Parables and Epiphanies: Modern Poems

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Part of "The Kingdom in Parables: New Testament, Cosmology and Contemporary Poetry"

4. Parables and Epiphanies: Modern Poems

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let me say something about the last phone call the festival there can be an illusion memo we're talking like both form of the gospel what about the bible and alone on the same same thing and emphatically will not fall for the gospel to all part of a lot of money a lot of acquaintances and i
something that wasn't long before they get putting them all they need you back to the place to them and they're going towards conversion
more the model home and from a mobile phones they can't be all possible that patients and many confiscate always contended the model both the often than i'll be on top of of which paid inclusion of hidden bundled within muslim history
and even in might say in the sport and visible on top of the completely about about them a rebel against the family a lot consolidation everyday again more on early taking place like stevens boston and the model poem or what on the wall in a
position or we wish them on cabbage statement to the mall
in february
has a deep relation between the pill and as detroit and thesis paper about them belong to
the gospel powerful call him for the conversion course called the individual tourism a change your part and turning to guy
and we've been talking about the epiphany that is a modern poem which can be described as a as a question of transformation that it was the power of transformation me an individual okay the power of individual to transform the world odd one
now that language sounds full potential and yet at its root of something very good profits the power of limit the power to be a new person in this world at any moment and to great a kind of for thought of are newness around one
the fact that we are given an energy of moment and then we have the power to make that president we're now at one point that's what the churches is that sort of circle and sphere of newness in the world as but it's posting and a tragic from which to churches institution and that transportation offensively old in the fixed and the the purely structural like and
that means that the energy field that means if the soul has vanished behind the product of behind the and their skeleton
not that we should damn the institution that the only that is not enough of the other the problem is not really have too much institution from actually that we don't have enough with the other life and then the institutional great tend to be considerate start to be the total yards and simply takes the place for of the guy who takes the place with in reality
and then i have too much
so the gospel terrible close to conversion and the modern form with a question a kind of of they could witness to transformation for transforming power of they gonna wanna them as the and ourselves
now the a meeting between us to on jesus comes into the room for treat and he said he had and relief in a good news for the to know happened and to faces two sides to that monetary fund and as the old reaching the thanks
the baptist was already pitching that and classic and yoga and turn back turned back and that for the car means you've been on another time to go back
so one thing going back and i thank you the climate and ago like a job in philly production then he said believe that a good news now this is where the poetry and prose creative and or concerns a good knows i and an illness of the goodness that can be taken emphatically and this them
the good knows that not only something that happens once and for good news of jesus festival when you you're recognize you recognize that work to favorite to all in him he is though they were the package of which on at present imagine anything but then that's good news because of your business because the good news is yourself the good news
is your rebirth and five
but the good news doesn't stop because you rebirth and fight interview about yourself and in some way you are the same power of that that was engaged to defend our of the by stage
and that's where the other end of content that's rarely the poetry of the transformation and got from jan fourteen months undercover ensure that it affects the speed of the most trivial of all things and it seems like the perfect from another point of view that something and responsible version for the poetry or the other
creative expression that person because they appointed to have an expression and awakening the postman and go to that imperialists five moment which is at the heart of his africa which is a continual laughter and so you could say that on the witness raised up in the world and the five
but the good news is a weather and at the good news is a feeling that the power of the good news is on fire
presented that a hard time carrying out of on as if you couldn't buy carrying five and telling you want to carry this going to be the fire had been difficult to transmit that tradition and yet it's always very familiar and five thousand and five africa in the very mystery in the of
and the parable of the in and however the husky our top of sits there and it's only the holy spirit that awakens to that right because the holy spirit is that
it's only the holy spirit not the word that we can do to that reality because a holy spirit is that very hour
now on our mandela figure here
we got what i've been over a year and they offer for you
an airline with close
out it now good not about science and megabyte probably get a chance to general
and down
and five that exactly that particular disappeared
the particular region target and lot of effort
the of knowing wrong and fifty five with the is great
and do that happened after the institute
thirty five
you have all the personal data collective
and after being time time
