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according to wanted to move on your head
written compelling
a new in one hour
no customer florida voter turnout and very right before and at the library had done i put together over hundreds of here for running out
it's almost like an inventory of human experience in mm crematory human possibility
into the new testament which means to say that it's absorbed into tried that sort of this one center crystallizes out of it which then
in some way it includes comprehend your nativity embraces all of it and at the same time which operates something on it you might stay for becomes a kind of a prison in which it all takes down a different light the light that it takes on as a negative like that it's also a progressive like as an energy in this
christ mystery which dr something forward to an accomplishment
and that's really interesting i mean that is something as though the estimates so that when we talk about the old testament these this morning and still talking about from the point of view of the new testament and there's a great injustice in this inexpensive now because for two thousand years christians have been interpreting the old testament from outside itself respect that been ransacking
the old testament and butchering the old testament in a sense in order to extract what is significant for that what is meaningful for them christian the verification is the messiah ship jesus for instance try to the beginning by presence and matthew's gospel of all these other things we read the old testament already in a very
move over to call it
well almost like an absentee proprietors something like that and where appropriate for
for something else which christianity contents is what it was intended for original but jewish readers of the old testament with different that and they would say well look you haven't given a word the space to expand its own blossom to
to resonate you haven't allowed to speak for itself you've been putting words into it's mouth and the words if you've been putting into it's mouth you already have made up in your mine were already presuppositions before he regenerated which is which is very often true
nowadays we awaken to the fact that the old testament deserve a hearing out song as a direct work cause people but which you that way especially in science and efficiently even if you read that some the capital here on the old testament day there immediately the old testament is and the interests of christ it was a written portrait but
that's like a second moment the first moment would be hearing up in its home
which monks had telling him what if you read the on testing of attentively and likes going to be in a deeply and give it space for them it was you the stories and the prayers and the thickets and the eventual victory on iran and you'll be able to appreciate the beauty and the death of them on ironically in a globally
examples of those toys and and the books the samuel of david
and samuel install and to they give such deep presidency before you even begin to make any new testament connection
and the same is true of the creation account and so many of was toys the patriarchs and jennifer and we're going to do the same old thing have one hour would like to be appropriating the old testament for the understanding of the questions three but just take it one of the outset that there's another way to be done
but the are protected even saying old testament is already doing isn't a good that's why i put our first testament army on the outline for the class because
the old testament is all from the on a new testament perspective but if it stands in its own right than it is simply the testament to become the first system testament and covenant mean very much the same thing and originally they're not so much a book as an economy that is the whole history of israel
his embrace can the term called cover fatal or first cover the first revelation
we didn't finish well on material and i had outlined for this time events you will come back to it than one point or another
this is what they were on said the number and fifteen about the principal purpose to which the plan of the old covenant was directed with to prepare for the coming of christ the redeemer law and the coming of the messianic kingdom to announce that is coming to prophecy and the indicate its meaning to various types from it's leaning forward immediately
and it's appropriate for christianity and it doesn't have much of a chance to speak on the town so for that we have to go back and put ourselves into the old testament and somehow put ourselves into issues of abraham and isaac and david and try to expansive from the inside which is worthwhile doing in your imagination
various types i should have got your from textbook definition of the words like type of symbol them a type basically as something to which corresponds something else so yeah tight type and archetype so because i gave them in the old testament is a type of cases in the new testament
and is it is the archetype than you're saying that the type to the prefigure asian or an image or symbol or foreshadowing and anticipation a token something like that that stands for something else a and but all these words have different
range of the meaning so it's much more than sign
the typical interpretation of typology is the interpretation of the old testament in terms of those things which denotes something in the new custom
and then up a lot of that time and it's very real that the same kind of the danger and obviously there's a danger once again of not giving what we call the guy gets to now they would been immediately say that this is an energy of christ and we passed beyond the to christ without putting its speak itself once again that's an impoverishment of the
of the word of the first estimate for it so we have to be cautious about a typology about leaping from old testament new testament and we shouldn't be capacity the too greedy about media appropriating everything in an obvious way as a type of something in it was so much of they gonna get very tedious
seo and that's one reason for the the vengeance with with which people and maritime turn back to the literal sense
and say well wondered what are they really in a stuff with dark because so much because premature and sometimes sentimental and exaggerated an immature politics and ten
what does assemble and i shouldn't go to textbook definition of that children
you know that only ten symbol sign type
as campbell is not so much candy at or wherever it can be an expression but usually it's a thing that it's think that combined assembled or something i was in our gentle kind of as a as a reference meaning a resident beyond that stuff so it's something that has at these two level and one over is visible on
