Awakening in the American "Adamic" Poets

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Part of "The Awakening Self: The New Testament and the Poets" retreat.

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hey she's continually make a contract between the on the area where the political for providing jerry on the absolute and the absolute comes on the absolute comes to the interior swap doesn't come back to stop so when she identifies the real and here i think she sang i've experienced that okay enchanted verifiable mobile shop
where's the other falls away
equivalent what you saying about idea of okay the the court literary equivalent to the idea of an early on
i think we can skip to lot of athens and is clear enough
maybe we should turn for getting close to the camera time i was trying to
rather stevens
if i thought i now i had skipped so much and most appropriate comes because we used to watch the show
some places you can you can see that ego that a dynamic you go right out in the open like t at the parents at porn and and other ones it's implicit that to him and pushed underneath the metaphor that he uses like messianic anecdote and poet
trees are destructive force
now remember he's usually writing about poetry and when he writes about poetry is writing about the self he's writing about this particular cell until he's writing really also about what humanity is to what we are
anybody want to read one of those doesn't matter much which one
every time with when an angel
our actors
wherever they went in iraq until they swerved in scripts certain your life
put the fire or until they spurt in scripts or iraq
it wasn't a firepit the bugs primary the that when you think to the right to right in bristol in the way later the like spread on it
now that's the first poem and policy and collected poems so it's gotta be pretty important for and i wondered why for about twenty years
why didn't have heaven's name and white as oklahoma have to
but area
i think about that firefight and i decided that there is his first cousin to the the lion and and the other partner portraiture the with for it's okay so what it is summer wallace stevens says he's always writing about reality and imagination nothing that you can say equivalent you translate that was always writing about the on the person
as there were the definition the realization of the going person and it's world
but through imagination and the person as imagination that config treatment so this fire cat i believe is the poet or the imagination confronting reality okay so there's an aggressive movement and aggressive jumped the leap on the part of imagination on the part of the mind which forces
the nature as it were to forgo it's random motion clattering over oklahoma ok and go in a swift church other line to the left or a swift circular to the right which has some shape which has some cemetery to it okay so swift circular line or like the all attention and or less agreed for finish that's right now
i try to do she lives with his first animals are the rage for order but the rage not throw an odor of number to get an episode of the village because you can't talk about an order number three can put up something and between that something in between the marriage is it were of these two principles
the principle of order to or other randoms with those but flattering of on or growth the masculine and feminine some of that

that final run is not precisely one of these the focus is not the egocentric thing but it's rather stevens return to this world and to incarnate reality
that is it's the kind of anti platonic movement which insists that it's all right here at all right here around us and menace and our bodily the okay this is typical of a number of american poets you'll find it already in whitman dutchman
and you'll find it already in blake i'm on the romantics who refuses to divorce the body from the sole okay we are one thing my posts or there's an insistence on the unity of the human person and that human person being a bodily in the person era now it is it's women or say there was never any more than there is now
since you know that it's all it's all right yeah it's all right here in our physical reality advantage because we know that for me is like a remote harmonic of the incarnation
because where did that ever come from if not from christianity christianity which finally pushes played out of the way okay and pushes the all of the greek hierarchies and the abstracting and spiritual rising hierarchies out of the were and to sons back into the present reality him and i
steven does it with a certain now triumphant grandeur i think
anybody volunteer to be happens maybe not everybody likes of as much as i do it may i
i read every down from
the greatest poverty notices the fifteenth part of a long time most of which is even more obscure than that
the greatest poverty is not to live in a physical world to feel that one's desire is too difficult to tell from despair
perhaps after death a non-physical people in paradise itself non-physical he's got a very pinched idea of most a christian images have been a nurse and she this rhetoric
in paradise itself nine physical made by chance observe the green corn gleaming and experienced the minor of what we feel the adventure and humanity has not yet conceived of a race completely physical and a physical world the green card games and the metaphysical lies brawling and majors of the a
august heat i wrote down and emotions paradise unknown
this is the thesis scriven and delight a reverberating some right corral one might have thought of site that who who could think of what it sees for all the ill achieves speech found a year for all the evil sound but the dark atomics it could not profound and out of what one sees and hears and adequate one feels look
i have want to make so many so so many sensuous world as if the air the midday air was swarming with a metaphysical changes that occur merely living as and where we live
it's is it's a strange movement that comes home with such resonance it comes home to midday summer physical bodily dough ordinary reality with that kind of resonance for that kind of power with
