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New Testament Class



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with that throw 'em
paul and mark looking for a shopping until or wisdom until the destiny of protesters and there's one hundred days
and now we want to look at nashville and look
the number and can call we found that simple structure of the before running after the big change that happens for the death and resurrection of jesus i'm not put your personal life of jesus and he doesn't say a great deal about the technologies has been in detail
what he's interested in there's the death and resurrection was kind of whatever size may change happened when jesus rose and game the spirit
and consequently
the wisdom or unit of interpretation and clause precisely sees this movement from multiplicity to unity by being incorporated into the body of christ or simply encouraged or that language that we looked at the language with the prepositions and especially the image of the body of christ which is dominant you know it's not your dicks
presently the very idea very expression in christ on how has it an image of the body behind it the nobody of christ
no mark we've found a number of things you've got a concentric structure which lent itself to a image to intimidate and then founded mark's gospel the wish to propose this is written
in preparation for baptism at easter vigil and therefore the whole thing as is flowing into an experience it's like you have two things and one of them invisible and one of them is visible which visible as the text was visible or audible is the gospel of mark america narrative itself much invisible and implicit as the experience which and they jumped to which it
that clintonites burn which in turn becomes the light in which one leads the gospel and understand the gospel and understands it in oneself and in the life in which one participates that which is going on around one show so the gospel and would interpret the experience of the holy spirit expensive baptism and that experience
once would interpret the gospel
and here you have limited by of a word and spirit as ago which we find often and were joking about the new testament in general will find it also in a different formerly dog that massey and lived together
also in markley found gives us identify the divine wisdom
and the implication of the women which is not drawn out with developed but he's very strong towards the end of the life of jesus is the passion doesn't resurrection jesus surrounded by these women figures of often connected with an anointing to at some kind of the parfum fragrance
so we still have to do matthew and luke and john and and together with john the first letter of on which is very important we run into this issue of the synoptic problem remember i think i just mentioned that last time
however the three synoptic gospels mark matthew and luke related have been different theories about infected and different theories but the order of the gospels
i'd recommend that article and the new year on biblical commentary you want to go into this with any third
there's an article or chapter on the synoptic problem chapter forty
the augustinian hypothesis is they common the to somebody hundred composition is matthew mark luke remember mark was supposed to be an abbreviated of the gospel of matthew so matthew has an enormous authority they're not being not only the first gospel but
maybe the fullest cause from central teaching for the church and massey was written as well as election narrate the trick involved with issues of morality of relationships in the community all kinds of crazy questions and with a more distinct notion of the church also
and with its fullness he's got a lot in it
and then there was so god greece back hypothesis of matthew luke and part everything in the book has ended the passover try
i suppose i'm someone that has also proposed a job as of restaurants
but the one that has a most support now is this is about to source hypothesis number we talk about three traditions a triple tradition in which matthew mark and look at the same text at the same password row is talking about to say one sample as i say a parallel mark has been
terrible and i'm matthew the paddle and look as the bible to and have different forms of the prevalence they've all got it and introduce a differently than they put it in different contexts they all got it that's the so-called triple tradition and the assumption there is that matthew a look at it from mark
when you have a double tradition a way that works is that it's in matthew and luke and not embark for matthew oh share it even in somewhat different forms but it's not a mark now
a striking that you find that much more often than you find something which is mark and matthew let's say and and thought it look you can you find that santa so for that double tradition in matthew and mark and not and hope they propose another source which is called que
for quella in german which simply means stores to nice letter so instead of that would propose a long time ago but it's only recently that it's been very much to verify and then evidence and so on so it's very strong now and then there are things so got a single traditions that matthew and luke where luka
as if nobody else has it and they attribute that looks on source they call that bell and matthews on torrance which they call them
so there you have
and of course that's a little efficient and maybe it wasn't one source but anyway and that's a convenient way of labeling so you'll have gotten me about regulation in the thing
the training
happy and
and mar
we have
this triple division
when we have a fellow and we've been credited to another theory
and then finally we have a single conviction care to now
the one of these more recent schools and historical criticism becomes especially important for us there and that's redaction criticism
some of the schools are accredited and have been more analyzing they tended to divide the text him to small units and airport can do is integrity of the text or to obscure whereas this one tend to put it back together again that puts it back together again in terms of the point of view and and theology and visual features and riot imagined
i'm working out which is very useful it begins to be helpful to us we can directly because a reduction critical work is likely to come up with a theory about the vision of madness at a spring the theology of matthew what the gospel of matthew is essentially trying to say
in contrast to the gospel of luke and very helpful
even though if it's usually kind from other point of view from know we're going to take and here you can take us from to such the normal way to do this you can say that matthew has a particular communities writing chronic writing for and they have particular than that are happening which is very close