obvious but it's explicit about and then it has a level implicit meaning of this thing
now the level of implicit meaning can can vary enormously there may be different level that's when we talk about the force them to the scripture was saying that goes one mobile sense and then there are three symbolic sense of the spiritual senses
i'm so in one sense you can say that a simple extension with something else but that comes nearly gone to being a tight tight than any place that's what kind of algebraic relationship which can be pretty poor can be can be quite
to circumscribe and can be beneath the level really of the word and the largest possible sense and which is so light and so why that it can be to vague is that a symbol stands for the absolute in the country assembled is something concrete which somehow resume
it's with communicates the answer that at the entrance something finite which can indicate which awakens within the subsidy impact
now that's so another with everything somehow does an image or a vestige of god and medicine
but look out when we say gotten because unless they've gotten on thinking of using a word with shepherds great weekends to go that reality is if it would have stuck as if the word stopped at the concept of doctor but what it does wish to expand our the internet thing the mystery because that's what the divine it's something that surrounded with have an object
so the symbol in that sense of the kind of triangle or com in which the point is a country and even country word expression and the the wide park which
opens up to my trinity is the mystery because underneath it something which is symbolic even if we can say what it represents resonate for it with this dimension or demand human dimensions of poor work but this this invocation of beyond itself now that's not only
something that it implies something objective that it implied but it's something which you are participating in other words assembled them to the participated in an extent that it doesn't can speak to you on something else like a traffic sign or good night at the sign that assemble
but actually communicates to you or awakens within you that in which you participate together with december
so in that sense each of this is symbolic of the divine for for each other each his image and likeness of god the bible
but when we talk about symbols will be wasn't talking about similar to that someone somewhat more restricted and
a couple of references for general survey or the old testament the
the introduction of the old testament as to work right now is a shot by large both which is a country the gridlock is good book can again the i'll definitely
had a general
kinetic there's an older one which has become a classic quickly bernhard and is and understanding you will because they also have any people feel better
theology work
i'd recommend also the
jerome biblical commentary and new-age around or local commentary if you look in the contents are that you'll see that there are a number of general articles festival their introductions to sections of the old testament has an introduction to the penitent that's the first five book tennis etc etc
an introduction of pathetic literature with introduction of wisdom literature into apocalyptic so there you can get a sense of the great section for the bible which you can also doing
my case the geronimo was be much more detail effective are probably drive to not limited to it's detail
and then there also topical articles on typical geography archaeology and history of israel for that i'd suggest that you find a good chart and one of these books to make magazine are the teresa the know when the roughly
when king david work on king had taken the coyotes and so on when the exile one returned from exile and about when the exits work you need have a general framework in your life for the august but have any intelligibility free
and i pointed out because we would like to go in another direction and first were jumping over that groundwork but you shouldn't jump over something unique to them
you need a general knowledge of the geography and history of israel and the surrounding countries even if the empire it began to kind of fade for you can you have good take another look upon maps in a good charge for yourself if you memorize the principal events and the history of israel that gives you a framework on which you can stretch
everything else within which you can place everything in honest up
let's take a look at that and check it for being gay there i'm leaving you to read the restaurateur on iran although i time however return to one or another part of them
chapter four the old testament i just want to point out some principles hear about
the old testament as constraints on a critical for tactic
the fourteen
he carefully planning preparing a salvation of the whole immigration and this is put him a context of universality and very important notice it's not just put in a context tertiary and the catholic church is the vatican to the voice of better control which is looking at a larger universe beginning to but the whole human race search
friends are one people and never took over the first covenant with abraham which is
a patriarchal family government has where the covenant in blood and then the second governance with moses where you actually have the people of israel which is like the first of the people of israel at the time of exit exit
madam president says the word and deed
photo them for the carpet
some of the history often you hear the term history of salvation for the plan of salvation and industrial foundation
the same thing practically speaking i didn't includes all of it you can say there's a gentleman was kids salvation which includes all the nations but we're talking about this special districts foundation which comes through israel and a very circumscribed and very precise the way we haven't in the bible there's plenty of pleasantness about detailed but the it has sharp boundary line
we know who's involved with the children of abraham
the people of israel
this plan of salvation is fab
as the true word of god and the books or the old testament is he would think said it
this is the word of god that is there's something unique event because gives something which raises since out of the context of ancient literature into being ever because you we created a wedding i think even not precedes the new testament which is our name are you call i sent from group
there were people and even in the early church group denied that the old testament was the word of got a very much
