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Camaldolese Artists. Lecture 1 (of 5). Guido d'Arezzo (musician)



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what i what i'd like to do in these five sessions is to give you a taste a little taste mostly factual i don't know an awful lot about music itself the intricacies of greed or for instance but i can give you some facts about him and his command of these connection
one and that sort of thing i'll be going with the artists also are most famous are simpler
i had suggested that if there was extra time he had originally done the sixth class for saturday which i bumped out of this series because technically they're not artists as such and we could easily do without and i really can use them
i'm probably next time whenever that isn't the future that i come here and give lectures on our most famous houses their histories because they would fit there also and if i would talk about murano i would necessarily speaker to of the apples and on anyway and they are people who typically
anonymous come on this and also from our so it's not necessary so what i'd rather do is that to each session this extra time just open and on also as we're going along just yell out questions
as as we go
so his first session is on we don't more an uncle and you will run across all ease
ah give my name is that goes by in history different appellations ah but probably the most famous it's guido the add salt and we don't have those two are the ones you have costs mostly
this one here we dominate or cause young widow who posts composer
the only comes in the fifteenth century at the earliest and it's it's really it comes by way of
shall we say polemics and i commanded his polemics slightly and commodities matter of frog we'd oh really wasn't commodities from the beginning and so proposa
and some have a box in history connected with composer or music
benedictine order government clinical at time
anyway or one of these most famous for nurses must have a really know your name
i met him at san giorgio majority in investments
and he has since died but i have a copy of an article he did which is nasty nasty nasty nasty against the come out of these their pretensions and obvious scope and he was feeling than and action
he was a real point of contention in their community he was the one who has had kept them from from changing any of the liturgy to vatican to elicit past me remember we talked about them robert anyway he's so he's not passed through his reward and they've changed their office into town
but if anyone is interested in reading that a bombast of years which is which is funded me just ask me on get your path
we don't know for certain whether guido are even was from a retro ones that we don't think he was from a dead so at all most people assume that because of name given him but we're fairly certain that the name is given him because of his famous stint
that he did with bishop tail knowledgeable on his own nader on in the actual time when commodity was been found we should tear down doors that famous issue our who who actually deeded the church the sovereignty are true the first five books come on
to the founding fathers so there's already beginning and this is what guido as with to gobble there isn't
a connection between guido and come out were fairly soon
there are a number or that so by the way does claim i'm now in fact to robert when we were walking down the street member we we walk past that one window and i had a great big plate underneath this was where guido was born the very room and you'll secret on that as stuff all over the video
all over the city and a statue of widow and indeed one of the major pr say don't never which one hobby near the the duomo
vietnam in know that some
and there's a whole number of little towns around at it so that all claim to periodically the all fight about it whenever an anniversary comes on and they all have their own claims to greet on this earth and rearing in their town but we're fairly certain he wasn't from many of
he was born in about nine be somewhere around nine yeah you're very renowned among men
and either died and ten fifty or to yet
we're we're fairly certain he died on may seventeenth we just don't know which year there are two traditions and depending on whether you believe he went back to on paul side of the ended his life live on that funny or eight years that composer
your data accordingly
but there is a come onto these tradition by the way there are come all the these traditions throughout the centuries that disagree with one another too so it's not likely to get this straight come although the tradition and than everybody else different commodities traditions different also on guido
but there is it come on this tradition on talked about a little bit later where guido is listed as one of the primers of fontaine of elena and that he died at fun of ilana as prior on may seventeen fiscal
that's probably not true at all
but he was he was there and he wasn't esteemed monk there and he spent years they're fun to eveleigh and even look at to them there are also claims that he was german and that he was a frenchman so we bring in other countries everyone's trying to claim it because it's so essential to
what happens when
the scale in modern music and he invented it and so has big and everybody wants a piece of the pie if you'd been to the of fiancee did you go to defense industry
what you've been there before you there's a large statute redo air also i think i think are duplicate the lions in the bed sign and that the uffizi gallery in florence
