Yoga and Meditation

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Amen, amen
jesus our grant and beloved
you are present
you are within us
you are within all things
grant that we may
realize your presence your love
grant that our practice
can be an opening of our hearts
to the work that you do within us
you live and reign forever and ever

up humans yoga and grace but that's just title and
i want to ah
presenting things but i want also to make this a fruitful for all of you and so on and will be grateful if you may request suggestions ah raising questions you my pal so it's not like a series of lectures
although i not certain amount of content that i also have something on
some yoga practices when which i've been initiated and and practice for a great and years
but the emphasis from he has always been on yoga as a random of heart the of the act
yeah an expression of love yoga means you
he fought long and real night
and yet the is also practice discipline training skill and so a good translation that yoga and it can be applied to ah anything any kind of skillful activity and human beings so in india
which is them
the motherland of yoga
many other practices are also considered yoga or life and be them
when usually lands
once you know from a teacher and guru as they say but also learns some art music and know working dating and even very practical things that have skills of farming in carpentry and so on the learn that the group a good of the cycle relationship
and what yoga has in common with these other arts from pakistan
it was you know
so what yoga has in common with on the other arts is that
yoga is a way
to the absolute and so all of the our hearts all the cracks all of the human activities that are part of our social existence and human beings are also ways to be absolutely
a difference there is and what we call the office also we have consciously realizing the absolute in the relative than the everyday and my day in a practical things and the things that we did
and so a rape card of yoga is
being mindful and recognizing the divine presence in everything that could kill
that's why yoga photos a great deal on breathing
bring as the primary technique if you wish the yoga postures or then important too but breathing and so very important as briefing is ah
something that is normally not under the under our conscious attention and yet we can pay attention to it and modify our practice and breathing and such a way that it does become a spiritual practice
the author is not techniques just as is not techniques
to a true icon a true work of art is not produced by technique techniques are there as our rules that are made to be followed bells will need to be broken all those
to be eroded
and yet art as many things according to new ones
the iconic god
in our souls is the work of god
god is the dewar god is the painter of the icon and yet we also earnest so creating this i kind of god facts
tradition that
there was an initiated into by disciples and for a monster yogananda
one fifty years ago
now and then i also study in traditions that are associated with but it's called tantalising ten present treatises that the and to me put into gonna buy form sometime around the beginning the come era christian you
so in all of these there is a great deal of attention to ah
two dimensions and me over yoga his practice and yoga as recognition
recognition the realization of the actual union between a particular consciousness the configuration and absolute consciousness bar
it's the recognition that we do not exist separate from gap
this was the great illusion that troubles or lives and that creates so much problem for humanity is simply not realizing that our existence itself in every instance is again and if we were hearing and readings looking by a
theologian was also a dominican friar on reading it so during her meal
own and he was saying exactly this and all that
our sense of separateness from one another but especially from the absolute is an illusion and is the cause of other illusions as well
whereas in every instance are in every instance our existence is a gift
god gives us existence in this period mom everyone so yoga
is the realization of the recognition of this divine reality with them and our lives may be inconsistent with this reality and so we perhaps need to
purify rectify their lives
but in any case
the definition of yoga the best movie of the office given they want to call the overseas because every one of the yoga sutras what's that it was writing that
brought together in brief pithy aphorisms
a thousand years or more of teaching about yoga and in its present or perhaps of dates back to
something like the third century on the computer
potentially is the name of the legendary author it's the same name as a primary and lived some centuries before so perhaps is your suggestion that yoga and language have something in common but in any case in the second verse of the yoga sutras first person simply says now yoga the
second verse says yoga is stopping the agitations of the heart and this is a very precise it's actually a literal translation but often the word that i translate his heart and not only i also ah
a number of outstanding whose including a crew of but i don't see you're going under you've heard of about how much you lived near a platform for haven't his life
those are temple in hollywood
so israel
spoke of this term tip-top sometimes translated mind stuff mental timothy and so forth it's really hot
and so that means stopping the agitations of the heart the whirlpool spinning
constant agitation