there's the martian act remember in kentucky
because it found such a crediting and violence they turned an eotech and has compared with the kitchen jesus that they couldn't accept it this was a nasty tendency for they repudiate the old testament sometimes describe it to a kind of
inferior divinity and cut
and then chemicals of thirty two the interesting that that was not accepted and the erroneous is a great defender of the legality of the to customers
the old testament is and people a part of the revelation in a no point were taking orders matter of interpretation and we still don't know how to integrate them into our interview the things like the violence like
you know that the choosing of one nation almost by placing one boot on the other nations media the slaughter i just a matter of
people and on
these books written not a divine inspiration and keep them in our interpretation of scripture you know you don't hear much about it now because it was overdone in the past the divinity of the word is so emphasized that the expense of call the humanity of their way
and it was a reaction against them now but nevertheless that's basic principle divine inspiration has some some of the word of god and was good at that
it is speaking here at the next time revelation is like raged out of the bankrupt raised out of the background of of all of a mother and father the literature and even though it remains a human misery a quality of divinity about it which is expressed first and that expression word of god and secondly an expression divine inspiration which refers
more to the spirits that you've got the to mediation where the to divine mediation in a unique way here in the old testament is worth the nativity
good thing
the principal purpose to it's the planet the the government with directed them to prepare for the coming of great we've talked about the the other side of them
the redeemer of all and investment i've been becoming of the messianic king and to announce is coming like purposely indicated meaning to various types
reference the first corinthians ten nine games cause and all these things happened for your instruction and he started about how is as the exits the people going through the red sea under the cloud and science at all i haven't figures like all of those things where a tight for something which is happening in new pepper
notice that when we say new testament a new governor or out that how we're moving back and forth between the book in a reality between talking about scriptures and talking about like you my colleague the economy or the plan or the history itself when
she is as it were divided into the to great
to get compartments
i want you to know brother visitors can understand that our father world under the cloud i'll pass through the spring and our baptized and promoted and all the same supernatural food he's going i a kind of strange cause a eucharistic sacramento and and iraq was craig now these things are warning for us these things happen to them
a warning that they were written down for our instruction upon whom the end of the ages as come
so those things somehow types of things that were to happen and the new testament and he's already identifying the type i think baptized and phonology he moved from the barricades onto the eucharistic metaphor that they were baptized into mars and the cloud and in the state for those things
what types of baptism and all eight the same supernatural food ever been a manner the central for natural grant going to be a water from iraq and these types of nutrients and semi for pork you know that just doesn't quite reach the level and explicitly the saudi
so the to great sacraments somehow have their types of in the old testament listen inside the new testament they've got plenty of good quality and inside the new testament that's the basis for the ballot don't think that but others lives to pillar that he picked up baptismal and the eucharistic those have a be not as important which
we have really cover also been reading scripture because in a sense and the customer is stronger mounted between baptism in here
and those are things that go beyond words that go beyond the letter go beyond revelation itself into a kind of actuality and it kind of energy which is very important for us to
two lovers can
and then number fifteen goes on to talk about the state of mankind before the crime of having which is
because the women would go to of state of mankind and they use language like mankind
revealed to all men knowledge of god and of man in the way that which god has been principal forgive and the state of them had kind of killing
he is books are they also contain something which are incomplete of temporary nevertheless show a to divine pedagogy and then it sort of inventory is that things have permanent volume in the old testament a lively sense of a store of sublime teachings about that
sound wisdom about human life and a wonderful treasury of prayer and in them industry of our salvation is better than input
and requested is simply that's the beauty and the authority of the divine word in in the i just mentioned her i say if the second night say that the voice of god has books out there is it was not to be over naive but that is but there
places in the old health network where
the authority and the power as well as the wisdom of come so close to the surface that you feel that energy of communicate to and i think the government and especially you
that's true especially in him
have him in school because their experience
number sixteen god the inspired and offer both estimates that very important principle established by your and i have be against the nasty
the god inspired both and therefore because god inspired both testaments they not confronted with the source therefore the to r one in some way and there's a harmony and a an inclination and you good communion and organic
kind of life
activity going on between the two so has is not simply superseded with some way continue to live on
and i think that's true and ways which we haven't discovered yet if if you read for instance isaiah there's an awful lot and idea we hadn't been for billion one of our great temptation is to say that it was also filmed a kite that's another one of those stops that we put which like it's also filled in christ and it's all contained in the church have to with was the the interested in the printer
somehow and stuff and we worked with the dividend but that's to misconstrue the whole thing because his historical dynamic that condemn the orchestra and continues to operate and intention and also be the final thing which are foretold in the autism testament have only been fulfilled only just like symbolically or
