The Brief Rule of St. Romuald

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The Little Rule of Saint Romuald

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if you're going to be rejected a of to school districts do not want to hear me mystery sci-fi with carefully addition to that candidate and our congregation of this house and in a couple of anarchy and a to thing and the the
our spirituality
the and with into end of the business the book i wanted to mention even more nervous is my native language of changing face at the national falcon and if you're interested at the issues saturn refer to
on out of contract do this book and it is a comprehensive and he i have a very tidy
contemporary that shooting began of people to who a trace good know been automatically found a huge better on function every day if you're going to give you an play and who typically three and ever contemporary figures
you know how a
which was a constant so many ways when a little shade the difference during church history and i play out at all and therapy separated from the authentic and nineteen january twentieth century on your if and container now incredible based on
he changed and the face of the church was a minister sergey and fitness potlatch and becoming a protest furniture in diet careful
seven days a of on the your name she's from trinidad and and
catherine i hated regime
apple of a beautiful therapy and really areas in a on it and just like to me for she off became in an active life i'll fight on
he turned things that are coming forward very exciting church and very effective or he is happy other people fire the occasion and gracie is barely
i offer in today's especially today's this morning reputation i am not exclusively but usually extensively on part i of a peter name is letters letters twenty eight
in february the water needed in a letter and about arithmetical solitude and in praise a camera hidden in solitary by
the more often later
it ain't really good for me now in print now the only version is on is a benefit by the church theory out of your captain been interviewed on whatever just going to be human know very creative years that i've been contracted by paul of path to do
to the bombing
hidden ban on easier to navigate and search and ninety one of the mirror classics of western spirituality theories and i haven't begun to get an authentic my scrotum is now have particular books and manuscripts for me to translate work as animal medieval latin
and then do some huge reduction after that he and a couple years back i pointed limited with obvious that in addition to providing for five reminisce on the lake wildwood
and there's time that the constitution to google come on be to get anybody immediately it matter by peter game because my favorite is also going to be in that moment and before will have made in paperback version our own on a copy of that and i just want to that never pay grateful bet that when the high
come you'll have less than a really beautiful work and the last for that
the seven pages with if and prayed all the aeromedical and how you want to meet that but fail how he sees itself
let us pray

oh god
we thank you for the wonderful gift of your son jesus
he came among us lived among us and gave us the way in a very far as cheerful and simple fashion
we thank you also for giving us figures like a saint paul minn our father
who embrace again simplicity a vision of lie
for the simple hearted and the pure hearted
a simple vision of purity of heart and single this purpose
and we thank you also for gathering on us together here
sisters is progress
united near the name of us some cheeses and united also under the inspiration of your st malo
we thank you for the opportunity to be here for the greatest wish i will come in this encounter
and we pray you
oh god unto whom all parts lion onto who desire itself was alone and from with no secret thing is hidden
purifier parts of our hearts
by the outpouring of this year
then we do not a perfect lol pure and pray the soon as you do her on now
oh man
can really cool me on little a problem for
thank you
fit in your fell have been paradise
put the little world behind you and forget it
watch a bot like a good fish that watching for fish
but half he would fall is if the phone never leave it
if you have just come to the monastery and inspired and were good well you cannot accomplish by and bonnet
can take every opportunity to thing the phone in your heart and to understand and with your money
and they've got i wonder if i didn't we didn't give up hurry back and imply or boy to the word watch over
realized above all centurion card pressure and stand there with the attitude and one who stands before the emperor
can feed yourself completely and fit when he came content with the grace of god when the little bird that chief nothing and he industry that plantation mother gave it

last night you can forgive any further than fit
today we're going to look at sydney even sell and city in the cell as an era
this is the desert tradition
an old law won't said if he were young
i believe that if you sit in yourself for the name of gaul
and if you'd been to to seek the knowledge of
you too will find yourself in the place of album
can't tell them apart with that is that statement about anthony father consists of the the first grade massive
often the beach egyptian desert situations