because could have a defensive
this homework
but what's the for the of the remark which depicted the the same time now you was an intersection of fruit
the money is the single apart from to pick them up so they probably know you're good
the herself
i'm calling that it
that's the policy
that will have to figure highly on the farm related to the kannada the local would feel differently i'm not to provide
the five hundred and fifty hours to figure out with the fear that the followed him on the credit union or whatever
that bombers over the kitchen relate to them and certainly not working a lot
and that would rather than our me in the world which a fully fitted with feeling of be developed and returning the another function is defined by the
which it's been to become the reality is that may not like
the flat out that the argument
can different
that energy of haven't used any two thousand and five it was not enough
the fire at the time
hi i'm getting that
so i'm trying to point out the difference between the gospel on the phone and then they didn't responsibility but the phone or something equivalent to the farm nowadays for taylor expressing that by saying that the general frames of reference don't work any longer that is the the general frame of reference of religion that a
how it's not true a bit more than works for a lot of people works for everybody for violently but after a certain point but if you don't realize it personally if there's not a personal experience that corresponds to if you tend to the catcher for fun he tend to look for something else return to move somehow towards the person of immediacy in one form or another
the turnstile on if it's not realized freshman so he's right about that
so the urgency for christianity is to movements began into the first not as a personal realization which means to bring about the realization of the holy spirit within the individual person and parasha new something like this something like this realization of creativity of my own ability to
to protocol college my own ability to bring about to invoke gardeners and this particular moment to invoke it and myself from both and nature of working again
and as such the commandment a great command of a flood i think comes to that a certain point the assertion of god had this month the assertion of the kingdom of god had this phone with forever if i am worked for him whatever situation i thanked them are looking at forever
ryan looking at
it's like they're in two phases of faith than one favorite face with a by the first phase is an obedient faith of the basement conversion the page which was ready to submit to something outside of my stuff and there's something outside of myself and realized as divine which realized this is actually
first of all the god secondary to this company the world that's the authority that he has sooner or later people recognize that much a or neither one nor because they recognize that the absolute authority but i to make that they've never experienced that before the finish matte finish anything
you are the close to canada eleven call nor the fuck away from private internet and automatic on occasion about for the second phase is replaced no longer contain something if i find myself that i submit myself to because of the supreme authority which is true jesus himself the second
faith in the face and a illness from the power of knowledge which isn't myself due to baptism
the second phase is a faith than the you could say the regeneration of creation and regeneration of the world from a center which is within myself not only within myself to those with them
as the second phase you can also speak of two places of wisdom or sometimes into the for christian is version two or three days we had a phase of the first rule and when christ person to the world and this goes through a bachelor's degree in often when there was a deep kind of understanding that resonates with the equation which
and traditions and with hinduism embroidered on the time of need the remember that experience in a level of understanding with with comfortable for that follow different clothes growth in a hurry up and then can we never have decent chance that the of criticism the reduction in earth science when you exchange vision for
price and if you're going to get a precise knowledge or the world that changes things in the world and had cut you phenolic explanation and from the participation and we've been through that are coming out of it the third place where the second version is a wisdom not only of contemplate
nation as i mentioned before not only are you never thought you'd know that with of course but it's a wisdom which arises particular in the restaurant which involves nation which involves with power to create known as from the world to bring about an omniscient work to discover an omission of of you might shift it has to do
adecco with that dimension of his birth
but the holy spirit much as acting and great dramatic happens in their growth not just a night in operation much spectacular way that the holy spirit run and consequently remember with your line of thought so they get becomes a constant power of transformation that constant color vision
and the new face and the new wage than a century and values historical moment of new creation of something is happening in the world and that that's something that really the further than the for them
when i talked about to a pharmacy and i was first promised in a new testament and the second foundation in our own experience the kind of college did offer at the ninja zero experience beyond that experience for the experience paid them to the unconscious with the superconscious or you everyone across the whole transcended kind of margin and
i'm kind of chip that the first foreigners has trouble reaching as because it always gets reduced until we have to bring it to it the second phone as which we are and which we know without being able to express it because of too to africa