what that's the inside fiction the genders particular poetry and already in some way it's an agent equipment which achieving more finish and at the kind of more about a little a withdrawal of it conspicuous ego of equipment was to come right back into government
given reality
this is the thesis scriven and delight to reverberating reverberating sound the right corral you hear the affirmation
the affirmation but here the information is not so centered and are focused and the self explicitly again it focused in the reality is focused like a given of the reality in which we live and the reality which we are
yes materials you can check that conversion disorder
that is a box then it's settled inside or outside
it's obvious this west doing working between the last ten
is not our weapons and here's what's not the senses and of one views which which can be rejigged me or work even our emotions who would get back to make something skills so it's been a big international reality is there's never sent with route constantly
in his basement
that's right most beautiful when empty imagination it would just be ordinary opaque reality wouldn't and you might say the dullness of no management at midsummer day it's imagination that makes a jump imagination that finds these living metaphysical some eleven he uses that language he's not he's not
much of a philosopher actually but the philosophical word can get a lot of power in his poetry
okay i think we'd for that's the one denise level twelve monkeys is rather no she's not directly in this why i put these problems and refresh i thought it would be good to have another woman for a contemporary and also because their palms of awakening that's something that she does so these are formed when she writes many of those
the awakening of this up now she is was living here in california commission on they died a couple of years ago yeah
and she's a very accessible public knowledge that is a nice are puzzled and general i mean when she deliberately she'll have a a delicate veil over meaning but it's not such a thick veil if you feel you're not really have a grip on that whenever i don't touch me anybody pick up one of these and and made it
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the a for job and my poetry and obvious talking
know people will try not to be a fool with yeah
and irish water within it turns to the american version and and then it depended larger on a and that with the the last desperate to damn grandiose that pierces the continuity of american poetry which is also a book which originated in the footage but when he published in sixty one with of contention left
really really wrong
when he tried specially coated by the central line over in our composure is being dynamic to a to as it were in the person or adam who is like the first person on the planet which are gonna absolutely shocked show where to go get into them before they can professional job just to make a few remarks as a kind of bridge
between the romantic tradition and this particular and egocentric american tradition about jumping in that dramatic courage yet
i think when returned to britain and the first thing you see as i celebrate myself and sing myself it can be a bit of a turnoff ah but romantic eco centricity isn't just egocentric
city of the romantic poets are very conscious of this are flowering of there
individuality and much of that by the bruno's talked about that that incarnational birth that find we are on feel they feel too and they want to share it on and so they see themselves as beings
spokes people of or for the rest of humanity so when whitman says i celebrate myself i sing myself he also says and what i shall assume usual assume zoom for every animal belonging to me as good belongs to you so he's really going back
to the early english romantics who also felt that they were speaking not just for themselves but they were speaking out of universal human experience and when even on someone like shelling speaks about the west wind or the skylark he say
sees that
empathic self extending even to nature so he says to the west wind be thou me and he sees himself like the skylark soaring and singing so all of nature is a kind of encompassed within the poet he he becomes a kind of micro carson
on and as able to articulate that others cannot articulate on and he's also very much more inclusive than the poets of the classical period of who thought of themselves are in know
elton's terms of a writing fourth fifth audience but few but i'm wordsworth for example of found his inspiration in the old cumberland beggar and michael the peasant are so there is that that sense of all of humanity is
is is an all of nature is gathered into the romantic cosmos
on the language of romantic poetry tends to be the language of every day on the kind of debasement of the classical conventions in the late eighteenth century were poets who wanted to write about fish wrote about the finney tribe ah as
and if they wanted to say bird they said the feathered folk where they're not going to be of and so when you have women talking about the barbaric yop that the and the he wants to speak to you were you i want to use the language of the real world ah and then nature he wants to run
right about is the nature of the real world he mentions actual places in his neighborhood as of course emerson and thrown at turret tradition do
if we go back to the classical pastoral that's written about shepherds and maidens and i never never land on and it's written by poets and the city virgil didn't live out in the country like wordsworth virtual lived in rome and both about a kind of mythic country so all of these raw
romantic conventions of course there are many more i was mentioned his father bruno i'm an essay on the discrimination of romanticism because there are just so many kinds of romanticism that i think those few are probably most relevant to us today
it might turn out good for women credit jeff not a lot about the romantic tradition of three an english poet
