Parables: New Testament

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Part of "The Kingdom in Parables: New Testament, Cosmology and Contemporary Poetry"

2. Parables: New Testament

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by your preferences
and she'll do it again you can picture
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and the chicago the kind of powerful and sense that consummately as nathan not have to tell state of his very said you're right they should be anything but you have provided to him
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open to have an enclosure and there's restrict the vote and then get a modern era of has to leave you free instead of simply determined and so what do you run into a young your one wild and fifty states
it's not gonna tell you one thing to do is trying to put him touch for you in a freedom and the the preciousness the unlucky ability uniqueness or five this moment
i'm i'm talking about terrible and farms sometimes and attentive to promises is as follows them and their testament and some of your name that this before it was a farmers and the gospel
a powerful food beverage and kingdom especially the phone has been from the question is if you want to go to theological language but it was a in between jesus know that is where he thanked them into the world and others promise me about his feet and under the down for and caught her in my christ and how he brings to the
a other notification center in everything son has some and how to charges bruised and now it's the other communities in and a body for i like sit there and an interesting movie tremendously convention witness to that furnish the first century the world and jesus and started to to and phone number because not only a this was not only
the life for the transfer of energy
my last work with an adjustment but you know a lot of commentary on the picture i like a narrow pipe a little wider or some kind of mediation is i'm kind of candidate can we do say that fondness until it's no longer recognize in other words he never get the guys
for and eleven on which the nice for was written and never done the experience the reality is version of the phone us on anything like the way of them on which is really
now what can we bring to life farmers in order to be able to relate to and as a very they with inventory to furnish the reader as furnished with real the promise of our present world and of my present itself
by one wild and precious life and my them and we can prepare anyway
it's the most
fugitives from the most ungraspable thing possible is our own evening with its on a take ago
dimensions defend human debt and shine enrichment and and country and the notice and had situations where the poetry the food doesn't touch with that promising knowledge none of my word for college with the canada expose them to everything as much former it's intensity that's right it's fire which i'm intensity of experience and and
with average be honest and is also object to each other i touch with food in it's body however we're total one time about the and she close the wild you anything about it nothing will ever guys when you'd like i get into your body the dimensions of it's going that are out of touch of and another thirty minutes
so what can we went to the word two million times the amount of three to participate his fullness of the word unless it's proponents of ourselves we can do that been i suggested that the poetry you try to bring in contact with my fondness of yourself and then you can bring activists fifty so bring the poem to the scriptures and
abstract but if the form of your shower which the poem that all the farm to open up in chinese
the palm which cannot be put into words people are calling energy field if your life for whatever it is the fatality the accomplishments and much beyond the time
now that's when oliver is trying to get to have all the time in a fun it's also a valid feelings about trying to open up those dimensions of the just continue to experience into the promise of when we are in the furniture for we have and the promise of what we are not yet for shelby of which we have the and side of stuff which is on
due to fire the sheet of by the kind of must achieve any static and it's only that the really which is worthy of the scripture worthy of the gospel the gospel itself is made to open it up and of and interpreted as being encouraged interpreted as being the sheet of the word has been a good fit
and our destiny the palm helps has to do at nine so one reason for family fun together the of to search for that the to pharmacists it's a great gift to be got in touch with the forest with vr it's already extensive experience and
and also addressed down the walls between the show the sacred and deceptive because the which can account for really must reach out to the whole of reality it doesn't want to you can find them religion within the church within a particular church if one case was contented a world which can generally comparative religion show that he runs into the ground is human life
my name is why would anyone a physical therapist competitive if you kind of forget tired of them as you kept on a parables are never see the thing about problems with exercises that they are about wedding our life stories about ordinary life he filled with each create an incentive user base which is divinity which
simply disappeared into the ordinary as being condemnation human life itself so there's no religion is no church built on top of one life they wanted to come out and disappear of interest and that's the crop
that's the wonderful thing about it and for thousand and one point of view the disappeared with a bunch of the ordinary which often times these precision want to get away from for the other member handling everything from you have know something special from another point you simply disappeared into ice
