Development of Hesychasm and the Psycho-Physical Aspects / Jesus Prayer and Other Types of Prayer/Meditation

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Session 3 & 4 of "Hesychia: Inner Silence and the Jesus Prayer"

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the betterment of casey chasm and the psycho physiological aspect
this morning we have seen the present trio the jesus prayer in the gospel and the third monasticism of egypt
we said that the monasticism of the fourth century gibson desert provided three of the four basic element of the jesus prayer namely the sentiments of pencil the frequent repetition of thought her and the aim of but
keeping not discussing your prayer
but for the most important elements of the jesus prayer the location of the name could be rude we have to wait you with a bit century when a teaser center and spirituality began to know
this evening i'm going to pretend that historical good development for pet on from it's origin the full flowering in the fourteenth century or man adam
the term has become he rides from his career as a variety of meeting
in general is time for the se cause the spiritual tradition
in it no same or hezekiah's is one who practices that isn't prayer knobbly by adopting some kind of physical technique
but with a brother thing casey kasem denote our whole spiritual tradition extending from the pit to the eighteenth century
the idea of heavy has appeared and caught by the spiritual tradition he it on silent withdrawn and regrow separation from the world
the hezekiah or less are too preoccupied with authentic key than the earlier death of father
that make emphasis is a point where an inner prayer often associated with some specific paper
but he's got a good development of healthy custom can be divided into three period corresponding to different your practical point of reference but thirty oregon fireproof finite second fine i had cut become and third
ebonite help because i'm or etiquette them for a month by month ago
as the classical tradition over here attached to a certain important to the physical method in connection with the jesus prayer i felt this cause the kenneth get a second part of the park and shall deal with the site with dramatic effects related to the packet of the piece of
but origin of the piece of prior prior to buying an ethical them
while some more than this february we've got a piece of pair at you think people and expression of what they can finite to try with you carry that were points out that this bill is misleading
the earliest evidence of the crowd you come from elsewhere
according to character fine i played the role of transmitting rather than or eaten anything
the real beginning of the think he retired he of the jesus prayer can be located in the fifth century the right and of title could bishop of political he thought and green
it worked hundred capital on spiritual knowledge occupies an important thing in the history of the piece of prayer as we have seen this morning he compiled by the barriers basic elements of the decent prayer by proposing that brief an invocation of the name of
isn't as the way to achieve not is currently an image that prayer
does he made a step beyond bathroom by pitching a concrete method of attaining pure prayer
moreover he also teaches that evocation appeasers need to have even of the line of the intellect and to a feeling of warm in the heart in this way he was the first among the greek ripen to combine the two complimentary trend of
the line mysticism of a backroom with the affective emphasis of the harmony of macquarie
from diadem could prepare to buy a new tools and john the to elders of cancer in palestine who live in the sixth century
kinda teaching basic strongly recommend unceasing prayer to constant repetition of some short prayer
hey suggest a bar a variety of family in their writing in which a paramount value is attached to the evocation of the holy name of jesus
from by new fuse we inherit the shorter form of the use of prayer itself law is a fine have mercy on lima
but the first occurrence of defended pamela lord is by son of god have mercy on me is found the line of other filament and he gives a pound living probably in the fifth century
now we move on to the second period never a cyanide happy cousin
the famous monastery of san thing catherine or mount sinai was funded by the emperor and king and the third in five hundred twenty seven
while upholding the aim of not in cursive pair the same night spirituality has a thief a special effective flavor with a candidate concentrated upon the person of jesus fire
the jesus prayer is recommended by three rated associated with finite john chemical and seventh century and is to follow his secured and locked killer hill
john kremer could obtain his name which means ladder from his famous work the level of the buying a second
which was intended to be a you actually of monastic spirituality by creating three synthesizing the various trend in previous tradition
the latter divided into thirty tab and said he said ascending to heaven
if mostly concerned with the active life namely with combating passion and a firing mercury
but they are three illusion that it is a prayer in the latter john kremer goes with the first greek writer to use the term is a fair
step fifteen that is a prayer you said to be upon the logic prayer
a clear consisting of one logo for one pray
creamy was gives the advice that one should practice it has been trucks off to sleep
he is that can be run the location of the name of pieces is presented as an effective weapon against the demon at the other urges or to block the enemies with the name of jesus
the most important references found in september thirty seven on africa where the either fair is connected with the fate of unit or hezekiah
after defining hezekiah as laying aside of thought came my good continued lead the remembrance of giza be united with your breathing
then you do appreciate the value of human
here at the other healthy right remembering some people mean the location of your the game
one idea of uniting to remember some pieces the one's breathing may suggest some sort of breathing technique but the more obvious eating is that our remembrance of pieces should be as constant as our breathing
when claire crematory repost only occasionally but it isn't fair has accused makes it the central and constantly recurring theme of his work on watch with as encoding it with is one of the most important tech in the rhetoric
a of the desert fair
the author mentions various way of maintaining watch from it such as closely scrutinizing every man for image freeing the heart from all thought
continually and humbling calling upon the lord jesus cry for help
and keeping the thought of death constantly by mine
