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Session 1 & 2 of "Continual Prayer in Eastern and Western Christianity"

Talk 1: The Pursuit of Continual Prayer in Desert Spirituality

Talk 2: The Origin of the Jesus Prayer: John Cassian & Diadochus of Photice

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a public this morning is the jesus prayer in the middle ages greek hezekiah's an english misfits
devotion to the hoodie game of jesus is by no means the monopoly of the eastern orthodox church
it has a long established tradition in the latin west as well
they are passages honoring the holy name of jesus in the lacking fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries including st andrews single gaskin think politeness of nola and most strikingly think peter solid years bishop of ravenna
this tradition was carried over into the middle ages
it is not buy cans that are wholly found a thing wrong owed at st from robina should have inherited his devotion to the name of jesus
after a rating the episode of the peak mystical experience in the life of thing reviews when he first received the gift top tiers his biographer think peter damian continues
often there after he was so taken up in buying contemplation that he found he was melting away in cheers at the fire of god's love burning within him made him cry out jesus dear jesus sweeteners be
beyond compare his i my heart joy of the thing the light of the angels
the same warmth and joy or evidence in the celebrated passage from st bernard fifteen seven or the song of songs
oh bless his name right what you will i shall take no pleasure in it and as he tells me of jesus park or argue as your which i shall find a flash at down unless i hear the name of jesus
jesus is honey in the mouse melody in the ear a song of joy in the heart
another important video text is the new beatles on the name of jesus
duties yazoo memoria in the well-known english version cheetos the very thought of the
this came to the holy name long attributed to st bernards was probably written in england around the end of the twelfth century
as evelyn underhill remarked devotion to the name of jesus is something peculiar peculiar in english
the most outstanding singer of the holy name in the fourteenth century latin west was undoubtedly the anguish mistake richard road
from setting i dread to forty nine
the habit as he liked to style himself
devotion to the hoodie name find expression in nearly all his writings to get an idea of the quality of richard emotion let me quote a passage from his work the palm of living
if you wish to be on good terms with god and have his grace erect your line and come to the joy of love then fix this name jesus so family in your heart that it never leaves your thought
and when you speak to him using your customary name jesu in your ear if you'll be joy in your mouth honey and in your heart melody because if your seem joy to you to hear that name being pronounced sweeteners to speak
good cheer and singing to think it
if you think of the name jesus continually and clinging to it devotedly then if your cleanse you from sin and set your heart or claim the bill enlighten your soul removed turbulence and eliminate lethargy
he will give the wounds of love and feel the so to overflowing with love
if you chased off the devil and eliminate terror open heaven and create a contemplative
end quote
to readers who are familiar with the eastern orthodox spirituality his words of road we call to mind many passages in the pillow career especially the kept of thing particulars of china
for her seekers as for richards the continual invocation of the name of jesus brings keys sweetness and joy expels temptations and opened the door to confrontation
it would be interesting to make a comparative study of the devotion to the hoodie name within the great east and the medieval latin west
in this park i shall live it by tell to comparing to fourteenth century english mistakes richard roe and the author of the cloud of unknowing to the great as he can have their time
devotion to the hoodie name can pick many different forms what interests as here is the development of the jesus prayer in the brig pentecostal tradition
you might last last park we focused on the foil constituent element in the evolution of the jesus prayer
panthers biologic prayer not discursive prayer an evocation of the name of jesus by now i believe you should have led by heart his forehead him
here i shall add to our the basic elements that came into existence in the cause of the development of the jesus prayer
they are a specific babylon and a physical technique connected to the jesus prayer
never became with the fifth element e employment or a precise formula
as pointed out you my previous park
dido cusa focus is gnostic chapters recommend the use of it simple and burying phrase commencing with lord jesus
however he does not say whether these two words and to be followed by others and if so what the other words might be
that during the fifth century that is as yet no clear evidence for watch later has become the standard part of the jesus prayer
in early sixth century two months of gaza in palestine thing much san lucas and think john proposed various fabulous of short prayer including lord jesus christ have mercy on me
the expression son of god was nuggets included
the standard for lord jesus christ son of god have mercy on me a curse for the first time in the life of other eleven written probably in the sixth century
as for the slightly longer form ending in have mercy on the a sinner which is in widespread use today this is best pound during the fourteenth century in the line of st gregory of santa
although when it's just the passage to speak of a standard form there has been and continued to be a certain variety expressions of the jesus prayer
gregory up sinai for example allows a choice of phrases
as for the sixth element the news of a physical technique we find no mention of it entire locals are the two months of gaza
there are however brief passages in john kremer cruise seventh century text the ladder of the buying a things
which may perhaps refer to the coordination of the rhythm of breathing to the jesus prayer
that's in the chapter dealing with care or skewness john kremer post says let the remembrance of jesus be present with your every breath then indeed yoga appreciate the value of securities
but according to college costs where it seems more probable that this text is merely a metaphorical recommending a continual invocation of cases and does not have to view any specific breathing method
it is not until the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries that we find a detailed description of the so-called psycho somatic methods in the writings of the sappers the se cause and st gregory of sinai
the psycho somatic method as we saw in our first workshop include instructions on how to sit how to control the breathing how to concentrate on a particular point of the body that is on the center of the belly and