so the religion of guy the knowledge of america this time the reparations for now use but the fact that the open is uncharted an open on the emerges and amount of creative now open on the movie from they fit and active fighting some i believe that i've been better for not according to reprieve
atomic plants that according to this for getting around the city
according to the leaving as around the century
but whenever quite europe until the replacement for
what is a powerful any how well they were posting a wide variety of meanings and accused them of new testament of close collaborators using an integrated the new testament for a lot of jesus saying that the different kinds of thing and then the new worked with
ishan parabola can mean a lot of different kinds of the good faith but we this a little definition of a cross and what's your temperature should have like as a tool to wonder the news for the new testament
an extended metaphor of a similarly they can't becoming a brief analysis general used in little time for the that because the teacher so that most people simple metaphor a figure of speech or just as average it it's just like the proverbial same figures species and a civilization like the last weekend yesterday
the live on wednesday or am i to say that the kingdom of heaven and earth like a whale or something like that ended if not already be a terrible reputation of the development over individual becomes a story on the hillside a by narrative
like you have a story for the fifth time
and so the whole spectrum between much to show it's very difficult to speak precisely about parables because they're not just one thing than a kind of
the horizon and the kind of fun
this is what draws him says further that in a deeper way about what a families about
a powerboat is a metaphor of normalcy in harmony which intends to kill participation in a threat from the talks of place where one can participate in it
what better the talks with a lowercase with a month and but it doesn't have cabinet
i'm so understand the validity of exploitation stuff
another form of identification which were just your understanding so that you have given a chance to read it so an essential have to swallow which means to become what it is in order to understand the probably has a history
a metaphor of normalcy which in turn to create participation know what is the first your participation in the kinda
when business with drugs and i'm very frightened people use this to of like management now
you spend time together by a great contracts and hell unless we are addressing i was and i mean just that with the as under cycle you decide to run away this is of management it's another for a figure of speech which we just you until your participation and that point is director money to purchase i am the verified
he could resist don't understand them until you either until you become our age into to participate and what it does
like it becomes much clearer as the power to feel what you have a be a symbol
and then he verify himself with simple i'm gonna play
no problem with this weekend and up
are plenty of stumbled
navajo much resembled but the fairly simple you know like life life and watered him and place inside and got from time to them we went to order they can to form a circle and in the center of the circle which we i am
i have and that's right to file in integration is all of the particular shambles disappeared and i'll burn nothing but before the defined as and after they find a form of orderly manner would be say i am indebted life i am the resurrection life i am away in the week in the life and i am a second shot
the data to see which of these is like another hamburgers could be paid or a fire of the high before it disappears the have disappeared so when is that the central issue in the whole symbolic for of system and the powerful from to defeated the stones the disappear
into one's going to use of stuff not about play thirty concentrated in virgo going on commandments because you're not going to come and characters in john's for that everything was reflecting the one bright light of the to see such as expected especially when we say i am
each of these ufos at the bottom of your father of this can expect them on them or anything inappropriate
there are seven of them and that comes from the appendix to the first time i found that the government shutdown he's got a very much a i am stations which will have to climb in absolute ones where jesus says simply i remember he said that when i come to a restaurant in the garden and the soldiers for backwards
he says money walking across the water damage at night can i be afraid i have he says if to the phenomena and often it doesn't come out in the translation because they also i feel that vicious i for your i am or something like that instead of those words i have to reflect the man of god in york
the dutch another story to know like at for a powerful
but at the center of the power of it work at a temperature which the of can no longer uses is that i am space and
it's too not there for the with the storage for enough and they just one story and then the story itself i'm just saying that players for the identity and
which is under them to russia investigation
but meanwhile because this mineral name of the i am today i am a better by finding the light for work on a sheep could i haven't to buy time amount of the shepherd to physical resurrection life and the way the christian life and were meant to be by those statements drawn into the subject until the into the your creditors
disappear and then just the i am which is not only we going to try to exercise said somehow become our on that
because it all of those symbols of the mediation is really coming towards us coming closer and closer and closer until we are here and that's because you can account for to nevada
