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Camaldolese History Class. Conference #3 (Dec 21, 1983) & Conference #4 (Jan 4, 1984)


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hey this is i heard
conversation in palm
history is of
cheap brahmi old and his times then of the
various forms of monastic experience that grew out of his own pool innocent
john activity in the reformer in the animator of monastic like shall we want them for all set aside the term found becomes benedict was not a pound your accepted the ibc in
but romeo was even less of a phone wouldn't call him a partner that's kind of the gym generic term you know for a the initiator repeat one seed he is a holy father very much in the ancient
category the holy fathers and mothers he's summoned regenerates line rather than
challenge you know pouring concrete neglect or something like that you know i'm putting
putting a building didn't know he let people put a buildings and encourage them to put up buildings
he isn't got anything but he gave life and that's important thing
he put life into into the stone is a word so maybe that will make us appreciate a woman we
i think lesson terms he certainly didn't found anything in terms of a legislation
cheap demon wrote to wrote down a kind of but rules before they have alone but even that is more narrative than the than a than a were ledges legislation cannons are rules or or laws
we have to get back onto the to the sense of narrative the his sense of story about a nice one of our for those who don't know if listening to this tape rather conditions and francisco and the metro kansas system here for a month or more and
davidson homily in which he told a very delightful story or he's doing some interesting research into the theme new theme and theology narrative theology story as theology theology and story i don't know much about it but the idea intrigues me
because i think it's a perhaps can help us to to get shed new light on on all to snowden values so
in addition to what i mentioned about our our images of history
remember that kind of graph of of the centuries from national geographic from this map here this is the of the december issue ninety three of national geographic map history of europe and on the shoulders
the graph on the side that gives the same amount of space the same number of of the millimeters were inches to the last eight years as it does to the first fifteen hundred years of christian christian mr in course as was sad that it was a matter of the reader availability availability of dot com
that's perhaps a certain greater interest but that chose perhaps a a distortion of of the reality of the historical past one other thing i'd like to add to that that something that we should always keep in mind was kind of a presupposition in the the world view of the ancients ah and of
the middle ages and of of everyone really almost until just a couple centuries ago and that is we you see we think we have what it's called the myth of progress not the positivist dick philosophers given us this this view of the world we always think that that that we're doing things a little bit
better than people used to be doing them back to though so many times to to me decades so many centuries ago so we have this this image you know of history as as climbing climbing to him just climbing climbing climbing and when you reach the summit i don't know but still we have this we have this this image in her mind of history as a continual clay
climb as as as development so anything a recent is bound to be better than things farther back in the past
the ancients and medieval people and so forth and even later had interestingly enough the opposite view
you find this in the room st benedict you find it in the language of video hey geography
when they took the the the fathers were so much better than we were and we're just miserable in beginners and we we do we don't hold a candle to them things are getting a tin with the worse you know it's another bit of course it's another
way of relating to reality which doesn't necessarily correspond to the absolute truth of chris here there's a lot of relativity so you know maybe maybe the truth that stands in the middle as it often does but in any case the often presuppose this was their worldview that that things as they are today are are much worse than they were in time
this past people are words i'm worse than than than than the past monks and and so forth
i just recently just gonna add one thing just a tail on this this was especially true in a safe romulus time and in the is immediately preceding him because of the physical decay of what remained of the roman empire see their you looked around these grandiose buildings were
all just crumbling apart everything you i was just falling apart then you had after the year one thousand you had this rebirth of towns of city life and you have the building of new towns and you have the communists but so there was a new population explosion and everything but it was very very easy to feel you know the
we're just running down as kind of the collective entropy going on there are things we just steam was running out of humanity things would just getting from going bad worse and therefore i think the the sense of hope and vitality that you find in the great saints you find and save ronald
is especially important as a counter proposal not another myth not them if the progress but a counter proposal to the sense of of you know that everything's falling apart which they as they probably had those times i was pleased with what brother isaiah mentioned in ah
what wasn't the last session of remedy with similar about the
you know every every century he said something like every century or be period in history as its strength of its weaknesses its good points and bad points and that's probably a probably the truth and and
that can help us also to overcome the myths yes father doug
what time
some sir
i doubt it as best effect of does actually say benedetti why didn't he goes on saying by it was surpassed when therapy an emetic soft faced on the man the opening sentences in the old
epidemic they didn't need bit
exact exactly the heck yeah certainly simply not a failure begin i wouldn't have instructed to derive their yes yes
that that that could be here in fact that it's very likely
were destroyed that turning on farms people no luck
add on of them the
that is born of any of it was
we're not only we hadn't been live in alaska i it is one of tourist tennis
intelligence and say how much obliged to him sleep sometimes i'll keep waiting to see like a pop up further everything got off pretty and it was when he talks about science of fitted he doesn't mean
job absent patterns
yes we vancouver
like ahead i like yeah
in the view of this decline no
isn't it
would have churches that were appearing on him
they they were somewhat and other words we don't know how well they were maintained and those those periods and probably not too well you know i mean that the mold was starting times that plant the walls will do and
the atmosphere would have been one of who kind of of squalor but still the brilliance of them was was a a shone through in a special way especially because of the mosaics will get to the mosaics because the thing about a mosaic is that the color you
you see today is the same color that the the mosaicism put their fifteen hundred years ago so you you just get the same impression you don't get that any other medium painting or or anything sculpture of course i mean it's it's solid but then the nose can get knocked dogra of an arm might be missing link in there
there is to me laugh whatever the wind victory and other fragments but the mosaics are are are are there yes there is that i'm sure a greater sense of a a life and continuity in the church but especially in revenge them also
you said
to be no one can
why most likely the population explosion the general improvement help health the development more a wider commercial activities
the the in other words there was a kind of convergence of favorable factors that caused new things that start happening around that time including monastic
you said communes the communes that while the term that that they historians used for the these these medieval towns the towns that development in with their own kind of of a total life in other words a secular monastery and a certain sense in guild system right and end of where they had a common law
life that that was not simply the scattered life of the of the of the feudal you know a realms you know where you had to the the the lord and his castle and then you have the peasants called him a plans and so poorly
and so on but you had you had a new a new concept of human life together not entirely new of course but i mean it was it was renewed and people started to have their own center of life which is not simply the feudal castle and the relationships of feudalism of vaseline
subjection personal objection to build the lord i very cool about why people suddenly we will be or and bill
