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New Testament Class



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the connection of these hand out the first one is
and from one of those standard can vote on the schedule the particular virtual of if you like a kind of thing as well as the books of the old testament and also the new testament i put into categories and enumerated and if you like to especially for like the memorized
and system prize can like this it's very helpful having out there are an just want to be three separate and out there if you run out of your against more
so the first page is the constantly old testament and some of the second time to can you have cascade new testament writings organized and four categories
which looks a little foolish when you look at it because one category to category as well maple one entry history and the cockroach one has four days as gospel and the other and has twenty one that's about it so you wonder if good classification of condition reconsider
but anyway
and then of course we have to go into it i mean which is outside our gumming the third and after chad there is simply a their accepts the why much twelve inch by a garage of the article on mystery from the dictionary of biblical theology
first i was going to give your favorites from baggage eighties theological dimension to the liturgy that i found it got too far out of our subject
he wasn't getting enough for the goes
are you may find that waistcoat and watching the developments into the notion of nesters but in all of this be very careful that without confuse me a good car confuse the development with
group or lose the reality in the development and spent the i'm talk about that in a that there's a energy for us to think that if something's informed by something else and it comes from that's something else therefore i didn't care
have you ever found people doing them that this idea came from gentile christianity therefore it's not there's nothing that
because you got it from somebody else it isn't real or because you've got the expression for it with someone from somebody else the thing itself victory on the thing itself isn't there that's a dangerous trap and a lot of that has happened in the scholarship the last couple of hundred years you can trace everything interesting entity from outside christianity in for christianity doesn't exist to
that's a kind of shogun now say see how you go now there's true some and many scholarship as truth and the derivation but you've got to believe in that underlying central reality and everything else is secondary to that that's what we contact by faith and also by political gnosis for contemplation he those actually laughed it off
and sometimes scholarship can do that
next time we want to treat st faux know if you want to prepare yourself for that i'd suggest you might find an introduction to call or
the introductory part of the a on for i don't have a specific want for it you could read and they know you're on biblical commentary the probably got an article on i'm past the allergy shots on whatever you like or read a couple of letters or snake oil especially the for great epistles for instance romans first and second corinthians
we're a little of historical background the development of the full line literature
i wanted to look as dei verbum that's a good idea them to bring that are actually did each time that as a chapter five on the new testament i'm going to take a brief look at before insurance or our own i'm doing here
because actually that gives you a pretty set the answer approach to new testament but i want to note is the unity and diversity is that like recent survey know that will finally comes alive that is that been talking about the new testament here immediately dei verbum accounts council fathers are talking and
i'm going to take time for talking about the word of god it's one thing which implies that there's one reality we do that in some way that will set up realities is god yes but it's not only god has not got out there are updated somewhere it's god as involved with us whereas aquinas might say it's the whole of reality under the aspect or in the light of god now the reality
we're talking about what happens in the world has gotten congenitally work from a christian perspective
that is what is god's interaction with the world that's a
absolute importance for us and that's one thing so and the one thing of course can be summed up in christ but we need more articulation there will be using the word mystery mystery of christ
number seventeen the word of god which is the power of god for the salvation of other to leave and set forth and chosen power and most excellent way the writing for the new testament there you have that kind of seraphic institutional some in a most excellent way
for one the fullness of time arrived a word was made flesh and dwelt among others in his fullness of creation to creationism truthful guff
that's completely from the for another job
so there it is the word was my flesh and dwelt among us from the fullness of integrations and truth but that doesn't remind us to grandma and work comes in progress christ establish the kingdom of god on earth there's the balancing element from the synoptic gospels now the trap there is a christ establish the kingdom of god i've had them for the church is equal to the kind of
the church in its present state became a good that's a dangerous when i didn't wake up to that for a long time but journalists around enough of this wasn't israel attendants i've got more over here ammunition
share of
a true figures were anything
so the church on earth as vatican two painfully work out on your much criticism i happened to thousand strike is not is not equivalent is not equal to the king of guy contains a king he is in continuity with can move job and it's present form is nothing
the absolute ties the church as it exists no that's not our business but that will come up as we proceeded in your customer
okay and it goes on to summarize in a life the trajectory of jesus and and it says this mystery as pro-line language this mystery have not been manifested to other generations as it does not reveal and i was practically quoting occasions
we're going to be talking about that mystery notice that to principally unity of terms as the person is the word of god which becomes kind and jesus and we somehow contains everything
and the second on is the mystery like two sides of the same thing you can share the john and side of the line so the joe and outside gathers everything up into this one divine human being who is jesus and this divine light shines out from him throughout john's gospel the paul i term of mystery is not mystery
we might take an intuitively but is the and unrolling the unfolding the development in history of this he could have gone which is for the salvation of all that which follows a particular form of figure shape for trajectory and history
the number eighteen among all the scriptures even those are the new testament gospels have a special pre-eminence and write the stuff the life of the witness to were witness to the like the direct life and teaching of jesus now we're moving from unity to plurality here and in a moment it's going to mention the four gospels are about this