tentatively that's not the right word but imminent that there was a pretty coming on case it does not have the traffic efficient does not bring about the and your treasure second creation the initiator for the fulfillment is not yet i still remains within lot about preserving old testament and with sometimes i'm okay
london uk
the three nights i see them
the same time there are a lot of things and i say i do that sort of have to be allowed to fall back into the shadow
prophecy begin to start tire excitement on those things which also you may have grandchildren which from terms with your enemy is my
the christ established a new covenant and his blood noticed new covenant it doesn't almost the same thing but here your governor he's not definitely not not a book and is much more than just a a pact or an agreement becomes something that sounds contemporary kind of the new government than in corner and becoming
as the old was in a way and circumcision symbolic thing but here it's in the very blood of craig whatever that means
the books of the old has been with other parents had caught up into the proclamation and the gospel choir and should put their full meaning the new testament and intern shed light on it and explain it i jumped over that
that expressions the new testament is hidden in the only that will manifest in the know that's a key principle very important to underline
the robots but certainly the revelations so much of his work is just a commentary on that on how that's true but notice not only is the
old testament manifested in the new but the new testament is illuminated by the own so there's a recent prosody there and which the old testament continues to illuminated interests
and a lot about troubled probably i do to you are a lot of the or denial of the relationship between me and he recovered relationship from the church with israel and the church becomes a non historical institution said watch me grow of unchanging on change
durable and i think that that's why they're good institution and conflict your heavy crushed
the thing as it begins to be so happy because it is it's fossilized it's congeal now institution and something static thing going the church kind of our real kind of aesthetic anymore than you know the drill
that's very important a comeback good

next time we can be treated chapter five weekend because it's the useful patients to start companies great care has been taking finally to get the main principles and interpretation
to check
a few references about that relationship with the old testament to the new testament
that's the basis of the poor of scripture and we'll talk about
and at the spiritual sense the spiritual interpretation is about interpretation all of those things are attempt to articulate the relationship of the of the first testament to the new testament
so it's the first important for stop the actual and monastic reading of the new testament as well as the whole system
your reference one wanted leclerc genre clerk monastic theology than the chapter and the love of learning and the desire for god called monastic theology where he points out the difference between monastic community of set central theology and the other theology of the church that's a classic
chapter and very book for it
and then there's get you back and we don't have a lot of the relevant i think the robot privilege but we have this source of the revelation which is that management there's a distillation of
huh is longworth the full volume market french education metabolic and also work on concurrently
so you may find a little tedious and places the there's a wonderful understand understanding
he's one of the people who breaks through it takes you back to the real meaning of thanks for going on in the patristic tradition after it's been very them irina centuries of misinterpretation or neglect we really find it when we can do
then there's gonna be aloof from shattered reality it doesn't a bottle of coke
but this book is going into the you haven't been kind of favorite conference there and last canada is going into the actual of god's promises
say between adam and christ
her baptism in the entry into paradise
laura the flood and that prison where the sacrifice of isaac to the sacrifice of jesus
one of those things they've picked up for what he thinks that the principal lunch which gives you a kind of fundamental structure of this topology but notice topology is kind of the skeleton of it the residents goes much beyond that now there was these things are are surrounded by an aura of london and not just the algebraic mathematically correspondences which proves
something the proof the work of proof that he has been done long ago and what we should be able to pronounce it as find a saber wants to get md the power and the residents with evening
be like once again and you call
one other book on
which is not know is translation has called a christian approach to the bible by surely i could never have them make them
and i've got a masterful book it was written way back in
what does the freshmen
the fifth cases will translate into the fifties and french may have them be the nineteen forty nine and something like them
oh and i think even though the french time and here is the the christian reading the bible i think the original time are going to give it back with a sappy ensure reading of the bible that's however after further interesting because what he's doing at that time is a kind of work of recovery of spadework and trying to
dig through all the accumulated stuff and finally he has been submitted
one especially important for the open the cap to
the nine christian interpretation from to forty eight two
a to created
two seventy three
now to fifty five percent in the intersection of the meaning of the drive to ten another very useful book as a dictionary of biblical theology biblical theology and the area between exit in theology it's the area in between systematic theology were you trying to
mega a diagram of the structure of the house of
have to the christian the critical must be a great mystery and exhibition which is the interpretation of scripture that areas and between in which you begin to distill the outline of the mystery and still in biblical contract that are moving into any other language philosophical i'm or any other language how do the sims
bows and elements of the bible relate to one another what are the lines the thread between a federal district about extremely useful book so it's in dictionary corner to alphabetical so you can look at jerusalem for look at god or fire or body or whatever and you'll find all the relevant old testament and leaders in the text
