Two Approaches to God: Prophet and Mystic

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Community Retreat Spring 2002



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the and before i talk about material i had us today particularly talking about epithet and some men made the apathetic tradition
i mentioned that father bruno in that kind of suggestions he made for formation said that it would be important to instill in young monks for beginners or that sensitivity to the apathetic on
not just dance a point of view or theology or even a method ah but as kind of a whole sensibilities that undergirds the monastic life and have you been a teacher i was thinking about the question of how you instill that you know and of course it's not i think of matter
of instruction alone i think people learn by osmosis information you learn it from on the older members of community lived ah the mystery of monastic life for years but some instruction i think could be helpful and i think
maybe an official drawer a temporary vows or ought to be i use teacher playing with a unit of instruction that particular particularly ah is geared towards an appreciation and immersion in in the apathetic tradition and are it could
would center around
ah reading and meditation on and discussion of some of the great episodic
our classics and texts of our traditions such as the life of moses are by gregory of nyssa and maybe even filed before him and not be in total but at least in part and and then pseudo donations certainly and especially
i the mystical theology which it's really very short but very g and then traveling through the medieval tradition
to the cloud of unknowing certainly which has been so important in our own day and hs the founding inspiration for centering career
so that i think and then you could also take up the same time so much the non-christian tech such as and our guard to them said i i suggested yesterday and the gen readings and so forth and i said i think you could form people in a in a deep hole deeper
sensibility of the episodic that would be something that could inspire the whole of their monastic life
and for the bruno's essay which appears and they privilege flaws the first sentence says the monastic life is inserted into the mystery of christ or his living out of the mystery of christ something like that i didn't i didn't write it down exactly and that's true but that's true of also
so the christian vocation and i you might say well in what way do we differ than from the mendicants not trust as or a lifestyle but i insert some even deeper way in which were immersed in that mystery of christ and ah when i began to study
desert fathers more than thirty years ago read the desert fathers i began to notice they didn't mention christ much at all
they certainly certainly didn't talk about the imitation of christ you know there's has really in a sense not a christ centered theology at least as it appears for know and i was discussing that with a very fine korean better dictate that i had a student one time
and i said well it's because they weren't christ before the father you know that they were so immersed in the mystery of christ that they were christ before the father and i think there's a jeep on intuition their about the way that the monastic christian
monastic vocation is inserted into the mystery of christ not just as humid hot sale you know as mendicants would talk about the franciscans would talk about the imitation of the poor wandering christ and the the
the dominican certainly would talk about imitation of the preaching christ okay ah but we're we're in something deeper and that is totality of christ before the father
and at the purity of heart symposium williamsport school arctic mentioned to me that when he began to do saw sam in japan
he would do it before the tabernacle and then he realized that maybe it would be better to do it at the side of the tab of my or apart from and i think they're he again had that intuition that ah there's essential in which we can be crushed before the father
without even mentioning christ in such a jeep ensure your way so that a or sense of the apathetic i think we need to explore but now as a buddha say you you can almost put it in the language
so that the monastic vocation is sort of romaine and the mystery of god ah you know the kind of indeterminate way
mcginn says about a card it would be hard to overestimate the influence of the pseudo the dionysius on their current so you don't really understand we're a cards coming from unless you really know the pseudo dionysius and in that regard i'd like to
to mention a essay
which is the gap bring along with me i have it up in my on hermitage it's by dom david knowles and has called the influence of the pseudo nine he shits on the western mystical tradition and it's a superb article but it appeared in effect shrift ah that's very hard fine
and a lot of libraries don't have it so i'll leave a copy for you and ah
i i think you remember the book of by cuthbert butler on on christian mysticism i forget the precise title anakin western mysticism which is on augustan bernard and who else was to gov greg break
okay but the thesis that ah cuthbert butler the of downside is is presenting is that these mistakes of light or in a sense true christian mystics and tom david knows a mom
a downside ah
as a historian began to perceive that that was a bit of a lopsided presentation that there was also a deep episodic sensibility yeah not the western tradition and
i heard christopher butler also abbot of of downside say that finally don david had the courage to really put this into words and it's in that essay or where he takes exception to this abbott and says that it
it's not true to say that that the primary christian mysticism is a mistress on of light that there's also genuinely on mysticism of of darkness and unknowing and so forth but that's a real id are important essay and i'll make sure i leave a copy with you on good i didn't go
bring it down and replaced i wanted to share one quotation from i was doing it so
the just a few other things about the apathetic us
intuition or sensibility cj years before he died about a year before he died when he was becoming very feeble i mean you knew we didn't have want to live said if i had another year to live and he didn't really think he had another year to live by it another year to live i'd studied sand
which is very interesting
young what after spending his career on exploring images and sort of the flowering of the psyche or on at least on that level began to realize there was something deeper and at which would be were chain houston calls
are you know that deepest level of the the psyche which goes into the mystery itself even before the images of was and i think it's very very important to see that young said that
it's interesting and also that the older heidegger ah we embarrass barrett who wrote irrational man or was interviewing heidegger one time and had given him a copy a few months earlier of one of the books of d t suzuki on zen buddhism and
heidegger when he met we and bear it again said if i understand this man correctly he saying everything i wanted to say which is very interesting you say ah then that there's something very very deep about that episodic a honoring of the mystery
that even someone like how union and height of the a photographer
would i want to talk about such morning in nature
presentation is about it's called a two approaches to god naturally even though they're much as two approaches but many many approaches to god and on
there's a wonderful desert fathers saying paul abraham was hospitable and god was with him and david danced around the ark and godless with him i forget what other examples insights and he says so whatever your heart you know is comfortable with that is your way to god okay
so these are simply models and their kind of flaw huge models and it's not a question of putting everything either on the one category of the other but they're like two polls are that are kind and slob
do when for the spectrum in a way we have lots of possibilities and between and
you know we may make treat the west for example and as more dominantly prophetic as one off it does i'll point to the prophetic sensitivity towards god and the eastern as mystical but it's not it's more like yin yang symbol where you know you've got the dark with some light
it and the life with some dark and had their certainly strong mystical element in the west also
so ah
the first on
was that i'd like to talk about is based on an article by conrad clarets
historian of religion and which was an article that appeared in crosscurrents and i think it will start early seventies went to margaret trying to find it and could locate it i haven't checked revival will feel cross currents go back that for fun anybody it's an ah
article title because profit