while this new should be applied together the most cabbage and both effected me but keeping watch and conquering anything according to his issue is no doubt that he said path an expression which he frequently empire
the panel of the holy name over the enemy is expressed in every pain and every paragraph of his head
the location of the name of people not only protects us from the fall of the enemy it also introduces our into the knowledge of the mysteries of god
around and laughing a and been joy to our heart
hissy kit was also coast clinically you really think that he's a prayer to our breathing
let the decent player cleave to your breathing
philip feel the burn hezekiah writer of same time views the people career as an efficacious mean of gathering together our fragmented so she liked by connect the prayer with reading we must always
in brief god
and he had fairly interesting thing to say about the reason of lime by which i shall we can later
now the third period
other night has a cousin or has it has of a month ago
all of the time i often linked the invocation of cases with the breathing
if such language very metaphorical or does it point to a specific breathing technique related to the retrofit reputation of the decent fair
character those things it off know
the fence an ambiguous and developed description of such a method in the greek fossil fades away from the late thirteenth century you a work by the separate the cat the cat among compound ethel
there is a similar description in attack attributed to simeon the new theologian but it is now company agree that he cannot be the web opinion and possibly it is also by the sephora
the major representatives of the catechism have been effort however r gregory of finance and gregory panama
the to win
gregory of sign i came to my effort in the early years of the fourteenth century
gregory himself had learned about inner prayer where he was increase
why he did not introduce the is a fair to ethel he certainly rebind that flame there
but my boys time onward it was effort and no longer finite that constituted the main center but a package and he do them a pity that clear
gregory assigned a central place to the case of fair he used the form of the prayer
while also suggesting the use of further fall
gregory urges back to use of it isn't fair should be continuous so far as possible
he sees it as a way of attaining image that not discursive prayer
however while images and thought must be excluded to in fair not all feeling should be rejected the practice of the gators prayer should lead to a sense of joyful thorough
and to a feeling of long that is not typical but typically
but this feeling that compunction and one the authentic ascend to the contemplation of the divine life that was manifested to the three cycle at the transfiguration of jesus by mount tabor
during the decade that he said seven two forty seven he has the spiritual tradition but time in what known as the etiquette controversy
he attack on has because i'm was launched by learned greek from south italy a certain balance he cut a billion
gregory parliament a month a month ever undertook the defense of etiquette spirituality
the controversy between berlin and palomar was not a dispute between the latin west and a great is
but essentially a conflict within the greek tradition
the controversy accepted on the physical can eat associated with adidas prayer as well as the psychosomatic effects of this prayer that he the feeling of warmth and the reason of life
while pointing out that the physical method is no more than a name and has something secondary for the practice of the jesus prayer gregory parliament firmly defend its validity as based on a sound theological principle
the you of cycle the illogical can eat in prayer depend on the jewish political view on the unity of the human being soul and body forming a single hole
hence the whole human person body soul and spirit mind and heart must be involved in prayer
the somatic effects of prayer is based on a holistic view of salvation which implies the transformation of the whole human reality material as well as spiritual rendering it into a true image and likeness
have gone
the physical member caught by his efforts and gregory of final and to thank it later by gregory parliament constitute an important contribution of the etiquette spirituality of mount athos
even though they did not consider is something indefensible the physical method especially in it's more the phone can certainly be of great help by the packet of the of clear
i saw it coming the main aspects of the method along with the psychosomatic effects related to it
both the separate and gregory of fine i recommend that standard formula of the jesus prayer nemo lord jesus christ the son of god have mercy on me
although there might be a difference in empathy when they distinguished three main features in the physical method is quite fine both of them
but a particular party the posture is enjoy
he had setting is too thick with his head bowed according to the following his caption resting your beer on your chest and he whacking your body i together with the entire intellect toward the middle of your belly daddy toward your neighbor
advocates for death that the game is to be picked by the place of the heart
second the rhythm of the briefing is to be slow down restrain the inhalation of your breath through the nose so as not to breathe in in and out at you
ms sufferers probably intended to be slowing down of the restoration to proceed rather than accompany the reputation of the key that pair control of the beating is a preliminary exercise he nodded to secure calmness and concentration necessary but the
location of the prayer
however according to later teaching at the tempo of the briefing should be coordinated with the actual word of the prayer
and bought them up as without packing it is customary to say the first part of the prayer lord jesus christ son of god while sleeping in and the remainder while weeding out
but they are several varying variation body isn't the title son of god may be left out or maybe be in suspension between breathing in and breathing out
i think control his breathing he authentic should at the same time surge in the by the place of the heart
i've been in separate said he should imagine his breath entering through the nostrils and passing down within the lungs until it reaches the heart
in this way he is to make his mind he sang with his breath into the heart
and the effects of the union of mine and heart will be a thing of joyful who coming
having found the place of the heart one then commences the recitation of the jesus prayer
does as with the control of everything the inward exploration precinct the accuracy of the prayer