ah regardless of old the nitpicking about dates whether he was come out these and all that stuff everyone is fairly agreed upon the fact that he was a great man and his a great musician and he did wonderful things and you got
a lot of music together chance music together at a time i was quite yes
we get to them that they were two titles that do come down to us cause connecting are concerned with guido are that he was a otro so that he was beatified molested guido then he was and rp nice and that's from our own tradition
and that he was also scientists him or not only holding that the most holy
he is a very
name and and history
and as is very important to as i say the history of music we know that he was a monk of composer
santa maria the reports of economic times to get from composer sometimes team on this is a monastery which was part of the room wall the in reform movement it was an abbey that already existed and joined the role all the a movement that room wall and branch that with said
and the work of peter damian in fact peter damian if if you're if if you've read his life you'll remember that
after he had been at forty adalah of a lot of only one year he was called by the of the famous average greedo this is another guido avid guido of at st guido off composer to come and lecture on the scriptures to the marks of proposal and the
prior of forty of obama let peter damian go there and he was there for two years
on that train on this is as junior monk
not really but i mean it's equivalent to that
and thus their connection which became stronger throughout the years and later they were quite officially listed as one walter
was begun with with the average we don't have to do daming itself this monastery of composer is the between rosanna and fed up were on the sandwich from on sundays from florida
ah and that is north of within up in in the poll river region the po delta ancient
we know that
that this monastery in line with this room wall you lose
i have a hermitage there was a connection already predating
added guido
the former abbot william became a hermit and there's a connection there between william and what's going on in that area are medically speaking but it becomes quite from months with once peter damian steps into the arena
anyway there there is evidence that there was a hermitage a task to former abbot was in that hermitage and we have that fact through this particular
tone or set of tunes the i'm from causing an oral historian courtroom and i saw those come out
also i believe that the monastery library anyone anyway book one mentions that this hermitage was under the obedience to the average and composer so it shows you right there that it do not reward in yeah because ah
no under under the ramadi and movement to reform there's no added a set of political house that's older than form the hermitage wrong millet in fact is movement changes it's always a hermit and from charge of those things when the two are together
history has assigned to the your ten ten is the date for guido's entrance into purples and once we get image of propose that there's a brilliant musical career there he becomes the school master of that composer and
he decides that things are not what he must have been a fairly high j
probably a one on the enneagram and everything the chaos of of the miserable situation for what's driving him crazy and so he decided to set things right
especially for the younger marks coming into the community so that he can least start off the new crop understanding music and having some method for singing the champ because at that time until we go you had champion some differently in every monastery of the hands and i mean we
you know just normally think that's it's you know
not so i mean whoever's in charge of the channel the house we decide we're all i go between the interval
and that's the way it was which was trying to we i'm not
and would drive us wants to he decided that he was it was much more advantageous to set the system where champ would sound more or less the same wherever one when and and simple as that sounds ridiculous widows go
golden rule that if a note appears on this line there a donald line could appear to begin it's going to have the same sound ah
there's very controversial and have a family in his day and he got into a one hot water over this
in fact it got so bad at his house that he had to me he was asked by the habit you know to leave the community for a while not to the something wrong but just to go elsewhere that a little fresh air
breathe through the cluster and he was much didn't demand at that time he people were hearing what he was doing and he had great success with the young monks that composer so a number of bishops wanted quito to come to their cathedrals and
teach the cathedral choirs honestly chance that way so that they could get their feet on the ground usually speak
and him we know that he went to a number of these are cathedrals and i don't have them listed here we know that at least three that that you went to most important the audience
ah with that they should take down
ah to your daughter wanted him to instruct his could be required to because he had already heard that we do i had great success in two other cathedrals
we have a document commanding document by tail adult or commending the work of guido is doing with the choir at the cathedral dated ten twenty five well this is right at the time romuald is founding come out