and it looked as a different community and therefore the differences between the two gospel come from that the difference between the two billion to come from that and that's true
and that's very helpful when proposing something else also we're proposing that in addition to that there's a kind of essential shape to the christ mystery which is asserting himself and all of these gospel
which seems incredible that believe it it's true so that somehow it has to work out in this way you're an age when say when you've gotta have four gospels
i don't know that i say that in some way this form has been manifested and a manifests itself in different texts which is surprising that so it's almost like you you can have an egg excellency causality where you can have a an intrinsic causality for this
on your day this pattern that appeared among the gospels and the entrance of causality is not so much causality but expression that manifestation other the mystery manifesting itself expressing himself so it's causality we should have is more and more external and kind of dualistic push poll
the article in college has been think the course the community and for the good position and important to particular standard statements explanations for or against against the jewish mob of for the jewish about
more or less
or you have a notion of something inside attached herself and attach themselves something inside all of them something inside the new testament as a whole which is giving the new testament of shows that kind of organic form
an organic form which is expressive of the christ mystery that stuff
and we propose that that is expressed in this mandelic for it's an expression this close former twenty which comes up again and again and great choice even if the structures on friday
and that would be er chief chef and that approach which prosaic announcement to order
about the document que
now i put a copy of the taxes here and nevada know my husband prepare it's activated from what you find them matthew mark and book it's guesswork and been pretty good agreement now on agreement of im guessing as to what it is because you simply derive it from which you find in common imagine
milk and what does not in that's the fact they even have i actually have different levels of kids that the wanna get to and two these some people who tend to call for different levels of
evolution of a text which has never been seen that
and then pretty sure no idea who these people to with grandmother was going to have expertise matter what no reservations are necessary now
this book is the one that i got that text to hear from okay this is burton mac for last cause for and i say the last gospel is already stretching things that that because he was not a cause for cures a collection of sage a gospel is basically american business and q is just think that out america it's gotta be a couple of pieces of
acting strangely enough that the final gotten a final edition of killed has a temptation to cases in and has the story the centurion and i think another like but that's all trusted a shame that you know it doesn't qualify for guests and in calling it a gospel and of course that are self work saying have discovered the real christianity and you can
sure market
and got everybody does that and sense we have to because it's were granted but desecration of modesty
this is the last gasp from the book of few and christian origins so what he's the actually be to grind eventually is to say well until he was discovered we didn't really know what christianity was coming up
so does the slant and in the book
the handout that can have there is
just copied from max book and what i've done to put together those a fluke citations in the right and com is trigger for years from a age you can look up and basically can find the whole and killing the bible new testament just by looking up the luke and equivalents uk
which are close to que they get closer matthew very confusion by like
so there you haven't know what does cute happen when the sayings of jesus and other that wisdom orientation he talked on a practical wisdom sometimes in one mistake of looking which them there a couple of pretty direct with convolutions to the old testament
for at least residents are with of wisdom literature and they don't have to do with your religion of my with israel and unfaithful israel
have a when he lives on how often would i
i was a gathering together as i hadn't gathered that should come back for when members you would not give on to the profit and scientists that kind of thing so you'll find to at home if it were to enter the spectrum and kill one is wisdom for the others it has kind of logic from the elements together and it's coming and going to find
both of these very strong and matthew as well
and then there's the idea that the prophets were all rejected
and the idea of also that wisdom has been rejected and i was to tradition they've been together the old tradition of the rejection of the prophet and the rejection of wisdom until it turns out that it looks like the graphics are set by western number we have happened yet i sent essentially the profits and time
they are a huge
there's a lot of urgency and these things and part of it seems to come from the situation of them an embattled persecuted community but the larger part of that is connected with this final gather those two things are not schaeffer
because if you are persecuted community are likely to think in terms of the final vindication at the second coming up
and maybe before long

there's a pretty helpful article on kiro certain as an anchor bible dictionary the milk for body a one for could have hundred

any questions or that that whole situation before the ones that were saying very little about that because it's not a business to get into a thriving
the relations between the
that's because of the systematic
what about the situations of communication have you look at what i'm saying now comes from libraries for can look i find an official including i'm also writing about market
this is his proposal now that the time for vote with them as about teenagers and says the percent creating the ninth decade of the first entry for for loop not far from it from accurate
and he proposes that the community both a and a look around antioch sherry
but the weekend community is vibrating into to be a gentile canary and it derives from the missions of call they are which gives it a particular file
they said that if community which is founded ambition and inclined to admission that moving out that certainly evident evidently book that is the dynamic of with your customers act
he theorizes that key and for them to the people imagined community or a jewish origin so they have particular problems getting a larger can tell people they're an to environment have a problem keeping continuity with their patched with our experienced in the synagogue that