and then strung together with kind of a theological explanation for the atlantic coast
the liturgy is the place in which the old testament writings are interpreted in transit new testament revelation and specifically in terms of christ history so that's something implicit with with as long time especially in the address pathetic ah
and two great kids there was i said our baptism interest remember the easter vigil and the reading for these video it's just struck me this year to what extent those are
strung on instead of after the preparatory to the second baptism and to the bursting open of the christ ministry with any individual person with data
going back to that tree getting creative act to the creation accounts on many go back to the beginning of the life of the christian and they experience show last night or explosion which happens at that point in bathroom that's the point peak of active again and again and again and an adjustment but are implicitly or explicitly because everything is there something that's what happened to you know the name of that type of data
and in that some other whole of the the whole of christ in and then all of the christ mystery as if everything after that it's just drawing out which all right there on paul talks about the christ mystery of the fullness of the the christ and enter the credit reality often very often than the implicit contract effective
have you experienced the people that are you trying to
we could make a schedule schedule them
the just created israel but i don't really want to get into that
a few stages which tend to repeat themselves and hundred pupils are closer in a new testament and in our experience and this is by way of of that kind of book because analogical quality of the first estimate for the analogical quality of the whole of scripture such as the shape that we find out here years we produced over here
and everything a holographic thing that talking about knowledge and everything over here is
three experts over here there are subtleties in depth and complexity good relationship you it especially this analogical thing by which one pattern when historical pattern will be found again and again and again you haven't already in the old testament and the calling and okay the vocational school that tends to be certain repetitive pattern
and remember that the relation between god and humanity and gotta be human person is is one thing isn't as it were a constant structure and so the ways that it comes about it and going to tend to have a certain analogy a resemblance of sameness about and killed me of the time and but also want to live in testament
this is a of a kind of generalized history of the old testament isn't calling than going out there is a wilderness experience in a trial in the wilderness in separation
there's a covenant is an entry into a promise and engineers were into a new land
whether on the part of abraham or whether on the part time from of the israel like coming into canaan
there's a consolidation around the center consolidation around on center which is a king
first is that where the holy people that benefit king and then there's a a kingly sitting and perhaps a a royal mountain and there's a temple
and then after that that tends to be afraid and the beginning the seeds of division i think particularly the david solomon
progression now and king of have to on and then there's prophetic criticism know the consensus begins to the split and you get another word spoken by the prophet and a word spoken from the outside from the margin on maybe from the wilderness once we get into the life and then there's exiled as the breakdown as the demolition of the old
thing which has been built up
i'm trial the second trial and then a desperate during this is a kind of generalization very crude of the the history of the people of israel in the old testament which reproduces itself in the lives of individuals and once again in the new testament and even if you read preston st john the cross and the interior life of the individual person
and a diaspora and then there's a promise of return and a promise of a restoration but on another level the actual restoration which happens in israel it's ironic it's kind of political they have a kind of a hobby kind of best pictures
we could also do well on the symbols imitation know that have learned to do that looking backwards after we began to talk about computers but i do want to talk about it some patterns of relationship between on investment
we already saw yeah
we the new testament hidden in the orchestra and the old testament revealed the and a nutritionist
and here we're talking in terms of revelation of the writings of knowledge rather than directly of life that something cause panic that this happens in life as well
now st paul is a great writer explicitly and new testament about this change is revolution
first testament new testament
and to use it a whole bunch of expression i think i counted about two thousand and three of them at one time for the chains moving from lotta grace from lot of freedom from lot of spirit from slavery to freedom from tutelage to being a child of god and the son of god from the imagery of being a child under attributed to being mature and free
have you had up
the being autonomous from the letter to the spirit from the outside to the winston
but at the same time from the inside from inside a container to the outside breaking out to magenta company comprehensive to understanding from duality and being torn to unity and freedom something like spontaneity
president when you move from robin seventy around date
from dualism and as the old world to a hetero enemies they call it being ruled by something outside yourself something that's alien to the unity union the new the intrinsic movement freedom autonomy or the animators somebody put it that tilak touched about hieronymi and autonomy but not only being posture and independence and and reanimate
somehow that is that a synthesis a union of the to whereas you and that which is beyond you have become one to such extent and extent that the spiritual becomes spontaneous point that the spiritual become a new instinct in here
number that should say magnetic than a couple of places in the road the road is narrow at first remember and hard as you progress you run with in large part in the ways of cut in the way to think
he's there's something like that into the prologue and again at the end of chapter seven
from confinement to opener from the container or shell of jewish law and culture to universality and therefore the simultaneous inward and outward movement which you find out on the gospel which is not even went to the art our to the gentiles in the center as and everybody else a breaking through an intermediary show
