The Brief Rule of St. Romuald

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The Little Rule of Saint Romuald

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the and his hey
the logo
and to hundred smile
who design that he's me
the you'll see good things happen
check out of the parts of our homes and the who up and your spirit age
be like lucky hitler
and case and shoot machine
this my face your hair she care and gp by know can be
came should all get on the every day
you have been an advocate of even what's your opinion
you're scared
in almost any
i'm struggling for my mother the and
it had can be an very very happy to give me an handful
one hundred and eighty three and wall he then told me mommy mommy
whether does that mean by to while the reno and is why smile in his cage and he said home worry when you get all upon the kids can be an day
and i say yea maybe it's because i'm to to if you get ten his wall and then you both them to one
and the bulkhead homes you can make get for cash
thanks again
the middle rule all day long is also cold really new
is the shampoo and it can be said that reflections by one of the event of a fondue
the functions recounted by his disciple giovanni
and maybe the by again not they're just like blogging getting bonding fans of cage in check and maintain of biking five players
this matter document which given him the really nothing century
and then promptly lost
and then media scared and publish you will make nineteenth century
in germany
and then popularized in the twentieth century italian french and english version
it's an extraordinary chance
and can commodities course natural of all of it
it connects the hermetic out there were loudly and world politics years ago
desert monastic teaching
with the ancient desert hence like cats spirit check out is well the
and when the emerging careers
with them be of essentially forms of aeromedical life which were on gotten during fall
when his lifetime and of it's own reform movement
and when the same time managers also to sound quite sad noticed it's mr obama today and i say thank you so
you know we have one of the few collective sayings of bastard robinho as she was knowledge and home
man who had gathered around him to and spell a small group of disciples to live in solitude together
to pray and meditate upon the songs and to read together the desert tradition
that is the life from the bottles and john cash and conference
as well as to live in a surgical life together under the masters supervision and is moderated direction
and this happened as you know those of you who have read few days the life was wrong in the foothills of the pyrenees in the solid rich part of france near the benedictine abbey of crucial
sen michael crucial
in the house pronounced him
in and huge stench
a little capital alone
quiz show
see y x eight office here all spell
like of the very life of wrong and solve the liberal rule of his manner by the utmost simplicity
very brief compendium of wisdom
sit out for us no way that they might expect a collection favorite sayings if a wise old monk deserts of egypt or syria palestine
it couldn't be a brief list of instructions for a novel smoking has the cast spiritual
it could also be the collective open to the sunday some drill master in the desert mountain retreat
and i think for a student or comparative religions or this decision it couldn't be represented to
a various religious tradition
if one only substitutes the mention of songs as such
with any age probably corollary checks from the world religious consciousness
even so far and you say as primitive methodism distortions that might arise from the profound wanted men
i think it is jan
of mr my internship and the jack elastic image
i'm what i close to do with during the four sessions we have this weekend there's the cemetery to when our way through
commenting on various words and phrases
the due to distill the spiritual teaching or maybe we been no more around to words face
while opening all rob to open our minds and particularly our hearts up to the profile of presence and mystery evoked by these few words of same wrong
all the wall
the spiritual treasure all for deaths by was great customer to it and the ain't a long long spiritual practice is something for all her
the operates nuns knobs and spiritual secrets or like
back you'll hear a lot of coffee you pick again
and i'll try to keep it a minimal it's not because i have a holiday or apologies allergies
the i was perfect condition of the trying to to right now
but coffee was triggered by talking or singing and so
come to the rituals and lobsterman region here because they say when you get the whole pitch and
well i'm going to apologize because you're going to do one third call
how could i request that everyone simply closed her eyes
and quite than the silverstone
well i a lawyer
said rob

sit in your
has inheritance
put the world behind and forget it
watch your file like a good official watching for fish
the path you must follow each and the song
never leave it
if you have just come to the monastery
and in spite of your good will you cannot accomplish what you want
then take every opportunity to sing the songs in your heart
and who understand them with your mind
and didn't throw mind wanders as you read
do not give up
hurry dot with a plot and know my to the words on vimeo
we're lives above all that you already gone crazy
and stand there with the altimeter one who stands before the that
mt warsaw complete
i sent waiting
content with the grace of our
like the little bird that takes nothing it's nothing but what its mother goose it

we will be the
the at each meeting we have
and i would ask three volunteers
my morning tomorrow morning sunday morning to read it for the of your tongue so maybe
you know
time between now and then
as you meditate on the little boy and she made me
find himself wanting to proclaim that
then just let me know
now that you can volunteer to him
save yourself as a paradigm sieve
civic until probably the most recent of time and historically speaking what does not read a sitting for prayer and was on march
in the west sitting with seeing more than contents of past the job
sit down
primary sick and job
a lot about they did say this comes
the sign of half the battle
could the joke as guy
a sign of welcoming are being broke
also seemed to sit me down to a real very important