their whole framework and therefore the interpretation of christianity and terms of lot of the torah lot of the largest group which means history in every
whenever a narrow enough diaspora situation whereas the gentiles the promotion and it would be my home
and then all of the comments and carolina
that world is the time
the people and have you can be perhaps recently expelled from the synagogue
a few things about the human structures about nappy on look amazing barbara and to treat the two together like this the direction at the this time to learn more about the textile i'm more excited about loop and about accurate we need both of them to
to get the picture complete and the interaction the dialectic between the two a test me and pattern that thing
and i remember
i've heard am

the program

to left the i think we gonna work for the political class who could be given back and that to be one with the life and about the judaic
oh god to be the writing right
and pretty nice quality who to be freaking out and look for a lifetime
and five
ah and in are other patterns we have projectiles or galloway over here and we do
the there and political and other here
and the law
and then our basic of apparent for the word of it and yet
the whole life
and know how this dialectic verify which have to the extent that you have to be careful you don't get blinded by the patterns for the weekend to see anything else who will create two kids do not judge judea and jerusalem and never the movement presence and marked out of his from natalie to the good
and that's true of them nothing to alleviate identity amount entirely in the family
enlisted and
the for or gospel preaching to be more confused and john were moving back and forth think there are three journeys like to years on proposed for john
a few structures and matthew how these five great tournament
and it's been proposed for a long while that maybe as constructed around the fight against experiments the discourse is a very important but had removed from market and i believe to believe in it is fairly sure now that the both matthew and luke nomar as part of our whole theory of have but as you move from mark kidnapping and look you can let my teaching of you
part of that is from the incorporation of the huge is the same a a more teaching of jesus and apparently a lot more concern for what's going on in the community maybe there's a long of community experience and maybe the problems have emerged and the life of jesus itself america and the teachings of jesus are beginning to be reinterpreted and
terms of the situation and the crises and the problems in the needs of the community right now
tip it's almost as if and mark you have medical
washington of breathing through your luggage
are you the eruption there's like a character design getting up
he said that the veil of mystery is broken through it has a burgeoning out
out and if you get married life committee beginning to become the the visual of the lens through which you regarding like kind of another teaching is coming out the teaching of being run for they could you know and and as to be integrated separated
and i'm going to give up there got that yet you could i'm not entirely
but it gets a christian is that only retailer the only form of morality and the relationship and he can put and a kind of unlimited life and the think of now has integrated into the one reality participation in one hour
which is the mother
no a good deadline made clear in the community and the like have been uploaded from fit every cabinet minister for the wrong reddit left when we are are basically inside the mental framework of journalism and on the world or maybe you're outside and then find somewhere creating against it
anything the biggest thing the space of the gentile world and helena is over
and as times to the or something as as that the structure for diamonds
and then i mean it's not something something else we don't want to thank you like that my if you couldn't do it happening if the phone
you can do without the law is no back first my parents are you can't do without and development of picture we couldn't do it out it's not up
we started they can't do without the revelation of the good if we have attacked in stuff
and so many you could have it doesn't take the place than anything else a wall and all necessary and here we've got to promote you call it a kind of a somewhat idealized point of view that
that is we're trying to get on night so matthew santos five great sermons the first to that there's sound of mouth the second one is week a on mission everyone jesus spend down for the shape of the third one the central one is the southern of parables of the kingdom and significant the sermon of the power
of is a cassandra mark's gospel or so we see seen as chapter fifteen
now that's fit into this picture of matthew is that as a wisdom gospel of jesus as wisdom and nephew because the parallels are a wisdom discourse you're speaking of mystery that speaking and veiled time you're continually moving back and forth between the cosine and the unchanged between averages and explosive and apertures is male and push it
and can only be found by kind of illumination
the first time is the seminar relation to make me laugh before the kids could if you accept this whole idea of the five than that cause damage and that the conflicts that itself and the final one is the prediction of the the judgment he has kind of logic of them which is i think that twenty
twenty four and for twenty four sure you're getting right near the end
gets a little as geometrical because it's the beginning you have several chapters or preparatory care of the and continue to them into genealogy and history check out and then the baptism of the before you to teach them
matthew you have two faces of history according to my office and this admire his book on massive
the first page of history and is everything up to the death and resurrection of jesus and that's the time of the lot and the profits of big work and then you have the new age which begins after the death and resurrection of cases where the law and the prophets somehow are
they remain and yet they're they're transcended somewhat you've gotta put this this double thing as ambivalence and and between the law for instance remaining until the end of guy
not a jot or not a total room or just a kelly on the time and yet it's being transformed surpassed simplified revolutionized in some way
and we can't say that in one word we have to to back and forth from one work in the other the is both transcended the mosaic virus transcended and yet the same time to which for fun
where is he concerned by being perfected in like flynn evelyn
and the thing about the time after the death and resurrection of jesus visited the mission of saving words no longer limited to israel but was them to the world of coordination as in that final her commission has the end of message cost for go forth and baptized on nation teach them