the first farmers seems to fall afoul of two kinds of reduction the first reduction is that of a religion itself from of a frozen river approach and transmission a tradition which tries to speak and magistrate average with spoken or legislate
and which didn't carry the energy your for the hello typically the perfectly only that the solid on the for the second gotten a reduction of the critical from the skeptical reduction of the right come on with year for instance a physical threat of prison which has a very valid work and getting that precise literal meaning that present time rather than another
very often so much simply can't admit and a resonance which beyond that one level of clearance level of understanding this country and that's not the language descriptions and captured and address them into is full of a kind of plenary it's full of a kind of mystical experience from the
lunatic a conviction and extract which simply doesn't control that kind of attributions now when we get to it by bringing to the kindness of ourselves and not only the fullness that we know and i had not only the phone and were consequently we expect know yet another and then polish somehow blog our fathers founded
and from the polish that we are and are more than two two moments are more awake moments and perfect for the scripture and bros are dimensions of life that they couldn't grow without nearby a meanwhile the scripture itself carries it the performance that reply
and direction that you couldn't have thought out of my own expense along the surface
the something that happens and last hundred years and forty five hundred of religion or are the kind of religion because religion has somehow been killed in five rationalism and also by institutional
so people desperately turn on because him modern interior part of themselves in another direction looking for something occurs faster and so what up in romanticism and they it and nature from like minded and the the feelings is an impression precursor of an era often than kind of
reaction to often alongside religion and the mecca you're living on the policy itself the modern first consider that to given them together and then at the end of them to do together
there's an awful shame and statement that i hesitate to close
after one has abandoned the belief in god poetry the essence which takes its place of life redemption
read that and all job on to after one had abandoned a bully and god thirdly the essence extensive place with nice rhythm that's kind of a historical fact from in a group of tragically
treasure because god should be in the poetry god should be and since the with with the we should be the aura around that reality itself in other places even shows that by saying that
the supreme poetic idea is the idea of guy
as if all poetry is really about that so i changed my atheism on one side of one moment turned out to be a search for god at another moment but a search for god to the imagination rather than to the own way rather than forbid the by the faith and belief that you'll say the canon imagination of one
strange that somebody has to do that that i've been somebody has to do if somebody that defendant have to open effect connection
even though he have to be blind and to do it as we find it funny sort of the other like my find something for us to the moon
when can be rather by robert fly is very much in this movement i have a significant time for a with typically with reconnecting a human person with nature
i'm working on a collection of those nose from the universe yet okay
so preoccupied with the split not so much between the no impression and god the vertical on but with a horizontal space between the one ownership
i'm originally from not invasive and that for everybody seems to be done with attacking the same father from another angle and for researchers back for the places where the two or one but it was too cold consciousness okay
our consciousness which with a shelf and nature itself on world together and implicitly thing that that is built around the good manufacturing kind of you're gonna get flu to him and ultimately at the minecraft for i think you
come on a spiritual approach which is specially was in a telephone only on the horizontal plane by ourselves person for nature
but each family that lives on a great what we call positive contribution also in the city we often find him on a canvas element now you go back and and it out the lines and progression will spread and then how can be here and they might find the courage to our from
abigail and the subject to measure
one much go back to that idea of epiphany has fairly close about it and your head that quote on your iphone now that i'm going to repeated and pokemon approval
he says i have a view of artificial as epiphany which is something and survives from the romantic thriller but remained central is the notion of the work of art additional fun are realizing an epiphany that trump enjoys with your logic
when i want to capture with this term epiphany is useless notion of a work of art in the location of a manifestation which brings us into the presence of something which is another otherwise unacceptable and witches of the highest mile of french the delivered
but his language is quite done that what he talking about is very important very famous we talking about now
the creative act as
a discovery and been broken or the spiritual and we've him once again of of the divine
are they often a mystery a manifestation moreover which also defines a complete something even as a reveal
the with the world achieve something he was threatening bring something about make some time now
carry something forward
the epiphany which will free us from the debased mechanistic were very good in patna which was coming out to the enlightenment brings to light the spiritual beauty behind nature and uncorrupted human feeling it was those two sources than a nomadic tradition or fun