the ports with know went on to run through this morning or festival emerson who should not so much noteworthy other point he's a little bit from look at down as a ploy actually he didn't write a lot better in an empty we have a couple of times here we don't actually manipulative i'm not sure i made the best choices
with ambition and was another one would notice which might have been a little better but i didn't buy anything nearly as powerful as everything else is emerson sounds like i should like guy jupiter and as essays he's really strong but in his poetry that doesn't come through an hour much money goes the phone that emerson
scribe and russia is the idea of poet and a weapon didn't okay
hammerson and women didn't get along well together because i think emerson found permission was more of an old fashioned gentlemen and goodwin whitman was not at all okay until his arrogance i think that displeased emerson but nevertheless what emerson proposes as the poet the portrait of as the ideal human being who
the jefferson and brings all reality and to himself into herself and then transported somehow and brings it back make something new over there was a microcosm has an active creative microcosm who somehow realizing something else in the world so emerson writes about this and i find this emerson position is very powerful
this respect and i'll give you a few quotes just a shambles and then in some way whitman belgium
in poetry had ever seen as a voice and grow of the emerson has a strong voice and approach he doesn't have a strong voice and poetry the weapon does he has an inimitable voice which been imitated plenty of time i mean he's sort of the when you have to reckon with after his time attack them in american politics but me
shop near madison his first com of amazon's the problem is sort of fencing was much religion and and emulating a putting an inflation and and whole world in which nature is really gossip nature and something like got the oversold which is close to being the holy spirit which is course also to being as
pros imagination and nine with your a blake or coloriage
something which shows with is a latin american and adamic at mom in some way the the universal self which manifests itself in each person and as it manifests itself venue you universal i remember there's one passage and as february shows where but we're supposed to be because this kind of universal fire and yet we return
turn into carpenters and and sailors and listen that but the human being has meant to be everything which meant to be this this synthetic transcended
totality which contains everything and we get determined we get specialized until i would get nailed down to one exterior determination instead of realizing this is plenary interiority that which is talking about but it's an interiority which is not the old contemplative interiority but it's focused back coming back out onto the world like

why don't we read them and maybe i should give you a couple of a definition and to paris talks about a dynamic poetry as being the mainstream in america okay that's the strongest deepest poetry for him and it would
start out with emerson and then whitman and under condition i'm only their concern and then stevens for him to the end of the line and between dickinson or stevens your gutters some other modern poetry we will crawl them like marianne moore video coming from time around that same our lives in that same about a client the other line that he says in reaction ago
that was the mythic line
the adamic line business egocentric poetry which conceive myself as the poet as like the only person on the planet the only person in the world and everything is starting from me that's in a very very arrogant position and such and another centers true okay that's true because the divine conscious
this is image and because each of us is the center of the world but the paradox of our being
and that we badly need once again in christianity but with that position you've got to add the context okay and in trouble with a lot of the of poetry that they don't have the context they just have that position you go nuts if you're just in that place with the image after the universe a lot of our troubles are you know the troubles of
of american the world today and the resentment about america is because of our arrogance is because of our individualistic kind of egocentric blindness the little universe under the myself in which we live it so that's our trap as americans but then essentially a renaissance was a re emergence of that which kreisberg
a chance to but plenary human person who has not only one god that motion was created also is god's energy have known as from the world

okay here's
pierce was definition and more or less of adamic poetry
the atomic poem is one which portrays the simple separating inwardness of man of the human person as that which had once forms and is formed by the vision of the world in which it has its fan i find his leg was very clear and then a show get diffusion and low even simple separating inwardness okay
a simple isolated so simple separate self something like that okay
ah which then originates everything as if it were the start of everything as if it were the creating divinity
and this is what we find very powerful sort of idealized and expressed in imposed by emerson and then carried out productive by the others in that tradition and he finds the last the terminal figure can stevens and wallace stevens can just say we can't go any further than that at that point the person has identified himself with his making with
his creation with his creativity and so he'll talk about truth is being affectionate that the ultimate truth for him and he is talking sort of image talking on his poetic chico's because the ultimate truth there's a supreme fiction for him is that which expresses your creativity because somehow the
ultimate truth for them as the truth of ignorant person and that truth is realized in the creativity of them and person okay
okay here's the