hmm date commander i mean there's an earlier tradition that kamala me was dated and was founded and ten twelve and know
commodity with commodity with you can date the sonic lonely in the twenty twenty three twenty five twenty six right onto romney has been article actually being found this is right we hope is there with tail dongle
pope john the nineteen i've put if i think all the spellings and dates up the if you're interested medicine
he hadn't heard about guido from various bishops for whom guido have worked
and he invited him to wrong now you have problems that you're going to look this look this up because there are these real historical problems with the enumerations regarding popes john
especially from
john john eight john the a and onwards you have anti pope's and post not sure existed and the numbers were different
because of that but anyway they assign this man the name john nineteen and he was begging guido to come to rome and teach requires at wrong his new techniques
we're singing
and we when you grow we don't like it in and so and he'd stayed on there and we're fairly certain that he went to come out the for a period that is the sakura air
we actually have document listing the visiting of a monk named greta on the not benedict among the time they will be set an addicted but we're not certain if that it was guido this guido but it was a monk who was connected with chant so it's quite like or we can
come on these sources assume that it was greater than and so and then he taught for ones with to luxury and he taught his techniques to the pyramids at come on
who embraced both widow and his vision
from there on
finally up the third invitation poll we do
i went to rome and the pop study in his techniques his music and highly approved and recommended him to bishops all over the place and will quickly got malaria had to leave rome the pope wanted them to working on that he doesn't know
very long as he got what we think it's malaria the symptoms sound like it and or use like comedy
the time in go anywhere
ah much of the precise dating in chronological order for a guido's life works have been arrived from various deductions people could make
the evidence of his presence there is writing this letter
various documents of bishops referring to here
not always with dates however somebody of how to bring in other dates other doctrines and and correlate
but not without some sort positions in hypotheses being made we get to know a little bit about the
history general history guido from a letter he wrote from role to from uk
or brother michael at composer his good friend and in that letter
guido talks about the situation where he had to leave because of the jealousy of his brothers and the original at a widow in order to preserve the peace of the house data rather than and guido is dimensions and the mother she isn't ready to go back yet
there is some urging of especially from the abbot and other of the time to return but we don't won't do it and this is where we think he went to frontier or non after his roman soldier
ah basically other than that one little mention of a guido guido and something to do with chance being at the hermitage we don't have any direct
connection that we can absolutely scientifically prove between widow done it so and come out in itself
everyone is fairly certain he was at forty up along and for a protracted period but come on with itself we don't know about it would be strange if you hadn't gone to promote me considering all the opportunities and since he was with to teradata was his musician master and teradata
in ten twenty seven
gt over the church had come out of the was there would be crazy to you know if you weren't there but we don't know that for sure
are there is evidence
that he wasn't forty of banana but we don't know in in what capacity he was there
and there's a cherished tradition at forty avalon and says that he was
a one of the priors on one of the actual listings of the priors of frontier of obama i think from the twelve and i'm not mistaken he's listed
as a prior from term obama but i've never been on i asked me know your gucci ah when i'm just there whether he thought quito this brilliant a prior to everyone agreed that leno gets to gets a sort of have moved the team and
made sounds it made me believe that he didn't believe that the door but ah
discrete month at the university wouldn't come out and say for sure that he wasn't
anyway we know that he was there and they had had some influence after forty obama we also know that he was drawn to stop to concerns probably another reason he was that forty obama enjoys years we have a number and i can give you a number of instances where historians do this
centuries and some of the quite eminent historians mostly been addicted and
our own kemal the historians and i think the wasn't asterisks are commodities historians
refer to guido as the prior of frontier of alumna or a monk of photo of obama or in some cases
the average of fontana of the line at work from we have like to have ads
at that time
ah so we're not we don't quite know what to what to make of that
we do grandi in his district razzi on this commodity manages refers to
we do that for being there are as a prior as a prior with assorted they call a junior at types data so that he was there and he was ready to take over as the next prior
but that could be true it could it could be that he was acting as prime that he was a private for gentleman on the for a while it's also quite true that he in the end didn't go back to composer and died back in its former monastery but benedictine monastery although it
