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New Testament Class



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the we've been doing the for gospel and looking at them from the single perspective artery which is better community participation with the fishes that day
the christianity road at its core is this gift of growth which is participation and growth the unity for his personal growth to the wisdom of god and who somehow all things are radically contained who is the center of all thing out with your become a virtual thing be contained an animal
we become one with him with god and with everything else in some work and the knowledge that really understanding that we have to separately radiation of the light of that unity of that no be consistent and a does repeat the bathtub
oh we further reflected in large dot on a very railway and river
matthew's gospel developed more explicitly i think in that jesus is the wisdom of god and his teaching predominate and then i luke reminded and another form particularly in terms of the spirit not so much in terms of jesus his wisdom even allege there but in terms of the eminent spirit within a very good
desecration of the divine energy
and then find a job i'm gonna find to them in a most explicit words with that's for next time the to hand out that you have a for john the first letter of job i'd invite you to
read the first letter of job before
for our next and final version because that take is very important work as a kind of look
concluding and away conclusive that to well
climactic touched okay we're talking about matthew and luke
and plan we compared compared with that country graduated from the area
are found out about the get back into camera
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a lot of the of that we were voted into the parent very very top of that word girl
i'm creating
you can get a move toward arrangement of radical into what you can do it with the security of a commodity prepared federal government refuge for international airport is naturally war and he asked to provide for them a line of continuity with what were the come from the into
corporate that the christ about the credit industry was done after and the to be kept up with an entirely different set of concern and he has the need to pay something else to play provided within the history of where they don't have drifter and so it will be returned or
however we're really saying something else we're saying we're talking about how much about causality will not were saying a good military action amount of itself in a certain plot and this is very interesting you may you may be skeptical about but became committed with those which britain felt this way everywhere in the
a testament that the corner i played a crucial for a figure like putting a graphic to put an equivalent with a great after but the mystery actually expresses itself opening dimensions and flung out and move around and the meta until like one big names migrate until
i find you couldn't like of the think about magnet on the hired by the opening the door the elementary physics foot if you if you had a magnet on the beach with of paper and equipment or not possible the the circles of that of arrange themselves according to the invisible magnetic field so they can only describe as the a living a thing
you're in that field and so i believe it it a just testament the invisible mystery that matter posted by the alignment of all the elements of new jersey or this happen even among the various writing for that knightley locked himself over here and a bunch of local the europe job i hope that by to get worse over that
thanks to to simple minded to be true with a really simple great shapes and he just wanted to be a them so they also assert themselves in history history is extremely complex and the same time and or something very simple operating and you can see that it even if you for to the eastern and western church there's something very simple with distinguishable
it is complex but at the core of it is something something simple the simple fact may be hard to describe or may may accept a name and may accept a laborer point and behind that were saying is that ultimate history of the to five percent or if you get tired of the word person you could say
what the divine much as manifestation
the goodbye for each day each said the conventions of really want unless he doesn't know where to go bankrupt and pretty quickly but whatever they are these each creature of the divine email and original could do whatever it is this with this primeval it's not the type of form if then the ultimate mystery of being a circular self them individually between the gods
post and many many other ways and then agree now i was high to get together these characteristics of each of the gospel especially and matthew would look shake the to zip and and mark when you have as the breaking out of a history this word eruption i mentioned above us as a i r r
our ubti oh and it's as if things are being torn things are breaking through at mark's gospel and to if the the event has has happened like like the exploding of a volcano like the bursting or something through the earth and as a minimum of what would you got a of secondary reflection about there's a lot of
apart and writing a march gospel that the same time it almost seemed like he doing it on the wing it almost seems like things are immediately setting it into a form and what they're describing is this emergence of the mystery there hasn't been a lot of development of thought after they're also hasn't been a lot of community experience
will present question which the scriptures are then what you call it aimed to and the revelation of the mystery is that aimed in order to answer to respond to this question there hasn't been very much of that yeah there's been some of it but it's a relatively early stage whereas in matthew and luke you've got a lot of community experience and you've also got
mark's gospel visible there so something's being built on top of heartfelt because something being developed further what happens is that in addition to that rudimentary christ mystery which you have the mark's gospel veiled and un unveiled and about political experience but all your mystery shopper in addition to that and on top of that you have something else build which