how to search inwardly he nodded unite the mind to the heart
this we have seen in last web workshop
in themselves such physical techniques can be legitimately depended but a human being is an undivided unity of soul and body and thus the whole person must be involved in prayer and worship
in view of it's complexity however orthodox spiritual writers during the last hundred and fifty years have assigned less importance to the physical methods and issued warnings against the it's possible it's yours
they insist that
the physical method should be implied with discretion and under the guidance of incompetent and spiritual director
many orthodox writers today would recommend a simple method in the same the jesus prayer for example picking a proper extent of posture regulating ones briefing possibly in harmony with the world of the prayer and perhaps user
in a prayer rope as an external age for concentration
so today
simple point which many contemporary writers we recommend instead of the ball complex techniques of the fourteenth century has heathcote
now what about which role in relation to the six elements of the jesus prayer
penning from the greek etiquette to richard the comment we find mccully evident in his works the falls and the most significant of the constituent elements a fervent devotion to the funny name accused of centered spirituality
rose thought right his bio weapon is almost entirely devoted to this to something the passion and the holy name of jesus
caesars constitute an essential part of rose mysticism
pet dedicated to the codename abound in his writings especially in his earlier works
the best known example of rose praise of the holy name of jesus is the exposition of the world by aim is all pour for in his commentary on a song of songs
lemmy code is beautiful passage for you
ah that wonderful name ah
that electable name
this is the name that is above all names without which no one hopes for salvation
barry the name of jesus is in my mind a joyous song and have any music in my ear and in my mouth a honeyed sweetness
wherefore no wonder i love that name which gives comfort to me in all my anchorage
i cannot pray i cannot meditate but in sounding the name of jesus
i favor no joy that is not mingled with jesus
where so ever i be wheresoever i said whatsoever i do the thoughts of the savor of the name of jesus never leaves nine dave's my mind
i have said it in my mind i have upset it as a token upon my heart
belly oh jesus is my name is lovable and full of conflict
i believe few great happy cat would have expressed a devotion to the holy name of jesus with great fervor and outpouring of healing
a striking his passion of rose love for the name of jesus is found in his commentary on the salta
ben the the reapers to the name of god richard wood interpreted as referring to the name of jesus let me just stay to examples
commenting on some twelve six i will sing unto the name of the lord most high road right
my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation that is in jesus who i behold in thought and to him i shows thing interactions of so when all the powers on my heart or raised up to the sounds of heaven
then may i think with the joy and wonderful crying that happens in the contemplative life
it is exposition of song
hundred and eighteen was fifty five i have remembered by name oh lord in the night
rome urges that the memory of the name of jesus should be so far as possible continued
not only by day but also by night by name jesus is electable to my thought that is at all times i give care to my praise
there can be no doubt concerning the sensuality of the holy name is richard rose spirituality but parties what is his position with regard to the five remaining elements of the jesus prayer at found in the etiquette tradition
let us take the first one tenth oz
road does not emphasize the theme of panthers in connection with the memory of tuesday to
sorrow for sin while not to to the absent from his writings is not a major theme in role
rather than a penitential exercise the invocation of the name jesus is an experience of light joy and sweetness is manifest by sampled in a passage just the the passages just quoted
but it will be mistaken to thing that is cause it's constitute a sharp difference between rome and the greek ketika in fact many eastern writers such as dietary coast and above all his sequels to not particularly emphasize the penitential character of the g
as prayer but consider it as an expression of joy and gratitude in being forgiving and at an appeal for help in time of need
as for a second element the discipline of repeating a short prayer which row is in agreement with the greek writers in a catching great value to the contiguity in the remembrance of jesus
it is clear from the two passages for a be quoted in this in this park where road says fix this name jesus so family in your heart that it never leaves your thoughts
and while so at wheresoever id whatsoever i do the thought of the favor of the name of jesus never leaves my mind
yeah describing different degrees of love in the book the form of living he recommend what he terms and inseparable love
inseparable is your love when all your heart and your thoughts and your strength or so holding so entirely and so perfectly fashioned fixed and confirmed in jesus christ that your thought never slips away from him now
ever being parted from him except for sleeping and as soon as your wake up your heart is on him
when you are not able to forget him at any time whatever you do are saying then your love is inseparable
end quote
in this passage devotion to the holy name is seen at the way of maintaining continue a remembrance of god
after first implying that this remembrance can be interrupted only by steam roll dance of death that it extends even to the time of speaking when one arrives at a higher degree of love which richard terms single i love when it's a
to say i am sleeping but my heart is a awake
this view recalls to mind what i do cu says about the continual evocation of the lord jesus even when one falls into a light speed
while in a number of pit road speaks about the thought of teasers or remembering some pieces at the habitual state of mind in other pet you recommend the habit of articulating the holy name
and when you speak to him using a customary name
jeju in your ear it will be joy in your mouth honey and your heart melody because it gives him joy to you to hear that name being pronounced sweetness to speak it
it is clear that which row expected that on some occasions the actual name of jesus would he pronounced our to me by the lips or at least formed in the by the mind
rather than
a general remembrance of the person of the lot
skipping the third element for a moment regarding the fifth and sixth element row is far less concerned with exact formula or with i was hanging or pray then are the fourteenth century greek writers