i'm all you know not that it wasn't important he felt that we see someone with some context where city in the west is important that problem
as well is it as in the hospitality i think also in the spheres of judgment and power in the west sitting was very important striped we speak so the traditional roles of judgment and long see in power she did
is the usual word or the king of the failings of the queen
or the judge and all and sip it was very important know about sits on the sad until that person the job for food and dairy are you based system
oh only how they say when looking pretty horrible
all relies on a church so she or he would sit at that and see down he sat that's that's historically stating that it's very on concurrently with sitting in the west
also of course in thrown out how we don't have many kings queens like this world but there's still you and as say why
queen commissioned pipes for instance everybody stands queen is it then part of the other powers said they've been in the various colors and streaming service
sitting in scripture how do we find wherever we find the contact with sitting in the scripture
well one one figure immediately comes to mind and that is david david sitting at his heart
some diving
writing poetry series culture gap
also interesting that ah the prophet elijah
we can imagine how we should think again i suspect
battling the four hundred products and dom slitting their throats and i should be before the power to kill terrifying to me
that he's when he actually wrote that and rounds for this life liberty and hides out in iran
for a protracted period of exile
he is detected as city in prayer
and subsisting
on god cdc gov law belts care for it
he sat in the body
thirty five words
the story homes
sherpa may also involve both testaments the bankruptcy
and table literature certainly the gospels streaming for on and these are singing contact
and so
you lot to give our spiritual battle of sydney with scripturally that's good place to start of the table
just as it is in the last time have a very powerful
when jesus teaches the crowds of the mountainside
he always ask them sit down to have one of the i can get which the gospel writer is maybe i will be answered say look here's the one that says he sat them down by google and batches flowers flower garden to never give out which which an of
one of them actually with because we sat and they sat with people are wrong in fashion like flower image for fun with our cloth
follow i read that that that's the story to it
scriptural friday by google image that was very truly and now
it isn't just a poet whose
try to trick or something that's if it's it's an oral tradition can all live in of something and when they told him that all polls
and of course there are other covers that show up that early morning during and probably more bears
and then further go florida by joe anybody
context teaching wilderness and jesus with master and people gathered around here before it's
contract with sitting guy
listening to and this
all of scripture and thronged power this for don't how so many contexts of the cave the kids college
but not only that also when the scriptural writers are referring to to god or to celestial or which a lady wisdom when it's lady wisdom said right go and sad day when you're kidding
why she didn't
she shook like and to go because god said
because god
we stand before hopkins sitting there
who else does jesus sneak on his travels what i'm very very be sitting by the way to sell
but the guy the bakers and the lovebirds all the people he felt close to all people the outcasts whom he welcomed and said would be furnished asking there they are sitting by the games way to be you
made by the pool with women february a comparably angel is still on to the one to the angel when you want your swimming in get everyone
waiting by the roadside sand homelessness what's happening
jameson some of to have many cia
the blind bag sitting by to man
the by the roadside
what about shovel
what it's jokey kind of hello to the part he said i have a hundred different from i me
since i'm talking and he said and since we just read in the bridges the whole cycle you can portray every single order
vigils activity
and journal that said an art and and listen to arguments
question is gone and somehow survived the wall in the i'm sitting there on the dummy
and as historic was restored to you will fellow like can be added to be getting my children were more money than encryption to disband and i'm doing well images
and i said the best for last certainly become an expert on to concentration
no man sitting out in each of the world
letting his word so bad
well martha
joseph is important rosemary just disappear to the war
certainly just as intended to the lord and other way
worse in the kitchen
the third man and region with point out areas
because what jesus hung like marriage sit here
extremely painful to listen
and of course me monastics have been matched job with them
hello that and canada through the centuries and even a day without banners from time to time especially if in industry where we get a shovel the church the bishop is your problem you know they were on our cases trying to take off their monasteries hard to get money or whatever not nowadays but i mean and farm town
when we say we are the inheritance
and you know what jesus
the dogs love and
all of these scriptural examples of city can prove beneficial for our and approach to civic and prayer for our weekend on double i think find out can also avail these various move from city
no is there anybody here who hasn't felt like job at least at one point
we are part of the largest city in the law
we are again
regardless of what we're going with like fun
we are the problem with our the musician of lot
we are a table fellowship with for everything
we will be tomorrow
we are those
occasionally sitting on the side
the desperately waiting some time to be here
or to see finally see crime
where to feel the healing touch it
catch it the role just just an inch didn't even see
life would be
kinda like them
the she's management team rumble can be
my back
touch shooting him on his rule right there her
and occasionally
each one of us
kennedy wisdom
can the christian god right now
selling the house
i hear the peter
me sober that it can be
on the mountainside you time to time in a crowd