horns or girl
i couldn't alicia key

and he says dr martens
a similar to approaches to the mystery of god which the by the world pathetic and realistic goal
and yeah there's an abstract model i thank you know it doesn't serve to well because in the west we also have the mystical but i suppose in terms of of dominance and so forth a
perhaps it's true but the way he distinguishes the chivalrous interesting he says to prophetic
sensibility some breaks
long distance from god
it has a tremendous sensual of the transcendence of and the fact that the phenomenal world is not god but this related to gone there's question of relationship or and have the provided to is trying to overcome the distance
perhaps why the west has generated so much metaphysics and so much words you our hall so much theology and that we're trying to overcome that distance
you might even say that within the biblical tradition within the old testament or of the hebrew bible or yes the early part his prophetic ah but by the time of the profits while especially jeremiah ah you have an increasing interior organization you know the laws written on our heart
so that that you might even say the biblical tradition can be totally on hold prophetic person's ability to gone but you didn't do get extreme our sensors to the first and certainly a major thinkers such as karl marx
but once used the image that revelation is like a stone which has thrown across a great gap into the world you know that god reaches out to us you know and and gives us revelation and that there's no other connection except that a revelation and this is
kind of sensibility you get still behind some are fundamentalists and so forth so it ceased are quite a difference between god and the phenomenal world creation software
and it also has a sense of awesomeness of god of moses approaching or via the burning bush and so forth takes off his shoes on
overpower and kind of power law in the mystery has its current
the merciful in contrast celebrates
the simplicity with god in fact even the i learning
the connection like that it's already there
ah and saw the question with overcoming resistance it's just a question for the way when they do
there's no journey that has to be made you just wake up right where you are and then you found mystery
they are certainly find that you know aesthetics of lad in the west for example augusta rooms
my god was more interior to me than i am to myself that's a deep mystical intuition so it was there in the west so to speak you now and it's not totally absent
ah it's the certainly the basis of him lose from the musharraf's the top to bottom or see of these contract you are that you will learn from ah
the first module i ever learned from a teacher new york city was so hum
and in sanskrit it would be so ahem which is shorten and it means you are it
you are that no on
all right on there's an image that brother david the last usage and some of these fact that i think also talks about that and that
the is like the earlier
with the waves rolling in certainly an image that you can very well identify with here live in big sur and that sometimes three the that they there's a little sand conflict on a beach
little bird that plays with the ocean and on the sandpiper seizes tremendously powerful wave come in all it's it's awesome and it's fearsome and so forth to re-releases history you know it's terrible and it runs
away but then the way receipts and burst fascination so it's an expression of what rudolph off off of the mystery of tremendous