delek origin now here before us immediately as paradigm i want to point to is coming back again and again from the wanted to for and here it's from the one mystery that one word to the four gospels but we're going to find that happening again and again and again in the new testament as if the shape of the miscreant surprise you can say it has a shape
in some way and of course the image of that for us as the image of the crush
the cross as we haven't the crucifix locals fiction this one i guess not but the western crucifix or western cross is elongated at the bottom business whereas if you look at the eastern cross like the greek cross difficult in the first thousand years of christianity that crusher is not elongated but with symmetrical now there's an enormous shift
the enormous difference to be noted they're very important when you have a symmetrical cross you have what you might call us at the intercourse you have across which begins to suggest the center of all reality business
in other words across as the meeting point it's a fundamental symbol for the center of reality and for the whole of reality as gathered together in those four dimensions that's the ancient way universal way my lesson and wisdom traditions looking at reality of the universe and a methodically as the four directions and four points of the compass for instance
even the native american tradition has a two dozen or more points of the contests of gathered into one on reality now the cross symbolizes exactly that when agenda symmetrical from when it's in the elongated form and then when the corpus is placed on top of it it loses that symbolic transparency you can call it cosmic cube go substantial where everyone that it
takes on another minion which is more particular eyes and which is typical of the shit from nice duet whether we're talking about christian easter christian was to simply east in general to the west which is largely christian that you lose the simple transparency to say of symbolic forms and you move into the pictorial you move into the literal you move into the country in particular
and to that crucified body upon the club which is precious for our for a devotion for our worship but nevertheless if and particularity and this is even true of it the church the church becomes that kind of particularity that kind of institutional concrete incarnate particularity in the west and obscures the cause
my church obscures the church of ephesians in collusion into which are all things are gathered at mystery of christ in the church
when we get back to the symmetrical cross therefore we're getting back into a cosmic interpretation of because you haven't noticed that the things that are conflicting here or something like this as long as you have what would you call it a truly cosmic christianity which is open to all reality and in which jesus as seen as coming into the middle of the world
beginning to transform us including all humanity and the material cosmos
then you've got to kind of freedom and you've got to defend theology can really breathe it was an exhilaration and there's a movement of it there's a very exciting dynamism of when you begin to split the church the church begins to split and to fortify itself institutionally and genetically and doctrinally dramatically
in order to conserve and protect the interests of security what happens you can no longer tolerate that expansiveness that open as you can log and the cosmic christianity because you build a house for yourself which is different from the other guys have you had divided up reality and enclosed part of it and the safety
the the security of institution of law and of carefully structured doctrines which now become multiple doctors not one doctrine because you have moved away from the center the omitted moved away from much more called i got a unity of cent of the deep center which is kind of year and a new creation to aboard a center which is further
fuck which is not in the ground but above the ground which is an institutional center and therefore has to be you have to build a theology around the institutional settings now this has got to do with this elongating of the cross and start if it's a digression that it's important and so we're coming back from a position of of an over elevated an institutionalized christian
yeah that you built above the ground to the christ and christianity and christ mystery which as it weren't as at the center of the earth at the center of all reality not only the earth that the body the human body or snows on the cover
okay i don't want to follow dave germany longer because it will take to live
i'd like to say something about to alternative approaches to the new testament now obviously we've talked about the literal sense and a spiritual sense before where the literal sense or and the more than literal sense as the as brown and try to for of know journal article i think it's up from carmen
and we said that the patristic and a monastic approach has tended to view the more than literal sense not only tend to with the it has been almost exclusively whereas the there were some patristic schools that will prevent would like to school of antioch concerns but are not gonna dismiss them and the fathers did not by any means dismiss the literal sense that just quickly move beyond it
and that the modern approach is the literal sense since the enlightenment say with a vengeance that's the the dominance of science and arrest ah
i'd like to take another angle on this in order to flesh out or championship approach
i read a book by northrop frye watching when she talks about the contrast between literature between the poetic dynamic and the prosaic finance
he says the dynamic of pros the dimension of pros and literature is a referential dementia by which the words refer to something outside of them okay let's say you have a historical a treatise or something like that and is dealing with reference with reality which is outside itself
and a poem in contrast in upon the words are relating to one another
the dynamic is centripetal it's towards the center
words related to one another which he says is the most important thing they can do now i don't want to defend or criticize that theory i just want to use it as an analogy for what we're doing in contrast to the historical critical method where the contextual message you might say if you read an introduction to the new testament
and contemporary one it will give you a great deal of very necessary information on the geographical historical cultural as the context surroundings or boof as and factors and elements that are affecting the new system and that's something that should not be as to created that work otherwise we're kind of in a quiet
that that's not what we're gonna do we don't have time for it and distract us from our central point which is the chef antral reading so we're not going to take that referential approach
so far this came from somewhere else where this came from gentile christianity or this came from the primitive jewish community the division of community this came from this or that and we're not going to separate the different strata even in the new testament an attempt to explain it from historical forces