and the terms stopping is essential we find this in buddhism also
nirvana is when things when the stops with this agitation stops
be still
psalm forty six be still and know that hi got concepts be still and now
and that's why i always feel a bit embarrassed when people ask me do you do yoga because our
i feel like answering a yoga is something that is there is about stopping it out about doing
so it's about cc that's also another term the cessation cessation of the agitation something
because yoga is and then they have a plan for this instance for yoga is also video a video games on gop know yoga is a metaphor yoked together the two walks and to pull your car you know which means your bring together your energies in our mind and heart and
exterior senses and inner senses and bring them all together all your energies together to focus on this movement into the absolute to the devine you could also translate this on the or undoing
we often think of yoga as control or discipline or technique
and yet we began to go beyond just curiosity and superficial enthusiasm we starting to see that there's a lot to unmake an undue and our lives
and we also realize that thoughts are in possible to control
and there's nothing wrong with thoughts with these sauce that come and go and meditation because they thought they called distractions but distractions are therefore a reason
and they serve to reveal what is just below the surface of our minds which we do not act usually observed because we are indeed distracted by the much has been our everyday lives
distractions do not break the intention
and both prayer and yoga are all about in tension
so we asked why
do i pray not one of my brain for why do you cry why do you meditate is a great buddha same you do not meditate in order to become a buddha humanity because you are a good time
a cheer in hampshire
there's another answer that especially the confess that i referred to none of them but that it's this lot of lecturer on topic philosophy but anyway the people say that humanity can order to be free
there are different terms are spoken out in if begin to traditions shirts your researchers also
our freedom may have heard the terms mulch multi is a sanskrit word that means freedom liberation but especially there's another germ that the time for you smart don't get which you can eventually liberty
so it's not feeling from subject and and being created from disturbance and so forth but rather having this them
while living room and
in the world in the bottle entire living your life the freedom to recognize realize become conscious of god
that's kind of the background
what am i to
offered for my part and then also
i want to be able to answer questions and law so that means you'd have to raise questions and has been questions you've had a interrupt me know because i could talk for a long time he wrote books about the stuff they are available in the bookshop when human of books but
yeah no this is something that should be really your retreat and so i want to answer your questions so does everyone have a question right now
okay last question everyone has some kind of yoga practice do have some experience with yoga for if there's somebody who's include contacting this reality for the first time yeah there's a wonderful thing that this free to a that you all have some contact the field some practice anyone
i received initiation from either you have been under his disciples or the disciples were created a number in there self-realization fellowship for on them
elsa we'd sweeps studied at not i'm quite a bit of to work you are the shape okay so what i am for is is an initiation that's somewhat parallel to that but of course i have had access to texts and also
examples of practice so i will offer you something that is very close to that person
and another part of the yoga sutras which is very very important and sometimes of this or something you know that the food beginners and then you just in our book release
look at them you know and then you go onto the real stuff but really of the yoga's the yoga surface have their own ten commandments are ten words and their five that are mostly negative grammatically negative all they mean something very positive and five that are positive that means some
thing that you are doing to under so there are ten words they're called yama by gamma and five need
they are commonly translated as prohibitions and precepts
but they are more descriptive than prescriptive and their meanings can be grass only as a whole immunity so what gives immunity to these terms and i'll give you the words and on patheos then later some other time
and if you have a copy the us which was with you go look at a chapter two verses thirty boy but otherwise it's not so important to go back to adjust to remember that the first of the ten words is a ginza wants heard that i'm sure harmlessness non
violence do no harm it's like the first precept of the hippocratic oath doctors take this hippocratic of painful no no chip first give them a car so yoga
that practice must do no harm either to the yogi practitioner or to others
how do you do harm with yoga for example pushing through pain in performing postures never hear no pain no gain so
pain was excluded and it's not about game you know you're not going to you're not competing through a gold medal you're not competing a bit against yourself
this is a very important principle and sometimes yoga teachers forgive forget to give it a many of them do you know it is a significant difference even when even when york there's nothing wrong with the burning some yoga asanas and the health club or a jam or whatever because our people yeah