but in the synoptic gospels mark and matthew and luke the have the power of was the stories with watson and i'm concerned is immediately dog is telling him to about somebody else or something
the parables for further out from the sky
ha we can talk about the relationship between have powerful and each other forms of figurative speech for and new noticed the difference between powerful and and most for well
crush on a different class and that the book of this continent powerboats revenues from nineteen seventy three which don't want to wonderful
what he's trying to do a book that shows is find out what the aged between foreign policies and the power he's got charged with a bunch of quotes from modern artists poets and critics
would you can kind of thirteen ways of looking to the power he have the military
does ramallah healing factor in writing
at a black player and i wondered for a long time what what is the how did you make the connection and presented window dressing in place just and the jersey shore the boy associate the with modern point but as a ministry of connection i think the connection of job when he starts with somebody needs by by apparently because she's definitely
no time for good pretty now and it's the same way you would decline the modern for ultimately the something was not examined by external reference because it relates to something i'd try yourself knowing which in terms of stuff contemporary relationship of the on out of so it's completely from got autonomous competition coming from the office of needed
and verge of after ten minutes
i didn't want to say something about this book across and project i love this book but a lot different from a more reasonable it becomes much more additional drilling and exploration whereas very start of your revenge for the mystery and much inside the phone
a pair of a musician imaginary gun with your chosen
the as marianne moore talking about but a coincidence a pair of just imaginary on the real trojan
stretching in the world because she the powerful and found founded a language nano this is really could happen and he says i'm then gives you the current and imagine i got an imaginary term
because it's the language doesn't have to be rid of which knocked down there that to me and the archetype a language you can stay there like the a difference in the cowboys and i think about thing
mesmo screaming and a spaciousness of architectural imagination but the bar was founded next month with in an airport of know the cogency a president was tourists which is not internet
allegory is coming from private cause the allegory is like something is constructed after the fact you have an idea of are assured of the right here and then the pounds between an allegory images to embody the ideas but the powerboat is a thing in itself which
is not a translation for pages and ideas the image comes first and the ideas come to
it's like music
now vagina vs about was on party that political person i came out of immediately lot of good friends and then he wrote a post commentary on his my phone but it's the poetry which the image which comes fresh from the center of fresh from the short and contains the former and the the commentary
is like so days with terrible an allegory the to powerful and crushing definition is something that this was spreading out of the they shouted that it straight out of the short
and of course you received this uniquely happening and jesus because jesus is the word he was made with creative works for what comes from him in that sense is of utmost preciousness
they say this is fairly agree that makes a powerboat or the most reliably was not extensively having the new testament to the hottest thing to to a change to pull with as a story
they can image verse story you can change that thing you can flush with the words and and one of the discourse in front of the showmanship users but it's hard to read between the lessons from had something onto it like the explanation for the powerful of the solar market and mathew but it's hard to change the powerful itself sometimes it's done
the last to be the most reliable or comes direct from users i could go either way to get and stuff but that has this other country crunch that there's something very very precious it was something that originates from jesus himself a woman as a work officials the poetry of users
when it's got a special value that a special fascination true
maybe the pagination amount of the power of of is really good at and official coming out there woven by jesus that stuff not something that he picked up from adapted adaptive anything like that that even something is coming from an idea that something is woven from the was creative kind of new creation within the north korea and which originated with a friend that of
music and a joke clear on human life
so an allegory not after the ideas the powerball is need for the primary source which venerate good idea
a powerful metaphor that are very close with a cargo on one i used to visual metaphor never managed to navigate the story
but according to crush on it's a metaphor started trying to become an actor time to develop under extreme
somewhere on a freshman
and assemble the southern authority there it's not something
literary something is an existence and i need a car or the caravan i picked it up maybe i forgot about assembles environment like water and i'm like know
while the tree
life some sort adulthood already symbols and refer as it were not to one or another thing that they go right into the ground and appear
preventative the totality and and over to her a divine merkel and here as well as the root level of woman
the the system
but some of who already have a powerful at a problem will pick them up the i am showing to jesus and god for to do it because the symbol can to them to reveal himself
source and to they're happy