rather we're going to examine what seems to be at the center now here the analogy weekends a little bit because of poetry prices but the ones have to do with one another well the words and new testament especially for instance in the gospel of john more the first letter of chaos i'm not so much having could do with one another causing
but they're having could do with center among them because something within them were just something which they contain which they're orbiting around the repetition that you find them in a toaster can be very annoying at times in a separate car the san francisco expertise in john's gospel were in poor that kind of him nick repetition is the orbiting around said
enter so what i'm contending is that the new testament writings besides having a referential meaning have a more important meaning which is this you could call a quasi poetic centripetal meaning which is there reference to a common subject a single common subject a single common real
reality not so much to one another therefore as to something among them something within one thing within the you can see that especially when i began to began to slip and fuse otherwise you run the power of god becomes the glory of god or when the lord is the spirit it's as if suddenly you've gotten into that the strong gravitational that center in the new
testament and it's pulling all the words into itself and making them all say the same thing you see that especially important when one is it worse get really hot and begin to melt into one another
so we're going to follow that centripetal dynamic of the new testament
and without in any way
rejecting the other approach which is not our business at this point
everything about this is it you can say well the new testament is referential if be first in the life of jesus which is something outside of stuff okay the life of jesus however we don't have any recourse to an except for the new testament but the life of jesus itself is what would you call it is rough
current isn't this reference to something else that's what we're saying and what its reference to his insight into test see what the the events of the life of jesus' words in his actions and all those going to happen in the gospels are reference to is the same thing that's inside the new test them so that is the ultimate reference what was
getting as the ultimate reference is inside of intestine you can refer to all kinds of things outside you can refer to the history of rome in the time of pieces okay in the history of israel and what was going on in jerusalem you can refer to all of that but what we're saying is the ultimate reference is that word of god which is the core
if the new testament and which becomes in incontinent and accessible and jesus and then then the spirit and in the church
so that
analogy does not not really tangential i think i think it goes really deep into what we're doing
we've already looked at some of the ways of consuming that movement from the first testament to the old testament to the new testament here's one way of looking at which sounds drives i'm saying over and i think it opens up
look at the new testament as a new appearance or presence or emergence of unity and diversity at once that's terribly abstract but it will become a coffee
unity and diversity at once now one way of looking at that remember we look to to dynamics in the room and from old testament new testament there's a kind of of breaking of a container breaking through a container which you move inward to an emission person
and you outward to a new complexity and a new plurality you move inward to the simplicity of for instance in the one commandment of love okay which has one commandment that breaks into to and then becomes multiple as you have all these persons around you to love that basically essentially it's one thing this blog
it's there's a unity in the figure of jesus himself gathers on general himself when he walks around saying i am john's gospel that's the ultimate unity the ultimate simplicity you have broken through the many commandments you broken through them any true so many realities and broken into the one reality which is god who
which is now in jesus and this historical moment and the one comparative which is also got expressed a participated in the form of this commandment of bluff okay so this is tremendous unity but there's also an interior isation which comes to the heart remember this sermon on the mouth you've heard you shall not kill as a shot at the angry you will have
you shall not give in adultery i said you shall not have lost for festival thoughts in your heart them it moves to this center of the human person has moved well as move to the center which is kind of christ and it breaks through the container the shell the multiple structure and articulation of the law and doing that's the inward movement what's the our
movement the our movement is the movement basically to the gentiles from one nation up to all from one people out to everyone now here there's a metaphysical breakthrough you see when you when you hit the center you're touching everything as long as you're on the level of the shell and this is true in a lot of religious to
additional sophie tradition as long as you're on the level of michelle also true in our personality you relating to this and that you're relating to these particularity in there are a lot of them and it's confusing and as a lot of attention when you break through to the center strangely you don't absentia yourself from the outside something in touch with the whole access suddenly
yeah i'm contribute in touch with online when all of that particular at the point where they're bound together as a hub of the wheel at the center of the circle the point of unity and we propose that there's a point of unity within us within the new testament within the whole bible and within all of all of reality and that uk
contact that through the surface of the new testament so this movement is really one movement of it immediately looks like to movements and ten learn how to enter the unity and into the diversity which might also become into the simplicity
the utter simplicity which is god and which is always coming out and jesus that kind of single white light that and jesus and into the multiplicity or the wholeness the uncountable multitude of things
now there are various symbols for this one of them as the human body that's one that comes up repeatedly years i've read paul
as the body has many limbs and the editors one
and then it becomes a body of christ with as the simplicity and the diversity of introduce i haven't broken into the into the world and the new testament it becomes a body of christ you are many members yeah one body and your one because the brothers one so as the the next image is the bread which is broken and yet even as it's broken
the pieces on our gather everything into one the paradoxical nature of this broken rib another symbol is the temple or dwelling right remember in the first letter of peter and all slow ephesians two right now where we are stones being built upon one foundation but where many stones built into the one building one building is closed
the foundation has crashed to