what he's talking about and can thank you if you apply yourself
to that sitting in yourself love as a community of mine and part to persevered
you can be right there at the beginning at the font at the origin of the and of be if i agree more with nasty place you don't want to be anywhere else you can call in to fall off your their capital p
our naturally for monastics the cell was something very real and very tangible
it's where we live and who can have our like
certainly in the world of spirituality is not all that difficult to make your transition from solitaire is for all sad now of call to prayer to a private space for prayer and saw that can be quiet
to the monastic in herself
which is available to everyone
our extended family come his bachelor's
he is working had just such transitions in their very lives
in all walks of life every day and it's much harder with the automatic apply it to the month year
at least ostensibly yourself
and sometimes time for wall sell as well
but there is the advantage should have a real magic apology which is not always available side as you know home in attention to with how to finance how to find out
and how to especially considering situation kind of why not all fall not always give up your leg
macgyver style whether we're talking about the spiritual selves authority and hearts game for a long time in the hermitage yeah the cell will be different things at different times
but the one looks at the history of monastic
spirituality and writing music of in aspic on fathers and mothers throughout history
one seats that the cell
many different things to different people
at different times of centuries and i went to give you a few minutes images
i used by monastics to talk about the spirituality of the south
one first image that comes audience and a number of these are contained in that letter from eight and then used by others or used by others before pvp but his moral lng of like early like you belong not
the first one that i and she is that the saddle is referred to as the firmness of babylon
and of course here we're talking about that
the experience of the three young men fiery furnace
hey those who are casket to be by a little with further olive oil and the thousand the presence of very song god
and so they're in and instead of being destructive place started file that solitary experience on their part
turned out to be purified on a search or a testicle fade
but also and experience violence and and yash freedom in here
another image you by many as the writers for the cell is the killer call
for this refers to the desert experience of the jews between the time of egypt and the time of the promised land where the pillar of cloud once the presence symbolized the presence of god in the desert
they are mostly with the guy and so the style is seen here as a place of speaking to god
and listening to that place of communication certainly a place of security in that desert experience but also and more importantly saw a place of guidance and a place of a campaign just as the that copy company
the people of israel ah through their attention to disappear
so the show was he as a place of encounter
in a place for science and engineering
and also a place of communication and occur
mirror mirror a that if i mirroring jesus in his own experiences as we have in the bathtub when they thought about jesus being at fair easy fall to
for the most part whether it's on a mop toppers running off landscaping on the lake along even if sometimes getting away from his disciples even much less the crowd
or the very dependent on the bag
even though he asked to me there he's a long and very good condition a internet and quite literally warhol three
so they it as seen it is also mirroring the experience of jesus her
yeah you can come in silence can be getting a quiche with
yeah well there's also a delightful strain all ah a feminine quality of the cell cutting fuel they've been rather than that fanatics the the cell as the mood
the cell and regenerative fellow with the one that gets merged to laugh over and over again and again be long

and also phonetically that these the tool not just the womb but tool
from which we repeated the emerged to live the resurrection life over the all over again
what literally in the celtic than you experience some
the monster and phenomenon don't dare to live with yourself and they will decorated themselves so each day was spiritual practice for many of the caltex monastics to date a shovel along in shovel for a day till they are chock way strong
on you away so that by the time they die on they were ready to be just blown into their children and to accordingly
and also this pumpkin into the whole monastic keep possible keeping get before one's eyes not have a more of affection you know i mean
you couldn't have been much more than a lot if i mean one could be here tomorrow today that and sleeker than i've bought some of them actually didn't have through the jungle is taking it wasn't for the bumblebee factor it was for the very real and like shorter and for
the cat
keeping the presence of god and the ultimate new with that presence of god and loving god are not just before their eyes are harness the emergence of itself but authentic for a very big
as a solitary
awful the saddle what has been referred to make any many times as the place or locals of stability and faithful on to death