for some time something where you're going in a box contained position in the middle of united at the center in our are you
relating to the periphery and either free to move out on feasible which are held in the center in a temporary provides very intermediate shell of reality which has always been true if not agree that willis and my even a body is that way
even the body for restricts us by holding a snap you know that survival and
so that we can't float we have completely
and also causes in some way with its need with all orange is the sensation and everything so that we can they freely and easily and continuously accepted
the great korea where like can assemble your mounted on the of direction
and then there's a unit of transformation and this is extremely important of the old testament types and symbols and elements on for instance there are whole bunch of things in the old testament me know that as types of christ what types of the church and you'll find a lot of them and dine in his book there
now what happens to these do they just become something else now they become one of the and somehow they call are drawn together as if you're being drawn together from the periphery into a center and at center is unity they've all become one thing and right now you talking about isaac for you're talking about
david where you're talking about the say sensor or even jonah are you talking about the pascoe lamb or vegan a temple the breaking of the market economy where you talking about the old covenant itself were talking about the burning bush of moses more the tree of life
well together and take on a new unity
reality and such system in christ himself now this is this drawing together into the central which the christ's ministry
this unit that transformation which will come back to again and again and again as the principle of interpretation both are the authors of a new testament and what's going on the new testament happened from the new covenant that because it's not just even a illustrates an event
there were three kind of attitude era that i wanted to accent
last time i do better for the first one is is to break up the idea that the truth is circumscribed and that in some some kind of just think idea if you can get a grip on another would be opening into mystery that everything has an open logic and then you have an open framework and were only trying to domesticated really try to get it under control and make it easily graspable we don't concur
sumptuous country with no doctrinal structures and the necessary but they're not the intermediate and then we build an institution of countries to and from for reasons of security or for reasons of necessity but when we think that they actually define reality and making a mistake the map somehow substitute which for the character
that's one thing is is openness for the whole thing so we're always moving towards mystery we're not moving towards something that can get a better grip on we're moving towards something that is acting and being experienced in a deeper level of ourselves and in a more universal way so it's not just myself that has experience from as but this is the whole thing upgrade there's a lot of they can you compare
for a new paradigm think it's because the same direction
the second thing is the udp or what we're talking about the christianity and the new testament i'm not a whole bunch of things that one thing that one thing that many aspects many fashion and what would you add there is a unity of god and only with just got beat on have participated by have it has happened and as we move into it we progressive the artist
update in that unity and that's what happens when you move from old testament new testament does it going to be in the apartment by virtue of being a people are illiterate given by being an atom can look universal but then you select data that people of israel and and a family relationship that all children of abraham saw is a be there which is relative and with
is symbolic of the new unity which is to happen at christ in his christ mystery
but there and christ the kennedys that absolutely and and it because the communion that kind of media the oneness is the very ones which you've got that's the gift and the mystery as custom of be a better detective
so we're going to be shame that again and again and again it's more interesting we do a concretely when you like how to have concluded the third thing that third attitude is the dynamic on in the whole thing because systematically have suppressed to movement
the mystery we we consider it just there's something intellectual something to be this good something to be celebrated something which isn't a little about the of our literature it's not as a center but it's if it's something which is moving continuing continually creating which is continually transforming and even continually seem can be different if it were your locks so that we experience of
differently and this not only within ourselves individually course my anteriorly spiritually but in the world which worked for the history of the world's of how is
has at its center is divine energy which is transforming which is changing things which is moving towards its goal even now i go and i usually be invisible in the in the confusion of authenticity of this game
and even if they cannot the negativity the darkness krishna so those three return to korea again
if you read park or i think it's the best
but the best model and the best expression for this whole business of the the movement from old testament new testament the united states too drastic that is true that he rejects the whole too much perhaps he does it cost because we have to balance him with something else but nonetheless he gives you a sharper and clearer and more explicit
that exposition of this movement from old covenant new covenant and anybody up and give you read paul's letters i think this is at the heart of every one of the net effect that you have to wonder cinema but is this movement and a new thing that has happened with growth and he's coming at it from a jewish background for this new thing is a movement from outcome and new cover and what's
well i i gave you a number of those expressions if it's from lot to freedom in time or from the letter to the spirits from the outside to the inspect basically there's one big change which is happening
and that change is this unity transformation and the endpoint the terminus of this young to transformation as christ and specifically the body of christ the body of christ becomes a great symbol for the many and want for the all in one which is the product of this transformation of this event of a new newcomer