his teaching parchment the sayings of jesus are involved are brought in from q and and from their own choices and in great number and the parables are are encouraged to multiply and you get a great proliferation of of teaching of doctrine and needs to gospel the corresponding to the could
actually would say to the situation to the community which called for these these responses these teaching and bring to memory the particular teachings of jesus that are relevant to answer those questions
but also as needed in order to manifest in history
and then john john's gospel seems to have to modify something else it's as if the problems of the community are still there but somebody has moved somehow into a stage of reflection beyond those those problems in which he attempts to synthetic vision or you might almost say that the synthetic vision emerge
does out of from the deaths from the event and it's such a synthetic version that all thanks somehow been to become one in their center that's what we find a job comfortable
and it's us expecting those of i am state because of jesus as was sick
and it comes out it's it's almost in liquid form and it's pure liquid form and the first letter of town which is not a narrative anymore it's not a got plenty of and then a kind of closure we started out with tall and we ended without first letter of had a very similar in a way because they contain us the synthetic inside the same time allotted happened between the two lookout
about that next time this time want to finish with matthew hundred look now i tried to put together to have a of matthews vision
and i made a new to try this morning could do that and sorting them into a few categories i made a list at first are about twenty items and tried to do the same thing for look member we talked about a constellation and each poll of dinner a different element like law and justice and like that which
you put them all together somehow give you the location of the phobia which may not even be able to put a name on it and then others that compilation on a kid so i like the news for and throw to come for version
now i'm enjoying something like that the objective because i've been looking for this fall the way that have an idea about with him and so i naturally should have these elements so that they're can go for very biased type of empire would never let her think it comes out
let me
just read briefly these elements which i have from matthew and then i'll do the same for
now matthews elements i've i've started this morning and him to about five categories the first one is relation to the old custom the first testament second as relationship to the law the third is jesus as teacher and his authority the fourth is the church and the peculiar math a vision of the church the
fiskars morality and six this judgment of the final year for feathers
now under the first time that the lucan categories are very different
first of our relationship to the first testament you have the idea of fulfillment and jesus as the fulfillment of the old testament prophecies and matthew is the only gospel in which you had this whole set of what they call fulfillment for me other texts
if you want to find out what they are you can look at brown's birth of the messiah he says there are from ten to fourteen of them now they're not only fulfillment textbook they are what would you call it completely explicitly pointed out as such by a formula and the foreigner how it goes like this

all this to replace to fulfill what the lord had spoken by the prophet was said okay so matthew completely shut up explicitly that's the cat completely out of the bag as important and using need old testament prophecies has fulfillment many of them much from isaiah about seven or eight of them are from isaiah let me
the eight a few samples
matthew one twenty two twenty three isaiah seven fourteen behold a virgin atlantic and staff member virgin shall conceive and essential because the manual now that's explicit the introduced as a
what happened to engage with as fulfilling i hope as prophecy there are about five of them and the infancy narratives of nothing could remember the infancy narratives there's something about you is introducing putting in front of what he's received from model a second water and you're over and over
third one out of egypt have i called my stuff
that's from jose the fourth on a voice was heard in ramah and number after the killing of management and by arab and muslim first one he shall we call the nursery because he was he was thought to come from nazareth
the sixth one of the boy should want crying in the wilderness now we're out of the infancy narratives and into introducing john the baptist number
and a sixth one the land of zebulun galilee that's the one about the land of darkness and a lot of darkness your great light appears them
now you see how strongly at a crucial important it is for matthew to build his gospel on top of the old testament and explicitly in terms of fulfillment of fulfilling the old testament prophecies that as if he has to respond to the expectation of the jewish people talking to that this
coaches will be fulfilled and so explicitly doesn't and this is to fulfill the scripture fibula she looked at another concern going into gentile and they don't have that preparation
so this was almost unique and matthew and to john has hundred or more gentle channel say that the scripture was fulfilled or something like that he doesn't quote scripture and he doesn't use at that precise formula the percentage now along with that you've got a particular reading of the old testament which is the typical are allegorical sense remember we
sure there are four countries and neat and the the literally allegorical moral and mobilizing on uncategorized the simple logical sense in the sense of fulfillment and then you've got something in the old testament which is waiting to be kept to be consummated waiting for it's when you got an you
type of are hearing it just waiting it's a vessel waiting for what is to fill it so the vessel is the old testament prophecy can do to this before from back and you have now that puts a cap as it were and makes a closure with the most western practices and matthews do another plot so he is an interpreter of the autism
