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Siddhartha Gautama, most commonly referred to as the Buddha ('the awakened'), was a wandering ascetic and religious teacher who lived in South Asia during the 6th or 5th century BCE and founded Buddhism.

According to Buddhist tradition, he was born in Lumbini, in what is now Nepal, to royal parents of the Shakya clan, but renounced his home life to live as a wandering ascetic (Sanskrit: śramaṇa). After leading a life of mendicancy, asceticism, and meditation, he attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in what is now India. The Buddha thereafter wandered through the lower Indo-Gangetic Plain, teaching and building a monastic order. He taught a Middle Way between sensual indulgence and severe asceticism, leading to Nirvana, that is, freedom from ignorance, craving, rebirth, and suffering. His teachings are summarized in the Noble Eightfold Path, a training of the mind that includes ethical training and kindness toward others, and meditative practices such as sense restraint, mindfulness, and jhana/dhyana (meditation proper). He died in Kushinagar, attaining parinirvana. The Buddha has since been venerated by numerous religions and communities across Asia.

A couple of centuries after his death, he came to be known by the title Buddha, which means 'Awakened One' or 'Enlightened One'. His teachings were compiled by the Buddhist community in the Vinaya, his codes for monastic practice, and the Sutta Piṭaka, a compilation of teachings based on his discourses. These were passed down in Middle Indo-Aryan dialects through an oral tradition. Later generations composed additional texts, such as systematic treatises known as Abhidharma, biographies of the Buddha, collections of stories about his past lives known as Jataka tales, and additional discourses, i.e., the Mahayana sutras.

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Yoga and Meditation

OSB Cam, Yoga, Meditation, Grace, Sutra, Precepts, Posture, Buddha
Jun 2009
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

The Brief Rule of St. Romuald

Serial: NC-00052

The Little Rule of Saint Romuald

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Romuald, Brief Rule of St. Romuald, zen, Buddha, Sanctuary, Enlightenment...
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Two Approaches to God: Prophet and Mystic

Serial: NC-01071

Community Retreat Spring 2002

OSB Cam, History of religion, Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, Bonaventure, Apophatic, Prophetic,...
Apr 2002
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Camaldolese Creativity

Serial: NC-01072

Community Retreat Spring 2002

OSB Cam, Renaissance, Ambrose Traversari, Marsilio Ficino, Neoplatonism, Platonic Academy (Florence...
Apr 2002
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Desert Spirituality / Cassian and Diadochus

Serial: NC-00005

Session 1 & 2 of "Continual Prayer in Eastern and Western Christianity"

Talk 1: The Pursuit of Continual Prayer in Desert Spirituality

Talk 2: The...

OSB Cam, Buddha Nature, Buddha, First Principle, Buddhism, Posture
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Development of Hesychasm and the Psycho-Physical Aspects / Jesus Prayer and Other Types of Prayer/Meditation

Serial: NC-00014

Session 3 & 4 of "Hesychia: Inner Silence and the Jesus Prayer"

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Hesychia, Jesus Prayer, Prayer of the Heart, zen meditation, Compassion, zen...
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Introduction to Theology, Serial No. 01118

OSB Cam, Beginners, training, Buddha, zen, Obstacles
Feb 1984
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New Clairvaux Abbey

Esalen Forum

OSB Cam, Buddhism, Buddha, Delusion, Conversation
Sep 09 1983
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Esalen Forum

Serial: NC-00444

Woman introduces Bede Griffiths. Indicates the group will then go up to the Immaculate Heart Hermitage (an exchange between the two communities). Then Bede Griffiths and...

OSB Cam, Demons, Buddha, Buddhism, Offering, Buddha Nature
Sep 08 1983
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Esalen Forum

OSB Cam, Buddha, Enlightenment, Oneness, Buddhism, Breath
Sep 07 1983
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Talk to Community

OSB Cam, Oneness, Duality, Buddha, zen meditation
Sep 03 1983
New Camaldoli Hermitage

The Personal God and the Absolute Godhead

OSB Cam, Duality, Sutra, Buddhism, Buddha
Aug 15 1983
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Christian Doctrine of New Creation and Contemporary Science

Serial: NC-00591

Fr Bede is a guest speaker at a conference. Begins with chanting.

OSB Cam, Breath, Buddha, Chanting, Separation, Don't Know Mind


Letting Go, realization, Buddha, resistance, Fasting
Feb 1981
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Community & Solitude

Anger, Attachment, Forgiveness, training, Buddha
Feb 1981
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Contemplation - Knowledge of God

Delusion, Transmission, Buddha, Happiness, Interview
Feb 1981
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Anger, Buddha, Oneness, Sanctuary, Fasting
Feb 1981
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History of Christian Spirituality

Serial: NC-01210

Part of "The History of Christian Spirituality" class

OSB Cam, Obstacles, Offering, Buddha, Happiness
Dec 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Monastic Life and the Interreligious Dialogue

Serial: NC-00468

Monastic Life and Interreligious Dialogue: What does our life as monks mean to the non-Christian world?

OSB Cam, Interreligious dialogue, Buddhism, Breath, Delusion, Buddha
Sep 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Monastic Life and the Interreligious Dialogue

Serial: NC-00467

Monastic Life and Interreligious Dialogue: What does our life as monks mean to the non-Christian world?

OSB Cam, Interreligious dialogue, Buddhism, Buddha, Attachment, Japan, Renunciation...
Sep 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Unknown Date, Serial 00212, Side B

Serial: NC-00212B

Archival Photo

Buddhism, Conversation, Buddha

Unknown Date, Serial 00215

Serial: NC-00215

Archival Photo

Lotus Sutra, Sutra, Buddha, japanese, Buddhism

Unknown Date, Serial 00217

Serial: NC-00217

Archival Photo

Sixth Patriarch, Buddha, Enlightenment, Sutra, Lotus Sutra

Unknown Date, Serial 00218

Serial: NC-00218

Archival Photo

Lotus Sutra, Buddha, japanese, Japan, Sutra

Unknown Date, Serial 00219

Serial: NC-00219

Archival Photo

Lotus Sutra, Buddha, japanese, training, Japan

Unknown Date, Serial 00221, Side B

Serial: NC-00221B

Archival Photo

Buddhism, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Karma, Buddha

Unknown Date, Serial 00222, Side A

Serial: NC-00222A

Archival Photo

Buddha, Buddhism, Buddha Nature, Sutra, Attachment

Unknown Date, Serial 00229

Serial: NC-00229

Archival Photo

Mahayana, Sutra, Buddha, Ceremony, lecture

Foundation for Inter-Faith Dialogue

Serial: NC-00248

Archival Photo, Foundation for Inter-Faith Dialogue (for Community Use), 

OSB Cam, Inter-faith Dialogue, Tassajara, Posture, Buddha, Breath, Commitment...
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Unknown Date, Serial 00213

Serial: NC-00213

Archival Photo

Buddha, Suzuki Roshi, Buddhism, Bowing

Unknown year, April talk, Serial 00620

Serial: NC-00620

Year Talks 1/2

OSB Cam, Daily Life, Buddha, Separation, Balance
Apr 19

Unknown year, May talk, Serial 00682

Serial: NC-00682

New Testament Books

Observe, Discrimination, Buddha, Fasting, Liberation
May 18

Unknown year, July talk, Serial 00638

Serial: NC-00638

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Separation, Happiness, Buddha, Ceremony, Obstacles
Jul 19

Unknown year, December talk, Serial 00647

Serial: NC-00647

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Liberation, Buddha, Ego, Japan
Dec 01