no it that's a place where people pay little attention to their bodies and most most people most the time and our western world it in america for most of us don't pay enough attention to our bodies so the contents is okay but the mentality that's associated it with athletics and spa
warts and all of this is different from the the wonderful things you know
although my favorite sport and i liked the series is the principal you shouldn't have been held renters know means usage you just toss them back and forth and catching and having great fun but anybody yoga postures should never covered
nourishes meditation for next life i don't believe in extending meditation periods the on an hour
for you but you have even eighteen methods eighteen minutes as banana but stayed with eighteen minutes i to say this eighteen biggest and and nine and twelve and thirty six because these are kind of symbolic numbers multiples of nine and multiples
of twelve are often use and yoga texts to tell the times you do something and so forth but anyway
you know you don't want to push it too
certainly holding the breath more than three or four seconds now
i mean you can do it and putting your strength and all sure you're doing something else was not yoga you know in other yeoman texts they they have the
the one four to one or to really read them one hope for to the for up to them
when you're done that i'm sure you've heard that if they teach that that's that's we are one kind of funny it's one kind of exercises good thing too you know become aware of the fact that you can use your will to turn on the rhythm of your breathing but there's another kind of breathing which is the basis of
the basic breathing of the tajik condition and the basic traditions a trip teaching of yogananda up and of his disciples in this school
was involved circular room
continuous circle
don't hold anything they just keep moving and it gets slower and slower
so yoga is not
come by and yoga has to be nonviolent the open can also be identified and sacrifice and that could be another theme maybe maybe next year i do yoga and sacrifice but he sacrifices of important thing but sacrifice what it doesn't really mean the sacrifice of the heart
the sacrifice of god is a contract spirit a humble and contrite heart o god who will not reject songs of t y
so it is
a spirit of the year old aim of offering not have a band of surrender
and that's also very important in the universities
so gentleness and harmless also govern the yogis use of speech and here's the second word for it for a fucking huge onion onion a negative that the beginning of some sense with words they use it the greek also so it needs it's the primitive it is
it's not that so the soviet army and up the instance not hiring gentleness and parliament's also the use of speech and here they use of positive term succumb which means truthfulness telling the truth
living being true
it does not mean saying out loud in every circumstance what you regard as true
after somebody else may not go to this true it means often a silent demeter that renders the young age right conscience evident and gently correct wrong doing by the contagion of example
and silence is a wonderful teaching method and it is the preferred teaching method of authentic gurus
they don't talk to their disciples they sit
in the presence of the disciples are having the disciple sit in the presence of do
maybe maybe at some point in time and save cooper's one other thing that this truth is nonviolence and speech means is not judging
and note that this is the only negative precept that jesus added to the negative precepts and others that you receive from moses judge not that thou shalt not kill one should not commit adultery thou shalt not steal which and not bear false witness and
judge not says jesus and paul
in the intention of jesus this rule is absolutely universal because we can never know what is in the heart of a person
who can know
not even what is in our own heart all says i don't even judge myself
jesus you
so jesus knew what was in the hierarchy and lisa has rather he said father forgive for they know not what they do
truth in our minds also entails our recognition of how little we know
and our sincere a willingness willing ness to learn so this true means being willing to her recognizing and don't know it
and you need to know and willingness to learn from perhaps a person that you can put grandfather consume teacher
third were hestia negative not to steal and means never to take what was not really given
that's most buddhists are very strong as many yoga like the youngest like buddhist months or mendicants that is
beggars in a certain says that they're not active beggars if they have needs they leave a bowl at their side while the meditate that's the way the yoga tapes are supposed to pay
he's leaving both their from the gets the idea leave some psoriasis us
yogis with family and social responsibilities practice scrupulous honesty in all their affairs and would rather not acquire goods than to harm someone by requirement that and again who ruled the general rule is not are
so you see i'm most a speech timelessness even in your you know business dealings you know
and also note practice gratefulness and they know that what is enjoy without giving thanks is as if it were stolen
we have something good give thanks for otherwise you are you know your you have this is this spirit of possessiveness and that is a way of stealing even if it belongs to you know i paid for it here's a sales slip now get thanks