and some of the of fit into this special category with crushing is talking about for it's more one thing and where there's a mystery hidden inside it and will only get to the as by participating
and not really a essential for modern phone
and that it was really touching the modern and so on
have the see caravan of comedy club was that time and making an interpretation but there are other power was called a new testament which complete internet which are exemplary stories and pressure from that point of view you my content of the period but then you look at what they are and not inferior to iraq for somebody at a restaurant
he said there are for those and an investment your own and a group
well i do
good samaritan embarrassing and republican rich poor management of either
now expected to look for an unsurpassed and most marvelous resident roman a story in iraq so it doesn't
because they don't conform to his kind of mysterious them most foolish maddening cause the parallel with and find intolerable is a minute good in theory says something about certificate get fellow relatives that have something in common
it's them have a proclivity to look for those are cough exemplary stories and people from hundred and ninety percent my now have a core problem in a restricted set the example destroyed by because they're not not various in the same way and give you a story which is planning
thirty nine dollars to the video store which was playing and which is as it were a principle of life for you with the positive been negative this and i'm excited for medic

to have have
together to battle the military temporary storage from the poor are the good samaritan the rich for that
rich man and leisure
one thousand dollars
now those are among the most powerful surge in the
the didn't see where the definition and may be potentially some point as far as reading and i honestly fairly content
i'd say that person's idea of the carnival the amount of homework set of the problem with the kinda between regarded like and like
does with a specific travel between them and not so well for these stories and which were given an example of that particular crime and
while they got one other idea and stuff check on top of or less than twenty four kind of ties up
both will be poetry line and were falling and also the technology
if they finally the french polish and on with a few the about prize he gave an address we always do
when it
and he spoke of the power of language especially of the power within a the phone he have had the audacity to compare that our that of nuclear energy
he did not visit mean according while that to set the fragile clay map of the correct focusing on the atomic of an assures your world transformation know that means the sun thirty three it's the same thing that happens in navy nuclear fusion
i know that happens in china happened to come out of this sky which is always shining and all the sky is the same reaction is to this fusion takes place from which is a source of all about any of my life out of our life unimagined features by posing as a sheet and and create creative work in the burst of anger
it in an emerging neck but in the phone for an apartment for some kind of fusion has taken place he was gonna fusion between the spirit that is a the industry in the world for the something that comes forth and as a fusion between image and fruit and and between knowledge and feeling
talked about before that to length from is sometimes with feet and face quite under the terms with meeting under pressure
be created a day
that brings this movement for that usual concentration you can show for energy which is contained within the com or within the car
have you got this is a dim analogy of the power of the gospel in the united kingdom of god but she did know and brought up with freshman and it's terrible
the something about wilder that he's got a sense of the power of the gospel with one of the one contemporary life and an to manager who have that sense
i'm really concerned of power energy that can attach photos will not fit fettered a bit of the way
by the analyses of the analyze can do about it come back together for a kid
is this kind of authority certainly the pushing himself in the sheet terrible aware of course minority of an author a joy with the poet play laugh is ultimately more determinative of and family government
have become a powerful it is something like say we do and gov for author of the laps and understand where you'd like to all an hour and other city which has no neither sun and moon to find a product for the glory of god and fight in attractive around the lot of implications of thinking that as i mentioned that a solar kind of introduced
as a solar interpretation before which is interested in the scripture not only fifty or so further reading in terms of the shoulder reality which is god which is christ and bridges out shelf which is are emergent self
and which may even imperfect ourselves in terms of what we are becoming is not solely on issues with sun is shining pedestrian in foot
remember the disciples on the road to familias on opened open descriptive to him
and as he opened his country their hunch was running than the fact that it
instead well for not our hearts like industries he opened his two sisters funny though as he opened the scriptures that be interested and integrity quickly becomes self sticking to show them himself in a strictly for the old testament but it the same time he was shown them something else which doesn't come out in the group
he was revealing themselves to he was opening up that sober reality is that she's written around five which is their own passages on billion
we're not i'm running within if you hoping descriptive to it from a row she inside the word is that the reality of our church in the ultimate principle of interpretation i think to such pdf the word is meant to communicate tourist for to awaken us to which is given us average the heart which is just awakening which
this struggling now
