic times as as were constantly aware of their own deaths and the reason they were undergoing on these trials you have to do this too
yeah what kind of times are we living in suburban using p c is a certain sort of these days about yeah i was not
it's a happy i was i was choked up with yeah i mean i'm very very difficult times and so many levels they were time to turn around it seems we may actually be in the first time in history human history that humans actually have the ability to destroy the years and amount of all of you know multitude of different way
in the near future in the near future found so we have of any generation that revenue less could be seen as apocalyptic times so instead of letting that drag us down or make us feel you know despairing and and become realistic about life or whatever we can try to get a moving out of that for the
here and now him in love we're headed for so and think about the new heaven and the new artifacts talking about him revelations so you know another thing that the road you know important practices to smile yeah you know i mean you do don't you know necessarily get the sense of the desert fathers did that but i'm sure they do
have you should know better on the that great life with jesus looks at someone and love know
when you you can have with those descriptions and the book of us monks to know but you know to smile and moved mean that that those things and people's lives and that we can only smile and mean if if we've got our own work to so because of i'm reading a novel out
you know they said this author lexus particular phrase the person smiles but the smile doesn't make it to the eyes
it's been so hot
ha ha ha i hope you know to experience and share your joy was once whole body for others that can just a huge to me and the emergent get done with nickels with tucks it anthony allergy on the aces yes yes and i think that's what helped france
right now has going as his face it become a famous i kind of kerfuffle of francis can love you know and so such a lab king and his family tent or yeah ten probably time to
lots of other the client days the that they have tempered side again for harry oh yeah i'm keen santa cruz area or hundred people come from berkeley and on are so if you have a interest to be included when we have those a humanities so i kind of home
an email address or something or shaping of people and i maybe shouldn't say this without checking bullish the first but i guess i will
as i mentioned it when i'm going to somebody but our group and and us probably five years ago began booking the hermitage for one weekend a year and coming up as a group an oblate group so that the whole places us in that way we are able to connect and spend some time together walking down the relevant stuff things ever
we don't normally get to do what we also have retreat with one of the monks so that may be another option if here but group is large enough enough to to do that there are weighted i now were like lids are on any a go to somebody that many hymns that list the big list is sharma
i'm still doing nano hard to say okay so so go so like the heart will be to contact person yet and donna and ah the door and door rather jersey
these are gone through our online and i think he's still involved and there's a there's a number of other people down there could put that not when we've listed questions about that kind of the bathroom and there's the gossip group also
the people of on new concept teach i never knew you know asked for prayers and and since then that's another know way you can sick
now some of you all of those to yourselves
the newsletter and newsletter vs
to where by at this your idea jesuit theologian of fish trust in ourselves and it's over it's a wonderful in the letter this has great application and so i just i made a bunch of problems with that years of want to take their of the
you and or may not have them was learning to walk on the ticker was too but thanks to paul and stephen's
here's a great lover of the desert traditions with not only that but lives that from soft sand screw up now
the affects all of you for for coming with us this weekend
those of us that that do these for free it's free we really enjoy doing that i'm especially glad we're glad to see those who have that here before see you again especially privacy of people working for first time so
you're always in our prayers and go that hope the as you'd be here today or tomorrow take a piece of this place in your heart with cinnamon come again kept very very much you'd think enemy thanks you're being so open and charity is definitely need this work
you know created that if you are welcome back and back