rogue gives the impression that the name of jesus is to be invoked on its own or at most with one or two other world
the use of jesus on its own with an adjective such as fair jeju with jesu is also confirmed by other english mistakes
in the greek in the greek east or the other hand the use of the name of jesus on its own is scarcely advocated it is normally combined with the titles lot and cried and followed by other world as well
as for the physical methods richard concurs with the greek has a cat on one point
both paradise island to sick bank credit richard states that if you were to hold on deep devotion he would choose to sit for you put that much standing or walking the body gets tired and a soul to is wearied and one is not
roll admit that he finds himself both at rest at his heart most upwards when sitting
this is the common point between
rome and the etiquette and i would say also with the forest tradition
sitting is the ideal posture for medication
for other aspects of the physical tangy adopted by the fourteenth century etiquette there is no evidence in richard works for you eat in any other western medieval writer
we have the intention that he kept the third element that is using the teasers prayer as a non discursive prayer to the end for it is here that we find the most notable difference between richard roe and great healthy cat
hetty cut them regard the jesus prayer as a means of entry into inward korea progressing from prayer of the lips to prayer of the mind in heart
which roll by for his part task that the evocation of the name opened the window of contemplation and makes a contemplative persian
both time than view the evocation of jesus as the gateway leading to contemplative prayer
role however lings invocation of the hoodie name especially with experience of carlisle candour and dual core of hit song and sweetness that in his view characterize contemplation and represent the highest and
level of mystical experience to which the soul can rise in this present life
rose persistent references to heat or burning or of great interest
the heathcote likewise speak of a certain wall has an effect nobody accompanying the practice of the jesus prayer
they are careful to distinguishing in distinguishing between natural warm which arises through concentration in prayer and a higher rates keep and one which has he opened the records later explains is distinct from the bombs of the flesh
and does not produce noticeable changes in the body but manifests itself by a subtle feeling of sweetness
rome for his part while affirming that this heat is not natural but a gift of god arriving from the fire of the holy spirit describes it as producing noticeable alteration in the body
that's the prologue to his famous work the fire of love opens with this world
i cannot tell you how surprised i was the first time i felt my heart begin to wrong he was real watch to not imaginary and it felt as if it were actually on fire
i had to keep feeling my breast to make sure there was no physical reason for it
this is certainly very different from what he opened his crimes as a subtle feeling of sweetness road actually had to feel his pressed to find out where it was really burning new site well from some exterior with us fire
it is over the question of image that's prayer that which road and his cause contemporary evidently is
but a cat feelings of warmth or sweeteners are rarely keep the elementary
such sensible experiences do not represent the height of the mystical ascent
for them to contemplative prayer begins only with the transcending or going beyond of the sentence together with all images and thought
richard or the other hand nowhere within the evocation of the name as the way of catching beyond images and thought he believed that the imagination but be controlled but she'd know where that that that it should be transcended
he's vivid descriptions of sheet song and sweetness even though they are not to be regarded as purely physical experiences clearly imply the continuing use of the imagination
whereas for the healthy cat the jesus prayer is a way of simplifying the mind by freeing freeing it from his kersey of thinking and uniting it with the hearts for richard the evocation of jesus is a prayer of healing
and an expression of the imaginative effective love
however not discursive image as prayer which was not emphasized by row find a central place in been up rose contemporary a fellow countrymen the anonymous author of the cloud of unknowing
not discuss your prayer is a distinctive mark of the other patrick tradition which had its origins in the greek fathers of the church
this condition was brought into the medieval latin west especially through the translation of the workshop pseudo chown issues
while rose writings show little foundation influence the author of the cloud reviews clear dependence on dionisio his book mystical theology
toward the end of the clouds he anonymous mistake pays his debts to down issues in the following world
anyone who read danish book will find confirmed they're all that i've been trying to teach in this book from start to finish
in this section of my talk i'm going to compare the author of the cloud with the first four elements of the jesus prayer according to the the past tradition i would skip the fifth and sixth the last two because they are not important money
english mistake
among these elements not discursive image this approach to prayer constitute the central issue of the clouds
it is clearly suggests kids by the title of the book
the symbol of the cloud probably taken from the episode of moses contemplative had sent to god by entering into the couch and darkness is a favorite image in the apathetic mystical tradition
in other author it signifies obscurity darkness or ignorance
entering into the clouds means the abandonment of his cursive reasoning and conceptual knowledge during the time of prayer pay attention to the time of prayer for me
it is true that english mistake insists upon the need for discursive meditation especially on the passion of christ as a preparatory page for contemplation
but at the time comes back god gives the signal to invite a person to a higher level of contemplative prayer then what much the leave behind reflective meditation he nodded to enter into the cloud
what was useful before can now only be an obstacle drawing the contemplative away from the one thing necessary the best apart chosen by mary
entering into the count mean renouncing human conceptual knowledge in order to receive supra conceptual knowledge is told by god
the author speaks of the cloud of forgetting which is beneath you between you and every created thing and the cloud of unknowing which lines above you between you and your god
the real contemplative work consists in putting aside or imaginative and discursive thinking under the cloud of forgetting beneath us and trying to peers the cloud of unknowing above with the dogs of loving his eye
the lines tearing up love