that was it it was a general view that the world was going in and events that pretty much a committed when it depicted by competitors are frequently
yeah yeah during up and i'm sure the same things going to happen again good good good yeah i'm going to happen sixteen sixteen years from now sixteen sixteen years one month from now they're going to start start start saying well it's not over yet so let's let's get back to work in the house however
it went on a
as a fishing books and not everywhere takes much of a hidden that it became huge that would like as in alaska
paul they're saying how tradition you can talk
and have been endorsed an when something about have been more than not they could still see and lot last cat was founded by incorporating intentions and sometimes not a weber physically as well as web and desktop
yes as of course it was a true we also wrong the moment passed was visible
also as were with regard to with the monkeys a philosopher the language
goes back even farther process you will know that the twelfth century and it is the language used by bruno queer for when he talks about the monastic the beginning of monastic life someone enters a monastery it's it's palazzo party you know that is the bird for it that when you become a monk give you you become a philosopher you start philosophizing and let the way you speak selling robert it
the conversion of philosophy of alive as alive as a love of wisdom and and a love of life and a wise living and so forth it's it's a whole integral thing and not fragment of this is his arms as are ours is about i do
homelessness about
the only have been hidden here
yes but it's not a a a little young it's not a a wisdom as a kind of distillate a kind of they have a of of a cognac of of of existence but as life as a total total thing and other words you're wise when when when when it all comes together when you bring your whole thing
together you know your body your soul your spirit you bring together the word the prayer contemplation and the the the daily around and end this it's as sense of the the value of the total totality that that i think is the is the real da
eminem spirit among the the the the monastic revive years and so from this time
one thing i wanted to add of course you see one thing that were it strangely enough you know all of the the the modern is historical writing tends to be dominated by the myth of progress of course
but even even further by the myth of progress in other words even when this assumption is not enunciated ah it is sometimes implied or taken for granted and sometimes to the detriment of the actual historical truth
the blinds some historians sometimes to two two two two facts when you presupposes that people took place back then couldn't have been good as know couldn't work but we have an interesting expression
have you ever heard of the high middle ages
it meant that i know that i wasn't trying to have to have to sit down for about five minutes whenever every read that term and think about now what i mean what it what is high and low what is and what is low and high means remote high means far the back with that's a high antiquity means remote empty so you see this this one little linguistic fossil the
language of of historians of the the other myth of the myth of the of the decline of the degeneration of humanity so that the high middle ages even though of course has contradicted when they talk about it as the dark ages you know beginning sequencing a rhythm the grape of with a great i mean that that that them to boot i mean that that history is it
is is it has finished until until you started getting back to the renaissance and mean getting back to to to choose your humanism so forth whereas still they they they speak of that as the high middle ages you know what isn't six hundred to one to eleven hundred something like that and each one has his own time for the language that the curious now we are interested in
has come down
that's another yeah for another expression here in more popular parliament yeah as john sort of was image to zoom out on with job beautiful beautiful and john was always been given of the really liked them in said himself about that guy yeah
we are horizon as a bit more distant we can see a bit farther yeah but but it's only because we're standing on the we dwarves on giants i miss i think it is earth's moon
there's one thing that wind up it shows think after the management sitting on the shoulders of the prophet as and gap and openings got the bureau i believe that i just think oh okay known as materials find them yeah anyway that that brings us right yeah not to love them
it is my thing
now that brings us around to the the point which was kind of the point of the homework
the question was big i don't know and for fact i think back that that lot of people playing hooky today is probably the that a kind of frighten them off or something but the question was are looking at these three books of of the art books of ravenna what can you say about the visual environment of st ronald now this
casual are not only i mean what did he see and also think of this in terms of his own way of learning about the faith in other words he did not learn to read and write he did not learn from books
and he did not he did not learn from television either
i was thinking about this think about this is an era who when i was taking my shower this morning it just came to me the the fact that we don't know how to use our eyes
we don't know how to how to learn by looking
like by this gaping by just gawking at things we don't we don't learn by looking at things even
even those people who can't read a book anymore they look at television and it's that also it compresses it it it filters it i mean even if it's a color tv it's still a small screen it and the the the the way to reality is just so compressed whereas i think earlier people
things were better back then you know earlier people open their eyes they looked at nature they looked at the mosaics they looked around at each other they were much more lookers and they learn they learn to learn from the eyes of course when to ears to learn by hearing of faith comes by hearing so
sneak pop but by what is hurt but
still they did the
we're much more receptive
to the visual than we are even the television generation i repeat is not as receptive as st rom you would have been by his buried by the very fact of being born and nine hundred and fifty
and that is why it's so important to take a hit the to to ah take into consideration
the the mosaics and the churches and all of ravenna because if he learned his religion he learned it from those images also from you know what the the priest said matures and it wasn't that much preaching though
and what wasn't that much you know there wasn't a catholic school you went to you got your catechism sister most of rania teaches you everything no he didn't have that so they were very very important
and if and if antifa the you get a group of children into santa pulling out in marble really have almost the twenty six bible says twenty six gospel seats you know their way up on the wall and you think they'd be hard to see which i'm thinking about children the side-by-side to wear glasses and so they put up they put a ladder
on the end of a long pole in only the and that the the acolyte would go along with the priest or monk would in i'll tell the story and they look up and it just enough for them and be like the movies after them to be but even better even more
because they were already so alive to what as visual now what what what do you think
how does it harm how did they grab you when you think they would have said the same wrong what did they say to you his mosaic
one thing
with plunder haven't often the intimacy of
think they're very here
all about
continuity also wouldn't it be that that that what we do in church would we celebrate in the mystery is already heaven
and the of and the communion of saints with their nearness
can it also be the other way the the other the the the holiness and the good sense the homeliness of heaven
that is not an aide not a it's not alien it's not like the the boot the planet saturn or something like that
the place for people human beings to live where it's appropriate due to be with your body we are lord and our lady are on the way we all will be
please come we all get there


how how

so your keywords are are on the one and the warmth with suggested that it's it's it's it's welcoming committee it's it's it's it's warm a clean
yo isn't it
the and an end and then also it is it if the bronze and next year to or your own consciousness expand to to infinity without bounds
me interesting that the both both both it's not with now with not alienating
i'm over
yes if anyone did it right him and his a good is a good boy or a good
please read at yes and and then then present what strikes me as an image with nominated by joy of life of joy when and downstream
we launched to got those stylized the wise ensures a movement