everything totally
whereas looks historical chart has three phases
the first page is the time of the law of the profits
and that concludes with ya know that for regina
the great prophet as it were before david and you've got the time of easily many got time the church
now noticed that in in a scheme and national scheme and books game
the center as average the and jesus and that is image its placed more
precisely in the past com and death and resurrection of you and looks game seems a little upset because it's the whole time of jesus in a life of jesus on earth that's presented an equation that gp death and resurrection junior at the end of them and that's the boundary between the second phase of the third place
and then look at the geographical can do a generation for move between fisheries
the gospel of luke beginning to end intuition business
and quenched with a degree in a template and under the announcement fewer to zechariah than at the end of
at the end of the they returned to jerusalem and and i continually the temple of mm
thank guy and then you begin injured on the activity of possums but then you have to any argument funny and up in law and rome stands for it isn't where the end of the world the whole world so it's from tourism and dandy at the wrong but the real progression only happens in the actually a possible which is the continuation
buy them to and them
but it is it looks historical pattern is
dominated by the holy spirit am i spending the life of jesus somehow didn't becomes enclosed in a larger history which is that has been the holy spirit
both before and
after the life of you
so before especially given the profits and then what you've got to spread acting in the church
when i was talking about historical facing talking about your geographical thing the twin cities and mixing them up quick
i give you a kind of
summary before looking at somebody catch
this is an attempt to had outlining a summary of the difference between that and matthew continue to christianity and the churches of fulfillment of the judaism in israel and for common is extremely important for think you've got a whole bunch of text and now very course the old testament and something happened to the jesus has done something
and they'll say well this happened sort of the or the description might be fulfilled and then give you an old testament quotation as reported he does that ten to time
and hardly anybody else does it nobody else does it in a way that he doesn't the new testament john does a little more you put a more vaguely more generally
this is a fulfillment which is also a radical transformation and a parent revolution if you look at those antitheses in the amount american and your heritage as a pie tell you
but you have heard it said is it is very up a natural law itself but the interpretation and understanding of the look and jesus gives a proper the deeper the ultimate understand
you know if thou shalt not kill and on goes a lot deeper than the literal them
yep which remains within the fundamental perspective tour the tour was carried with perfection and a simple unity and jesus and in the w i love you jesus is the divine wisdom pull in himself carries the law torah to its perfection towards fulfillment and so to do the
here is to imitate children with the was neither which means especially humility and obedience and things like that
the other point of unity is a whole lot is summed up in the government and the devil commanded of love love of god and and love your neighbor so those are the to great simplicity ease with which matthew brings the law and prophets their fulfillment
and yet you still thinking in terms of law you still think that double commemorate telekinetic children and ultra rare look is making it a different way
he doesn't have that basic mental framework of torah to start with he's not still within made metal container the consciousness container of of israel and judah it
and matthew the churches to remain in this world until the end of jesus christ will remain present with remember that emphasis on the continue on the abiding presence of jesus once again at the end of matthew
have you say i shall be with you
now and look you got a very different parents unique like fascinating
look confused cristiana is a continuation of the salvation history of israel but history here is much more dynamic thinks it's a throw impelled by a new and powerful new fusion of the holy spirit christianity has seen an essentially a dynamic term is an expression of the imminent energy of the spirit and as a historical wave which pushes outward towards the end of the year before
most of humanity jesus himself as seen in terms of the spirit is often called a profit and to express from
and as experienced that his energy and movement of the spirit wherever then the individual and the forest foundation history onward and upward
it seems that matthew hussey is the unity of mediation between gun and humanity mrs are attempting to find our chef the angela wisdom focus i yeah i can focus for the to gospels matthew sees the intricate mediation between god and humanity to being principally jesus himself and body divine wisdom through listening to the word of jesus and living and and ultimately
with the imitation of jesus' disciple does the will of god and a snake
you never i do this as a vacuum those who hear that will have not hear the word of god i do the will of god and my brothers sisters of i think
look on the other hand is the unity of mediation between god and humanity more of the holy spirit present within the disciple in the community and impelling the word forward towards for comment of the whole world
in fact that you can get the idea
that everything has been leading up to the coming of jesus into the a manifestation of his love of the perfect revelation and when he come and when that happens when you visit had stops as if i exaggerate but it's two different stops and there it's all that it's also filled a hole revelation has been made the power of the authority of jesus
and given for the church given to the apostles and remember particularly commission to peter and that the and sixteen you are locked and upon this rock crushers of my trips and i can hear the keys in the kingdom of heaven and very very strong the idea of something being established the word institution and you she has a natural we've got a translation of this rouge
yeah of that
the for church a bytes here and the country's this fear of god's of god's kingdom in this world and twenty other countries can get if you don't get the idea of development care for ocean
which is exactly what to do get book the work for the church and look for christianity would not be an institution of at the moment