the reason why we should abandon imagination and reasoning during prayer is that our images and conceptual knowledge about guards are imperfect
god is not only about everything existing in the world but it's also about everything that we can imagine or conceive of him
all our images and concepts of god for shots of him
god is incomprehensible and has cannot be reached through our knowledge
on the contrary god can be attained only still love
for this reason during the time of prayer we must have bury our imagination and returning under the couch or for getting so that when our mind is empty and at rest a blind tearing of love may arise in the depth of
our in the depths of our being reaching out to god like by which parts flying up from burning coal
the author of the cloud also described our loving desire as the naked in intent stretching and to got naked that is not close in any image for concept
for the english mistake our loving desire is the most important element in contemplation
but the flame of love can arrange only when i would imagine a tube and reasoning faculties i put to rest in a mystical sleep
canada image produced by the water
the author compares his loving desire to a blind terry or a doc fire which does not carry with it clear conceptual knowledge
but it does eventually lead to a higher experimental knowledge called wish them which is a gift of god
the latin word for which them sabean sapienza comes from the web saturday which means to taste or to sailor
more than an intellectual knowledge again here means knowledge through taking knowledge that is through direct contact or loving experience
this is the fruit of contemplation
damn for the negative way or the way of knowing is actually a way of loving desire which eventually leads to a higher knowledge and knowledge to love or wish them
not discussed of prayer or naked contemplation is undoubtedly the central message of the cloud of unknowing which corresponds with the third element of the jesus prayer
what about the second element the reputation of money logic prayer
the author of the cloud says that the contemplative nominee praise we found world but we're may spontaneously well up from a contemplative silence
in any case if one chooses to use word the author advises him to use a shot words possibly with one syllable such as god is love or sin
yeah mono logic korea is prayer with a single phrase the author of the cloud has a more strict restricted idea of biologic claire
and you can pair of one single word possibly with one syllable which can be easily found in english the english language
however he does not recommend the continual reputation of the word one should allow the word to well up spontaneously within oneself and use it when one feels drawn to it to do so
ben concerning the first element penthouse assists in road it does not occupy a prominent place in the author of the cloud however it is certainly present the fact that he mentions the word sin among the few mm
know syllabic world which he recommends for use during contemplative prayer is significant
and his instruction on how to use the word sin in prayer is also inspiring
the most serious difficulty in comparing the cloud with the jesus prayer concerns the fogs the most important element that is the evocation of the name of jesus
the usual objection against the author of the cloud is not only over the use of the hoodie name but more basically regarding the place of jesus christ in the authors contemplative vision does christ fit into this image less super conceptual
where is crunched when i am between the cloud of unknowing and the cloud of forgetting
i believe him judge him has made a batting cage in defending the crystal central character of the other of the cloud
fetch the ball the english mystic distinguishes between two ways of relating to jesus one way is to relate to him in his lowly his political existence another is to relate to the same pieces as he is now in his
written glorious existence as lot of the universe
remember a similar distinction was already made long ago by john cation
the recent jesus but cosmic christ to use an expression of hagar they shut then transcend space and time and it's not limited by body paul
one is able to have a deep sense of presence or vivid awareness of jesus without image concept or thought
the cow teaches that is cursive imaginative meditating by the life of jesus should be abandoned in favor of a dark contemplation of the divinity concealed in his humanity
of course during the preparatory stage one needs to meditate on the passion of the lord for certain rather lengthy period until when it's called to move on
the way of meeting with the recent jesus is typified by the contemplative attitude of mary matter presented in bought in one chapter of the cloud
but what about the invocation of the holy name the core elements of the jesus prayer
i like his contemporary richard roe the invocation of jesus is not prominent in the author of the clouds
in recommending words are being used as money logic prayer he does not mention the name of jesus
this can be explained by the fact that the author was is recommending words with one syllable opening
nevertheless in a passage describing the joy of the spirit overflowing to the senses the other burst out with a sudden outcry jesus sweet jesus
from this he may infer that the author actually has in mind the name of jesus as an expression of money logic prayer
the authors devotion to the hoodie name is also manifest in the conclusion of his book the pursuit of wisdom
whoever you are ten who desire to come to the contemplation of god you must have gathered together in your thoughts and desires and make them my church and then learn to love only is good word she says
so that all your desires and thoughts are directed to love jesus alone
and that unceasingly in so far as it may be here
in conclusion
in comparing richard roe and the author of the couch with the greek healthy cause it is interesting to point out that different get complimentary character of the to english mistakes
several constituent elements of the jesus prayer the most outstanding aspect of richard roe is is odd and devotion to the name of jesus while what is found lacking in him is the element of image as that is cursive prayer
when we come to the author of the cow the situation is just the opposite
the most notable affinity with the has a cat is the author's not is apathetic opposed to prayer
whereas what is fish deficient in him is the sensuality of the evocation of jesus
yep we combined the two english mistakes either by moderating richard rose fiery devotion to the name with the donation apathetic approach of the cloud
or else by introducing richard rose from its location of the name of jesus making it a privilege the prayer words for the cloud of unknowing
in either case we would have an eminent counterparts of the greek has you can paint the fourteenth century west
our topic this morning is that is a prayer and the christian implication of humans and cosmos