while classic example still today among the conclusions in charge of policies the cartesian picks up fun
of civility like most minute i get it from we're here to take off stability is edited and commodities to the house to the prior how horse balls really to god but i mean genetically it's to will be ourselves to house on that it's already do
food and other groups by themselves to the congregation and can be sent here their yard ability as word a master says at our versions it's magic the house each monk at none
boss stability to us now to sell to the rural that miss the bullet and saw the spiritually and sell for television
and when you read the cartridge
how will we get
let's turn it on just a little bit him on solid candidate
ah if you read that spirituality the patients and even didn't stop that and just the volumes would say published in the classic the western spirituality a profusion spiritual
one was injured this ah accent on the sad in a very vivid way off i wouldn't it be they've delivered today silver stability bow stanza
you stream
also be on the skull is seen throughout history as a place of vigil well this is natural i mean the whole kit and about vigils and some monastic to begin with
was a monastic thing burning just that
and we really church or while around together
with root for on a dedicated people who weren't enough their living the couple of indian food by them while living together a communal like different cities each
is the whole lot of watching movie night
wonders of location type thing where everybody is doing it off at night or where each person in each that i was doing that
keeping a vigil furthermore why
why the visual
he kept the whole expectation the whole and expertise off and the deviating was very fair advantage
the inclination would you need with a large company and
all aspects of our liturgical up the perfect wave of thirty for the end wait for the company below in time
with the idea and trying to leave those botch
purify the art to meet the law of that way as well as to me god coming into my life in any way god will tomorrow or today
each year old and get all the very calming
the incarnation of spirituality and very
mine center and heart felt way every day for that kind of ethics
spirituality as well so the place of vigil
also a place of can patient
the we sell is a play for temptation and you could look at any of the babies it out to be
what seven get thing free a not help the monastic is paid a hefty any one of the world skin and flesh and up in your own body would have been hit their console capital pride
lol the hallway
they're all there are various ways that they are all our law and you don't escape temptation by
away the yourself into a fall fall fall work
they've got it doesn't have all the very to carry on the real thing
back and also to sell historic name of course became would be a place for it i said personal asceticism whether they talking about the passing penitents or just babbling about the gives me that the didn't
i think i'd even
cop got me
so you know
the the desert situation are in a whole you can put yourself back into the monastic desert
thank you once the the monastics and move into the cell
that was the battle began
and we all the thing in reality it's just that in the early desert situation
in egypt especially the judgment was seen as the place congregation at the bow why because the doesn't it was worth it place for the devil
and the evil spirit they look in the desert bit of intimacy one of the wall wash room but it that that deaths will the all to small
that's why the earthy of box and love why i didn't know why they went on does it
the primary one was to wait for got into battle the evil one while a that's why they were up there were only
well get a lecture on
oh primarily the author to go
sell still in his reply to reply
peter gave and they want
for economic pillar in his mother twenty eight or even
writes about how
well if it is parents
did he likes thought why it is very self basically a solitary when he says don't forget don't forget it an awful target a job and there's no missing the purgatory of aspects of befell you're living the solitary life will be next
because though there they there we hit the whole thing about the by whether you are talking up a even visualize on whether it takes much or if one something will call psychological struggles
ah or mental anguish or physiological needs that from for
and these the to read more the lol they're all we're talking about all yeah
slow computer that you could never be viewable from the default and then
and not all is the perfect but sometime it's a double now
and that was
at some time the under a along
follow to really embrace
consciously encountered
can you can have its aspects of
and that's what i great disappeared
one can even the help on plenty one
give up day and sometimes that happens
but you're going to persevere
with application and solitude with it
perseverance all
heart in solitary thing he remembers well you're in the air
doesn't matter
and this happens periodic
release for most people who are living
a long my real politics
a or not just been a law
but being on
being a in june about it
you know long before but the human respect with alone sometimes become a shattering movie
a not yet
peter data points that
also this is the boston usual image but i rather focus on william little sad key or be