the poor may nominate argue for many things that maybe about many things that may have many know seeing messages may have many subjects may be descriptive of the world at large but always it will impression they argue for one thing the vital necessity of its own existence and of the ego which creates and farms it it's essential argued
that's basic subject is the life of poetry itself so you'll find stevens time after time routing writing poems about poetry as if all of his poems were about poetry because innocence every problem as business every promise about poetry because it has to realize that poetic event whatever it is based on some sense it is but the nice
what's that also becomes the explicit subject that also becomes a conscious subject for the pond area
the vital necessity of its own existence end of the ego the self which created and informs it it's essential argument that basic subject is the life of poetry itself as this life makes viable the consumption of the human person as in the end as in the end whatever commitment he has had to make on the way that
luckily for me to know the and make himself radically greed to no big make himself he can hear not the star spangled banner which you can hear something american and like cancer that independence that complete autonomy don't tread on me the whole thing
and the this self reliance of the of the pioneer of the one who strikes out on his own and so jumped everything that's gone before us on patrol and that is the i mean there's something happening wonderful and there's something wonderful when emerson can say our books what can what a books good for books are inferior to the human person
hey what can another offer do for me the danger is that reading a book he will take over my space that is a go through that book that book somehow will come in and take over the space of my of my spirit the space of myself all it he can really do for me this to and candle that which is within me
and then the book i remember how many times have you have you started to read a book and the first page just was was illuminating okay and then you're going to get the book and and you sit down and area called range out that that's the truth of what what emerson the same
in that i have to copy can't leave it on writing handle that patients may want to read scriptures as
well lives and i will not be happy
that's about to read my book yeah
but you could you can justify that so far as they'll say okay the only thing i have to tell you is what you are that's quitman sounds like that very often doesn't it emerson could speak that way to i don't have anything to tell you except what you are who you are what you were saying the pros a little bit like that about like
about whitman you know what i have what i have to give is only what i am and that's what you wrote to okay so the only thing that i can do he might say is to what would you say tell you how to find yourself is to show you the way into into yourself and then you can throw me away because he doesn't want to be turned away he can write it
evidence on how to get backlog which one i felt like he hasn't supposed to do that exposed to in kindle your very self
would you like to read the first part of out of we've had adequate sufficiently defined the a damage but wait let me do the message the other kind of poetry according to pierce in america is a mythic dawn okay my what that tends to do is to react against that autonomous self okay with my call
the absolute self-knowledge it reacts against that and says no that's not real that's that's hubris and all learned that that's arrogance and what you really have to do is go back and submit the tradition okay but you really have to do is to find the context and particularly if i say go back to number
to hear what you really have to do is find the context of human life which ultimately for these poets whose gonna turn out to be a christian context so the arch figure out that direction and that mythic direction for piercings to yosemite and the terminal poet and the adamic light mind for him miss wallace stevens
who identifies itself with is making at identifies truth and reality with fiction okay with what has made and with the act of making itself which is more precious to the act is more important than the product okay because they act as an infinite potential an infinite energy and life and as it were creative potency
one one child will get a pet and can always be replaced can only be reproduced and always focus it back within the person who has the mythic power at the end of the arrived for hemisphere selling
who goes back into the christian tradition and accepted and they get it begins to probably what you got outline itself in his later poetry in the earlier part
and other people in that line would be like at tate and ransom it seems to me the solution southern province would do that to her about to tradition
okay let's do some some whitman we can go around a little bit that would you like the stuff i get act
jackie ruins shot of myself with glasses
i celebrate myself and see myself while i still give you thing or every now belonging to me as a enough
when we can do a whole section their election cause an american maybe stop and have a little comment okay let's do a better one of those numbered sections before we published i mean a beach person onto our section
i love in my life i mean an open mind and observing compared breath
my how every hour like love or the toilet with a born here in paris or appeared from has the same and very out the same i'm now thirty seven years ago coming out began holding up until death
free and school in a ban retiring that with well suffice for a are never forgotten i have for good or bad and them to speak at every town nature without check with original energy thank you
the marvelous as a benefit from bryce's really significant
it's it's really something and you go around and sort of behind it and say oh my gosh yeah he's he's looking at himself buried his kind of is cultivating a leisurely cool image of themselves kind of clarity his period grandchildren he served from the hash which observed that as long as you stay inside the voices model