we have a beautiful icon of the transfiguration in front of a bath
veneration of icons occupies an important place in the eastern orthodox spirituality
it is also becoming more and more popular in the western lacking church today
you will be edifying of the how an icon pinker of the eastern tradition proceed to the task or pinking an icon
the boss talking the actual work of painting the i can take the pangs a long period of time usually several money in preparation
the preparation nominee can see in praying fasting and meditating on the theme of the iphone at hand
in this way the of mind and heart are gradually purified and he seat the icon slowly but progressively appearing in his heart
he then continues to nourish is in the icon with prayer and devotion and kill it is fully realized and radiating with beauty and glory
only in this way will the i can be able to reflect the beauty of the in icon and transmit the devotion of the painter
informing the in the icon in his heart the icon pinker is actually transformed fire
so the posted of pinking icon is not simple he bombs extended work but first of all in the were an inner transformation of the pinkerton south
devotion to icons has always had great importance in orthodox churches
this is because the theme of image essential to orthodox theology and spirituality
can actually if the greek word for image don't forget that
the concept of image lines at the heart of the anthropology
our the old testament especially in the book of charities and need wisdom literature
in the new testament the term is further enrich with a christological content
i think new dimensions to our understanding of the human person
why do canopy says that humans are created in the hippy the image of god paul in his letter to the collusion death a crime at the image of the invisible god
the firstborn of all creation
hence humans are created after the image of crime we may call with a human person the image of the image of god in a copy of the archetype which is crime
chocolate and up genesis tells us that after creating the world god proposed to himself that it's make humankind in an image according to our likeness this two terms image and likeness were taken to be synonyms
by the majority of the fathers of the church
he use one of the earliest father's however was the first to make a distinction between the two camps for him image time for human nature as it is created by god it is a reflection of god and his son
thing belonging essentially to human which cannot be lost
so image is something basic fundamental to human nature as it comes out from the creation of god
likeness or the other hand has a more dynamic consultation
he points to the destiny of humans
created in the image of god humans are called to a thing to the likeness of god and likeness of god is the goal with humans are called to achieve so that previous pounds to god
the condition of adam however but somehow different he was created in the image of god but at the same time was endowed with god's likeness as a free gift
adam has that both the image and likeness of god from the beginning he in other word the image of god and adam was in perfect conformity with a archetype through a free gift
unfortunately as the consequences of sin adam lost the likeness of god while retaining his image which can be long
the fall of adam and killed the fall of likeness to unlikeness
the idea of deification so central to orthodox about theology mean literary to become god
the concrete meaning of the term is a restoration of the image of god is bigger by thin through recovering the likeness of god which was lost
just as christ is the original image of god and the occupy of human
deification for the restoration of the image of god and human actually couldn't find with creek education a term which mean transformation into crime
the process of christopher location is closely related to the teeth of prayer
in the biblical tradition the name stands for the person
by constantly invoking the holy name of jesus we open ourselves to his present he nodded to experian his saving and transforming power
by evoking the only name upon the world we also contribute to the equipped application of the cosmos
hey each invocation of lord jesus christ brings about an abandoned in the ongoing process of christopher location of humans and the cosmos
his profit of quantification is ultimately page or the mystery of cried at petri the inclination death and resurrection of christ
and the whole mystery of crime is summed up in the celebration of the uk
in each case that is in the installation the death and resurrection of christ and the encourage it there is a special connection between this mystery and the jesus prayer
my pocket money will reflect on the following points
the inclination and the restoration of the image of god the resurrection and the transfiguration and the eucharist and continual prayer in the process of crisp education
so let's begin with our best point the inclination and the reservation of the image of gods
yeah reference to the mystery of the incarnation think athanasios and
the church a great defender of nineteen fame made the following audacious statement
the son of god it can human so that we may become gone
the goal of the inclination is above all to accomplish our application or pre-certification the son of god took our human nature he nodded communicate his divine nature to r
yeah we express his idea in terms of image the incarnation can be seen as joining together you occupy that is the son of god with its image that is our human nature injured by thin so the
that the image baby restored to a perfect conformity with its archetype
the grace of the incarnation even goes beyond the sin of adam in such a way that the conformity between the occupied and image rot in christ far surpasses the likeness of god lost by adam
the restoration of the image is not limited to the individual human being a human by crime according to the universal is inclusive meal of inclination held by the greek fathers the son of god by assuming our human nature you know
mysterious way is united to each human person which pouring the obscured image of each one of ours this view of the greek fathers has been adopted by vatican two in its through constitution of the church
to the children of adam he cried response that divine likeness which had been disfigured from the best thin onward
think human nature as he assumed it was not allowed by that bad impact it has been raised up to the by timothy in our respect to
for by his inclination that son up god has united himself in some fashion with every human being
calculus ten twenty two
that's the inclination is the foundation for the critical application of humans
and threw them off the entire cosmos which is united to christ though his human body
in the first part of the of prayer we invoke lord jesus christ son of god
by joining the typos son of god to the historical name of jesus of nazareth we profess our faith in a mystery of incarnation