where we're not sure we're just not sure they're not sure about anything
they know that when he insisted that he wrote a couple of thing
and everyone's craning here and there's good cause for us to claim some connections so shift your phone to have obama but a lot of it you can just sort of for the pro season thing
historically there's not much to say we do have a one codex a chronicle of come out ah
which is dated ten and fifty or excuse me waiter was found under the year ten fifty at the in india is it reads bayardo guido a blessing guido of arezzo
more don't want died ten years after the death of the ah to forty percent of of of alarm may seventeen ten fifty so this has become all the leads tradition and that he died on may seventeen tentative
and as i say proportion and something different to say and there are storms on both sides and nobody knows for sure
so what do we have regarding guido and come out well we know that he was rewarded him
in other words we know that he was part to composer and forty hours obama and possibly from come out to me of mule st romulus influence it's going on in after reform that time
we know that we know that he most likely lived for a number of years and forty of alone and he could perhaps have been superior a frontier of obama but not like to be honest
it's quite likely that guido lived his last year's out back at his appeal santamaria get up on course for the different person
and certainly if you're reading anyone that says you've got a pan fifty eight that that's the tradition were holding that he went back to pooh and because during this time you have the avid proposed to pleading with read of the comeback time to combat and he put his stability fifty two percent
his works that we have our been close
and then i'm a collection of chance a collection of antiphons which isn't answer for now we have those two he may have written other things are but we don't know for sure we have two letters of the is also a famous one true or brother michael or composer and when she talks about
earlier problems with the monks and regarding music and all of that and one to tear down though
oh over it that's all we have that the microbubbles is what
given him his thing this the dissertation on music and it's dated after ten twenty six but it doesn't mean people who give it gates that there is no search and date with this we just know it happened after ten twenty six and before our problem
before ten twenty eight so one of those studios were sixteen seventeen right wrong type of commodities actual from formal founding
at the soccer am
he wrote this work as a to teach him devised a didactic tool for his boys in the choir of a dinosaur
what's on a tear down his patronage that we actually get freedoms work in a written form
ah the entrepreneurial was dated somewhere between ten ten twenty eight and ten thirty two so before he goes to role he gives and the fine antiphons done
we know that some of his we know some of his sources we know that he uses casio doris those of you who took the monastic history course
the founder of the volume monastic experiment to be boring
but also boy use he uses as a source for adults to his using philosophically as a stores his real musical source is the deal workers the dialogue pseudo photo or sooner or adobe
through the pseudo order a historical tour florida ah that you see who i many of the elements of of guido putting things together and coming up with ah
by composite picture of for music can posit technique would say and he's using that deer bones to a great extent he gets his stuff i'm not going to go into this stuff minor chords and actors know that cyprian sunday can talk about that
certain business because most of the so i'm generally are equipped to i'm certainly not to be talking about that sort of but in general the theory of moments delegates and music the general music theory regarding intervals and stuff and this the basic groundwork that he's going to use to come up with his system
the the the realities of range and pitch are going to come from this work
also what a pseudo have to say up or banana and some of these pieces and the enter from arm and evident haven't seen our organ pieces of seven did you know with organum is daphne or organum
where should think smart work ah it's and fifth or fourth enough by i want me to the our our yes from go off into two parts and it sounds kind of oriental
that's one that's ah that's organ fifth so visible changes happy
lot and often it is you know or it's it's it's usually oregon from time to time
anyway that's both are his sources guido's golden rule i repeat his every note placed on the same line must have the same song
period this this is one of the things that us problems from different people you make the i it's no wonder that
that they were reported a chaos and feeling instinct there's even something like that hasn't been settled and if you read the sources we have and describe most of these books on guido try to give you some background and they describe what it was like in these monasteries
it must have been horrifying because it all depended on
who was in charge of the music at that time and how he wanted things some and i could mean that there's long she learned hers than the dips
you know trail or whatever it all of that was up to the person individual person at that time still the
i'd like is referred to as just three hundred
what he's paid with most famous for his the sixth tone scale that is