nature and uncorrupted him and feeling as if the tour the same as if the to came from the same choice for their inner feeling like commune with nature and that was the discovery and lead over the top the witness the proclamation of the romantic movement against and end
lighten up rationalising his foot office the first fill up the phone for nature and objectify much different countries and thing that he talks about two different kinds of a bit of a one is characteristic of romantic on the other of the moderators from the later coalition problem
there are two different ways and want your work can bring about what i'm calling and coconut and a balance rather than last century of shifted from one to the other and the first which dominated the diplomatic the word good for play something unspoiled nature human emotion but in such a way to show some greatest escape from reality significant china both
the party of wordsworth independent of constable several months before the of oliver is that the by talk to it
because she'll show you something in nature but it's nature it's only nature and yet is not only an age fifty cent drop something within herself feeling a little of is something can a chief sheet stating some kind of absolute presence and that nice relationship
and yet she does it by not nothing that she can't figure she was that she said if there and then she stirred your own which fosters she stares from on feeling from kind of challenge but she doesn't try to circumscribe he doesn't even need for word from mainstream you've gotta try this with
the second kind of epiphany which has dominated the twentieth century dutch and this is a modern for example to go i make them steven it may no longer be clear with a work for trades or whether it's for trade anything at all
given our it isn't about elephant is not about anything but itself you can also have a poetry about poetry as if the subject of poetry becomes poetry itself a change like an offer narcissistic thing
i'm thirty per chance to about the like and some kind of discovered it from an emergent and what's emerging is it worth a visit all the depression and is just a day in her and and authentic this me on has been to kind of all time to go back into the climate
a reason he pointed out that a kind of activity probably not as much rebuilding our humble with from african savannah
and absolute and authentic and new the planet in a offensive player we have permission to go and having a farm more at an
for some reason has gone too far now with a the south africa
now what's have you the same behavior reply and whether to reposted about a off
the video of a already intuition or the your the energy and is five a lot of time depending upon boarding and offended performance at that time is that when dropping out for yourself if you'll reflect back on
as the sufficient for the is on the manifest before
and what you like military able to get the only nine at the part
living among the guy up a meeting about did not so fast
the theory that are family including about nothing time
and one the
and that will be forty five minutes
they going to be injected the
and been watered down vodka usa
the appropriate documentation
i'm that was further version of the you
that was a holiday
on the website
the room
so you know because of for the phone and the
the perfect representation of the divine spirit
tend to be lifetime
well the part of it all happen in energy to pick them up
the benefit
is the perfect of an hour of the attack
well i think you have both time or someone be representation of other was some people will not put the figure the foot
recognizable images in amanda
so the circle will be afraid for my for object which they represent and that a completely valid way of don't think i can
let some models are there will be no representation of wanted for somehow out of the interior think they're coming with an autonomy which doesn't represent doesn't reflect anything else directly but already it was an expression of the interior of an alleged the second class that that corresponds to the
of a former to the and up and coming out from inside it's finding its own form doesn't represent and and it's about itself but in being about itself it's about one or that business
it's only about itself but men not purity to thing only about itself is about something very deep now a psychologist might look at and say okay it's about your unconscious now let's get into that
that's of expressing something within india that wants to date but it doesn't start with it was refreshing something paper which is transpersonal stay up and coming from coming from very deep level and ultimately i think represent english energy which of the divine energy but there are many layers and your
clean no obvious but i think that those two kinds with is a personal mommy creative my mother
correspondence to counter the thinking to the representation of one had an idea of the original both of which are perfectly valid and presently personal plan to do both kinds of different time just like a by stephen for sometimes give you something like a truly romantic car and sometimes a very obscure modernist farm
which only makes sense started with an exception of music
not was probably like your mama not room
as was full model
moved from iphone yeah you can be an enclosed fire
you had from video for life yeah connecticut as
yeah my new
an authentic that thought off two days that he has been able to feed the world a lot
the photograph yeah i know you will feel the effect
a philosophical i talked with the past
but i think that with another guy anything his lawyer for five years
if that role of difficult time difficulty for know try
you could say that pneumonia that itself
murphy may been like
get someone fired this model
