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have you know sanctifying grace is our economy god god became human so that humans might be found out this is a great christian
the forgotten for several centuries but it was repeated by senior and answer the second century and it was repeated by thomas aquinas and thirteenth century and a few others after you niva and ah so this is what it's all thoughts about coming down
and by road rising up by was right thing and surrey
eurusd is one can come in here for this moment for this these people who are there are family and jesus and maybe some other guests in on so the sanctifying grace is are becoming god and are manifesting about
for others well it's not our soul becoming more beautiful yeah it gets you can also say that but that's another that's one hundred good what this not adequate to say it's are so becoming more beautiful you know that they the the silver state wasted or nice and shiny yeah
as but the point of it is to be
to be a manifestation of god for others
another one on the subject your mother teresa
she manages to god is divine mother for the indian people choose mother but mother as divine has gone now many female that the use of the female for god his first very important and head with some i think it's the most beautiful part
an campus
god is the my mother but also we began to realize that christianity as the potentiality of expressing itself once again and restaurants because it is in the original line nurture of jesus and the even profit spirit is knows that the divine wisdom it's also
family and the shaking on and dig into the fire the cloud with luminous cloud of its surrounds surrounds man has the presence of gone supernova so
so is when we manifest god this is years
it's an aspen analysis got enough to enable shops and we are doing something
ah i'm sure that peter's mother in law yet are being the instantly healed from her illness wouldn't be thinking are now i will show them i'm going to show them that i'm you know i'm going to show them by very pain could did you know that i'm sure that that wasn't there
i don't want to be reasonable reasonable him being with do i mean if she was doing this because this
this this was was where she was in that moment that the guns and manifesting yeah well i seem to find grace is gone in as gonna expressing that sub prime and here and say we also
in christian tradition have a suffering guides several with the suffering of the dark knight whether be and me over
her name or teresa could also
the reflective of suffering and eighty five split suffering christ and smallpox of that yeah certainly but the suffering current of crash man vs manifest god is total outpouring of long you know that's a lot of the world that he gave us when we we got
no so the the manifestation there is not suffering something is not good at all
if suffering with probation of of of of life and health and and so forth and and god doesn't want that as such
but for love
one can suffer enough
and it's the self giving that it benefits from filming and so a person me
fulfilling interested in fulfilling most wives tasks you know it can be this moment of suffering when one does it because it is good to do this and when finds happiness also no one finds happiness of doing the right thing even when the details are free with the suffering is
not a good
and the up the sufferings of jesus is not only insofar as the hopeless realize that jesus is this out of love for humanity saying father forgive them for the know not what they do
and breathing out his spirit upon the earth because there's this expression of the gospel according to john the passionate story of john and jesus when jesus dies he says the expert of the the expression and greek can mean can be translated
and he breathed his last but it also means he gave over the spirit
then then this is purpose of this is a play on the words it's it's it's on purpose in that text and is typical in the way that the fourth gospel was written in was very simple vocabulary the uses these merge with these double meanings and this was the meaning that says that
he breathed his last damage you know aid off the jersey this the old of the century turnover of sixteenth century translation of the phrase gave up the goats but really he was giving the holy ghost he was giving the holy spirit
no it the say it's not get with their lives on the states with saffron
a sanctuary so st francis of assisi st get something for the was i crashed know their father pierre office
wonderful people the saints did they go through the suffering because he went in that the room at the end instead
the high was fluff come in are now seven that bring some grab dinner is not it's not an islam
yeah it's not question suffering that assertion is it is an evil and on and but we can permit and evil to exist when integrated with country
now in our practical choices we can sometimes say well the glad this happened about but we're really aiming at the good results that will come you like he might have the health care of which country and they have this cover the economist the of if you had
the president dressed up as well as a doctor of big hypodermic say this is gonna hurt
so so if you're gonna pay for you know so in this sense we can permit the suffering and we understand we can only stare understand god in relation to such room as permitting this in order that
there may a healing and salvation and wow
you see it's almost the end is almost a good and never the southern such as just good yeah there's also a stain paint as a given that suffering is optional and i know found for me when i'm sorry it's because of my resistance to the page ah rather than a binding and the bottom
the and lying if you just let it go to mean there i'm fighting and i'm trying to climb the sides and that any suicide it can increase in a priori english because have increased with name and
yes ah it's often because we are not processed turn off its downsides are that he's the dark reality of away and yet at the same time
we have to be conscious that this isn't a to this is the privation of the good