a media fossil long
t later may have a fixed charles girl and one he did because you took to the first paragraph the first trophy of the him the first verse locked in the particular area of the first vestments chambliss feast of john the baptist and twenty fourth june
he took that first trophy and you just from first words off it's beginning i use mine for his with grey medium all of us all along and that's why we have during the fossil lot
still ten or well a millennium later
that's where the construct this is what he's most famous for ah
which doesn't seem like a lot but when there was nothing to begin with this gets a lot because his game this gave or face is running from is it to be something to have roles and for music to sound the same more or less wherever you work
if you if you're interested in this and in what it was my descriptions of what it was like or with his actual method and the history and fall we have some things in the library they're all relatively do this one i stole from italy
a pile of discarded books i found it yelped with with glee this is on have on yeah
if you read italian we have this one entitled we know that i had thought by our own people
yeah i mean think about the amazing a tough guy that was our name before we have during the benedictine area
if you read latin this is the the authority to work and it's a german scholar what's his first name
it's been i don't movies barrier i don't know i don't know show and he did his doctoral dissertation would and on it's on latin well but it has one before the pictures if you had to pictures of nice nice charts on the latin isn't all that difficult
this kind of latin that's actually feared that some retired university left because they had to make things comprehensible so it's not all that that
in english i was able to hunt down to the university of michigan reprints
this volume here originally a magic fifty something
the reprint of said
translations by or and up and one of the three trees this huge the transplants in a nice to nice readable english is the micro some greetings and we haven't we haven't been the most delightful little sources that we have i don't have it with me to pronounce it checked out to him and this is david
hi these are relatively new western play play and share it comes out of oxford like i found a reference to it and in one of the book reviews of the historical volumes that we get a night and i ordered it through black holes and some marvelous my husband and there's a nice section hungry
don't they're in core and then they keep referring to quito later on so if you're interested in greedo we have something now we didn't have anything until optimists couple years ago so least we can look at what you know what he did and if you want to read about the flavor of the times and what
he had a deal with and what he's given to music i went to david hi than is want to meet them
well they weren't you need unless you're there
a different language
this this is something
that i claude police car pudgy ska wrote in the introduction to the necropolis i think it must be this one and then i got from the university of michigan about about one of nicaragua's called the message of nicaragua
this is so rich insignificance both for understanding the music of its time and for the real beginnings of indigenous western theory that the full meaning of its text has not yet in fat and even after generations of commentary because it was so basic and so simple
at the time that we really haven't quite managed yeah to trace how powerful it was to the formation of various lines of music theory
section and so they really honestly do look to guido as one of the pillars of modern music it sounds strange is that same modern misery talking about nine died ten fifty or ten fifty eight but that's high you know that's how powerful was he's really one of the police from model
in music theory
when i hope to do with these with these lectures are saying as a form them and i'm just going to you don't do it second by second i started with an artist week i'm going to do houses nervous and then the scientists site
it's hopefully get together enough material that i can ah
we begin publishing history
a more comprehensive history of them doing
then what we have with nina nina is a nice very beautiful digest and hopefully we can really be something more comprehensive i don't know we'll see but it's at least we'll have it in the community library in all the collective talks and whatnot and in english so later on
yeah once can
people can we can be in why stream
in our heritage which is quite rich ah
of the five talks i'm giving this is the most ft regarding how come all of these is credo
the who are verifiably commodities and down and very powerful year old way to in in the art in commodities history with guido
it is just nothing one can say afford to fly there is a very strong tradition
not just within the commandments family but outside that says yes to connected with frontier a and perhaps a little bit with come on but to claim him as a pyre of until about and be provided with an easy to get involved in all of the polemics that went back and for yes even with
that it will come on the agency in really part of this century is
i just don't you're going to go with something like that because we there's not enough evidence to to say one thing or another
but we have a man who's connected with our heritage chevy and certainly have infinite musically and phone photo of atlanta and was it was a monk of a house in the room walden so there are different reasons were calling him at least will mould in this isn't a time to call a timeout on the same