obviously on
willing cloud
income in spirituality
the not however in contrast to ask of the logic is
but the royal got caught up in creation venture them is good the lodge pitch as in hopkins boy god's cancer the rural is try
don't play out and shine
venture so transparent god's presence in is a vision happen
i knew the clause is still be to they jammed cause watch
not appear in one of the one always by yes this is what it was a moment he wrote his rid of it was no torture
however says monasticism was always is logically that if the ones that of the forty nine classic live what they saw
church it may well have been rg
i'm reminded that happened the time
enriched him for which do is type in other there's lots of watching you and god
but the up becoming friends behind
when terms for readers was in one wide the glory of god and where you life
the you
and that's behind can be attributed to build the i'm nasty life
i mean it's good the logic in common sense that is on international mastery what is
magic is really a super incarnation
yes he doesn't them and kill i think for real that have preferred carrier has been next chapter because it's not allowed to take up and and francis to a nice gift
how could you could should take the machine because i'm only one person to to russia is a week
yeah guys this
so in them
light flickers zetsche speak and seems it's going so then what i would like to say and cancer in an adjusted and
fishing out a bit more still ought rather david has been saying and traps or so answering and system is and
problem about trying to send put into words what it is you experience is that i'm baby strike for somebody who's interested in an interest in archaeology by the absolute continuity of all these images that in fact
you get as day davis already said you get sir
cross which is in fact rarely the cross of st john's gospel said cross with the glory of god shining behind it
in fact it emerges when you look at it this is a transfiguration seen that you've got moses and elijah on either side of a costs
this is the way of course live with a great is games talk about oh gloria coaches the glory of the cross and the these so this this is indirect continuity with patristic convictions and so on and with the ordinary catechetical schools are both east and west it's completely the undivided church is too
addition whether you look at this this is images in which
the human beings are drawn up into the memes of god and so on all you look at the enthroned a statue of the mother of god it's a theological statement first and foremost a child sitting on her that is not interested in his mother is not becoming yet interested
as he will even in the i can about it dead man which is bad twelfth century in greece tenement and is beginning to be paralleled also in the west of the same time these two movements almost concurrent but first and foremost what the images in the catacombs or these
mosaic images about a this show is as of the articles the mother of god the god data and say the sun is looking towards us in his majesty where these giving us a blessing or not it's still there and this a terrifically a different tree a world in which the pictures make you
conscious of theology not as something in a book with is something which immediately affect her alive the the transfiguration is there as the mystery which share which matters most to off as in our christian living and it is so interesting then or
also the below the transfiguration image done in for us in a quite unusual way with the cross in the middle and the to profits on either side you've then got the and he very clearly depicted and this is the first conception what held in his ears it's the one who witnesses to our lord by
his blood and then of course the monks again to remember cyprian saying it's not our blood god asks for but our phase so the slowly the image of the confess and of the monkeys developing out of this but still before their eyes i kept those who go as far as shedding their blood
in their witness to took to their belief in the transforming power of the incarnation the resurrection and so
this very interesting video grew up in the picture he hours is plenty for it says the i was instead there there's a fool around the
because you were talking fun is a certain
this insecurity iridium of is what we're talking about ah
yes and they listening to them to the taper roller you know
and i yes exactly that scenario we can see now if we take images or whoa we've got above above the transfiguration about the pantry carter the the the one who is lord where the incarnate wisdom is above it all above the above the phase of the apps and so on there is the
the panda grotto who later on we'll pair always in the domes of big churches but still this is common this is this a common theology the common conviction of cecchetti is lord of all
which we still seeing as a canticle there are many is produced since don't think of christ festival was being lord in that sense ridicule years i think another as everything is very in his hand and so on but the yes i thought that would not ever need was beaten was
standing there as a witness but he's really standing in the the he ends it costs and that the witness gestures this one but you entrepreneur is that means written in this means
well that's what makes it it it was well as the wanted you have hands up with is which was there won't win something to like this young one that's definitely that means witness to the new pictures
modern giving witness and clean energy against for this means come down wasn't the
to buy the supplies that i thought i remembered standing as a witness who said what is the is he has a wedding is like you said is written but it's is also now and she's standing ahead of us doing the same thing is your point is no answer for those not familiar with up the
detailed here the underground or on the the arch above the absence of other outdoor ah i'm have to sign up and insight on that same strip there are the four evangelists
so there are there is a the the the line of st mark the the asked
st louis the man of you will to the property go up john neville
but over the last so verging on on the the the brother
then god the father and the the the cloud around the the jeweled cross becomes jamaica which months with moses and the elijah
it is the transfiguration see
what is the they do know title of the boy whom live communally and practically every other government is wrong with them to the tradesmen
your that sister don't and didn't have answers to months after birth naturally on a novel loading zone sell them a little bit it's nice of a church dedicated to the transfiguration the basilica of the john dancing john lapp sir john a basket registry but
what are the title of the post cathedral is the fully saved your that as the transfiguration august six of the feast a wrong rounds continue anyway that the transfiguration of them that they are the the same
one d to but zipline justice fund is how they misspelled his name he and six and he lived out one hell as i notice and notice that when say that because they're already speaking this is it legal to have six century five hundred they're already speaking kind of italian and of a roman your hello degenerate lap
not only nannies but a whole and eyes so there there are many ah
moving towards the vernacular and this is the church even someone as picture for still eldridge that speaks to the people directly this is another this is a marvelous way what you've just said it's just not have another phone her to a brother to said because in fact rather david statement ended with a sentence about and years now that's admirable that i've star
with is i had a tremendous struggle to produce just one page on found it took hours because the sentences were complicated but what these mosaics mind you obvious that this theology can be communicated through the i
even if you can't read and difficulty sentences they could by that time nobody would combine like audience of have ended but that they can still see what are he been beneath in front of them it's that that's that the as the very invasive thing i think that it's no use it when people say to make it simple that's the israel make his input
allow me to see yes and not team in not a tv
i wanted to be additive damage book book i don't know whether it's appropriate service but i blocked when i really be saying this i was thinking of a lovely experience i had with a young american who was with me at oxford and we both of us had the privilege of being privately told by a very distinguished expert in now enjoy
hit an art with him came and one day we arrived to a class in which he had on a shelf six
examples of oxblood
blaze and
the student said to me after isn't extraordinary when i came into this room i thought i was looking at six red vase is now i can see everything was different so in other words that a good teacher can make you see what what if you were used to see it was flicking the pages over books and sewing or your example from the tv where everything flicks