in friend who was a benedictine yeah but who joined the disparity than they were actually going to three right in the beginning
became a bot can be by with would same from circle and they were friends and became a cistercian to happen
how the at one point the place of abortion
the place of abortion why he called a place of worship because
he says that anyone nasty
who doesn't belong
he doesn't pick the cell series he doesn't care a solitude and finally community and seriously
will be avoided it of so it's not going work
you can't be candidates
not again any real

the is also referred to as a temporary console
naturally what's be alluded to their lives the power for the soul to feel
and to draw
compunction by the heart the motors red ball on a move that come forth
so if the often of production himself
but additional year
oh my had a that the know if completed look at how are for it but i couldn't talk
oh and then this reason find aquinas
it's a lot on the same from the clinics at the cells and drove away if i'm open pipe in something lots of for the promotion it's if your sell or give you to be
you know i thought about and back
no it's true that were available federal thing that nobody i pick up over pp and then competitive and good that is gonna go to snack for the sell for that with some of the heart in usually action of a real sign was real solid to
embrace that's exactly what god lives and left side of it that's that's a refreshing thank god he can we get me and keep a to stuff
in on our lives need to be gotten rid of
also the solitary research was the workshop
what is that means if it's a place where this is awful computer in the place where with your little hammers and chisels and you can work out all the little cakes and events in here on spiritual light and if you don't do the our do it for you or with you
and if you're if you take it serious if you take yourself seriously or feel that you become refined florida keys into the for is a battle image play for one purify buildings we find for one refurbished in school
enough on the sky was also you feel it to as sacred ground you find this all of the place and you know i say naturally because the sell for a monastic is see as on that place all
god amen
so god really with presence in the smell and because god is present in itself it is a sacred it is second favorite place in the most primeval religious conscience consciousness possible that exactly motor copy because
face place because it's safer than any other religious consciousness be stopped
because the goodbye is manifest in their phone
no one is not at all surprised these even asking something that we're called upon again and again in the twentieth and not from first century to be the clients work and the real dialogue
if they want ecumenical dialogue with to take place outside of the media
the go on for more of a passion such as that the vatican two groups are assigning a dog the real much of the real nitty gritty to call work of inter-religious dialogue his place among none of the know why because
they consider any space sacred and my monastics get together to i know this from personal experience with the tibet months' back in multiple complementary moment when monks and nuns get together
it was all whole week i don't care what your religion and what your country of origin and when monks and nuns yeah the earth common you don't have to explain the jokes are the same lots of laughing and the openness is immediately their why i think because it is in law
tradition of new with this states is sacred and everything because god is there we apprehend god god's presence of say everywhere
and killed
lastly the other image i fall that comes through another times and used by digits
are effectively is that we sell is not take it
but a of or nod or indeed by extension any person who takes solitude series
it's going to be living at some point and to work like
while there's one monastic feast and judical pounds every year that comes to before the all say why don't we all have no off profession and because moment for refinish the transfiguration
now what what faced and the calendar to speaks more to what monasticism as the ball that the truth and i read about the summer and ninety four of the transfiguration felt like we're trying and he can in any way we can to live together in that symbolic life
to further cements our community radio know they followed by the weather is probably in the city would you like to and the acres saying in consonance with the sexuality of of place and the upcountry presence
so did the and ethos
sitting in the cell
seen as the most ordinary of thing just as well married as complication and birth and death
and many to check what i the domestic writers of spirituality to play for i know the absolute necessity to maintain psychological and spiritual equilibrium in the ass the system
but by tapping myself
for instance this was a big change for the sturgeon travis
in getting rid of do all balcony of the pope vatican council tool and that is the whole destruction thing has been tradition when historically you live in a dormitory you all work together you'll eat together all pray together asked me to get
and there is no privacy
mozilla should ah
and i'm not too and i daresay the i'm probably the majority of on cistercian houses
are they moved to south the end of the dollar treasure which a director who put lot of why because it psychologically healthy fats