and it is not god's plan that we also what they did in pain but that we'd be well and be relief from pain gone in this life than the life and while the resurrection yeah hadn't an experienced to learn ticket
have working in know you then after walking mobile i had shingles and i will never have shown that it's the most painful decker handful and i will send a and kick get out for two weeks in in the way i am fascinated actually creative writing or cricket
before and i have my to scores of his chain singer distributors suffering in this cane i'm going through the please give me this really some i read the product this beautiful pipework and the sing this my goodness love the up a little tip tipping it's a family heated
spotless that's exactly the way i feel like some say can we need when you have shared can you give her at the fibrous and i thought i was dying but i was so anyway but this oregon put in a while and i took it to my room after i have prayed the rosary and fifty dollars just give me some this
i can't take this and i have been work at te ching haven't been a local school this beautiful or inches from back to life and on the somewhat felt this this there was something in that around with that
it's so it's hard to explain
this horrific
we were talking about nature and i saw this portrait i didn't just see in the verge of the arquette can't live like a little face and
it's just a beautiful lauer that i actually embraced it and she says scored two synthetic this is something that feeling but is it you
the beauty of this orkut and coming back to life form me coming back again to my feeling better and i kissed him as he got and know here in this of or the scorchers so i went back to school now when am i still misses from nike about we get she
sustained while or on gives the twin the business software for eternity
and again oh ha ha marriage congress is that under to find something else but this fight off cancer she wanted sancho hair comes next thing few more things just food so that goes is smothered with this to beautiful the same
these tears started coming there i mean these parents were playing me on these gifts that they were filming cytochromes i have been to school and kids were happy to see me it didn't stop there and never stood in the mother says i don't know why mrs rebecca tom cat camping from getting from point a few
powerful collars research note miss murphy loves spotless i never taught them via and she likes why darkness and abandoned me as i never said i put this forward and i felt a combine harvester and then someone else gets so this is not a coincidence
this know with incidents that he was just me i felt this love 'em instance the slobber coming over it's just in tears as she cried for us from five orphanage just got that three i received three and function fast of feeling that
confirmation from doc saying yes that was that the real experience that we've found something and yes that love and gave new show to those kids and they are given them back to you
finally this thing about blogs or if you feel it it and i said i'm glad that i with be pain and suffering for those two months have been sick for me to finally pray the rosary and i haven't stopped by the race faith that it's you need to experience
this pain than we've never had shingles the has painted by the her experience gained in my life so i think that's
if i hadn't gone gonna nail i will then filled the way i feel now
i didn't know it and you'd think when say what now i don't question it
that said you're you're expecting this define his thing and i think i'm experience
i don't like still be a good politician

he's strong and she grew more or less to lose some other some optional questions if he wished
now i want to make myself available q on have a personal one on one conversation i do the screeching you smoke you're working on switch off as phone
i'm wondering when bush
sorry your problem
retribution got
cause partial to reach
doesn't person
and then relationships but god can actually be suffering as the privation of the good
it is yeah it is the absence of their good the creation of the pill
so on you as a person can find god
in yourself from
oh but that does not mean either the
use the software way or the f you have to somber life you won't have gotten them on will not approving this doesn't have
vermont a certain language about being heard about the about contaminant content yeah it's a curious
we purchased from statewide
marrying the person you want to her
we are no more impact on the average than other people
if i have to do something really extraordinary
that was necessarily pleasant but plastic was too extreme and we realized afterwards we enjoy character that stays with us rap music it's a curious say
ah it's probably why nobody ever richer than money
be better suited to get back rouge your standard of living goes up and you look at the nation are you satisfied with again
in the course of my life but i've usually found man district dictator when that sense that i'm not doing it i'm not doing
it usually signals that there's something else i should do
there's no there's no getting out of
but there's something else a good as well moon
now to me back and which ago
okay yes that is a voice of god a word of god and can revive there's also the word of god that speaks through the everyday the hum hum drum vanilla name or what you re
really widow who you know you have a life is this your life entails doing and being in this way to happen man's pouch
i worker journey just was anything but i believe you can so of but there is certainly ah this know what you're saying is certainly way to quit now i think that would always have an experience like that
of the sense of dissatisfaction as a stimulus to
what are some greater certainty
something that we're not accustomed to thinking about
guys also in the direction it
after to yeah
in the same person to the door
take your attention of the frustrates what we doing
when computer crash just now
but things happen
but we do not receive about your prayer and you actually expressed in not