in this typology of them
not so much and saying the milestones or someone in the a lot of composure logic of yeah i gotta go but that's in in terms of what we say the terms of judgment largely
now this puts a cap on this i say and finishes it you can stop with that typological sense and not develop the other chances and there is something of eternity and happy to do that and also not to interpret the old testament texts in terms of their context now that he doesn't read the old testament text carefully to see what i mean in the old testament
has it were and applies it to a particular thing in authorities just how beer and interpretation of lot of interpretation of cases of a law like get on there yeah and as a fulfillment of and that's what and how does that fit in with a the interpretation of the product of opponent vacation approach
but he liked the word profit a lot and he uses that word rather prosaic okay now i don't know if there really is a difference between the to accept that the to live said if a problem of the prophet and the fulfillment of the law except that the doctrine of the law and poverty quality
the transformation the evolution the development of the law and matthew was a very special thing which does a features we're going talk about them and we get to them right away but a dog about that but i can't say too much about his use of profit then traced back our judgment and just something wonderful phone makes with get question about
that you have heard it the realized thank you know run and something more that's a asking the evening performance that was that something was not yet been how i will be
so has been thought to finish the old testament but an opening
something new with the on there certainly isn't the law for okay and i want to talk about that because a
when matthew apply the lot and a very concerned with the law that's his language them when he applied that he turned it inside out and turns it upside down the debt very evidently something of that there's a new love and the new law was in continuity with the i agree that it maintained the old and yet the seems completely to inverted so we're going to get to them and i'm better i'm anthony
i am on a for commonplace which they do seem i'm over accenting at perhaps the saying that they put a stop but if you were the contemporary biblical exit you can be very dissatisfied with what he does in terms of the old itself the meeting in the old testament and it goes along with a kind of theology we've had on the west of he has improved tech
christian because it really going to you know using them as case they they open up to something else but then you're almost for would you say you're almost beyond that text you use the text which fulfilled and then you go beyond to chapman i don't know that the that the interpretation of the old testament text itself has really brought forward into the new thing that happen
very much but we'd have to look into that it can detect if my the
the prophecy a lot of chopping more name will not made the and you'll have an attack at the indulgent the next seven traffic like within his generation l a the have to protect the yeah
the isolated from the others by patrick
okay now we going to relation to the old testament to the first of all enormous concern for the law for the torah and bathroom a wonderful traditional respect for the tour and at the same time there's gonna be as i say it transformation of the tour he had a tendency to see christian life and the context of the tour and to interpret christianity chris
june i have a new tour of the teachings of jesus as a network
than the old law has replaced by a new law so that's the other principal a counter principal now is that you have heard what i say the number you have heard how shalt not kill but i have you shall not even be angry and shot we're going to talk about what that means there's an anterior rising there but only fast having established this
foundation this context of torah context of understanding he completely turned things around inside it seems to and it's breathtakingly doesn't have going on about them having its magnificent i guess they get this sweeping sense of liberation and of something or something which is has been there forever and has been
what we'd call a hunch satisfying some way has has not bought all the way to which and and then suddenly the one who comes to carry it carries it to attempt who explains it and at crosses the t or pushed the the point that period to it in a way in which the whole thing and illuminated know where the whole lot makes sense when it's interpreted from center the way jesus doesn't the chevron
a magnificent one going be dramatic thing
so we gotta be very careful that we can just see matthew is illegal that's because he's not at all came up where it's only in matthew's gospel of jesus say was a call no man or teacher called know than your father called on mastery you've that one teacher one father on mastering them that's only in matthew
so the other side of this this law thing is wisdom the other side of the the wisdom of god which comes that can consummating wisdom of god which comes embodied in jesus and matthew's gospel or so a number of others would say i i'm inclined to agree with them
here's a radical transformation of the old testament law we nevertheless is faithful to the old testament by and continuity with its core
it's not a determination and replacement of but it's fulfillment and of course here when you're going out law or film and is a beginning because it's a new principle of life somewhere it's not just saying that's it
this is a quote from was born in canada somebody
the interpretation of the mosaic law firm a shutter matthew like them like the rabbis religion and during validity of the whole of the lot but he differs from the rabbinate and that he interprets the loan out from a system of hermeneutical rules a complex system of interpretation
and formal criteria but from a central point
and matthew thus interpret the law on the one hand by the love commandment and on the other hand by the limitation of changes for those two principles become the center of the which interpretative and turkish the whole lot