why people came down for all that for my life will be given time of a manager are different from other players and games are right but it's the kind of a group of by
the father where the other day was fascinated between the world of the
and you represent and warrant on the testify on national unfit and andre
or contact
the local how well off of the like your mama here all of the disrespect
no new afraid of you don't like to have better luck with that kind of hair
you have a for to
there's one thing about a reminder of a defense
have a gyroscope to right sure
amanda has been doing study of happened and your you can have in common with out
watch full working with no to the for that the mango and you got any and then will give yourself the symbol type
when we hardly have to be
we previously on by yourself that the relying on february fifteen touch the all
for the month of that you've written about there's something about it probably faith and lifting a presence that the with your pension and thereby freeing yourself on the only word for it
the pilot and he was given
and then the morning
hit the following something we been on gotten a brilliant
you are thought
what's what get some pounds

i'd like to look at if your palms were illustrate each of these kinds of the okay and for the up the protocol kidney i got more of mary oliver fun but also the one by richard wilbur have to begin it

anybody want to read that i have an actual
now not offended you're really going to fly well that that's really gonna spend
our own people or
the we will reply that have remember
and seem to feel you are
very high
a shower i not a
know friends and tackling they offered a the path
i never life
and what
but not before
of the fact know
and a me a
oh no man
and by all three credit with
well you know
oh man was like me
it not be
i was work with a mile and perfectly plain simple clear path
let it snow the considering they wouldn't you can keep her company maintain that equipment is relate to them
the light of fun
i out
and they are
no other contenders because the conventional form goes along with the straightforwardness by a agree
a that
no no
okay and on
asked about married
now that's a story which i haven't researched that say that they're much bigger a to that that never said and get the rosemary good got it covered from know nothing
about it
what we can kind of deduces from hundred thirty five
from a catholic cooking oil
excuse me
i wouldn't marry all of them have a won the golden one the underlying
that the not be funny that's and on
know how far
when you
i don't suppose my from
an apartment on with point clothing
i don't play them
perhaps along the other down there
when i felt i would have done well and walk-in waffle
good morning
i found myself in a brothel time between a of would will happen
i'm not deliverable can do the whole life or your family and one hundred
any to over the phone
and then one to
all they earn that on and
and then and the national
rise with
go away
he only around the path
with them
finally our ended abruptly yeah that's a problem though is a new yorkers train i sent them somewhere you can either with friends that day comes out once in awhile and noticed another thing of have found a very very rarely find a human being a person the she trusted drop into nature okay another some kind of avoidance that some
anything pushed away that to do with dark trouble people relationship contract in our that an employee working
the fact that
and she had all
actually i'm looking for a permanent on what could go from the light on the light-filled on to turn out a lot of a from a minute which he she is predominantly i think have a bright color an accent and in nature she finds for the crowd he reminded paradise all the time
and that's her of proposal absolutely brilliant the issue one dramatic
he can to rather than before
with metro man can do before
that's right when you they give you go the way that only the shelf and somewhere in the really like the problem is suggesting that you and the golden are not only that you on a golden lab or one of them his shoulder to be hundred and five that go from avalon to the fun of fun but remember the waterpark
when the boy without to die and he somehow they can compared to the sunrise and she gets compared to the border has to write and fun and i'll make you stop life expectancy for revising is suddenly discovered but she is from a typical way
how i get kind of good have fun with your rising

the upon another a separate and it's repugnant and are being scared
he's kind of the a virgin through the the jungler
i got nine as with of nine household a little bit longer but it's a crime or a private trip and and somebody like the country and then a whale fans

have you met with me
sure the people pick it you want to start and then somebody figured out that year
let all that with are having on five
no i mean that was often
i have
have nothing
watched over and the cave for humpbacks rise carrying their tonnage of barnacles enjoy they lived through the water than not throwback hundred by children at play
the t v
really nice to the surface the bath and i deeper than we currently have
no no no
but only when said
you are
in fact
how can you fail and
why you see that you
there's nothing you know that like the to one thousand
then then yeah
the fact and a lot more thought that left five you know
i know not me
the new i ah
i know right know
letter you had not yet known and all along
i know several well worthwhile
leslie whenever did you try to do with your right
nothing will ever have you
ah exactly
we're going to be a great way to go with far
the line much rather than whatever it is you try to do with your life nothing or other guy but he likes the dream ticket i was nice to get name
and from our threatened by will the treated dislike the resurrection to talking about like a joy nor an enlightenment or a relief for summer which is inseparable from the body and new system they've been set up for in about your and