but as quickly of signed i recommend the constant immersion of the mines in the heart when the jesus prayer
one cat repression that the innocent for the heart is meant to be more than a preparatory exercises and to the company the recitation of the prayer could fell
it is clear that both the briefing control and the search for the heart are intended as moves but the concentration of the mild and keeping god over the heart
i'm have presented the free beacon of the physical method nemo
it's fellow pashtun blinking until and certain by the heart
what are we going to saying about these three aspects as caused by the hezekiah's masters of the fourteenth century
my first remark is that they are rather sober compared to the more complex and sophisticated techniques developed by linker se cause teachers
bible with anyone willing to adopt and complex method to say the jesus prayer it is necessary to have a competent spiritual usm not a rabbi the case
secondly the three aspects are closely related bombing one unifying mecca
externally one had to game but i at mine at one point of the body the center of the ballot
in kennedy wanted control when spread leading the air accompanied by the mind into the face of the heart
my question is where the place of the hardest to be found
i believe that the pace of our inward exploration searching for the heart should correspond to our our attention or gazing
for this reason i would when i would venture to say that the piece of the heart is flexible
it may be at the center of the cat or even the center of the belly depending on where when
attention at gazing are directed to
i really loved my interpretation
somebody forgets to me to call type of
i be right before entering have added and invented right
i had remarked is that there are striking pattern between happy cause method and technique of oriental sitting vegetation in general
i believe that the similarity with orient to technique we'll make the hefty method better and a food and appreciated by some of us
regarding the body posture it is coming to all oriental packages for stressed the necessity of a proper extent of posture for medication
however the lowering of the head and the bending of the bag as suggested by head method are quite contrary to the basic position he loved oriental package them which insists on keeping the head and back straight during the sitting meditation
but the gazing at one particular point of the body is relevant
although most oriental package recommend closing of the i the the practitioner i usually code to fix them mine had been pretty good point of their body
yeah i find a etiquette reference to the naval most interesting
during the etiquette controversy the etiquette to were ridiculed by the opponent bhalla as on by lot because those total cake that though the table
yep certain best and writers have made a big joke of the so-called navel gazing over the byzantine catholic has this package may not appear to have to change to the oriental
the abdomen is the baikal center of the body in all forms of oriental vegetation
the senior japanese tradition in particular had always thought that life and energy well up from the fandom or horror a point which lies about an inch below the navel and which is actually called the ocean of energy into money
hang them breathing while briefing from dependent his basic not to me to getting medication but also to pseudo fencing artery flower arrangement he ceremony cutting calligraphy and so far
yeah the hezekiah's method gets headaches control the briefing by throwing it down and com conducting the air together with the mind into the face of the heart so that the mind maybe confined in the heart
in oriental vegetation the basic rule is to be mindful of when breathing
i'm like is symbolized by breath it precisely in experiencing your briefing that you experience your own life
michael is a great food is word
but he simply aware of the natural person or breathing
and and titled on the briefing or be some the code becomes deep and up domingo
at what if mindful of while briefing the mind or a tank or attention also entered into the abdomen together with the breathing and it picked at a place of the panel to the tandem his body orientals the center
of gravity
it is amazing to find a close parallel between the two methods anyone who is familiar with the techniques of oriental meditation could easily adopt perhaps with some adaptation he has a cat the physical method you'll be fighting to get a prayer
with profit
after studying the main features of the physical method let us consider the to cycle thematically fact that often accompany the reputation of the teeth of fair
a feeling of warmth and a reason of life
the hezekiah the writers to see that obama and like in question and not the material but spiritual reality
these are properly speaking often of our spiritual center
you they say that this reality can be perceived by budget offensive begin our political tensions that have been transformed an elevated by grade to a superior plane
the possibility of perceiving future wall and immaterial life with our current form buggy defensive presupposes a special understanding of human salvation
the greek orthodox tradition i should be noted pitches a holistic view of salvation according to which the whole human being body and soul will be fine for transform into the likeness of thought
you can live is to contemplate god face to face not only with our spiritual reason but also with our body and transformed by graves and the line to of future glory
what he has it has europeans insist upon is that such a transformation has already been initiated here and now
which the west village in la cases the transformation of the human person and of and client application is already in process which is to be completed at the second coming of the law
a dream so the eternal life as a preview of the future glory is already granted to us here now why don't we are journey as pilgrims on earth
the classic instance is the transfiguration of our lord and months paper where he met that to the three cycles in anticipation that way the glory of his resurrection but also back of his second coming
the hezekiah's writers describe a feeling of warmth frequently produced during the recitation of the jesus prayer they normally attributes that once the working of the holy spirit calling it the burning of the spirit
as christians we have received the holy spirit at our baptism
but most christians are unaware of the secret presence of the it in their heart
in this sense the spirit lies dormant and in assets madame
like other hezekiah's right and quickly of saying i sense the jesus prayer in sacramento content
where is defined as the revelation of baptism or the manifestation of the baptismal race he then he had