us because we don't have come out this at time not until eleven or five can you say that
when a any serious way so
but in spirit to spirit to he loved her solitude and
obviously have that connection frontier of so it is at least will mountain
his been i tried to find other musicians in our in our heritage and we just don't have anything writ
i'm in any language about our musicians except a few references to some of our more gifted reclusive have come out the who were also musicians and wrote chant and actually
described and illuminated their own this is simone a and this is another simone and not up to one who's cards we have for sale on me and ceremony simona and pellegrino i think of come on and there were two reclusive
who ran the music the reckless is know what i'm a reckless as com albums strong tradition the reckless is are not walled up
there are a lot of time a lot of your time is spent in solitude but the recklessness and come out of the over the centuries were
quite often the teachers of the young for the community the designated professors and designated lecturers and have lists that commanders so whenever wreck lucy they usually help these posts and these two
we're intricately involved with the library with manuscripts and with can be composition of music
but other than those are to read community
at come out me i didn't i've never run across much of anything regarding famous musicians in our in our tradition store and you gotta be there are very competent musicians from time to time at various houses and
the status of our own chant
goes up and down century just like anything else you we will run a cross references to the the beautiful music beautiful chant at few dance at murano at a particular time it was remarked by and said i need see mine in valencia or something like that
how beautiful music
suddenly mckay but we don't know anything about the musicians such
i'm outside widow a new spot as i mentioned is to references we do know something about on
functioning or artists functioning in the areas of painting fast girl
when i talk about by totally nail in the god pan monday he was he's just an incredible man are very holy man also and i think as much as i love not answer mark much more talented than
in the sense that he did everything he did it well i mean easy to frescoes organ building ah
painting oil tempera design
architecture here but he designed it in me
it's an incredible now
so we have we have a number of artists who can be very very proud in our heritage and will and will cover bolts of anymore and artists tomorrow will be no on and i will talk generally and friday of the various miniaturist schools we had and evidently these
new books that have come back from italy on now
these are these especially who is the one artists from now dominates your this conferences on average the from a young and he had some from seeing that that's relatively new few extreme yeah as far as of being in a written form and and accessible you use
in an email in in email for the name of the particular artist that they think i forget but i had run across his name once but i never thought of him as they come on these miniature is or artist as such i had run across them in reference to modano
but not as a monk and that in on and i'm anxious to look at those facts and there was another go the finals major harvest with sponsors to be said here just recently it's been discovered that was economics monk didn't give you the congregation coronation the or google numbers but that is quite vague or that's a win
it's exceptional service weapon posts for the being separate determination which has been restored were and where are those whose paintings paintings are know back during which there was a lovely exhibit at i'm hoping a big ask them for the high ground book of resorted to and other modernists just just came up with it now
a or two years ago but i think it's just our whole country years ago i was making this the manuscript booklet that came out from hope
on illuminations well as such a book on these recent of recent restoration so canal of these pains me i look forward to seeing
does anyone have anything
to stay or ask about guido i'm probably can't answer
this also a to make yeah
now i'm a guy everybody was gonna leave now well i run into music is not i'm not a minute well it was it was rewarding and later on in his commodities a once have later on later on once once in the twelfth century once we got the official papal
balls and eleven five hundred and thirteen that set us up as a congregation and at that time gathered a total number of monasteries engage them to come out put out a com within a subsequent years there's a tremendous growth and at one point within a century
one poll i forget who i don't have my notes with me gave come out of the permission not only to take in houses but whole congregations home and as the economy through a lot of little commendation and so during the twelve thirteen and hundreds
at that time that houses like a santa pola naughty and classic it becomes come on the news and composer because he's gone on to become you i'd have to look at and i can i can't say i'm an hour they were certainly rewarding and inconsiderate commandments the moment but i'm not i had to look at up
joanna com yeah and it's not commodities but it says it's oppressions everything that's come out of these most kemal these houses are not monasteries anymore