and from the dances and advantage of having to fight for itself you know that if that was my moment but i realized store and memorable sturgeon history of them i understand why they are there and and amazingly i understand that but
the pies at all and weapons five when the cistercians had some many professions council of the just went off jewels and their suffering now why should this country we want to get suddenly now are going to tell before you go into something eternal and need
see the student group old man little accent a little while it's normal that they would make foundations by sending out movement is ninety months at a time make a new foundation
all know it's just incredible that it's not incredible if one takes with and clock
and then they've seen and most of the writing on the psychological and and even physical and spiritual all positive identification of the sell you find cistercian neither such movies during the it because it's a good day for them and they're excited by and we're very grateful
for you're getting yourself i only mentioned now
because of the of the fact that true solitude to for that has to be true in any situation and the from frustration of commodities out in the city and st george true solitude ne games i have a healthy balance between family name came to them
and you in your own lives you get all that you need climb the wall need quiet time he comes
just to exist in this day and age of a spiritual person everybody that in one fashion or no less than again and for analysis with cell
a fourth step on record stuff not necessarily not a given that least gives you the opportunity to have
once true or to the by that i mean just not really been getting along
a true solitude the to have already stated that we talked about him all the images not just to the logic that be wrong but being alone very special
with intentionality
to be there to be firmly on
the rest once you have that won't you have a true on follow to have some sort that the rest of the is that a little to fall place and each person's life world and flush staff and in a different raw fire on now
regarding the services
often with the
hello the spiritual directors fruity guy on a superior but not necessary
thomas merton that twentieth century apostle paul to
wrote that sitting in the cell means learning the wholeness in one long revolution
all new like herself
he fought with life to get cell and had what five year or die fighting
boy don't have time and prior tool for fighting the battle he was beautiful things about how how wonderful stone and how important they felt is he says sitting in the cell is the matter of coming events
when one's own holidays all little also in ohio right the stop all of all pretensions of the false off they're based in the cell will follow to faces all the different faces one is in face too much use was one has to face all little
various levels of poverty in one's life and the south helps you to do that
and you sit that on even medical solutions that you have and this is a challenge to come and when would think about changing you can ask itself first place
that even if you will either illusion in your home and you realize oh my god like the all the sound of life why while i come here if you persevere in that and real quality that is ill
and can get this way if we all need that within our own our life now spiritual journeys
come true
some little to sell as a hurts
regardless of the that long files sponsor that was due to the government was keen on buying who stopped can also be a furniture on the tons of hall so lot and was little boss to have squirrels soon
the in paradise
william up sanctuary the fellow who came up with the images places of worship that the socialism can be an important factor ah wrote about first meeting bernard of clairvaux when he was looking quite uncharacteristically so for version early first generation sister time intent
ration the cistercian long are in a little shack by itself
near clairol outside with common dormitory whose families could live that though he was the will superior he had the a little shy to play me to keep this equilibrium interesting right now and later on he would fight against solid you know lot not getting the so good
just about the cistercian ethos
and he couldn't let themself to begin key
william later extrapolate that he wrote he bought we when my first name him i found him in history within a little shack i found him in this freedom as happy as safe and paradise
ah he probably should have met him before i got his little sack and invited tv the war paradigm or or multi-million and then turn and then william major extrapolated that the spiritual writings our and were chena that is
sell comes from change the latin word for heaven
well as snob i totally bought linguistically now where we have a pair of energized scholar i mean a huge blunder and mean i went on all spiritual i am ah but he is he is totally wrong in the actual linguistic
source of chamber but spiritually he was right you know spiritually in consonance with a was ronald and the desert conditions missing sit there is that you weren't have why should it be heaven
launch very confident of monastic ah man asked during the point is that sell solitude
the sacred sites
why because god's presence
and romulus followers are to live in gonna present in the i can live the