there there's something in atlanta the bible gives us also other traditions that a specific in the bible that wouldn't job but also in the the prophet jeremiah and seeing all
this laying about before dawn
i don't want tennis
no luck this challenge passed me by
but not a robot can be done
ah but he also complains germ i am says oh god you seduced me that my son could do per square very strong language and and are very strong language and job says everything he presented to know god
that is a characteristic of for that
is sometimes not enough remember that we need to remember that as long as it several a second person singular the second person for murder
the the i doubt the meet you having bridge you know as long as it's that kind of communication you can see the god and guy has to take it
the man has to take it
and then he'll say something that will surprise you and then they will be in our full realization to jones before the role in and what not but
that is something that we need to also to feel
as essential to and spread to prayer expression well
so good thanks is they heard her go
blending regarding and services useless my good i don't like this why are you doing this to me
my god my god why have you forsaken me now this whereas replace and lives and jesus by they are the evangelist that are there second gospels oh and it's wrong solved with the to so if represents a way
for that
jesus perhaps did recite this song for that for dispersed words on if check this very problems of that a rare because of the text is given their in aramaic only a april hello we and the week that's not a hebrew that saddam maybe the bible but that's the that's his own made it down
now my god my god am i mean pacific
so i'm in pretty you can see everything as long as you're saying it to gun and put that before so awesome
your friends here i'm choi that you know like a similar to the nets are you know five five-minute satisfaction
i think it else to months because made me stop again to pay attention to them to really pray and an inference this troy now i'm just ever since that time i've been like in hi honey in it is summer
thing you see that when i in every in every person started saying anything different thicknesses i don't know how to explain it they will continue if he actually people notice i wasn't expecting anything from this felt the same here
and then here i come yesterday
i said okay
henry the terrorists pla know so it's like paris see races is some lot of experience if you have to have
something like that and then i actually i turned to a to see if necessary or no way this is in there are actually resulting and i know i know is i feel my sister whatever you on you're so happy we hear so and a narrow to stories of how happy that are well the academic field
back to normal but something happened to me
you are a priest to why would you have to talk one secret with yeah so
yeah you can answer near me how you been answered
oh of person there is there there are these moments for consolation and
the domestics recognize this but recognize that they must love god not to be console and not because and consoles them sometimes now but really love god because god is god as it is for everyone and sometimes you know i don't have the consolation
but i am concerned that the consolation of that comes to me from god also be a constellation for others to console others with the same constellation with which god has been sold me sir fraser seen on and just repeat section on
the he wants to console others as you know so your console so that you can not tell others
the communicate
but there is in august come and go in on defending of the navy moments from a spiritual life and that is that cumulative we have some downs but if and other gross average from start again until there is this realization that there is no option there's no down
there's no inside or outside but god is all in all that is the ultimate realization
out of this lower quiet talking about long suffering no one trials and tribulations leaders as its character turns you know eternal talking about you have check
patients patients the parents
character gets that from the sidebar
ludacris i think about that's beyond a lot of suffering kick avatar with this then the an our example
no which one it is a sharing but now
but does she i think if joe joe is on the patience of job is an ancient trial
identification of patients speculation that patients
and if they probably got sort of linens as and actually consider on doesn't make a shame that
in romans are there is a to r abraham also regulations but iranians is others is this exposure to hope against hope more
what they get home to hope against hope moments it's too much to hope for the line rather hope even more
which to masturbate with now
not even hands is sent his son my and he ended abraham understood that guy is asking him to sacrifice his son
so you know
gonna work out some god will provide that was the only thing that he would think or saying no and he took a son and or maybe if he was caught up law for some some animal known such sacrifice that he took his subtle some to work the sunset because i got the
would we got the fire years of the oh god will provide home
and i did from it's a story of arm's length of then it gets there and advisor the some puts him on word states so it takes up the life and and then the angel so spock know and look and there's there's a visit
ram with its horns time the current bush in on takes out the home office a sample
does this is from other comparable and it's it's it's not saying their contract the human sacrifices his never approved the bible but people get this idea and so abraham is an example of a person hoping against hope
believe it even when there was no punctuation believe
and then you have workers who reads this and when god was there in around know

okay so yeah
one possibility to sit got with a some very dry and they're all the flies maybe there's the it there's a little room it's like i'm talking room which is if the opposite end of the church on that side or be honored if you want to come share few things personal information
with even courtesy of discretion six and so on
we believe
that will be a