you hardly have time to know what can anything is and so on but the when you read look as you had to look at these checks over there was nothing else so exciting to see as these the impressions enormous to vivid and lasting because right done as the depths of your being because out everything you've got to respond with
and if you have a guess this is what version of miss liver problems but ice the meaning of his bait and there is no me neither mama because he was the night he spent with the old labour kneeling and gazing on this pumps than the gaping the conviction of the guy
what didn't and it was looking and one little one little i one and the melodic a footnote ah does everyone know that the verb to see the verb to say are closely linked together the bird to say is the causative form of the bird to see i make your
see when i say the land dj think
so is connected with deepening greek to show and so to the same means the magazine this is this goes back to the roots of all the and european heightened is this of investment as didn't work with the the convergence and these two concepts is is his singing
every way to live in one last point to also connect with our father david said in relation to perhaps will lead commodities might have thought about these things is that goes not only is the car still without the crucified figure on it that even when we get a couple of centuries later in the lives and france
xyz across the folks at and trances is not a devotional object a tall the kind that most people would expect the crucified one to be he still very dispassionate in this terrible position looks like an icon it's much more like an i and his eyes and white as the
eyes are by the end of a smile except the house yes he is still remains is still remains although he is now depicted on because he's still remains law but his own in the later middle ages he become somebody with whom you feel compassion let me add a footnote
this map yes oh i'm sorry
ah let me add a footnote to that in a passage which are i hope i can but me put this on point and going to be quoting from a delightful little book called everyday life in medieval times by marjorie rolling and an eric mentioned this last time and i did find it we have it here and it's not a
all ah i mean it it is that certain things have to be added in and and modified to refer to a the italian scene because she starting a very much about france and britain and the much less about italy and but certain things are are just wonderful here
with regard to what what's the other able to just said
this is a chapter called church builders and artists individual artists also defied the conservatism of the church and made changes and traditional forms before we think about conservatism of traditionalism
the conservatism means means you know the the remaining part of this vision the vision of the the absolute central with knows what he's done them but the case of tigerman t them on a german car shows how seriously the matter of ecclesiastic discipline was taken by the church authorities and thirty no them on had
made a crucifix or london church which was quote wrongly carved with a crosspiece quite contrary to the true representation of cross to which the indiscreet populist populace block and crowds as to accrue true crucifix which it certainly is not whence we see great peril for their souls it was not a true crucifix way
why because it represented a dead agonizing christ that's the point it could be a true crucifix because it represented photographic the physical condition of the suffering jesus whereas the true crucifix always proclaims the resurrection at least for the conservative tradition of of
of of the times of the they're talking about him the bishop order the t them on must surrender the bond for twenty three pounds which the rector of the church had given him he also had to carry away the crucifix secretly and without scandal before daughter after dark into some other dioceses meantime you must take a solemn oath that henceforth he would never neither offer norm
make for sale such quote deformed crucifixes in our diocese of london okay continues marjorie rubbing perhaps an earlier case brought against a certain spanish craftsman absurd certain against certain spanish craftsmen in the late thirteenth century twelve hundred and something may explain his matter of the form crucifixes
bishop three accused the man of quote paving or carbon il shape and images of saints in order that by gazing on them the devotion of christian vote may be turned to loathing in derision and scorn of christ's cross in derision and scorn of christ's cross they carved images of our
lord with one foot laid over the other so that both are pierced by a single nail thus driving to a no man's faith in the holy cross capital a capital c and the traditions of the sainted father's by super introducing these novelty is antiquated in the earliest crucifixes the fig
your was draped in the feet separately may apply because you stand only during the thirteenth century did it gradually become customary to emit draperies and portray the ankles crossed whereby one nail could be used instead to was probably was what happened to you know that's not the point but so important was tradition that artists who tried to introduce
novelties were amanat first penalize as was d them on nevertheless tradition did change from century the surgery not to say that what came later was is reprehensible or that it but certainly in those times it was seen by the people who are most attached to to the early christian vision of the cross and of the past
a mystery for them it was something that was was was pretty far out and very dangerous here the laundry rally on page one fifty eight and one fifty nine have two contrasting things she had a crucifix which he says is of the eleventh century probably very late in the eleventh century which is the first
crucifix with the crucified for eleventh century and on the other hand she has on the other facing page of fourteenth century plague cross why start represented the representing the the dead or the agonizing jesus because people were dying an agonizing i think that perhaps as well
what what is positive then about this new imagery of the passion simply say
going to tell people the only thing you can tell them if that well priced also went through
so that that a
later we can say you know looking back on both when other both had their meeting both have their bad but certainly this the earlier the earlier vision of the past mystery is without question more complete and more coherent with the liturgy and believe with the gospel this is one way of approaching it but i think it's perhaps
it's more a pre-event realization than true evangelization my opinion even this review which but anyway the contrast here is remarkable because of the eleventh century here he has his eyes open he has big part are standing you know separate know whereas the fourteenth century crucifix as is why shaped cross arms you know
with the arms way up his emaciated ah his beater crossed his head is bowed and twisted down he is dead
so then they they did you see that the different view even of the gospel that will come when people contemplate this as not only the difference between them these two crucifixes but it's a broad was timely he did win but know what to do with the crucifix because they they didn't exist i'm sorry
didn't exhibit the tenth century did they they didn't

that was what they had that was what kept them all that that was what kept them going
oh no

how could i should is that let let let me just repeat the phrase that that such a very is his wasn't on the tape that something happened in the meantime that's true there have been a part of what
houston's it was the church and community of believers that was gonna stick lawyers and united with employed by at all but against the bad girl that was persecuting them why in the middle high middle ages i
a it was the church it was grew up in was the she put themselves to get up to the church was that the verbal and so there was no longer is by as open against
aspen the guys who we saw they need was the crucified cause some harm like that
well there was no on within the world and reference point all the against the growing in fact that was working eyes be presented magnitude was himself something
yeah i remember the and and children's whose adventures if we will be counted when it has been it
isn't it was he hadn't beginning of the inquisition of that time
not too late
ah yes i think that's true what i was going to say what didn't happen on the meantime the division east and west it came to a head not that no not that the ten fifty us is is a in office it fits into it's a that it's a adjutant before an actor eighty
b c but it's still a a a a
that the century falling rock is the century in which the the the unity of
catholic tradition falls apart you know and then boom we're not denying first that that that the true faith was still found in rome and that that that we should remain reminded united to the successor of st peter