member the quake and what does the greatest commandment that's in all three not take hours for that
it has particular significance shit about you
the greatest commandment the commemorative blow which is two and one and you'll find that in the sermon on the mountain and elsewhere jesus is as it were melting down almost a complex structure of legal and all the questions or convert it just melts the whole thing into the into its center to the commandment of
love which is not always explicit you always think well there's one commandment much lobby only says that once or twice or it comes out once or twice under in the light of his teaching but he's doing an all time he's cutting right through to the simple center be dissolving and cutting through all the not entangled questions and
a lot because he is coming from the center of about any he is himself the center of the law and somehow the over if he is the embodiment wisdom of god
and so one center it was the commandment a blow the other center which is the same thing as gives themselves as the wisdom of god and therefore the imitation of jesus than becomes important metric
jesus as teacher and his authority that's the third category here jesus is seen as teacher and mad the on central place they've given to the same so cases remember that matthew forms of five great servant by great discourses out of the sayings of jesus which elsewhere scattered around the five great tournament
and then the authority of jesus jesus is the authoritative teacher where was i guess what the end of the journal on the map where i says well and they were astonished because he told them with authority that like described exudes is the word authority which can also mean power

jesus as the divine wisdom that's coming out now and give up by songs which i am never going to hold i get and for we got this book by burnett testament of jesus sofia which picks that up and applies it of all thanks to the eschatological this course
the discourse on enter the world which according to
jesus speaking as wisdom
that was the manager peculiar kind of wisdom which is connected on the one side with the wisdom of life with the wisdom which you are given the teachings of jesus on the other end of his judgment other words if the wisdom of history was not knowing what god's power to find your to
the wisdom of the end
the church now that the king of heaven and central central and matthew was a number of the preaching of the kingdom of heaven and the beginning john the baptist and jesus that the parables of the kingdom so the central concept there is that is the king of go to the church is not exactly the same as the king of evidence is closely associated with it it's robert
you call it the
the kingdom of heaven as manifested in available in this world even with all its imperfections
the church is seen as an enduring entity in the world if not so much of movement but it's
something that's going to stand something that has authorities something that stands like a like a fortress like a castle like a mountain with strength like iraq
i've already had given to the disciples by jesus remember especially at the end where it has all authority i have another has been getting your me and so go therefore and baptize and teach all nations and an authority and a fundamental primary role in the church has given to peter that's st matthew sixteen now
so it's it's very concrete and massive what isn't what is the hand and on is very country and tends to be interpreted in terms of ecclesial authority church
you are rock and abandoned iraq i will build my church and i'll give you the power of the case you on what you should bind shall be bound yeah
but i was quite pathetic held community valiantly and only a nephew who really tremendously contrast to part is this idea of title understanding eric yeah mmu at the end of the kingdom careful he asked me if you understood all those and the great is very that yes you will be to have everyone
and there's no i are either well either as irony that were being matthew does because of that rock is pit mars for trail bit like because they they seem to understand that then they lose their understand note ahead of you in a nephew like this is the key the a binding and loosing has given me means your concrete
concrete operate in the by matthew about as many times the fatal
he's the binding and loosing ah
his last digit ever think it's any accidents that nephew god's will that do so important and have a liturgy for now i think the math here gives you the villian active can become the vision of the western church and it is a church that's very much in this world and witches and is probably the phone locked
straight locked tightly to the king of heaven so that so the actually the expression of authority and that's world and this the church in this world is valid and the other with tremendous there's very much in them in the catholic church
and that reason is about the disciples understanding everything i think there's something else maybe and solicited i found that to figure two or three huh
the idea of being able to understand that this sense of mystery perhaps a little bit it's very president in the parable of the sensual mystery but their the sense of mystery seems to be saved up behind him with anything seems to be being brought out into the daylight for this there's that him
vacation where the mystery use the a lot of of that it isn't the chapter on pair of yeah
to you as reveal the mysteries of beginning of a but i don't think magic and another country for market
but have you been better what you mean by mystery to
there there's plenty of respect for history and matthew but at times things seem to be a brought early into the daylight and that's the i think that's the result of moving from your your fundamental center of gravity to being a mystery as in mark killed it's been to the emphasis on teaching
ah let's see the divine presence after jesus' resurrection of seen as an enduring presence of jesus with the church and with the disciples and it seems to be and terms of protection in terms of authority and terms of a teaching power and so on