for and then it becomes a real up here and you really enjoy it
and then of course we know a homemade prohibitions about sex there are in most religions and this is often an obsessive distraction the fourth quarter in which has something to do with this is but how much chatting and literally means for
journeying in the accident or journeying according to the answer that are journeying into the absolutely
it's a positive term often a properly rendered as sexual abstinence it expresses primarily the yolk his commitment to integrate the body's energies into the spiritual quest a secondary meaning of the word is what we call chastity
the is over to of lovers
in practice
chastity is the intimate sexual relationship between two persons dedicated to each other
and then there are your kids and their must nouns who do not have partners
so we're called to practice this virtue as with as if we loved someone dearly enough to do absolutely nothing to harm the relationship
me think in terms of the spousal relationship with god and jesus calls himself the bright room and soak and also have often reached out to whom mom
mystical marriage
but in any case this do nothing to harm the relationship and so the governing principle is again a hyssop harmlessness and last
the last name to word in yoga sutras to thirty is up particular ha ha but verify
which means something like non grasp pinch don't wrap your hands around something
ah so it corresponds more or less to the tenth commandment of moses tablet and other thou shalt not covet it could also indicate of willingness not to play to persons or things because doing so when be a form of violence
and so run counter to i think so
and play to something to form of that in all cases we need to see through the grammatical negative in these teachings and observe the austin purchase and so we have against nonviolence really the life giving and healing
that we performed
also for sharing
nonviolence and speeches the confronting an enlightening word we say where's that country people or that how can the know something
now violence in having things
is really the generous gift it is more blessed to give them to receive said jesus
nonviolence in our
love relationships is the tender and loving embrace this intimacy that also some people need to express and experiences agency i'm a different level and an appropriate level work the seldom life as well as only married
and then a general lightness of touch that respect the integrity of persons of things and these the qualities than the average child purchasing the first fight
this is no after the lecture you have question
so titles skilled that integrates okay where his grace and where what this grace come in when you have provided us a see but and also when you have techniques
here are three things that grace me
great of this different interpretations and you know i will
i allow all different interpretations and i think that if if if i grow in faith and learning how to believe very everything eventually i see the truth and so many different experience and something some people think that that when you're developing your fate you know
you do you you narratives you believe only in this whereas i think the growth of of in faith there's also this
opening one's mind the truth that can be found here so anywhere they're different interpretations in the west and there's a kind of an understanding of grace the engine as some it added on to our life something that he is missing and
and that we receive as a good job with the concept of gift dream
and in the scholastic philosophers it is the
impression that god makes on our soul and it's compared with the
seal and hot wax you know when they sent letters they didn't have postage stamps and they didn't have developed in a manner that
with their firewall and and also lived you know authentic capture emails and can they like that and didn't have this than the way of authenticating the message and other county district of first of this person has their seal up so brass grave of thing and and then they put this this wax and sealing wax
oddly the envelope stamped there and it's impression on there and you can identify
in a veteran so this is a comparison that is often use it as a form which is given to the store
there's one way of thinking part praise god impressive heats of soft as it were melt sounds liquefies us then cotton press compressed us now
but of course the bible says that we are created an image of god
so god is already like making out of school we are made this divine impression upon us and so we already have in this form of god
so it's not simply something added
and that's why another interpretation which was developed to a great deal a great extent than the first half of the twentieth century preparing for the catholic church segment council and less than jump third grade prophetic oh
that is the understanding of nature itself as grace
our life our existence is grace is the presence of god so we were made in the image of god and we grow in the likeness of god methods of distinction that sometimes as it's made in by the ah
the eastern traditions of christianity greek and syriac ah
we're made created an image of god we started out with this image of god form formed not in our schools and then we grow in the likeness of god
but our nature is prints and all of nature's that is the broader nature that you're participating in also these cribs
if we would would only realized something we do the problems we don't realize there's no read not so we're simply not paying attention to what we are where we are and what nature is what reality is so we don't see them