with you during lunch apart to let prophetic intuition of god if the mysterium fossey news

again maybe two models you know or to stark about way to footer
you know
i think with the incarnate shouldn't have to talk about another setting and that's what i would call the mysterium into mottram god entering history and god ah my race of making this disappears that's that's something else so
basically from the history of religions
okay let's look at another model
why way are very good example in contrast the bar for very good
sample of those with each other
in contrast to carboy
another ah
model is presented in the book
the great chain of bear

why are for luggage away

and this finch very much to some of the things we were talking about yesterday or in talking about eckhart that where he stands in the western tradition
ha love lovejoy spock goes with are more than fifty years old now it's kind of an old classic and the medieval conference at kalamazoo
three four years ago had ah a number of kind of sub sessions devoted to log choice our model
but he says there are basically
of balls of god god as the time was bouncing
four dollars gas so

the titles absolute as very much remote you know and powerful and way beyond and you know the first cause aristotle yes say how long

and the south profuse of good is primarily rooted in plato the think it's the republic book sex for plato says the best name of god or his of the absolute is good and it's a good which over float because our bottom the
some silly good diffusers itself good overflows interesting that a car uses the word god boils over ever watch here okay that there's this flowery and there's pouring out off that comes from god
ah the title spill of are absolutely celebrates this distance
god is probably on just distinct
the park disappointed sample of that ah
and the soft of use of good thoughts about participation
let the good one at spills out know
is is imminent in what it creates or in what eminent
this is extremely important to understand the whole notion of grace in the eastern christian tradition fails as demonisation because it's really a christian realization of of bush okay on the notion that participation
a my record recommend regarding that notion of participation on in connection with sudo diagnosis but for very helpful commentary in part of the season should have a diagnosis that i phone is why my dog damage
i wish that it is
hans who else an older translation but his introduction r true the cosmic hierarchy and fall so forth it is very important because he says what comes from the work you know what for the finest quality know
donations but it's not like steps so much as levels of a waterfall and and the water continued down and help me understand you know the the imminence than so strongly a part of the soft diffusion would our tradition it's very
much behind the theology of bonaventure my boy that and yesterday for for bonaventure on
god with particularly the father
you to piece of growth
and the word that bonaventure uses for the following the trinity is the father responsible time

then flick like the source that keeps flowing over okay so it's interesting that fr took that faunal plenitude and put it in a sense behind the trinity did not identify with father maybe who was an air there when somebody else better than i could argue that but i know
that panic bar never agreed with our card on that point that that the source is something behind the trail that he identified with the father as dogs on
watch so timeless an absolute has the steps of difference pay ah where's this this has a sense of on
likeness similarity
full image doctrine
the western christian and the eastern christian tradition is excluded here this has a very strong sense of contingency
and creation and as kind of some of the text niccolo you know that can sheriff
not not intimately connected with the source that create

india has a way of talking about the edge
there's a word in sanskrit beta which means difference distinction