the jesus prayer is an effective means of awakening the spirit in us or better of awakening the hard to the heat and passion of the spirit so that he may be able to act fast
the breathing technique as described by the fiscal method as a role to play here according to this method he has said it could control his briefing and slowly bring the air into the hall
there with the inner sanctuary the baptismal spirit is present like a sea of fire buried under apples
the the air coming into the heart has the function of finding the spirit so that a fire may be kindled in the heart
just as water is use as sacrament was saying but it is a tour of the spirit through baptism
graham is also employed by season i think twice i sacramento sign for infusing transmitting the spirit
aquatic the gospel of john in the evening of the resurrection day the risen jesus appeared to the disciples
he gripped the band with keys and breathed on them thing we see the who is feeling
ever since then the recent crimes has never seems to bring forth the spirit from the center of the earth
the breath of the reason law filled the air and permeates the entire creation
we come into contact with the breadth of the recent isn't where we draw in the air accompanied by the evocation of his name
as the grace of jesus enters into our heart in kindle the fire how to do it later in our
as a consequence of a feeling of worms and a blood is produced in us that in flames and quickens our prayer picking it was john custom terms firing prayer
enter the effects of the jesus prayer is the reason of life
the contemplation of the divine light falling upon the feeling of guam is explicitly taught by gregory of assignment
but a crucial point of the hezekiah's controversy
gregory parliament fixes the following aspects concerning its baker
it is not a physical life of the center
yet it is not just a metaphorical life but is an existing reality
oh non-material it can be perceived through the fence and provided they are transformed by green
finally the line has a transforming effect upon the wonderful the whole it
to sum up panama's affirms that was the hezekiah's see is the same like that show about christ at the transfiguration on mount tabor and that you've signed from him at his second coming
on the basis of the life we have a beautiful description from good okay with i remember who i went to the fee office of finance it is tests on watch for as he says
know both in prayer she's as draws year and kills the heart with life
he also describes the transforming power of his life
he said at every hour and woman get a guard the heart with all and but thought that obscure the so below
the for in that viewer sees as quite the wisdom and power of god the father is delineated and luminosity reflected
it is interesting that he compares the hard to a bureau a metaphor which is also used by deciduous of sinai and is a favorite image in buddhist writings comparing hot to a zero
according to killer heels by keeping the mirror of our heart pure and by removing the holy name aligned you sign was on the face of jesus and you'll impress his image on the bureau of our heart
it is interesting to note that the greek word for luminous be regretted liquor reviews photograph
it means that the image of diesel is being photographed so to speak on to photographic plate about how to the jesus prayer
the heart as has been noted is our inner sanctuary where we come to god face to face in a direct encounter
yeah the self created in the image of god is confronted with it archetype
if the heart is pure and lose it as a mirror the light shining from the face of find the original icon of god new continually transform our created image to the likeness of the archetype
this process of transformation is beautiful is quite by paul the second letter to the corinthians
and all about with unveiled faces
but you navigate the purity of part in a thing
seeing the glory of the lord as still reflected in a iberia are being transformed into the same image for but degree a blurring to another
for this comes from the spirit of the law
second corinthians three thinking
since the human being bombed a psycho somatic uniquely the inner transformation through divine life sometimes also manifests itself albert me
this idea is not a se cause the invention of the fourteenth century
the site i se cause could probably claim that such transformation could be seen already in the face of their power their forefather bullshit
after spending forty days and forty nights with god on mount sinai
the face of moses was shining when he came down from the mountain
he the scene of the desert bottom we find the following episode
a brother came the sound of other of seniors at cities
remember the famous other and ceo of yesterday
the famous for their fanfare and creation
after paying his price now he also will see it as a reward of god
so this brother had to visit other has seen him he was waiting outside the door when it was waiting outside the door he saw the old man and highly like a flame
it is explained that the brother was worthy of his side
when he knocked the old man came out and saw the blood and marble he said to him have you been not too long did you see anything here
the other was already and answered no
so then he talked with him and sent them away
is only cares about other johnson a solitary in hundred pcs
one day a lot persie abba joseph and said to him avalon as far as i can i think my office i passed a little i prayed and meditated and so far
what else can i do
then the old man chosen stood up and to his hand toward heaven
his fingers became like ten lamps of fire and he said to him if you will you can become all thing
according to the buddhist tradition bodhidharma founder of zen buddhism kept the china in year five hundred and seven
he went to financial problems and stayed in the famous sounding monastery
there for nine years he did nothing but practice sitting meditation facing a wall
at the age of nine years as the legend told the spot where he was sitting was slightly sunken and his bigger was vaguely reflected on the wall in front of which he had meditated a day and night for nine years
story begin the transformation it was taking place in him during a prolonged medication manifest itself outwardly though the energy coming forth of these body
let me conclude now
one of the main effects of the jesus prayer as finished by the story of the rash and pilgrim is precisely transformation
that is a fair transform the person who besides the prayer and everything around
you be reassigned the jesus prayer daily the holy name will work as a sacrament while transforming us and everything into jesus
with each inhalation accompanied by the evocation lord jesus christ we breathe in a breath of find with kindles the fire of the spirit hidden in our hearts