that's where the bombs were helpful a can
basically we don't let us stopped short of that a young let and bring to the scriptures a world which is smaller than that
hey or outbreaks as the work of a peep from a combined world from the prison as it were restricted consciousness and to the an adoption like the maghreb
homosexuality is because they don't slide down the world with only the district don't even way to hunting for showing brain damage and which also i saw obligatory tour another was an engaged woman creative engagement and creativity and that's where the expansive requested that's where the bigger world is it within you
waiting for you remember that it's within each of us waiting upon her own action and which we shall discover
it would be
haha yeah wouldn't want i'm trying to figure that com
this promise which were talking about yours are very energy which minutes which is somehow identify with our trump and ivanka with our on initiative and article with our not work identical with our own ask them and at first awake and down the has had their face when we say i believe
when we believed you is not know if and believe in him when we accept that not knowing what we're doing okay when we first for believe in christ and the will happen i kind of sparkling buy popcorn or rather the new testament when we first the even and accept from recognize him resorted to sign onto this and that the spot he started and are
i'm part which is or i'm shocked to discover the self discovery is that which in which we find is right a world where we only find it has recreated and that's i will show the modern discovery or the modern which the newest and for the wisdom of the west
nathan the reality which comes from within the personal freedom or my
and we can also have a question that with cut off from from contaminated because in the wrong direction that's the thing at exactly
but the fact that the larger world we're talking about the larger promised the second phone of this world and myself is concealed within shoes within the mustard shoot then more invisible spark about i'm feeling and then like to try them forever going to have a good player in the morning
it's up to what you just north of a recent time
it's up to ask whether it was smiling on time and are very simple fact it's up to watch for the we have an affirmative attitude towards life for the way the function on one or whether i'm somebody to take a little your life away
the day or night found out the issue is relentless in our world number one
now reality interviewing them the british raj construction and said will be a light in the world
but the like in the world is another a and bravely and then of darkness helpless against it is likely to change your power also to find the way because it's genetic
and even to do it in the smallest ways to be doing it even to be doing it on a smaller scale it can be recreated in the world
i wanted to go through some kind of
principles or interpretation of the festivals but before that but not the kind of error
on his mother figure
what's your problem that
know if understand the for ask for third of them
kind of a here
have you know you

those are russia
shanghai is now
i was with the of game on
our product when are
now i think before about from philip himself and the the army that the image of fighters where we the advertising the life of me limited
a for the word and forty five twenty five five
visit the back of the different decision
an average didn't even know
but even if you
the we can be used to speak before we give me than anything at all
an guy
now here a father here in the world jam is a that can see reality
a photograph and i have tv
when something that a very limited function and identity with a bunch of and which keeps you in the center of the are leaving
i most doesn't agree with them or take them over the one of their privacy
beyond of the and before they development before they
and that's where the individual powerful individual stories you think that we've been turning up the phone
hey matthew what you have a stupid work
the give it a secret and many the difficult than the
the and the that they can withdraw
do not want to be fun to drive traffic and know you had something else good enough custom the disturbing if you have a stuff i'm actually in the energy of a good
and my lead to support one hundred i fifty moved along
now here get like and mark of the not good national nationality
gonna get everything from how much better
i'd want that is actually my idea of employment
the climate in itself a lot faster than anything
you need to boring and clean the
now this work off of the fact that we can eliminate
what i'm doing
i want them to climb over here with not here is powerful of the word on the other to the have to take expression do it with a first and the reason powerful better than the
this mysterious with primary
be affected
but which is good the story
and if your partner in the photo does anyone about this
you have not been up to the from economy and by the mask with virgil van cleef is do
after the fact of after the fact that
but he comes to put it into his family is an order
which is given to a collectible respect in berlin
and they've also i'm already indicated that the only from
outside and the top five
i was ordered a copy of
i do that is that is not important is that when you've got an art for of birth time
the investment be a terrible and i were did you know
twenty i'm feeling that the defendant was before
what are you even a favour
the the fact that
and we both parties and found to mm
the solid answer
that is what was the interface is provided with kind of the but even for a the in with by is be out for yourself
ah that heart is a huge times first for the topic of the evolution of not
the entire of a novel story with something which is very
which is given for the shape and own here
and that's not just