and the mediation is more the holy spirit than it is jesus as divine wisdom as well as i can she looked at into with nfi jesus would be with the divine wisdom to sheltered sophie and stuff i think he'd be more likely to identify show fear with all experienced it doesn't
do that explicitly it may be impressive
especially in way it presents to women
but in look i suspect that sophia is coming into her own more than she is a matthew were so feared has identified with jesus the masculine images and cup
it is it's a movement from nike look if we can go to an improvement from matter to them there's a movement from wisdom or sophia has law and ultimately as the law of love which is a great which is the ultimate of it's still not whereas in look it's an energy that's an experience with the dynamism between human and divine
energy which in itself somehow unity because it's got
which is moving and directly experienced and animating your life
i'm creating the history in the world
we got up a choice here is a two-way that can either try to
give a list of qualities like can convert by they're gonna constellation of qualities for matthew around this is polar happy and there's another country a roundup
you separate time then discover after a while there are orbiting around the same saturn family
there are no one hundred here
i prefer to that if they are knew everything and and the either expression of the divine wisdom of that oh
my opinion and numeric from a lounge chair
a list for national committee to look you are gonna to play for your pet counter with that
and there's still have that you would have voted compared
as we build a new direction and on management
maybe not exactly opposite way
an example is the baptism of jesus and where local communities with pray
how can imagine prayer when we have the right
he's careful to point out that god has a nice to be that here and he the third thirty of it is a perfect recipe for some and a pocket are plenty of justice and one of the be kind of senate or right is one of his consummate athletes around the is
of wisdom on a lot wisdom a lot whereas prayer in one of the you can comfortably the important around them on twitter
i'm gonna have demonstrate women
i'll give them feel that actually
ah another example is whenever by cases rejoices in the holy spirit and those casper and it shows i thank you father will ever hurt because you didn't as he rejoices in the holy spirit explicitly and luke's gospel both both the notion of joy and it was arrested on the aircraft
the book and contemporary
around the visible temporarily reduce the binding of a good
when the magic doesn't taste the same
the same patient catch from here and the computer is matthew eleven twenty seven twenty eight and and here country
five hundred and yeah something else happened
the cash from purity
something i didn't i thank you father because you can move from the wife
nobody knows
but now the worth something up at me company are you were hurt in any day now you're ready for my yoke is easy my life and i know the up in the one and don't think have time for a target ma talk all the way to with them because the with appropriate for know
woman on the direction of respect
it will be an american government law and the wisdom where it will be taking a hill that and caravan direction of the spirit of the exaltation wikipedia time
they continually getting residences of the idea of law but only nominee on one side towards commandment and have you ever employed wizard but it's the cognitive is decided to true and by the principal wouldn't have voted for the wouldn't want an energetic gundam
a movement which are the day
i see if i can find any other
just take the inaugural change in the to gospel after the inauguration of jesus' ministry and the true gospel and these answers are chosen by matthew and luke and not just historical not extra towel
remember what it is matthew it's to have another about for jesus comes up i made much choice before jesus goes up and and sits on top of that kill which matthew closer mountain and his disciples come to him and he opened his mouth and speech and that's a solemn authoritative setting for the sermon on the mouth and the mountain was the recording called mount sinai in new york
restaurant never going to use with different poses received a lot
so once again you've got this kind of act what is it in that
looked the inaugural of music ministry as when it comes in the kinda i can i go and he reads isaiah the prophet notice the reference the illusion is rather to the prophet now
was went to the bar he reached the prophet where it says disappeared in the boy had given today because he has invited me to get to bring good news for the poor it
and the whole thing is a different of the double mention of the holy spirit
the spirit is is is upon me because the voters and i turn the anointing itself carries the remnants of the holy spirit and then going to be explicit mention of the holy spirit and just an experience your flash that you'll find their him to stuff from that thing with that look is able to make a scene in itself come alive
the literary get going to get for communicating direct experience in summer
and then this message of liberation which comes forth
and then he says just text age for filling airspace before filming a look at something different and it isn't that as much more open ended in book
then the inaugural an electric because number and met the market because me out of the demon in the synagogue fabric friend luke has that three pushes it back and put the as a synagogue she and her
and then book goes on to mention the to profit the number one i say
when he says to that he'll say a physician heal thyself and begins to get nasty fumes content nasty at that point and
and jesus begins to now
because to review them he says well there were many widows remember and where ensuring a wherever in the time of the life is the perfect time of the nation name is very moment because the to outsider stories on the books of king mentioning the to profit and profit
children and none of the spirit so the alignment is is very strong very clearly
let's take a look at the parables snapper
you have a hand up prior to this one which is a risk of inheritance from her madeline and with the book
notice the cards was in each of the gas potion and then
the proposed sources of the pharaohs and the second pathetic federal crime
now she's divided resources of the car was your starting on a hundred and sixty three did you find amanda
you got it is number thirteen a statement
we're interested in the second appendix the sources in the therapist because this is a little speculative
it's easy to see which pair of over which cause poker with for them
it's a calculation this way where they came from and has done by means of these the analysis of these three traditions the clip of a double and single
now mark you've only got these poor care of us but remember also she divides created a similar to region and parable in the strict sense i'm not going to get into that