at the same time the evocation of the hoodie man you'll bring about the presence of the region jesus who says his life on the mirror of our hearts progressively transforming our created image into the likeness of the archetype
then with each exhalation accompanied by the world have mercy on me we breathe the spirit of jesus and transmit the life of find not on the wall in front of about but beyond the wall in
through the whole world
so that the whole humanity and the entire creation may be warmed by the brass of the holy spirit and transformed by the lines of the recent crime
sparks are presented the history meaning and basic methods of the jesus prayer in the context of the hezekiah's spiritual tradition
this final part i'm going to compare the keepers prayer to some other time of prayer or meditation especially those which manifests a certain affinity to the jesus prayer and a popular in our time
i shall deal with the following points but the jesus prayer at the christian mantra second the desert prayer and zen meditation so the jesus prayer and the monastic benedictine spirituality of the lectio divina
first about the piece of prayer as the christian mantra
since the middle of our century thanks to the translation of the way of a pilgrim the pillow korea and the russian orthodox an apology he ought of prayer
thanks to all his translation we have finished to a steadily growing popularity of the jesus prayer in the latin church of the west
in the west the jesus prayer is sometimes called a christian mantra a work he writing from a long tradition of prayer and meditation in india
pete greeted for insurance doesn't need the practice of jesus prayer at the way of the mantra a way that he constantly pursued during the last forty years of his life
by the way he always use the send a bomb
lord jesus christ son of god have mercy on me a sinner by sitting or walking the mentioned yesterday
the connection between the jesus prayer and the packages of oriental meditation by means of a mantra is found in the reputation of a short break
as it says the function of the mantra namely the jesus prayer is to recollect the soul to bring it back to its center and unite the whole person body soul and spirit with the spirit of god
however probably also won against the danger of looking at the mantra as a kind of magic
he points out that jesus prayer is a distinctively christian mantra
which is an expression of faith and love
that's part of the states
the link of fame is important many men has been transcendental meditation are merely a psychological or tuning your psyche is some way but this does not go far enough
a christian mantra which opens you up in faith and love to the presence of christ within is very important
end quote
why are because the jesus prayer a christian mantra the other writers in general are more cautious about applying the term mantra
courage that's where for example thanks it's misleading to call it the piece of prayer a mantra at all
the essential point of the jesus prayer is not the actual reputation itself but to whom we speak
the prayer is not simply a rhythmic incantation but an invocation addressed to enter the person and implying a personal relationship with jesus christ
the teasers prayer exists within a certain context
he watched the from please contact the prayer loses its meaning
the context of the jesus prayer is best of all one of pain the implication as mentioned also by far the crease opposes our faith in jesus christ the son of god our lord and savior
without his confession of faith there is no jesus prayer
second the context of the jesus prayer is one of community
one does not reside in jesus prayer simply as an individual but as a member of a community the church
in the early church the invocation of the name of jesus was the distinctive mark of the followers of christ christians were detonated as those who called upon the name jesus
the hefty cash writers took it for granted that those to whom they remember we recommended that users prayer were baptized christian actively participating the life of worship and the sacraments
they never emissions the jesus prayer as a substitute for the second
on the contrary they poured that the union with the lord effected by the jesus prayer is to be completed through polycom william
yet in our time the situation has changed
many i tried to the teasers player without belonging to any church possibly without a clear faith in the lord jesus
should be then his courage his people from same the jesus prayer
here jesus himself gives the example
once the disciples were complaining the accusers about someone who did not belong to their group and was casting out demons in jesus' name
to their request to publish the person from doing so jesus replied
leave him alone by for he who is not against me is with me
that sincere reputation of the jesus prayer may eventually be the way through which the holy spirit needs these people to christ
second the jesus prayer and zen meditation
when dealing with the physical method of the jesus prayer we saw the close parallels between this package and the techniques of oriental pakistan
aspects such as be extended posture the breathing technique and the inward concentration on a certain part of the body or resemble the basic techniques of oriental meditation and of zen meditation in particular
but we must distinguish the picture frame from the picture itself
as college those punch it out
the physical canoes are like the frame of the jesus prayer while the metal invocation of jesus is the picture within the frame
the frame of the jesus prayer they closely resemble barriers oriental frame but this should not obscure the uniqueness of the picture within the frame namely that is think a christian character of the prayer
the goal of zen meditation is to achieve a state of boy so that enlightening may eventually occur
similarly the jesus prayer is also aiming at a kind of a prayer that it prayer without image and thought
however the aim of the jesus prayer is not simply the laying aside of all thought
but an encounter with someone
the jesus prayer should be viewed not so much as prayer emptied of thought but as prayer filled with the beloved
you might have heard that drastic injunction even by grandmaster master to one who practices zen meditation
if you meet the buddha lay him
what is implied in the injunction i believe is that during the package of meditation matinee is one forbidden to have any image of the buddha but when should also exclude the feeling of his presence
to clarify the the famous german jesuit i put on a sound about this point and he told me get you in the feeling of the dressing up with the is not to recruited during the ten package can medication