and again it's tonight to contractors that this so lunches to polls as a word and they also have a chance of
handmade hobby
or on you can find the theology you don't have to go back appeared
romana job here more of it
which is divided up
as shown below
the pointer
nanda french identity
have one without second thought sort of thing
one india theologian food is not as well and often as chancellor
foreign languages but search of ratio or of attention is
who developed the metaphysics call or a theology all ah beta
the manga something to raise are combined
need a hobby home
there's a difference but there's identity okay it it combines two poles and i think in a way that's more suitable to christian connection with hindu ocean than either hot vita or divider okay but it's not very well known
the so
aquinas i think it is certainly more in this direction towards the time was absolute bonaventure were obvious connection and certainly eckhart on the other hard way
all right
my we can open up to discussion
is this help for this you like a few years of catholicism is to all tensions together as this
reminded me that history will the destination church canonized in closing on the fence and auto venture into teaching and the temptation of courtesy to nobody can come down once i got violently and and i wonder if you need to look at our own hearts in these questions that kind of where wheatley and
where to me either corrective compliment
that may be a useful way for it's just sometimes i were paired with burn like you're getting off balance we just have a tendency to me but i think you're absolutely right that is the weirdest that is a genius of christianity ah all the war expression summer
times are very short of the wish mom and i think it's the genius of christianity since the heart of christianity is a mystery that jesus christ which is the ultimate coincidence opposite that holds pretensions to get more like now thought you your cousins for on eventually replaced that's awesome
but we're always trying to deal with it you see where i was trying to get a to approximate that and i have i don't think question theology really comes to ah
either a of until perhaps bonaventure and or funimation kind of got eclipsed by that or not fascination with aristotle i came fifteenth century ah you know but i think you're right
the whole key to christianity is the mystery of christ which is the volume ah and we have that we we to fall short of being able to say to express although we live one
and it's price to and i was fully god but honors the human and these phenomenal by entering into a concealer
the the icon of the transfiguration and and our chapel but has a wonderful choice of artistic intuition to them ah because you see christ you know and mystery of the transfiguration was the the three
a apostles of nice but you notice that the light that comes down and meet a similar price was the we call the horror and looked i'm excuse at me i'm not artist but the the death that a white of chamber you know it just comes like down like this
and read some the several christ right here okay ah and there's light coming up also and the center of here so it's like it's like these
it's an expression of the mystery some hall and i'm not a very good artist but actually just come to help further like this city end up end up with a six pointed star and so you know i stand on the other side of that continue to walk the office and i started concentrating on them
the on on the light one day and were something that said there was never studied with the i can order foods feel about you know what they're expressing and so forth but yes you're right it's christianity that and for beat the obvious
fits together but i think we fail sometimes have been able to do
you know the buddhists say that regarding a mystery of god any language we use his finger pointing at the moon and and the voters would say no finger no well i think something that are more beautiful that recently what adequate than others
but you know maybe maybe voters on stands there and the history of of humanity simply way to remind us that we never been approached the mystery check but it's like a it's like a meal
a code of dna in christianity that we've got to approximately you see because there are elements of of christian belief that just radically go against all logic itself
while basic principles of law checkers of principle of non contradiction in spain in lufkin cannot compete but here you have one being for me and you have price to know is both human and divine so you know both of those mystery trinity and incarnation
run against logic itself
when theology has to be able to
somehow try to comprehend
i like that for your indian theologian duration a bus card i didn't have an idea of combining
he a trip advisor no idea who said that would be most helpful modern i was presenting yeah and i can have food every disparate and i find a spokesman er bad position or contemporary today
with a strong spokesman that you get to events ah divine hand she emphasizes so much the advisor during a unique experience we had a biker of boucher right but the motto should percents you
said the automate but and have a duty to experience is jesus christ not especially in his relationship with her father miss experience of the father is she was the father and speed the bottom for our patient experience of god and up and he is
christchurch ask
junichi in distinction and because price at which would be repeatedly says i am i the father why my the father the longest ear that unity for that each tell reminds us that but jesus never said i
i am the father and i'm a father of one yeah i'm going to find the i he that he never said i am for father always ah