an event which is centered and what we call the paschal mystery which is a dozen resurrection of jesus everything as they progress through that nearby comes through that narrow face of the death of jesus and coming out of there is only one the new reality is one it communicates into communicates and subsists in this oneness which is got within the new tab
and abuses economia system of the your cover especially in the first better account
ah so the body of christ is the employment market as nice as a metaphor it's much more real than that it's more real than are ordinary physicality i suppose you could say
and it's not simply identical with because of a church planter or something much bigger than
in some way identifies itself in the whole cosmos
and some way of identified himself in all of humanity
and then it doesn't identify itself certainly it is the church
and the some of those mystery text and i passed out the we can read does again
opening and stuff elucidating it
we've got a not yet we go there longer
one way of looking at this movement
from a linear history to a kind of explosive point they by by that the author we asked
and the history moving ahead of the people are on a character that one thing after another then it comes to a point and
as a accord with
back to policy but the government elsewhere different are out of time i thought about moving out into the movement but when he isn't a point is incredibly one person that one moment
that's the center of prison yard at that point there a linear succession and limit and the witnesses on how the god moment the kind of when that intimately edited reality is complete you even a total of point one percent the one person
there's there's there's a moment with you in time and out of time and
does not like technical
olivetti and they could have through
and that
so the woman from a line to point out that point is good
you make you out the i'm not trying to navigate with many of them the line between them to during that acknowledged for thirty and southern state lot of the word has as living here the weather readings of history the one thing after the public
the over
so there's that linear progression and was from that to a point to the office
made of the history of about that point and a civilized new well
or request very well as building
and the lungs with point and point sunday is every book that's the point of places to go to explanation is it possible of races and from that point because information as of
the betterment of designation of converted into that one
the robot
just says and the beginning it will have making
the word of time the something outside
you're sitting here working in poetry
and then we look at other point with this excellent and no longer like when you're hearing something outstanding of the phone with seventy four years ago and the sacrament of contact do whoever an early in the body and something festival away
i want to say more about these for sensors for perhaps we gotta be that from next time
i like can recommend particularly ones
context where i think i'll of them in some way of fear of the next second corinthians
how much better graphics
the second corinthians three four
two for eighteen the the central place from three four to four eighteen the larger texas from chapter three verse form to chapter six verse ten and the very center of this thing is chapter four verse seven to eleven
the final work to the for sensors are
remember we have
a historical sense
a literal sense
we have what they call and you haven't got a good name for that second chance can almost like equality but the christ ministries and sensitivity to give it its greatest depth it's the sense of the christ mystery and and second
the third century go the trump a logical sense but i almost like to college with dynamic stems from the first time she hadn't gotten your concerns are like decoding narratives and visit navy abusing
the classical scheme the but i think it gives us a lot more new brings it more fully and powerfully into an i
when all the time the literal yeah right for cars and destroy from the
to the
the now
hello from that we moved to the that they called from life and i've never said alec this site is horrible and finally just like it all
this is the historical sense for emanated credit
dynamics is dark and i gotta security
now the standard of the historical fundamental algorithm or tribological arrived provided the local
this is problematical five miles
have an article and sometimes called
we started out reading about something younger than age
then remind him that office of that find the christ was when they find something nice effects the numbers of you know about the ideas transport in the heart of the greatness of the life place where is the past for the even call it with more even after the time to talk about the
ask for this is credit does not pass over death and resurrection of and the classical latin as one all of this country is being named after that done and specify the out of the question mystery when the country historical events with the question must be wow
related the guy
and so we moved an editor and then from there we will move to an interpretation of personal online but around here that all and an attack
and we are think that and then finally to a human translation and which words simply is communicated guy but he kept most part of the dispensary
the section in which the word having passed through the distinct minute and this existential experience with where i am simply communicate and it was in the democratic that there's no been using the old system of refining spent a few years
now there's another set of just for final simulation escalade dispense with would have an ethnic group it's the interesting and reality where the mystery is often one and final product
can not a pleasant can be
when did we talk about it i didn't want to
the maximum benefits or part because we are currently complicated than that was a pilot in a church or in history of the whole it becomes right
and the by of the because
or the divine intervention well in the high
the world
now let's take a look briefly at this text a second currently and they've been come back to a next time i i keep them much fun that and second corinthians three paul is talking about
during about his own the ministry
and he begins to talk about the difference between two ways of reading here on festival
he's done distinguishing between the written code and the spirit and he says if you read the old testament without shame price for me
you're only reading the outside of the would mean a letter and the imagery of users of this moses with a veil over his face