the subtle differences largely because all the scholars can agree on everybody seems to define me subcategory the pair of on their own way so we're doing a terrible in a larger sense
and there are a couple here in mark that you might call princess the the one of the lamp number in the same chapter four mark
there's any like a lamp and i put it under a bushel around here better to put it relaxing but that's not called a pair of here
because it's not an additive which the book
it's on the political metaphor or similar to develop a shimmery
okay what can we find a comment about marks parallel
if you know the parable of the wicked tenants who are they there a video tape or something
that's the bitter terrible against the them
the jewish officials accusers tone when he's injured before the end of his life shortly before the session
they're all agricultural chemicals
and they ever kind of cemetery about them if you want to do you can make one pair of a lot of all for you can make one story at once you've got the start goes out to some shade and the sheet falling into the very soil the story of the growing see how it goes by itself and then mustard seed which is destroying the the flourishing of one kind of see
to fulfill to fill level of of space and then find that in the harvest okay so there's a kind of symmetry between the shoulder and the harvester i wanted and system have because i don't imagine that market even thinking about time but his parables tend to fall into that one metaphor the growing thing
from the time that has shown to the time and terms to and focusing particularly on its hidden know that the commission the ground
there's a double hit this year which goes along with the hidden initial parables themselves
there's a hipness inoperable and in the the seat it is an invisible enemy that she had said and it's got up and a hidden energy and side of show that atomic until potential within it looks like nothing that's accented in the parable of the mustard chief
and yet out of it is gonna come this model is abundant and then the back to see that to climb on the ground
the he has to disappear and so it's increase is taking place largely in secret and hidden november election especially in the parable of the grantee that sells want problem with the summer
and if there is this residents also of the seed and jesus himself remember that to see and mania the problem that has gone to london and the she does the word that's the interpretation and conductive scholars fight about whether that the september digital by the measures but there is an interpretation and i'll pick out onto the telegraph so
so it's as if you have the the christ mystery here to expressed in a very compact
which then is differentiated and the other house books that with carried on each of the other two
in matthew and luke now the parables of que
there are certain wondered how this problem of wisdom flavor to them i i would say a mustard seed which is awesome earnhardt i don't know how they calculated that his food and killers low response
and eleven
the lemon which action hiding which multiplies and secret as cause the and i must be treated the ground
and the nice repaired and opinion must retreat a man goes out and the hospitality and guardian and a tablet eleven of the woman who does have a pair of parables with condo nice
chef the actual set a good one of metaphors for the same thing
then there are parallels that have an emphasis on bursik especially the the much cheaper
also the great feast where they go out at the hundred number and boat sank we supposed to niagara at the of where they grind the end and and bring of it
i started pacifica the third episode there is the the to way the the judgment
and several of these parables as the differentiation between
whether you make out okay are you don't have seven with the to builders the one who builds on
i'm sad and on who built on rock
it's evident than a great feast and are the ones who rejected an invitation and are excluded it's very evident in the face when i'm faithful servant who will be rewarded or punished in the anything so it's like you've got a wisdom here and q which may be rejected and so that to wage there's a way of accepting the wisdom in which case
it becomes a a flourishing anything like the mustard seed
and you've got the way of rejecting was in which case you contact us judgment again okay
now we're gonna find all three of those themes carried along
in matthew was going on so much in note
so the am a was i'm twenty one hundred and sixty four
how the ones that are attributed to matthew himself with a matthew sources of color whatever that was
now remember that these are in addition to the mark and q parents because i think that probably got all of those
mark barrels before them and he certainly got all of the hue pair of of spending leisure in addition it looked back in appendix one you'll find a father to the holders for algorithm and that the i mentioned mike mussina
okay the region on the we remember that's a that's a powerful the two and two sides to one side is forbearance his patients the other side of judgment but notice it's guy starts out on this motif of the two ways there's a good scene in the fancy doesn't essentially essentially not confuse that they dwell together
as idea of the church that
is not started about the judgment isn't until the efforts today
now we have a couple of really stop and shop that maybe treasure of the throw
they come from that you give you a very strong idea of matthews western point of view yeah you have a hidden history of something which is essentially concealed found with delight and which costs you everything
and then remember to be taken again the fellow find the me of treasure and he buries it again goes and buys a field
the beautiful town and a pearl of course of an almost universal wisdom symbolize the thing that brought up the sparkling as mysterious beautiful spherical thing it's brought up from the depths of what it is often associated with that course the gymnastics team of the pearl encrypted and sent her from her
the now
lung problem for the pearl as a christmas tree and the fishnet which is a judgment call them
the unforgiving servant which is about forgiveness it's also about helping them now that is if you if you're judged negatively if you are a harsh church and and unforgiving one that's your job of the same
the workers in the vineyard that's not be the bad tenants
that's the
never the ones who are working holidays are working on the part of a day they keep coming until the eleventh hour
there's like a parable of mercy
twenty one the sixteen

have you went out early in the morning to hire laborers for opinion
and once again it's a parable of the of not cousin i'm not judging other of not trying to understand god god's way