as much as possible as they were already fully with god every day in every one
in paradise
well work would later turn a provisional paradise that the sound of the provisional paragraphs sort of a paradise on the way to canada a little thing like smoking
you will get him after june
that's a traditional paradise because the solitary and love with the guys almost there is almost hidden paradigm of capital p
later in his book the contemplation and world action he would connect solitude too early or relationship with lady with young
divine wisdom mrs few years ago
the this then he writes is the true secret but with cell
our paradigms in which she or he who is called needs in silence awareness and peace the console him and healing presence of that wisdom whose beauty is a reflection of the eternal life
right and the spotless mirror a who do a car the image of car accident before last section can direct quote me
there's an accident or already isn't this a beautiful
a exchange philosophy of fathers
this man is the true secret of the sell a paradise and she she or he who who is called me some signs of awareness includes that console him and he'll wisdom president of that wisdom whose beauty is in the flesh
i'm an eternal light and spotless near doing a cigar the image of god excellent
just a brief aside and
zen buddhist masters will say much the same thing as st wrong
whether they instruct others to sit all always as if they were sitting on the we spot vod a chinese will be a bot net advocate typical place where gotama buddha is believed to have game sitting and sitting and gain enlightenment a universal
light and saw that but what is that means is the most sacred of spotless the smack dab in the middle of the sacred and i've said that would and me go back to the first thing i read today
an old about once said to a gun
i believe that if you sit in yourself to the name of gosh and if you can you to see the knowledge of got you will find yourself to other
one of the editor needs zen buddhist master
get money probable mispronunciation napoleon come true
wrote this poem about sitting on the border spot
for nine very simple of course
on the same spot i said day
awnings came in ages past and said
one thousand years still others will come
who is the singer
who will listen
i made one mistake
on the same spot i sipped today others came in ages past to said
one thousand years still others
who is the singer and who person
i just want to point out to the fortuitous connections that belonging and spiritual and in our own come on its history since we are on the navy world since we are how
let me make the call length more here the as if you were a commodity monk or nun or an probably sitting in herself and british
on the same spot ice it today others came ages past she said
one thousand years still others will come
hooray for the center who was the listener

right now now you have anything about like right back from today's session anything at all that she wants
his past
that about how are the on time
integrity as well it wasn't the shorts when i'm happy to get that carry downloading okay
so i get a passing
oh my drink he
i'm maybe steady and if you could speak loudly for the as the my son could get good if you couldn't speak in la nina
when you first mentioned thomas merton
and he gave birth and you're standing on the same hey you hurting to work the twentieth century a popular sovereignty to louisville how many you can cope with it is that from each
the well meeting with done on the browse the web traffic rock
and he introduced agree that climate change if you are for thursday
hmm in a any were the wiki on the in
learn the hum kahan conclusion
oh yeah
i don't have a problem here
i really care for it
are you here to either fond found a monastic journey or contemplation of older get back to honor
the i only giving him a bachelor
but i thing i tend to take it was monastic june
because i'll read up about vision of paradise
one coach again and establish some wisdom yeah not call car when he was like our wisdom imparted wisdom wisdom and seven and twenty fifth out jackie kennedy was twenty four k will make him
believe that he bought running in the in half role of ordinary people that are in search request want to place in their own insane the where they are in the presence or striving for and that this can
be their spiritual so well then they're all home yeah i think most people would be most serious to spiritual seekers we feel the need for that or feel it's lack if they couldn't work it out from the announced feel like good at least a closet i need someone
some people use of key
but they that little spot air with say counts to say that like spot and got home i think about it depends on the personality type of of each person that i wouldn't make a lot of people have little kids they claim are certain by funny people can talk about
this spot
want to force anyone he didn't when i was living outside to use a period of three years in new york in my apartment i have i had a have at spot
what has happened think that can say good spot on my cadillac you're looking for
it might spot for the changed for me when my children were small and can be keep up in in and out of place to all the time i did have an actual closet and that was from having read them to continue the and then down to hold the door into yeah now i'm kind of like i feel like the whole houses but i didn't have a place where i