doesn't have value of until it somehow than a summary by personal experience and by a personal emergent until it comes out of the official a hip until it comes out of your the transition from from someone who comes out of it comes out of you has your kind of embodiment and everybody the second point which it was more than twice incarnate
but the modern poet touched to reach out to a transcendent tons to reach that
kind of a god who he believed in as different conduct and not manifest fun and and kind of logical progression for even eaten group populations in a be rather simply one that is the fact that he gave anything has come in and kind of from the car western religion has never really been
able to accept for expressive to the college have to do it and the other age is very incarnation the other side of it is the emergence of divine creativity when the age of them so if the two friends with a shame to faces of the same time one of which relates more to the word which can no longer be believed can and as a personal life
and the word becomes a time and the other alleged with a skirt in a sort of this issue are creative each amount of creativity which demands of whatever truth you have whatever tools with evaluate a burning in the spring and summer which means i'll be gone in india human psyche running your human experience burning your
personal central of
and your personal creativity and of the protocol is possible it's one with you and not energy
i folks
oh yeah want to do that
hello return early game right
i've got a weeping with our great to be happy alive
the from the hard for people
hello world will return the feeling of relief to the firefly
when you on the parchment paper before it phenomenal
don't know over well with yeah
will the wrath of try and out the field
i think
a fan of for see among the other
if is that reviews about the
now i'm the
the little
when he was a deliberate policy with either
we should never been in the game
was very hard to come out feel
the five of thing
stevens poetry is a funny thing because she found is a philosophical poet in a way who has a buddhist to follow to and to a kind of contemplative interiority than one call were pinched on to vanish and the to first proof
the come from now he launches and into body on matter with a vengeance much sure that so he's got this this movement to the interior the kind of have struck king movement
towards pure vienna to
reality and then there's the movement falcon to inflammation and more frequently your you feel that second movement i think an and on a great deal of join a children she's not a you're coming from the miniature contract the to interiority everything was fresh and for every image created a new and he can
rejoice and just like these ghosts okay that rejoiced with even to skip them semi-fitted themselves on the front and they laugh at the pure joy of being in a bodily world about every reality much we got among friends that can be seen and felt touched
the one or the road home gets attacked from another point of view

feeling was shot
did you find the same thing happening at a bunch of these com
by the end of seven or says note that the imperfect as our paradise now getting this bitterness the and the imperfect to so hard on a slice and flood words and stubborn sounds very irregularity about the human existence in the bottle and in this world somehow he coming back to that he
rising a great joy he finds a great freedom it is like the movement of information arriving on dodge dodging as it arrived
on the road aren't onto
ha aware the family
one i feel a therapist
the great
the fox and have it all
the he said
the remaining true if we're not far off propagated
yeah true at night
the mean
we'll keep you from
he to
mercury in it your have to depart the world
you have you
the idol fifteen lot of coffee
the whole life but not true
you know that that time with the silence live in and and wrong and that was rounded to three hour
now that's pure stevens he'd begun because me like is pointless poll or cage played this poetry the whole foods or one truth or words are part of a single word would declare the before call it the primacy of the spirit of the fear of being an autograph for where we really nice foreigners coming back coming back into the the
the cockpit the unhampered guilty and that the tour terrible to density of matter in a world in the body marvelous them
there are many troops with i'm not to with when she has nominalism with this kind of reduction of the world
modern consciousness to empirical fact that a share of character to a multiplicity of and the rejection of the unity of truth rejection i say the contemplative court which he does believe or take he really enjoys coming back from too because both ways
i frequently in an ironic way is here
he's very
early life you know
merkel maybe we should have just one more opponent
knowledge you anybody
a number eleven you feel him at the other hand will kill him how to manage contemplative space nothing
where a weekend comes to that huge and to pure light for pure presence for pure and to reality and bermuda

because the classroom
the hundred dpi for the world with
he even became involved
the phone like that
what the of the world
when that happens in them
in fact that the either name
what is the one wanted was to be with to be that thing
along to talk the potential for
the between the
the cloud out of movie
the absence of insanity to day
the world is on the fruit in our world
the will learn me
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not so much the earlier ones the middle one's enemy the later ones the earlier ones are had flamboyant choices the first book was harmonium which hasn't come out and nineteen twenty two or three
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