on the other hand to one who practices but jesus prayer the following advice would be given
do not picture to yourself the image of jesus but trying to feel his presence and nearness to the constant invocation of his name
not to me to go but also the chief been employed by the to practices differ
although the pieces prayer followed the idea of pure prayer as proposed by the years prayer is the shedding of thoughts
it requires the practitioner to stick to the constant reputation of been simple phrase the prayer itself so that the mind may be concentrated on one thoughts or the thought of one only as he opened that
cuz puts him
that meditation is more apathetic an absolute in this sense it allows no were no thought except the awareness of one's breathing
possibly accompanied by the counting from one to ten
in spite of the similarities between the techniques used by zen meditation and the jesus prayer that aim at mental activity during the package deeper
but it is interesting to point out that there is a great a parallel between the jesus prayer and a sitting meditation or pure land buddhism which is by far more popular than zen buddhism both in china and japan
in addition to the basic techniques of posture and breathing which are common to various forms of oriental meditation the main activity prescribed for this sitting meditation classes consists in continually invoking the name of buddha
namu amida booster bidding on a to amida buddha
personal faith in a devotion to buddha is certainly presupposed in the recitation of the prayer
the pure land put it also nominate use a prayer use prayer beads for can keep their prayer
it is not a buddhist version about jesus prayer
during the last century a famous chinese buddhist monk master chagrin or empty cloud who lived up to one hundred and twenty years
an important attempt at bringing closer the two main buddhist traditions that buddhism and pure land buddhism
the integrated the constant invocation of buddha into the silent that vegetation
as you know what be one way of practicing zen meditation is still occupy one's mind with the coin or and we saw the paradox
master empty cloud proposed to combine the constant evocation of buddha with the basic coin at the back of one's mind during the tipping medication
the following is the coil he proposed
who is invoking the buddha
ha who is saying the prayer
this package became very popular in china
i was very curious to learn much the empty cloud solution to the cry but she did not reveal to as his own answer
when that
yeah user there's no hampshire been for her
i find the combination very interesting
perhaps during our reputation of the jesus prayer we might also pose this question at the background of our prayer
who is saying the jesus prayer
as time goes on we shall realise through intuition or experience that it is not i but the spirit of jesus dwelling he mean who is playing in
why it is not i but christ living in the who is actually saying the prayer
in this way that jesus prayer actually becomes the prayer of jesus
a prayer set by jesus himself in been
now become to the third point by the keys of prayer and the lectio divina he
we can say the central aspect of monastic and especially benedictine spirituality lectio divina
if the jesus prayer should exist in a certain contexts
nothing the occasional and sacramento content it's more immediate context is back monastic spirituality which along with the liturgy can see especially in assiduous reading of scripture recitation of this of
the songs that if an hours of the day and frequent reputation of some short prayers or scripture verses throughout the day
the practice of the jesus prayer as we have seen grew out of his monastic tradition
and had a major boss be challenging collects the dina also derives from the same monastic tradition and his treasured especially by the monastic orders in the west
just as the jesus prayer has become popular among lay christians as well as man in deposit box church so also next city vienna is well diffuse he gone monastic circles in the west
those who are are hobbling know that this is the main point of their spirituality
in the orthodox tradition that jesus prayer has always been joined to the pakistan from reading scripture and reciting the songs even wear a more prominent place is assigned to the recitation of the jesus prayer
contemporary spiritual writers in the west
the griffith for instance observe that it uses a prayer should not be seen as something separate from the lexia
yeah point of fact the to path which both he rang from the same source of monastic spirituality should merge into one by adopting the jesus korea as one of the classic moments of next year divina namely lengthier made tight seal
orazio contempt last year
first of all the jesus prayer and of each joint from reading from reading scripture
as i have mentioned above the jesus prayer is an expression of faith in jesus christ he nodded to be able to make this confession of faith one must be familiar with saw with the songs on this space which is found in scripture especially in the gospel
not only are the words of the jesus prayer taken from the gospel
it is claimed that the jesus prayer authors a summary affinities of the whole gospel
the brief invocation contains the basic message of the gospel and the essential aspects of the christian faith
by joining the dubai entitled son of god to the historical name of jesus we profess our faith in a mystery of the incarnation believing in jesus christ as the son of god become man to redeem us
then the title long laden with meaning
st paul says the letter to the romans if you confess with your lips that jesus is lord and believe in your heart that god raised him from the dead you will be saved
paulo presents the title lord has a synthesis of our faith in jesus christ and connect the title the event of the resurrection
the formula he's is large was probably used in the early church as a profession of faith at baptism
so it is it is a synthesis about christian faith
for each and originally a typo reserved for ya ba in the old testament the name lord is now conferred upon the region jesus to indicate that he enjoins divine honor and is the savior of the world through the military of his death and
resurrection so the title
a rich in mystery
the word law and also expresses that sense of our total dependence on and devotion to jesus christ
at the biblical scholar boatman said by addressing jesus as lord the christian wishes to saying that all that he is and everything he had comes from jesus christ
as the type of law contains such richness and depth or meaning it is no wonder that paul should say that no one can say jesus is lord except by the polish peerage
for this reason whenever we say the jesus prayer poplin in lord jesus christ we can be sure that it is the holy spirit who is saying this would within us
