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Retreat Conference. Openess




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about this mailing and navy so we put all males under the big cross so each one vet gave a gesture of adoration than took within one or with their one made
just to say that they crucified has not to stay there crucified but if we are able to unmade that would be good

so we have considered different expressions of openness
and today would like to fault use on behavior issues of mailing and unveiling of openness
so my starting point will be today a recent italian movie
and then we move towards some questions about contemporary christianity
and at last we meditate on nailing on mailing images of god or from necessity to freedom of building
so let us consider first the initial striking seen
the movie one hundred nails to tokyo the in italian
a sort of spiritual testament of arab man or ordered me a christian catholic director
so some words about that as usual in an early hot summer morning the porter of the ancient and prestigious university of paulownia is opening an inspector
in the class rooms
but approaching the gate of the library which contains ancient texts of religious literature
we see him horrified by a vision we don't see
he begins to cry for help goes outside yelling for her telephone today
chancellor to the police
public authorities arrive expressed expressing astonished and a very colorful exclamation our division of the room
that we can also now excess so disseminate it all over the floor above the desks
dress shoes volumes or illuminated manuscripts
transfixed by big names
so one could didn't thing at the new original installation of anish kapoor but it is presumably an act of madness but art and madness on the other hand may share
a same conspiracy against the established orders
so over the course of the movie we slowly discover the author of the misdeed
a young well off an attractive teacher of philosophy of religion researcher at the see university of bologna who rebounds
at is meaningless life experiencing the lack of war humanity in his academic meet you
rebels against the prescribed power of written religious codes that name our life too insensitive blows
the nailing of sacred books turns out to be a symbolic sacramento gesture and to express the arrogance of doubt dreams that inscribed on our flesh on order that
subjugates and more defies life a symbolic sign to affirm their right to live freely
the teacher will say discussing with one of his students in the library
there is more truth in a caress than you know the pages of these books
so getting free from rose skills house car documents that protagonist desserts civilization and settles in an abandoned heart by
by a river
slowly entering in contact with the resident community that offers him shelter and hospital it
the people who touched his are than mine are the ones that welcome him as a foreigner
in a d c d is interested way
they often gather in wind table for sharing bread wine wisdom
he doesn't do miracles but they call him already jesus christ
may my heart always be open to lead to birds who are the secrets of leaving
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old it is not even but edward cummings
so the movie expresses a protest against every kind of religious ideological or cultural factors that are detrimental to the expansion of human exist
things religions says the director have never saved they want they have rather directed humanity into draft for chasms
religions can only be suggestions to regulate our ideas but never to impose then i am for freedom not for subjection
a manifest to a games culture and reading therefore
absolutely not says the director but against those masks of gods created by certain groups of human beings to justify their not so
noble aims and deeds
i believe in god save the director who turns because into wine
the one who challenges us in standing instead of commenting us
so the sacred die menge is for all me too important than free to be closed into the human limits and measures
he evokes in the actions of the protagonist the subversive innovative human spirit of jesus who knocked down the temple of stones laws and decrees
was considered met by his relatives and possessed by religious leaders
hurt himself a games the god of purity and human sacrifice being nailed to a grass by the crucifying powers that dwell in human hearts mind
funds and institutions
the movie expresses a contemporary embodiment of how the war makes foolish the wisdom of god and how god makes foolish the wisdom of the world

so now move to the second the movie raises questions about christie and
is christianity today a nailing or on nailing expression of life
we perceive from history that the christian galaxy is complex and multifaceted
it gathers around the spring event or jesus of nazareth called christ and adapts itself to heaping hellenistic roman and so many other cultural contexts
christianity has slowly become a form a architecture or ten or a system a discourse that continuous to enter into conflict with all the relevant changes that of core
or at least from the dawn of the modern era
friction with the shifts that now a days overflow the walls the skin the view the authority of the christian body as it has been shaped dealing now
just to mention think to the debate concerning evolution and democracy
the area of ethics and by you technologies
the participation in the sacred ministry by women or inter religious dialogue
is christianity called through these tensions to follow the easter parable of its lord and servant
then to decompositions of his body
and to have faith in the possibility of an unpredictable resurrection
does a question
are we called to be at the same time to and womb
have a creative and loving generation of the as yet an awakened intentions of god
could it be that in the course of the human adventure any t has released on its best energies kids and potentiality potentialities losing its
ralph in the process like a drop of water in the sea
we don't know but it may be a possibility
the possibility of having dissolved herself in the ward becoming the good news she announced the in garnish of god
if there is still a future for christie and it
are there challenging and perhaps radical transformations required of her in the contemporary situation
ah an italian scholar
involved in the area of social communications maintains that human nature is today nothing more then a light ruffling on the long end and restrain
annabelle wave of leaving
these words blanche as immediately into a bast evolutionary process which has caused us to become what we are at present individually
and in our co existence with everything why we continue to be transformed into something other that luckily we don't know yet
in the long way for believing that precedes us and goes beyond us we come to the awareness that we're not a stable fixed or fine or being
we are instead under construction we are a work in progress involved in a creative on balance unfolding in an infinite becoming
and what we're now is a temporary mutable out to come
participating in this create a the dynamism of live we are aware of the contingency of all beings that permanent change of forms through which live expresses
itself herself
we also become aware of the daily resistance to the changes we encounter or even the opposition that we ourselves present crystallizing us into a
wire behaviors and languages that we regard as solid and untouchable realities whether they are psycho somatic political economic cultural or religious it's
being involved in these mysterious cosmic gestation also allows us to consider with a sense of proportion the historical phenomenon of christianity
and it's relevant irrelevant age of two thousand years related to this long and boundless wave of living
as participants in an incessant process of generation the divine mystery continually evokes in human consciousness new inventions of itself
transfiguring the shape of christie any t and disclosing always knew potentialities
so are we expected by the source to become humans and believer's differently from what we have experienced until now
what are the images of god we witness to
so we moved to the third
i would like to express some insights about a transformation we are called to respond to
from necessity to freedom of believing or about nailing unveiling images of god
and what i am suggesting now and tomorrow is not a dog drink but a meditation in the mae king so a m
revolving around there