he tell her son of god became a human being at a definite point of time in history and was given the name jesus
by repeating the evocation son of god we also remind ourselves that jesus is essentially that son
christ the image of the invisible god is the son of god hence this image ban the character of the sun
it is in the image of the time that adam was created and it is also to this video image that humans are being with thought to the incarnation
this is expressed by paul in his letter to the romans
for those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son he not that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters
romans have the age can be found the image which each one of us is destined to become is precisely the image of the sun
in the life of people the image of the sun is manifested through his unique consciousness of being the son the most striking characteristic in his earthly life but his intimate relationship with the father based on a profound video conscious
he was constantly aware of coming from the father and returning to the father he knew that you are thanks by the father to accomplish a special mission that he had come to do the will of the father he went to the point of death he called god with the in
email address other and manifested throughout his life a complete trust a complete trust in and loving surrender to the public
is apple experience papilio relationship constitute the very image of the sun and according to contemporary theologians the very basis of christology also
the purpose of the inclination is to reveal to as the intimate relationship between the sun and a father that it bit from eternity
and to invited to share in the ten video relationship with the father so that we may become sons and daughters in the one son jesus christ
the idea of being conformed to the image of the fun mean sharing inches jesus video consciousness an intimate with the father which is the sort of mystical experience for christian
according to the fathers of the church especially athanasios anything battle it is the holy spirit that conforms to the image of christ for as hall hefty fines the holy spirit is spirit of the sun or spirits
of adoption who bears witness to our spirit that we are children of god and his pious as to cry out abba father
romans chapter eight fifteen sixteen
the fact that a spirit teachers are he teaches us to use jesus home address up to call upon the father means that the holy spirit introduces as it reduces own video consciousness and intimacy with the father thereby country
bombing us to the image of the time
hey by repeating the evocation lord jesus christ son of god we not only profess our faith in the incarnation but also pray that through the holy spirit we may be conformed to the image of the sun by participating in his video consciousness
and intimate relationship with the father
according to the teaching of buddhism
the buddha nature we find in each one about every bite of as if a potential put that
this put the nature is deep within us and it often veiled by our illusion and suffocated by our selfish desire
we must constantly free ourselves from illusions and design through the packet of meditation so that the mind may be purified and illuminated and the hidden with the nature may emerge you not
in the tradition of pure land buddhism the process of purification and are becoming buddha is a complex accomplished through the constant invocation of the name of buddha namu amida buddha coupled with uncut
additional pain in buddha himself
in a similar way christianity teaches that there is the crash image that of buddha nature we have the crime image late and in each one of us
i would ask is to let the image emerged and develop into a full expression
put in different world this means that the mystery of inclination is to be a reputed in an analogous passion of car in each fun about
we must allow our archetype tried to take possession of a and to transform a into his likeness
and by analogy with pure land buddhism the constant evocation of the name of of with personal faith in him will effect the formation of five image in half
if we adopt meister eckhart view of the burst of the of the divine child in the soul we may say that each invocation lord jesus christ son of god had nothing is a prayer for the child jesus to be born again in our heart
critics education according to the image of the sun
he comes with a second point the resurrection and transfiguration
the feast of the transfiguration is closely related to the theme of christopher occasion
it's a major each in the orthodox tradition
the episode occupies a central position in orthodox spirituality especially in the history cast tradition
according to the synoptic gospels sick days or eight days after peter's confession and jesus first prediction of his passion death and resurrection he brought the three disciples to a high mountain
they're one jesus was praying he was transfigured before them his face shining like the sun his clothes becoming dazzling white
we haven't i thank you think about
he nodded to strengthen the disciples paid and can make them understand that the messiah much supper first before he entered into glory jesus gave them a four page of the glory of his resurrection when his humanity would also participate fully in the glory
of his divinity
the theme of the light of my paper to which we shall we can later has a special important but he had because tradition in connection with the case of prayer
the trash regulation is a passing anticipation of the glory of the resurrection the recollection of peter's mean for a radical change of his human existence it marks an entry into a new spiritual mode of existence belonging totally
to the sphere of the buying
yeah a special letter to the corinthians paul explains our bodily resurrection in terms of transformation
he said so it is with the resurrection of the debt what so is perishable but is raged is imperishable it is sown in his honor it raised in glory it is sown in weakness it is raised in power
it is so a physical body it is raised a spiritual body if there is a physical body there is also a spiritual body
first corinthians chapter fifteen funny to to football
paul implies the image of sewing to explain our future resurrection they are continuity and transformation the seat buried in the brown sprout into a poor grown plant
pause track is other contract and radical transformation of the process
what is so is perishable week and in his honor
what is raged is imperishable endowed with power and in glory
the last pair of contract is most striking it's so a physical body is rate a spiritual body
we can easily and the fans what was meant by physical body but it is difficult to achieve the meaning of his spiritual body the expression seems to be a contradiction in terms for a spirit has nobody at a body is bound to the material no matter how subtle
it might be however here part is not talking according to the categories of greek philosophy contrasting spiritual with corporeal or material