the one that it moves back and forth from body to couple to house and in important for them the metaphor kind of drifts from one to the other and also in one peter
another one which you're going to be very important for us as the cross it across his is a point like a star and i'll start looks like a cross and insensitive point but in an hour
eyes for some reason it it sparkles and radiates and across fall into those four dimensions those two axes as if that was simply to leave of are being they started we can only see energy and in for dimensions so the cross is this expression of plurality and unity and was very important than the testament it's woven
like the watermark that's woven into the fabric the paper of in the test so will find it everywhere now it's not just a decoration is not just in one of it's a medium of understanding and other which this is the figure that leads are somehow into the heart of with the new testament is about not just by means of blind faith even though it is fate but also through
i understand and to relate lot of the plurality of human existence of human life of the world itself of all reality there is an all the different movements and and mansions of reality to the one central reality which is gonna christ and which is also my own person because we'd have that unity and diversity and ourselves with mike
your cousin and so
that's why it's important for us to distinguish between the western cross for too long with john symmetrical far and the classical history cross with a cemetery
first we're gonna talk about the center of this new reality as the christ mystery itself or the word levels what are the diversity of a mystery
i have one dimension for example the our movement is the be elongated part of the extended our to for losing the inward which i think the movement outward has extended us and not i think of a john and peter remember a beloved disciple peter and john twenty one month
jesus says a lot of surveys such remain here and he says to peter following okay so peter is the western church and that's that's a elongation that's the movement it's the linear progression on the church in that sense okay and here we have just to to everything has to be contained in these two of we were talking about paul and james on not anymore
but and in this picture job is the centered figure as it were like one of those round
round basilicas in the use like santa sofia something like hagia sophia history william and giannis is that the center set the and show contemplative and liturgical reality and peter is the linear reality of history which develops in the west and they both have to do their thing but we've lost
at first when she was lost at john i'm reality we've moved out for the petrol reality but we don't even know the life we can we learn about the line graph is all we know the point where we are usually
and then the structures that tradition has given what else can you say about the elongation that it is the difference that was kind of after the natural and supernatural
see with with invented a theology of the supernatural in which the church is a supernatural organism supernatural body of christ built above and separate from nature rather than at the center of nature
now when you do that see at that point you say everything in order to be saved has to enter into the church institutional church the visible church and as it will be baptized into the visible church and through faith in christ everything outside is unsafe and therefore meaningless and perhaps evil and perverse
he condemned okay if she would have done no longer is christ at the center of reality because reality is no good it's no good and still you do something to do you convert it until you introduce it into this into this church this church which is now concede that the building with the strong walls and a doer and official dealer
so that's a fatal step when that happens and that's that's happened in in the west and it's as if that is the same moment as the you learn getting of the cross to say this is supernatural here and this is just nature down here a separation of revelation from nature good that way which means the separation the elevation
christ above teacher the crash comes into the center of nature to make a new creation so the losing of that cosmic perspective it is one with them
okay if you still have that hand up
we could take a look at those mystery text think it's got the number h for on it
joseph from fine letters
and i got the references from baggage unique
i probably should have xerox those pages that magazine is a great home for your theological countries or i'll try to remember to put it on the clash of
it's interesting that the way in which this term mystery was opened up his by a liturgical theology baggage area okay and where the sense of mystery has been conserved for us is in the liturgy because thank heaven energy which is able to contain usually don't understand
okay and which contains them in a way in which they can always open up
so magazine is writing about the liturgy and he wants to say well what's the liturgy about if we go back as far as we can what is the liberty concerned with and where is the meaning of the liturgy whereas the central meaning and sculpture of liberty and he finds it other term history the mystery of christ christ ministry now the term mystery a mystery on and greek becomes sacra
momentum in latin which is kind of a clue to what's going on here that the original mystery and christianity then became identified with the sacraments especially when the christian baptism and then later on that all of the sacraments as we know noted the watch for instance the seven sacraments hundred and hysteria
but we we again and again we're confronted with it the depth and extent to which early christianity to identify that baptism eucharist okay as if everything's there and is if the all the writings of the fathers on the a commentary on basically two things the script
chur and the two sacraments which contain the whole of that reality
the scripture which is the word and the two sacraments in which the whole experience and and substantial reality is this communicated to us
and notice that both of those sacramento mediations are unity baptism that may take some convincing the baptism as unity of illumination
when she suddenly a light which you are opens up in a light which is god and you find it near the centre of everything and if all one in this reality which has opened in and kindle them and become incandescent virginia dutch baptism and the eucharist is the obvious unit of mystery in which all things somehow are gathered sacramento the and symbolic
lee and somehow in reality and to christ into the body of christ
and there's a progression from one to the other it's a unity of progression on the way
so the sacraments bring us to a sappy actual christianity and the substantial interpretation of the new testament but has taken an awful lot of digging in the last fifteen or one hundred years to get back the of because from a surgical people and especially helpful in that way can see they had the liturgy giving them always at unity of insistence
some auto cassell with german needed been addicted to was one of the great
workers and other things unit to christianity once again from other surgical point of view