the wheels that are matters of intimacy and udg a decision there's never a confusion that she becomes the father and a eat says that should be the the file efficient experience of an odd a profound junichi your hundred students
and it's a unity in distinction of ah
the weather one every three years we've got an immunization or our
guys with to our yeah i'm still on a steel as creature past
created an image of file sharing the which are kind of so are often i think that by of the investigation or have you ah
goods a patient bottom oh yes i see well it's a it's a which strikes me as his at the ball matches you know jesus never says ah i am got okay ah because that's what some of the mystics said
and one was marguerite correct who was burned at the stake
in the lifetime of back heart and to one eckhart went to paris of second time while there's a question about whether her writings the mirror of simple souls influenced a car and from one begin says you need him know about it was any perhaps it read it but it doesn't the interesting line
ah about when he went to paris a second time when it was stationed at that dominican house in paris ah they include dominican inquisitor who had been responsible for burning burning marguerite correct at the stake was living in the house with him you know
christianity has done some terrible same time with the confused
but at any rate that's that's an important point but i wonder how shirt and for deal with the point in
they they might not be reading too
but they might be a company
a commercial thing
like if you know if it can be no are the truth
that is a that is
look your branch
doesn't have a great video etc is because not only book but the other get that two hours everyday why entonces by the identity of me time
but that's not such partner was not working that they actually these things are you know you knows might say delivery contradictions and sense that this distinction which ending in abundance of be overridden by the
moving solid not a refreshingly and conceptually we can't figure it out of one it just for the other and such a way that the other overrides it and that's the exaltation more that the young and new unity override the the
snake and the interplay
you know
i certainly agree that autoship not it far more handle that the yeah a publishing know about to de-clutter and because he has so that we a that when experience
but you know suck he's got something
the head
the telephone
am i think that you could say that all of the right
i think get the ontological reality it's ochre and got is unknowable but he does manifest in various right right and so this the perception of the viewer than watson says i see god as lips and submitted it hasn't translated
to the
nah man math as god sees only the assets and naming somebody else in this marriage since this is the ultimate yeah this is what that is what can we go beyond there somebody most of the total absolute are knowing gotten this this is not meant for each one has perception and define
that is this is where confidence man but there's the reality beyond all the procession yeah
yeah certain styles and strange land in help our
i wouldn't say totally subjective but it's it's where a person's of plants and them so for example ah ah
no was very very much into effect and chance look talisman stop way and i talked about moons our propensity for its that side intuition of mystery ah
and there are certainly styles of spirituality that much more boston and understand that community of love i think
and so contact vi and even if you regard and she'd say there's not a lot of options here on which may have metaphysical expression in of which we can explain understand that there is a have access to manifest part mission
they can be off the ways and explain the math and and heroism ah they say and started nine and go to one or you can start at one eight or nine mrs they mathematics check i only sam well well well well
at top you can start with its video hockey phenomenal world and go to god for you can start with god and go to the phenomenal world sent me out right prison and that incense or quiet
zenfone epistemology and risk materialism real awesome starts with happy world he goes got a migraine should start from god and so much effort and cost phenomenal world
this is the loser reality only of it just like we wine people
this rabbit of members of trail was the all from like but is more just as drunk and so it's the same elephant there's still is reality there right from the shrine to describe the certainly that could lead to an extreme cynicism
ha ha i'm just say you know well that's why you've written this is another you the naturally longer
people think this is this is asked what he likes these countries religions and on it has gotten different you could wire on the is always people who work in a different views of god miss it isn't collapsing is equal rights
that's where faith i guess it's just a handful said
if you say create a minute than you got to deal with like that that me
yeah okay was a foundation animal
spy it so get your line l santa
that the life and your guide
this is the guy get like from the thought and on yeah well that this the harvey was a cancer
and of in that time make the extra rich commision
i am not sure that
i'm not sure what a red car keep your mind and help you know i thought it was highly thought with parents that are not sure where is it just kind of chicago this is a favorite image also have cost us where you fulfill and now i think it's too dark way you know it was my understanding
that how
know the hell of unknown
i'm pretty sure to show that happen