rather but he said spiritual body paul is following the jewish bb coach tradition according to which spiritual beings fetch the ball off the polish period
hey a spiritual body means a body filled with and transformed by the holy spirit
pawpaw this is the real meaning of the resurrection being transformed from a physical body to a spiritual battle and the profit explain you during her life he begins from our lifetime
this passage or paul a plan to jesus' resurrection also by the resurrection of jesus it does not mean that kids are simply returned to his former life only to dying again
on the contrary the resurrection of people being a radical transformation of his whole human reality a brick flew into a new state of existence which is penetrated by the holy spirit and belonging forwarding to the sphere of god
in a thin passage paul goes on to say the first man adam became a living being the last adam that's crime became a life-giving spirit
the recent jesus was so filled with the holy spirit that he became not to make a spiritual body but a life-giving spirit that is the sauce and giver of the spirit to the world
according to john the pentecost to place
not fifty fifty days later but by the very day of the resurrection
in the evening on that day the written law made his first appearance for the disciples gathered together in the supper room after greeting them the key jesus breathed on them stay with the the holy spirit
he enjoyed the view the death resurrection and sending of the holy spirit together for the three moment of the one pascoe mystery
the special task of the recent launch is precisely to bestow on as the holy spirit whom he has abundantly received from the father through the resurrection
what has the resurrection to do with allergies of prayer
with a mention the resurrection in the piece of prayer
have you know that gives us prayer begins with the evocation lord jesus christ the title law is especially related to the resurrection
at the end of his lanky is cause delivered on the day of the petticoat peter conclude saying that the empire house of israel should know that god has made him both lord at the fire this jesus whom they crucified and whom
god raised up from the dead
peter considers lot to be the special title bestowed on the reason jesus
paul in his ten joined the confession of jesus as lord with our faith in his resurrection
if you confess with your lips that jesus is lord and believe in your heart that god raised him from the dead you will be saved
romans chapter ten but nine
paul protect his popular as the centerpiece of our christian faith which was probably used for the profession of faith at the baptismal rite in the early church
lord if a special title by the rich and crime each time we invoke lord jesus christ we are opening ourselves to the saving presence as the transforming power of the recent lot
paul says that the last adam became a life-giving spirit or simply affirmed the lord is the spirit
consequently when we invoke lord jesus christ we are actually invoking the rich and lot to give us his holy spirit
in order to transform each of us into a spiritual body similar to the glorified body of the recent law
the transforming power of the recent law is not limited to humankind with the resurrection of jesus the whole universe had entered into a new face of history when the jews were asking for sign from jesus he gave
them no other sign that back of jonah
by the sign of jonah t-shirt it for telling his burial
nine his body of your line the heart of the earth that is in the to
but by extension we may consider the recent laws a lasting sign of jonah not only for three days and three night but a lasting sign of jonah who remains permanently the in the heart of the earth far better he himself has become
a very center of creation prompted center the reason ball the life-giving spirit continually breathe for the spirit in order to renew the face of the earth
from this sector which is an inexhaustible source of energy the reason lord constantly emily his power to transform the entire world into his body
with each invocation lord jesus christ we participate in this process of christie vacation of the cosmos
through the power of this period
in the letter to the romans paul reviews that she could yearning of the entire creation and of humans in particular the creation weight with eager longing for being set free from its bondage to decay and for participate
thing in the glory of the children of god
paul ryan the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains and kill now and not to read the creation that we ourselves groan inwardly while we wait for adoption the redemption of our bodies
romans chapter a twenty two twenty three
the object of our journey and that of the creation is the package to patient in the glory of christ resurrection
paul continues to reveal the holy spirit to be the driving force of all is gunning and rolling for he says the spirit intercedes for us with groping too deep for words
ordinary our yearning remains word is too deep for worth but urged by the same who is pure it it often burst out into fervent in locations such as raw data or come lord jesus
where we repeat the invocation we are articulating our deepest getting the in unison with the entire creation but a quick application of the cosmos or the transformation of the world into the one body of the which and cried
this transformation of the world and humans is not a phenomenon who truly begun our observation
the fourteenth century hezekiah's of mount athos speak of the vision of lines which often accompanies the recitation of the jesus prayer
according to them this line is a spiritual reality
but it can be perceived by other body thank them provided that our senses are transformed by the gift of the holy spirit
sometimes this lines of the shines spores are the faces of the hetty car
they consider it a reflection of the light radiating from the transfigured crimes or mount tabor
while admitting that a vision of like is a secondary effects of the jesus prayer they firmly defend it reality and validity in their mind division of light is based on two important theological principles the first principle present a holistic view
oh salvation which includes the whole person body mind and spirit
the thickened code that through the resurrection of jesus the process of transformation or christopher location of the world has been initiated here and now with effect which can be perceived even by our senses
let us go on to the
third and final section about puppies money
that is the eucharist and continual prayer
that the application for implication of humans and the world is based on obesity of tried the inclination and his death and resurrection
the whole mischief crimes is summed up in the celebration of the gilchrest in which we commemorate the birds and especially the death and resurrection of christ