at the core of our being we are a potential beijing
inhabited by an imaginative so blas
by overstepping our biological frames inducing them to ecstatic simulations and metaphors we foster in hands our words
with music or economical political mathematical retour philosophical mythical technological visions and devices included the inventions of our gods
concerning our images of god meister eckhart expresses a striking intuition same
i pray god to be free from god
what i also pray every morning at clots
so i believe that eckert considers the risk of clinging to these representations of the divine
they were made may be who they were may be born from a fresh and touching experience but has slowly become precious stones that we easily subordinate
to our goals needs or purposes
i think that our western culture to which we belong has inscribed these images in our psycho somatic structure
and for this reason it is important to a knowledge and to discern the human motivation that has given rise to these inventions and to see what kind of spin they
tour behaviors of our being in the ward
what is the quality of these images
are they in hang sing or mortifying images dominating or liberating images
it makes a difference for example
if our god is a pitiless judge him or a loving forgiving mother and father
if god is an and korea's lord king or a dia corners a compassionate healer
if god is an intolerant landlord or a welcoming hosts of a banquet open to everybody
it means to me that belief in god often originates from the very human need to find a reassuring order in the midst of the chaotic threatening
ing an unforeseeable flux of events
we are mortar and vulnerable
easily wounded by what surrounds us how can we blame this desire to control the risk of this day be a station that characterize characterizes so many represents
patients of god theological or philosophical political or moral
we can imagine god as a call cause active principle of cosmic and social order or as then the architect of unintelligent drawing
leading history towards a pre ordained had the end
or as the big watch maker of the mechanisms of the war or decker run door of moral values and virtues of the
on all terrible natural laws
we can brandish god's name to obtain favorable result for our selves the victory of our know negotiable cause against dept of our up a
ponant this success of our true god against the false god of our rival
it is the god of the are cursing
and a binary logic that clearly separate time from eternity
good from evil sacred from profane and such a concept of god produces holy wars crusades absolutism and fundamental reasons
a controlling god is useful to impose an order and eradicate any person who dares challenge the uniformity with his her difference
the stranger the enemy the faith less the sinner the irregular the alien
and we know that there is no greater power than that derived from the identification with strengths regarded as divine pledging us their support
and protection
dietrich bonhoeffer corners or these misuse of god the stop gap
the substitutions of all our human in abilities the feelers of our ignorance
maybe for the first time in our history thanks to the autonomy acquired by the human consciousness and knowledge we are free and released from didn't assess
city to appear to god as authority ground cause assurance principal remunerate or all my
i interpret this new birth as the turbulent passage experienced by born from the law religion to the faith grace
the gospel causes a qualitative leap at the core of our sensitivity and understanding urging us to go beyond law in order to open to grace
and we are singing in these days we are no longer slaves of the law for we are children of god
the good news initiate a movement of dissolving the religious universe as a protective case as assurance or a controlling device in favor of
relying on a creative responsible loving and longing response
i feel that the spirit of jesus undermines the foundations of such religious building or framework based on retribution observances fears and called a bullet
he reveals god as unconditional love for everybody who is searching or longing for it
for through for those drawn by the desire for the beyond
and the son of man freeze people from all kinds of reasons produced by the religious or social establishment
he makes god present in the spaces of human consciousness where god was absent
widening the scope of our feeling and of our capacity for love trust forgiveness and hope
in the present time we can discover and irradiate the spirit as a source of possibility
as a deconstruction of every fixation as an invitation to venture into the vicissitudes of human knowledge to promote more rich and promisingly dynamics
of live in comparison with the historical ones that presently persist
a discovery of god as create a the energy who has not yet been able to expound the human heart to old spiritual richness and gratuitous spaces
of weeks he's the inexhaustible unfathomable source
we are to read a poem
the post by every tickets
we grow accustomed to the dog
when light is passed away as when a neighbor who also there to witness who goodbye
a moment we uncertain stick for newness of the night then fit our vision to the dog and meet the road raped
and some for larger darknesses those evenings of the brain
we're not a mood disclose a side or start come up within
the bravest grab a little and sometimes hit a tree directly in the it
but as they learn to see either the darkness artists or something in the site adjust it so to midnight
and my steps almost straight
a nice description of a month to the bank