there's the concerned with the community where the church with behavior and relation within the church member there's one discourse on
relations between members of the church the community member the thing about if your brother sins against you go to him first and then take somebody else where the and i'm pregnant before the that kind of thing
and the fifth category whose morality than one of matthews basic concerns as with morality that moral teaching and this involves in particularly in relation to them in community there's a concern for decades unite for justice it's one of his favorite words
and for the just person the just man righteousness so it uses that language now the righteousness that jesus requires of his disciples is the greater righteousness remember greater than that of the scribes and pharisees so it's not the same as as what they have been taught before the
the essence of justice or the christian way of discipleship was doing the will of god that's that's explicit and emphatic and matthew
and the disciples to imitate jesus especially and his meekness and humility
you remember the central quote on average eleven twenty seven twenty of learn of me from taken home and garden show at rest of your shows that your wisdom text and then there's this language only in matthew i believe of protection of being perfect remember that teaching about forgiveness and as and compassion
one and has your father and as the sun shines upon a good in the bed and the rain falls upon the justin the i'm just so you must be perfect as you have my father's perfect remember it looks as in the same place be be compassion
say something like them
does those two different visions that's when you compare the different versions or something and those two gospel they see that the quite different vision
chelios perfect has found in the synoptics on advantage of three times
and matthew there's an interior rising a religion and here's the counter principal once again and we talked about a radical revolution before and an interior rising at a sense of bringing breaking the law to at center that doesn't interior also said the brain thanks to the heart know what you're talking about an interior lot now be talking about an interior principle of life
but the difference when lucas that it's not thought of so much as an interior energy but as an interior law
an interior teaching and interior wisdom rather than anterior of dynamism movement of life
find my judgment matthew has greatly concerned with the final judgment and his vision of the church is often associated with judgment to the churches here too
to be the place of the kingdom of heaven and to draw people into the sphere of the rule of god until the final judgment till they return on the market neutral

i think these traits where they've been picked out a person i said that begging the question into a vicious circle because i started with that conviction that they do crystallize around one particular center which is a tour of christianity has seen as revelation as true and lived as wisdom
and more specifically as a new tour
the gift thing seen largely as revelation and the revelation is mediated by the new tour of the gospel through teaching and teachers in a state of church until the return of the lord and a final judgment and i remember the paradox here there's a tension between this mediation that set up and managers gospel
who hears you hears me and then that other branch of of a radical revolutionary bolshevik principle it jesus expresses no place where it says you have no teacher gonna be a teacher to call nobody master gone nobody father now that's not just an inconsistent and matthews
thinking our vision is right in the new testament i mean not in the core of christianity i think that irony that paradox which can only be expressed like i sank two different words you can't synthesize and a single a single state but i don't think
there's the question is to to what degree matthew she's that same would you call it demonizes unity of mystery that we found veiled and yet present and and we're going to find an explicit and job and we go back to that later when i'm puzzled about it myself but i'm not going to extend your
now it's there because i'm sharing the gospel of matthew visigoths pony and heavens everything had to work but he doesn't development the same way that some of the other gospels to
okay let's look at look i'd like to like the corresponding constellation and loop which i had
try to work out early erection i've gotta how much of texts of matthew that seem to me to be characteristic effects but i haven't broken down in each category and i think might be kind of boring anyway to to connect them to have but you've got a lot of things and answer that are not in how a look of course not and mark i'm going to teaching on her
on fasting and prayer and almsgiving know you have heard and i tell you that should matthew there are follows antitheses in method of the own teaching and the new teacher and they have a wonderful drama excited about that's a center of the duration
and that all those am parable that we talked about last time okay and those and how they are part of the personality and matthew's gospel and by hook or crook i thought we were able to connect power to them to the kind of thing we're talking about and that characterization of packet remember we do this we're suppressing the common the com
and gospel you might say that same methods so he's got basically the same core as the other gospels were talking about the distinctive elements
okay look
i've got a series with categories here for look to
and this comes from a basic prejudice as well as you know
first category is the holy spirit which is the inner reality which polarizers and distinguished a hoax gospel it's the divine energy and dynamism for movement it's also communion and expresses itself in a cluster of corresponding terms and balance first of all a to push mentions of the holy spirit of a whole lot of does that he does it in the gospel doesn't already in the end
nancy narratives he'll do it when he's talking about jesus exulting in the holy spirit remember but then he does it all over the place may actually deposits which is about the holy spirit which has explicitly centered in the movement of the spirit