listening to the world
hoping that the word is reward
asking ourselves how to make it feel
hello noted that why the because of embrace abrasive spread proclaim
the named in the desert tradition
they records references to sitting as the way to pray in the jesuit tradition which is our ancestry as an asset
certainly within the various collections and off of finding a job with shades of the desert foundation founded and we have little various collection
when and call or pop them or the off fundamental in the monastic masterful
also of science and his history of products you will find the mention of sitting at sitting at the way to pray as city in prayer
also arabians in his history of months' specifically them through nine hundred years and john cash and in of counters but i have a direct your especially true with caching caching preference and percent were sitting in her
here was some representative example by hand for through the roof
here are currently out of them
i love motors
sit in your cell
and your to sell looks cheap cheaper
on the cutting the most things
our rituals
said remain sitting in the cell
fear and knowledge of god
well then far off the remember what's wrong suffered and pride of spear
this is a precious
because it's so hard to hold off
the remember you for perfect a fast that heritage the three all
and i pray for healing of memories your for years back
because i'm feeling that go of the past until we like a little adventures of always imagined
and the anger that comes from them or with an advantage of from common or we anxieties and fears
already even some time and energy about i wish we received what we didn't receive long as you around all of the various forms of crap
psychological crowd and narc and i am rubbish you know wow
that sitting is going to suffer
that is that prayer
who's going to suffer
we believe that when you're done our riches he said remain sitting in the cell with fear and knowledge of town
holy far off the remembrance of wrong suffer
and pride and spirit
course with that page he can go off and other direction
it might be good for you to use with you throughout the interface
a crime has occurred
so she with your partner your attention on
and of course the crazies how fear fear ago and now that you've got
carry a whole to have capital of connotation of bookshelves be very powerful in
very powerful tool say
all the anthony
is the third one
what anthony said
just a fish died if they stay too long on of water
some of the moms will not identifiable so and the were trying to others
of the enemy preferred about going to the south and mind their only with
set in their cell and pray just as fish drive this a too long on the water several months with limited outside so
oh really powerful topic of anthony saying the cell itself
no longer gives the news asked me
where the know to be wrong if she wants to have her do not have privately with the i guess
the stories about the management so let's stand outside those songs were really lived up to the are well underway to market
learn about various thing
an alternative speaking to that to that michigan in the desert
sydney within the patristic writings
here are among the fathers of the church when they use the term city or the image of sitting on impair what they mean is sergeant the context always soldier
if you want to
investigate further now getting for example if you want to investigate announced forbid if you're being the section on the patristic writings in my latest poll on the language of silence and
one little affection into quite a few and maybe twelve thirteen and all in on the context of solitude and time
you probably can see much more than going to get outta here but i looked at me for us because it's for writers who use of
in the context of sovereignty general in his letter twenty true
wrote the following phrases describing the his solid
i was sitting alone
and i will sit more the waters of shout
i will sit in the waters the fellowship
you're careless with you know
wrote about singing he hadn't gone
looking in god
interesting can kitchen and thirty hours
rarely been great at any number of contests used the phrase tranquil sitting
he doesn't mean just
sydney enquire now just to be quiet
try to do
usually is isn't the context of well what are needs to become hezekiah that in restaurants that one
cheeks that one strives for in jesus' parable man's the cats were in the west credit integrate you just that the phrase tranquil sitting that trump blended that same idea
a lesson of intro back
worked sitting in her like david and enlarge to to challenges
i was very active and i ran across that because that i've always really fun game and like how to my my investigations to be with the an assumption
when we get through the depot garage shop in the medieval patristic writers the context
before slipping changes slightly from solitude to a fellow of contemplation to get the middle age of contemplation is the context year
and here are also to shore
appears in this context to sitting over
and beat the venerable
for a the venerable he users again and again and again may be sitting at the future chooses to embody or to symbolize and of life himself
being robbed of calling the bottom
quieting the spirit
and finally rescued and cries restaurant in christ that's like sitting around
i thought the was
the outbreak or very vulnerable who was
second generation cistercian abbot in one
wrote to his sister who happened to the premises and he wrote a rule of life which we have very interesting to me
search and be quiet mean that choose a chatterbox
they can be quiet be quiet around here early
listen to now
so that you can speak to now
interesting and certainly consonant with i'm show about me seafaring advocacy five in there
why is it with summer with the village restrictions after
who wrote why do we say in prayer
to drink him christ wooster
support the progressive strong can point it was important to sit in care if you were divided into a gripping and with them
not that one couldn't pray you want to work instead they wouldn't be a good restricting another you to delay wow
but why sipping defect is interesting movie actually questioned i will be close
the obviously very concerned that sector with keep working
guido will first require only
the ground shelters in insurance
really perfusion wrote the iridescent absolute absolute privacy