now the key term uneasy about text is is the term mystery which is misteri on in the greek but the will find some other time them here there are practically equivalent to it
first roman sixteen
now the him was able to strengthen your according to my gospel preaching of jesus christ going into the revelation of the mystery which was kept secret for long ages
but as now discouraged until the pathetic rating made known to all nations
the mystery essentially proposed in its
and it's original form seems to be this movement of salvation from the jews to the junta
how baggage when he writes about it has a tendency to reduce it to this but i think paul himself knows and feels a lot more than just that and that's the first way in which had articulate itself in word is the movement from the jews to the gentiles of salvation
but let's look at these olympics
i'm not gonna apologize for using occasion for promotion here even though they are not necessarily directly by phone caused by the sophisticated scholars called goudreau powerline now some people would say that even further for problems and pretty close to her they've been attributed to paul ever since the middle of the second century
but they contended they were probably written by a disciple of for a member of the pollen school a little after four
first corinthians we're part of secret and hidden wisdom of god okay i put that in there because i think the mystery and the wisdom are actually one thing
and sometimes a wedge of the almost exchangeable now obviously the wisdom of god is not only the movement of salvation after the gentiles that's not only that we're going to see it it's a lot more effectively than
for this reason imagine meters father i'm to be turned into our institutional become one flesh this mystery as a profound one well we often trouble our hands trying to figure out exactly how what that means that mystery but me what i want to point out here is is the term one flesh and other words the mystery somehow is a industry of one
flesh in christ
he was he's gonna talk about the body of christ played around or in collisions and fusion as somehow containing this mystery the whole wisdom of god the whole of the deities wells and jesus and a bodily form okay so one flesh is critical here
i noted the what that want the mystery is mystery of oneness as everything has drawn into the oneness and that happens in christ
galatians one
first of all this point is this participative sense in which would fall sovereignty suffering as it were for the sake of christ's body are encouraged by
the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now made manifest to its saints this mystery is spent in this is essentially something that opens up
something that unfolds in history
to them god chose to make know how great among the gentiles of the riches of the glory of this mystery which is christ in the hope of glory at this point the mysteries identified with christ that doesn't seem to happen quite in the earlier letters the mystery at this point has identified with christ and in collisions is where it said that christ contains all of the fullness of
divine wisdom and impact the deity itself bodily is in christ so the mystery at that point is equal to christ conceived in the bodily fashion is abusers worthy embodiment of the history and it's the whole of divinity but also everything else as you see in collusion is endless mystery so the mystery
is the is the mystery of the many in one not statically and a kind of philosophical way that dynamically in the centre of everything comes from the one and everything comes back to the one you've drawn into the one in christ
i'm specifically encroached upon the girl
the street
how the mystery who has made known to be by revelation of a written briefly my insight into the mystery of christ
that is how the gentiles are fellow as members of the same body and partaken to the pharmacy price jesus to the gospel those that in christ jesus next we can have to the history and i heard that the mystery is it's mystery is precisely how everything can be in one of all can be in one hour can be brought into one well in these loans you hear that all
can be brought into our because all came out of one just as st john's father in him all things were created
don't preach to the gentiles the unsearchable riches of christ and the may call and see what is the plan of the mystery of for ages got the to the church the manifold wisdom of god might now be made known to the principality power than the heavenly places i suspect that manifold wisdom of god would like the breaking up in a conflict container so that the gentiles all the manifold mom
triple gentile nations and all of the richness and diversity of of the earth of the world may be found embraced in this wisdom of god or in this mystery of crouched okay so the movement from the singleness of in israel for the plurality of the gentiles i think is is reflected in this
expression the manifold was gonna cut
as also the stringing of things out and the progression of history from one moment or another
how in one timothy the mystery is identified with christ again and in this kind of sequence
the mystery of our religion he was manifested in the flesh medicate in the spirit
so he is the mystery and he goes through these steps on his past and that's the poverty got the longitudinal dimension but the latitude is not expressed here how he drove everything and to himself embrace was everything
on collisions true
the knowledge of god's mystery of christ once again
the mystery acquainted with christ remember the language encouraged them in him that is throughout for in whom are hit all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge
i invite you to reflect on the mystery because it's very important for a moment we're gonna talk about it's one word which contains within it this set the ancho approach to the new testament as does the word logos one when giannis it but the mystery is more developed within the new testament
an alliterative for
and when you get to origin
there's a change we going to become kind of play nice if you read virginia on that then the mystery is is something that has a hidden interior and visible exterior and you see that platonic structure of of fight and advocate or of figure and reality going on it which is fine but
there's a danger there and over prioritizing the concern and splitting it from the outset we've had plenty of them
the mystery is known by a participative knowledge
okay now i want to get to these these figures
and permit me to draw the
now the ultimate background the ultimate basis and primary had a lot of all of this is this mystery of trinity cosmos

when i say conference on indian or assistant mean simply everything that's created okay for particularly the material creation you'll find as you use the amount of the a continually you are reading this in terms of matters for traffic body or in transit heard it represents not only the whole of creation
but also and particularly when material core or body of creation which for us yet earth and body
now we traditionally have heard of of christianity always kind of very encouraged by to this briefing okay the elongation of the cross as a kind of well yet another meaning of advantage but the elongation of a crisis the elevating of the case as if were away from the ground mm okay just across from you can we even