but can to point to the uterus at the center source and summit of the entire life of the church as well as of individual christian
with even greater emphasis orthodox spirituality is completely centered on the divine liturgy are the eucharist
in the orthodox tradition the jesus prayer should be firmly played in the context of an accurate be turkey go live
this is clearly porch by thing nikolas cupboard silence a byzantine spiritual writer a layman of the fourteenth century
for him prayer at the heart or continual prayer is the fruit produced by holy communion and should be packaged throughout the day at a prolongation
the idea of transformation is certain essential to the local eucharist
he then showed to the eucharistic celebration is the transformation of material elements bread and wine into the body and blood of christ
the eucharist can be seen as the focusing points of the ongoing transformation of the material world into the body of christ already in process since the resurrection of jesus
hagar that shot then mentions in his writings that he occasionally authored a spiritual encouraged he stopped wilderness in china when he had no bread or wine with him
he would placed on his spiritual him not only on human lungs labors and sufferings but also all the products of the earth and entire material world he nodded to offer them at a pleasing sacrifice acceptable to god
hey yeah well understood that eucharist has the effects of transforming the whole creation into the body of christ
in reality the sacramento eucharist should be prolonged throughout the day by means of a spiritual eucharist of the common priesthood of christians
the jesus prayer is an excellent way of exercising common priesthood to up all the faithful
if during the eucharistic celebration the cost of creating worm pronouns by the priest transform the elements into the body and blood of christ by invoking the name of jesus over the creation a christian is able to bring about a similar effect of construct
rating transforming the material creation into the body of crime
hobbies spiritual eucharist no special material is needed and there is no limits of time and space
by this package one not to make chips the continual remembrance of god preference in the world so necessary for continual prayer one also cultivates a sense of love a tenth of love for and communion with the entire creation
this of a spiritual encouraged certainly can offer an excellent contribution to ecology
the aim of holy communion is especially by the creek education of the participants
a like ordinary food which is transformed into the body and large of the consumer
the eucharistic food transport the partaker into his health
according to cover silence
an energizing power coming into contact with an inferior with an inferior one that's not leave it at it was
that's for example he said when iron comes together with fire it retains nothing of the property of iron
when earth and water or true on fire they likewise exchanged their properties for those of fire
have a tyler's goes onto say so it is evidence that when christ enters into out and it becomes one with us we are transfigured we are immersed in him as a single drop of water is lost in a vast ocean of her
the idea of transformation into christ not only refers to the spirit that includes also other bodily reality
it is the fundamental belief of st gregory panama's a contemporary of couple violent and defender of the fourteenth century heathcote tradition
that's during the time of prayer that things can contemplate the light of christ or land paper with the eyes of their transfigured body
he attributes the source of the transfiguring light to the eucharistic body of christ
he said becoming one body with and and making about that chemical of his divinity surely he will eliminate those who communicate working with the divine right of the life-giving body which is in impasse
following the patristic tradition nicollet couple signers views the baptism as sacraments of illumination
sacraments of light
through the bucket load illumination not only to be can contemplate the glory of god but we ourselves with steve it's brilliant
even in the bodies of the thing the light of divine grace is repackage just as the skin of most of the page show after us conversing with gods
according to a couple sailors it is in the partaking of the eucharistic feast that the baptismal illumination bill attain its fullness or know he begins with baptism and the richest bonus in the eucharist
if in other sacraments we are enlightened by the range of the divine son through holy communion we will see the sun itself into our hard to eliminate and transform as soul and body into two
the special contribution of covered signers is to put into relieve that continual prayer cannot be separated from participation in the supplemental life of the church the two are closely connected
have a failed attempts to link what he called the interior eucharist which is the unceasing invocation of the hoodie name of jesus with frequent communion which is the sacramento root of the presence of christ in the pt was part
there is a reciprocal relationship between in a prayer and package patient at the uterus
by the by hand holy communion produces the fruit of in peace and prayer in our lives on the other continue a prayer or the prayer of kisan had the past i supplemental power to prolong she's a pattern in us throughout the day
for this reason cup of silence views that uses prayer as an extension of holy communion
he points to the real presence of christ attained opposed by the invocation of the name and by communion with his eucharistic body at the way and end of our lives in christ
it is through the eucharist and continual prayer that we are constantly being transformed into cried
in his word
in this way at things amplification to sanctification that of the sacred liturgy to that the continuum meditation we are changed into christ's likeness from one degree of glory to another
to conclude
as planned in a painted icon of the lord naturally inspires our devotion for jesus yet also a arouses our admiration for the icon painter perhaps we even slightly envy him or her
but do we know that we're all called to the i couldn't pincus
as we pointed out at the beginning of this park the inner icon must first be found in the heart of the pinker before any it can work a painting can kick place
each one about is entrusted with the task of making the christ's image reciting deep down within us he emerged and come to full expression
we not to may have the task of painting the inner image in our home but also with a mandate to contribute to making the whole of creation a living icon of crime
this process of forming the christ image both within and without is called christian education or transfiguration through the light of christ shining from mount tabor
the best way for participating in the fabric lives of crime it through the eucharistic celebration and continual prayer he and seizing invocation of the holy name of jesus