what made me giggle i can fix en in morocco and beyond by like and he perfectly it identifies the thirty seven exam right but i know that yes it and perfect time for retina provide manga thirty seven get the localism sell the way of light and
and then forty minutes
this is obviously not troubled by constipation
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if somebody wanted to do the second one
how that's the real a cold turkey on the shelf aquatic therapy
i agree the present myself now it of the selection and heart became that i can let it he added fear character and has them that installation and as all in my mouth or i'm in love them i will vote
backed by the world we have the that to make it i am now offering the perfect
the market male red pepper report tile with laughing don't fred product and five my respiration and reddit digging up my heart the fasting latin air
the never really and rarely not the shore and that with iraq may have on the found that the belt rich my boy with the early
a few like to drink or rich around on the play of shy and say of the tree of where the delay or in the rest of the street rod mill
the field and thought and all felt rather than that and the rest of the eight have bracken
have you had a lot to learn to the and we felt the proud to get it was that is dead
washed of that the art and on
a that the have time there are millions of pounds
you know that type thing that that know no had to death
but you felt rather than i am not thing
helen and outside five filter
it's intoxicating
that much because he will not yeah he was it's coming it's coming from our energy from at that level of exhilaration and which has a treatment that doesn't know it's interesting that to the these absoluteness is are true and yet that another moment
utterly untrue
if they're true and they when it's true it gives place to nothing when it's true it is absolutely when it's true that which itself and doesn't have to compromise it doesn't have to accept any boundary lines it doesn't have to measure the territory at all those in which an absolute and yet it's true and it's direction it's true that moment
that's true in that dimension of human life but at another moment it's utterly untrue and utterly inappropriate
so we sort of have to allow that absoluteness over the moment and of the direction that's true especially over here okay because this is like that's the point of that of the moment and of the of opening up with an intuitive entity okay and nothing confounded that the nothing compounded when the poets are free that's what they do
not only witness that most of the others the soul or spirit of lyricism a kind of fire of grades which comfortable with written the new thing is that it's focus back on itself which focus back on this image itself which he keeps springing forward putting before it and then identifying with you he
sounds a little like the book of wisdom that when he found a little like that and sophia figure at the old testament stop this day and i agree man you should possess the origin of our palms
some communities but agriculture
the turn from the crew neck and can develop the student makes very bad with the left-hand side pitch the right of way we can delight at home or the rushing streams was with with that
yes nothing to do get and business famous people back about
yeah one moment he'll turn towards nature and than another mama you'll turn towards the the trades and crafts and on people who work and i mostly men i get a women of vegas how much of that and will celebrate all of that to for trail and
ah but lunch and having area of those wisdom passages coming through the sound very much flex feel field
sometimes about this in your wallet and be just like you just observing the pushing your you yet not judging like the to the the noise in the haste of the city which is all inexperienced that's right that's right entrepreneurship as unitary smoke some that now other ancient eastern influence and eastern connection america at some point it
talks about the idea of identity as the supreme idea now that idea of identity for me identifies with the
advaita of the hitched okay with the united intuition of the east and asia which was at the center of asian traditions that emerson's got that in his way and they had a certain leaning towards the east i had some material and that night i lost touch with economic the recent influence there is a contact your there was some have inspired by the heat
women has a long clock for passage to india but that unit to idea doesn't come out enough it doesn't it's not at the center of it
another thing is behind this is who's behind us who's behind ambition and women coloriage coloriage would be reading ya que burma reading terraced houses and reading plotinus okay so way behind this is plotinus neoplatonism the same thing that inspires the first centuries of
christian mystical theology okay that marvelous unity of intuition of booklet kind of speculative of reality he's practically that the mountain top of that in the western outside the christian mystics in which and moments and a christian language the tightness is kind of the first pickler the mount sinai or that unit to reality in the west
and it's everyone each question to we were in hinduism and it
let's as not to use a product ion weapon much skip through a little bit
let's get know let's go a number seventeen next time next page and somebody fix that are generated for
these are really nice on a hobby
the the they are not use looking behind open
for the but they're not be going to do they are nothing if they are not just as close as they are just in arizona
is the grass to grows wherever the land new water
this comment eric
he helps us to go outdoors he helps us to go outdoors doesn't take a deep deep breath and somehow to know that it all belongs to its that they really aren't any real estate division in china the heavens in the earth or hours
now that next time twenty five at the beginning