i was you go there are always this way for realize some the really smart
and that can be a positive literally thing or is simply ah yes
the servants profile and size six thousand sq
because of these terms are not flexible
christian like the and she tells the story pay to is and nose one was line on on with the live off their votes having been this tremendously we have it both see the habits these eliminated experience with the to experience the
one provided on come from like are doesn't like for one that's great that it's very dark ensure word is nearly as many lives
i don't know her conclusion about that but
the team cert sorts of and
well john connor sauce like i wouldn't have conflicts with geographies
we have gone on the mystical marriage in the dark knight yeah if you're not to be seen justice
one step further notice just progressive steps
my hesitation when our side of the dark knight and smiling with the i work
subject with psychological now despair
so syrup songs on this one is it from bad ones cause psychological ah
so like i don't know about what mom
i think was not a cell was like you said for with headsets
the so yeah i would suspect so i was
repent and also have this strange sense of being a creature know pulling and my gods so one sense of for fans of the have that say that
just begging without missing
i think the whole question of a with your ideas and by her you might not to continue continual fiction
i thought about chris vegas appreciate the same of here going to shut and genuine friendship in the impatience the different andrea
yeah august euchre extinction they they go they have them for pleasure and i think that's a treaty different worldview if you via the christian view and he and you the truth and
hockey event one another for example they use that feel they go just absolute biker for them that's easy because
most you said you'd ask something you are our news at the end gets no no said those subject the self simply install in actual interview for town with their nature on environment so cost
his absolute
kind of a fight that are on community because he devito the subject simply songs i'm too
depends yeah
the passage ah i think the contribution decreasing contribution is precisely that classical persian which is where way in this most eastern traditions a constant push eax eax individual has nothing to be
you and an aspiration
persons in communion is all discussions and finally is the fish
i asked by impression and so i think the to boost can become invasive we don't have to go to just one people it just two different world views and
seventy he pushed to a bite of us contribution to might have to go with you now lot of realization of how our get out
by actually but the person to a who also has a contribution to say that ah
in the put to our hill in eternity we don't simply disappear and see we're still as the person in communion this adult questions and by a question that idea of chicken differentiates
unity the distinction know and in conversation with you we trade off is the become a facebook
china they want to note that would way and efficient way and a contribution part of your now on tenerife a chinese christians are saying that and ten got a christian because in best stage i'm still that step
and to betting that's a late consolation
even if we can be i feel myself so essence and so what
how with his college a stage that the war
the ceremony disappear
but i think also that and as much as you can live in that and will live in the fullness of that on and have that comedian the law for in helpful
you can also i think even a same person how that intuition of the and vitalik a reality
and if we can have hope so for example one and says nowhere has gone so really god and sydney human soul ah he's talking about again in fact it's kind of extreme expression because
philosophically we theologically
god not work so well was he say instead that the presence of god within and some snapshots me reaching out when forming was know but it's also you know the image of the holy spirit if i couldn't win
christian mungiu chef that feasting that very first treatment so they no
well we'll never get it so that gives a back when
anybody else wanna say anything else
oh okay actually does this but it seems that there's multiple factors models that could be possible with here the other side will allow the character see this is a great many
sort of the site duty a vaccine one
but in the bed itself always focusing on the site and there's the other be a girl in a patient models that is more behavioral or almost from i'm asking work ethic
that seems could have been incorporated in america for full of spirituality or oh maybe actually goes that voters are all three of those the aspects
be are the find sometimes people causing so much on the apple fed you a hermit from the sacred it worked examples a cigarette and moral behavior example and they want to cut off and is focus on this one god amongst
removed you know right
so we're more balanced holistic oh
models for trolley that would be more fanatical it would seem to have you know
it maybe a demographic parameters when you sweat ourselves with him
well i see it know her well with what you're saying to the two types of noble yeah your mom cannot janani yoga some intuition was added and from line people contemplative perception and were often as for the
emotional meaning of love half and that work at three much in a carnival which is
they sure were under cottage create change to do at way behave you're acting out so there's power there
i know if anybody shepherd explore that that's a that's how a good intuition and i think because it brings it right down into the daylight of home and the
sorry you can bring your contact campus petition with you by that of any issues
in a unified i would like young and archives and seems like it
well this has been the same like far which fetched connection your by giant poodles critique of it's precisely that heidegger yeah a sense going after that happens that information never
develops and ethics know ah in social politics room care of only fighting fascism options you know so it's essentially you're getting at something there you know that that heidegger when sort of close
play on that that fact path that he didn't feel with the practicality of living in this world ethics
and it's a strong criticism in fact the job
that hiding her dogs and nothing i'm connected and ah
virtually all of describing life in the world as oct
however pessimism
rather than embracing the enjoy it
oh boy don't simply
do my as vary from time to live and a monastic for mitch
when you started now you enough sensitivity to the fact that has for us he says
needs to be a all is collateral you know a man's shirt went on germany's not just as very easy to be simply as perfect as think i'm having an authentic and empathetic criteria and i was also move myself from
in the realize that a living by domestic experienced rider where we're on a of thing so there has to be or i think a very very careful way of this especially when we're trying to mentioned people towards and right well precisely known as you shop for difference
yes the actresses and a universal by in christianity does it have the uniqueness of expression cause last
that's lovely
sailing murdered who wrote on the head into the
that's classic our time was in fact that it is phyllis and commonality that not surprise us but for shoot at the heart and yet
it was incarnational and and the birth of chefs anymore i think it's may seem to have patient with fastest way into that self evident yeah it's not as well
he answer my as simply pouring yourself on service
we have now pretty waffle partner war yet so that horizontal merchant cash value in the fact that good
it's drifted off
which is also is around
one hundred that
you read a master this weekend
we can stretch it out in front of
oh movement
there's you get the we have hundred on
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