then you have the divine power the dunamis he loves that word we said we're matthew likes x uzi of the word which is usually translated as army look is especially partial to the universe or or power and the power of god and here for healing and that kind of thing or wait here and not and the city until your clothes that power from on i never left
remember how how advantage we have the authoritative jesus saying all authority in heaven on earth can given to me and implicitly high pass it onto you and luke you have wait here into your clothes with power from on high for what does that power me see that powers the busy energy a minute intrinsic energy and dynamism remove
none of the holy spirit it's a different vision
there's joy exaltation of the spirit there's a sense of freedom and expansiveness and look now the region matthew to potential to appear and nothing of the sermon on about where you've got these is continually opening of the cage of of the tour of the way they not interpret of the million prescriptions and niceties and saw jesus o'clock
the whole thing with a brush of breath of fresh air most of the the whole thing and look it's in these particularly in these seeds i think it's partly a month jesus says but it's more than the scenes that book described when you see jesus in that synagogue in nazareth and he said screw it in the morning upon me because they denied it mean
bring good news to the point it just raises your heart that's just an exhilaration is partly it looks artistry it's partly is his poetic narrative character is way of bringing things alive but that is not completely separate from what we're talking about from the dynamism the holy spirit in which he's in such good touch it's like
i can particular a creative manifestation or more ramification of them then there's the image of fire of course i imagine you can find a number of other images but remember first of all the does it talks about fire and baptism and and look he put the word is also i'm here in the other ghosts
but not all of them but then remember a us and the fire running and apart and then remembered pentagon stay and act two and the the flames the tongues of flame connector
generating tons of flame and the fire which is somehow associated with the opening of the scriptures and
and the a as episode
then you've got prophecy look loves the word profit and prophecy intends to look at jesus into profit which may seem surprising well providence several angles to it of course one ankara's at the prophet is the one who
looks towards the future for tells me that that's not the principal ankle about secondary the first thing is that he speaks for god a speech the word of god and he's also very much the man was spirit he's not the matter is not the one who somehow teaches authoritatively teaches the torah so much as one who called people back to the true law under the
the launch of the spirit the man of the the wilderness and saw but he's not the institutional person is the wanders out there speaking only with the authority of the interior energy the and energy of god's spirit then you have history look could be activated when he's preoccupied with the streets writing in history he's talking about the movement of the word
oh god in history first and jesus and the gospel and then in the disciples and paul and peter and the other than they actually the apostles he fundamentally seated in terms of the continuing history the history of seems to be expanding
history is progression as a movement of the word and then there's the image of the way of the journey okay very important for look
the journey is something on which your move obviously you and that progression remember from one city to another
and look at my chain to be circle and the gospel because you moved from jerusalem to jerusalem but when you come back to do it on the piano think you're ready to explode onto on the power from an icon but and they actually apostle to movement from where she wrote on to wrong by way about antioch the intermediate point
and into the enter the world so that's an expansive woven into the hole and to universality is the predominance of love and compassion and luke's gospel forgiveness seeking a last that more of a sense of outpouring of excess of the transgressing of boundaries are some kind of internet they could be
loving and and descending and compassionate and outpouring energy and in those gospel we saw that especially in the parables remember the part of a sudden good samaritan and the to terrorism time
okay category to this divine movement or energy or dynamism requires a correspondence or participation on a part of the human person so and some of the parables you find a queer translation a transposition of this energy into a persistence and absolute questa dedication of a member the stubborn widow and the last pine
there's the same hundred years shift in a different case is translated into another car
which reflection participants the divine dynamism sometimes paradoxically
as with me the crooked steward chairman
one one of these responses of these expressions of energy his prayer which will mentioned again and again i guess whether jesus bro the jesus' teaching unfair
whether somebody said peter pray and they actually apostles when he has his vision discipleship is hearing i'm doing the word and we mentioned love and compassion and forgiveness and seeking the last and this excess this transgression of boundaries and luke the one who is the one who is approved is also the outside or direction or the
the person who breaks out the one who somehow breakthrough limbs and can hear the division is different from that of matthew even though you could put in a pretty close together and this revolution that's inside the sermon on them but there's a breaking boundaries with and the center of liberation a lot of it comes from that
when anybody who somehow outcomes cases is already inside i'm going to be fun across
i mean the hopeless people are other explanations they turned to issues
there isn't a necessity of alms giving and generosity to invoke and just another depression or same thing