pick me up here it's recorded okay this is our fourth
meeting the last time you remember we had to those of you who are presently have very good reliably conversation about the mosaics of revenge about the kind of visual environment st romuald and what kind of formation it might have given him in the christian thing what kind of christianity
it was
instill into rami will not so much by a formal catechism although some lessons he must have had somewhere along the line but especially by his participation in the life of the the local church and especially his attendance and services in these scriptures of ravenna
and the kind of spirituality that we saw there was no a very positive spirituality when the a theology of creation was deeply linked with the mysteries of the resurrection and of the transfiguration
ah this kind of union of heaven and earth and the sense of the church the sense of the liturgical assembly as a kind of a heaven on earth
we have said a few things about history and general what does history mean for us ah i just discovered it a little love
quotation from pony car he's talking about the events for for commemoration of ten years after the death of be and nanda almeida so is the co-founder since the nine dash and where the vivants is now and panic or assets go man needs history
lyrical perspective to recognize true values and true greatness this is because especially true of today with mass media and propaganda can inflate almost anything into uncommon proportions we require the sifting power of history for a clear vision and quote isn't that isn't going to a good thought
are there is contrasting history sense of history knowledge of history consciousness morose emphasis on knowledge your consciousness of the of the human past he's insisting on this as contrasted to the the the mass media and the improper
no does not condemn them totally course but still we need the sense of history to be able to sift
ah the chaff the wheat from chaff
today i'd like to
say a few words about the education of sleep wrong
this might sound like a
provocative title perhaps that is little provocative because perhaps we have an image of st ronald as an uneducated person
there's one of appointments which came to my attention it's amazing how we can no details of history and not connect them together now i heard of this famous brilliant mind and the middle ages one of the greatest minds of middle ages shared their own via french
ah monk and then teacher and professor okay share their and then then i know about the pope sylvester the second didn't connect that they're the same person but not only with was this that if the kids nap and the that probably haven't you from by i'm almost embarrassed to admit this that i hadn't just hadn't connected but
the the one connects in which which simply floored me i hadn't realized in nine hundred and ninety eight when lot of the third made rom ewald abbot of class classy by the same act he made this shared their archbishop of ravenna
you see what out of the third was doing he was putting the greatest mind of the tenth century on the are typical throne of ravenna and was putting installing romulus is abbot of classic which was the most prestigious suppose the most important monastery of
rubin the closet and time certain was prestigious with the age of its foundation in the burial place of st opponents
but ah you can see there although of chris this is not to say that romuald was at the same category at prison and jerk there wasn't a scott he wasn't a teacher he wasn't a professor when neither was he a pious ignoramus
now auto the third was a very wise very intelligent man young man and a how old was he was nineteen time but he wasn't enough and his full
vigor as as far as his own political ideas and and his own concept of the renewal of the roman empire as a christian
family community including all of your group
he certainly of saw that these two nominations somehow converge in some somehow willing together
so it's not accidental then of course a year later romeo renounced the articles about it
the pope died but with the fifth so here is an opportunity for out of the third to nominate pope and who didn't nominate for chair bear so job or became so best in second so rest of the second was both until ten and three which means he consecrated bruno care for archbishop and said him on his missions
eastern your do you see the connection there the bahrami old memorials disciples otto ravenna and so forth that things come together that that are sometimes surprising but anyway this this association of romulus with chair bear
well suggests that rango was also in his own way a well formed well educated person
different kind of education but but sound
not the professor type not the intellectual but certainly certainly wise and certainly deep in his understanding of what was
the teaching that he was called upon to give in as now ah if ronald was not a learned man
well perhaps i may be excused for playing with words and say he was a learning man
he was a secret what do you seek
the first question of jesus and the gospel of john and it is the question that st benedict asks of the not will a party is seeking god
and he also has a zeal while the work of god the holy liturgy prayer and humiliations
all of this perhaps closely linked with the formation of a spiritual and even intellectual costs
he's not to put things on the border but simply to to reaffirm the the total formation of the human persons the goal of monastic life as as of any
decent form of existence anyway if not learned that he was certainly a learning and he actively sought and received an education appropriate to his state in life into his own personality which was anything but narrow or obscurantist
does not seek to understand does not challenge his own convictions is learning involves also unlearn it involves we're recognizing one's ignorance wants need to learn
the only way such a person goes doesn't recognize the need to learn is into to neurons at nine and romulus and nothing of that as far as we know from from all of his from oh that is headed down to us about him
now peter damian we all know about peter david about his complaints against the learned of his time peter damian the reservation and philosopher could vent his rage on the worldly use and abuse of rhetoric and philosophy but here's was the sophisticated range of a well endowed and if any
thing over educated intellectual
might say he had the equivalent of three ph d's peter david's education was much different from raw fuels but they had this in common a desire for a knowledge which transforms itself into wisdom and which bears fruit in the kind of actions that transform human hearts and human society
the indivisibility of knowledge wisdom and life was of course taken for granted and all pre renaissance cultures
the ancient eastern well as enable times is this common sense of of a of learning as the the the way to living the good life
and how you to find a good life person and pence pump your your goals and and your whole worldview but the the principal was was commonly shared if anything education in the middle ages was all too practical and concrete
what wasn't entirely theoretical one of the intellectual were hard worker and a kind of them you know
hairsplitting and so forth it was it was very practical concrete in many ways and except for the peasantry education in the middle ages was extremely detailed since every aspect in every moment of life had to be my newly regulated
when not disrupted by war or some other catastrophe and prepare a frequent but then it will not disrupt a daily life in the middle ages had a formality and regularity about it that we twentieth century americans would find hard to bear even at the most solemn liturgical service or civil ceremony
life according to precise rules was regarded as reasonable that is as proper to the nature of rational animals now run bruno quivered has the expression when he speaks to st romuald as potter rats that bdo medical that on the father a reasonable price
pyramids greece a window ledge in people who live according to a lot look pretty to a rule
and he says father reasonable herman's father of humane hermits you might say those who live not according to their own fancies for a kind of a kind of a a brutal exaltation of the the will your will but according to a struck
pictured mode of existence which has harmony which is balanced where discretion is the golden rule will serve for discretion is grits
so living according to precise rules was reasonable that is proper to the nature of rational animals to the human being human nature and yet precisely because the normal conduct of human existence held no surprises the general tenor of life was in our terms quite relaxed
nice i think so
we have perhaps we have this romantic image of a middle aged so it is romantic image in the nineteenth century revival of a medieval listen