i fit were the meet and directly and stuff that it's kind of like that's my spot not a sense of that when i have a good rest into that fact sometimes this is pumpkin and just a bench outside to like atlanta listed in her favourite best that she said up with if you want that that can be it
oct to and now i need the way that are you actually feel underfoot and other parts of you hoped you know that the stress of built
and when i'm definitely at one time definitely especially when you're going to clap but i really felt the different of that space but a kind of what even our father who you're dealing with mentioning earlier and then it begins to kind of move out so that it kind of go with you and feather the gravel
but it's also good to have a spot nevertheless i think for my own experience that it just cut into a little reminder to me you know
iraq me in ourselves most nunca in college chapel period or and there he is out as the chapel time sacred place sacred spot but i prefer personally at this point even though i have my uniform little hurt on find often up on my hand and the
i'm working on my gardens were allowed i plug in that way that i used to sitting on themselves
know my percussion and saw a difference for i think to go through different periods but here's here's a monk a commodity hermit getting out of the salaries in the garden to read stuff in order to plug into why used to know just give you this the wow
going to get and sad that already a person who does not you know
now that they can experience this whether an arm blue for or eventually create would honestly feel the presence or try and connect the mainland out of children were absolute it might have been found that is really i hope yard new and he just the way he i convenient when he's out there
and sometimes i can you know a guy we gonna catch him
being in that kind of space and having them send the presence of guy that felt their degenerating
i'm actually planning to retire
then a set of cultures vimeo times in different places like environment so that women
i have a plane to working because the game
by in a world in which
the will lead to a restaurant yeah but in so when experimental features are here the people in when holy trinity remain answer that they entered into different areas that will be my there
to me the world outside we have a survey and who world food environments are that procedures that could you just say line drawn to do that any different reveal why do you live wires to know john took to make space
like ah was he was sharing a word you mentioned today and it worked out and i like with intentionality and he can create for present to wherever we i would encourage doing and have that functionality
it doesn't take a whole i make any place sacred space and
whether i'm creating it for myself or for group or i'm in the garden rating on
i think that's what that's what makes the space a greenish than personality
and i had little bit of ritual here and there but but why do i do it because it feeds my soul because i must do up on for me thankfully feeds me
and that's why i'm making up to the small you might have any proof to available
oh and i don't know how to ask the question to sort of multivitamins because of not gaining ongoing
i have another person on the second probably that
the working i do is maintain people and be helping bridge in transplant
probably active in the outside world to finding your here
he's from this to make better decisions can and will take your life in a bigger perspective
in the world of which
most people
very little understanding of
any sort of spiritual
is black
we're drawn to
the references he's wonderful inspiring that he have any
ha guidance to help
i said not a religious world trying bring this sort of the db for people who are lost each i
so many people to hell are the restaurants at all and it's for i didn't receive solitude and silence and simplicity has the basis on which to help you but the scheme of was
on a much to me while i would save my law for median listing
i to see on
i wouldn't say the more than you actually live
people will be drawn to it even if it's to fight it more yeah is initially amanda several position i would need people are johnson and nevertheless it's real for you to be true salty as an inner stillness in your mind and a piece
if it's fans if it were tax people
have a laugh because i have one for the have we can learn to can picked other his environment
so to me that he he almost demanded added a cell phone
the he ten can
if i attack and i forget to reminder
there are actually fighting and here
two years ago
so here
my computer is my best man nyquist jam
you can get i would say a word and real encouragement to both him and to janet and and weren't a thing because of creating that kind of environment you know it has been a powerful impact and people i like to watch janet when she creates an environment because event the prayer for me into
the to third that but also i've seen what happened can have had ups and environment for me for retreat work and i see what happened the infant people enter the room i just think of parish retreat and when why there to be a lot of silence and reflection and without the environment that she created it would have been mm