get this moving on a supernatural away from a natural the moving of the divine and is a divine being the library album away from the contrary until this becomes a lemonade and you have only the trinity you have only the only the drive of okay and that's most of our christianity is permanently okay now we begin
to realize once again that there's a post polio which has been brought into the trinity for precisely the mystery of christ and mystery of oxygen is the embracing of the creation back into into got back into the totality creations into to be our number here three against what but in that way it can be embraced remember the icon in the front of the church
you can google obika of the three figures the three men visiting abraham and sarah what's the angels have receded around the table the former shogun semi-circle
and form as it were three corners of of a quaternary and the table is open towards you and other words used to be holding the beholder the participants are invited in are drawn into this into this figure you're drawn into the square or this time okay so that's that's us down here we have draw
gone into the table into the eucharistic banquet as at work and to the fullness that kind of nia of the three person
so that's the mystery and one of the reasons for the greatness of that i can do is that it's got that was caught them
so we become a quaternary
now when we become a maternity the symmetries of how can operate the cemetery that we were talking about me and the ancient cross from the eastern close can operate and you can have this this mandelic reality a live in the to the word just concerned some people are simply need on sounds good but the mando and is a kind of unit
versatile of figures pops up everyone
it pops up in and christianity one of the think a carmelite sisters mentioned all that's like the host of the cross on the predicted the person to the wafer and something that people have to really do because it doesn't deserve a present quality which inequality way a complete them because the whole of reality somehow is represented in that figure which you can find anywhere
it's the symbol of wholeness but homeless gathered into a local unity a local simplicity particularity can be a liquid a center and the circle representing columnists and then that the four dimensions if you read erroneous talking about the four gospels he said well naturally this kind of the for gospel
therefore when therefore punch of the campus these to was themselves so they have to be for gospel it was just instinctive for many of the entrance at least from the patristic sector of the world that the universe was quaternary universe this portal i believe that some play them to someone who can pay us for someone but it's widespread
how are we done which isn't a perry talking about the lord of the for quarter the ancient king the ancient king and ventilation and civilization was thought up as at the center of the earth he and his temple or dwelling and the sacred mountain and he was the lord of the fourth quarter we have ever threatening for everything okay so that
and sensuality gives him the position of dominance of law but also the media and quaternion the quaternary of the which symbolizes the entirety of the cosmos or same time together and sometimes they would specify that are remember the halos the orioles that they have for for christ and the icons and all
sparkle when him and he's the only one and as a see the other the other people in the pictures just have circles don't think that we have to one with the crush and because in him as everything the whole mysteries and and it's a beautifully simple representation of the farmers that percent growth which goes along and a western on naturalistic on which steps out lose
symbolic and it carries out symbolic kind of of
okay that's our first and basic canada and we want to keep that in mind if we go through the others if you know we've talked about the four gospels
we heard about the for senses of scripture as looking a good films in this way
and then we talked about the poor gossiping
now before gospels the scenes mers an elementary
unfolding and representation manifestation because
and one of your hand up its mark h eight the front pages that you've gotta figure a metallic figure the four gospels if you've got that care and what should take a look at you can cause me some of the crime

if you compare
matthew got from it looks bad for constitution client quite a difference between the two and the more you do it the more you've got to kind of a feeling of this difference
matthew is basically a jewish gospels written from a hurry synthetic perspective and hookers and much more gentile gospel and written for people than the hellenistic world
lazio is interested in verifying the typology
have christ that is the christ fulfilled the scripture so a word that i'm around here whether i was down from is as fulfillment that is fulfilled the past participle that the types and the prophecies of the old testament are fulfilled in christ
notice how that's kind of a stopping point how can you stop and and your there because to for feathers all their and with that because and certain kind of ecclesiology
that the church is the fulfillment whereas when you haven't look you have an unfolding
if not there's not a fulfillment which is over but you've got something which is opening up something which is progressing something which is unfolding so the basic contract between manteo looking for me the the contrast between a terminal point and a fixed position and movement or dynamism
now if you think of this against that trinitarian background of word and spirit okay there's a certain a certain kind of other a certain analogy that the spirit is basically the energy of got the dynamism of coming into the world and the gospel of luke is about the holy spirit and may actually the apostles with definitely script he talks about the holy spirit explicit
a much more than the other guy to right from their stomach it's the spirit that drives everything forward and luke's gospel it drives pieces along your journey from them into jerusalem it's the spirit and it's the spirit that's moving out and they actually have counselors to the of the ghost the rom which invalidated was that
so that is somehow the expression of the spirit among the four gospels principally and look expression as a historical dynamism if you just read the the early chapters of roof because the sense first of all that kind of explosion of the spirit at pentecost day and you're going to jail breaking open on and then and then you get the sense of the women
this movement outward the poorest could as constraint compel from by the spirit to to go his way from spirit blocks them from going on place pushes them into another place for it's always the spirit and this means that are happening all around or manifestations of this free expression to the power of space so you can actually just soak for them
holy spirit of the power that most high will overshadow your whole spirit
what other words of the angel tomorrow
when you watched the holy spirit and marriage a much in early bunch of look