and so we did we don't see it was a hard life
it was a life or which which limited people to rate degree perhaps because they needed this in order to feel sense of security sense of orders and rationality but at the same time
and then i noticed this even even even in a living in italy and know was not that prefer america but that even there that more we were i could see you know that that the attitude very very often towards a rather structure existence
rules everything was was much more relaxed than ours with the we have to eliminate the rules and or to be ourselves whereas perhaps other cultures other people find their able to upset up that's very rigid structure and then relax within it say and this helps them relax because they feel well that these boundaries here but it's a lot
i'm inside the boundaries i just couldn't leave your name anyway that the the the concept of what was a reasonable way of living was rather different from ours
so i kind of conceive of medieval life is only one says very restrictive rule out and now on the others that have rather than everyone knew their place and kept it
every one was supposed to know all the rules and observed them
purpose of education was to learn these rules you know learn good manners
me sometimes you like them
bruno of queer for it and peter damian seem to suggest that romuald was regarded by many of his contemporaries as an outrageous rule breaker
and yet precisely because medieval society was so rule bound and had to make room for personalities like raw mules
in effect the category of rule breaker was reserved for saints and when authentic sanctity was recognized it made it possible for romulus and other misfits to fit into a broader scheme of things in so far as medieval people were christians they had to reckon recognize the perennial prerogatives of god and
the holy spirit and hence make room for the define exception miracles the suspension of nature's rules confirmed an exceptional personnel's book persons holiness and verified his or her behavior as obedience to a higher rule
st rami will did not begin his life even his monastic life as a wonder worker and not even as the same as a child of his time he made every effort to learn his lessons to keep the rules to conform to society's expectations he broke out of the pattern only when he began to taste of freedom the few
men and almost no women of his time and joy i have emphasized that before experience of reading in which was given to rommel when he decided to enter a monastery and the and the
old age of twenty year
it was fairly rare although he does meet of another good versus in the monastery of closely perhaps an older man perhaps even a relative and old on for something who had retired to the monastery to for his sins are simply too
expire quietly
ah what a see romulus was born into the lower lombard as aristocracy of ravenna a member of the military caste but not as some hit geographies and claim to do now there is a term do it seems to indicate perhaps some level of of of number
plenty he had connections his family was important in the city and therefore his choice of entering the monastery was a problem for the monastery because your own all sorts of political consequences came about but what kind did what kind of education did he get just just by being born into that kind of a family of there was no need for him to
learn to read and write
this this can be take for granted that impacted it was even perhaps thought of as as as below the level above the nobleman to to be involved in these things although not as sir but at all events important thing was they learned how to ride a horse and it use a sword bow and arrow there's a
phrasing in in st peter damian damian whenever he ah
good is himself to the study of hunting that this assignment i've there's not a good translation but a studio vinatieri of this anywhere the expression sounds like like he's learning how to hunt so whenever he would actually do they have your means that means attention to play to
engaging in the in the activity of hunting
in tennis implied there in his is going head and went hunting and wherever he found a pleasant place you know in in the woods there and then the pine pine woods around her than now he would say oh what a wonderful place for hermits
oh how wonderful it would be for hermits to live in these in the recesses of these woods
how could they are well they would be able to avoid all the noise of second her affairs
well this for st peter damian means of course a how he was already in are already bought this colic to the hermitage but anyway he thought of this and then went on to to hut for whatever you must make foreign that's what we have deer with it
so if he learned he learned to use a sword he learned to ah to ride a horse and all and various other things i'm sure
he also learned i suppose the seasons of the year and ah a certain amount of of
the matters of the of button how to how to behave when you when you meet to the hierarchy of society you know and and if you are invited to dinner with some nobleman you know you'll have to do a certain that thing and certain way and so from the saw this book question i will be putting up from time to time rgb
rolling everyday life in medieval times as a chapter entitled schools and scholars
and she heard that she has a quotation hear from a french romance she doesn't give a date and or footnote or anything like that i'm supposing spiking about the thirteenth and fourteenth century entitled all for the name of the the young man bob women's written and it describes the ideal education for a young or
it says his father made him ride through wood and meadow to learn how to trot and ride a horse i owe all knew about the courses of the stars and the changes of the moon most as the pyramids schooled him and letters writing and speaking both latin and french interesting isn't it
so this this young aristocrat you know learning to apparently the of the he he goes to school to impairment and does not sound rather like safe ram you're going to up to venice after spinning
couple of years in the monastery and class and not really finding when he was looking for he goes up to learn something from marino their home and he also learns how to read things that's what st peter damian says anyway what is the story of a the romulans entry into the monastery
you all know more or less well anyway surges his father
it gets involved in a duel and st raphael takes us build upon himself and goes into the last eight do pants and then he has
ah he meets this this old man versus who are says what will you give me if i show you
the a vision of upset poland arts and from i should leave the work i shall join a monster and so he shows you will has this vision and afterwards he says well i don't know whether i'm quite ready for this so the the the open parents are still the older monk a brother
i began to insist vehemently that i'm in fulfill its products around and says well once more let me see what's more than maybe on the monster well he does and you'll undergoes this process of conversion and prays before the altar and then one time one day we don't know how
long as process took him and we think in terms of of have just been one way to the next we probably took several months for him to come to this decision they entered the monastery so that he goes and ah walks into chapter or one morning after prime on that the month sitting around and he kneels before them and says i want to become a monk let me join us
and the abba and the community are very disturbed because of the political implications is there you know they're they're concerned the that that they are afraid of the hardness of his father was is a tough guy powerful
and so they don't want to let him join but then there is the bishop
bishop pilasters of ravenna who once was the abbot and this by the way as well way of dating the entry of rumbled into into the monster because this own esters was was
archbishop ravenna from nine seventy one to around nine eighty two so certainly was to and and seventy one run hitter monster
we suppose nine seventy two nine seventy three but the date the archbishop says aura and gives his approval and the mosque to accept him and then romulans the monastery and of chrissie comes to to to this monastic way of life and all of the first fervor of a contract
and he throws himself into the life with that kind of extreme zeal and eagerness and begins to be tormented by my thoughts it sense here st peter dame torment had these thoughts now
a demon of course presents around meal in a golden light here but at the same time this kind of inner torment was kind of inner conflict projecting outward a from others his own insecurity in his book vocation and we we wouldn't have to say this i think ah to be honest with what can and logic
only be assumed that the basis of human psychology and so he he begins to complain about these mugs some of them are not living up to the room and it shows the gear it's written in the rulers want to do this and you're not doing it and natural they can it
