November 1979 talk, Serial No. 00902

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a unique experience
the whole thing so we were thinking meet this model so or maybe anglican boards again the anglicans as a church of had a large surface rates from the time of the recognition and then the holy cross have worked out there launch services rather longer and fuller than ours but that with to readings from scripture and
an added candy corn things but
and then maybe a typically roman catholic camellia these vespers we thought for vespers instead of producing something who knows what in english
to a utilized as much of the liturgy used here is possible just them to sort of transport their ensure since you've done so much work and worked it up and that don't go gnosis he has no objections with me sort of and of don't do with doesn't either happening all the copyright things all that hasn't been done so we have to be little prefer
really but this is just a first idea i don't know what we'll do but it's a possibility so
one think what are the problem a number sequences such educated woman
anybody else
and would be read
science is decisive right now there's quite a pinch because we're we're sort of the we yard dorm the top floor of a dorm they've taken over a whole section and they have a door there and they have each man as it's private room in and they have a kind of a community room and own kitchens they eat breakfast and
a separate up there when they take lunch down in the dumps school surgery now the idea is as we come in i'll i'll be in another dorm but it's about two minutes cross the way that's no problem that's what your chance with snacks but the ideal this as rooms they become available to move over to where they are and to push the door down this that is the
currently there's no problem about that ld we think and are roman side and we haven't yet even begun to discuss this with roy it would be good to get under the same rules and off campus
because if your on-campus the monastic witnesses a little thin as use it or
you sort of blend into the academic community and you that was i'm posting up been seeing on them you can win your name to the solidarity i don't know elizabeth cattermole relax so nice of but must view that is unconscious and at all
yeah so this is a process is go in there something so last summer big names who is going hotels in him stood on the all wrong
so that's an issue i asked the mariah who is there anglican much systems kind of the mother store mother when she was a canal dele she's coming back from a pilgrimage to the organ and i said what will be the real problems it will encounter she said space and money these two nothing and the level of theology or get are genuine and
and of mrs roper so we talking over with the nutrients we already are thinking of getting off campus and as i say in the letter he's talking about when our home in marine county has given are now lewis has been looking like crazy for houses and we've already gone twice and roy has come wants to looked over and then
in another their monks came to see this last house the last house was in berkeley and it has twelve room sentence but who comes in how many comes i think how much room will have a decisive certainly on the anglican say there's much interest or holy cross people are always quite interested in itunes and and now they're major effort is
with the a dialogue with their own catholic church
we commander the so that have tremendous influence on them to now a slowly moving towards adopting the will listen punitively ever hermitage when their monk some some graham the etc but the whole thing but so the whole dialogue is important for them so lots of them would like to come sooner or later to the
cent of the camp another wrinkle is they had this big motherhouse in west part in the forests it isn't real economic difficulties for the heating problems and they had their huge the mass of their monks are there need to see have decided now have to move out of their keep the motherhouse but with little tiny reduce true so all these other
well california is going well at set herself several who took me like to come to california
so i'm on our side her arch several at camellia quite interested here another here again it's the the manpower problem a commodity does not have a surplus of a formed monks who can simply go you know that this there's a shortage of some people to do all the things that have to be done but
one monk a good friend of mine he's such as starting to study english formerly he's been student so this is a kind of sankey you explicitly wants to come for a good period
but at least six at come help me in one way or the other have told me they'd like to come sooner or later for a period or a shorter period a longer period period of at least four or five or six months
there is also a a young layman in italy of a very wealthy industrialist but he's been in england he speaks english perfectly he would like a period in california he's thinking about it nasty career is extremely career is very interested in new humanism so he said
he might want to come next shoot so there's all sorts of little things like that
what kind of house we've already started this this and where are you know chin so is so enthused about this monastic witness to do to you if you would like it quite close to the campus
the house we looked at our in berkeley i think was quite beautiful and up it was built for convent in the data system chapel in private rooms and twenty rooms or five hundred dollars a month know about twenty up twelve rooms five hundred dollars month rent but
so the financial issues everything is wrapped up finding a benefactor financial issue what houses are available no chance would rather like a standard just a house helps sort of or right across the street from the campus sort of the the campus is sort of quietly shook as you get into the campus it can get quite quiet issue lovely
of but i'm monasteries is not quite like the none desert reason
the questions comments
with new candidates be formed here and your community around cabinets this isn't very interesting question or
the model we're working on now so in a joint community so sort of to communities under one roof in what sense to and in what sense are they sharing etc certainly terrifically certainly for the foreseeable future it will be to communities each with its own superior i think this is the direction cabal
italy's tending his i say i'm an entire work with set with i have
that quite a long track to refer which with all the different models and thinks this is well let's talk this over one thing at a time so i think we might be like so i don't know what you're thinking of but certainly we would fight for our
judy clue
a hundred local autonomy for the foreseeable future but a kind of a spiritual sharing and converging to with extent possible obviously for the divine office and
now for the formation of know since it's such a small house and just at the beginning what usually happens there is that the monks go to the motherhouse that is italy there of course you get into language problems
ah so it's one of those things that have to be worked out
i think it's good sharing with community and also i think it's good to commodities thinking of sharing also in this direction of shedding people here not just because up to now it's just been in the sense of clerics from here are going there at the most they've since superiors hero which is quite the city but so they're looking for the possibility of being in the sand
monks to sort of four months simple professed to to california maybe for a year for theological studies and perhaps spend a summer appear if this is so you know permitted to have thought wise into disrepute
these were people who have had their novitiate at the hermitage of the men they're thinking of the not victor pet in chen so is this a very good man
ah now as i say whether this is a question we haven't yet talked with i think there are questions you have to deal with as you come up to concrete because it's fascinating all the problematics etc but princess that there's no one else cares if there's no ian kennedy coming a roman catholic it is an anglican there's no great prob because it had their house information and sort of