share your fusion question absolute primacy of queers in the city
tranquil it
yeah i'm still stands is a good word to impact the tranquility here around or
still have a strong finish to more than just an absence noise
stone was tells you something psychological influences
and chimney scourge
still his attention
struggles in this
where he
true servants
is the
oriented to mystery
and so we talk about stones on the inner skills kids you remember are not just talking about why
it's importantly sad news that to a we're again
sitting in the east
in the east
soothing is concentrations in are by as hasn't contact the inner eye gaze into the mystery
and react how many caliphs spiritual gurus
masters settings throughout the various eastern tradition and call me ultimately say the same thing
he still
if you want to embarrass machine if you want a chicken com
who is
some after will say become on
i hindu to sage might say ah
for a long shot them to become remarked on the local tradition
it doesn't matter
that hampshire
sitting for long
well the sydney or around
the road a really interesting way now begins and ends with three

chris word said
sit and we are so
last image
i think weight in and ten progressive a hitler
i suppose for a with properties
we could see sipping as well other be getting and r and is wrong after all
what are we allowed if you know about contemplation
whether the sitting in forever if not complacent is what we're talking
so in this room
this confrontation
why don't we stand in our sell well of course some of students office party standing our songs so that was chap standing there are so that when we want to be still
why he said
why don't miss they're not at all
the people of the american action with children with the resurrection stand up standing historical jesus resurrection sense of what we're doing well we stand and i will down around the altar we are going to as as resurrection people
we did the money putting kids
years in there yeah with a research is a theology that
ah there were a group of syria said if monastics
no stats
and stop same way as electricity go lot
we are taking off your father and getting the charge
let's target patterns
the video was john
until we die
we've established where they're extremely
how often do a lot of quality work mobile they alternated
i'm sure your die
eight that way for years age drank to carry the bot lane
on function
and on probably call themselves the standards standards
we don't know iraq and syria was a
a treasure ground photograph peter equipment yeah i'm not a number him and ask you wants to have been
the browsers you sure
the browsers and i don't mean to you know
i mean to these people were trying to do what they felt was right between number that browsers are highly educated people who went up and moved on the sides of mountainside on all fours eat grabs
as the capital until they died
also there really enjoy or rather movement
deborah healey entry and thirty three both ground rules were liberty with styling awfully style that you will perform a full of way and been a that
if you want to get some good to out
the history of the massive survey as well as being highly edify in place them and holding a treasury of wisdom also it has short reflection on very few questions for in our stricter
why not stand
the brothers are on a respect for the resurrection or of
searching for for pennants well the question is what are we concerned about a week than we wanted to have a for are we can certain primary about panels or or a resurrection stone until now so why are we needle
namely will certainly a silent research society eleven we are also signs of cabins and direct conducive to prayer for as long as you can do it maybe that's due to the point
to reach a point in nila yeah
that's quicker than we were sitting not going to reach a point seven jewelry or to do she disciplined way the wow is that the reach a final word
you couldn't scream
don't give up you shit government yeah
or to go change partners your buying some of your position over
but again what are we concerned about your own top of jumping crowd
well we lay down
sleeping into world
there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with sleeping in the word dealing with memorial a new born on our on our backs and that we fall asleep
you know there's nothing wrong with that
but you wanted to share your videos jewish chapels katie kush
you may find yourself sleeping more than pray
and he is a feel good probably what what is the concern when you have when you're talking about contemplative hunger
sitting is are way too quiet results in all the target like i think that compliments you out it's a way to quiet ourselves down
sitting as a discipline and yet not primarily kind of ten the show one
it's a way of staying away and attempt to
software may not without something do
there a connection or that i will note
to that has a catholic prayer john clements in the east and others nice in the byzantine empire and the reason i point this out is because as an awful long with with life and times in a series of them not and journalists and all of these to italy according to is primarily concerned
romulus is influenced by byzantine spiritual his mother was visiting his mother rose from and
kerry with that into his life his spirituality very rich very different
christians through the gym a hobby of the ease in our early history
any communication service and name
results bonds and commodities boom that the wally and world and then come model commodities historical movement
has very strong the bomb
which flows up again in the fifteenth century
fourteenth fifteenth century with others chopper sorry been deputized by the pope to try to bring the with church back into union was wrong and that almost it almost happened to actually an engine without moving
and then job bar
is interesting that
whereas he started at least
ah man i some you search again in the name of notably with the peace and nowadays to not all the historical times
or are concerned it's not so much filthy
he's to church in a hands on way
our order is very early hands on involved which in turn will just style of living east
ecumenical serbia spirit accurate
on jobs
so we'll meet again tomorrow morning at nine thirty and get deep burgundy to
but this still skips you are a i in show a general staff new to facility