and so it says and peter damian says that they were a certain point they couldn't put up with him anymore so they conspired and the blacks members the community conspiring to kill him but robin was warranted and so he stops insisting so much on certain things like getting up early and
praying out loud out from the terrorists outside and dormitory that's but it gets when he was doing and going outside and getting up a little earlier and going out there things bears out loud the or is to have a wonderful herder but certainly disturbing to the other months modestly so all of this has fit into a very typical literate pattern which find many lives of of
a monastic saints were they're threatened with with murder
this is go back to the old testament was back to the to a popular stories and everything that seems to st benedict do anomalies first foundation
they tried to kill him try to poison
ah he just it is it is still a is not able to find any any rescue his soul years about this haven't called marino near venice actually north of venice north of the diminish just north of venetian lagoon there to visit come together they're in credit to local oral traditions play
a spot totally de cali go and put into local tradition that's where i know him wrong held were and so he goes and joins up with marino
no money no how many virtues as peter peter damian it was a very simple ma'am very sincere a pure at heart
but not very well educated
he had not been to no one had taught him how to live the arithmetic of life
but he did what he could according to the impulse of his goodwill
would not have this way of living that
all and all the seasons of the year than distinguish being let needs to or anything like that for through all the season the year for three days in the week and that would be monday wednesday and friday most like could be wednesday friday and saturday but there's this thing about saturday fasting which rhyme you'll doesn't do until later so that
it might have been the greek custom of monday wednesday and friday okay and then he on these past days he would he ah
a half a shanda bread that the award a wheel now flat dry
which could easily be kept or even months you know they haven't been cited you have this big flat we'll have a bread or a dry very good part so a break it to no one for him one run and then a handful of fava beans
when the beans will be dried beans and then they'd soak them in water probably in saltwater lagoon and eat them they wouldn't have to cook them and then on the other day the other three days know that could get a on sunday do you don't fast for as everyone knows that any other three days so the week he would take little wine and some cooked
discrete some
he said the psalter complete salter everyday not if he said that rubio's can a about so he was singing
he was singing the song
and ah he had this this kind of of disorderly way of doing it though that you can just walk out of his salary and seeing it up his lungs and go over to this tree there and sit down and romulus the down in front of him they would seem together few songs for twenty thirty forty songs then they'd get up walk over to another tree and sit down there
air and sinks and six in warsaw that's the bit they were doing now rob fuels it says here peter name it says ah
was idiotic when he left the world video that doesn't mean idiot that means he spoke only his own native dialect which was probably something rather a close to the first verse we have a romance language which is called the riddle of verona
and was written by scribe who was a in the riddle goes like this just of legend hear what it sounds but say but say paraiba bogus elbow better story of the neighbor all but plant dahlia a rubber negro same as them in other you know any latin you know this isn't lap but it isn't spanish it isn't a tad and either it's something in between
he he your tap his oxen he held on to the white plow he plowed the white field and seated it with black seed what is the riddle of that about the about a year the know the white cloud that the the the the is
that the oxen or his fingers to know though the white plow is the quilt am the white field is the cheetah of a cat pacman of sheepskin and the black seen as the inc he ceded that a nothing
sewed admitted the furrows of his white feet that's the earliest we have in any romance i can share things movement eighth century mistake so seven hundred and something
so very early in latin tended to the can become kind of dialect in them and then became after the new language so at that point romeoville speaking am sure some kind of language which was no longer recognizable the new way as lap so he left the world with the knowledge only of his of his
own dialect of his own native tongue
rance time with it was and therefore he had to learn latin now where did the learned that here it says that wrong or when he opened the psalter he was just barely able to to pronounced you know the verses of the somme syllable by syllable like
like the the
second graders and in elementary school in i'm learning to sound off the words that way they used to teach it
ah it was just barely able to do this and the concentration keeping his eyes fixed on the another book gave him such know such headaches it just it it didn't into a really weird him very much and every time he make a mistake marino slap them on that that had to add a stick in his hand giving them
rapidly and the ear marina right handed you know it's lack of on the left side of his fate has left ear spare the rod spoil the child this is the when he taught in those days that's made of not school and hard for us to imagine but anyway
as the story continues around your one day
compelled my sensitive who built the humbly says master if you wish begin to hit me on the right side please because now i am deaf and long i have almost lost my hearing in the left year and after seeing such a patient's marino modified its
the discipline
i have one problem here at this story and that is it seems it seems a rather unlikely for me personally to to suppose that
that romuald didn't ah after three years in a in a monastery didn't know the songs my heart just seems unlikely that he would not know the songs by her it seems
somewhat unlikely that he would not have learned at least how to pronounce something on page is part of the problem throat program of the the novice and the all st benedict you know that that after after vigils after the after ah the the nocturnes the
the under monks who needed to to work on their on their latin studied the lessons and and so that it was an a class and reading the the pronouncing the lessons for the for the divine office so certainly something of this you must have been given them the monster and could be that it wasn't there long and of really to learn it well it
wasn't that he was he was a think it is in a week and it's obvious from from his life that he was an intelligent so there's a there's another thing that's just a hypothesis which i put in a footnote but i'm often wondered if maybe this wasn't a greek salter within the latin salter because it says a marino about whom we
know very little he's only mentioned here is not mentioned in in the accounts for instance of the journey of of the doge peter resale with have a goodie
one on your the jungle nico and lose any to the monastery of st michael quick setup
it doesn't see anything about marino and but then later on it says that medina went to a
apulia southern italy near where of other general comes from and there he was killed by service and pirates he might have been made a book of apulia that's not impossible and if so he might very well have been reaped speaking because there was a very large greek population populations goes back chris
free christian times and spot man you get a chance southern italy and sicily and ah so it could've been could've been weak softer and the difficulty here is not because ramble didn't know latin he didn't know greek sea and well greek letters look something like latin and something sometimes they don't i mean it looks like a p but it's an are you know
so are its it looks like i had it looks like a yeah and other things like that that that that he was having difficulty making that is it possible
i can't be sure i would even in system but at all events there is there's something interesting yeah this is a picture around and learn began to learn
ah a christian come
the it

bungee jumping
new and addison and here he asked
we will now but this is his own destiny
sometimes he was him
explore hardly any on lot
very much
yes in the air right that's that is that is a possibility in someone who is able to to think beyond but as well as well as given to him is that he doesn't take things for granted the media
is is is eager to to to see new possibilities for his for himself for others
that's that's that's a good point just say if you are when you're non-financial talk
of need to get feel
in the game up
it was her hands