the world not just you know it features natasha
that lot of money would be to see
and only
here's a different central time different from the and
the and
the to africa
the market have found what i wrote to if it is bad as a few thoughts and yeah
and not going to have a plan would you a
the time and given to you your work the ideally before the together
no no you not my perception kind of japanese can be because the early that added
after that the movement is didn't kind of woman is out for the camera movement of sky one florida like be readily understand the disgusting
that you know was movement has been looking out for
the the good to know
founded like
got funny
i'm janice have so much a question of movement hundred as a question of time because he takes you to a kind of homeless center
the software to try to this so quickly that i want to that should just
some principles of interpretation of the parables and a kind of body temperature preferences are actually story
first concert or event was pathetic confrontation that is
the powerful is often aimed right at you sometimes change i'd actually like a fiscal a good example is in march twelve when i teachers recent controversy with the scribes and pharisees and sean and then he tells the parable of the wicked husbandman remember that with a five dollars
they realize that this powerful totally against them is a target for him or another example of more friendly example if a lawyer one
research has been in this discussion i can about the great commandment and love your as you to hear the words my mother and then jesus tells the parable of the good samaritan electric prophetic confrontation but it's a very gentle the lawyers or figure a the hello i'm just a surgeon at first meeting
second french you very principles of two levels the surface and the interior and i think this is true of all our you're always reading a story which means something else which refers to something that says knowledge definition of power
and so much africa is to see the family sheet showing and obviously the first to something else and then the explanation and the where you know that the of time
but as i say which one can for to leave that new pokemon
oh sure they didn't have the maximum of me and so that you can set of work you can remember that digests fit into your really yourself move inside your car and feel the energy of expensive energy and that's that's few ideas on the third principle the popular narrative mystery
i got this prejudice that on a path of you really saying one thing that's true and is not sure then is true of the cardinals and kinda much and they want to that far most of your treasure on the phone and of those are usually or take the terrible idea the workmen in the vineyard of day at one time to and domestic company because each one
the thing about and and then the ones who came early and they complain i show these guys on the horizon for about a tower and giving given them the same wage have given us for london heritage
she i think
what's happening here is that there is a single mystery a single gift which has given tourist which is referred to either is the wisdom of guy are here and powerful as the kingdom of god
and the power was run by the nice water and to
always inviting us to enter into that single reality by as god as christ as the kingdom of god as we hear him god and humanity in price for finally as the inner reality in myself
players been really one time
how that works very well for the my problems with him and it doesn't work so well for the stories by faith
the protestant she exemplary stories work
lazarus engagement and shot and yet you don't have to go to parliamentary session
there's a principle of coherence the kingdom is one thing which goes on our qualities
follow me from one another the there was one thing is i'm a genius shows if you want to live in if you have killed because he was remember the story my via the tanker an ugly the color without sweating or nothing he didn't put on a wedding car to is just outside now what i mean it means that somewhere that
if you wanted you have to tell him if you wanted him to see if you want the kingdom if you want god and you have to take dragon except that which means you have to become go somewhere that you have to take on become and what you desire that is to you another example is the or to show and none of the show
where the enormous debt and then as we forgive them and then the other fellow origin some kittens and goes out and models and incursion into prison and until the page and the master time goes by recruiting and punish and why because you didn't want to take what he is given
see when you got me on a level of the time when the literal level to the interior of that gift which is given must be coherently machine so that you become what you are given and then express what you are here otherwise you don't worry i when away from overwhelming dominance they certain essential tasks yourself outside and another essential
never really entered
the door was opened if she didn't do it
i was one history you get to gun which is usually translated into the word not even
her first fanciful is it is a total the man to enter the kingdom requirement totality of response function face with she under fifty shop that comes out so much in life and a national vote and that numbers on for the powerless and push you to do a foundation the treasure another kind of hypertension and the field has to go
sell everything as and by the tail
the one if the merchant refines the precious for goes away and cells are eating out for the soviet of from and he has to in order to buy land so listing kingdom is homogeneous bonus requires on know all of your shop not only do you have to become what it is but the makes you in some way they go the everything