what are the words if we got here on that one book tara but i imagine you're giving on his five great sermons of losers and me sitting in the five books of of a lot the new time
but for lucky you don't even have a fool you don't have a feeling of being close within the lot of given a new law some kind of dust is now and eleven you have more than killing of a movement of the blinking open a blanking out and the moving forward
a pouring out that if you look at the new engine uses them
and the parallels which is a one don't look into the sense of the outpouring which has been arrested or is allowed funston simple the prodigal son and father goes out just message out thousand lounge around the boy sits on there's a bunch of them to look the power was income particularly i'm not a fan of those tend to be more substantial
mean that of more problems and gentlemen welcome to the top of that they have truth authority institution conservation and church in nothing search of something that's going to stay there for an eternity because it's built upon the is good and well
of living until the lens of end of the world culture function after the one get the central a lot which is playing position and look you don't have a rock you've got a fire is that a movement a dynamo oliver something that's more than
he said spend a loopholes and tennyson eminent moving out from album
the that meant would become that management of focus and yeah yeah i think that masculine and the sense of structure and and has such attempts to be a masculine thing was then i think to seven and more times of feeling and agenda interior and positive movement and as don't touch your own internal structure and x
eternal order and like everything now obviously them doing that the word of god it's far more than it's only the this is is the wedge expressed in the last position so we don't move from from the jewish structure as it went the villages in some way being reproduced in that the vienna and the revolution i went to reproduce but it's still a
to luke where it's broken and damaged broken and the river was flying out the water's coming out when you say a seminal expansive dynamic i i don't see those two together anyway so i think the permanent quality of looks into me almost something separate i haven't managed to get it together with decided and expensive china has refused to me to be an astronaut
but the permanent quality usual known as we know from the narratives humanitarian visa sensitivity to women in a desperate
but i don't see how it could yet publicly linked to the other the national and with over this word is masculine spirit from spending
jesus is the masculine embodiment of the word in this world i believe that the from you say archetype of patients or ground of gender or sexuality is the to person that the chinese word and spirit and that we aren't in the image of god and so far as we reproducing ourselves word and where does
driven much but when we talk about those and you can be very careful as as people will attack your nowadays because to confuse gender with this
symbolic level of sexuality is dangerous because actually a woman can have the masculine and dimension of the guys about the demands and and to have more defending dimensions so you've got a separate very careful with two levels of gender or simply whether a person is male or female and the symbolic them we're talking about
a gender sexuality and less good news for you
okay we can't stay much longer so let me say something about
something about martin john but another way of looking at this is that here you have a truth which has been revealed and they have an event near you have
let's say the mystery which is clarified and oakland up and manifests now
and the teaching which is which has now become light itself the words which they become illuminated then carried to the ultimate depth and power over years you don't have that look at you can you get something happen it's kind of earthquake earthquake progression of way all those dynamic image
use which would think of and when you find it look look at the end of little crooked the a major cause for a walk in one's vote this one on a journey and then the fire and the howard know them and the essential opening of his criticisms on the whole thing is alive with his dynamism
okay john and mark on
there's such a dramatic contrast between his two best because you might compare nothing to do it i think a very closely related there almost related like that which is hidden in average are things you know every really light and dark with the band and the unveil and mark everything seems to be masked and the end of march gosh for as a
great paradox because we have the women come into the open to he just as not appear to have an angelic activists and seventy vision that runaway that no government so how did christianity ever get started
the terrific an anticlimax telling a failed and luck and yet ever gonna see veil inside that is the singing luminous mysteries which is staring at you out of jonge product which is in john okay and it's hidden under a kind of sacramento fail for one thing the key to mark's gospel of his baptism and we'll talk about
today but what is veiled in mark veiled in a somber tones of the history of martins's it's just a momentary from within and john's gospel of jesus walks around with light shining out of him speaking these words which sound like come from the separate of guy i am delighted to work i asked on so john has opened it up
up and market still close but the two are intimately related and in fact i think the baptismal keep applies both to mark antigen i think devote written in function of baptism
the written as a kind of were to grow in preparation for or mr goji a christian baptism and the baptism remember it is not vista an initiation ritual and that were something something a celebration of some kind of virtualization sixteen actual in flowing and illuminating and experiencing of
the whole thing at once know there was the mystery opening up inside your the light comes on inside you and your realize you realize it in a negative way now that's very deeply buried in mark
and it's very brightly illuminated put on the lampstand and job
no a don't in the abstract can we look at the two of them we can
do it more than my we way so johnny from a button and beginning was the word and word was with got a and market from below but notice that in a baptism scene of mind you have a key to the whole in fact in the first chapter the for fifteen vs of mike one we have a key to being the whole thing of month to opening up that taking up
dale because if the gospel of his son of god he's been march gosh a random kind of the title his arm and then the baptism treatment she was to fish that way
the word made flesh the word of god the divine were coming down and becoming flesh but in marcus and this unit in the fresh it's a human jesus in march a passion and the cross predominant and john they don't know predominant there there but there's so much light around them surrounding them and even when
