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Samādhi (Pali and Sanskrit: समाधि), in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and yogic schools, is a state of meditative consciousness. In many Indian religious traditions, the cultivation of Samādhi through various meditation methods is essential for the attainment of spiritual liberation (known variously as nirvana, moksha).

In Buddhism, it is the last of the eight elements of the Noble Eightfold Path. In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, it is the eighth and final limb identified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In Jain meditation, samadhi is considered one of the last stages of the practice just prior to liberation.

In the oldest Buddhist sutras, on which several contemporary western Theravada teachers rely, it refers to the development of an investigative and luminous mind which is equanimous and mindful. In the yogic traditions, and the Buddhist commentarial tradition on which the Burmese Vipassana movement and the Thai Forest tradition rely, it is interpreted as a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyāna.

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May 20th, 1998, Serial No. 00291

Serial: NC-00291

Liturgy Class

Chanting, Samadhi, Monastic Practice, Ceremony, Instruction
May 20 1998

May 12th, 1998, Serial No. 00293

Serial: NC-00293

Liturgy Class

Samadhi, Chanting, Instruction, Ceremony, Lineage
May 12 1998

Monastic History

Serial: NC-00340

Monastic History Class, Penitentials

OSB Cam, Politics, Samadhi, Renewal, Intuition, Intention
Feb 09 1994
18 of 34
New Camaldoli Hermitage

Participative Knowledge in Religion and in Poetry

Serial: NC-00059

Part of "Spirituality in a Secular World: Poetry and Wisdom"

1. Participative Knowledge in Religion and in Poetry

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Fox, Oneness, Samadhi
1 of 4
New Camaldoli Hermitage

Rule of St. Benedict

Serial: NC-01065

Rule of St. Benedict lecture series

OSB Cam, Current Events, training, Samadhi, Delusion, Beginners
Dec 17 1987
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Rule of St. Benedict

Serial: NC-01063

Rule of St. Benedict lecture series. Chapters 8, 20 and 48.

OSB Cam, Balance, Samadhi, Continuous, Instruction, Addiction
Dec 1987
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Camaldolese History

Serial: NC-00520

Camaldolese History Class. Conference #11 (Mar 29, 1984) & Conference #12 (Apr 4, 1984)

OSB Cam, Fasting, Ordination, Ego, Samadhi, Monastic Practice
Mar 29 1984
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New Camaldoli Hermitage