yeah that's they do more or less what we do they ever a big central motherhouse except the like the hermitage their their it down in south carolina where there's quite a a richer liturgical life etc then
the outside they have a series of little our urban monastic communities weren't up toronto one in manhattan one here
then they had the retreat house in santa barbara
don't know if anyone hears me that's quite a lovely
some had thought that if we're going to tie in to an ecumenical house and that would be another possibility and certainly would be available to us so to speak that's much more separated in much more us monastic in a kind of our our traditional model of them
now our san gregorio and wrong it's also fairly informal and houses where people are studying tend to get that way because the studies can be demanding it's hard to follow a fool monastic regime andy the sort of thing so you know change of wasn't at all that were fifty thousand informed
he thinks will have to explain its etc
you have often thought that might oh yes well yeah that's good one described his shirt san gregorio is not our of superannuation by need for that is
i'm looking to give the settings group that hundred chickens
churches-in it over such as
the arab
do in city
you can look to his review
cause have to afternoon
for a couple of going out working
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tommy of speech well in there or
because i can be returning to canada i mean if eternity cause you to should
okay arrangement
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i think it's very good i visited the little sisters of which is the same thing in rome or one of them is a good friend of this andrea would like to come here
that is to berkeley
i thought extremely contemplative atmosphere and very serious and also very tight urban that is that they don't one of the things that mother teresa the right in the middle of wrong but they could be out in the forest somewhere because they have an extremely rigid cloistered that no one ever gets him etc whereas that that
two sisters approaches the door's always open but not up in the chapel area sort of thing and they were working with the poorest of the pores are but one thing as you say one goes out and works in sort of sacrifices himself and the holy cross at berkeley have a bit this model one of their bunks there ah
is a professional nurse and up in psychiatric and he's found a job up there to the hospital in san francisco is one hundred people under him and he earned such a very couldn't come now he is the source of income for the whole community the main source then
so and is as these are very kind now the prior is really a man of prayer
so i think
the tone thing i think it might also be that is whether you can realize it for the whole community don't commute is tending there but i think if you have two or three people are deeply committed and sharing etc i think already you've got something that i know also i had good talk with father roy on contempt contemplate
you miss it i know that he is there that is for him the whole sense of monasticism is up until your prayer etc
so he looks forward to this experience also for the site of it not just the ecumenical but to to bring this contemplative dimension to strengthen it etc
by together various models

the army
or when
on a sisters they have a will live in all those remarkable it comes from the problem and the heavenly
ask any i've never miss out the hands
that was the well the one you pick you know the the carries something with it is something about them as green very common is integrated them i'm a bit
although what's happened in on friends are open montreal the they were very good number of vermin
but can make a job because almost everyone is just not them visiting but having you know you have our pavement the impression i got you know from the short time it's just i students here who are there on the campus and they've eaten digital one if you know i said that you know what berkeley
we expected and on their abilities and oh yeah i know what that thing elastic training is not like average it's not the same i will like to wisdom seats that they also they available as much as we maybe there's a scene three well missing i can enter motherhouse house
no difference is you know more yeah this a living poverty that strict with an arms from since they have a common or for clothes and
many people don't you know you knew where the blue cheese then you take them back there sort of thing we you although you worst thing you know goes in the candidates are docile the silence is very rigorous there's certainly more rigorous hit next monastery commodity which isn't seen records
well but not the different financial little inch to prove to yourself that you're a religious and you're stripping and or and other side you real and as why will see different view if you want to be a relative while your needs we need some initial contained it you want to think that are the same fact that showed another it probably prove to yourself
if you are a mom or somebody put us on the other side it could be very opens up and apparently although to think that for us will be no no you are well this might be arms
association called down of it's hard to get into sorts of people but i know that that only cross as produces a system very contemplative people with this man i shouldn't with other chimps and insurgents but to use amount of room to your prayer and they haven't be tons but he's spent a whole year in england of the kind of
a contemplative aeromedical experience ah
now as for the broad open up some of them are some of them are much stricter than we are have some of our people are wide open it said results are it may be the new commonly as more homogeneous stone genes and more a unified in this respect them to come elderly and
this sort of thing but we visited their mother house i've been to the majority of their houses now toronto the mother i was so manhattan here in santa barbara years ago but the thing that struck the general in manuel made me in a chen so and several of them have been if canals me was kind of the common spirit we say
felt much more at home at their mother house and we didn't many of the benedictine roman catholic houses if we does it going for one reason or another
i'm not because their mother asked was more open but it was in the literature very very certain death
so don't know of another thing i would stress that the mother house of the monastery of come elderly back in italy it tends to be very happy and family and ducks on the hermitage has quite a different atmosphere you haven't had that much contact with people from the hermitage and that's good thing since
the master of nervousness that the hermitage franco is a real man's prayer of governor dean or kim is a very now that's where formation goes on and come elderly and i think you're right it's very important to have a good formation if our people were to go to commodity up they would have a very good formation
now the commodity skirt in italy is is a kind of 'em then to permit variety in one person afterwards might not want to live up from of monastic life that are intensely silence solitude the debt but by be more studies for instance or the style of r g
general is not to try to push it back into the hermitage sort of the but to offer various space is saying in that whole history of unnecessary there have been very various ways of working out a monastic vocation and through the so in the commodities you can find all sorts of things than in the holy cross you can find all sorts of things but i think the
best the and can contribute a prayer are somewhat analogous to our best and then and i think there worst are somewhat analogous to are worse than this rubik's up will work fine percent see yeah it's only but when you are in it it can see why you can be right
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