and this movement historic this becomes a third category is a movement and to fool us into the universality of all humanity a movement out to the ends of the earth out to and wrong paradoxically means that doesn't change them enough for us this is expressed largely in terms of woman from place to place so the universalism of look which is more
a natural centuries in a gentile situation the transgression of boundaries and the historical metaphor and yet not all the time remember when park and go into agent closure the spirits doctor and this girl will push up and shove other direction but basically it's moving out to include everybody it's no longer a jewish canon
age no longer limited by anything like those racial or national more historical about the journey the way the road as dominant metaphor and book can actually you're always going somewhere because you haven't you haven't got to the end but say i've got to the admins you haven't gotten the whole you have got to the entirety it and the places they're city euros and
yeah i can roam as termini for the journey their associated with this way numbers those cities describe the points he described the way that the points through which you draw the line that is the way that moves out to the entire the the universality
history is a progress of the divine word in the world we mentioned that on and as progress is are moving out till the word includes everything or reaches everything then the image of meal or banquet as an expression of inclusiveness look love that image of the meal he's got a lot of meals discussed and forget to earn his average about that at like
and that's you also call it a national symbol of of generosity of our core that kind of thing
now the sharing of goods as an expression of koinonia another was the new gift of communion images but given and jesus is the fundamental thing that brings people together so that they have the very beginning to common and somebody there's no being that they've been given this new inner basic being and since that's one
on everything else will negotiable they can let go of other things they can put their goods are common and that becomes call it a sacramental expression of the one the to relative gift that they've been given a spirit
the fourth category is a kind of
reversible this woman of outpouring of divine grace above a marshy which is a movement of as a mental illness requires and its recipient an emptiness and so you've got this exigency of poverty and i've written look what you don't find him that get out of the same way that it kind of absolute this about it
remember that gus would be having a they don't take anything and don't take any bag and they can you stand out a second shirt and on as much stronger and look
that's got something to do with their it's almost like the inverse problems like a concave figure that corresponds to the convex beginning of the outpouring
and even in order to be a vessel of that outpouring to express that outpouring you have to be updated
and then the parable remember that the rich for the rich man and lazarus from those things which is
the poverty and humility or wouldn't be attitude the demand for so country
and then finally and mysteriously this energy of the holy spirit which distinguishes luke's gospel has an affinity for qualities of the corresponding feminine side of humanity it's as if somehow look if you compare matthew i looked to me it seems that matthew on the is on the more masculine style the the side of still have some
kind of framework of the structure of our border or the cognitive side you could almost taken in the side of wisdom whereas look on the candidates right now the feminine side almost is is movement itself is like energy itself but now on one level it's feeling on another level it's aesthetic sensibility on another level of compassion are low
the poignancy the tenderness of relationship that you see and look and the infancy narratives and for visitation and yeah
that's right that's right
yeah and it goes with it she his i think the way that he seems that way you presented changes is tremendous fan to a there's an art artistic intuition which is pulling the right things to the right relationship you know to to create something not rationally and logically so much it is very magical aesthetic intuition
i also this kind of a more of a presence of the psyche and so what we call the psyche nowadays in an oak which goes along with feminine shape but the infancy narratives remember we contrast in the infancy narratives and look without a bathroom and they're much more feminine of which isn't establishment of and
one thing
alkaline that markets can create reflected yeah because one of these copy it help to understand that gospel little more it was directed more digital and personal decision of a national crisis now that's sort of the no contract to
the option to get one
it must be with a community of our community is important but the community is always really the only to check back to work at the fact that your jewelry net or my a while like jesus if jesus personal confrontation but all the cycle of person example
that's like like margin number of ways represents the first moment the first moment of baptism the first moment conversion now the crisis mode of conversion first moment of before the church is beginning to think of itself as as something apart from my first comment there are other moments and that like the charismatic movement and to me that went to to sell
let's hop into the first moment to moment of baptism i'll experience and sometimes that can be made everything that market really are to be any
what's another there's not as depression and everything it's like everything's contained everything is latent and we still in the bag and were on the bag has been open so the amount of differentiate themselves that they're all in there and he appreciates that mystery and keeps its integrity he keeps the whole thing there he doesn't have a preconception that amputate their certain thing which doesn't seem to greater
call to to pay for your
already been rejected like in his life
hyperopia very much outside of the bottom style that you like ever done one other criminal people people haven't been cases throughout and the only one will understand it
and then