okay so you're only seeing the veil you not seen the real patient project
now this i'm curious twist this because they live in one cares which is that moses himself turns out to be available seems like where moses veil is the moses who has not yet christ because think the veil of the patient was need to find right and that's paul may be pretty brutally using the testing the reference there is
is to exodus twenty three
exit is thirty four two thousand and nine to thirty five that moses and avail everything going to see got into the tabernacle and is basically shining week in our community i couldn't stand it so he says yes
do something so you could avail on his face when you go for them they can you take it off and when it to to talk to guide him

since we have you hope we are very bone
not like most if we put a veil his face
only through christ has it taken away yes to this day whenever moses is to realize over their mind but when someone turned to more advantage removed the load is disparate and where the spirit of the lord is various freedom and we all with unveiled face beholding glorious a lot of and he changed into his likeness from one degree of break from another for this comes from the line at least skirt
now what's happening here and can be moving from the historical level and enough not just talking about the the episode of the veil and posts if you talking about basically the whole first testament you talking about the whole history of israel and the whole particularly mosaic covenant and writings and torah floor
the woman from this point that must be where were i didn't know
good this point which is this interior point for the fullness of christ mercy okay when you discover christ the failures taken away and that's the other two point revenue from together
and that's what is this action is happening to transform a connection so at that point in the whole thing to work and familiar with your professionally disruptive presence as were from effect on promoted by skirt of are and that's this of have been up here there's also political reality because the central vision
no second point and was not only to be transformed into the woman but somehow your july and the point of theoretically want to be a think and this is the reality which is manifestly jesus christ is christ at the bottom at this number of not the visible are in a little to no avail
but apart from mystery xinput the integrate it is this movie on tv
so the sooner you get that extra security center
since given up on continent from all other sensors in some way
radiate out in different directions it's like physics and some kind of particle explosion
and then he goes on initially he says is the garden shed by shine out of gardeners who has shown in are hard to get the light of the knowledge of the glory of god in the face of christ and that's the new creation emotional thing and that further is an expression of this dynamism and happening that this is not something that's that static and it has done once and for all but some
nothing is initiated which is a new creation and that's what this transformation a zipper made around here safer if anyone is encouraged is a new creation the oldest best way to be held in the come and yet this is still happening this thing is still happening now where do we find with other two sensors and went up because using one passage is becoming a cannot treat them because i've had problems
yeah he's not just analyzing on to total about the whole movement from one government to the match or from one reading of scripture to the other which really an experience
and then he started to talk about his own life he says that we have this treasure in earthen vessels now the treasure is especially okay security the grocery shopping and i started doesn't matter don't like he said well the quantum qualifying will be marked as this dynamic of along and which is a guy
being born lollypop that's what he's got he said goodbye putting the manga
why when he said with time to time the outside the number of time tiny actually problems in january the time i think that
the guy he hoped to that on the path that would be a and were pouring and the he wrote in the media as this dynamic reality of history which is a new industry with this light inside the person is lying and scientists which is the president himself and which is the energy of stuff which is experience

the chapter six you gotta you gotta release chapter of the chapter six ten you'd get a glimpse of that final united dimension here as our outer nature is wasting away are going to nature is being renewed every day for the slight momentary affliction is apparent present in a way to glory the yeah no comparison
he we look not to the things that are seen the to the things that are unseen for the things that has seen a transient but the things that are continually turn of the things that are unseen on one thing one thing that reality of got into which we are joint to which we are transplanted via
and that is point of on one side of him what he says we have this treasure in earthen vessels the treasury was already in
not and peeve already his final reality is inside it and where the us because of be banquet and one actually and industry without reading a book and console and i wish you'd be burning five it's not that that doesn't see the fire this somehow either
and it would seem to went out to be like feels like when you've already in
and this is the to twenty was not ready yet even as he goes to this pedestrian walking alongside to die out to be created
stuff not just his own life but was that fire design place that indicates
like is
certainly some way that text from all the way from chapter three to check respects takes you from the outside to the inside as removed from the veil of moses into the clash history and the inside becomes a simple like a new as well as energy and your budget already given if you're already the final stage on that
iv antibiotic of the to heaven legalism a human could finally valley the glory of god and yet you're still walking along this road in which the an outside and inside and outside is dying and undergoing persecution and bearing on these burdens and he inside meanwhile has the fullness and it has
the final reality and and is continually giving your life in supporting it so the whole thing as low as the expressions now that's one text where it lays it on adequate with there are many other place of phone which had it wasn't all laid out that it's a pleasure for them to what's going on
so we've already movement to our new testament exposition but next time we can pick it up for american look at the new testament new testament event from that perspective