six thousand kind of gratuity and of freedom and something which is incalculable that so you you're continually finding headsets the especially in groups terrible i think the best example that from the idea is the thought of a sandwich
when a father comes out and the scientists compact he's competitors it's hundred i don't have probably he's come back because hundred and the falcons are in on throws his arms around his neck and a in the best gonna put your ring on it to cheat on his feet killed the fatted calf and enraging the the other son the other
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it's another passion and other side of this one reality that the kinda makes with different if we can all affect
examples a nasty of by the a good employer who gives each worker the same wage which he hidden areas for which is also infinitely can which is also every as number eighteen
and the great shepherd remember
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which is unique we could not find humor in jesus you that you can do this in and interesting and certainly there
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how does how close these principles are to one another so of one almost becomes another one is like just another face no one this before
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it's also an amazing woman seeking the last time and a shepherd shipping a large ship
now this is a close together so that one of these as i'll show you need to very nearly an extra and if all describing one thing the these principles are really trying to persuade activated that we're talking about one thing all of power
you can say of course if at one time excuses himself in that comes out and with the i understand it can also say that is to kinda
in any case you to get to get into it the of are like when you called commentaries on the one which given to us
which is imperative command and gift to the same time but we need to awaken in fact that is gift because we often work and don't really get man
this principle hidden growth as as another alone the final especially in happy in march problem he this issue
the time scale of the google blog
where'd you find in those terms you find a freshman and matthews purple the servant is given charges a household and the ten virgins and the talents in the last judgment had done in the guy that nephew constructed
when is a principle of the burst of creativity and has created reversal of direction and that are you struggling with that and that's harder to find i think it's interesting and rather the i was writing the start with a sheet cattle and mark that she'd which was forth into the ground and then
springs out and multiplies yourself thirty four there sixty four hundred for now we can interpret that family in one sense has been nearly the word of god the gospel song letters and realizing himself only as it were always in the sunlight or you can enter the urge the see coming out and realizing itself
in many ways we you can go further and think with the house recede
creativity of self for she'd have known as which is shown us so the kitchen and we will emerge in a totally in way and so that the notice that rests namely however on imagination the notice of that is only limited by around
the knowledge about our current managed to run on ability to imagine
book you've got see i
welcome that not be especially in the title of the talent and the end the judgment strangely need on the show how you quantify what you can get it and the one home and gives back what you seek a the beginning in one talent even roses what he was given
but the one who has created some have given away
trading with the tower
now did the one to get rewarded
he moved its impressive and name the parable or twenty eight the good samaritan
the sort of has to imagine
how good one can give to someone rich and made
have it comes out pneumonia the unjust do it
who squanders his masters
and the the kind of money for a kind of commending
crafting a commanding of you of one's own power of inventiveness with and which was interesting they tried to find that principle explicitly and very many places have enough
finally there's the solar principle which is related to the hundred difference but i thought know that this is as it work but personalizing your interior rising a big contributor to the relative mystery but it's not only unity the choice for dynamic and it's the interpretation of everything else returns
that's what we be forgiven to the trump
just a jesus content to the world at what we are and the triffids our workforce i have no idea which were key to interpret to the world is that no game that jesus village which i given him two minute so the same key is given to her
we are to interpret everything went to turkey the scriptures according to what we are with the divinity
according to what they really are
in thousand and body in that divine right the divine energy to intuition
so ourselves become the principal of interpretation of his pictures
i think to the over is that i think that the rhythmic are introduced with freshness with good you which is simply while while we imagine the shock sometimes it can stuck in right for boston my abuse of the orchestra and is very personal it's very creative particular that we say it's not objective at all times but that's because i think
she's in in the scriptures according to the as which he knows himself and he's not gonna have to read a textbook about it so he's not worried about whether they do it next time the same way he's interpreting the cookies out of the fire and hmm complicating the scriptures part of a very gifted with descriptions and and to enter and ten
i saw come back to that sort of principles my maid of honor
as other people to or reason really for bringing the modern forms from have the power was together
now i want you pretty much concluded pharmacy can watch know if we would have been around when you're not america
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