when a pointless there so race is nature and oh finally one of the the third interpretation
which i find it very meaningful is that grace is the divine in wallet and of course got any well since the nature you can say that
the red teachers mr for teacher say that god is and everything by power
by presence
by essence
so god has power over the universe overall themes and the universe especially intelligent beings we're not very intelligent than the least intelligent beings really
intelligent beings gaussian years and are so there's the power of god there's also the presence of god which is relationship
and then god is and as by essence
the essence of god speaks his but it's an existence which heston which overflows and the creation is the overflowing of the divine essence
so grace is gone and as or let us put it this way
the the great mystical teaching about the trinity now the christian ah expression divine trinity father son spirit
it explains that
the how can three persons be one won't be no they're not three things and are three entities that have three individuals by being subsystem relationships it's kind of technical praise but let's see if we can all rapper minds around outfits subsystem really
the existence of the father is the relationship with the sun vice versa the sunny fun and the spirit is that relationship and circulation law enforcement spirit
grace is when we realize that our existence is also subsystem relationship
that our be
is being related
we cannot insist other than as relationship
that'll serve
and each and that is why we are divine the divine image in us is our
existence as related has related to other human beings know
vincent shown lockers and rounds
teachers to suffer all of these wonderful relationships them that we have a match all of this is our very existence we don't exist apart from it's not something added honest not something optional
because we will not be here
there's people have problems with their relationships and sometimes people were never given a good experience at the beginning of their lives unfortunately that an experience be love the parents or something like that and so they were hurt and so they may be wander but they still are related
check and if they discovered up any relationship that is they're feeling that them
yes and like an authentic relationship the key certainly certainly there is up there are social conventions in and hour like somebody wrote a book entitled when rounds and influenced
people i've then something
and i couldn't quite get how i just started well as it could
the foot because my mother trillion of book should read this is important cardigan or influence over or went friends and influence people i don't want our winds so i don't want to influence people i want to be a friend
i wouldn't be with people not by child with reason reasoning yeah no i think i got it right for me to here but anyway so you know there are a wig introduce competitiveness of my every relationships you know domination one or the other control all of these in rent
or relationships and an authentic or rather these these are not but relating needs is now but with it
yoga as the way of the park is still stilling the agitation so the time
is a way of realizing
how our existence is in existence in relation and and first of all because this is spiritual yoga is about relate them to go and we don't have to have a presupposed notion of god and certainly not a
the verbalized dogma about god we didn't have done so and that's what it is as an instrument of tool a method of teaching and it's useful it's kind of a textbook it's a technique if you will but what people of faith
don't make an act of faith to a proposition words ideas for to and reality which is beyond names and forms and ideas and words and concepts beyond that
show him
yoga also a way of going through in through and beyond the language the terms the concepts of our religion or religion as such all good things
because we also never intellect and which needs food which straining which needs development but then
we go in and through the long path
what it some say the clock now
i hope this is a good start but i hope that you'll bear with me and also in a bigger things you can think about these things you know tonight
that's just not eighteen minutes then just take the path eighteen seconds we can be thirty six seconds to set right now awesome the of yoga sutras is a so welcome awesome max kiddo said soccer last
and pass
should be bledsoe so get yourself to
and yogananda observed you know
americans struggling to get the lowest oscar back
founded well and now and so they need to turn lived that he himself said this was a wonderful picture picture of his major american to cycle
and he's been very obedient and sitting sack in the way guru taught him and the good of sitting there smiling with his hand stop my us and put your hands the way you will like and wake the vibes in or register with you try them arms upward and sometimes you feel that you need this and sometimes called our because you need both or
ground day
and this is also call my prayer so because buddhist soft talk about a future book dot friend of everyone my prayers from and by the league the word mithra which means friendship friendship
and so universal friendship so anyway this the representation of the icons images of my prayer show him sitting like this easiest way because the the hard part has been overcome by the love of friendship so sit for
after his six