and quality of a kind of unity
give which is given in a single than average single word that everybody is which is like the pleasure of the from the two sons now that's your judgment a powerful two ways which has a strong resonance will be israel and the gentiles with the to people
the wedding garment that's another judgment or less tacked onto the purple with a feast
bring any everybody the thing and the outside of people from the street and yet when you comment if you don't put on the wagon and gets on that if there's a weeping and gnashing of teeth so it's a strange judgment terrible which becomes an appendix to the the of a person closer to their feet
the ten maiden another judgment terrorism
never the ten virgins the relies on the floor which ones will bring oil and if you don't want to get into the beautiful substantial failure to what is this oil you think about it forever
can you get the idea that in all of these parallelization so this is something that be dealt with as are going to material very often so it's money or to treasure that pile of orange it's fish or here to the oil for the laughs but then then going to be his money again in the bible of account and you ask yourself what is that and that's the essential core of the
a heart of all of these things is it the divine wisdom is that the kingdom of god is if christ is a garbage that ourselves in some way it's all of those things okay there's no name you can put to it he remains hidden name's barry
but it is the mystery and it is somehow a mystery which is given to you and in which you are one with got in which you are you're right but in remaining unnamed and remain hidden and that way conservative powerful
to speak from a literary point of view
and that's the revelation about the time of what would you to like the buddhist enlightenment that all the parable of the point towards every i say all of the garb of more or less some of them have been another an axe to grind short of them but the parallels of the king of all that redditor anthem at the core of their intended to tantalize you and
to invite you
into that that of the kingdom which cannot be expressed in words
tahoe and talking about
have or are under scrutiny because we have provided from the institution lines from i just upgraded my running shoes
i was wondering why the whole down of have any questions about my mind i'm einstein that matthew
matthew story candies and institute normally goes from of korra do not what i'm saying that you completely rejects any knife and operating on up and reading goodness and justice trip to
i mention of decide okay as the second option of it and then i would say something else after that i was matthew it does not they say that naturally to into two piles and phenomena w to say that the laws are punished enough to china fear cause and as far as i had party or more
the conservative the dualistic party who had said it's a lot of management written text okay man vandalism between the getting both abroad and saying that the war and you're not a bit of the will perish and needed a good in a radically transformed way which is simplify the unified frozen uses to define them and in this double commandment row
which is in a certain amount of that about all of these things are just cut through and simplified of the revolution by by an economic how however is still think to target to transform toy that's the parents so he sang i hold to the i do nothing like that's right
yeah and so he presented jesus is continuing this knocking over that it was illegal legal people just pulling the rug out from the ground right out from under the by has other cutting through and simplifying the lot and unit remains work and i think the average still keeping cabinet door but it's this radical revolution
from my family's saying earlier about how nephew from maximum institutionalized gather as distinct from work for crisis has her
give rise how radically transform as really concerns now
this is a matter of public record emphasis i think and we might not say that about accurate if we didn't have looked to compare
the blue point over there and i don't want to say that matters in one position i think that the time you have an acute like got the unit and simplifying synthetic appointed him as as or this on the map and which is each other be removed from an institutional point of view and other times
you have the vision of futures as establishing something which is to remain and which we too much faith in terms of institute for the commission for president to commission the commission the feeder and was sixteen you're rocking on the track and showed that much should you get the idea about a fixed and it's not currently metaphor there's some kind of
reality to it of something fixed which is going to a doer and which we transfer that's vegan trends in institution but if we separated from the rest of nephew and just see that aspect for the hundred
because it's much much more a whole relations competitive the attorneys because the few dozen i'm working rocco exact icon like that so i guess arabian radio nephew of two thousand and an institutional christian it's a very different proposition from reading that here at a time and now that's true that's true especially becoming out of
here is especially you're coming out of the background of tour down under where the massive impact on the wrong now
within i'm forty one of the probably is i think it's much of them your family like a generalized but i said about i don't get to make nothing illegal because before on fighting against mobility and yet there are certain patterns of consciousness which remain with them whereas book seems to have almost been born outside or moved into
another mindset other countries and of course there's is coming out of that pattern i have a word and spirit you can say that that matthew rated over a whole spectrum from a deep and negative wisdom which you're not fighting refuses to elements
well you got institutional power which one hundred yesterday of can we just come along with or legacy were both being somehow figure that consumes me differently in terms of this movement
but they got from one another because the integration of national but i'm i'm using institution of a bad word that she said i don't want i had to go back and and subordinating now because it isn't an hour
but we have tended like of several things you know have over that about one hundred and church of them to that i can do practically
and matthew has been from your garden favorite fighter trying to because somehow i think for official use for thirty conditions on partly because he he can be used to support it that are stationary you
yeah it's a map you're out of context yeah i agree in fact that i've been automatically in conflict i've asked me not again i think you're right thing but there are things that matthew which are intention with one another