i just want to read that first part of a dazzling and tremendous i quit the sunrise would kill me if i could not now and always send sunrise out of me to say that sort of solar cell in which that copernican revolution we talked about remember where instead of seeing yourself in a fixed cyst
dumb and identifying with the earth inside that cosmic system a fixed cosmic order is somehow switched over and identify with the sun and a subtle way and here it becomes explicit but then shuttled weight and a lot of modern western culture modern western thought you identify with the sun and then you were at the center
enter and what's more you are radiating were somehow were somehow bringing something into the universe you are radiating communicating and energy can and newness out to the universe that's what we find your explicitly and women that he's got such a strong ego centricity and such a kind of brazenness about that it can
was out clearly
we also a some dazzling and tremendous as the sun we found our own or my soul and the com and groom of the daybreak and not was a stevens gone later on which kind of dakota had plenty of the polarity of room
fifty two was the
does the final one was the end of song of myself which is that like great party the are the best thing and and leaves of grass but somebody picked that one of we include our equipment think of that
this fighting hawks who spy and accused he complains of my dad and my word
i am i too will not a bit team i queuing from translatable i snap my barbarian now over the roofs of the world
the last guy of days brought back for me it brings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow while he coaches need to the bigger than the girls
i depart his ear i shaved my life locks and a runaway sound i infuse my flesh and adams and drilled in only in lazy jan
i bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the rest i know if you want me again go from the under your boots on
you will hardly know who i am or what i mean that i shall be i shall be good health you know in the lens and filtering five you blow
they went to fetch me and first keep encouraged missing the by search know i stopped somewhere waiting for you
micah divine spirit was like like divine wisdom except somehow it's under your feet now taking and that's part of the modernists of this that it's somehow in the earth and coming out of the earth it's down there coming up from below
and it's a very incarnate bodily emphatically bodily poetry is not whitman's poetry emerson gets in that direction that that second problem of his music and over there's something singing and the mud of the earth and shot but he doesn't do it with the same what would you call it doesn't put it
on your face and do it with the same emphasis in power that weapon
now for tourist emily dickinson is the purest of the adamic poets because egocentric american poets because she doesn't have a philosophy okay she doesn't have a doctrine and she doesn't have a kind of consistent a structure of
from were consistent idea that she's trying to propose to the okay but what you get is the expression of that self expression of that shit
how's that subset of the center of things and i've had a hard time appreciating and like or concerns it's rather she's rather new to me in a sense because at first i thought that report will too much like bric-a-brac and a little carriers little jewel boxes that snapshot know
but actually rather read but i find that but striking and most powerful is her energy there's a crisp energy there okay which also his bodyguard she's like a metaphysical poets and that she calls all things into the small vessel every poem she heaven on earth are in there she's very bones
is a little equipment and away she throws names around and then brings them all together and forces them into and to these these words which are somehow pushed and compressed together so that ultimate target gets a complete meaning of her palms and i think probably that's intentional sometimes those dashes some time with occur evasions to keep you from
from a getting a fixed-term facts name's sherry a better grip on it
so i've come to like his part of you're not the best selection because i have read oliver project can now they don't talk objectively about that i about that shots or equipment that can not explicitly but it's there in another way there's a comic contrast between weapon and decontamination tent and then
shipment is like the atlantic ocean
and billowing for an infinitely going on and where the tickets for you go indoors and hundred perfect average little by little farm which
at a very clearly outlined was reported i lived
when somebody should write that encourage about that conversation
any a volunteer to read we can do this dickinson found by the quick
well and pass the word yeah right now with from know
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visitors the air for african the reading like him
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that's pretty powerful isn't now not a sort of less to align seemed to describe her poetry and away know that that was the the narrow hands of her poetry which in some ways pro together paradise that what she brings into her poems but what she brings in your palms is not only when she talks about which that essential synthetic creative end
rg okay but the human person or talking to them
next on their him
nature and god
nitro com the i mean i would get knocked around me this time like a second of talent
yet neither tom
my secret that's the german and russian languages for merchants of them tell you the truth and present generation random pasha was a famous astronomer okay i don't have we discovered the nebula that he cut a lot of thousand times so he was the master astronomer of his time on the nineteenth century
but somehow she's between nature and god africa
notice the the individuality of a self which is able to disengage itself post from nature and from god and to speak about a top secret okay
that's what i that's what i find a memorable
hey buddy do next month