but the first part of the jesus prayer house as who jesus is the second part of the prayer have mercy on me reveals the secrets of the heart of jesus and contained the central message of the gospel
the idea of mercy or panthers not whom they reminded us of our brokenness are simple situation and need for help it also tells us about the merciful love of jesus mercy or compassion
japan right at the heart of the person of our savior
the most distinctive characteristics manifested by cases during his earthly life archie's total trust and obedience towards the bottom and his limitless compassion towards people especially the poor the sick and your crashed
several times always had a key moment the gospels review to as the driving force behind the healing and saving activity of during his public ministry
this secret a secret bars animating and guiding his ministry is his compassion
so we read that when jesus saw the immense crowd of people tired and weary and like sheep without a shepherd he was moved with compassion and began to teach them many times
likewise he had compassion on the people following him for several days and performed the miracle of multiplication of bread to feed the hungry crowd
we are hold more than one that he was moved with picky are seeing the sick and worked the healing miracles
at the sight of the weeping widow at nine he was himself touched with compassion and raised her only son from death
the brains have mercy on me a sinner should call to mind the mercy and compassion of jesus and his welcoming approach to the poor the suffering and the signals with a preferential love
i am convinced that it is not exaggerated at all to say that the jesus prayer content the summary of the whole gospel
on this rich contents of the jesus prayer must be kept alive but we are told that the piece of prayer is meant to be a not discursive prayer when reciting it when should they are fight all images and thoughts this means that
during the recitation of the prayer we are not supposed to reflect on the content of each words or meditate or the episode of jesus' life but simply confine our attention within the bear world of the prayer
he thought to remain familiar with the rich contents of the jesus prayer therefore it is necessary to dead pay some time daily to reading scripture especially the gospel outside the time of the player itself
if we compare the jesus prayer to kindling a fire then our daily reading is like applying firewood for the fire
he bribed a pillow the fire times out
it is to be noted that alexia are reading in question is different from studying while reading simply to gain information
it is called next cod vienna
why translated as spiritual reading the adjective reapers pose to the subject matter of the reading and the inner disposition which should accompany other reading
it is a careful listening to the master who speaks to our harm to the words of scripture
the best image for our lengthier his mammy sitting at the feet of jesus listening to his word
mary sister of martha
the next moment it's many tafseer
yeah meditation has a different connotation from its modern meaning both in the west and the east
taken in it's more than meaning in the west medication been is cursive with reflection on certain aspects of true are uncertain episode in the life of the law
according to the oriental traditions or the other hand medication would have a similar meaning to what they mean by contemplation
in a christian monastic tradition has used in lexia meditation been sobering a certain text by simply repeating it again and again
the classic metaphor for meditation even by the monastic kitchens is the rumination of caused
he been allegedly should chewing and tasting of the world of god so repeating them mentally or on the lips
the purpose of medication as pointed out by john henry newman is to change and notional ascend into a real ascend
in other words the purpose of meditation is to change something be known in the head into something we carriage in the heart
the best typical image for meditation is again married this time the mother of users who after departure of in shepherds treasure on his work and pointed them in her palm
the worst part is important here
meditation and neighbors the word apart to enter from the mind to the heart
and the teasers player as a prayer of mine in heart must be the fruit of our previous meditation
now we come to the third movement of the alexia name they are last year for prayer
a variety of definition of all descriptions may be given to a prayer
prayer is speaking to guy is the raising of the mind and odds to god or getting or god
in a monastic tradition however prayer is best defined as average punched to the word of god
are we listen attentively to god by the time of it made it ico we let the word sink into our hearts
they're in our art the word of god is turned into our response and that is our prayer our response born from the word of god
fear the best typical example is not merely a certainly bigger but the entire book of the song
the songs are the fruit he rang from the meditation of the jewish people by the word of god
either as spoken for as manifested in the events of the history of salvation or in a conference situations of individual patients
it is from the depth of their meditation that the authors of the song sing the praise of god or pray to him for mercy and health
by inheriting the jewish scripture the church has inherited also they are book the song and has treasured it as the eminent songs of their prayer
the book of song is above all the pair broke of the money
from the various times
for us reading and meditating on scripture and recycled the songs are the basic elements that alternates with one another and fill up the structure of the monastic day
so the moments of orazio is followed by got them plaza or contemplation
as time goes on other response grows deeper and more photos
the multiplicity of worm is gradually reduced the use of a few were or even silent the richness of thought give way to the poverty and simplicity of when start on the thought of one somebody
the whole person with his various faculties is gathered into one single point the heart
they're the inessential face to face with god the entire person becomes one loving respond to god
this is the moment of contemplation which is a knowledge still love and is a free gift from god
we may ask then where is the place of the jesus prayer within this far moments of the alexia
where shall we see to it is a fair
it is ideally situated between or last year and content patio and somehow covered the to
the pieces prayer begins as orazio it is a proud that we say i was files using the very word of god never got were from the bathroom