the it breaks through it i believe that slanted also against the baptism of hundred a baptismal happening opening with the and another way you don't understand anything until after you don't understand that you can get a good egg direction
because it simply veil and them and the people who are outside and will understand that they understand and the sense that thing they see the the fullest and in some way i think but they don't understand that and bread from them
and an articulate where be either how much they don't know that there's always a dialectic of the insider on the outside for the disciples have to be humiliated and the face of the outside summer
because that's that's something that's being put into the church that principle as a political self inverting from for corrected punch for ironic principle as the grabbed and the organism of the church forever so it's there
has it all the gospel
that's the idea
that's the cluster basically for for the a few more and this in his final category because the young the feminine
and his the appearance of woman one of the prominent and looked and it seems the the feminine woman's if you express yourself more and much belts but seems to be more herself more at home seems to be able to fill the space that are philistine are as it as you have another thing it's infancy narratives the especially the vegetation i think of that
we sort of doubling feminine roy
well that's not the island
and then immediate experience reflected through a narrative think there's that sense of the communication of immediate experience through poetry through your it's a narrative poetry and a narrative poetry of images which is a book out of words to break a visual signal light on how well it becomes radiant for you and some
i communicate something of the experience over there and did something of what's in the in the heart and mind of look himself
so you've given that that legendary
title of painter in whether it's because of the quality of gosport presumptive look as a master storyteller at a narrative poet his scenes are luminous very often especially the scenes that are plenty and cases you just feel that life and that that watch coming energy
somebody said the key and princess the story of i'm a the
maybe the greatest story in the bible or something when people say that kind of thing her father bernard
was telling us that and comic was reading a jewish one time i don't like those kinds of rating they don't think they're appropriate when you when you say something is absolutely supreme one point out to should print and to but everything else in the shade and i don't think that's the way of work because i think any seen in the bible can open up to and touch you and become
for that magic moment become the greatest thing in the bible because the presence of they are the credit to the spirit of the divine wisdom and their they're reporting but it certainly is model and so are a number of the other stories while the of you know the powerful of the products on what a story that what a story that
that can make you wait time after time after time
and that's not just art but that's the kind of inspired are other was the only spirits on how has been able to express itself and through the mode of poetry through the motive and a words which becomes then a kind of projection of know a visual
okay we won't be able to do much more to anything more with matthew them
and with look i should allow a little from
will apply for possible question
i've just always thinking about these four version for the mystery and the four gospels i can this morning as as the way line to top up funny that in mark
you have the baptismal mystery the christ form your experience within oneself and baptism and that is the climax from the center of the whole thing and almost being on verbalize it's not develop it not explicitly develop the way it is already important you paul develop that he draws all kinds of think that
makes it very expensive part cousin it veil and then again batting the whole thing they did up to that experience but you don't have reflection about an actor and matthew the mystery of wisdom fullness of the king of not on the teachings of the person of jesus with wisdom of god
and look and and and the law and the teaching becomes interior arrived in yeah but in look it becomes interior arrived in a different way to the wisdom of god as interior as hit you as a of them within here now which is able to as it were few all of the questions and issue that recovered by the law
law into a single principle of life which is marbled but it look like single principle of life and of energy rather than i wish them if an energy rather not more
so you have been and look the imminent history of the spirit that fullness experienced and the divine energy of the spirit but within oneself and within the movement of shaving history both inside the on its around you so you're moving in this flow of the spirit in the world but it's also it's not fire in your heart and interprets the word it's the fire that you
i'm loving it becomes the desire for god that becomes the principle of what you do
at by the and john we had the unity of mystery of the i am which is already reality the cosmos history and the shout permeated illuminating how to uncreative negative light and the price china of ordinary clogged language but we'll talk about that next time and gianna changed to pull together and it pulls together and something like that would look you've got work
on a breakthrough into movement the translation of the whole of the gods for intervals and so that two hundred eighty five your energy and the world that and john it seems to stop again
it takes to stop but it stops nodded in a way of something that that static there's another kind of immobility there and immobility of the death of the routing of something can be centered in the source and they the ultimate reality so that the which there before you would gathered together and as a good
stands there like the sun is it's full of energy itself
okay well next time we'll say something about john's gospel and than one john and as i said i'd urge you to read the fresh butter of time before our next session
any questions or comments reading before it
where to the father and traditional into the hole
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