he certainly not to all standing in one place
and with the legacy as i think there's one hundred yesterday that there's some five from heaven according to justify the the substantial and by the sheet the other simplicity and revolutionary that a colony of which is a bit print
the way that authority is presented in and now different
imagine you a very often read a two zero for a time
and look up we have the were them of power and from moving
has been born outside of mine of tara
there was not ideal
i said you're gone but that's the trouble with this kind of thing we can talk about
maybe too favorably as we look at the we have to go back and can finally the substantial my vision and of happy and the new revolutionary quality you
it's the revolutionary vision still continues in terms of of torah and wisdom family
which tend to be pushed to the side of they can look for the sake of something else which was this document
let's see i don't want to give you much longer but we only have look ahead of us a he tried to
at the risk of sounding favorable towards will continue and
leaving have left behind
the town of such another gentleman terrible but remember it's judgment on the basis of
you might almost say creativity and a certain point on the basis of fertility
whether weather given to to were given flowers and multiply or whether behind static shows on the side of diameter
so it matthew and i tend to find their problems of mercy and inclusiveness but i can decline especially the parables of wisdom and of judgment is if those were two ends of the same secondly we talked about that already wisdom comes editor is offered to you
and you either accepted or rejected if you're rejected and you're in line for judgment of here
now looking at the look pair of and will never look as the others to not the empire of but he has the mark and few paragraphs
you get a different sense and a lot of these
the first thing and autism is a kind of outpouring
an emphasis on
love and with a lot of fun of feeling as it is a parable of the to get it is told by jesus never in the house of simon the fairest yeah they have to the the woman who had a bad reputation comes up and united states of them and he said well over there were to get his and one was given a little the universe forgiven a lot there's going to love more
so you get this is strange paradoxical mathematics
of abundance and out for
the good samaritan is another one in which you'll find an outpouring the good samaritan makes it totally or to call it
excessive kind of response to the situation that excuse in that sense that he disregards himself as on convenience even as i'm safety could begin just rushes out and those the space and this is given as a kind of image of the dynamism the energy the movement of god the friend and goodnight it
is what about persistence remember that if it's persistence and prayer so you're supposed to be persistently gotten like the fellow who knocks on door to his friend gets up and give them money one
and somehow in doing that you are imaging once again the divine dynamism here it's excess is not in terms of outpourings and as in terms of persistence
now a number of these parables and nine times out of poverty or not insufficiency like the one of the rich for the parables of the tower don't and the king a very paradoxical because he says well before you buy the characters actually sitting down and see how much you've got and if you're a guy
to go out the word on contrast audio to see if he had enough but then he says so anybody who doesn't give a boy as can be can't be my disciple something like that so it turns around and says it's not a matter of counting you're only counting to make sure you've got nothing
it's a parable of emptiness the parables of emptiness corresponding to this outpouring of god has called for a kind of emptiness on the part of the the receiver the human person so the rich for we said well i've got i've got crops in abundance
such as not pretty is my soul going to build more bonds and and just take it easy because you have a long time of prosperity of you miss full and so it's doing
also the the rich man and lazarus
lazarus is empty lazarus is in the bosom of abraham which managed poe
doesn't see lazarus ends up in hell
so i see parables of the divine dynamism has dynamism of the spirit which is translated as love and compassion here it looks terrible
parables of that energy in with production in the human person example of the good samaritan parables of that energy strangely reflected in a kind of persistence as if you have to drive back towards that gift of god with something like
the energy of that gift itself because that's only which inside you that's driving is the holy spirit guided towards the holy spirit
and then parables and emptiness you have to be utterly come to an order to receive the photos
they some the barrel look at have a unique quality of emotion and feeling of communication to that's true of the prodigal son and you could survive that he asked people about your favorite pair of my most likely to come up with could wind up
if you look at the rest of those i think they've more or less tend to fit into them
into those categories for i'm
what i'm trying to sell as a thing
hobbies spending on thursday allow the center for central invisible core are invisible woman who to find any which is expressed with in abundance and out for in something excessive thanks the parable of ethical sign in which the father runs out you know and get it
on out and squandered has his property he runs out and and falls on his neck convention that the house totally forget what he's done dresses him up in the festival in that range kills the fact that everything is put out in other words there's no there's no stint there and that's the image of this
spirit of god and and they get this energy of gut which doesn't know the other side doesn't know how science on the has been knows how to go with a own when it's own dry which is a drive out with which to drive the compassion of low drive to film the space of emptiness of me
just as with media
good samaritan and which forgets going to pet forgets everything else and it's own abundance of falling energy

the paris and attacked by another pharisees full and the tax collector gmt
thirteen with i'm glad i'm not like to sort of town and republican says a word i'm not worthy of
so i'm sorry to get
insect a butcher the area
the variety and delicacy and depth in the parables and why running through them with a theory
i'm trying to give you something to disrupt nine which will
i hope to see it together next time
let's go on further with national and local and then that's one more time after that return the the can find the time and then to try to appreciate the for gospel
thank you for your patients very little father than three
as it was in the beginning his have an average family work with on