jesus has lifted up as a double meaning analogy in prison for crucifixion is the our reputation and the crucial question itself as the symbolic elements with the piercing of his side and the flooding the water and the soldiers with the for portions of the garments you on you know it's it's kind of ritual close to the symbolic thing with and which it becomes transparent to that my
the rest of the gospel and then think of you suffer narrative the mark and jump and mark very bleak institution of the interesting guy is that but five chapters and which uses exploring out this unit of history from much about to happen and very transparent language for the father will dwell in you and run wanted him outcome and on dwelling
no i am the vine you other branches it's to grind with
the janitors simply genesis symbolism as is open to job much more open and but more failed and mark and like you've got a lot of conflict between the two powers you have that contract and john but at the same time the light as much more
jesus and much more radiant throughout this controversy and his words are much more incontrovertible in a way it's like people have boxing with the sun or something like that john
there's a transparent explicit relative sentient john which is not in mark you have to dig for it
symbolic organism is visible in done
the water in the blood and the they bread and wine in the guy and even a man and woman job i've come to the surfaces to expand symbol
the contemplative illumination which there are other time and the beloved disciple who i somehow understand your blog and passenger go on
and with market but from below the human geezers the fashion in the crushed cardamom and might even call it a question myself person's driving in production which is no exaggeration
the conflict is she is dominant it and and to such an extensive that the glory of jesus nearly seems to be overcome in the box gospel the darkness has been so strong and you only get a glimpse of life in the gospel so it's almost like it's been overcome it's been very and it's not an interview
he realizes the climax of baptism that that light comes on
martyrs narrative narrative is secondary and almost in and john as more like a symbolic tapestry something like that a symbolic narrative rather than and apparently historical character
darkness secrecy concealment and the crew the to become very important and what's important to a job
how i contrast to the cycle repeated because the beloved disciple down of the one who knows
and feeders the one who doesn't
so much so i stumbled on
and march gosh some somewhere think the associated with the is associated with aetna no avail
more failed experience of jesus for failed will be called contemplation of wisdom that feeder hush and a path of we're know to work
but i'd invite you to think about those four dimensions of those two axes one moving from laterally produced to gentiles and from torah teach him to and law institution and from from one to the many to history to be that to dine
no mention do the energy of the spirit and the other between the like which is in john's gospel and failed reality was very
subdued and incarnate like which isn't mark
and then we'll talk to our baggage we got lucky individuals in an darker where and
take away arrested
your device manager who got his clothes and i'm making yeah after the that another the production and other way of looking at developing drop job at the had failed he killed in life of johnny dropping and you might seem
yeah it and we worked through that of it
did you see i didn't know myself in that our mccallum there's a to be an activity monitors of and his contention was a benchmark that way can now but i think you're the first and baptism in a number of inductor them they would have gone that before the district from look from
the me in a guy network and when the wound cover diplomacy but they see somebody like
so the tune of about two more fun the one of the white gonna enjoy a man of whatever is the person who isn't that i to me that such person who is living with that in the trunk and the ones who runs underway and needs as clothing and and remember when he doesn't suffer with furnished using way
he lives just roaming fees i'm not a wonder if you want to be better than one bucket
the other thing is a profusion of the temple
mark which got was it that when jesus died key to tell the world look from top to bottom and have to break the listening from various
the of the outer separation convenient
an actually for pursuing this edition of go so that the like breaks and the container of israel and mozambique and computing of a little bit the veil and penetration of thing that i think want to come
taken together they were going back to walk around i could it be the are going to be the gy gy break through the veil fact
he does because i think market includes of making fun of them into this enormously with mark's gospel with composed and with secret stroke to be for those who been initiated within the security and economic and they want to persecution time and will be one five to explanation than here is a desert
there's a situation make enough where you have to keep your secret secret you have to keep the the reality in the kitchen secret
i'm not very fancy clothes but it's only you have to initiate is a prolific a crescendo just dramatic power of something that reproduces the life of industry because the user can be forgotten drunk elephant crazy origin has been at the end of his life he plays arrested and time individually
if be taken particularly guy know and then he's really early and tortured and kind of in three diminished go i think nothing that pool than a direction that now when i was gosh gospel is this veil know they'll get sick and thicker and heavier and heavier feeling conflicted desiccant and
he set upon my own people in the recipe passion and then not the client actually integrated into the climate them the reader something when the light effectively by filtering reject me thank you
whoever was in john the light comes right through the text itself so and or thank you can say that monica security from a dramatic point of view fifty different activities monday
the town in a bag of time we welcome the crowbar on the first chapter there's mystery and that's where you well is a mysterious can try not to the same time from the oil you can find something somewhat interchangeably with the word the light of the phone
but very little dramatic builder
the revelation of if we feel that not and if you feel that you have you know as just fatalities like
the liquids and market a beginning of the had been looking up hundred park and about visual narrative and you're going to find a in production there and then the filmmakers story here and to fit together as you know point to arbitrate about the place you can run that fish and then
good afternoon
as a freshman at can you believe that are fast foods that has really to be all together too much about the that guy have been prevented
that is he didn't do a for fifteen
the defective and will be at the climax of the privilege of the same on the resurrection of jesus and the for to get out into the kind good that people like
but a john if you don't have a generic another off from sacramento in december and that they're everywhere throughout festival
okay maybe we can return to do a little bit hard to come the next time fundamental amendment on top of that for