there's some of the zone of regional working they think livingstone yeah they'd be assumed that that's what you where his own compositions that but i don't know where there's a copy of though he's i mean there are copies little but and they could do i will be at some place like yale he was incredible amount of things we can
get our hands on come on those ones so does hi will
i discovered because we're twenty your collection of bulbs will are so interested the t come from this
but we wouldn't want to do that unless we will sure he was a pilot and frontier the have been going to pursue
i wouldn't hurt us on the salt and bombs as us bonds with some of them are some files oh i saw those letters young and also some although not wedded but the intermission
on they have a one from the fourth of the late thirteenth century from one of our houses
remember which one question
one of our commodity but each house had own own
you didn't have its own a tradition what didn't that i mean the each had their own sets that were being done by our miniature is in fact that's why our military schools actually got started with to do our own quiet books for on housing costs quite a box with stay
with monks to read from want tour to they should be true to three on each side facing north wales so you have groups amongst around his huge books well once they got their own copies made people started paying for that sir no talk about the nature of on friday
but it became very lucrative to help
and crushed by that time our miniatures are so good at that they became renowned and we wouldn't young models when the only image some of your wonderful francisco nutrients than other than injecting sauce will have with
the periodic ah
and some of the french of skin and on worked together for and some friends and they're fairly certain that towards the end lorenzo's monaco flight he worked with rough time
peter out
earlier version better
a also that he worked with
who's one was just glad i'm jamie
robin gender on some miniatures are for one of the
one of the project that and few of our foreign colleagues was trying to get get down and ran into the problem in angelica can help marines

forget that business i said about my i i meant i'm journey
who's the best for me oh and then up
you i twice i think simply reference to the murder of guido solitary how would you know that time from is that
well i don't you know i don't remember from the letter itself on they deduce that from frontier and because it twenty over wanna at the time
it's always in connection with with the plenty of a lot of that is mentioned and of course this is more or less from the commodities tradition that his love for solid this niche the nipples brown stir compose a houses from and and just screen yeah because our coming on stream
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and also working with metal
drinking commemorative medals to whatnot cardamom
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ironic that is he was using texas that says he's not for some of his antiphon to three system
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yeah there's a number of and in print
why are you looking for texts i just wondering once and for the him was from for hollywood's most creative
i'm todd said that music from words and said
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yeah no i don't know if anything written
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when he's doing the right and twenty i didn't know when your there's no interest in business visit you know human that doesn't go from the door we're ready to be that is what connection isn't totally arbitrary this is the first drone yeah and is the first mind as i'll start with the dough
or there's a second five were rid of champions are going just weren't like can just weren't running
in a disused whose business when i read a it i don't know
you know very well i'm along the fence that i i've just a lot of chant when i was saint charles woman i mean who knows maybe someone out of the freedom religion just so long ago
lord knows how many modifications of might have gone because we're not in a and i've i've never seen i've loved to your next time years
we are no manuscripts on that time
that have agreed on
if you read these people you're going to run across a couple of supposed
composition of the whatnot but again without answer
but you can get your hands on an interesting phenomenon now when you are within the next time you're began hundred you can rock
but in this technological age who knows what's gonna happen nursing charms and an ensued microbiome by written people all over europe you just keep just book a hero to all my joints are you serving
we'll have a contact their next year rather than a survey to me if you could steal something i mean that you could tell them look up to now
i understand the chain for centuries and really very little any down that's why they he added with salaam at you basically looking for a vital in sheriff ride right there are things at home and on the thing is they had some things like
i think that it's just chaos and it's just very sporadic the to sort of like sometimes interviewing off for this do
in the nine thirty one group i was fifteen an hour for was i know down and fifteen i'll never make the jump one to remember
i mean that was thousand and got reader so
i'm not going to get into this directive
the big bigger j his office
okay we've gone over out such a we do were able to search and here