i think that certain certain introducing romulans inquisitiveness
it was different it's different certainly from it was different from i think that question comes in various kind of inquisitiveness which was no systematic some mental discipline
but to to reduce ronald's experience for some the monastery and them with marino as as pure scientists just as services without the the the concern to learn something i think that that is something that we need to kind of round up ah
for us it would be a frightful that a distraction or to have to learn your learn your lap and hundreds of supposed to be praying and songs thing and yet
that conflict than to rise so much
what what would you
this is something of the question i thought to put on the board record with perhaps we could
it suggests this is as
as a question to take with us and and bring some kind of prepared feedback if you want to write it down that's great
ah more the merrier and share it and that is what would you like to learn from ronald would question would you like to ask it for us we can't go and ask him but maybe we can interrogate the sources and interrogate what we can know about this aside the medieval society of his time in order to understood
dan somewhat of his something about his own his own background
and something about what he probably communicated to those who were associated with him followed him in the monastic life
has anything come here on and right now
no time
she had said
as i think
hmm have you seen
ten that result is no i honestly have not though
running and eleven
i wouldn't be surprised certainly it must have been a manageable a book if if you live near the wind went from tree to tree and they said it says they sat face to face each one had his own book actually that you know suggests something more because books were hard to come by
no his money marino he has he has
he has his own book and romulus as his program you might have brought his book with it but even so to have to box with this to have already the beginning of a library in those states right so that again suggests a kind of a a picture here ah
the period of most intense study it was a curse after ronald went with gadi and peter or sale and the others from venice to ah the abbey of st michael pixel michelle a
and they certainly did and this because a herd of goodies journey was with the purpose of collecting manuscripts and collecting books he went to the bullet land he was interested in gathering things for his forgiveness a monastery the monastery
library perhaps even even well certainly relics he is supposed to have gotten the the the crib from the manger of bethlehem and so the monastery of st michael was also dedicated was called the monastery of the crib of the more
kind of an inclination prior it
anyway he brought relics ah perhaps other interesting hide interest to set up a little museum there and books of course oh st peter damian mentions to specific moments of a reading of study ah
in in estate here in pisa one ah he says ah romuald was once reading a book about a life of the fathers and he saw that they would fast throughout the whole week every day
day and then on saturday and sunday they would take a little food and be more relaxed and modify the rigor of there fast so this idea of fasting for five days in a row and then on saturday and sunday lightning the burden of their fasting and so then peter damian
thanks to this the story of peter or sale or coming to run under that saying holy father i am too fat and i'm too i've had to easy alive i can't stand too fast on just one half a loaf of bread and give me a little bit more so him another quarter of a loaf of bread for climate
and then the next chapter ramayan speaks about a numbing the peter david's speaks about ram or or reading a lot of time again ah what saint sylvester
the bishop of the city wrong saints of the pope saint sylvester the first time of constantine wrote about the propriety of plastic on saturday when i was a big thing for peter date
and he rose he wrote a book about that it's okay to fast of that and they have this tradition in the western church and st sylvester proves it therefore you can go ahead and fast and seven but ah perhaps he's just projecting back on ronald rubbing himself as concerned about defending this practice the eastern practice always
observed saturday as a kind of the feasts along some and this comes up also in the life of st neoliberal nila of rosana who was from southern iraq from collaborative and a greek month foundry growth fell off and you're wrong
there his life overlap with snoop around on and they didn't connect through the contact with the court about a third but anyway think nero rosado visiting a monte cassino at one time gives them the conference in on what are we do things are you know him in the great monasteries and then says the pumps were delighted to hear this were fasting hear about these
different observances and every they compared one in levels observances and then specific with the question of the friday saturday and they recognize you know that it's good for each month always tradition but their that this and other can be accepted our differences among the faithful in the unity of the
one church and that is a very interesting


he didn't say

so is album

change yeah against
it seems like

i know what i meant is that specific question of the saturday fat lip since was obviously a concern of peter damian
and this is just the way they wrote you see in those days are just normal for him to do this wasn't anything for also anything disrespectful to the memory of romulus but simply in the nature of the way they would write in those days but that's not the important thing i think you have mentioned review put your finger on the the the real important
a message which is contained here other than whether you should fast saturday or not or thursday but the real thing here is that romulus went through this process of discernment of study in order to discern his own life wasn't the that the book for itself the information for its own value simply
to know well at this time they did it in this way and then at a later time they did it in another way
can be useful knowledge i mean it's important some people should you know lol study and gain that kind of information but romulus concerned was to to to know
from his learning to a game discernment upon his own life upon his own way of life his own vocation to practice what he read in a concrete way and that he certainly did this willingness to to change the question himself
i think is is is it is a real characteristic which emerges in and through the the the literary genre and the rhetoric of of the medieval writings and makes us feel very close to see him makes him a very very beautiful and attractive figure for our only
there is another reference to
romulus reading of the fathers in the light of the five brothers we will be getting to that little later because we want to follow more or less time i'm here so
where rule of corporate begins to talk about john grant nico
who was one of the year the venetians one of the associates of peter or say allah will went to know
and to as with most like an older and than romney will know
after the death of goody and nine eighty eight same year round with this was no i needed this i'm an avid classic ah after the death of avid gaudy john grant and ego left which are and went to to monte cassino monte casino which at that time will split their process of reform renewal
i'm and set up a monastic cell aeromedical sell near the abbey and was in high esteem by the people by the months and then he would always say ronald is the greatest hermit of our time he is the real master well you know everything i tell you know the people would come to him in
no advice from this and there is benedict had been a vento would become one of the five martyrs oh benedict benedictine i went to and stated his cell and learn from him and he was amazed because here is this man's venerable month the visitor will permit man of great virtue of good gentleness great humility ah who
a said oh i i can't i don't teach anything said what what's what romney will talk me and rob you did not teach what he him something that he made up in his own mind but what he learned from the fathers and their teachings and the institute in general generally alluding to catch
there is this this affirmation that that was not something that that that ronald was was interested in bidding but rather in in bringing life something that he found in the tradition to which he attached him
man i think it's very important
even even and understanding what we can and should do with what we can learn about sneak rumbled himself we can be at a similar position just to have information about him i suppose it is useful but the important thing is to move from our knowledge
edge of his the of the of a what he did to understanding what his way of life can mean for us today weird chris concern with with not slavishly reproducing any any in front of life but