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and alcohol consumption with all that long
it's good that that energy which closes those problems that energy which makes it
kind of close the door shut totally the ten court and pulls it all together that none of your that represent it's like a musical the end of the little musical piece okay which comes back home onto the until the tonic note
but notice also that because a kind of parabolic expression of the south there is like which is sufficient to itself okay
and it's it's got it doesn't care what comes back and it doesn't care whether you will see that are man that's a reflection also have at ending that's a reflection of her being attacked
that reminds me form by over stevens on the to parliament a bomb or poem by william carlos williams anybody remember that shine not star independent shining above the
part the indifference of that star as a reality at which is simply itself okay in which is indifferent to the kind of the prospect of our about human realities okay and that for him is admirable and why is it ten
which is it was a recognition realization at once a difference and of self okay the respect for different to respect for animals because one also has essentially one shot because one has a very strong sense of anjouan identity you might say that mom as well as a kinship but the difference itself as for the accident
stevens will say that again and again and that's what keeps some of these people just leaking all over the place is the if we talked about the mirror and the lamp you know and the movement from the mirror to the lamp as you move into the romantic conception of your poet and at the mind but we need both the mirror in the lamp company because
cause if you become do for divorced from a fidelity to external reality that you're writing poetry you may be right just gush or much after i look at and is plenty of that and the romantic tradition and in the modernist tradition there's plenty of of people just pouring themselves out until they bore you to death and has no form and nothing but them
nothing but their own body fluids or and
that's what saves but saves poetry from that is a fidelity to the particulars of the otherness of reality a reality to transfer it to be able to describe something
i'm marianne moore and we should talk about imagine frogs and revaluation their charge etc
we'll have to have real from a hashmap
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okay any three anybody

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december eighteen
thank you
do that sounds like will like revolutionary about amazon the poets like but lamps okay it's a little puzzling to me exactly what's happening with those wicks
the wick seem to go on the which seemed to go on after the poets go out nothing and one of the pearl wicks rather than just one week and
also how that if fido like fits in there
and then heroes to the sons of the connection of those three lines the which they stimulate your fight a light in here is do the sniper
her weeks post
the extra mile for explain
captain jefferson lighting thin that it can get the working person been an interesting man
is of europe have some extra yeah i think i think you've got something i think about all of them
it's like but emerson are saying about the book and yourself okay the value of the book value of that time at somebody's written was the value of a lamp somehow which can and kindle my own inner plane but once identify him as and kindle hit is the autonomous language somehow is eternal and in
in here as do the suns
that's powerful isn't
he liked him to south yes i think so
so the rick's would be the cells as a brother in kindled i think by those external pounds but she the porch light but lamps themselves go out that's confusing to me because and was pilots are the ones in which that same light as burning very brightly okay so how can i go out and them anymore than it goes out
mate when they stimulated and often emergency
does the powerful the lighten yeah doesn't really go out because they haven't in a what would you call it an eminent matter in order to begin to able to and can do it will make us media deals going
yeah yeah it could be that i think to right
they liked that
around you
which has
a patient plays a little freely a little back and forth between what's happening happening
they are one day go out and night
ah yeah was a suggestion of eternity areas until somehow or something that transcends and goes through the age especially where she says each change your lungs disseminating initial conferences if there's something about those which which is lasting through the ages when the voice
ages kind of radiated are refracted out
okay the next level want to our region ideas or the ferry oil with which we have to we'll run the right on excellent terms the i reject the oil i think that's kinda what we've been saying about the just before
the the difference between an idea or an ideal
and that interior reality whatever it is whatever it is that it turns on has like the wicks and the earlier upon here is to the suns
when that turns on than the the royal where the idea of is irrelevant because you can make an end and destroy them a and such because the plenary reality is inside the person but that same idea of sensuality and so many of these prompts say that kind of want to concentrate all anti in fact her poetry and
i suggest something centripetal whereas women she has to be centrifugal doesn't it he seems to be moving out what she's like an extrovert and ascent a solar extra them with looking out at everything and and everything finding himself was dickinson changed to the centripetal and the sense that she's coming back towards that sanctuary alex
she's like an introvert not parallel to whitman coming back towards the central reality and discovering and again and again and putting all that are human call it that the luminosity they're putting the new quality the trench inequality there in the center and the actual or any oil
the vital actual
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