but it is a clear of utter simplicity consisting of one frame and when thought
owing to its simplicity it needs spontaneously to contemplation
when by the grace of god that jesus prayer enters along with the mind into the heart it passes from something we say to something self atman
then it becomes a pair made by the holy spirit to dwelling in our hearts
at that moment that a fair become contemplative prayer in the proper sense of the term
in this way the thesis prayer coming pass from the same monastic tradition as the lexia
actually merges with it becoming the combination moments of the dynamics of lectio divina
conditionally lets the divina you bombs within this far moments see my taxi or orazio condemn plaza
but some contemporary writers with as a fist moment to it namely actual or action
both the practices of lack of next year and a decent pair have been sometimes accused of violating some by lack of concern for others
this is to forget that alexa or the jesus prayer for that matter is only one aspect though for many central aspect of their spiritual life
this particular contemplative aspect is to become complemented by an active aspect both the sense of fighting against the passion and cultivate virtues as well as dedicating oneself to the active service of one's neighbor
he nodded to remind us of this active aspects of the christian life contemporary writers frequently at his best moments to the next year some put actual as has been seen others have a by jerry site
your evangelization
i would prefer another term for this fist moments of lexia
compassion on compassion
the term has actually do suggest suggested by common keeping to the various groups of the contemplative or which under his collection
are you certain familiar with the term combustion i've heard it from a friend paul connected
there is a close connection between condemnation and compassion com fancier
who pass i come a compound
means feeling are suffering together with
nnamdi sharing the suffering of other people
this should be a special proof of contemplation so contemplation one enters into a state of unity or oneness one the got with oneself with humanity and the entire creation
yeah this oneness we share everything in common with one another
line and love joy and suffering worry and concern
contemplation and compassion therefore a food science of the same reality contemplation without compassion would be a contradiction in terms
when reciting the thesis prayer lord jesus christ have mercy on me we are mindful not only a arrow simple situation but also the misery and suffering of all humanity
at the same time we are in touch with the living songs of mercy and compassion users kind
when each invocation lord jesus christ have mercy on the accompanied by our respiration we breathed in the breast of price and a flooded by the torrent of his message
at the same time we breathe out his healing brass transmitting his mercy and compassion to the world
that's so the recitation of the jesus prayer we become living with candles receiving and transmitting the merciful love of the savior to the whole world
other compassion however should not be limited to prayer alone to pair for me although contemplative prayer is the most popular ones for effecting the transformation of the world
our compassion must also manifests itself through action in accordance with the vocation and status of each one of us
in a movement called contemplation and action under the guidance of richard rohr we see the to working together in harmony for the betterment of the society and the world
one of the principal ways of exercising compassion is through evangelization by spreading the good news of piece of climate
when the gospel message permeates society it will act like is you the whole society is leavened by it
i have presented the close connection between the jesus prayer and the next year the piece of prayer by up lets your immediate dicier can be identify with for as and content last year
if we would like to add a paste moment to lectio namely compassion that jesus prayer can also be wonderfully linked to this moment it as much as it is an excellent movie of receiving and transmitting the mercy and compassion of christ
this to pakistan that is a prayer and next year coming for some the wedding monastic sauce finally merge into one
since the second half of our sanctuary as as be noted that jesus prayer has been would like and the field the latin church of the west
as chris were observed probably the jesus prayer has never before and enjoyed such popularity both the east and west it has gotten time for that is a prayer
as our talk is coming to a conclusion i find a bit johnston's reflection on the parable of the lost coin bearing pertinent
he compared the widespread search for prayer and contemplation to the woman who lost money silver coins from her score of ten and searched the house until she had founded
when adjusting says that one he has length and buddhism can be compared to that silver coin
i agree with him that the wisdom of buddhism or other oriental tradition he's like the last coin which we should be searching for
but i'm but i also believe that the eastern orthodox spirituality which pose that jesus prayer at a privileged position is in a lot of assange's the last time for questions of the web
many of us are rejoicing for having found the last com
i only wish and pray that many more you'll find his coin and benefits from it
the jesus prayer symbolized by the prayer robe authors a powerful bond of union between christians of the east and west
at the same time the prayer robe they also be the sign of the so-called she's as plan be the spiritual bond among all those who practice the jesus prayer
i hope that this road also binds us together the name of jesus
doing this weekend we have spent several periods meditating and saying that these of fair together and the will kinda of the chapel united by users president at the center
the thoughts of the rotunda
after you go back to your face
the thought of the will condemn should remind us that each time we say that isn't fair we are spiritually in communion with our friends and with all those who devote his full name
but above all we must remember the one who unites us all together users laws
i will suggest that saying the pieces prayer we should keep in mind to particular moments in the event of cuba
the occasion of the transfiguration and the evening of the resurrection when jesus was breathing his spirit of the disciples
with each recitation of the teasers prayer accompanied by our respiration
maybe we'll see the breath of the spirit from the region seasons
and the lines of the transfigured crime
so that we and the entire obligation may be gradually transformed into the one cosmos