achieve it can we were loving people were you know on a spiritual journey and aware of in silence with not always figuring in to the process and somehow by the grace of god through all that was provided by you providing the kind of environment that you provide for people on it just enter them they they entered in and settled in
and we're blessed
well they have now high hill all this are less my told that find that you know how collagen said that was several at that are we even consciously or far away are them or not unconsciously or
them and across it will have an impact honest moments when up to your house we and is it oh how wide any pain that in fighting each other memphis at the end of the hall before i went into our bedroom and i was going to be a terrible illness and i kept looking at that
to address was right to replace this was an angel's and because you might not be thinking about it but impressive shape
fighting into so if you put up their angels and well the even are aware you're not a law impression honey feel of that i know anything else intelligent same as your kitchen where what grades and i'm asking you to my the day
actress from person to person
i got a link to angels that i might have an empty space or campbell who need ten dollars overnight bag and just differs with from person person what
plugs you will not like archetypical eight and now doesn't it while the out what's good and duos
on a conscious or unconscious though the environment
and example some lot of people in space if they want to make choir will do one of these them circle but each will have to
paint brushes
democrats into are continually into a symbol home our so the level of peace and china and purplish an ongoing cycles closing in on him was great and pointing out that all of these levels can be in
mean good let's study
i'll a for and the
i've got the spiritual aspects into every room of guy home even the bathroom
and so i don't have one particular spot but i feel my entire tone is like myself and my husband his cell as his office he's a monastic doesn't know it
and our yes
i've even got the spiritual aspect into his office here in there one day but up just this tiny the little wooden cross that by the anthony smooth and gives free and i just put it down the wall of this office and i heard him in there one day said lin lin it's a miracle i said why
and i come riding a he said look across as appeared on my wall
i said oh a to miracle
help and we both laugh
we'll reply was just thinking of something makes an earlier than a lot of people are secular craps not a religious or the spiritual path that they know that they in want to help their like to become was quite a regular less
family from it and i have come up higher toll lanes were on power now to the really a cross any any persons
when expressing still unsure why because he got asthma use one particular jam or just philosophy of quote survival he quotes man he called for japan different things and they felt that hits philosophy can press
once until now has really at least from my stuff and very very helpful in times of my first not when a struggle so by listening to hear why we need to complex the little tiny piano for his newest book effort vanishing total total
i'm i kill the the he of the power now most people i think you know it but now i just have now back to be are working and peaceful
and sometimes again yeah bring yourself and your own present in your own are nominally tuition and i'm one of the one interesting pieces to the back and up here it's that sense of presence of people
now often we don't have time to discuss things with the box because that presence and presence of in the more that is very quiet and heal him maybe he didn't even have a word anyone that will have that sense of being now fill
in very big way
have i find that and when i carried the cell with me and if it comes in it's name and certain epiphany that could be a moloch of taking increased it could be coming around the corner thing at sunset or reading something almost and there i am totally alone with god no matter what's
i'm going on around me
and also that we are standing on holy ground the matter where we are
can't you interpret sale as your borrowing gms are walk in and absent in the arctic is a sale soon wherever wrap at
he just grabbed
in faith in that constantly dwelling in the cave in the heart the
also it actually mentioned that even in the midst of noise and the city there's always silence silence and between the noise
dan rather than the rule and he had a maybe we can do next choose which we have didn't a very that someone called a lovely through a word and native american band with taking them through the city and i think of albuquerque and the when you know our three improve within everything going on
and he said to her listen listed kicker that should here why yeah because there's just so much noise and confusion if it can can you hear the crickets on the theory that theory and then you know what can really change and thought that they cross the street sure now that the land of tree than a big planter and their little crickets chirping away there and he heard that they
cookie within that play in itself
if you like and we can also have them from period discussion after the afternoon session
when you know why
ah a couple of people are laid out me it always to say no tomorrow session will be a nine o'clock and fundamental to give us more time to take a long way into me into head